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एक दिन जब हम नहीं होंगे ( रहस्यवादी प्रेम कविता )


सब से दूर जहाँ दुनियाँ के साये नहीं है, जहा सिवाय प्रेम के कुछ नहीं :-) :-) :-)

सब से दूर जहाँ दुनियाँ के साये नहीं है, जहा सिवाय प्रेम के कुछ नहीं 🙂 🙂 🙂

आओ चले हम उस जहाँ में

जहा वक्त रुका रुका सा हो
थमा थमा सा हो
वहा बैठे हुए एक दूसरे के साये तले
फिर ये सोचे उन दिनों क्या होगा
जब हम तो नहीं होंगे
पर ये हसींन नज़ारे तब भी होंगे
और यूँ  दे अपने अस्तित्व को नए मायने
उस मौन में जो तेरे और मेरे
मौन से मिलकर बना  हो
जिसमे हम धीमे धीमे घुलते जाए
साथ ही समाते जाए उस परम मौन में
जो लम्हा लम्हा हमारे पास खिसकता रहा
चोरी चोरी से चुपके चुपके से
और निगलता रहा दोनों के एक हुए मौन को
मिल गया हमारा मौन उस परम मौन से
मिट गाये सारे भेद
और अपना एकत्व
अनित्य के दायरे से दूर
अखंड हो गया
पूर्ण हो गया।


English Version Of The Poem:

When I Be Absent In This World ( Mystical Love Poem )

Information About The Picture:

The picture clicked by me depicts a spot located at my village situated in Mirzapur District, Uttar Pradesh, India.  It’s related with my childhood memories.



When I Be Absent In This World ( Mystical Love Poem )


Moving Towards A Place Where Earthly Meets The Divine :-)

Moving Towards A Place Where Earthly Meets The Divine 🙂

Let’s venture out to quiet place

Where time has come to standstill
Where moments love to freeze
And at such a place
Sitting under shade of each other’s soul
Ponder about those days
When we be missing from this world
And yet life’s beauty be prevailing around
In all its majestic grandeur
And such an introspection
Would add a new dimension
In our existence
In our collective silence
Conceived as your silence merged with mine
That annihilated our beingness
And as that happened
We kept coming close
To the realm of  Absolute
Which steadily and slowly
Kept moving towards us
Silently embracing our collective silence
The separation vanished altogether
And prevailed absolute oneness
Untouched by impermanence
Gaining entry into realm
Where oneness gets wedded to totality
In light of incessant togetherness.


Hindi Version Of The Poem: 

एक दिन जब हम नहीं होंगे ( रहस्यवादी प्रेम कविता )



Information About The Picture:

The picture clicked by me  shows River Ganges  flowing through my village situated in Mirzapur District, Uttar Pradesh, India.



A Bridge Between Two Souls! (Poetry)

There exists a bridge between You and I!

There exists a bridge between You and I!

There exists a bridge between
You and I
And I travel across it
To reach to you each day.

This bridge remains invisible
In the world governed by reality
Glad that it is non-existent!
In a world marred by evil eyes
It remains invisible to naked eyes
In love with concrete images
And I did the right
By not giving it a shape
To a bridge I travel across
Each day to reach to you.

Had it been built by me
Surely it would have collapsed
Facing every passing moment
The rays of eyes dipped in
Evil and falsehood, treachery and crime,
And I would have lost something
Which sustains my earthly existence

There exists a bridge between
You and I
And I travel across it
Through the realities of visible world
To reach to you each day
In every passing moment
To arrive at a world
Where no one exists
Other than you and I.

Attention Readers:

Hindi Version Of The Same Poem

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A Stunning Love Story That Culminated Into Suicide!

Shouldn't The Lovers Meet Better Fate?

Shouldn’t The Lovers Meet Better Fate?

“The course of true love never did run smooth.” (Shakespeare). This became evident in cruel fashion in case of Divya and Ilavarasan.  Ilavarasan and Divya belonged to different castes. Ilavarasan belonged to Dalit community and Divya came from a higher Vanniyar community. When their love story attained pinnacle, it did not evoke sweet episodes as one witnesses in Hollywood/Bollywood candyfloss movies. Last year, the girl’s father, unable to digest the vituperative remarks of people belonging to his community committed suicide. And now the news arrives that Ilavarasan, after Divya came to disown the marriage in blatant fashion, has committed suicide by jumping before the train.  

