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That’s Strongest Example Of Divine Justice!

Army People Offering Helping Hands To People Of Jammu & Kashmir Trapped In Flood Waters!

Army People Offering Helping Hands To People Of Jammu & Kashmir Trapped In Flood Waters!

It’s the strongest evidence of divine justice that people of Jammu & Kashmir are today on the mercy of Indian Army! When they are being chased by death in form of threatening flood waters, it’s not the separatist forces, sponsored by Pakistan, which have come to their rescue. One can also not trace so-called progressive people and International Human Rights Commission who always condemned the role of India Army in J & K.

Today, in times of crisis, all we notice are efforts of Indian Army involved in rescue operation in the state. Where is Arundhati Roy who leaves no stone unturned to blame Indian Army? Her scathing attack on Indian Army, usually figment of imagination, is used by the foreign press to give rise to anti-Indian sentiments across the globe!

The chief of Lashkar-e-Taiba’s front Jamaat-ud-Dawah Hafiz Saeed treats the floods in Jammu & Kashmir some sort of conspiracy on part of Indian government! “Indian water terrorism is more lethal than its LOC violations.”  His statement gives clue about Pakistan’s instability in various spheres. After all, what else can you expect if you have these sort of blockheads  deciding fate of key issues related with nation’s growth!

Hafiz Saeed Treats Floods As "Water Terrorism" :P Pakistan is resting place of blockheads.  This statement asserts this unpleasant truth!

Hafiz Saeed Treats Floods As “Water Terrorism” 😛 Pakistan is resting place of blockheads. This statement asserts this unpleasant truth!


Anyway, hats off to divine spirit exhibited by the Indian Army! It’s time to salute their indomitable courage and unbiased stance. It’s also time to hate the cowardice of people who entered in malicious campaign against Indian Army.


Separatists in J & K Always Targeted Army People In Violent Manner! And They Are Now Seeking Help Of Army To Save Their Lives! Where Is Pakistan? Where Is Foreign Media?

Separatists in J & K Always Targeted Army People In Violent Manner! And They Are Now Seeking Help Of Army To Save Their Lives! Where Is Pakistan? Where Is Foreign Media?

Where Is International Human Rights Commission Which Always Painted India Army In Wrong Colours?

Where Is International Human Rights Commission Which Always Painted India Army In Wrong Colours?

Look At The Spirit Of Indian Army! However, The Foreign Media, Under Influence Of Wrong Sources, Always Made Indian Army Butt Of Ridicule!

Look At The Spirit Of Indian Army! However, The Foreign Media, Under Influence Of Wrong Sources, Always Made Indian Army Butt Of Ridicule!

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Deciphering the Significance Of Men’s Rights Movement

Men Provide A Perfect Balance In A Society!

Men Provide A Perfect Balance In A Society!

(This Article Written By Arvind K.Pandey First Appeared On Website 498a.in) 

I remember my visit to Delhi in early 90s. I saw billboards which talked about helpline centers for harassed husbands. These billboards initially left me in a state of dismay but I soon realized their worth. It was an awakening of sorts for me, but a greater lot remained a sleeping giant! One of the most difficult tasks is to create a new vision by bringing a change in the attitudes and precepts governing the society. The conditioning of brainwaves, age-old retarded practices and worn-out ideas cannot be changed overnight. That’s why we need a mass movement in organized way to create a new path. The significance of men’s rights movement need to be understood in light of principles controlling mass movements of previous eras, which believed in the fact that Rome wasn’t built in a day.

The Indian society, or for that matter, societies across the globe are still heavily polarized in the favor of females. Men are still treated as supposedly stronger sex and women as a weaker lot, tormented and oppressed by the former. The paid media and government controlled public information services repeatedly churn out lies and manipulate the facts to sustain the myth that women alone face discrimination and harassment. Such anti-human practices ensured that the men’s rights movements be the order of the day! The way feminists employed dirty tricks to project female victim-hood and create mass hysteria ensured that a counter movement came in existence to counteract them effectively. The purpose of men’s movement was not only to eliminate the propaganda and white lies of feminist but to ensure that manhood got the respect it deserved.

