Why have the Brahmins become a miserable lot in modern India ?

Why have the Brahmins become a miserable lot in modern India ?

We have become used to making crass remarks in our times.One of the most common perception is that Brahmins are themselves responsible for their downfall.It’s their bonhomie with corrupt thought patterns that have eclipsed their glory.There is cycle of events. Since Dalits were oppressed at the hands of Brahmins in previous ages,it’s now their turn to oppress the Brahmins. Ironically, reservations have nearly created such a scenario in which Brahmins have become a marginalized class.

Interestingly, the rise of women is also being hailed as per cycle of events.The men tortured them in previous times.Now it’s their turn to harass men.Here too female oriented laws and reservation for them are virtually tearing apart the man and woman intimate relationship.I would not deny that both in case of Dalits and women some injustice indeed had been done in past.However,let these problems do not give rise to solutions that become more dangerous than problems!

However,the same thing is happening in our society?The solutions in form of laws and reservation may or may not have improved the face of Dalits or women but they have indeed polarized the society to a dangerous extent.At present,the Indian society has become playhouse of strange set of values that have virtually toppled all good beliefs.Reservations have replaced meritocracy with mediocrity leading to great frustration among the talented souls.

A married woman threatens to implicate the husband in false case if the husband dares to prevent her from wrongdoings.In modern terminology that’s being hailed as “awareness”. However,my thinking mind,fails to treat that as awareness.Is it awareness that has given rise to so many complexities of all types? Is that awareness that makes a women file a false case ? Is that awareness which place mediocrity above meritocracy merely to honour reservation policies ? I feel that if awareness is creating so many problems for me then it’s better that I should fast become most ignorant !

Why have the Brahmins become a miserable lot in modern India ?

One women’s rights female supporter once told me that rising number of divorce cases in courts is indicative of the fact that women have now become aware of their rights ! That means court cases are directly proportional to level of awareness ! Readers please don’t blame me for such odd assumptions.I am only stating on basis of perceptions that have hit our society in recent times.No body should assume that I am against reforms.Or that I am against corrective measures. I am only stating that while framing new rules for new society just be extra conscious so that our better ways and means don’t trap us in unspeakable problems.

One reason why our solutions have backfired is because we arrived at them via lies and falsehood sponsored by progressive literature and ,of course, because we treated theories created by Britishers as ultimate truth.One such theory is that Brahmins prevented other classes from having access to knowledge of Vedas.However,we find not only great woman scholars but we also find that characters like Kakbhusundi narrating tales of Rama to Garuda or for that matter Lord Shiva in form of a “chandala”(low person) giving discourse to Sri Shankara !

We never dared to question the findings of foreign scholars who talked about us in prejudiced way.They said men oppressed the women.We believed that with eyes wide shut.They told us that Brahmins suppressed and harassed the Dalits.We also believed that in toto.We never tried to question the exaggerated versions.As a result ,we are a society caught in worst type of contradictions.Anyway,I was talking about the downfall of Brahmins.I agree they have deviated away from highly virtuous lifestyle.

Why have the Brahmins become a miserable lot in modern India ?

I wish to know haven’t we all deviated away from a life based on values?Why Brahmins alone are being ridiculed as hypocrites,as ponga pandits ?They may have fallen from grace but then is that fall solely because of their own character flaws ? I mean if Brahmins have deviated away from the life based on values then is that because they have willingly chosen to do so ? I don’t think so.May be most of us have stopped treating them as representative of virtues ,especially in urban belt, but I can still say with conformity that they are still the fountainhead of wisdom.

They are still unparallel in their understanding and approach.They are still finest combination of wisdom and balance which is why they are hailed as Panditah(one who is owner of wisdom and equanimity ).No wonder why a dalit leader finds her social engineering incomplete without their pivotal role ! It’s another thing that very system in which they come to play an important role they are being subjected to humiliation of all sorts.I will not go into past to tell that they enjoyed a high position,to an extent that all our main incarnation of Gods washed their feet and had their blessings.“I am convinced that everything has come down to us from the banks of the Ganges, – astronomy, astrology, metempsychosis, etc.It is very important to note that some 2,500 years ago at the least Pythagoras went from Samos to the Ganges to learn geometry.But he would certainly not have undertaken such a strange journey had the reputation of the Brahmins’ science not been long established in Europe.” (Voltaire)

Why have the Brahmins become a miserable lot in modern India ?