Their love story from the very beginning was marred by series of unfortunate developments. It first resulted in a typical caste bigotry, which this time did not remain confined to a small section. The mounting tension took in its grip whole Tamil Nadu. They got married amid unprecedented developments.” I was on my way to Trichy for a football match. When I was in Omalur, I got a call from Divya saying that people in her house are trying to get her married to someone else. She asked me to take her with me. We went to Andhra Pradesh and got married there.” ( Ilavarasan in an interview to Tamil Edition of India Today).

The Society's Evil Ways Had The Last Laugh!

The Society’s Evil Ways Had The Last Laugh!

When they got married, it led to huge tension in whole Tamil Nadu. A political party named Pattali Makkal Katchi entered into a campaign, triggering the impression that marriages between Dalit boys and non-Dalit brides were mainly for the purpose of extorting money. Fake cases got filed against Ilavarasan so as to block his appointment into police department in which he got newly selected. The issue further deteriorated when girl’s father committed suicide last November. Many colonies in  Naikkankottai village got burnt- the village of boy’s father.

For Divya, these developments seemed a bolt from the blue. After her father’s suicide, she went into state of depression and decided to separate from Ilavarasan. Naturally, her decision left Ilavarsan in a state of shock, who was determined to seek better days. Just a day before his suicide, it’s learnt that Divya categorically informed the reporters inside the Madras High Court campus about her decision to disown the marriage and not to return to Ilavarasan at all. Unable to withstand this dejection, the very next day Ilavarsan jumped before the train and ended his life.

Divya might have decided to disassociate with Ilavarsan but Ilavarsan remained true to her till his last breath. The only thing found in his possession, near the railway track, were the letters which he wrote to her during 2011.

 Ilavarsan:  This Courageous Boy Tried To Fight To The Finish But  Divya Proved To Be Made Of Lesser Mettle!

Ilavarsan: This Courageous Boy Tried To Fight To The Finish But Divya Proved To Be Made Of Lesser Mettle!


The Hindu 


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Pain Is The True Vitalizer Of My Soul!

Pain Serving As Panacea!

Pain Serving As Panacea!

Listen my beloved 
Love is never put on scale

In love do you measure the 
Worth of emotions, desires and wishes?

Why do you wish to heal the pain
Emanating from injuries you fail to see?

Pain which nature wants to heal
Shall always get healed

And sometimes unhealed injuries 
Refine the soul further 

Or let them remain unhealed 
Floating in the ocean of heart as insoluble capsules of pain!

It’s an unbearable dishonesty on your part my beloved
An act unfair to dilute the pain simmering inside

Listen I have learnt lessons
To move from one pain to another 

In the company of light 
It’s time for you my beloved to touch new horizons 

And leave me far behind 
To walk all alone on the isolated path 

For I have also learnt 
How to remain alive with no trace of life inside!

When Ways Get Separated!

When Ways Get Separated!

The same poem in Hindi with a slight  modification in style and treatment.


सुन मेरे मीत: तू कुछ जख्मो को हरा ही रहने दे! 


जो इश्क करते है वो 
इश्क को तराजू में नहीं तौलते 

अरमानो, ख्वाहिशों, जस्बातो 
का लेखा जोखा कैसा मीत!

जो जख्म दीखते नहीं उन 
पर मरहम लगाना कैसा? 

जिन जख्मो को भरना होता है 
वो अपने आप ही भर जाते है 

या वक़्त के साए में ढलकर 
रूह को थोडा और निखार जाते है 

या नासूर बनते है 
तो नासूर ही बन जाने दें?

सो लिहाज़ा तेरा तडपना, आज़माना 
अब बेमानी सा लगता है 

कि एक जख्म से दूसरे जख्म तक 
का फासला तय करना हमने सीख लिया है

सो बेहतर है कि तू आगे बढ़ चल 
रौशनी के कारवां संग 

और छोड़ दे पीछे मुझे 
अजनबी सी राहो पे तन्हा चलते रहने को  

कि अब मर के भी हमने
जीते सा दीखते रहने का हुनर सीख लिया है।


Trying  To Be On A Different  Path But Like Always All Alone!

Trying To Be On A Different Path But Like Always All Alone!

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Facebook: Has It Turned Into Playground Of Devils?

When will human beings learn to use any forum for constructive designs?

When will human beings learn to use any forum for constructive designs?