Fortunately, the movement has been recognized as an emerging force but it needs to cover a long distance creating bodies and institutions on par with ones born out of feminist movements. It needs to topple biased International bodies, which are promoting anti-societal tendencies in the name of emancipation of women. The average class of people, solely confined to livelihood may not be able to establish this great conspiracy, but MRAs need to understand this dangerous game. This great game involves likes of Arundhati Roy who says that “the feudal India has a huge history and legacy of disrespect and violence against women.” These so-called movers and shakers are systematically destroying cherished Indian institutions. Besides that they are also eroding the self-esteem of men’s community by continuously showing them in bad light.

Sounds True..

Sounds True..


“Feminism is the intellectual organization of gender hatred, just as Marxism was the intellectual organization of class hatred. Feminism’s business is fashioning weapons to be used against men in society, education, politics, law and divorce court. The feminist aim is to overthrow “patriarchal tyranny.” In this undertaking, the male’s civil rights count for no more than those of the bourgeoisie in Soviet Russia or the Jews in National Socialist Germany.” (‘What civil rights has wrought’ by Paul Craig Roberts, July 26, 2000).  Ruth Wisse, a Professor at Harvard University,  feels the same: “By defining between men and women in terms of power and competition instead of reciprocity and cooperation, the movement (read women’s liberation movement)  tore apart the most basic and fragile contract in human society, the unit from which all other social institutions draw their strength.’ These wise gentlemen make  it clear that men’s movement in India needs to be a perfect a mix of  intellectual movement in league with revolutionary ways of shaking the institutions.

After all, the men’s organizations are not only against powerful lobby supported by governments in covert and overt fashion but they are also fighting the hidden enemy- one without a face! An enemy that uses government information services like Doordarshan to indulge in Ardhasatya ( Half truths) in name of “Satayameva Jayate” ( Truth Alone Prevails). Sometimes back New Delhi was hit by a rape. A committee got formed, which invited views from representatives of women’s and men’s bodies. Most of the representations there vilified men, and naturally the final recommendations went against the men. That’s the way how laws are passed in other cases. So whether it’s defining sexual harassment or shaping criminal jurisprudence in laws pertaining to property rights, maintenance rights and etc. the final outcome is always against the interest of men. The mother of all questions is: Are advocates of men’s rights fully prepared to fight such a powerful faceless enemy? And that too amid horrible and hopeless situation. Anyway, this terrible question provides a great permanence to the significance of movements related with men’s rights!

In India, the road to success for men’s rights movement is filled with virtually insurmountable obstacles. That’s because a vast section of men lives in villages whose lives are closely connected with prejudices and age-old beliefs related with “aham ( ego), sampatti ( property) and aurat ( woman)”.  Coming to urban population, the society is chiefly divided into a great middle class and rich elite class. The former is deeply involved in struggles, pertaining to bread and butter, while the latter is completely submerged in ills flowing excess money supply. This class structure should make it very clear to MRAs that they need not to be sloppy while conveying the importance of having a movement for the rights of men. A lack of seriousness on their part might make their sincere efforts go in vain. After all, this age belongs to crude values hinging around materialism! So when you are advocating about finer values of newer types, like having a commission for men, one needs to demonstrate a high degree of logical precision side-by-side real seriousness. A louts emerges from mud. The associations related with men should borrow the spirit of lotus. Let them bloom amid such hopeless scenario. Instead of being discouraged, let’s use the disadvantages in our favor. That alone would keep the significance and relevance of men’s movement evergreen in a right way!

And these human rights have always been denied!

And these human rights have always been denied!


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Meeting The Giants In World Of Writing: My Precious Moments With Ruskin Bond And Gulzar

Ruskin Bond: From His Writings I Learnt The Art Of Writing Simply!

Ruskin Bond: From His Writings I Learnt The Art Of Writing Simply!

The world of writing is marred by strange twists and turns. It’s never easy for a writer, whether established or novice, to keep pace with time in an easy-going manner in world dominated by materialistic principles, which treats nurturing aesthetic pleasures as some sort of waste of time. When selling rose becomes more worthwhile task than to appreciate its scent, it’s quite certain that one would not gain much by falling in love with creative pursuits. I faced extremely tough conditions with humiliating episodes taking place quite frequently, but I always tried not to take them to heart, remembering that great writers of previous eras also received similar treatment. Pain and humiliation do not break a writer ( unless destiny has predestined such a fate) but make him gain more insights, not available to ordinary mortals. The other thing that really kept me going ahead with ease despite huge setbacks was constant support of extremely talented souls, who appeared at various stages of my life as friends and colleagues. Apart from them, I feel really privileged that I also got an opportunity to spent some precious moments with towering figures in world of literature. These very special moments still keep me spirited and cheerful in depressing times even as memories related with those meetings have been clouded by the affairs of time.