It’s really painful to see Brahmins stripped of their dignity in our present society.Even they themselves admit that since they have given to modern lifestyles it’s hard for them to hail themselves as Brahmins ! Some openly tell that they drink beer and are involved in prohibited actions. However, having seen society from all possible angles,I must say they are still the best class of human beings on planet earth.

That’s why I refuse to believe that Brahmins would have ever treated Dalits or women the way it has been depicted in foreign literature.In my eyes the real culprit are the patterns that we followed for past many centuries.

Why have the Brahmins become a miserable lot in modern India ?

Can’t we see that how modern education has distanced away from our roots that most of the Gen-Next people are absolutely unaware of the finer traits of our legacy?How can we honour our roots if we are so cut-off from our past ? Same logic can be used to explain why Brahmins are so ashamed to acknowledge their true worth or, for that matter,why they have made themselves susceptible to humiliation ?They have just lost hold of the attributes that made them special.It’s still with them but they are unable to manifest it.Remember, a diamond even in guttered water shall remain priceless and precious.My point is that circumstances are to be blamed more than their own individual flaws which have led to downsizing of their aura.It’s time for the Brahmins to recognize their true worth.They should mend their manners and learn to keep themselves above the ironies of our times.

The essence of India is the essence of Brahmins.From birth till death the shlokas carved by them show us the way.If time has written for them a role mired in humiliation then they should accept that with grace.However,the ironies of our times should not be the excuse for them to move away from the divinity that exists in them. I hope their bond with divinity shall remain intact which is so necessary to keep universe no less than as reflection of the kingdom of devas(gods).

Why have the Brahmins become a miserable lot in modern India ?


Education system Given To Us By The Britishers

The Plight Of Modern Brahmins

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16 responses

  1. Your article is a joke | Reply

    ? What a sad joke. You are delusional, and you’re frustrated.

  2. @Your article is a joke

    True,the people who speak the truth and who present the reality as it is are always the most delusional and frustrated.You got it so right.

    Gham iskadar badhe ke mein ghabra ke pee gaya
    Is dil ki bekasi pe taras kha ke pee gaya

    Thukra raha tha humko badi der se jahan
    Mein aaj is jahan ko thukra ke pee gaya.


  3. A subject which needed a more analytical and serious approach ,rather than this rhetoric which argues with assumption of Brahmins being a cast!
    Tulsi in initial verses itself of ‘Manas’ describes a Brahman as one who is capable to dispel /do away all the misconceptions /skepticism arising out of infatuations!
    Now JUDGE how many so called pass this criteria? Most of them are just pathetically adhered to sacred threads and puja path fir their livelihood?
    Remember IT IS THE KNOWLEDGE in its true sense which makes one pundit or Brahmin!Not bearing of just a sacred thread and chantings of mantras whose meanings are never understood by many !

  4. Thanks Mishraji for responding.I take note of the fact that you spent some time in jotting down a comment.Though I have no hesitation in accepting the gentle or mild criticism so obvious in your comment,I have my serious objection to use of word “rhetoric”.So even as I accept the criticism as it is I wish to clear the air with regard to the apparent sweeping analysis on your part,especially when you use the said word.I term it as sweeping analysis on many grounds.

    You miss the point that at many places the writer has given clear indication of the fact that Brahamins are representative of wisdom.Therefore,it’s a futile attempt to highlight this fact and make it an issue that Brahmins are “capable to dispel /do away all the misconceptions /skepticism arising out of infatuations!”.Though this fact in itself a good fact from information point of view.True,this article could have a more “analytical and serious approach” but I smile at this observation because while writing it I had kept in mind that I never intended it to follow a “analytical and serious approach”. My only aim was to highlight the issue and make the issue a part of the consciousness of thinking souls.I am sure the likes of you would indeed add new dimensions in the whole issue.Like to inform you that I deliberately avoided unfolding the attributes that goes in the making of a Brahmin and instead relied more on the caste factor ? I tell you why I did that.