“How I wish that somewhere there existed an island for those who are wise and of good will.” ( Albert Einstein) That’s presumably an ideal state of affairs- an utopia whose actual manifestation on earthly existence is simply not possible. Let’s understand why it’s pretty difficult to create a world, which lies above human flaws. That I would explain via the mess which prevails on Facebook. It’s a pretty awesome networking site, but marred by fake profiles and anti-social activities. The point I wish to convey is that any good forum/institution either in real world or virtual world, sooner or later, gets corrupted by wrong elements. Instead of improving the face of such institutions/ forums, the negative elements infect it with their misimpressions, and thereby considerably reduce the credibility of the forum.

Before dissecting the activities taking place on Facebook, it would not be a bad idea to analyze what’s happening in our real world. The moment a good soul appears on the stage of world, the lesser souls become hyperactive to malign his/her image, and that too for no other reason other than that this person depicts some uncommon traits. They shout at him, just the way other doggies bark at some stranger dogie, who somehow happens to stray into their domain.  And so we never find these stereotyped minds promoting such a different soul unless he/she happens to serve their vested interests. They try their level best to tame the instincts of such person and make them on par with their own so that they can be used to fulfill their narrow concerns. And when they are not able to dictate terms,  the rumour mill, like always, starts churning out all sorts of absurd details make the life hellish for such a person.

It’s not that these people running the vilification campaign are devoid of brains. They have enough intelligence, owning big degrees and enjoying good position in life, but they happen to be  devil’s advocate. High profile degrees also make them owner of big ego and complex mind. That’s why they not only make a simple issue attain a pretty complicated shape, by coining vain theories and complex terms for a simple phenomenon. The very same situation could have been easily handled by framing the perspective in simple terms but presence of worldly wise practical souls, usually from corridors of known institutions, just complicate it that proper solution becomes an impossible affair. The negative minds destroy all good relationships, forums and institutions, the way a computer virus comes to hang the system. They never offer perfect solutions, but only ways and means to corrupt the face of all simple phenomenon. Now let’s see how wrong souls have corrupted a beautiful site like Facebook. Many people harbour the wrong impression that online world is different than real world. I am afraid it’s not  true. The virtual world is simply the reflection of your real attributes which you come to unleash in real world.

                                        *The Glory Of Facebook Status!* 

One of my friends fell ill. He is a sensible person but then even sensible person commit silly mistakes. He informed everyone about his illness, breaking this news as Facebook status. And that’s okay but its aftermath is amazing, saddening and disappointing. Besides flow of get well messages, there appeared a large section of friends who came to “like” the status! Is that a sensible application of mind? If that’s the way they are behaving on Facebook, imagine how would they be responding in real lives. I am sure had the same status been of a lady “likes” and get well messages would have flooded the thread of that status in huge number. The impression that I wish to convey is that by unleashing such false sentiments, vain application of mind, aren’t the Facebook users lowering the status of Facebook? 


  *Is there any merit on debating over certain issue on Facebook?*

Being someone hailing from the world of legal professional, the importance of offering rational and logical rebuttals as arguments is crystal clear to me. However, I see no reason as to why any sensible person should waste time in offering appropriate arguments on Facebook amid disinterested users. Majority of the Facebook users are pretty casual as they get engaged in important conversations. As far as I am concerned, I do take all conversations on Facebook, related with minor or major issues, quite seriously as long as its required to make the issue attain perfect clarity and then give way to other important concerns. Having said that, the waywardness and chaos which prevails on Facebook during conversation on sensitive issues usually keeps sensible minds tight-lipped. 

                 *The Existence Of Strange Groups On Facebook*

Many good for nothing souls have formed groups having dubious aims. The moderator appointed in these groups operates in strange way. It adds and removes person, without apprising the concerned person of the reason for such gestures. The moderator promotes himself as an open-minded person but it generally has hidden designs and so it edit any views which is contrary to his designs. There is also some hidden hand, operating in the group, whose only task is to give wrong colouring to all your well meaning impressions. Most of the groups remain active for some time but soon you would find them defunct, a barren land.


