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Uttar Pradesh Public Service Commission: Let’s Hope It Regains Its Lost Glory!


The “Y” Factor Killed The Reputation Of Commission!

For a writer it’s a matter of great satisfaction if the issues raised by him get snowballed into crucial developments at grass-roots level. I am really happy that Allahabad High Court quashed appointment of Chairman of Uttar Pradesh Public Service Commission on grounds that it was “arbitrary” and “”breach of provisions of Constitution”. I had taken note of the grievances of agitating students much before it turned into a sub judice affair. I had kept a close eye on the affairs pertaining to the world of students besides taking note of key developments taking place inside the corridors of Public Service Commission. There was a personal reason as well. My father had served this institution and therefore issues related to it meant a lot for me at emotional level. It was really upsetting for me that such an impartial constitutional body had become playground of vested interests. The key posts went to people with chequered past. But none could raise objection since it was an autonomous body enjoying immense power. Of course, everybody knew that it was being controlled by “Y Factor” ( Yadav factor )

Being resident of this city, I always met students who informed me about the malpractices going on unabated inside Commission. The whole examination process for various examination had become a farce, interviews were being conducted in most discriminatory way. That meant end of road for meritorious students wishing to be part of system as  government officials. Although I do not believe in being head on with district administration, I was devoid of saner choice other than asking students to demonstrate on the streets in a ferocious way. Fortunately, the agitations took the same shape with students going berserk! Number of petitions got filed in the court regarding the misuse of power and abuse of constitutional provisions. Like always Court had the last laugh when it showed the door to Secretary and Chairman of Uttar Pradesh Public Service Commission within gap of few days. The High court set side appointment of  Chairman treating it to be “ultra vires” of Article 316 pertaining to the guidelines related with appointment of Chairman and other members of Uttar Pradesh Public Service Commission.

I came to vigorously pursue this issue through my writings. This post The Tragic Transformation Of Public Service Commission Into Yadav Service Commission! which first appeared this website on July 29, 2013, referred to dirty games and shady deals happening on the premises of Uttar Pradesh Public Service Commission. I dispatched this article to offices of mainstream newspapers but none dared to show enough guts to take anti-government stance in such a brazen fashion! Luckily, this article elicited huge interest of readers on my website. Obviously, now when High Court has finally ensured that natural justice and rule of law are above dubious interests of political masters by quashing the appointment of Chairman, I feel a deep sense of satisfaction within. At least, it makes me have this realization that pen is mightier than sword! That written words never go in vain if they truly represent anguish and dissent.

I need to clarify that Allahabad High Court dealt with this issue on entirely different grounds as ones raised in my article, “The Tragic Transformation Of Public Service Commission Into Yadav Service Commission!,  published on July 29, 2013. However, in the end, it culminated into the end as desired by me.Let’s hope constitutional bodies come to serve the people instead of serving political masters!

Real Credit Belongs To These Students Who Protested On Streets And Took The Matter To Court!

Real Credit Belongs To These Students Who Protested On Streets And Took The Matter To Court!


I am posting below my article which first appeared on this website on July 29, 2013.


 The Tragic Transformation Of Public Service Commission Into Yadav Service Commission!

Uttar Pradesh Public Service Commission is a constitutional body, which has been assigned the task to make selections in various governments department at a State level. One expects it to discharge its duties in impartial and sound manner. However, of late, this prestigious constitutional body has become like a caged pigeon in the hands of its incompetent officials, who are acting at the behest of political masters. The latest reservation policy row provides insight into the mindset of officers working at this prestigious office. The implementation of caste-based quotas at the preliminary level of many important examinations, mainly to benefit certain “caste”, without worrying about the collateral damage caused by it is an ominous sign. It’s supposed to act in neutral manner so as to ensure that the selections take place in a fair way. However, the new mantra for it seems to be that “foul is fair”. The appeasement of political masters is more important than selection of meritorious candidates through right process.

This government agency some decades back enjoyed a good reputation of conducting examinations, and later, making final selections in honest way. It had such an impressive track record that many other government agencies sought its help in making proper selections in their own departments, granting it the authority to conduct examinations. However, the scenario inside the office has changed dramatically in last few years, especially in the regimes of Bahujan Samjwadi Party and Samajwadi Party- the political parties which were in control of Uttar Pradesh in last few years. Their casteist approach demolished the reputation of this prestigious body. In their regimes, the key positions went to officers who played havoc with the selection process.