    If you have visited the video link,something that acted as catalyst for the writing of this present article, the issue is not that Bahmins are not in tune with their attributes or that they have given way to superficial gestures.The moot point is that Brahmins as a class are being ignored whether they are in league with their specialized attribute or not.To lament over the fact that they have lost their stature because of loss of command over the attributes that define them shall give way to an altogether different issue.That’s why I say your reference to Tulsi is out of context in present issue even as it serves the purpose of information.

    My question is:Has merit been considered to promote the Dalits ? If not then there is no need to see Barhminhood of a Brahmin a factor for ensuring their promotion of for that matter treating its absence to curse them ? What prevents others to ignore the plight of Brahmins ? So what’s your point Mishraji ? Should all Brahmins be real Brahmins to make others aware of their plight ? In my eyes if you wish to curse the Brahmin,no matter on what grounds, you just do it.I have given a hint of it in my article.The Brahmins ,in whatever position they are, need no favour from others.They are capable enough to take care of their interests even in the darkest scenario.However,that just give not others a chance to make mockery of their situation.You seem to be irked over the importance given to caste factor. I am not. Because while writing it the caste was very much in my mind.The “why” has been explained but I need to shed light on a fact (you must be aware of it ) that to be hailed as a Brahmin you have to be Brahmin by birth.It’s a definition approved by the scriptures.So Misharji you can be reluctant or shy of being a Brahmin just caste-wise but I have no qualms in seeing that way alone.

    True, a more analytical and serious approach is wanted.That’s why I did the beginning by penning the piece. Now the route is open for refined scholars like you and others to add the perspective you like.I didn’t do that because in initial sages it would not create the desired effect.To tell all that this and that defines a Brahmin would not serve any purpose to stop the marginalization of Brahmins.As if all refined Brahmins are above the effect of woes of modern times ! The purpose of the article was not at all to make others conscious of the attributes of the Brahmins or to unfold the characteristics that make them stand apart in the crowd.The purpose was to direct the consciousness of thinking class to treat the marginalization of Brahmins as a serious issue.I am happy that a discussion on this issues on various sites have given a reason to smile.

    I hope Mishraji you visited the links in the post.Both audio and video links are there to fill the missing links related with ” analytical and serious approach”

    And yes,wish you happy new year again.

  5. ‎”It’s a definition approved by the scriptures”
    Which scripture says so Arvind? Have you forgotten the oft repeated quote…
    ..every one takes birth as ‘Shudra’ .. its only sacraments which turn one into a Brahamin -a Dwij which lexically means being born again!
    And yes you are very correct the Brahman caste is being marginalized but WHO is to be blamed …Brahimins themselves! and i wanted to point out that only …! The lot is no more logical and erudite …what they have been in past….

  6. Gyandutt Pandeyji

    श्री अरविन्द पाण्डेय – ब्राह्मण हमेशा यूंही एलीट नहीं रहा। बुद्धिज्म और इस्लाम के प्रहार को उसने अपने बुद्धि कौशल से परास्त किया। वह जरूर समय को अपनी ओर मोड़ पायेगा। पर अगर वह समय से दकियानूसी तरीके से लड़ेगा तो मिटेगा ही

  7. My response to Gyandutt Pandeyji :



    मेरे पोस्ट पे यह अब तक की सबसे उत्तम प्रतिक्रिया है.कुछ लोगो को मेरी एक दो बात नागावार गुज़री है इस सन्दर्भ में कि ब्राहमण योनी का कोई ख़ास महत्व नहीं यदि ब्राहमणत्व का लिहाज़ नहीं.बात तो सही है आज के युग में (पर मेरी नज़र में यह दो कौड़ी का तर्क है ) मगर क्योकि मेरा लेख इस पक्ष को लेकर नहीं लिखा गया था और चुकी मुझे पता है ऐसी आपत्ति का आधार बहुत से नाजायज़ बातो पे भी टिका होता है मैंने इसी विषय को को थोडा सा और शोध कर के लिखा है जिसमे मैंने यही कहा है कि ब्राहमण यदि ब्राहमणत्व का पालन करते है तो अति उत्तम और अगर नहीं करते है तो भी वो औरो से श्रेष्ठ है इसलिए कम से कम उनका marginalization और उनकी उपेक्षा बंद होनी चाहिए.