            *Dangerous Love On Facebook Via Photoshop* 

True love is above the differences caused by caste, creed and colour. It also defies differences caused by age and nationality. That’s how real love operates in real world by rising above such vain concerns. Using the same passion and virtues, even the wrong souls also claim to be in real love in real world. However, it’s faking at its best, wherein superficial sentiments, false vows get exchanged. If that’s how true and lesser lover exists in real world, the situation is not much different in virtual world. Love in its real and wrong shades/forms also exists in online world too. On Facebook an aged person, using a fake profile, having the picture of a celebrity as profile picture, can easily dupe a teenager girl and strike an unholy alliance. In the same fashion, a worn out over-aged women can play the same trick. One of the recent surveys showed that number of fake profiles on Facebook is quite large.  So it’s pretty difficult to ascertain the genuineness of an individual on Facebook against such a scenario, wherein Photoshop allows a fat lady to have hourglass shape of Julia Roberts quite easily! 


Well, these various aspects prevailing on Facebook ascertain that just like the real world, the virtual world is also comprised of good and evil. The precautions we take in real world to separate good from bad are also to be taken in virtual world. However, that’s not something what I wish to communicate. The real motive as I talk about making distinction between good and bad is to highlight the pain suffered by the real soul as we come to ensure that difference. The agony and humiliation faced by good souls in the process to ensure that bad gets truly marginalized always takes it toll on sensitive souls. The struggle between good and wrong people shall never stop in this world but it is not high time that good souls be prevented from being sacrificial lambs in this deadly drama? Have good souls appeared in this world merely to act as sacrificial lambs for attainment of insignificant causes powered by distorted minds? It’s time to think about it quite seriously so that good souls come to serve better cause rather than turning into sacrificial lambs.    

For Mine Eyes  Real Julia Roberts Is More Genuine Than Beauties Impersonating As Julia Roberts  Via Photoshop :-)

For Mine Eyes Real Julia Roberts Is More Genuine Than Beauties Impersonating As Julia Roberts Via Photoshop 🙂

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फेसबुक वाला इश्क: इसको बौड़मपने का माध्यम ना बनाये !!

फेसबुक: क्यों नहीं हम किसी माध्यम का सही  इस्तेमाल करते कभी?

फेसबुक: क्यों नहीं हम किसी माध्यम का सही इस्तेमाल करते कभी?

अलबर्ट आइंस्टाईन की तमन्ना थी कि एक ऐसा जहां हम बनाएं जहाँ मानवीय दुर्गुण न पहुच सके। जो इसके प्रभाव से परे हो। लेकिन शायद ये बहुत ही आदर्श स्थिति है जिसकी परिकल्पना तो ठीक है इसको असल जिंदगी में रूपांतरित करना शायद संभव नहीं। इसको फेसबुक पर व्याप्त नौटंकी से समझे।  इस  पहले ये देखे कि इस दुनिया में देखिये क्या हो रहा है। कोई भी अच्छा आदमी हो। उसके बारे में इतने सारे भ्रम फैला देंगे कि और तो और वो आदमी खुद भी भ्रमित हो जाएगा कि उसका असल चरित्र क्या है। ये दुनिया के लोग प्रमोट तो नहीं करेंगे पर हा सामूहिक रूप से मिलकर उसके इज्ज़त का चीरहरण जरूर कर देंगे। और ऐसे ही लोग किसी भी संस्था, फोरम को गिराने के पीछे भी होते। और ऐसा नहीं कि ये बिना दिमाग वाले लोग है। इनके पास बहुत दिमाग है लेकिन जैसे कि होता है कि भारी भरकम ओहदे और ऊंची डिग्री वालो के पास सिर्फ अहम होता है सो ये ना जिंदगी जी पाते है और ना ही किसी भी फ़ोरम की आदर्श स्थिति को ये बरकरार रहने देते है। मटियामेट करना ही इनको आता है, सब अच्छे खूबसूरत चेहरों और गतिविधियों को इनको सिर्फ विकृत करना ही आता है। हर साधारण चीज़ को ये जटिल बना देते है जिसको सुलझाने की तमीज इनके पास नहीं होती। आइये फेसबुक के माध्यम से समझे। लोग मानते है कि ऑनलाइन जगत सच्ची दुनिया से अलग है। बिलकुल अलग नहीं है। बल्कि ये आपके ही गुणों अवगुणों का आइना है। आप माने ये ना माने ये अलग बात है।