The students who ensured that controversial reservation policy gets scrapped are absolutely right in demanding that a high level inquiry committee should be formed to take note of the irregularities made in selections during last few years. The students need to be appreciated for their act of seeking relevant information in this regard under Right to Information Act. At present two officers from Yadav community are holding key positions in this office. Isn’t it highly shameful that students now treat Uttar Pradesh Public Service Commission as ” Yadav Selection Commission”? Most of the bright students after completing the graduation go in for examinations conducted by Public Service Commission since selections to most of the the key administrative posts are made by it. Don’t these corrupt officials realize that by making selections in such arbitrary manner they are causing irreparable damage?  First, they are destroying the future of genuine applicants, and second,  they are paving way for incompetent people to act as government servants in future. What sort of decisions such government officials would make who got selected through such flawed process?

The reservation was introduced by makers of the Constitution for a specific period to enable marginalized castes attain a dignified position in the society. The sentiments of people, who introduced reservation, were really aimed at the welfare of weaker sections of society. However, that’s not the case now. It’s the most effective tool to destabilize societal structure. It’s the instrument to remain in power. It’s a weapon in the hands of dirty political minds to ensure that they remain relevant in political landscape. It’s high time courts and conscious citizens teach fitting lesson to corrupt political leaders and bureaucrats, who are demolishing the image of constitutional bodies.

Is That's The Way Youth Icon, Akhilesh Singh, Play With Future Of Students By Appointing Such Tainted Officials?

Youth Icon, Akhilesh Singh, Playing With Future Of Students By Appointing Such Tainted Officials!!


The Tragic Transformation Of Public Service Commission Into Yadav Service Commission!



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अँधेरे के मनहूस गर्त में डूबी उत्तर प्रदेश सरकार

ये है करेली पॉवर हाउस.  आप खुद देखे किस तरह ड्यूटी आवर्स में इस पर ताला लगा है. ये तब होता है जब कोई बड़ी फाल्ट आ गयी होती है. कर्मचारी बजाय शिकायत सुनने के इस तरह ताला लगाकर गायब हो जाते है.

ये है करेली पॉवर हाउस. आप खुद देखे किस तरह ड्यूटी आवर्स में इस पर ताला लगा है. ये तब होता है जब कोई बड़ी फाल्ट आ गयी होती है. कर्मचारी बजाय शिकायत सुनने के इस तरह ताला लगाकर गायब हो जाते है.

लैपटॉप बाटती उत्तर प्रदेश की सरकार को शायद इस बात की परवाह नहीं कि बिन रौशनी के ये लैपटॉप कूड़े के ढेर में फेंकने लायक चीज़ है. इस सरकार को शायद ये एहसास नहीं कि जनता इस तरह के वाहियात स्कीम से खुश नहीं होती। जनता तब प्रसन्न रहती है जब जनता से सरोकार रखती आवश्यक सेवाए सुचारू रूप से पहुचती रहती है. लेकिन जिस सरकार में मंत्री और अफसर दोनों बेलगाम घोड़े की तरह हो गए हो वहा फरियाद करने का क्या औचित्य? इलाहाबाद एक महत्वपूर्ण शहर है ये बताने की जरूरत नहीं लेकिन यहाँ जिस तरह सरकारी संस्थाए काम कर रही उससे लगता नहीं लखनऊ में बैठे आकाओ या इलाहाबाद  में खुद इस सरकार के नुमाइन्दो को कोई फिक्र है यहाँ के हालातो से. इलाहाबाद में जब सारे शहर में दशहरे की धूम थी शहर का एक ख़ास इलाका भावापुर जो करेली पॉवर हाउस से संबद्ध है अँधेरे में डूबा रहा दो दिनों तक लगातार। सिर्फ दो दिनों तक अँधेरे में डूबे रहता तो कोई बड़ी बात नहीं थी. ये इलाका पिछले ढेढ़ महीने से बिजली की समस्या से जूझ रहा. हद तब हो गयी जब दशहरे के दिन और उसके अगले दिन १८ घंटो से अधिक बिजली बेवजह गायब रही. और यहाँ का एक मंत्री को ये सफ़ेद झूठ बोलते लाज नहीं आई कि इलाहबाद शहर में तो २१ घंटे बिजली आती है! 

