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Lawyers and Spiritualism: Sounds Incredible Yet It’s Possible in Allahabad! ( Photo Feature )


( Lord Hari said to Narada in Padma Purana: “Naham Vasami Vaikunthe Yoginam Hridaya Na Cha, Madbhakta Yatra Gayanti Tatra Tishthami Narada”, “I am not in Vaikunthe and not in the heart of Yogis, but I am there where people worship me and sing my name, O Narada”. )

There are only two ways to live your life. One is as though nothing is a miracle. The other is as though everything is a miracle.” ( Albert Einstein ) It’s not often the case that you find lawyers gathering at some place to discuss about issues pertaining to spiritualism. However, in a city like Prayag, which has been seat of intellectual discourse since time immemorial, the unconventional route is not a rarity. Lawyers may or may not emerge as spiritual giants yet they are potentially more divine than others. Let me explain how. Is there any other section of society other than lawyers which witnesses most tragic ironies from such close angles? It’s entirely impossible to beat lawyers in being face-to-face with chosen paradoxes of life. They witness darkest chapters of life almost daily from shattering of human bonds to heinous episodes involving treachery and killings! They see all. That makes their soul crave for peace more and more.

The commonplace observation about lawyers and doctors is that they are extremely materialistic, greedy and manipulative. There is, indeed, an element of truth in such misplaced notions. Yet the greater truth is that they are the most logical, methodical and damn accurate about happenings of life. It’s an easy task for lawyers to change the course of destiny only if they really desire so! Mahtama Gandhi did it for us in beginning of 20th century, and so did Muhammad Ali Jinnah, trained as a barrister at Lincoln’s Inn, when he played an instrumental role in creation of Pakistan.

The Indian Independence movement involved selfless gestures of so many lawyers having diverse political orientations. Sardar Vallabhbhai Patel, Dr. Bhimrao Ramji Ambedkar, Jawahar Lal Nehru, Dr. Rajendra Prasad, Lala Lajpat Rai, Pandit Govind  Ballabh Pant, Chakravarti Rajagopalachari, P.V. Narsimha Rao, Purushottam Das Tandon, Tej Bahadur Sapru and Pandit Madan Malaviya, to name a few, provided excellent leadership at different levels to make “India’s tryst with destiny” a significant affair in the history of world. Interestingly, Clement Attlee, Britain’s Prime Minister at time of India’s Independence, was also a trained lawyer! One thing more. Some of the these lawyers had close connection with Allahabad.

In modern India, nowadays, false notions about lawyers dominate psyche of average mass of people. In fact, a large section of Indian people still believes that studying law is last option for hopeless creatures rejected in other professions! It’s only now that tough entrance, introduction of standard professional approach, and creation of state-of-the-art institutions offering law degrees have virtually sealed the scope for mediocre minds to enter in this profession. However, even now there are lots of loopholes which have ensured that “black gown” is held hostage to lesser minds. If that’s not enough the irresponsible approach of Bar Councils have ensured that life for hardworking lawyers remains like walking on the razor’s edge! And how can we ignore the fact that block-headed, shrewd and arrogant judges are killing the scope of emergence of young lawyers as successful lawyers!!


( Kudos to all the souls involved in spreading the words of Lord Krishna )

Against the backdrop of this sorts of dismal scenario, the emergence of group of lawyers at Allahabad High Court for uplifting the cause of spiritualism under different banners comes as whiff of fresh air. Kudos to Mr S C Upadhyaya for spreading the message of Lord Krishna under aegis of “Gita Mission For Cosmic Well-Being”.  One also can’t ignore role of Adv. Devendra Kumar Tiwari, Ex Vice-President of High Court’s Bar Association, and Adv. Sanjay Mishra, to name a few, for ably steering the course of spiritual wave at Allahabad High Court. This should not sound as exaggeration that Devendra ji with his academic bent of mind is setting good precedents in an era wherein lawyers are being perceived as opportunist and shallow creatures. I have been lucky enough in having long conversations with both Mr Tiwari and Sanjay Mishra and realized immediately that both of them excel at carving excellent strategies. No wonder that augurs well for expanding cause of spiritualism in distant lands. Very recently “Gita Mission For Cosmic Well-Being” organized a spiritual discourse on very first day of 2016 at Brahma Vidya Kendra situated inside historic Company Garden located in heart of Allahabad!

Overall, the year began on great note for lawyers-cum-spiritual enthusiasts! The pictures bear testimony to this assertion. It would be a fatal blunder on my part if I omit the name of few sincere activists promoting the message of Krishna with total application of mind and heart. I notice them in almost every event organised under different banners. Adv. Shashikant Kuswaha, Adv. Ramendra Giri, Adv. Adarsh Upadhyaya, Adv. Shashank Singh, Adv. Naveen Pandey and Adv. Pankaj Upadhyaya are some of the faces which are often involved in their tasks in fast and furious way. However, I need to appreciate Shashikant who happens to be my friend since college days. He deserves appreciation not because he happens to be my close friend. He deserves praises because he has evolved as good human being, performing with sincerity whatever tasks fell his way! His down-to-earth approach is infectious!! As concluding remarks I need to mention words of SMA Kazmi, former Advocate General of Uttar Pradesh, whom I served as junior in early days of my legal career, that it’s talent alone which ensures bright future provided lady luck at the same time remains kind towards you! So hope and wish that lady luck smiles on all my colleagues serving both humans and Lord at the same time!!

( Neither the position of Brahma nor that of Indra, neither suzerainty nor the rulership of the nether regions, neither power that comes through Yoga nor liberation- the man who has surrendered his mind unto Me desires nothing else but Me- Words of Lord Krishna for Great Yogi Uddhava in Uddhava Gita )


* Pics Related With Events On January 01 And January 02, 2016 *


( As I headed towards Brahma Vidya Kendra situated inside beautiful Company Garden, the rustic charm prevalent there took my breath away )


( I love walking on such muddy routes than being placed on metalled roads )

( Although I was getting late for the event. these bright flowers stopped me for a while )

( That’s the Brahma Vidya Kendra inside Company Garden )

( Both these lady saints manage the affair at this Kendra. They were truly in league with divine wisdom. That was so evident in humility exhibited by them. )


( That’s the team which orgainsed this event at Brahma Vidya Kendra on very first day of 2016. Some of the prominent ones are Adv. S C Upadhaya, Adv. Sanjay Mishra, Adv. Dr. Devendra Kumar Tiwari, Adv. Ramendra Giri and Adv. Pankaj Upadhyaya besides , of course, lady saint. )


( Adv. S C Upadhayaya and Adv. Devendra Kumar Tiwari garlanded Adv. Ramendra Giri for  ensuring excellent arrangement of Prasada distribution among the devotees. He prepared the prasada not from the hands but through the heart immersed in devotion towards Lord! )


( From Left To Right: Adv. Devendra Tiwari, Lady Saint, Adv. and Writer, Arvind K. Pandey ( i.e. myself 😛 ) and Adv. S C Upadhyaya.  )


( Senior Advocate Mr. S C Upadhyaya, President, Gita Mission For Cosmic Well-Being, throwing light on the role of mission while addressing the media-persons present on this occasion. )

edited fain
( Some of the other advocates- the spiritual stars 😛 – who made this event a memorable affair 🙂 From Left to Right:  Adv. Ramendra Giri,  Adv. Nawal Kishore Pandey,  Adv. Shashikant Kuswaha,  Myself ( author of this post 😛 ) and  Adv. Shashank Singh )


( Green Bananas waiting to turn into yellow 😛 😛 😛 . The Kendra has lots of fruit trees, small and big ones which  makes this place a spectacle of greenery. )


( Anwala Tree 🙂 🙂 🙂 )


( Peepal Tree is loved by Lord Krishna!! It’s considered very sacred. Probably that’s why some devotee thought it to be a perfect gesture to hang image of Gooddess Durga ji 🙂 )

( Well, first day of New Year gave others a nice chance to play Cricket in Company Garden. I noticed that at every corner of the park  people of all ages were deeply involved in playing cricket!! )


( Advocates involved in a spiritual discussion at a different place on a different day in Allahabad! A pleasant sight since lawyers are usually involved in heated discussions 😛 )

( Advocates who visited my home ( and that’s my room 😛 )  and we had exchange of views on interesting issues. From Left to Right: Adv. Shashikant Kuswaha, Adv. Dr. Devendra Tiwari,  Adv. Nawal Kishore Pandey and my father Mr. Ram Murat Pandey, who as a Review Officer at UPPSC dealt with legal issues pertaining to engineers and others )


( Advocate Sanjay Mishra also paid visit to my home. He is , indeed, a very capable lawyer, dominating both in legal and spiritual world with his distinct aura! His rich insights made me re-think over some of the life’s burning issues. I wish to meet him often. Hope that’s  Will of Lord too 😛 In this short visit, he discussed about genesis of religion and effect of women empowerment in modern times!  )

( On the second day of New Year we all advocates gathered at residence of Adv. Shashikant Kuswaha wherein party of “litti-chokha” was organised! Notice Shashikant that whatever be the role, he gets involved in it with total dedication! )


My friend Adv. Shashikant Involved in preparation of Chokha with help of his brother!! ( My friend Adv. Shashikant Involved in preparation of Chokha with help of his brother!! )
Tomatoes being baked with help of Upali fire! Upalis are prepared from cow's dung! ! ( Tomatoes being baked with help of Upali fire! Upalis are prepared from cow’s dung! ! )

Advocate Ramendra Giri here also ensured that food prepared is of excellent quality. And it did turn out to be quite delicious! In the meantime, he also entertained lawyers there with his short skits based on episode of Ramayana!
( Adv. Ramendra Giri here too ensured that people gathered here do come to relish on tasty food 🙂 Indeed, we all enjoyed his preparations )


( Guavas were tempting the child in us to steal them even as they were too close to us 😛 😛  At Shashikant’s place one notices lots of greenery comprised of fruit trees and flower plants of various types. )


( Felt glad on noticing Sri Tulsi ji! She is so dear to Lord. )


Advocates getting a chance to relish on Litti Chokha 🙂 Once upon a time it was darling of poor people. Now I notice it party of elites 😛 😛 :P )


( Being inherently a village soul, enjoying  background of farmer’s family, the Liiti-Chokha always manged to be part of my diet! In fact, it appears that Litti-Chokha manages to find me always 😛 😛 )


( Blessings of saints work wonders 🙂 )

( Feel glad to be in company of such good souls. Myself with Advocate Ramendra Giri ( Extreme Left ) and Advocate Sanjay Mishra ( Extreme Right ) )


( Let’s hope we all stay together helping each other in best possible ways. It’s need of the hour that good souls remain together. That’s the only way to rule over negative powers, weaken negative forces. Jai Radha Govinda 🙂 )

Learn To Embrace Sex And Sexuality In A Positive Way

Aavartan: A  research journal published from Gorakhpur, Uttar Pradesh, by Ishwar Saran Memorial Trust.

Aavartan: A research journal published from Gorakhpur, Uttar Pradesh, by Ishwar Saran Memorial Trust.

