Lampooning Hindu Beliefs Has Become Order Of The Day

Sethusamudaram Map

Sethusamudaram Map

The government’s affidavit, filed by the Archaeological Survey Of India (ASI), has kept the nation on tenterhooks. Such a prejudiced observation is indicative of the intellectual bankruptcy of the caretakers of this nation. The demand for “incontrovertible proof” to confirm the existence of Lord Ram not only makes mockery of the Hindu sentiments but also brings in light the so-called secular brigade’s half-baked understanding of the concept of religion. The matters of faith have always been governed by attributes falling beyond the ambit of human understanding. Going by the stand of government, the enlightenment of Buddha, the Prophethood of Mohammed, the resurrection of Christ and other divine phenomenons, resting on the pedestal of indefensible and mysterious factors, are all bogus happenings. The government’s stand also undermines Gandhi’s supreme association with Lord Ram. Ironically, Gandhi stated that Lord is unseen power ‘which makes itself feel and yet defies all proof because it is so unlike all that I perceive from my senses. It is not proved by any extraneous substance.’ Lastly, what’s the need to go ahead with Sethusamudram project when it’s threatening for the marine ecology and absence of Ram Setu could magnify the intensity of Tsunami?

Mark Tully has rightly stated that there should be no space for “aggressive secularism” which does not believe in expansion of religion in India. Considering the fact that religion has been the essence of India since time immemorial, it would be a great blunder to “draw an absolute, hard and fast line, between the role of faith in private and public life “. Probably, this is why our Constitution grants both people as well as institutions total freedom to pursue and expand religion of their choice. What’s the merit in raising hue and cry over Hinduism based institutions to carve a way in both social and political domain? Taking cue from the ancient governance system, it’s time for our present rulers to form policies based on constructive and progressive elements of religion. Remember, any attempt to block the extension of religion is going to destabalise the very spirit of India.

The government’s error in not honouring the cultural significance of Ram Setu “flowered from the mindset of insensivity that deems Hinduism and Hinduism alone, an impediment to modernity, development and cosmopolitanism.” In fact, it has become order of the day, all under the veneer of so-called secular values, to assault the attributes of Hinduism. Over the years, minorityism has sown seeds of frustration and divisiveness among the Hindu groups, struggling hard to uphold the tenets of Hinduism against all odds. Perhaps it is for all these reasons Hindu organizations, symbols and sentiments, associated with Hinduism, are being needlessly targeted. On the other hand, Muslim fundamentalists have been given free hand to execute their nefarious designs since it ensures a strong vote-bank. It appears to be a macabre temptation when it comes to question the intentions and means of Muslim organizations.

At the other end of spectrum, the nude pictures of Hindu gods and goddesses are treated as extension of creative freedom, the demand for substantial proof of Lord Ram’s existence is projected as scientific temper and well-planned destruction of Hindu beliefs as an attempt to move with the times! The double standards, prevailing in the name of secularism, need to be curbed to prevent mockery of the Hindu ideals.

Lastly, some people have totally failed to intercept the verdict delivered by the Allahabad High Court judge. They seem to be unaware of the perceptions laid down in the Bhagavad Gita, which lays emphasis on inner transformation of human beings. The Bhagavad Gita neither proclaims idol worship nor promotes life trapped in rituals. It’s simply a guiding star for a person wishing to live a balanced life, amid complexities of world, by striking an intimate bond with Impersonal God. Probably, this is why High Court’s judge was not hesitant in treating the Bhagavad Gita as National Religious Doctrine. Do they want us to ignore the role of the Bhagavad Gita in raising the consciousness of revolutionaries during Indian freedom movement? It’s hard to believe that recognition of Hindu symbols punctures the secular spirit of nation. Needless to state, mind soaked in borrowed ideals have blocked their ability to honour our ancient legacy or, for that matter, accept the judgment with proper bent of mind in all its totality!