मायावती के शासन काल में कम से कम सरकारी अफसरों में एक जवाबदेही का भय था. यही करेली का सबस्टेशन सबसे बेहतर पॉवर हाउस में से एक था मायावती के शासन में. पब्लिक की  समस्या को सुनने के लिए एक टेलीफोन भी था जिससे कम से कम शिकायत तो दर्ज हो ही जाती थी. समाजवादी पार्टी के सत्ता में आते ही इस पॉवर स्टेशन के अधिकारी निरंकुश हो गए. टेलीफोन कहा गया पूछने पर कर्मचारी बत्तमीजी से बतायेंगें कि खो गया है! दशहरे के अवसर पर किसी इलाके की बिजली अट्टारह घंटो से अधिक काट देना एक जुर्म है क्योकि शिकायत करने पर कुछ घंटो में बिजली देने का प्रावधान है.लेकिन इस करेली पॉवर स्टेशन में फैली दुर्दशा इस सरकार में फैली अराजकता को स्पष्ट दर्शाती है और ये दिखा जाती है कि इस सरकार की  कार्यप्रणाली किस प्रकार की है. 

इस पॉवर स्टेशन में पिछले डेढ़ महीनो से समस्या चल रही है. पहले पहल पूछने पर ये बताया जाता था कि फीडर बदले जा रहे है और उसके बदलते ही इस इलाके में ट्रांसफार्मर फूंकने इत्यादि की समस्या हल हो जायेगी. इस बाबत अधिकारियों के बयान कई दिनों तक अखबार में छपते रहे और जनता धैर्य धारण किये रही. बिजली के अधिकारी लोगो को आप अक्सर सुनते मिल जायेंगे कि साहब फला केंद्र पर कर्मचारियों को पब्लिक ने पीटा. अधिकारी इसके पहले अपनी करतूतों को जाहिर भी कर दिया करे तो बेहतर रहेगा!  इस करेली पॉवर स्टेशन पे फैली अराजकता को देखे और ये पाठक सोच कर बताये जब पानी की किल्लत, गर्मी और उमस से जूझती जनता की समस्या को पॉवर हाउस के कर्मचारी/अधिकारी संज्ञान में लेना जरूरी ना समझे तो क्या हो? यहाँ के इलाके के अधिकतर ट्रांसफार्मर फूँक गए है. क्यों? क्योकि यहाँ के अधीनस्थ कर्मचारी नाम न छपने के शर्त पर ये आपको बता देंगे कि अफसरों ने कितने अवैध कनेक्शनो को कम क्षमता वाले ट्रांसमिशन पर डाल रखा है. क्या नतीजा होगा इसका? 

आप पूछेंगे क्यों नहीं अधिकारी इस बात को ध्यान में लेते? तो इस सबस्टेशन की कहानी ये है कि इस पॉवर हाउस में कोई अधिकारी तकरीबन ना के बराबर बैठता है. इसका नतीजा ये है कि लाइनमैन टाइप के लोग रहते है जिनको अगर कोई हादसा हो जाए तो ये भी नहीं मालूम कि करना क्या है. क्योकि कोई अधिकारी भी नहीं बैठता लिहाजा नीचे के कर्मचारी या तो आपको मिलेंगे नहीं या अगर दिखे भी तो ड्यूटी के वक्त दारुबाज़ी जैसी हरकतों में लिप्त मिलेंगे. अगर कोई बड़ी फाल्ट आ गयी तो ये सबस्टेशन में ताला लगाकर भाग जायेंगे. इसी सबस्टेशन पर कुछ दिनों पहले एक कर्मचारी नशे में पोल पर चढ़ गया और बड़े हादसे का शिकार हो गया. अगले दिन इलाहाबादी पत्रकारों ने पत्रकारिता के गिरते स्टैण्डर्ड को दर्शाते हुए इस घटना को गायब करते हुएं लिखा कि हाई टेंशन वायर टूट जाने से करेली सबस्टेशन की बिजली गुल!

ये पॉवर स्टेशन मुस्लिम  बहुल्य  इलाके में पड़ता है. इस वक्त इस केंद्र में अधिकतर इसी वर्ग के कर्मचारी भी तैनात है जो कितने काबिल है वो आप अगर ऑफ द रिकार्ड अधीनस्थ कर्मचारियों से पूछे तो खुद समझ में आ जाएगा! ये बताना कोई बहुत जरूरी ना होता अगर इस इलाके में इस बात की सुगबुगाहट ना होती कि इस दशहरे में इस तरह के लापरवाही सुनियोजित थी. जाहिर है ये बात इस केंद्र से के कर्मचारियों के बीच से ही उठी है. इसी शहर में कुछ दिनों पहले अखिलेश यादवजी का आगमन हुआ. जिस करेली केंद्र को अधिकारी अभी कई दिनों से बुरी तरह फाल्ट ग्रसित बता रहे थें उसी से अबाधित २४ घंटे बिजली आई. उनके जाने के अगले दिन बिजली फिर चली गयी. केंद्र फिर फाल्टग्रस्त हो गया!