( First Published In Spring & Summer Edition Of  Aavartan, 2014. It’s A Research Journal Published From Gorakhpur, Uttar Pradesh)

India is melting pot of most beautiful philosophies. On one hand we have lofty themes embedded in Advaitic domain, which expand our limited consciousness, and on the other, we have principles related with Kama, explored beautifully in Vatsayana’s Kama Sutra. However, having said that, I must say we have strayed away from these concepts, leading to disturbed living patterns at various level of human existence. Neither we have been able to act as Grihastha (householder) nor able to emerge as a perfect Yogi. At this point, it’s better to stick to distortions that have trespassed into healthy sexual beliefs.

One should not forget that sex is a powerful force, which can even shake the beliefs of yogis lost in deep meditation. The stories of Indra sending Apsaras to distract the sages are quite well known- a fact which mythological TV serials have cashed-in so well! Osho comes to describe the impact of sexual power in his inimitable style. He says, “Ninety percent of our thinking is sexual. Whatsoever you are doing outside, inside sex is a constant concern – you may not even be aware of it. You are sitting in a room and a woman enters: your posture changes suddenly. Your spine is more erect, your breathing changes, your blood pressure is different. You may not be aware at all of what has happened, but your whole body has reacted sexually. You were a different person when the woman was not there; now again you are a different person.”

That’s being the case, it’s really baffling average human being has been taught to remain in denial mode about it. Now that’s not only strange but also a dangerous state of affair. It leads to unhealthy suppression of one of the most basic instincts. Why do we forget that such unhealthy denial would prove suicidal for the greater good of human society? It would only lead to negative manifestation of sexual energies. Worse, self-proclaimed Gurus in field of spirituality have created huge mess by proclaiming that sexual beliefs are obstacle in attainment of realization. Kama has been portrayed as villain. That’s not true. Had it been villain, it would not have attained a dignified position as one of the aims associated with Purusartha (aims considered vital for human existence). The truth is not what these commercial Gurus are preaching.  What we need to remember is that sex need to be enjoyed but not at the cost of cherished human values. It needs to be honoured but in a dignified way.

So now we come to an altogether different aspect. We are living in age of technological boom. Sexting is so common, pornographic materials are available at one click and women and men are now being hailed progressive in such matters, but still an enlightened understanding is missing. Mind you, bundle of information cannot ensure a conscious approach. We need a proper mindset, a proper approach to develop a mature understanding in this regard. This “mature understanding” is something which has not made its presence felt. It’s not going to come through titillating advertisement, wherein particular flavour of condom is being preferred. Nor it can be achieved by witnessing gyrating bodies in Bollywood movies. Most of the henious crimes we are witnessing have some sexual misconception as their primary cause. Imagine infants are being raped and even older women are also being raped! Rapes are not only about man exerting his power over woman in wrong way as preached by feminists, but it’s more about sexual miseducation.

Jeremy Seabrook, a prominent British author, expressing his concerns about sexual miseducation rightly states that “if it’s true that silence over sexuality risks blighting lives, it is certain that leaving instructions of the young in sexual matters to the free market is a disaster…..It is clear that new forms of ignorance can be conjured out of the very knowingness which the newly initiated into the secrets of sex they have gained.” If that sort of so-called knowledge about sex is lethal, one could easily imagine that restrictions imposed by society on having access to fulfillment of sexual desires would be cause of greater sorrow. That’s because digital era has made transfer of sexual knowledge and explicit images a very commonplace affair. So if you are not proving it smooth outlet, you are simply creating world of perverts. It’s hard to imagine how can tough laws ensure prevention of sex-related crimes? They can act as deterrent, leading to lesser number of crimes, but they cannot eliminate the desire.

Mahasatvaa Ma Ananda Sarita unfolds this dilemma more succinctly: “Because of the destructive idea propounded by some spiritual traditions, that spiritual fulfillment is only possible if one denies sex, there is a great lack of any kind of intelligent sexual education. And because our species’ survival depends on sex, of course our bodies make it a priority.” The message is loud and clear: Make room for sex in intelligent way. It’s better to channelize our sexual desires in conscious way, but, at the same time, not forsaking principles related with honourable life.

Ironically, in another arena, the law commission, the courts and law enforcing agencies do not see sex related crimes in wider aspect. They treat it as a sexual offence wherein a man is a “dangerous criminal” and woman the “most helpless victim”. Rape in my eyes is representative of the collective failure of the society! Rape is seen as one of the most heinous crimes, and, indeed, it should be the case. However, does that ensure one accused of such a crime be treated in barbaric manners. In a nation which cares damn about prison reforms, one can imagine that those found guilty of sexual crimes or under-trials are treated in most miserable way. They also conveniently forget that when laws were framed the situations were quite different. The attitude of women was not brazen as it has now become and when one says one is not suggesting that a woman’s modesty needs to be outraged simply because she dared to display bizarre traits. It’s being suggested to merely show the changes that have occurred with the passage of time, wherein vulnerability has increased due to many complex developments which until now were quite unknown to Indian society. Earlier, there was lesser generation of porn movies but now in USA almost 211 porn movies are being made in every week. Needless to state, the Asian countries offer great market. The point which I wish to prove is that in given scenario the way we look at sex and sex related crimes needs to change.

Sadly, the Indian landscape is marred by contradictions in this regard. It’s open to Reebok shoes, Ray Ban sunglasses and Wrangler Jeans, but it tries hard to ignore the impact of permissiveness, and licentiousness too, these items have unleashed. Why there is so much ambiguity when it comes to having a candid opinion regarding the worth of sex in Indian society? It’s high time we  have a proper mindset and clinical approach to deal with sex related crimes. Let’s not treat one guilty of sexual crime merely as “sick pervert” and treated to legal process in most cruel fashion, but subject him to greater reforms which help him emerge as good human being. We have borrowed from West so many lesser aspects, but failed to borrow their methodological approach encircling complex issues. One cannot emerge as good human being by merely highlighting on one’s T-shirt “Being Human” message.  One need to go beyond such cosmetic gestures.

It’s not merely enough that sex education gets introduced. There has to be a greater space for assimilation of sexual beliefs besides channelization of sexual desires. After all, celibacy is abnormal and outdated in both progressive and orthodox societies! For progressive thinkers it’s akin to introduction of Hindutva! Against this backdrop, the only path that remains is to provide space to unleash sexual desires. Is Indian society really prepared for that? However, the harsh truth is that it has no other way left. So let’s have proper sex education; introduce state-of-the-art sex clinics in villages and smaller cities to deal with sexual disorders/sex related diseases, and, above all, improvise the legal mechanism to deal with sex related crimes. It’s still marred by archaic methods. It’s never too late to give way to better ways, ideas and beliefs. Let’s accept the new changes in a wise way before the damage becomes irreparable!

List of Articles In Spring and Summer Edition, 2014.

List of Articles In Spring and Summer Edition, 2014.

  "Learn To Embrace Sex And Sexuality In A Positive Way"by Arvind K.Pandey; Aavartan, Spring & Summer Edition, 2014.

“Learn To Embrace Sex And Sexuality In A Positive Way”by Arvind K.Pandey; Aavartan, Spring & Summer Edition, 2014.

  "Learn To Embrace Sex And Sexuality In A Positive Way"by Arvind K.Pandey; Aavartan, Spring & Summer Edition, 2014.

“Learn To Embrace Sex And Sexuality In A Positive Way”by Arvind K.Pandey; Aavartan, Spring & Summer Edition, 2014.

  "Learn To Embrace Sex And Sexuality In A Positive Way"by Arvind K.Pandey; Aavartan, Spring & Summer Edition, 2014.

“Learn To Embrace Sex And Sexuality In A Positive Way”by Arvind K.Pandey; Aavartan, Spring & Summer Edition, 2014.

Spring and Summer Edition In PDF format:

Aavartan’s Spring And Summer Edition, 2014.



Jeremy Seabrook: Article Titled “Sexual Miseducation”  

Mahasatvaa Ma Ananda Sarita: Paradigm Shift; Nov-Dec.2010

Osho’s Literature

Varanasi: The City Of Moksha (Salvation)-Photo Feature

Varanasi is one of the oldest living cities in world. A city which believes in living life to its fullest. It teaches us the art to associate with life in a fun-filled way. It’s a city which is sandwiched between traditional values and modern beliefs, wherein traditional vibes enjoy an upper hand over global ideas! It’s also a city where life enjoys a wide space even in most congested lanes. The city cries foul about encroachments yet congested lanes constitute the heart of city pulsating with cultural, spiritual, literary and colourful happenings. Needless to state its popularity has transcended national boundaries. It’s one of the cities which enjoy constant arrival of foreign tourists from distant lands. It’s strange to notice that dusty lanes do not disappoint such sophisticated and sensitive foreign visitors, who are really overwhelmed and impressed after interacting with so many unique shades of life at Lord Shiva’s abode! It’s hard to decipher why this city, also known as Kashi, enjoyes so much respect among foreign visitors, but for Indians the reason of its popularity within themselves is so evident: It’s a city which belongs to Lord Shiva known as Vishwanath- the one who rules over the entire universe. He is the one who promotes nothingness yet never allows the colourful life to lose its relevance as long as one finds meaning in it! That’s the reason why people wish to breath their last breath in this city even as the city never misses to offer enough food to every hungry person who happens to venture into this city. And that too everyday-thanks to Goddess Annapoorna who happens to be the giver of food and nourishment! 

My Train To Varanasi  Just Left  Allahabad Junction's paltform :-)

My Train To Varanasi Just Left Allahabad Junction’s Platform 🙂

Beautiful and serene Ganges :-)

Beautiful and serene Ganges 🙂

And Arrives Varanasi-The City Of Lord Shiva :-)

And Arrives Varanasi-The City Of Lord Shiva 🙂


The City Close To My Heart :-)

The City Close To My Heart 🙂

Varanasi : One of the oldest living cities in the world :-)

Varanasi : One of the oldest living cities in the world 🙂

The Square (read crossing) always enjoys a heavy traffic in Varanasi :-)

The Square (read crossing) always enjoys a heavy traffic in Varanasi 🙂

You will not find streets empty in Varanasi :P

You will not find streets empty in Varanasi 😛

Mall Culture Also Prevails In Varanasi :-)

Mall Culture Also Prevails In Varanasi 🙂

Photogenic Kids Playing In One Of The Lanes In Varanasi :P

Photogenic Kids Playing In One Of The Lanes In Varanasi 😛

Varanasi Breathes In Lanes :-)

Varanasi Breathes In Lanes 🙂

Every time I Visit Varanasi I Always Notice Streets In Making :P

Every time I Visit Varanasi I Always Notice Streets In Making 😛

Benaras Hindu University Hospital

Benaras Hindu University Hospital


Roads Spread On The Campus Of Benaras Hindu University Were Not Only Clean But Also Empty!

Roads Spread On The Campus Of Benaras Hindu University Were Not Only Clean But Also Empty!