                                  *फेसबुक स्टेटस की महिमा* 

मेरे एक मित्र है। थोडा बीमार पड़ गए है। पता नहीं किन ग्रह नक्षत्रो के चलते इसका उल्लेख फेसबुक पर कर दिया। कर दिया सो कर दिया पर देखता हूँ कि कई बुडबक उस स्टेटस को लाइक करके निकल गए है। इसी बेहायी के चलते फेसबुक का स्टेटस लोग गिरा रहे है। जब दिमाग का इतना वाहियात इस्तेमाल फेसबुक पर कर रहे है तो मन डरता है ये सोचकर कि असल जिंदगी में ये कितने सुलझे हुएँ होंगे। किसी भी अच्छे प्लेटफार्म/ फोरम का ऐसे लोग ही स्तर गिराने के पीछे होते है।ये तो अच्छा हुआ एक पुरुष मित्र बीमार पड़ा। स्त्री जात का स्टेटस होता तो और नौटंकी होती। लाइक्स कही अधिक होती। ठीक होने की शुभकामनाएं भी अधिक होती।


                               *फेसबुक पर तर्कों का औचित्य* 

कानून का विद्यार्थी रहा हूँ इसलिए आर्ग्यूमेंट्स का महत्त्व औरो से बेहतर समझता हूँ लेकिन होता ये है कि जहा भेड़िया धसान सरीखा माहौल हो, कोई बुडबक कुछ भी बक सकता है वहा क्या तर्क करे और क्यों करे। खैर कुल मिला के बात सिर्फ है कि अपनी बात कहने का हौसला रखे कैसा भी माहौल हो जब तक आत्मा गंवारा करे खासकर तब जब बोलना ख़ामोशी से बेहतर हो। और उसके बाद ख़ामोशी से कट ले। हम तो यही करते है। आप का मै कह नहीं सकता।


                                            *कैसे कैसे ग्रुप्स*  

ना जाने किन वाहियात लोगो ने कैसे कैसे ग्रुप बना रखे है और बिना अनुमति लोगो को जोड़ते घटातें रहते है। इसमें एक सनकी मॉडरेटर रहता है। जिसको ना जोड़ने की तमीज है और ना ही ग्रुप की गतिविधियों को मानिटर करने की  तमीज। कहने को ये खुले दिमाग का होता है पर ये किसी के आधीन होकर एक ख़ास तरीकें ही की बात को प्रमोट करता है। तो जब कोई गतिविधि ना हो। और एक ख़ास दिमाग-गलत दिमाग- जब आपकी सारी बातो का अनर्थ कर डाले तो ग्रुप्स का औचित्य क्या है?


                                 *फेसबुक वाला इश्क़ एंड फोटोशाप* 

इश्क़ जात पाँत  का भेद नहीं देखता। उम्र का फासला भी नहीं देखता। असल जिन्दगी में इश्क के इस फ़लसफ़े का सही रूप भी देखने को मिलता है और गलत रूप भी देखने को मिलता है। फेसबुक का यही हाल है। यहाँ भी यही फ़लसफा विद्यमान है अपने सही गलत प्रकार में। सो तो फेसबुक पर भी लोग असली नकली चेहरो के साथ विद्यमान है। किस चेहरे के पीछे कौन है ये आप ठीक ठीक नहीं बता सकते है। कोई थुलथुल महिला भी जूलिया रोबर्ट्स सा फिगर पा सकती है फोटोशाप के जरिये और फील गुड कर सकती है और करा सकती है। एक अधेड़ उम्र का गया गुजरा व्यक्ति भी शाहरुख खान की तस्वीर लगा कर कुछ भी एहसास करा सकता है। जाहिर है कम उम्र की लौंडिया ही पटायेगा बकवास बात करने के लिए। अब इस तरह तो वो गहरा इश्क वाला लव करने से रहा।


शायद असल जिंदगी की तरह ये आभासी जगत भी अच्छे बुरे लोगो से भरा है।  जो सावधानी आप असल जिंदगी में बरतते है वो ऑनलाइन में भी बरतते है। लेकिन मुद्दा ये नहीं है। सावधानी बरतने वाला। तकलीफ ये है कि इस नौटंकी मतलब अच्छे बुरे के फर्क में भेद करने के उपक्रम के चलते अच्छे लोगो का जो प्रताड़ना झेलनी पड़ती है उसकी भरपाई कोई नहीं कर सकता। अच्छे बुरे के बीच  संघर्ष तो हमेशा ही चलता आया है और चलता रहेगा। ये कब रुका है। लेकिन अच्छे लोगो की बलि देने का सिलसिला इस संघर्ष के चलते कभी रुकेगा कि नहीं। क्या अच्छे लोग सिर्फ बेवजह बलि चढ़ने के लिए दुनिया में आते है? बताएं कोई?