I met Ruskin Bond and Gulzar at a time when my bonhomie with the writing world was gaining depth. However, after meeting them, I became certain that being a writer was no crime! I always met people who stupidly asked me( and thereby revealing the actual worth of their grey cells) about my work sphere even as I told them that I write! ” It’s okay that you write but what work you do?” That’s the sort of queries which always chased me. Thank God such queries today neither appear nor they have any relevance left in my life. The sight of Gulzar and Ruskin had left me spellbound, although I had met them separately, but exhibition of feelings remained the same.

I became the fan of Ruskin Bond at the very moment when in one of the boring literature classes of my school, I first came to read his story “The Eyes Have It”. The intensity of emotions expressed in this story fascinated my young heart to great extent. Though my class teacher, the other school mates and the old-fashioned academic standards, compelled me to anticipate the story in a given way, I came to visualize many other things as I read this story. And that’s why I met Ruskin Bond not only as reader but also as a writer! It’s the writings of Ruskin which taught me that how you say is equally important as what you come to say! However, the greatest lesson Ruskin taught me was that great writing is simple writing! Never use bundle of complicated expressions, which make a reader be involved more in picking up a dictionary than being lost in the content of the post! It’s one of the reasons why I avoid reading Arundhati Roy unless I have to sleep early!

The impressions left by Ruskin can also be traced in my being!

The impressions left by Ruskin can also be traced in my being!

Ruskin Bond, the Sahitya Akademi and Padma Shri awards winner, visited Allahabad, circa 2003. He had come here to attend promotional event organised by a leading publisher Rupa & Co. I wasn’t prepared for this meeting, but the moment I heard news of his arrival, I got prepared my manuscript related with my first unpublished anthology- The Petals Of Life.  When I met him, I saw him surrounded by his well-wishers. I waited for my turn, and fortunately when my turn came he had some spare moments. He gave a fabulous smile when I introduced myself as a writer and informed him about my literary pursuits. When I handed him my poems, he seemed to be very pleased by this gesture. He patted my back and asked me to keep writing. Though he was tired but he still obliged me by giving me his autograph at number of places. Our conversations lasted for few minutes but the undercurrents still remain alive. And so I refuse to leave the company of pen!

Gulzar- the Oscar Award winner lyricist-also visited Allahabad, at the invitation of same publisher, during the same period. My meeting with him was once again a hurried affair than a pre-planned affair. When I reached the place where he was about to arrive after couple of hours, I was apprehensive about the meeting. However, call it my luck, despite presence of huge crowd, I created space for my meeting with this amazing man. It was hard for my eyes to acknowledge the fact that maker of landmark movies like Aandhi, Ijaazat, Kitaab, Parichay and Achanak, to name a few, was sitting right before my eyes. Like always, this time, too, he was clad in white kurta-pajama. And like always donned his lips a typical smile, which any Gulzar fan would easily recognize had he/she been noticing photographs of him quite sincerely. To be honest, I had not read enough literature penned by him but I had watched his movies and heard his songs with exceptional zeal and abnormal seriousness. And that’s why his “surrealism” permeated in my writings as well. Anyway, he remained seated in relaxed way. When I informed him about my credentials, his faced remained expressionless yet I noticed that he was pretty conscious! And as I finished saying what I had to say, he gave a very deep look at me. A stare that refused to leave me and became part of my being. I left the space after spending couple of minutes with him but as I came out of that place and headed towards my home these particular lines from this immortal song “Aknhon Mein Humne Aapke” kept appearing and disappearing within mind’s chamber-

              “नज़रे उठाई आपने तो  वक्त रुक गया

               ठहरे हुए पलो में जमाने बिताये है “

         – When you looked at me, the time stopped
         And in those moments I came to live many lives.

Many thanks to these gentlemen who appeared at a very important juncture in my life. I needed some genuine encouragement and their generosity in display of emotions proved to be a tonic for my spirit chased by uncertainties. The uncertainties remain the same but my spirit attained the required evolution and so my writings. And so I am still writing! Pervert critics remain the same and situation remains hopeless like always and yet I am above all these negative concerns. A proof that meeting such enlightened gentlemen did not go in vain.