A Beautiful Road Leading To New Vishwanath Shiva Temple situated on the campus of Benaras Hindu University :-)

A Beautiful Road Leading To New Vishwanath Shiva Temple Situated On The Campus Of Benaras Hindu University 🙂

Benaras Hindu University Has A Huge Campus :-)

Benaras Hindu University Has A Huge Campus 🙂

New Vishwanath Shiva Temple :-)

New Vishwanath Shiva Temple 🙂

Myself Outside The Temple :-)

Myself Outside The Temple 🙂

My Brother-in-Law who works at BHU Hospital Happily Played The Role Of Lensman For Images Which Feature Myself :P

My Brother-in-Law Who Works At BHU Hospital Happily Played The Role Of Lensman For Images Which Feature Myself 😛 The Statue Behind Him Belongs To Sri Madan Mohan Malviya Ji Who Was The Founder Of This Great Benaras Hindu University (BHU)

Beautiful View Of New Vishwanath Temple :-)

Beautiful View Of New Vishwanath Temple 🙂

Inside The Temple :-)

Inside The Temple 🙂

Extremely Beautiful Ceiling :-)

Extremely Beautiful Ceiling 🙂

Beautifully Built Temple :-)

Beautifully Built Temple 🙂

The Temple's Walls Are Full Of Inscriptions Carved On It Over Marble Slabs :-)

The Temple’s Walls Are Full Of Inscriptions Carved On It Over Marble Slabs 🙂

Nandi The Bull : Vehicle Of Lord Shiva :P

Sri Nandi The Bull : Vehicle Of Lord Shiva 😛

Greenery Is In Abundance :-)

Greenery Is In Abundance 🙂

Nand The Bull Also Acts As Transmitter :P Devotees Of Shiva Believe That Whatever One Speaks Into The Ears Of This Bull Reaches Straight To Lord Shiva :-) My Brother-in-Law Did Not Miss The Opportunity :P

Sri Nandi The Bull Also Acts As Transmitter 😛 Devotees Of Shiva Believe That Whatever One Speaks Into The Ears Of This Bull Reaches Straight To Lord Shiva 🙂 My Brother-in-Law Did Not Miss The Opportunity 😛

For Me It Was Enough That I Came To Have The Company Of Nandi Maharaj :P

For Me It Was Enough That I Came To Have The Company Of Nandi Maharaj 😛

On The Stairs Leading To Lord Shiva :-)

On The Stairs Leading To Lord Shiva 🙂

Happy Divine Moments :-)

Happy Divine Moments 🙂

Enveloped in divinity :-)

Enveloped in divinity 🙂

The Simple Structure Behind Brother-in-Law Is Used By The Devotees To Engage In Chanting Mantras :-)

The Simple Structure Behind Brother-in-Law Is Used By The Devotees To Engage In Chanting Mantras 🙂

Rose Garden :-)

Rose Garden 🙂

Extremely Beautiful View Of Temple :-)

Extremely Beautiful View Of Temple 🙂

Evening Arrives :-)

Evening Arrives 🙂

It's A Two Storey Temple :-)

It’s A Two Storey Temple 🙂

Glad To Notice Sri Adi Sankara's Bhaja Govindam Strotam :-)

Glad To Notice Sri Adi Sankara’s Bhaja Govindam Strotam 🙂

Lord Shiva's Statue On First Floor :-) Jai Shiva :-)

Lord Shiva’s Statue On First Floor 🙂 Jai Shiva 🙂

That's The Statue Of Lord Shiva Situated On The First Floor :-) Om Namah Shivay :-)

That’s The Statue Of Lord Shiva Situated On The First Floor 🙂 Om Namah Shivay 🙂

Beautiful Ceiling That I Noticed On First Floor :-)

Beautiful Ceiling That I Noticed On First Floor 🙂

Also Notice Sri Laxmi- Narayana Ji's Statues :-) Salutations To Both Of Them :-)

Also Noticed Sri Laxmi- Narayana Ji’s Statues 🙂 Salutations To Both Of Them 🙂


Complete Srimad Bhagavad Gita Inscribed On One Single Marble Slab :-) Jai Sri Krishna :-)

Complete Srimad Bhagavad Gita Inscribed On One Single Marble Slab 🙂 Jai Sri Krishna 🙂

Also Noticed Sri Gautam Buddha In A Shiva Temple :-)

Also Noticed Sri Gautam Buddha In A Shiva Temple 🙂

One Feels Great Peace Of Mind At This Place :-)

One Feels Great Peace Of Mind At This Place 🙂

Goddess Durgaji's Statue Inside The Temple :-) My Pranama To The Mother Of Cosmos :-)

Goddess Durgaji’s Statue Inside The Temple 🙂 My Pranama To The Mother Of Cosmos 🙂

Brother-in-Law Sitting Under In Meditative Mudra Under Ashoka Tree :-) That's The Same Tree Under Which Sitaji Sat When She Was Held Captive At Lanka. It's Believed That This Tree Has The Power To Make You Rise Above All Worries :-)

Brother-in-Law Sitting  In Meditative Mudra Under Ashoka Tree 🙂 That’s The Same Tree Under Which Sri Sitaji Sat When She Was Held Captive At Lanka. It’s Believed That This Tree Has The Power To Make You Rise Above All Worries 🙂

Kanha My Cute Cousin Really Taken Aback On Seeing Me Leaving Varanasi. He Came To Bid Me Goodbye :-) Relax! I will Come Again And Again :P :P :P

Kanha My Cute Cousin Really Taken Aback On Seeing Me Leaving Varanasi. He Came To Bid Me Goodbye 🙂 Relax! I will Come Again And Again 😛 😛 😛

Hope Lord Shiva's Blessings Always Keep Me In State Of Bliss :-)

Hope Lord Shiva’s Blessings Always Keep Me In State Of Bliss 🙂

Mother Ganges At Mirzapur Which I Noticed While Going To My Village From Varanasi :-)

Mother Ganges At Mirzapur Which I Noticed While Going To My Village From Varanasi 🙂



P.S. :- The copyright of these images rests with the author of this post. Anybody making use of them without prior permission of the author, or without giving due credit to the author, could be penalized as per legal norms.









कांची के शंकराचार्य की रिहाई इस बात को दर्शाती है कि वर्तमान समय में दुष्प्रचार ज्यादा ताकतवर है बजाय सत्य के!

कांची के शंकराचार्य अंततः निर्दोष और निष्पाप होकर उभरे लेकिन इस नौ साल लम्बे ड्रामे की वजह से इस अति प्राचीन हिन्दू मठ पर जो दाग लगे उसको मिटने में कई वर्ष लगेंगे.

कांची के शंकराचार्य अंततः निर्दोष और निष्पाप होकर उभरे लेकिन इस नौ साल लम्बे ड्रामे की वजह से इस अति प्राचीन हिन्दू मठ पर जो दाग लगे उसको मिटने में कई वर्ष लगेंगे.

इस नए युग के इंडिया यानि “भारत” के अगर हाल के घटनाओ को देखे तो ये आसानी से समझ आ जाएगा कि धर्मनिरपेक्ष सरकारो ने सबसे ज्यादा जुल्म ढाया है हिन्दू संतो पर. ये धर्मनिरपेक्ष सरकारे मुग़लकाल के बाद्शाहो और ब्रिटिश काल के शासको से भी ज्यादा क्रूर रही है हिन्दू धर्मं से जुड़े प्रतीकों को ध्वस्त करने और इनसे जुड़े लोगो को अपमानित करने के मामले में. हिन्दू संतो को निराकरण ही प्रताड़ित किया जा रहा है और इन्हे यौन अपराधो से लेकर देशद्रोह जैसे जघन्य अपराधो में बेवजह घसीटा जा रहा है. बिकी हुई मीडिया इन प्रकरणो का एक पक्ष 
दिखाती  है अपने देश में और देश के बाहर विदेशी अखबारो में. ये आपको अक्सर देखने को मिलेगा कि इस प्रकार के खबरो में ज्यादातर झूठ होता है या अर्धसत्य का सहारा लेकर एक भ्रामक कहानी गाढ़ी जाती है. कोई भी मुख्यधारा का समाचार पत्र तस्वीर के दोनों पहलू दिखाने में दिलचस्पी नहीं रखता.

एक सबसे बड़ी वजह ये है कि ज्यादातर  भारतीय मीडिया समूह का कण्ट्रोल विदेशी ताकतो के हाथो में है. सबके विदेशी हित कही ना कही शामिल है तब हम किस तरह से इनसे ये आशा रखे कि ये सच बोलेंगे? ये वही मुख्यधारा के समाचार पत्र है जो साध्वी प्रज्ञा के गिरफ्तारी को तो खूब जोर शोर से दिखाते है लेकिन साध्वी के साथ जेल के अंदर हुए अमानवीय कृत्यो को जो बंदियो के अधिकारो का सरासर उल्लंघन था उसको दिखाने या बताने से साफ़ मुँह मोड़ गए. ये वही मुख्यधारा के समाचार पत्र है जिन्होंने देवयानी प्रकरण में देवयानी का साथ इस तरह से दिया जैसी कि उसने भारत के नाम विदेशो में ऊँचा किया हो, जैसे उसने कोई जुर्म ही नहीं किया हो. वो इसलिए से क्योकि इसका सरकार से सीधा सरोकार है और सिस्टम इसके पक्ष में है लेकिन हर वो आदमी जिसने भी सरकार ये सिस्टम के विपक्ष में कुछ कहा उसे इस तरह की  सरकारे या सिस्टम सुनियोजित तरीको से अपराधी घोषित कर देता है.

ये कहने में कोई संकोच नहीं कि आज के युग मे सत्य से ज्यादा असरदार किसी के खिलाफ सुनियोजित तरीके से फैलायी गयी मनगढंत बाते है. समाचार पत्रो का काम होता है सत्य को सामने लाना सही रिपोर्टिंग के जरिये लेकिन हो इसका ठीक उल्टा रहा है: मीडिया आज सबसे बड़ा हथियार बन गयी है झूठ और भ्रम को विस्तार देने हेतु. इसका केवल इतना काम रहा गया है कि हर गलत ताकतो को जो सत्ता में है उनको बचाना, उनको बल देना. एक बाजारू औरत की तरह अपनी निष्ठा को हर बार बदलते रहना मीडिया का एकमात्र धर्मं बन गया है. साधारण शब्दो में ये सत्ता पे आसीन शासको की भाषा बोलता है. कांची के पूज्य जगद्गुरु शंकराचार्य स्वामी जयेन्द्र सरस्वती जी की गिरफ्तारी के प्रकरण के रौशनी में इस प्रकरण को देखे जिन्हे २००४ में बेहद शर्मनाक तरीके से शंकर रमण के हत्या के आरोप में गिरफ्तार कर लिया था. शंकर रमण कांची के एक मंदिर में मैनेजेर थें. उस वक्त के तमिलनाडु के तत्कालीन मुख्यमंत्री जयललिता ने अपने को धर्मनिरपेक्ष साबित करने के लिए और ये जताने के लिए कि कानून से ऊपर कोई नहीं होता इनकी गिरफतारी सुनिश्चित की. कांची के शंकराचार्य के ऊपर “आपराधिक षड्यंत्र, अदालत को गुमराह करने गलत सूचना के जरिये, धन का आदान प्रदान आपराधिक गतिविधि को क्रियांवित करने के लिये” आदि आरोप लगाये गए.

