मर्द तो एक कुत्ता है जिसके गले में औरत ने डाला पट्टा है..








मर्द तो एक कुत्ता है जिसके गले में औरत ने डाला पट्टा है..


अगर ये गीत इतना अश्लील ना होता तो आधुनिक गीतों की माला में शान से चमक रहा होता ..आश्चर्य है कि डेल्ही बेल्ली के गीत पे इतना हंगामा मचा पर अश्लीलता के सर्वोच्च पायदान पर खड़े इस गीत पर किसी की नज़र नहीं गयी..इससें तो यही समझ में आता है कि सेंसर बोर्ड नाम की संस्था को खल्लास कर देना चाहिए.

हा मै इस “कुत्ताप्रधान” गीत की इसलिए तारीफ करना चाहूँगा कि कम से कम इसने इस सच्चाई को सटीक शब्दों में दर्शाया कि कैसे आज की औरते /लड़किया मर्दों के गले में कुत्ते का पट्टा डाल कर कुत्ते की तरह दम हिलाने पे मजबूर कर देती है “इश्क ” नाम के हसीन फरेब में फँसाकर. वैसे आजकल के स्त्रीनुमा मर्द है ही गले में पट्टा डालने लायक.

बंध गया पट्टा, देखो बन गया कुत्ता 

बाँध इश्क का पट्टा देखो बन गया कुत्ता 

बंध गया पट्टा, देखो बन गया कुत्ता 

कुड़ी ने डाली बोटी, दूध भिगोई रोटी 

अजी प्यार से पुचकारा 

पुचु पुचु बोल पुकारा 

अजी प्यार से पुचकारा 

पुचु पुचु बोल पुकारा

तुने समझा की लव है 

तू इसका अब रब है 

कभी बजी जो घंटी 

डोंट वारी माय फ्रेंड बंटी

वैसे गीत के बोल समूचे में आप यहाँ देख और सुन सकते है:



गीतकार: लव रंजन 

संगीतकार :क्लिंटन सेरेजो, हितेश सोनिक 

गायक : मीका सिंह 



Pics Credit: Pic One














6 responses

  1. A comment that I received on a very reputed LinkedIn group:

    Dear Arvind:

    No Life without women , neither Birth nor fantassy in life, even animals need life partner female . a woman is a mother of some one who gave birth to him / her & he / she love her somuch till another women comes in his life as love parter. Please give due respect to women —–

    -V K Verma,Manager Maintenance at HSIL Ltd.


    My response to Mr Vijendra Kumar Verma:

    @ V K Verma

    Thanks Vijendra Vermaji for spending your precious time in reading the post. I agree to your observations wholeheartedly. I have really no problem in giving way to truth inherent in your comment. However, as a conscious writer, I feel it’s my duty to make you people apprise of the latest undercurrents influencing the Indian society.

    I am sure you too would agree to my views that respect does dose not mean being slavish. The feminization of men should stop. That’s all.


  2. Woman being the weaker and having their bodies transformed for nine months to bring new humans to earth were the lesser in the man formed cultures because of their need to be watched over while the new life was being formed

    Man over the centuries felt that this responsibility gave them the right to dominate what man perceived as the lesser in their man formed cultures

    When men were the originators of gods, cultures, laws, languages, wars and all things pertaining to how man seen life and life after death, then man can only blame man if what they created isn’t to man’s likings

    This is how we ended up in the here and now and not taking sides as to what gender is the most misused

    1. @JustMeAgain

      Your comment means nothing to those who have suffered brutality at the hands of women..Kindly wait for second post in this regard.

      I hope you must have seen the video if you failed to read what’s written in the post. The video is indicative of newer trend patterns.. Certainly, you would be the much happier soul in seeing such a feminization of men…

      1. If something is changed because of something else the the thing changed deserved to follow a new path

        The man hands of brutality were hands that dealt the world with more pain than all the pain woman might have caused in their struggle for recognition of a equal human, in the man story of life and life after death

        To feel happy from any other humans pain physical or mental would make that person who felt that way an insensitive and a detriment to the human species

        जीवन परिवर्तन नहीं करेंगे

      2. @JustMeAgain

        Such vagueness in response makes the response fit to be ignored!!!

  3. The problem with the human species is their ability to ignore!

    Is the vagueness of a child’s thoughts to be interpreted as to never grow or have worth? but as the thoughts become more clear, the now adult can be understood and may become a great adult thinker–not that it matters to their worth

    Never dispel something that someday may be just what one needed!

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