फील गुड करने के लिए ये असल जूलिया रोबर्ट्स की असल सौम्यता ही काफी है। ये फोटोशाप वाली माया की क्या जरूरत है?

फील गुड करने के लिए ये असल जूलिया रोबर्ट्स की असल सौम्यता ही काफी है। ये फोटोशाप वाली माया की क्या जरूरत है?


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Online Love Vs Real Life Love! A Contrast.

Online Love: For real person it is as real as real life love!

Online Love: For real person it is as real as real life love!

The point is that the wrong person shall always deceive whether it’s online world or real world. It cannot be that in online world you remain honest and in real life you are almost different- unethical and immoral. So love, whether in online world or real world, is real all the time. It has same effect in virtual world which it has in real world. Those who see the effects as different have either not loved at all or are the ones who have been bitterly deceived in online world. That’s why they have lost faith in online lovers!!

As far as I am concerned all I see whether the love is true, deep and real or not. Whether it happens in online world or virtual world, there is hardly any noticeable difference. A person with wrong set of values shall deceive both in real world and in virtual world. On the contrary, a real person shall remain real both in virtual and real world in matters pertaining to love or anything else. In lighter vein love is, at least, disease free in online world! It’s safer.   

Bottom line: For True person both online and real world are equally beneficial. For wrong person both the worlds-online/real- are playground of devil.


Hindi Version:

होशवालो को खबर क्या ….…!!!! मनई चालू पटरी पर बैलगाड़ी/स्कूटर/फटफटिया लेकर जान की बाज़ी लगाते हुए निकल जाते है. सो इहाँ तो प्रेम की बात हो रही है. वैसे जो गहरा प्रेम करते है उन्हें पता है कि प्रेम कैसे भी हो प्रेम ही रहता है. क्या असल जीवन में प्रेम धोखा धडी, आग लगावन तत्वों से नहीं भरा रहता. सो ऑनलाइन प्रेम के लिए ही क्यों मूल्य अलग है? जो धोखा असल जीवन में देगा वो ऑनलाइन में भी देगा. और जो रस ऑनलाइन में है वो ही वास्तविक जीवन में भी है. कोई फर्क नहीं एक सही आदमी के लिए. सतही आदमी/स्त्री के लिए ऑनलाइन जगत भी घटिया है और वास्तविक जीवन भी घटिया है। कम से ऑनलाइन प्रेम हेल्थी है रोग मुक्त भी है.


A song from the period when love songs were not all about hot bed scenes, hot kissing. A song from movie of Mahesh Bhatt, whose films not only have off-beat themes, but even the song picturization is so aesthetic and appealing.

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Yash Chopra: A Filmmaker In Love With Illicit Relationships And Flawed Romance

Yash Chopra: The Filmmaker Interested In Flawed Romance

Yash Chopra: The Filmmaker Interested In Flawed Romance

I have never been die hard fan of Yash Chopra’s movies. His romantic angles mired in illicit relationship always left me appalled. He was a noted filmmaker having Midas touch for conceiving interesting themes, hinging around three people in one single relationship, either due to providence or chance. His penchant for such complex relationships, on par with illicit love affairs, could be gauged from the fact that barring his early years of film making when he made gems like Waqt, Dharamputra, Ittefaq, Mashaal, Trishul, Deewar and Kala Patthar, nearly all his movies in later years depicted adultery in one or other form. It can be safely opined that his movies, both explicitly and implicitly, promoted illegal relationships. That’s pretty unfortunate as filmmaker of his caliber should have been more sensible in application of his mind.

He had the brilliant ability to present romance with all its elements in grand style. The grandeur and colourful imagery noticeable in his movies takes away our breath. It’s true that average cine-goer likes to flirt with unfulfilled dreams and wishes as he/she enters inside the theater, and tries to dissolve the harsh realities in the silken world appearing and disappearing on the silver screen. Any average filmmaker is not very much interested in exposing his viewers to shades of realism. Yash Chopra understood this well and so in his movies we have characters, borrowed straight from Mills and Boon novels, flirting with  their ladies against scenic backdrop. No wonder Swiss government honoured Yash Chopra for promoting tourism in Switzerland!