इस एक हज़ार साल से भी ऊपर अति प्राचीन ब्राह्मणो के अत्यंत महत्त्वपूर्ण केंद्र के मुख्य संचालक को इस तरह अपमानजनक तरीके से एक दुर्दांत अपराधी के भांति गिरफ्तार करना और फिर मुख्यधारा के समाचार पत्रो के द्वारा अनर्गल बयानो के आधार पर उनको दोषी करार कर देना अपने आप में मीडिया की सच्चाई बयान कर देता है. ये बता देना आवश्यक रहेगा कि कांची कामकोटि पीठ हिन्दुओ का अति प्राचीन मठ है जिसको हिन्दू समुदाय में दुनिया भर में बेहद श्रद्धा के साथ देखा जाता है. कांची के पूज्य जगद्गुरु शंकराचार्य स्वामी जयेन्द्र सरस्वती जी बहुत सम्मान की दृष्टि से देखे जाते रहे है हिन्दू शास्त्रो के मर्मज्ञ होने के कारण. इन्होने  नवी शताब्दी में स्थापित कांची कामकोटि पीठ के गरिमा को नयी ऊंचाई प्रदान की, जिसकी हिन्दू समुदाय में वेटिकन चर्च सरीखी पकड़ है. जयललिता और ब्राह्मण विरोधी नेता डीएमके प्रमुख करूणानिधि के आपसी मतभेदों के चलते इस हिन्दू मठ के माथे पर कालिख लग गयी.

 ये बता देना आवश्यक रहेगा कि कांची कामकोटि पीठ हिन्दुओ का अति प्राचीन मठ है जिसको हिन्दू समुदाय में दुनिया भर में बेहद श्रद्धा के साथ देखा जाता है. कांची के पूज्य जगद्गुरु शंकराचार्य स्वामी जयेन्द्र सरस्वती जी बहुत सम्मान की दृष्टि से देखे जाते रहे है हिन्दू शास्त्रो के मर्मज्ञ होने के कारण. इन्होने  नवी शताब्दी में स्थापित कांची कामकोटि पीठ के गरिमा को नयी ऊंचाई प्रदान की, जिसकी हिन्दू समुदाय में वेटिकन चर्च सरीखी पकड़ है. जयललिता और ब्राह्मण विरोधी नेता डीएमके प्रमुख करूणानिधि के आपसी मतभेदों के चलते इस हिन्दू मठ के माथे पर कालिख लग गयी.

ये बता देना आवश्यक रहेगा कि कांची कामकोटि पीठ हिन्दुओ का अति प्राचीन मठ है जिसको हिन्दू समुदाय में दुनिया भर में बेहद श्रद्धा के साथ देखा जाता है. कांची के पूज्य जगद्गुरु शंकराचार्य स्वामी जयेन्द्र सरस्वती जी बहुत सम्मान की दृष्टि से देखे जाते रहे है हिन्दू शास्त्रो के मर्मज्ञ होने के कारण. इन्होने नवी शताब्दी में स्थापित कांची कामकोटि पीठ के गरिमा को नयी ऊंचाई प्रदान की, जिसकी हिन्दू समुदाय में वेटिकन चर्च सरीखी पकड़ है. जयललिता और ब्राह्मण विरोधी नेता डीएमके प्रमुख करूणानिधि के आपसी मतभेदों के चलते इस हिन्दू मठ के माथे पर कालिख लग गयी.

उस वक्त के प्रमुख समाचार पत्रो ने ये दर्शाया कि पुलिस इस तरह से गिरफ्तार करने का साहस बिना पुख्ता सबूतो के कर ही नहीं सकती. उस वक्त अभियोजन पक्ष के वकील इस बात से पूरी तरह आश्वस्त थे कि शंकराचार्य को दोषी साबित करने के लिए उनके पास पर्याप्त पुख्ता सबूत थें. विवेचना अधिकारी प्रेम कुमार का ये बयान प्रमुखता से छपा कि हमारे पास ठोस साक्ष्य है स्वामी जयेन्द्र सरस्वती के खिलाफ और ये कि शंकर रमण और इनके बीच करीब चार सालो से आपसी मनमुटाव था जिसको सिद्ध करने के लिए पर्याप्त सबूत इकठ्ठा किये जा रहे है.

खैर ईश्वर के यहाँ देर भले हो पर अंधेर नहीं है. सत्य की अंततः विजय हुई जब पांडिचेरी की विशेष अदालत ने सत्ताइस नवंबर २०१३ को उन सभी लोगो को जो शंकर रमण हत्याकांड में आरोपी बनाये गए थें उनको बाइज्जत बरी कर दिया. इसी के साथ नौ साल से हो रहे ड्रामे का पटाक्षेप हो गया. उन पर लगाये गए सभी आरोपो से उन्हें मुक्त कर दिया गया. जितने भी प्रमुख गवाह थें उन्होंने अभियोजन पक्ष के वर्णन को समर्थन देने से इंकार कर दिया। अभियोजन पक्ष के विरोध में करीब ८० से अधिक गवाहो ने अपने बयान दर्ज कराये।

कांची के शंकराचार्य अंततः निर्दोष और निष्पाप होकर उभरे लेकिन इस नौ साल लम्बे ड्रामे की वजह से इस अति प्राचीन हिन्दू मठ पर जो दाग लगे उसको मिटने में कई वर्ष लगेंगे. हिन्दुओ के आस्था और प्रतीक के साथ जो बेहूदा मजाक हुआ उसके निशान कई वर्षो तक संवेदनशील मनो को कटोचते रहेंगे. लेकिन हिन्दू ब्राह्मण के उदार मन को देखिये कि इतना होने के बाद भी किसी के प्रति कोई कटुता नहीं. इस परिपेक्ष्य में शंकराचार्य के वक्तव्य को देखिये जो उन्होंने बरी होने के बाद दिया: ” धर्म की विजय हुई. सत्य की जीत हुई. सब कुछ खत्म हो जाने के बाद अंत में केवल यही बात मायने रखती है. मुझे मेरे गुरु ने सब कुछ सहन करने को कहा है. इसलिए ये कहना उचित नहीं होगा कि हालात मेरे लिए असहनीय थें. हा कुछ दिक्कते जरूर आयी वो भी उस वजह सें कि हम लोग नयी तरह की परिस्थितयो का सामना कर रहे थें. हमने पूर्व में देखा है कि किस तरह आक्रमणकारियों ने हिन्दू मंदिरो पर हमले कर उनको विध्वंस किया। आज जब हम मंदिरो पर पड़े उन हमलो की निशानियाँ देखते है तो  हमे वे आक्रमणकारी और उनकी क्रूरता याद आती है. आज जो कुछ भी मठ के साथ हुआ ( मेरे पर जो  आरोप लगे) वे बहुतो की नज़र में पूर्व में किये गए आक्रमणकारियों के द्वारा किये गए विध्वंस सरीखे ही है.”

ये बहुत दुःख की बात है कि जैसे ही किसी हिन्दू संत पर कोई आरोप लगते है सारे मुख्यधारा के मीडिया समूह उस संत को बदनाम करने की कवायद में जुट जाते है पूरी ताकत से इस बात से बिल्कुल बेपरवाह होकर कि मीडिया का मुख्य काम किसी भी घटना की सही-२ रिपोर्टिंग करनी होती है ना कि न्यायिक ट्रायल करना। उससे भी बड़ी बिडम्बना ये है कि अगर संत पर लगे आरोप निराधार और झूठे पाये जाते है तो जो अखबार या फिर न्यूज़ चैनल आरोप लगने के वक्त पूरे जोर शोर से संत को दोषी ठहरा रहे थे वे ही अखबार और न्यूज़ चैनल पूरी तरह से कन्नी काट लेते है. संत को बेगुनाह साबित करने वाली खबर कब आती है और कब चली जाती है ये पता भी नहीं चलता है. यही वजह है कि कांची के शंकराचार्य की बेगुनाही और बाइज्ज़त बरी होना किसी भी शीर्ष अखबार के सुर्खियो में नहीं आया. शायद सेकुलर मीडिया ने ये सोच कर इस खबर को प्रमुखता से नहीं बताया क्योकि हिन्दुओ से जुडी कोई भली खबर सेक्युलर भावना के विपरीत होती है!

मेनस्ट्रीम मीडिया को प्रोपगेंडा ज्यादा रास आता है बजाय सत्य के. सेक्युलर ताकतो ने और इनके द्वारा संचालित मीडिया समूहो ने कांची के शंकराचार्य के गिरफ्तारी के वक्त ये बहुत जोरदार तरीके से ये दर्शाया कि कोई भी कानून से ऊपर नहीं होता. तो क्या यही सेक्युलर ताकते जो कानून की बात करती है शाही ईमाम सैय्यद अहमद बुख़ारी को गिरफ्तार करने की हिम्मत रखते है जिन पर कई धाराओ में देश के विभिन्न थानो में एफ आई आर दर्ज है? क्या यही सेक्युलर ताकते उन क्रिस्चियन मिशनरीज को बेनकाब करने की ताकत रखती है जो देश के पिछड़े और दूर दराज के इलाको में लोगो को बहला फुसला कर उनका धर्म परिवर्तन कर रही है? लेकिन ये सबको पता है कि सेक्युलर मीडिया ऐसा कभी नहीं करेगा. ऐसा इसलिए कि इन सेक्युलर लोगो की निगाह में कानून के लम्बे हाथ केवल हिन्दू संतो के गर्दन तक पहुंचती है. ये हिन्दू संतो को केवल बदनाम करने तक ही सीमित है और हिन्दू आस्था को खंडित और विकृत करने भर के लिए है. ये दुष्प्रचार के समर्थक है सत्य के नहीं.

हिन्दू संत अपनी जाने गंवाते रहे है लेकिन ये खबरे कभी भी सेक्युलर मीडिया की सुर्खिया नहीं बनी. ये स्वामी लक्ष्मणानन्द जी की तस्वीर है जिनकी हत्या क्रिस्चियन ताकतो ने कर दी थी.

हिन्दू संत अपनी जाने गंवाते रहे है लेकिन ये खबरे कभी भी सेक्युलर मीडिया की सुर्खिया नहीं बनी. ये स्वामी लक्ष्मणानन्द जी की तस्वीर है जिनकी हत्या क्रिस्चियन ताकतो ने कर दी थी.


IBN Live

The Hindu

The Hindu


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In Conversation With British Author Jeremy Seabrook: Analyzing The Sexual Beliefs In The Modern Indian Society!

Sex education alone holds no meaning if they are not backed up by strong ideals.

Sex education alone holds no meaning if it is not backed up by strong ideals.

I feel really privileged that few well-known established authors had some time saved for me as well as they came to express their views on some sensitive issues. The issue at hand ” The changing sexual beliefs in modern Indian society’ is a very sensitive in nature. The views which I have shared here in this article have already found place in various other articles but it would be interesting to inform the readers that they first appeared in this discussion with Jeremy Seabrook.