(Story First Published: NORTHERN INDIA PATRIKA, Oct. 24, 2007)

Lord Rama Constructing Bridge With Help Of  Monkeys

Lord Rama Constructing Bridge With Help Of Monkeys


 Government’s affidavit

Sethusamudram project

Project Controversy

Articles Related With Controversy

Articles Related With Controversy

Allahabad High Court On Bhagavad Gita 

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18 responses

  1. Very Interesting and meaningful conversation took place on this post..Have a look at it…


    Vishal Sabharwalji, New Delhi, said:

    There is every proof for Lord Rama and his pastimes. If anyone doesn’t believe let them prove otherwise. ONus lies on idiots to prove how a magical structure like Ramasetu which defies law of gravity has come up otherwise. There have been devotees like Tulsi das,Surdas Meera rani,Raskhan. And immunerable others whose writings which are not more than 400 years old stand testimony to indisputable facts. It is as if a Rickshaw puller will say that he needs to see obama before accepting whether there exists one. Those with Saner minds do know that he does exist irrespective of honble rickshaw pullers opinion. :). ;):);):). Each and every detail mentioned in Ramayana,Mahabharata exists AS IT IS.

    Author’s Response:

    Those who refuse to believe, I say, let them not believe…However, they have no right to play with the sentiments of believers..If few people have chosen to live in ignorance, it does not mean others should also leave the company of wisdom.. The authenticity of Indian scriptures is undisputed.

  2. Vishal Sabharwal, New Delhi, said:

    Hindu scriptures are perfect and most authentic. Even a learned vedantist like Ravana did not believe in Lord Rama when he was personally present so what to talk of these tiny idiots who be smashed to dust in 60 to 70 years by cruel forces of material nature and rot in lower species of life to remain in perpetual ignorance.

    Author’s Response:

    True, it’s never that easy to recognize Lord..Even the sages of that time failed to recognize Rama as a Lord..It’s interesting to state that there came a time when even Lord Rama doubted His existence as Lord..Thanks to divine sages who reminded Him about this fact at regular intervals!

    Anyway, that could not be used as a pretext to make caricature of Hindu Gods…You are right that they would “be smashed to dust in 60 to 70 years by cruel forces of material nature”…They deserve to be lost in the tunnel of time..

  3. Chandrapal S Bhasker, United Kingdom, said:

    Arvind bhai, I think as religious people (I am not exactly of any denomination but I do recognise the essential truths of many religions) we South Asians have done exactly opposite of what our religions tried to educate us. Religions talk about sympathy, kindness, understanding, brotherhood, helpfulness towards your fellows… look at us. We killed so many of our own brothers and sisters in the past 100 years, that it can be labelled as self-inflicted genocide. Yes the brits played their part, the opportunistic political leader were there to stoke the fires of hate. But the same factors exist at the moment, the same neo-colonial powers dictate our “leaders”, the same opportunistic leaders take any and every opportunity to push ordinary India, Pakistani, Bangladeshi, Nepali, Sri Lankas etc on a divisive course of our collective lives.And so we are still at each other’s throats. Many decent people see this and question – is this what religion teaches us? Of course the answer is no. But we failed to create a system of harmony and peace.

    Enter the so called seculars whose eyes the stars of eurocentricity never stop twinkling, seculars tell us that it is religion per se that’s to be blamed. Become a secular, agnostic, atheist and every thing will be peachy. Is that the case? If so why is there so much strife and existential anxiety in Europe and its off-shoots? Yes, poverty is not their but that’s due to the expropriation of wealth and resources of neo-colonised nations and the control global markets. So-called secularism – the separation of state and church didn’t work. And, it will not work. So the question again is why did we the ordinary people let the “leaders” lead and mislead us? Why didn’t we take the leaf from Sri Ram Chandra’s book of ethics and implement it in our lives? The vultures who have no other aim but to use and abuse us are out there. They have their agenda set. What is ours?


    Author’s Response:

    Thanks Chandrapal S Bhaskerji for adding some thought provoking inputs.. It’s lack of consciousness on the part of individuals that makes them prisoner to inertness. A crime takes place when we provide space for it. If we are alert, the number of unfortunate incidents will be drastically reduced. In the same way, it can be said that it’s we who allow incompetent rulers to dictate our lives.

    So our first agenda be to elevate our level of understanding..Let’s go back to world of scriptures and come to reshape our priorities…That’s the only way to bring better changes..I don’t say we should all become saints but it’s time to be in tune with our inherent goodness..