खैर मै सुनी सुनाई बातो पे कम यकीन रखता हूँ. दशहरे के दूसरे दिन जब बिजली सब जगह आ रही थी (भावापुर से जुड़े मुस्लिम इलाको जैसे अकबरपुर इत्यादि में) पर भावापुर में बिजली नदारद थी. फ़ोन करने किसी अधिकारी के पास सिवाय बहानेबाजी के कोई ठोस जवाब नहीं था कि क्यों ऐसा हो रहा है और ऐसा कब तक होगा. ये इस सबस्टेशन की कहानी नहीं है. ये इस सरकार की विकृत और बीमार मानसिकता की निशानी है. शायद इस सबस्टेशन के लाइनमैन दबी ज़बान में कडुवा सच कह रहे है कि इस तरह के गैर जिम्मेदार अफसरों के रहते आप किस सुधार की कल्पना कर सकते है! तकलीफ इस बात की भी है कि इसी इलाके में हाई कोर्ट के अधिकारी, अन्य विभागों के अधिकारी, हाई कोर्ट के जज भी रहते है. शहर के अन्य उच्च अधिकारी अगर इस बात को संज्ञान में नहीं ले रहे है तो ये क्यों खामोश बैठे है?  इस इलाके की साधारण पब्लिक जो अब बहुत गुस्से में आ गयी है वो शायद पीटने पाटने के सिवाय कुछ ज्यादा ना करे लेकिन हाई कोर्ट या इस शहर के अन्य अधिकारी तो इस करेली केंद्र के कर्मचारियों/ अधिकारियो को उनकी इस लापरवाही पर कड़ी सजा दिला सकते है. यही करने का वक्त आ गया है. सुधार ऐसे ही आता है.

लैपटॉप बाटने से पहले बिजली तो ठीक तरह से देना सीखे ये सरकार!! सरकारी पैसा बिजली देने में लगाए बेहतर नतीजे मिलेंगे।

लैपटॉप बाटने से पहले बिजली तो ठीक तरह से देना सीखे ये सरकार!! सरकारी पैसा बिजली देने में लगाए बेहतर नतीजे मिलेंगे।

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Muzaffaranagar Riots: Would The Real Reasons Which Caused The Riots Ever Get Revealed?

Akhilesh Yadav:  Miserably Failed To Rise Above Dirty Politics!!

Akhilesh Yadav: Miserably Failed To Rise Above Dirty Politics!!

              (Also published in Northern India Patrika, Sep. 28, 2013) 

Uttar Pradesh expected better developments in the regime of young Chief Minister. However, such expectations turned out to be a great illusion. Akhilesh Yadav, who represents the spirit of youth, gave way to same means exhibited by worn out old minds, proving beyond doubt that mere youth force is of no use but youth force backed up by noble vision and sound policies does the real magic. No wonder Uttar Pradesh is today witnessing one of the darkest phases of its existence as a state. Since the time of his becoming Chief Minister, a year and a half, the state has witnessed series of riots, making it a disturbed zone. The bureaucratic system has fallen prey to casteist politics, to an extent that even an impartial constitutional body like Uttar Pradesh Public Service Commission (UPPSC) is finding hard to retain its glory of yesteryear. The honest bureaucrats like Durga Shakti Nagpal are being harassed and bullied on concocted grounds. Ironically, the real culprits who are actually disturbing the communal harmony, a ground cited as a cause for suspending IAS officer Durga Shakti Nagpal, are roaming scot free.

Coming to riots of serious magnitude which hit Muzaffarnagar couple of weeks ago, one needs to know the actual reasons which triggered them. The mainstream media circulated state sponsored corrupt version of actual reasons, marred by half lies and manipulation of facts. It’s believed that an incident of eve teasing led to this riot. However, that’s an insignificant reason blown out of proportion to hide the real factors. It  has been very cleverly suppressed that for  past few months Muzaffarnagar region was simmering with anger over series of rapes with Hindu girls committed  by Muslim youths. The ineffective state machinery remained mute spectator to such rising number of sexual assaults on Hindu girls. It’s real shame that although this nation witnessed an unprecedented level of protest in case of Nirbhaya the Damini gang-rape case, the series of brutal rapes in this part of Uttar Pradesh were not taken into cognizance by anybody.  Any conscious citizen would like to know why were state machinery and Central government so unconcerned about these rape incidents?