To make his romance stories gain some substance, he was but compelled to fall in the arms of “illicit relationship” so as to provide some shock value to his films. However, he lacked the ability to seriously contemplate over any issue, which demanded deep attention, but in the same genre  his brother B R Chopra exhibited the art of serious presentation in an effortless manner. That’s why B R Chopra’s “Gumrah”, having adultery as central theme, depicted the conflict emanating out of such relationship quite well. Yash Chopra’s movies based on the same plot stand nowhere to pathos exhibited in Gumrah. Yash was more governed by the desire to emerge as a successful director in the genre of popular cinema despite being person of immense capabilities. He was a pure entertainer, who used “arrival of third person” as perfect masala element to make his movies mint money. That’s why we cannot contrast him with likes of Raj Kapoor. He failed to attain the stature of Raj Kapoor, who was also governed by the desire to emerge as great entertainer but with a difference: Raj’s sensitivity always managed to find a suitable cause, which under his brilliant directorial treatment ripped apart our emotions. In fact, lot is said about depiction of grandeur/ style in his movies but Gulshan Rai and Feroz Khan stand miles ahead of him even in this department.

Now  That's  Called   Candyfloss Romance!

Now That’s Called Candyfloss Romance!

Let’s take into cognizance “illicit relationship” – a dominant feature of his movies. He should not have roped in this angle unless he  had enough reasons to substantiate his viewpoint. For instance, let’s take “Darr” promoted as a violent love story. What was Yash Chopra trying to demonstrate? That Sunny Deol (husband) has to be equally cunning, powerful and mad like Shah Rukh Khan (lover) to save his wife from the shrewd moves. The greatest irony is that evil gets checkmated by good doesn’t sound convincing in the end when evil enjoys the upper hand, dancing with some else’s beloved for most of the time. One of the salient features of movies made by Yash Raj Films has been that one has to be shrewd and street smart to emerge as a winner. Idealism is of little use in world dominated by market-oriented world, wherein end justifies the means. That’s the guiding principle of protagonists appearing in “Trishul” and “Deewar”. Aditya Chopra’s “Dilwale Dulhania Le Jayenge”  highlights the same trait. The protagonist even as he is reluctant to run away with his beloved, enters into ridiculousness and pathetic gestures to woo his would be wife. The success of this movie is remark on the declining standards of a viewer’s approach towards cinema.

That’s the aberration which marred the movies churned out by Yash Raj Films. The movies having candyfloss flavour, embedded in synthetic sentiments, depicted a section of society, which barely depicted the real face of India. For instance, Salaam Namaste was entirely shot in Australia, talked about reunion of two lovers, caught in problems born out of “laid-back lifestyle”. Hum Tum, Mohabbatein, Dil To Pagal Hai and etc. turned out be old wine in new bottle. Even patriotic perceptions were effectively used in  “Chak De India” to keep the cash box ringing. The point is that Yash Chopra and his successors have realized this pretty well that market forces and not the theme of the movie, which ensures success or failure. The global world, which made the boundaries meaningless, opened new markets, and, therefore, themes also got focused on people who sustained these markets. Both Bollywood and Hollywood rely on stereotyped emotions to make their movies emerge as blockbuster. So scenic landscape, stunning faces, big cars and pulsating music became the essential ingredients of romantic movies be its made by Yash Chopra or anyone else from Hollywood.

Some might find it unpalatable, and unbearable as well, to treat his movies as promoter of illegal relationships. However, it’s not a misplaced belief when one becomes aware of the fact that  cinema, life and society are intimately linked to each other. Chandni, Dhool Ka Phool,  Kabhi Kabhi, Silsila, Doosra Aadmi, Darr, Faasle, Lamhe, Daag, Aaina, Yeh Dillagi and Mere Brother Ki Dulhan to name a few, more or less, had controversial themes, wherein secret lover or illicit relationship added a complex twist to the story line. It’s a cliche to state that cinema borrows its concept from society. The ultimate truth is that it borrows the clues from society, exaggerates them, turning them into saleable scripts and, in the process, creates scope for more distorted themes. In a combined  research conducted by the ” American Medical Association, the American Psychological Association, the American Academy of Pediatrics, the American Academy of Child and Adolescent Psychiatry and the National Institute of Mental Health” to establish the negative impact of movies on youths in USA, it was clearly established that “just as every cigarette increases the chance that someday you will get lung cancer, every exposure to violence increases the chances that some day a child will behave more violently than they otherwise would.”