Gulzar: I still remember that I met you!

Gulzar: I still remember that I met you!


Excerpts from the story ” The Eyes Have It” :

“I wondered if I would be able to prevent her from discovering that I was blind. Provided I keep to my seat, I thought, it shouldn’t be too difficult.”


“The man who had entered the compartment broke into my reverie.

‘You must be dissapointed,’ he said. ‘I’m not nearly as attractive a traveling companion as the one who just left.’

‘She was an interesting girl,’ I said. ‘Can you tell me – did she keep her hair long or short?’

‘I don’t remember,’ he said, sounding puzzled. ‘It was her eyes I noticed, not her hair. She had beautiful eyes – but they were of no use to her. She was completely blind. Didn’t you notice?’”


Song: Ankhon Mein Humne Aapke..

Movie: Thodi Si Bewafai

Singers: Lata and Kishore

Lyricist: Gulzar

Music: Khayyam

Gulzar: That's The Way He Smiles!

Gulzar: That’s The Way He Smiles!


Rupa & Co.

Penguin’s List Of Books Written By Ruskin Bond

Poems Of Gulzar-Kavita Kosh

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Gulzar’s Image

थ्री चीयर्स फार माय आलोचक ब्रिगेड! आप ना होते तो मुझ लेखक का सम्मान काहे बढ़ता!

जस्टिस भक्तवत्सला: इस देश की परंपरा के शिकार कि अच्छा काम करोगे तो बदले में बदनामी मिलेगी!

जस्टिस भक्तवत्सला: इस देश की परंपरा के शिकार कि अच्छा काम करोगे तो बदले में बदनामी मिलेगी!

लेखक को भारतीय समाज में बड़ी संदेह की नज़रो से देखा जाता है.  मेरा तो ये मानना था ही पर अरुंधती रॉय का भी ऐसा ही मानना है ये मुझे ना मालुम था. वो तो मैंने गलती से उनके एक भाषण का अंश सुन लिया तो देखा वो रोना रो रही थी अमेरिका में कि साहब भारत में तो हम जैसे लेखको को लिखने बोलने की आज़ादी ही नहीं है. कश्मीर में कितना अत्याचार हो रहा है और हमको इसके बारे में तो कुछ बोलने ही नहीं दिया जा रहा है. उनकी बात सुन के तो गुस्सा आ ही रहा था पर उस सें ज्यादा इस बात पे गुस्सा आ रहा था कि इतने  बड़े बकवास को अमेरिकन कितने मगन होके सुन रहे थें. अच्छे लेखको को तो कोई नहीं सुन रहा पर अरुंधती राय जो तथ्यों को तोड़ मरोड़कर सफ़ेद झूठ का पुलिंदा तैयार करती है उसके बहुत से ग्राहक विदेशो में पड़े  है. नाम, पैसा और शोहरत सब इनके पास है.