My Viewpoint:

This has reference to Jeremy Seabrook’s article “Sex Education And The Free Market” published in The Statesman ( March 28, 2005).  Unveiling the road-map for future, it’s evident that we cannot dispense with observance of better principles including those related with sexual attitudes. You ( read Jeremy Seabrook) have touched the issue in a thought-provoking manner, unfolding the requirements in an unambiguous style. However, having said that, there are missing elements as well, which I would like to highlight. The Indian society has always treated sex not as a taboo subject but considered it an essential element of balanced human life. This is why it finds place in four “Purusharthas” ( objectives) laid down in Hinduism as Kama; Dharma, Artha and Moksha being the other three objectives, which help the man to go up the ladder of evolution. It’s not very clear how did it come to attain its present distorted form.

One reason for it could be that long Muslim rule plus gradual inclination of Indian towards Victorian Ideals/perceptions during the British regime distanced them from its glorious aspects. While it’s true that taking refuge in Indian values cannot rescue impressionable minds from the mess, which has become part and parcel of the modern times, however, it could still be stated without doubt that had traces of Hindu ideals been altogether absent the damage would have been irreparable. If there is still a ray of hope, it’s only because Hindu ideals are still there doing what they have been doing since time immemorial- soaking the impurities without their lustre.

In nutshell, what I wish to state is that better results could be obtained by combining sex education with revival of past values. Sex education alone holds no meaning if it is not backed up by strong ideals. The issues you have touched has a very complicated angle as well. It’s a bitter truth that pornographic stuff helps us to relieve sexual tension, more so in age which keeps women at par with “use and throw objects”. Women liberalization movements may or may not have taught women to honour progressive ideals but it has certainly capped them with ability to use her body for commercial interests in the market-oriented world of ours.  As a result their bodies no longer evoke innocent delight but feelings mired in sexual fantasies.

How can you expect these young minds to behave like “expert yogis’ adept in controlling their senses?  Interestingly, adults themselves are surrounded by illusions of all sorts in these matters. Indeed, we are living in strange times. In my city, the prominent magazine corner lies adjacent to a theater showing “BF”. If that’s not enough, cast a glance around and eyes are soon going to intercept posters showing semi-clad women in suggestive postures.

Globalization has brought sea-change in our mannerism. Not only it has distanced us from finer values but also turned women into object of pleasure rather than turning them into instruments for attaining higher ends. The Western world has cleverly dumped its dubious habits in this country ( read India). Or, in other words, the Indians failed to borrow West’s glorious analytic abilities and instead zeroed-on their dark aspects to an extent that to many their bubble gum literature became the source of enlightenment. It may far fetched but it’s true that global powers have effectively projected woman’s false image to deviate Indian minds from higher concerns. Who knows they may have plans to shackle this nation again in their chains?  Young minds, after all, they have no knowledge of corrupt practices of the adult world, are bound to collapse, being too inept to counteract its charms.

Against this backdrop, it’s not hard to imagine why pornographic magazines, X-rated movies, and etc. have bombarded the lives of young people. That’s why their unusual interest in these matters should not leave us in shock and awe. This is bound to happen since aping Western values has become the prestige issue for both middle and elite class, even if that means deterioration of Indian ethos. Let me make it very clear that I am not trying to legitimize the existence of pornographic materials in our society. On the contrary, I am of the opinion that cheap titillation of the senses should give way to deep and mature relationship between man and woman. In my eyes, this can never be achieved by roping in sex education. It demands more.

The dynamics between man and woman and society at large needs to be governed by refined and elevated principles-the hallmark of Indian ideals.  Sex education does serve the purpose but in a flimsy manner. The perfect mantra for survival is possible only through tryst with Hinduism, or in secular terms, by once again establishing firm bond with the nation’s roots.


Jeremy Seabrook’s Viewpoint:

Many thanks for your e-mail message, which I much appreciated. Of course, I agree much of what you say- in the West also women have shifted from being drudges, servants and comforters of men to being sex-objects. This is not what I understand by liberation. On the other hand, the repression and subordination of women is also indefensible. And there is no possibility of going back to the past- to some degree the past can inform one’s values and ideas which can be carried forward, but it is irrecoverable.

It is not a happy position, and I don’t think many people would have chosen to be where we are now; but we have no choice but to start from here. These are all intractable questions, and there is no obvious way forward. That does not however, mean we should stop trying and seeking.


About Jeremy Seabrook:


My first book was The Unprivileged, 1967, the story of my own family, a path breaking oral history from the late 18th century to the 1960s. This was followed by City Close-Up, a portrait, through the words of the people, of Blackburn in Lancashire.
In the 1970s, I wrote What Went Wrong? Working People and the Ideals of the Labour Movement; a book which, when published in the USA, was sub-titled Why hasn’t Having More Made People Happier?

Mother and Son, a memoir, appeared in 1980, and an indictment of Thatcher’s Britain,Unemployment, in 1982.
Work on India and Bangladesh followed, notably, Notes from another India and Children of Other Worlds, a comparison of child labour in nineteenth century London and present-day Dhaka in Bangladesh. My book, Love in a Different Climate, described how male same-sex relationships in India differ from those in the West.

 I have contributed to most major newspapers in Britain over the years, and have written for Granta. I am a regular contributor to New Internationalist – which has published three of my books in the last decade, most recently Consuming Cultures: Globalization and Local Lives. I write for Race and Class and Third World Resurgence, based in Penang, Malaysia.

Courtesy: http://jeremyseabrook.net/biography.html


More About Jeremy Seabrook:

“He became an associate honorary fellow at the University of Bradford’s Department of Peace Studies 1995 to 1998 and an associate at the Institute of Race Relations, UK, from 2004 onwards.

He has made several documentaries for BBC radio and TV on social, environmental and developmental issues.

Since 1963, Seabrook has written for publications including: New Society, the Guardian, the Times, the Independent, New Statesman, New Internationalist, Race and Class, Third World Resurgence, Third World Network and others.

He has also written over 40 books, including;

Travels in the Skin Trade – looking at the psychology of western men who travel to southeast Asia for sexual adventures (Pluto Press).

A World Growing Old – the implications of an ageing population, north and south (Pluto Press).”

Courtesy: The Guardian


Suggested Reading:

1. Vaibhav Mani Tripathi: Democracy and globalization: Are they really compatible? ( An article published in “Aavartan” – A quarterly bilingual journal of academic activities in social sciences, environment and literary arena ) 

It’s a brilliant article which deals with the impact of globalization from many angles.

Excerpt from it: 

” But the educational system what globalization promotes is focused in making technocrats so that they get huge work force with technical abilities. Democracy also needs well-educated people for its growth. But democratic societies flourish in a value based educational system and not a technology based system. The technology based educational system is result oriented and it has nothing to do with the values which human beings nurtured for generations so that they can live as human beings.”


2.  Jeremy Seabrook: “Sex Education And The Free Market” published in The Statesman ( March 28, 2005).


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Swami Vivekananda: The Maker Of Lions!



It really fills my heart with bliss that this part of the world originally hailed as Aryavrata, now known as Bharat (India), has always produced evolved souls, having the capacity to delve deep into the world of mysticism in effortless manner- a reason why this part of the land is viewed with great wonder by people living in the other part of the hemisphere. I often meet yogis/saints, witnessing many such mysterious phenomenon related with world of Yoga, but this feeling saddens me that, back in past, when great saints and spiritually advanced yogis, roamed on this land quite frequently, I wasn’t fortunate enough to be the part of that era! It’s interesting to note that these great souls played different roles as per need of the society. Some roamed in jungles, some lived in caves, some lived as householder, and some became part of mainstream affairs, even as they retained their ascetic robes, to shape the destiny of Bharat-the land of divine principles. 

True, many fake Gurus, have turned religion into a most lucrative affair, but it remains ultimate truth that India is intrinsically wedded to yogic principles. This land, in absence of spiritual values, would not be able to survive. May be currents of time sometimes lead to clash of values, but this nation has the capacity to absorb contradictions and conflicts in easygoing way. Like myself, others too, would have not believed the glory of Indian spiritual world, had saints like Swami Vivekananda not appeared in the modern phase of civilization. His presence was certain sign of the fact that supreme consciousness was still in operation. Swami Vivekananda removed my doubt that great yogis were mainly confined to storybooks; that great tales of yogic feats were exaggerated description of imaginative minds. However, after reading life-sketch of, Sri Aurobindo, I became truly confirmed that people in league with extraordinary psychic powers, were not only part of ancient India but they were very much part of modern India as well.

However, today I wish to remain confined to world of Swami Vivekananda, since on this very day, 12 January, 1863,  this Avatara of Lord Shiva, manifested on earthly plane. He was an extraordinary person in his lifetime but one who had normal childhood. He  involved in naughty pranks like any other child of that age. However, the thing that separated him from others was that he frequently got absorbed in higher form of consciousness. As he grew up and took admission in college life, he was the one who loved to read various philosophies, roped in by great teachers in past. In other words, he remained hooked to intellectual plane alone! That was not the final destination of a great mind like him placed on route to realization. The Updesha Vakyas (Directive Statements)  found in Upanishads were yet to culminate into Anubhuti Vakyas or Anubhava Vakyas ( realized truths). 

A great truth of the world of spirituality is that a willing seeker or a qualified seeker soon comes to find a Guru (The Master). The same thing happened with Swami Vivekananda, when he met with Sri Ramakrishna. Naturally, that turned out to be life-defining moment for Swami Vivekananda. He soon emerged as a realized soul. In fact, he was always a realized soul and able Guru like Sri Ramakrishna merely ensured that ignorance inside him which made him see himself as ordinary mortal get vanished for forever. It’s interesting to note that in pre-Independence era, we had host of great spiritual souls, who ensured that India’s journey in future as independent nation takes place amid certain special values. The Western world, and we Indians too, remember him mainly because of his great speech at Parliament of the World’s Religions, delivered on 11 September 1893, in Chicago. Not many are aware of the fact that it wasn’t a smooth journey and there was lack of funds to sponsor this visit, and surprisingly, he was not allowed to participate in the conference because of lack of endorsement from a well known organisation. It was only after the intervention of Professor John Henry Wright of Harvard University he got the chance to participate in this conference. Wright was so taken aback that he had to say: “To ask for your credentials is like asking the sun to state its right to shine in the heavens.”

Anyway, a soul of his stature, does not appear on earth for attainment of petty goals. He arrived to make supreme consciousness part of this land, which  appears to be heart of the universe.  If it stops functioning, the other civilizations are bound to collapse one after another. Although if one has a close look at the life of Swami Vivekananda, one would notice that he suffered life-long at the hands of mediocre minds but today when he is now no more in physical form, his own words have come true that real significance of his achievements would manifest after many years of his death. I must say that now when India is struggling hard to keep its ancient identity- the land of spirituality- intact, the words of Swami Vivekananda offer great solace, great strength. In other words, his thoughts and thoughts of other great minds are keeping at bay values antithetical to its spiritual essence. These great souls have now become active at subtle level, considering the way we have begun to realize that their thoughts alone could brighten our lives marred by ills of materialism.