As a result of this bureaucratic apathy and partisan approach of mainstream media in reporting such incidents with same intensity, the local community organised  a mass meeting to deal with such grave developments, mainly to ensure the safety of women and daughters. On September 07, the participants going to attend this meeting were attacked, leading to tense situation, which later spiralled out of control. What added fuel to the fire was that subsequent developments were remote controlled to allegedly benefit Muslim community. It’s learned that Jat-Muslim equations in this area constitute a huge vote bank. That was cited as a main reason as to why riots came to hit this area. However, it’s far away from truth. This might be one of the reasons but not a strong ground to give way to riot of this volatile nature, which made even the prime minister Manmohan Singh hail it as a “big tragedy”.

Mazaffarnagar riots, one of the worst riots to hit this country, revealed shades of murkier politics involved in riots, making it clear that riots are often well planned in advance and execution of these nefarious designs take place effectively by the hidden hands at a suitable time. The witnesses of Muzaffarnagar riots categorically stated before the media that police did not respond to the calls of victims crying for help. The victims also stated about inaction of police before the PM and other senior leaders from the Centre.  This corroborates the alleged involvement of State Minister, who was seen in a sting operation instructing a police official to act in a irresponsible way!

In fact, Union Minister Jairam Ramesh bluntly stated that Akhilesh Yadav was “masterly inactive” during the heated phase of riots. “On Muzaffarnagar, none of us will keep quiet. What he (Akhilesh) has done is inexcusable.” Let’s not forget that one of the allegations against Narendra Modi is that he did not act swiftly during the riots in Gujarat, and thus, secular media quickly labelled him as the architect of pogrom in Gujarat. Ironically, the same secular media remained silent over the Godhra victims and Muslim perpetrators involved in burning of the train- a prime cause that led to the start of riots! Will these riots be attributed to Akhilesh as controlled pogrom the Gujarat way?

Illegal Arms Supply To The Minorities: How Would You Curb It?

Illegal Arms Supply To The Minorities: How Would You Curb It?

Arms and ammunition  in large quantity were seized by police in aftermath of the riots. This proves beyond that misguided forces in minority community are involved in illegal arms racket. So what were Intelligence agencies doing when these illegal weapons got supplied to these anti-social elements? One of the problems faced by this country is that appeasement of Muslims has spread like a plague. It never allows Intelligence agencies to act in effective manner. The moment any strict action is taken against the anti-social elements present in the minority community, it leads to shrill cry of harassment of minorities in India by the so-called secular forces operating in India and abroad.

This is a serious issue which involves a key question: What is the way to ensure the complete elimination of anti-social elements present among the minorities? Since we cannot expect political heads to answer this sensitive question, the Supreme Court, taking suo moto cognizance of such critical developments needs to deal sternly with such anti-national developments. Why should members of one particular community be not subjected to stern actions in an attempt to wipe out wrong elements? It’s laughable that Muzaffarnagar riots are being stated as fallout of eve-teasing incident, making the focus of probe get limited by minor aspects. These riots have exposed serious loopholes in our intelligence mechanism besides revealing the nexus of politicians with negative forces. It’s these aspects which need to be dealt with by the mainstream media and legal enforcement agencies.

Social media which is not the part of paid media, dictated by politicians, should stop the great game played in name of empowerment of women and upliftment of minorities. It should honestly reveal the unsaid. Needles to state that most of the programmes in the garb of improving the lives of women and minorities have wrecked the citadels of Indian society. They both have become convenient way to enter in crude vote bank politics. The institutions like Supreme Court, High Court, and impartial bodies run by conscious citizens should come to the fore to prevent the nation from going to dogs. There is no other way left to make this nation safe from anti-social elements. The Muzaffarnagar riots have revealed that so-called politicians talking about honouring the ideals of democracy cannot be relied upon. They are dangerous wolves masquerading as human beings.

Uttar Pradesh Is Passing Through One Of Its Worst Phases Of Its Existence!