खैर मै अपनी बात पे आता हूँ. इस बात से मुझे बहुत संतोष मिला कि अपने कुछ एक कर्मो की वजह से भारतीय समाज में असम्मानीय और अप्रासंगिक से हो चले गंभीर लेखको की  इज्ज़त में चार चाँद लग गया. मतलब मेहनतकश भारतीय सोसाइटी में पलने बढ़ने वाला ये निरीह जीव भी अगर ढेला फेंके तो ढेला सीधा मंगल ग्रह तक पहुच सकता है. यानी इनके भी कर्म रंग ला सकते है. इसके लिए मै अपने आलोचक भाई बंधुओ और आलोचक बहनों को विशेष धन्यवाद देना चाहूँगा कि समय समय पर अपनी बेकार की  “भौकन क्रिया” से  मतलब अपनी निरर्थक आलोचना से मेरे प्रभाव का वैलेऊ एडिशन (value addition)  करते रहते है. सितम्बर चार,२०१२, को अपने काले कोट को ध्यान में रखते हुए एक प्रतिष्ठित वेबसाइट पे माननीय जस्टिस भक्तवत्सला के  समर्थन में एक याचिका पर अपने हस्ताक्षर किये जिसमे ये मांग की  गयी थी कि  माननीय जस्टिस भक्तवत्सला के सराहनीय योगदान  को देखते हुए इनके प्रमोशन पे विचार किया जाए. जैसा कि होता है वेबसाइट पे मेरे नाम से एक सन्देश का एक  नोट आया कि आपको अपने समर्थन के लिए धन्यवाद दिया जाता है. पर मुझे पता नहीं था कि इस के बाद क्या गुल खिलने वाला था.
खैर इस याचिका में ये कहा गया था कि  “नारीवाद से संचालित (मेरे लिए तो नारीवाद से पीड़ित) इस भारत देश में माननीय जस्टिस भक्तवत्सला का काम सराहनीय है क्योकि अदालतों में व्याप्त नारीवादी  तंत्र को धता बताकर पति पत्नी के मामलो को वाकई विवेक की रौशनी में निर्णीत करना लोहे के चने चबाने के बराबर है. माननीय न्यायधीश ने  पुरुष विरोधी  भारतीय मीडिया को चेताते हुएँ और नारीवादी विचारधारा को प्रभावहीन करते हुएँ ऐतहासिक निर्णय दिए है. इनके योगदान को नज़रंदाज़ करना संभव नहीं जिसकी वजह से सेक्शन ४९८ (a) का  दुरुपयोग बिल्कुल कम हो गया जो कि महत्त्वपूर्ण उपलब्धि है. इस वजह से इस सेक्शन के तहत दायर फर्जी मुकदमो  से प्रताड़ित पतियों  को काफी राहत मिली है जिनसे इनके आत्महत्या आदि घटनाओं में काफी कमी आई है. ये सर्वविदित है कि इस सेक्शन के तहत दायर फर्जी मुकदमो की बाढ़ ने पतियों की आत्महत्या दर में काफी इजाफा किया है. भारत में इस तरह के क्रान्तिकारी सोच रखने वाले न्यायधीशो की सख्त कमी है और इस याचिका के जरिए ये अपील की  जाती है कि इस तरह के न्यायधीशो में वृद्धि हो और माननीय जस्टिस भक्तवत्सला का प्रमोशन सुनिश्चित किया जाए.”

अभी मैंने इस याचिका पर हस्ताक्षर किया ही था कि एक अन्य प्रतिष्ठित ऑनलाइन मैगजीन काफिला ने कुछ ही घंटो के बाद जोर शोर से माननीय जस्टिस भक्तवत्सला को हटाने के लिए अभियान शुरू कर दिया. ये बताना जरूरी हो जाता है कि इस ऑनलाइन मैगजीन में मै अपनी उपस्थिति अपनी प्रतिक्रियाओ के माध्यम से दर्ज करता रहा हूँ. मै इसका कुछ और मतलब नहीं निकालूँगा सिवाय इसके कि जब भी आप अच्छा करने चलते है एक आंधी आपके खिलाफ चलने लगती है. बहरहाल  इस याचिका में क्या कहा गया है ये जानना जरूरी है. इस याचिका में ये मांग की गयी है कि ” जस्टिस भक्तवत्सला ने भारतीय संविधान जिसकी रक्षा की शपथ उन्होंने ली है, जो कि समस्त नागरिको, स्त्री और पुरुष, सबको बराबर का अधिकार देता है  का गहरा अनादर किया है. इस वजह से ये अब इस अति महत्त्वपूर्ण पद के  दायित्व निर्वाहन के अयोग्य साबित हो गए है. इस याचिका पे  हस्ताक्षर के जरिए भारत के प्रधान न्यायधीश  माननीय जस्टिस श्री एस एच कपाडिया से अनुरोध है कि जस्टिस के भक्तवत्सला को अपने विवादास्पद बयानों की वजह से  उनके पद से तुरंत हटाया जाए.”

मैंने दोनों पक्ष पाठको के सामने रख दिया. बाकी आप सम्मानित पाठकगण जाने. अब आप लोग समझे बुझे कि इसमें सही-गलत, उचित-अनुचित  क्या है. मै तो एक बार फिर इस धरा के सबसे निरीह जीव लेखक के बारे में सोचने लग गया हूँ.  अभी तो इस बात से खुश हूँ कि मेरे आलोचकों ने मेरी कलम को एक नयी उंचाई दे दी, लेखकीय यात्रा में एक नया अध्याय जोड़ दिया. कम से कम इतना तो साबित हुआ कि जब एक लेखक की कलम से बात निकलती है तो वो सिर्फ दूर तक ही नहीं जाती बल्कि देर सबेर असर भी लाती है.  साथ साथ इस चिंतन से माथे में बल पड़ गया है कि आप ने  जरा सी चिंगारी क्या पैदा की कि अन्धकार रूपी बारिश उसें  बुझाने के लिए बरसने लग जाती है. इस देश में ऐसा कब तक होता रहेगा मित्रो ?