 The point is when you are genuinely depicting the harsh realities of life, be it centered on illegal relationship, it adds a new dimension in your understanding but when you use such themes to carve unrealistic presentation, merely to ensure commercial success, it’s altogether a different story. Yash Chopra was more conscious of commercial success then ensuring a perfect  treatment to a substantial story line. Ironically, Mahesh Bhatt  also used illicit relationship as effective plot but he ensured that he remained close to the real life. Anyway, Yash Chopra makes me realize that  attaining success is different thing than doing good work which makes difference in lives of people. He got success by promoting flawed romance, which served no greater cause other than ensuring flow of money.

Illicit Relationship Looked More Charming In His Movies

Illicit Relationship Looked More Charming In His Movies


New York Times

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Modern Lovers Or Couples Loving Breakups and Separation More Than Long Intimate Union !

Breakups Are Very Painful

Breakups Are Very Painful

It’s really hard to understand why lovers or couples who were so intimately involved in courtship years feel the need to move on different routes barely after few years of togetherness in a marital relationship? In my eyes,  such breakdowns are indicative of weak foundation.  Just the way the wall crumbles down if it’s devoid of proper foundation, the modern relationships are crumbling because they were not built upon the proper values in the formative years.  At the same time it cannot be altogether denied that negative education has made newer generation hyperconscious.  As a result of wrong conditioning we are not able to imbibe positive values which ensure healthy relationship.  For instance, co-operation is indicative of weakness. One needs to prove one’s worth.  So when competitive spirits sets in the wisdom gives ways to trickery or cleverness.  One might be totally corrupt but one should know how to promote himself as saint! That’s called management funda by our modern times management gurus!  We have now mastered this art.  The world is being ruled by such people only.  No wonder right from offices to homes are all in state of doldrums.

Some feel that new work culture in which couples do not get enough time to share qualitative moments might be the reason of rise in cases of separation. However,  one needs to ask why did we give rise to such system which ensured such maddening involvement of both the sexes? On top of it,  it was very cleverly filled inside the consciousness of modern women that they can live life on their own with no assistance from anyone else.  Obviously, heightened individualism ensured that modern women feels it insulting to compromise or adjust! At the same time, capitalist values ensured that greed controls both the sexes.  So even as the couple talked about love somewhere in the mind the desire to own big house and car or, for that matter,  comforts of life remained the cherished goals.

Economic security does ensure stability but bigger financial dreams often acts as spoilsport.  So bigger became our dreams, the lesser became our happiness. Above all,  in an attempt to realize our dreams we created a huge distance from our real being.  After all, bigger dreams cannot be realized unless we have learnt the art of deception, unless we have learnt to work like machines.  Once we turned into machines the home life representative of intimate feelings became some sort of stopover.  It also ensured that complexities look like part and parcel of human life; complex relationship look more meaningful than normal relationships and all lesser people got  worshiped as icons of success.  Against this backdrop,  it’s obvious break ups are more visible than tales of long union.

Is there a way to restore lost love or lost intimacy ?  Yes.  However, the problem with human beings is that as they increase the subtlety of mind they coin strange terms to define human relationships.  That way they make the human life more complex.   Life is calmer when we rise above the such stupid notions carved by humans.  Just go back in times when we were kids. We were mired in bliss since we loved life to its fullest.  Now we don’t enjoy life.  The new absurd categorizations which sees men and women as alpha male and alpha female have blocked the interplay of emotions humane in nature.  So the most effective way to ensure a good relationship is to strike a good bond with our real being.  How can we know that we have struck a perfect bond with it ? Once it happens we start thinking in simple ways.  Like a walk together becomes as romantic as dinner in costly restaurant!!  Let’s learn to be simple so that we regain the ability to see the world from our own eyes rather than seeing the world from eyes of corrupt souls.

I am interested in deep loving relationship between man and woman.  And I am really in pain to say that as both sexes are evolving it’s become difficult for them to live together in perfect harmony.  I prefer inertness of previous ages than evolution of nowadays.  At least,  we were able to “drink from thine eyes” quite freely without being fear of labeled as this or that.

“Drink to me only with thine eyes,
And I will pledge with mine;
Or leave a kiss within the cup
And I’ll not ask for wine.”

( Ben Jonson)

Pretenders Are Losers

Pretenders Are Losers

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