    मेरा यही मानना है ब्राहमण किसी से कुछ लेने देने की नीयत से काम नहीं करता तो आप उसको प्रोमोट करते है तब भी ठीक है और नहीं करते है तब भी वो हर विषम परस्थिति में में अपने दम पे survive करने का दम रखता है.यद्यपि मेरे लिए यह कठिन कार्य है यह सिद्ध करना कि “brahmin by birth ” भी मायने रखता है. अब संस्कृत का इतना भयंकर ज्ञान तो है नहीं की हर श्लोक को अपने हिसाब से सेट कर लू. क्योकि देख रहा हू भाई लोगो ने उन श्लोको को तो खूब प्रचारित किया है जिसमे ब्राहमणों से ब्राहमणत्व की अपेक्षा की गयी है पर इस योनी का महत्व अपने आप में ही छोटा कर रखा है जानबूझकर.

    एक छोटी से कोशिश कर रहा हू इस पक्ष को भी रखने की.लिख लूँगा तो आपको लिंक दूंगा. और यह आपकी प्रतिक्रिया मै अपने पोस्ट पे पेस्ट कर रहा हू.और हा पांडेजी कोई श्लोक हो जो इस पक्ष को रखता हो कारगर ढंग से तो बताये नहीं तो काम भर का मसाला तैयार कर लिया है :-))

  8. Your article is a joke | Reply

    Dude, you’ve lost it!… What’s so special about being a brahmin? You think you’ve got access to some special divine set of genes that the rest of the world doesn’t? You think born in the brahmin caste makes you special and more intelligent than the rest of the species?

    Then you go and justify the ‘marginalization’ (as you put it) because of the brahmin’s inability to rise up and combat the situation, or they being led by temptations… well, what happened to that special quality?

    Buddy, I know you’ve lost it and can’t be made to understand that all humans are basically equal.

    Well, good luck chum, you’re going to be frustrated over this issue all your life cause the world is just not going to go back to those days dark when people would kow-tow to the brahmin devta and feed him for free :p

    Read some premchand man 😉

    1. अपना चेहरा भी दिखाने से अब डरते है लोग….!
      क्या आज क़े माहौल से इतना भयभीत हो गया है इंसान…

      (Dinesh Mishra)

      Dear Reader(Your article is a joke) ,

      The part of this article is also available on my wordpress page. Here is the link :


      Your “missing links” are here.

      Arvind K.Pandey

  9. You first look at your inferiority complex which is so obvious that you have to hide behind the veil of anonymity while responding.Either you don’t have the courage to argue with proper credentials or you are too ashamed to argue with a Bramhin :-))

    Anyway,there is nothing substantial in your comment as you are more bothered over my so-called imaginary loss or so-called imaginary win ! Okay ! I have lost. Now it’s time to disco with your friends ! Have some beer sheer !! Announce it on Doordarshan and AIR !! After all, you have won ! I can see you have come up with ultimate truth of life.I bow down my head in shame that till now I was not aware of such great truths! You have opened my eyes.In fact,I have run short of epithets for you.

    It’s no point in realizing that you seem to be lost in your premeditated orientations than being worried about the issue at hand.I call it premeditated on grounds that right from the first comment you are hell bent to prove me “frustrated” “loser” and so on and so forth. So anybody discussing a critical issue is a loser.Great.Hats off to your reasoning ability.

    Anyway,dude be more worried about your intelligence than being worried about the intelligence of Brahmins.And yes,there are missing links in this article that would appear soon in part two of the present article.Maybe tomorrow. Even though it’s hard for a person in grip of hallucinations, caused by imaginary loss and win of others, to read the piece with right set of orientations ,I still invite you to have a look at the part two of this article.I am sure by then you would have overcome your childish mind to understand the essence of next article in a proper spirit.

    Anyway,I must thank you for jotting down so many words with such an excited mind.And yes,I am a great loser.Thanks buddy for arriving on the scene and making me aware of the great truths.Guruji Pranam. Apni Kripa Banaye Rakhe.

  10. hari om .jay go brahamanavya

    1. Thanks for posting your views.

    1. Thanks for reading the article.

  11. […] Why have the Brahmins become a miserable lot in modern India? Share this:DiggLike this:LikeBe the first to like this. […]

    1. Thanks Rupali Rajopadhye Rotti for making my article part of your fascinating article “Puja and Untouchability – Possible Arguments from Alternate Science”…Keep doing the great work…

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