  4. Anand G. Sharma, Mumbai, said:

    Dis-united will always be vulnerable to attack and lampooning is first and the easiest step to demoralise them for quick defeat.


    Author’s Response:

    You are right Sharmaji..It’s indicative of the fact that we are lacking the desired integrity and unity…That makes us prone to vulgar lampooning on part of foreign agents not interested in growth of this nation.. So ,at least, we need to be aware of our shortcomings to remain above the traps set by the hidden enemies.

  5. Ashok Kumar Soni, Patna (Bihar), said:

    This has become a fashion nowadays by the so called secular brigade to make mockery of Hindu sentiments which is very harmful for our society.


    Author’s Response:

    We need to fight back with greater mental alertness.. A counter attack in various intellectual form would serve the purpose well..No need to be aggressive in physical way..That’s not the spirit of Hindus.. Use the mind well to defeat the secularists, who are already on the verge of total elimination..

  6. Thanks To Ravi Hooda, Canada; Deepak Sarin; Sandeep Jaisingani, Sindh (Pakistan); Kamlesh Ramendra Pandya, Media-person, Mumbai; Abha Chawla Mohnanty,Sc Mudgal, New Delhi; Dharmendra Sharma, United Arab Emirates,Amiga, Swati Kurundwadkarji, Bangkok (Thailand) and Arvind Geetesh Owner/Editor at Dainik nirala rajasthan, Jaipur (Rajasthan) for liking the post…

  7. Sc Mudgal, New Delhi said:

    Shame on this type of mentality and efforts.


    Author’s Efforts:

    Thanks for openly condemning such attitude of present day rulers..

  8. Vishal Sabharwal, New Delhi, said:

    Bhagwan SRI KRSNA ~Bhagavad Gita ( 15.7,8)

    Mamaivamso jiva-loke jiva-bhutah sanatanah
    Manah-sasthanindriyani prakrti-sthani karsati

    Sariram yad avapnoti yac capy utkramatisvarah
    Grhitvaitani samyati vayur gandhan ivasayat

    The living entities in this conditioned world are MY eternal fragmental parts.Due to conditioned life,they are struggling very hard with six senses,which include the mind.The living entity in the material world carries his different conceptions of life from one body to another as the air carries aromas.thus he takes one kind of body and again quits it to take another.


    Author’s Response:

    Yes, it’s our conditioning that makes us forget our true nature- the bond with Lord..

  9. Aniruddh, Mumbai (Maharashtra) said:

    Some new religion is political arrangement in a democracy!

    Author’s Response:

    With new religion comes NEW VOTES…

  10. Anirudh, Mumbai, said:

    Why some religion getting more powerful because of Indian Tax law for e.g. minority status institution getting tax benefit and more religious freedom in the name of minority. We need uniformity law so that right to equality and equal opportunity to all so that politician making citizen divide based on religious can be avoided.


    Author’s Response:

    I think Courts are increasingly becoming aware of such concessions given to minorities..Hasn’t Supreme Court raised objection over subsidies offered to Muslims on Haj Tours?

    I think it’s high time the term minority gets reviewed the same way..

  11. Reading these comments, tells just how unaware humans are of their cultural mind forming by the stronger others and the need to hold the hand of a father figure that will smooth all the fears a child’s mind comes up with!!
    There are no humans that are more human than any other!
    Humans are born empty with no choice on which culture will fill their weak minds on all the foolishness from past humans— filled with foolishness!
    There are never choices for any humans that gained a so called human consciousness because there are no common denominators from one human to another but the narcissistic human mind will say that “this or that particular god choose me and not the other billion of humans”
    here is the truth about this killer not caring species because nature demands it and fools the weak human minds
    Humans will do this list of things and watch their fellow same species human die and then say they are god loving and caring humans
    drink alcohol
    music and poetry that fills the mind with others felling
    adorn themselves with variety jewelery
    put makeup on or dress their gens up to attract a higher breeder then they might otherwise attract
    care for pets while millions starve
    playing man child invented games while the real life game of life kills millions
    play recreational pastimes that costs billions of dollars
    build and partake in man wars and weapons of killing
    buying more clothes than any one human needs
    the list could go on but any human that is on that list is the reason why there is no help for humanity and why you are the reasons humans are no good but like nature does; she will block the narcissistic mind from truth
    The level of the mind forming is obvious when reading the cultural mind formed humans comments
    Shake, borders, flags, religious ideas and all that mind formed the human and then come back and talk logic

    1. @JustMeAgain

      So happy to see you back on my post!!