आज  के जमाने में झूठ बिकता है, झूठ यश लाता है

आज के जमाने में झूठ बिकता है, झूठ यश लाता है



Justice Bhaktavatsala


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The Western Worlds Can Justify Their Attacks On Various Democracies But Indians Can Dare Not Justify Hindu Causes

It's the rich and powerful who decide political correctness!!

It's the rich and powerful who decide political correctness!!

It’s really frustrating that Harvard University decided to drop Subramanian Swamy for publishing brilliant article ” How to wipe out Islamic terror ” in Indian newspaper DNA.  That exposes the double standards prevailing in the Western worlds.  Anything remotely concerned with the cause of Hindus is a cause of worry for academicians, thinkers and political strategists in Western world. To ride roughshod over it,  they can even sabotage the greater values like freedom of speech. The United States  can use all means to justify their cruelties in smaller nations and that’s fair way of honouring values related with freedom of speech. However, others are sacked or tortured for raising voice against oppressive tendencies and social inequalities. 

The same minds are eager to promote likes of Geelani, M F Hussain and  Arundhati Roy  who worked against the Indian ethos. Whatever hurts the Indian sentiments falls in the realm of “values of freedom of speech” and deserve awards  like Booker !! Their divisive agendas, distortions and manipulation of facts never are neither hate filled nor aimed at triggering violence!!  These derailed minds in Western worlds are icons of saintly tendencies and political correctness and that’s why their views are spread here and there in prominent foreign journals. However, all the people pursuing Hindu agenda are painted as monsters and a negative impression is systematically generated that makes such people a suspicious figure.

The Indians need to take note of these deceptive orientations existing in foreign lands. Unless we become conscious of double standards prevailing there, one would not be able to intercept the double standards inherent in their policies meant for India. Of course, there is also urgent need to ignore Indian scholars associated with such dubious orientations prevailing in these reputed foreign bodies. One cannot ignore that many reputed Indian publications are merely clones of these reputed foreign bodies, whose only task is to facilitate glorification of anti India tendencies.    

Ending my article with the excerpts from article ” How to wipe out Islamic terror”  by Subramanian Swamy, which originally appeared in DNA. 

Any policy to combat terrorism must begin with requiring each and every Hindu becoming a virat Hindu. For this, one must have a Hindu mindset that recognises that there is vyaktigat charitra (personal character) and rashtriya charitra (national character). For example, Manmohan Singh has high personal character, but by being a rubber stamp of a semi-literate Sonia Gandhi and waffling on all national issues, he has proved that he has no rashtriya charitra.

The second lesson for combating terrorism is that we must never capitulate or concede any demand, as we did in 1989 (freeing five terrorists in exchange for Mufti Mohammed Sayeed’s daughter Rubaiya) and in 1999, freeing three terrorists after the hijack of Indian Airlines flight IC-814.

The third lesson is that whatever and however small the terrorist incident, the nation must retaliate massively. For example, when the Ayodhya temple was sought to be attacked, we should have retaliated by re-building the Ram temple at the site.

According to bleeding heart liberals, terrorists are born or bred because of illiteracy, poverty, oppression, and discrimination. They argue that instead of eliminating them, the root cause of these four disabilities in society should be removed. This is rubbish. Osama bin laden was a billionaire. In the failed Times Square episode, failed terrorist Shahzad was from a highly placed family in Pakistan and had an MBA from a reputed US university.

It is also a ridiculous idea that terrorists cannot be deterred because they are irrational and willing to die. Terrorist masterminds have political goals and a method in their madness. An effective strategy to deter terrorism is to defeat those political goals and to rubbish them by counter-terrorist action.Thus, I advocate the following strategy to negate the political goals of Islamic terrorism in India.” 

Subramanian Swamy: Paying Price For Speaking The Truth

Subramanian Swamy: Paying Price For Speaking The Truth



Kafila Article

Wiki On Subramanian Swamy 

Anti India Speech by Roy And Geelani

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