Uttar Pradesh Is Passing Through One Of Its Worst Phases Of Its Existence!



Zee News 


 Jairam Ramesh

The Hindustan Times 

The Times Of India      

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मुजफ्फरनगर के दंगे: कुछ कडवे भयानक सच जिनका जिक्र ना हुआ!

ये सब कहा छुपा के रखे जाते है?

ये सब कहा छुपा के रखे जाते है?

अखिलेश यादव  जब भारतीय राजनीति में अहम् किरदार अदा करने वाले उत्तर प्रदेश के मुख्यमंत्री बने तो कुछ लोगो में शायद ये झूठी आस जाग उठी कि शायद एक युवा चेहरा कुछ बेहतर परिवर्तन ला दें. लेकिन सिर्फ चेहरे बदलने से चाहे वो युवा ही क्यों ना हो तब तक बात नहीं बनती जब तक आप के पास स्पष्ट नीति ना हो. हुआ भी वही लोक लुभावनी योजनाओं के दम पर बनी ये सरकार आज ना सिर्फ विवादों में फँस गयी है जहा नौकरशाह सहमे से है बल्कि नित नए दंगो ने प्रदेश को अशांत क्षेत्र बना दिया है. मुज़फ्फरनगर के दंगे वीभत्स तस्वीर पेश करते है और ये बताते है कि राजनेता किस हद तक गिर सकते है अपने प्रभाव को बचाने के लिए. 

हम कानून राज की बात करते है और दामिनी बलात्कार काण्ड पर इस देश में बहुत उबाल उठा लेकिन मुजफ्फरनगर में इस दंगे से पहले कितने बलात्कार हिन्दू औरतो के साथ मुस्लिमो ने किये उसको किसी सरकार ने संज्ञान में लेने की जरुरत क्यों नहीं महसूस की? इसकी वजह से सात सितम्बर को जाट समुदाय ने एक पंचायत बुलाई  गयी बहु बेटियों के सुरक्षा के लिए. इसमें शामिल होने के लिये जा रहे लोगो पे हमले हुए और उसके बाद स्थिति बेकाबू हो गयी.  जब किसी सरकार के पास नीति नहीं होती तो ताकतवर चेहरे कठपुतली की तरह सरकार को नचाते है. यही हाल इस वर्तमान सरकार का भी है. दंगे किस कारण से हुए ये तो कई खबरों का विषय बन गयी है लेकिन इस जरूरी तथ्य पर शायद चर्चा ना हुई हो कि किस तरह खतरनाक हथियारों का जमावाड़ा जिसमे ऐ के 47 बंदूके तक शामिल है मुस्लिम वर्ग में इकठ्ठा है! हैरानगी की बात है कि मस्जिद जो इबादत का ठिकाना होना चाहिए इन हथियारों को छुपाने का केंद्र बनती जा रही है. इंटेलिजेंस विभाग क्या सिर्फ छूरी कट्टे की तफ्तीश के लिए बनी है? 

ये केंद्र सरकार और राज्य सरकार के इन विभागों से पूछा जाना चाहिए कि जब धार्मिक स्थल इस तरह के आतंकी गतिविधियों का ठिकाना बन जाए तो उसके पास क्या रास्ते है इनको समाप्त करने के? या अल्पसंख्यक वर्ग के लोग मनमानी करे और प्रशासन  खामोश रहे तो उसके क्या नतीजे होंगे? क्योकि ये तय है कि अगर कार्यवाही हुई तो वही मुस्लिमो के साथ भेदभाव हो रहा है, उन्हें सताया जा रहा है, फँसाया जा रहा है इस तरह का शोर हर तरफ से उठेगा। इसलिए अगर सरकार के पास हिम्मत ना हो तो कम से कम सुप्रीम कोर्ट या हाई कोर्ट इस तरह के भयानक सच को  स्वतः संज्ञान में लेकर केंद्र और राज्य सरकार को विवश करे ये बताने के लिए कि इसके रोकथाम के लिए इनके पास क्या तरीके है और अब तक इन्होने क्या किया है?