  12. Anupam Verma, New Delhi, said:

    Only n only Hindus r responsible 4 such assignation!!!!!!

    Thanks Baijnath Pandeyji, Associate Editor at InstaMedia, New Delhi; Rishi Ved, Bangalore, and Inderjit Kaur, Jalandhar (Punjab) for liking the post…

  13. *On Controversy whether or nor Rama forgot his divine nature*

    Vishal Sabharwal, New Delhi, said:

    I know you are a fighter Prabhu G. Net is the last thing to search for spiritual knowledge because every idiot thinks himself qualified to write on our scriptures and their knowledge is poison. U won’t find it in Ramayana ,4 vedas ,puranas,Upanishads and Brahma Sutra.

    Author’s Response:

    Before I say something on it, let me clarify something… Initially, I had thought not to cross examine because I see you as a deep bhakta..I hate cross examination in front of Bhakta..So please I request that do not see the conversation as argument but only a dialogue aimed at supplementing a serious point of view..

    Secondly, I feel a writer or a sensitive mind comes across so many viewpoints that’s it hard to remember the source all the time..I am pretty sure that I had some source in mind when I said that since it’s not my habit to give rise to vain controversies..It’s time wastage- a habit of fools.

    Anyway, this whole dialogue made me have a look at Yoga Vasistha..It’s one of the most authoritative source related with Advaita Vedanta…I am quoting from it:


    Some of the statements made by Rama before the assembly of learned sages in the council hall of Dasaratha on account of his disillusionment with life are given below……

    Rama says: ” I see no purpose to life..Who am I? What is the nature of the world? What is the purpose of human existence? I refuse to do anything till I get answers to these questions. My mind is unprepared to make any decisions or undertake any actions.”

    …Teach me that by which I soon become devoid of grief and worldly troubles, pains and weakness, doubt and delusion and may have the light of truth….

    Then addressing the assembly of sages,Vishvamitra said : …..Let the Venerable Sage ( Sage Vashishta) clarify all the doubts of Rama and make him peaceful and happy..

  14. Yoga Vasistha (Sanskrit: योग-वासिष्ठ) (also known as Vasistha’s Yoga) is a Hindu spiritual text traditionally attributed to Valmiki. It recounts a discourse of the sage Vasistha to a young Prince Rama, during a period when the latter is in a dejected state. The contents of Vasistha’s teaching to Rama is associated with Advaita Vedanta, the illusory nature of the manifest world[1] and the principle of non-duality. The book has been dated between the 11th and 14th century AD)[2] and is generally regarded as one of the longest texts in Sanskrit (after the Mahabharata) and an important text of Yoga. The book consists of about 32,000 shlokas (lines), including numerous short stories and anecdotes used to help illustrate its content. In terms of Hindu mythology, the conversation in the Yoga Vasishta takes place chronologically before the Ramayana.

    Other names of this text are Mahā-Rāmāyana, ārsha Rāmāyana, Vasiṣṭha Rāmāyana,[3] Yogavasistha-Ramayana and Jnanavasistha.[1]



  15. Futility — is when one of logic tries to talk to mind formed culturally formed minds and expects just one of those minds to break from their mind forming and talk logic
    What we see is a world of thought that was mind formed by borders and flags, formed by man wars
    No human was born filled
    No human should ever rule over or feel superior to another same species human
    No human should ever follow any culture that makes them feel obligated to their ideas of life and death
    and last, logic could talk within billions of pieces of insignificance, but—WHY?
    Now, is there no one human in this man formed life of a so called consciousness that ever broke away from early cultural mind forming?—answer–no, no, not possible and dictated by nature!

    1. Many thanks to you for giving space to my article in your write-up. I feel honoured. I must appreciate that you are pursuing a noble cause with this much zeal. Keep it up. Hope you get desired success very soon. It’s a cause related with identity of Hindus. A word on your presentation: It’s really imaginative!!

      – Arvind K.Pandey

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