It’s upon us that we either follow their way and emerge as an evolved being or ignore their wisdom to emerge as “dirty picture” of crass values. “All the powers in universe are already ours. It is we who have put our hands before our eyes and cry that it is dark.” (Swami Vivekananda).  Isn’t it the right thing to live life in light of these great values? Is there any merit in dying like a retarded lamb when you could have always roared like a lion?  Let’s attempt for such huge transformation from this very moment.


Lion or Lamb? Choice is yours!

Lion or Lamb? Choice is yours!

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Lampooning Hindu Beliefs Has Become Order Of The Day

Sethusamudaram Map

Sethusamudaram Map

The government’s affidavit, filed by the Archaeological Survey Of India (ASI), has kept the nation on tenterhooks. Such a prejudiced observation is indicative of the intellectual bankruptcy of the caretakers of this nation. The demand for “incontrovertible proof” to confirm the existence of Lord Ram not only makes mockery of the Hindu sentiments but also brings in light the so-called secular brigade’s half-baked understanding of the concept of religion. The matters of faith have always been governed by attributes falling beyond the ambit of human understanding. Going by the stand of government, the enlightenment of Buddha, the Prophethood of Mohammed, the resurrection of Christ and other divine phenomenons, resting on the pedestal of indefensible and mysterious factors, are all bogus happenings. The government’s stand also undermines Gandhi’s supreme association with Lord Ram. Ironically, Gandhi stated that Lord is unseen power ‘which makes itself feel and yet defies all proof because it is so unlike all that I perceive from my senses. It is not proved by any extraneous substance.’ Lastly, what’s the need to go ahead with Sethusamudram project when it’s threatening for the marine ecology and absence of Ram Setu could magnify the intensity of Tsunami?

Mark Tully has rightly stated that there should be no space for “aggressive secularism” which does not believe in expansion of religion in India. Considering the fact that religion has been the essence of India since time immemorial, it would be a great blunder to “draw an absolute, hard and fast line, between the role of faith in private and public life “. Probably, this is why our Constitution grants both people as well as institutions total freedom to pursue and expand religion of their choice. What’s the merit in raising hue and cry over Hinduism based institutions to carve a way in both social and political domain? Taking cue from the ancient governance system, it’s time for our present rulers to form policies based on constructive and progressive elements of religion. Remember, any attempt to block the extension of religion is going to destabalise the very spirit of India.

The government’s error in not honouring the cultural significance of Ram Setu “flowered from the mindset of insensivity that deems Hinduism and Hinduism alone, an impediment to modernity, development and cosmopolitanism.” In fact, it has become order of the day, all under the veneer of so-called secular values, to assault the attributes of Hinduism. Over the years, minorityism has sown seeds of frustration and divisiveness among the Hindu groups, struggling hard to uphold the tenets of Hinduism against all odds. Perhaps it is for all these reasons Hindu organizations, symbols and sentiments, associated with Hinduism, are being needlessly targeted. On the other hand, Muslim fundamentalists have been given free hand to execute their nefarious designs since it ensures a strong vote-bank. It appears to be a macabre temptation when it comes to question the intentions and means of Muslim organizations.

At the other end of spectrum, the nude pictures of Hindu gods and goddesses are treated as extension of creative freedom, the demand for substantial proof of Lord Ram’s existence is projected as scientific temper and well-planned destruction of Hindu beliefs as an attempt to move with the times! The double standards, prevailing in the name of secularism, need to be curbed to prevent mockery of the Hindu ideals.

Lastly, some people have totally failed to intercept the verdict delivered by the Allahabad High Court judge. They seem to be unaware of the perceptions laid down in the Bhagavad Gita, which lays emphasis on inner transformation of human beings. The Bhagavad Gita neither proclaims idol worship nor promotes life trapped in rituals. It’s simply a guiding star for a person wishing to live a balanced life, amid complexities of world, by striking an intimate bond with Impersonal God. Probably, this is why High Court’s judge was not hesitant in treating the Bhagavad Gita as National Religious Doctrine. Do they want us to ignore the role of the Bhagavad Gita in raising the consciousness of revolutionaries during Indian freedom movement? It’s hard to believe that recognition of Hindu symbols punctures the secular spirit of nation. Needless to state, mind soaked in borrowed ideals have blocked their ability to honour our ancient legacy or, for that matter, accept the judgment with proper bent of mind in all its totality!

(Story First Published: NORTHERN INDIA PATRIKA, Oct. 24, 2007)

Lord Rama Constructing Bridge With Help Of  Monkeys

Lord Rama Constructing Bridge With Help Of Monkeys


 Government’s affidavit

Sethusamudram project

Project Controversy

Articles Related With Controversy

Articles Related With Controversy

Allahabad High Court On Bhagavad Gita 

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Under The Shadow Of Divinity

Presenting some popular Sanskrit Bhajans  which are very close to my heart.

1.  Adharam Madhuram Vadanam Madhuram

Verses Of The This Krishna Bhajan:

1.Adharam Madhuram, Vadanam Madhram,
Nayanam Madhuram, Hasitham Maduram,
Hrudhayam Madhuram, Gamanam Maduram,
Madhuradhipather Akhilam Madhuram.

2.Vachanam Madhuram, Charitham Madhuram,
Vasanam Madhuram, Valitham Madhuram,
Chalitham Madhuram, Bramitham Maduram,
Madhurathipather Akhilam Madhuram.

3.Venur Madhuro, Renur Madhuraha,
Panir Madhuraha, Padhou Madhuram,
Nrithyam Madhuram, Sakhyam MadhuraM,
Madurathipather Akhilam Maduram

4.Geetham Madhuram, Peetham Madhuram,
Bhuktham Madhuram,Suptham Madhuram,
Roopam Madhuram, Thilakam Madhuram
Madhurathipather akhilam Madhuram.

5.Karanam Madhuram, Tharanam Madhuram,
Haranam Madhuram, smaranam Madhuram,
Vamitham Madhuram, Samitham Maduram,
Madhurathipather akhilam Madhuram.

6.Gunja Madhura, Mala Madhura,
Yamuna Madhura, Veechi Madhura,
Salilam Madhuram, Kamalam Madhuram,
Madhurathipather akhilam Madhuram.

7.Gopi Madhura, Leela Madhura,
Yuktham Madhuram, Muktham Madhuram,
Drishtam Madhuram,Sishtam Madhram,
Madhurathipather akhilam Madhuram

8.Gopa Madhura, Gavo Madhura,
Yashtir Madhura, Srushtir Madhra,
Dhalitham Madhram, Phalitham Madhuram,
Madhurathipather akhilam Madhuram.


1.Sweet are thine lips, Krishna,
So are thine sweet cherubic face,
Sweet are thine jet black eyes, Krishna
So is thine soulful laugh,
Sweet is thine loving heart, Krishna
So is thine beautiful gait,
Hey king of all sweetness in this world,
Everything about Thee is sweet.

2.Sweet are thine sweetest words, Krishna,
So is thine divine story.
Sweet is the place of your stay , Krishna,
So is thine greatness,
Sweet are thine movements , Krishna,
So is thine confusion.
Hey king of all sweetness in this world,
Everything about Thee is sweet.

3.Sweet is thine flute , Krishna,
So is thine foot-dust,
Sweet are thine hands Krishna,
So are thine feet.
Sweet is thine dance Krishna,
So is thine friendship.
Hey king of all sweetness in this world,
Everything about Thee is sweet.

4.Sweet is thine song, Krishna,
So is what you drink,
Sweet is what you eat, Krishna,
So is your sleep,
Sweet are thine looks , Krishna,
So is thine Thilaka,
Hey king of all sweetness in this world,
Everything about Thee is sweet.

5.Sweet are thine deeds, Krishna,
So is thine path of salvation,
Sweet is thine theft , Krishna,
So is thine play of love,
Sweet are thine oblations, Krishna,
So is thine tranquility,
Hey king of all sweetness in this world,
Everything about Thee is sweet

6.Sweet is thine necklace of berries, Krishnam
So is thine garland,
Sweet is thine river Yamuna, Krishna,
So are the ripples in the river,
Sweet is thine water , Krishna,
So is the lotus in the water,
Hey king of all sweetness in this world,
Everything about Thee is sweet.

7.Sweet are thine Gopis , Krishna,
So is thine playful sport,
Sweet are thine right thoughts,Krishna,
So is thine salvation,
Sweet is what you see, Krishna,
So is what is left out,
Hey king of all sweetness in this world,
Everything about Thee is sweet

8.Sweet are thine Gopas , Krishna,
So are thine cows,
Sweet is thine staff, Krishna,
So is thine creation,
Sweet is what you trample , Krishna,
So are thine jokes,
Hey king of all sweetness in this world,
Everything about Thee is sweet


2. Svagatam Krishna

This is a very beautiful bhajan addressed to the charming Krishna. There are many versions available on the net but this one is close to my heart. It’s been rendered in a soulful manner by the singer. As you listen the Bhajan, I request you to take note of the extremely beautiful camera work involved in the making of the video. It lends an unique charm to the video.

Sanskrit Verses:

swāgatam kṛṣṇa suswāgatam kṛṣṇa

swāgatam suswāgatam śaraṇāgatam kṛṣṇa

madhura purī kṛṣṇa madhusūdana kṛṣṇa

swāgatam suswāgatam śaraṇāgatam kṛṣṇa

Welcome to You, o Krishna! Welcome home!

O Krishna of the city of Mathura!

O destroyer of the demon Madhu!

We have also come to You, O eternal shelter!

acyutaḿ keśavaḿ rāma nārāyaṇaḿ

kṛṣṇa dāmodaraḿ vāsudevaḿ harim

śrīdharaḿ mādhavaḿ gopīkā-vallabhaḿ

jānakī-nāyakaḿ rāmacandraḿ bhaje

1) I worship Acyuta, the infallible one, Who is Rāmacandra, Keśava, Rāma, Nārāyaṇa, Kṛṣṇa, Dāmodara, Vāsudeva, Hari, Śrīdhara, Mādhava, Who is dear to Gopikā, and Who is the consort of Jānakī.


3. Nirvana Shatkam

These verses composed by  Sri Adi Shankra are source of perennial inspiration for me. I also come to remember that these verses were source of inspiration for  the revolutionaries fighting against the British Empire during the freedom movement.  These verses do  make one shatter the extreme love which we have  for the human body.