गुजरात के दंगो पे गोधरा का सच भुलाकर सेक्युलर मीडिया ने इस बात का बहुत रोना रोया कि गुजरात सरकार ने समय रहते कार्यवाही नहीं की तो अब उत्तर प्रदेश में जो हमने देरी देखी, तथ्यों को नष्ट करके मुस्लिम वर्ग को राहत पहुचाने की कोशिश देखी उसके क्या मतलब निकाले जाए? यहाँ तक कि केंद्र सरकार भी ये कह रही है कि दंगो के भयावहता के बारे में प्रदेश सरकार ने उसे अँधेरे में रखा. खैर इस देश की राजनीति ये हो गयी है कि महिलाओ और अल्पसंख्यको को लुभाओ। उनके हर कुकर्मो पे पर्दा डाल दो. हो सकता है तात्कालिक रूप से महिलाओ और अल्संख्यको को ये सब भला लगे. लेकिन इसका दूरगामी परिणाम ये होगा कि उन महिलाओ और मुस्लिमों को तकलीफ झेलनी पड़ेगी जिनका इस गन्दी राजनीति से कोई वास्ता नहीं होगा। और सबसे बड़ा नुक्सान तो इस देश को होगा जिसने आज़ादी के बाद इस तरह के अलगाववादी  और आसुरी नेताओ के उदय की कल्पना तक ना की होगी।  

दंगे सुनियोजित और प्रायोजित होते है

दंगे सुनियोजित और प्रायोजित होते है



Zee News 

Series of Rapes  

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Indian Democracy: Governed By The Contradictions, And Not By The Will Of People!

RIP Kargil Saheed Capt. Amit Bhardwaj

RIP Kargil Saheed Capt. Amit Bhardwaj.

The Indian democracy is said to be governed by the will of people. It’s not the entire truth. In reality, it’s governed by chosen contradictions. They make us sad, frustrated and gloomy. This time I would not enter into any sort of complicated analysis. Just presenting two news items side-by-side. That would be suffice to make Indians realize that not all is well with this country. The first news item is related with Saheed Capt. Amit Bhardwaj’s birth anniversary. The second news item is related with murder of a Deputy Superintendent of police, Zia ul Haq in Deoria, in Uttar Pradesh.

By means of contrast I wish to know are our soldiers sacrificing their lives for such rulers who appear to be no better than murderers? And secondly, do our citizens, which include judges and bureaucrats too, have no other option other than to live under shadow of such criminals posing as rulers? Anyway, RIP Kargil Saheed Capt. Amit Bhardwaj/Zia ul Haq. We shall always remain indebted to your glorious sacrifice. And for such rulers, it’s better that they get punished instead of making an attempt to define their worth. 

Now the mother of all questions: If that’s the fate of high ranked police officials, how can the judiciary expect a common man to act as whistle blower? Any answers?


Capt. Amit Bhardwaj was leading the reinforcement column of 35 men when they were ambushed en route by Pakistani soldiers armed with light & medium weaponry. With the help of Havildar Rajbir Singh, he decided to divert the attention of the enemy & ordered his Second-in-Command to get the men out of the battle area. The two gallant men were killed, the others survived, though all were wounded. Capt. Bharadwaj saved nearly 30 of his men and killed more than 10 infiltrators, though he himself was hit twice fighting till the last breath. His body lay in deep valley of Himalayas, till it was retrieved on July 13, 1999. The bodies of Captain Bhardwaj and Havildar Singh 57 days later.


Jai Hind

Source: “Remembering Kargil Shaheed Capt. Amit Bhardwaj on his 41st Birth Anniversary”


“I demand that the Chief Minister come here and resolve this issue. I demand Raja Bhaiya be subject to a police investigation, and the CBI should also intervene. If the CM does not come here I will not bury my husband. He will have to come or I will commit suicide…….He was under a lot of pressure. He was constantly being threatened and didn’t want to stay here. If justice is not served then I will go to Akhilesh Yadav’s house and kill myself,” ( Wife of murdered police officer)

And who is Raja Bhaiyya? A ruling Minister in UP’s present government against whom  48 criminal cases are pending.

“But this is not the first time that Raja Bhaiya is finding himself under scrutiny for death of a policeman. In 2007, DSP Ram Shiromani Pandey, the investigating officer in the POTA case against Raja Bhaiya, died in a road accident on the eve of his approaching the Allahabad high court seeking action against him. Questions were raised, but nothing could be proven and Raja Bhaiya remained as powerful as ever.”

 If that's the fate of high ranked police officials, how can the judiciary expect a common man to act as whistle blowers? Any answers?

If that’s the fate of high ranked police officials, how can the judiciary expect a common man to act as whistle blower? Any answers?

Source Links:

Akhilesh leaves for Deoria to meet murdered DSP’s family 

Raja Bhaiya


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