Sanskrit Verses: 

Mano Buddhi Ahankara Chitta Ninaham
Nacha Shrotra Jihve Na Cha Ghrana Netre
Nacha Vyoma Bhoomir Na Tejo Na Vayu
Chidananda Rupa Shivoham Shivoham

Na Cha Prana Samjno Na Vai Pancha Vayu
Na Va Saptadhatur Na Va Pancha Koshah
Na Vak Pani Padau Na Chopastha Payu
Chidananda Rupa Shivoham Shivoham

Na Me Dvesha Ragau Na Me Lobha Mohau
Mado Naiva Me Naiva Matsarya Bhavah
Na Dharmo Na Chartho Na Kamo Na Mokshah
Chidananda Rupa Shivoham Shivoham

Na Punyam Na Papam Na Saukhyam Na Dukham
Na Mantro Na Teertham Na Vedo Na Yajnaha
Aham Bhojanam Naiva Bhojyam Na Bhokta
Chidananda Rupa Shivoham Shivoham

Na Me Mrityu Shanka Na Me Jati Bhedah
Pita Naiva Me Naiva Mata Na Janma
Na Bandhur Na Mitram Gurur Naiva Shishyah
Chidananda Rupa Shivoham Shivoham

Aham Nirvikalpo Nirakara Roopaha
Vibhur Vyapya Sarvatra Sarvendriyanam
Sada Me Samatvam Na Muktir Na Bandhah
Chidananda Rupa Shivoham Shivoham

-1) I am not mind, nor intellect, nor ego, nor the reflections of inner self (chitta). [more]
I am not the five senses. [more] 
I am beyond that.
I am not the ether, nor the earth, nor the fire, nor the wind (the five elements). 
I am indeed, That eternal knowing and bliss, Shiva, love and pure consciousness.

2) Neither can I be termed as energy (prana), nor five types of breath (vayus), [more] nor the seven material essences, [more] nor the five coverings (pancha-kosha). [more]
Neither am I the five instruments of elimination, procreation, motion, grasping, or speaking. [more]
I am indeed, That eternal knowing and bliss, Shiva, love and pure consciousness.

3) I have no hatred or dislike, nor affiliation or liking, nor greed, nor delusion, nor pride or haughtiness, nor feelings of envy or jealousy. 
I have no duty (dharma), nor any money, nor any desire (kama), nor even liberation (moksha). 
I am indeed, That eternal knowing and bliss, Shiva, love and pure consciousness.

4) I have neither merit (virtue), nor demerit (vice). 
I do not commit sins or good deeds, nor have happiness or sorrow, pain or pleasure. 
I do not need mantras, holy places, scriptures (Vedas), rituals or sacrifices (yagnas). 
I am none of the triad of the observer or one who experiences, the process of observing or experiencing, or any object being observed or experienced. 
I am indeed, That eternal knowing and bliss, Shiva, love and pure consciousness.

5) I do not have fear of death, as I do not have death.
I have no separation from my true self, no doubt about my existence, nor have I discrimination on the basis of birth.
I have no father or mother, nor did I have a birth. 
I am not the relative, nor the friend, nor the guru, nor the disciple. 
I am indeed, That eternal knowing and bliss, Shiva, love and pure consciousness.

6) I am all pervasive. 
I am without any attributes, and without any form. 
I have neither attachment to the world, nor to liberation (mukti). 
I have no wishes for anything because I am everything, everywhere, every time, always in equilibrium. 
I am indeed, That eternal knowing and bliss, Shiva, love and pure consciousness.

Source: Translation
             Sanskrit Verses

4. Shiva Mahimna Strotam

One of my favourites stutis. The range of emotions displayed in this Stuti addressed to Lord Shiv often unleashes deep feelings within.  This  Stuti is done by one of the Gandharvas named Puspadanta.

Verses with English Translation are present on this site:  

5.  Rudrashtakam

Another very popular Indian Shiva stuti. One that I have always heard and sang since childhood. It’s been written by Saint Tulsidas.

Verses In Sanskrit With Translated Version:
1-Namaa miisha mishaana-nirvaana rupam

vibhum vyaapakam brahma-veda-svaroopam
nijam nirgunam nirvikalpam niriham
chidaakaasha maakaasha-vaasam bhaje ham

I bow to the Ruler of the Universe, whose very form is Liberation,
the omnipotent and all pervading Brahma, manifest as the Vedas.
I worship Shiva, shining in his own glory, without physical qualities,
Undifferentiated, desireless, all pervading sky of consciousness 
and wearing the sky itself as His garment.

niraakaara monkaara-moolam turiiyam
giraa gnaana gotiita miisham giriisham
karaalam mahaa-kaala-kaalam krpaalam
gunaagaara samsara paaram nato ham

I bow to the supreme Lord who is the formless source of “OM”
The Self of All, transcending all conditions and states,
Beyond speech, understanding and sense perception,
Awe-full, but gracious, the ruler of Kailash,
Devourer of Death, the immortal abode of all virtues.

tushaa raadri-sankaasha-gauram gabhiram
manobhuta-koti prabha sri sariram
sphuran mauli-kallolini-charu-ganga 

lasad-bhaala-balendu kanthe bhujangaa

I worship Shankara, whose form is white as the Himalyan snow,
Radiant with the beauty of countless Cupids, 
Whose head sparkles with the Ganga
With crescent moon adorning his brow and snakes coiling his neck,

chalatkundalam bhru sunetram visalam
prasannaa-nanam nila-kantham dayaalam
mrgadhisa charmaambaram mundamaalam
priyam sankaram sarvanaatham bhajaami

The beloved Lord of All,
with shimmering pendants hanging from his ears,
Beautiful eyebrows and large eyes,
Full of Mercy with a cheerful countenance and a blue speck on his throat.

pracandam prakrstam pragalbham paresham
akhandam ajam bhaanukoti-prakaasam
trayah-shula-nirmulanam shula-paanim
bhaje ham bhavaani-patim bhaava-gamyam

I worship Shankara, Bhavani’s husband,
The fierce, exalted, luminous supreme Lord.
Indivisible, unborn and radiant with the glory of a million suns;
Who, holding a trident, tears out the root of the three-fold suffering, 
And who is reached only through Love.

sadaa sajjanaa-nanda-daataa purarih
prasida praslda prabho manmathaarih

You who are without parts, ever blessed,
The cause of universal destruction at the end of each round of creation,
A source of perpetual delight to the pure of heart,
Slayer of the demon, Tripura, consciousness and bliss personified,
Dispeller of delusion 
Have mercy on me, foe of Lust.

na yaavad umaanaatha-paadaaravindam
bhajantiha loke parevaa naraanam
na taavat-sukham shaanti-santaapa-naasham
praslda prabho sarva bhutaa-dhivaasam

Oh Lord of Uma, so long as you are not worshipped
There is no happiness, peace or freedom from suffering 
in this world or the next.
You who dwell in the hearts of all living beings,
and in whom all beings have their existence,
Have mercy on me, Lord.

na janaami yogam japam naiva pujam
nato ham sadaa sarvadaa sambhu tubhyam
jaraa janma-duhkhaugha taatapya maanam
prabho paahi apan-namaamisha shambho

I don’t know yoga, prayer or rituals,
But everywhere and at every moment, I bow to you, Shambhu!
Protect me my Lord, miserable and afflicted as I am 
with the sufferings of birth, old-age and death.

rudrastakam idam proktam viprena haratosaye
ye pathanti nara bhaktya tesam sambhuh prasidati

This eightfold hymn of praise was sung by the Brahman to please Shankara.
Shambhu will be pleased with whomever heartfully recites it. 

karpoora gauram karunaavataaram samsaara saaram bhujagendra haaram

He is white like camphor and the very incarnation of mercy and compassion,
The only good thing in this world, wearing a king cobra as a garland

sadaavasantam hridayaara vinde bhavam bhavaani sahitam namaami

It is always springtime in the lotus of His heart I bow down to Bhava (Shiva), as well as to Bhavani (Parvati) who accompanies Him

Shambho Sadaa Shiva!

Translation Credit: Rudrashtakam_(Shiva Stuti)


6. Lingashtakam

One of the enchanting Shiva Stutis. The voice of Sri Ramesh Bhai Ohza lends a great appeal to this Shiva Stuti.

Verses In Sanskrit:

Brahma Muraari Surarchita Lingam
Nirmala Bhaashita Sobhitha Lingam
Janmaja Dhukha Vinaasaha Lingam
Tatpranamaami Sadaashiva Lingam

Devamuni Pravaraarchita Lingam
Kaama Dahana Karunaakara Lingam
Ravana Darpa Vinaasaha Lingam
Tatpranamaami Sadaashiva Lingam

Sarva Sugandha Sulepitha Lingam
Buddhi Vivaardhana Kaarana Lingam
Siddha Suraasura Vandhitha Lingam
Tatpranamaami Sadaashiva Lingam

Kanaga Mahaamani Bhooshitha Lingam
Panipati Veshthitha Sobitha Lingam
Daksha Suyajna Vinaasana Lingam
Tatpranamaami Sadaashiva Lingam

Kunkuma Chandhana Lehpitha Lingam
Pankaja Haara Susobhitha Lingam
Sanchitha Paapa Vinaashana Lingam
Tatpranamaami Sadaashiva Lingam

Deva Ganaarchita Sevitha Lingam
Bhavair Bhakhi Bhirevacha Lingam
Dinakara Koti Prabhaakara Lingam
Tatpranamaami Sadaashiva Lingam

Ahshta Dalopari Veshthitha Lingam
Sarva Samudbhava Kaarana Lingam
Ahshta Daridra Vinaasana Lingam
Tatpranamaami Sadaashiva Lingam

Suraguru Suravara Poojitha Lingam
Suravana Pushpa Sadarchitha Lingam
Paraath Param Paramatmaka Lingam
Tatpranamaami Sadaashiva Lingam

Lingashtaka Midam Punyam
Yah Pathet Sivasannidhau
Sivaloka Mahaapnoti
Sivehna Saha Modatheh

 I continuously bow to that Linga of Siva, Which is honored by Brahma, Murari and Indra, Which is adorned and resplendent by clear light, and Which destroys the grief born out of the birth.||1||

I continuously bow to that Linga of Siva, Which is honored by demi-gods and the best sages, Which destroys the fear of Kamadeva or desires, Which is the abode of compassion, and Which destroyed the pride of the demon Ravana.||2||

I continuously bow to that Linga of Siva, Which is applied and covered by a fragrant paste, Which is the reason for the increment of wisdom in persons, and Which has been extolled by siddha, demi-gods and demons alike.||3||

I continuously bow to that Linga of Siva, Which is adorned with gold and grand precious jewels, Which is surrounded and adorned by a garland of the king of snakes (Naga), and Which destroyed the grand sacrifice of Daksa Prajapati in the old times.||4||

I continuously bow to that Linga of Siva, Which is applied by a paste of sandalwood and kumkuma, Which is adorned by a garland of lotuses, and Which destroys the accumulated sins of living beings.||5||

I continuously bow to that Linga of Siva, Which is honoured by demi-gods and the Gana of Siva, possessed with devotional emotions, and Which is resplendent with light like millions of sun.||6||

I continuously bow to that Linga of Siva, Which is surrounded by flowers having eight-petals, Which is the reason behind the birth of everything, and Which destroys the eight types of poverty.||7||

I continuously bow to that Linga of Siva, Which is revered by demi-gods, preceptors and Indra, Which is offered wild-flowers, from forests, by the demi-gods, Which is beyond everything, and Which is like the Paramatman.||8||

Translation of the verses: lingashtakam


Remembering Sri Sathya Sai Baba For Right Reasons

Remembering Sri Sathya Sai Baba For Right Reasons

I am compelled, compelled to remember this famous line of a song sung by Amitabh Bachchan “Jo hai naamwalah wohi to badnam hai”( people having name and fame are the ones who are infamous). It’s favourite past time of the media across the globe to paint the image of Sri Sathya Sai Baba in wrong colours. The media pursuing holier-than-thou attitude always gave more preference to “Vibhuti” and “materializations” than acknowledging his good work done for the humanity. There was always an attempt to downsize his persona by the so-called rationalists, who always questioned his miracles. I am not taken aback by such attempts. It’s nowadays fashion for the skeptics to display their so-called scientific zeal, whenever their egos get crushed by the happenings beyond their realm of understanding.

I am also no great believer in miracles of Sri Sathya Sai Baba. However, I am not passive to good works done by this person treated as Bhgavan(God) by his followers, spread in various part of the world. I am really surprised that people of our times refuse to be inspired by the good acts but leave no stone unturned in projecting the dubious acts. The world would be a better place if we learn to do some better work by taking note of better happenings around us instead of shedding tears in vain by noticing negative happenings around us. It’s really hard to believe that Sathyanarayana Raju born on Nov. 23, 1926 at Puttaparthi, falling under Madras Presidency of British India, attained heights as Sri Sathya Sai Baba merely with the help of miracles of various kinds.

He was indeed better than greedy politicians like Madhu Kauda, charged with laundering money worth over Rs 4000 crores all in the name of serving the nation. He was indeed a greater well wisher of the nation than likes of Suresh Kalmadi and A Raja who misused their positions and played with pride of nation. Have a look at some of the good works done by this person. He is responsible for giving birth to free educational institutions, hospitals, and other charitable works in nearly 166 countries.

Sri Sathya Sai Institute of Higher Learning at Prashanthi Nilayam and Sri Sathya Sai Institute of Higher Medical Sciences at Puttaparthi and Bangalore are doing excellent job. In fact, the National Assessment and Accreditation Council has given Sri Sathya Sai Institute of Higher Learning ” A++” rating. However, the most terrific work in my eyes had been his drinking water projects. One such project that got completed in 1996 supplies water to 1.2 million people in about 750 villages in the drought-prone Anantapur district in Andhra Pradesh. Around Rs 200 crore was spent on this project. Similar water projects also got completed in Tamil Nadu. In 2009 Sri Sathya Sai Seva Organization as part of relief measures built 699 houses as a part of their first phase in 16 villages in Orissa, which suffered heavily because of floods in 2008.

I really pity the souls who ignore the real charisma (glory) of this wonderful soul and instead spend their time an energy in quashing his beliefs. I have not that much energy and since time is precious, I feel it’s better I took note of his good works. That would, at least, help me in making world a shade better. Let this great soul now rest in God’s peace.

Remembering Sri Sathya Sai Baba For Right Reasons


Sri Sathya Sai Baba

Controversies Related With Sri Sathya Sai Baba



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Sri Ramakrishna: A Real Master Who Can See God With Naked Eyes !

Sri Ramakrishna:  A Real Master Who Can See God With Naked Eyes !

It’s beyond human intellect to comprehend in totality the attributes of a real Master. Why? Because to know Lord you have to become Lord. Sri Ramakrishna could undoubtedly be hailed as supreme incarnation of the Parabrahman. He is the perfect role model for the enthusiastic seekers who wish to merge their identity in Lord. Ramakrishna is regarded as the real Master by their disciples. While laying down the characteristic of qualified teacher Sri Aurbindo stated “The master is one who has risen to a higher consciousness and being and he is often regarded as its manifestation or representative. He not only helps by his teaching and still more by his influence and example, but by a power to communicate his own experience to others

Sri Ramakrishna graced this divine land on February 18,1836 in a village named Kamarupkar. Ironically, the decent representatives of Lord always appear at times when the atmosphere is laden with confusion and chaos. As a matter of fact they are like gentle wind amidst the fury of demoniacal interests. Other than human garb, which they use as a mean to wonder among us like an ordinary soul, there is no other point of similarity, which allows to strike a bond with these rare souls.

Sri Ramakrishna:  A Real Master Who Can See God With Naked Eyes !

Ramakrishna had a unique childhood. Even then he was in league with his “sublimity of his aim and the one-pointedness of his application to them”. Once the person who was chosen to play the part of Shiva in a play, named “Conversation between Shiva and Parvati”, was forced by the circumstance to withdraw his name at the last moment. Ramakrishna got the chance to provide colour to the role of Shiva on the stage. No need to mention that he transcended the human consciousness while playing the part and for next few hours remain lost in that particular mood. His childhood provides a glimpse into his bent of mind stuffed with extraordinary perceptions. Ideally, it allowed him to gain insight, which invariably shattered the illusions of this dreamy would.

In his village school, when others were busy in parroting the sterile instructions of the teacher, he toyed with ideal which was not normal by any standard in that age. “What purpose will it all serve-this hard study, this sitting up late at right, this rumination of the glosses and commentaries? Will this help me in attaining the truth? “Obviously, he did not wish to end up as ‘finished product’ much like his school teacher. He rebelled against this sort of teaching system which enabled man to sail in the ocean of materialism with ease. But in the process extracting a heavy price for teaching this art of deception. We are unconsciously turned into monsters that trample other human beings without any trace of remorse. It wouldn’t be out of place to observe that in our times the realistic education has come to mean the ability to laugh at the miseries of fellow beings and name it pragmatism.

Sri Ramakrishna:  A Real Master Who Can See God With Naked Eyes !

One of the commonplace assumptions regarding the bent of mind of Indian saints is that they lack scientific temper. In other words, they just swallow the facts owing to their inability to discern them in rational ways. The reality is otherwise. Ramakrishna passionately followed all through life that He shall accept anything as true only after having subjected it to close scrutiny. If it stands the test, I will reduce it to practice. And I shall not look down upon anything of the world if it is not demonstrably untrue”. This may be the reason why apparently antagonistic soul like Narendra could hardly resist from surrendering his dreams at his feet. This curious mixture of both these worlds-the earthly and the heavenly-created deep impression on Vivekananda’s mind who didn’t take much time to be the vehicle of his purpose. So much that he openly confessed that “Ever since our first meeting, it was the Master alone, and no one else, not even my own mother and brothers, who had uniform faith in me. That faith and that love of his have bound me to him forever. It was the master alone who knew how to love. He did love, while others only feign to love for the sake of their self-interest”.

How intimate was their relationship could be gauged from this hilarious incident. Once Ramakrishna offered the Hookah to Narendra. Perplexed looking Narendra could not turn down this strange offer. He stopped smoking after two or three puffs. The Master then took that Hookah and as he was about to smoke Narendra, stopped him to remind that he should first wash his hands and then carry out the smoking business. This infuriated Ramakrishna and what followed was display of ecstatic mood mired in uncontrollable anger-a familiar sight for Narendra having spent a long time with him. “You rascal, you are awfully conscious of differences” uttered Ramakrishna before gaining normalcy. The smoking session moved ahead with that very Hookah which Narendra had sealed with impunity with his lips.

In earlier year of Sadhana, the group comprising of Narendra, Kesava and others was greatly influenced by Western Philosophy. Narendra however, tried to counteract the charm of alien literature. Something so evident when he quotes Hamilton who felt that “where philosophy ends there religion begins.” It wasn’t easy for the Master to de-construct these minds shaped in convictions gathered from here and there. Even Master was bit worried about their flirtations with bogus reading material. “I hope he did not do so because some Western scholars had expressed that opinion.

Sri Ramakrishna:  A Real Master Who Can See God With Naked Eyes !

Under the influence of Western Philosophy Vevekanand held the opinion that God unknown and unknowable. Ramakrishna came to intuitively apprehend his dilemma regarding the true nature of Lord. He advised Narendra to seek the Lord’s grace which he said could result from sincere prayer offered from heart aching for Lord’s darshana. Such feelings when condensed in form of words may read like this “O God, I don’t know Thy nature, do Thou manifest Thyself to me as Thou really art”. Vivekananda, who earlier medicated on formless Brahman with attributes, decided to anticipate Lord in its real form. So he started praying “O Lord make me fit to see your real nature”.

What the Master wanted to convey through this episode was that the Lord couldn’t be governed by any particular belief. He has form and lo and behold formless as well. And thus Narendra bid adieu to doubts in this regard. Being now aware of His glory Swami Vivekananda suggests seekers to unite their heart and mind with the fountain of all bliss.” Seek for the Highest, aim at that Highest, and you shall reach the Highest.”

Sri Saradadevi, the divine consort of Sri Ramakrishna, also considered the Master ‘embodiment of bliss itself’. That is why she advised seekers to rely on Ramakrishna in order to remain above the pangs of worldliness. Vindicating the fact that Ramakrishna was not an ordinary soul she said, “Really and truly Sri Ramakrishna was God himself. He assumed this human body to remove the sorrows and sufferings of others”. According to the holy mother Ramakrishna played the part of both Maheswara and Maheswari. All through her life she translated into action the will of Master. Perhaps, she has known too well that Lord alone is the real and the world illusionary. It’s really hard nut to crack to cross the ocean of desires partially owning to seeker’s bent of mind but more largely because of Mahamaya’s mysterious designs. “A person may have no relative anywhere but Mahamaya may cause him to keep a cat and thus make him worldly. Such is her play”, observed mother in lighter vein. Unmistakably it may sound pessimistic had not she sent supreme souls to show us the way amidst drama of Sattva, Rajas and Tamas. The moral of this whole story is that a soul must take refuge in these Mahatmas (super souls) if he truly wishes to strike an eternal bond with Lord. Such souls alone provide security blanket from the onslaught of worldly desires.

A man who is in sync with sincerity of his purpose finds himself sooner or later in company of the Lord. Let us never forget that real aim of the individual wondering on this planet is realization. Other than this all other concerns are bound to open the floodgate of misery. In this journey towards the Lord the company of godly souls acts as a catalyst. Our intrinsic nature compels us to return back to our source. It’s only matter of time when the restlessness to attain the Highest germinates in our heart. Indeed, the life goes in waste if it is not used as an instrument to establish perfect communion with the Lord. Finally, I would like to refer to statement of the Master, one surcharged with mystical undertone, which establishes his tie-up with the Lord – “All those who are living their final lives in the world will come here, and all those who have, even once, truly called on God cannot but come here.” Yes, it’s imperative for the seekers to honour those who share the platform with Lord.


Literature Published By Ramakrishna Mission

Sri Ramakrishna:  A Real Master Who Can See God With Naked Eyes !

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मैं, ज्ञानदत्त पाण्डेय, गाँव विक्रमपुर, जिला भदोही, उत्तरप्रदेश (भारत) में ग्रामीण जीवन जी रहा हूँ। मुख्य परिचालन प्रबंधक पद से रिटायर रेलवे अफसर। वैसे; ट्रेन के सैलून को छोड़ने के बाद गांव की पगडंडी पर साइकिल से चलने में कठिनाई नहीं हुई। 😊


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