Ghost Of Gujarat Riots: A Panacea For Secular Souls Lying On Their Death Beds

Ghost Of Gujarat Riots: A Panacea For Secular Souls Lying On Their Death  Beds

The ghost of Gujarat riots acts as panacea for secular souls lying on their death beds. The horror stories conceived by the psuedo-intellectuals still make their presence felt whenever the right wing politics makes its presence felt in this nation. The most amazing thing is that people talking about the killings of Muslims at the hands of Hindus in 2002 Gujarat riots seem to be trapped in some sort of time warp. I mean they fail to acknowledge the role of Narendra Modi in light of recent happenings.

It’s hard task for them to realize that Gujarat has become role model for growth and economic prosperity. They fail to realize that half-truths and falsehood sustained by them with help of biased Indian and foreign media are losing strength with each passing day as we come to face-to-face with new facts pertaining to the riots. They still hail Narendra Modi as “butcher” even as the butcher has now attained new heights with a clean image- an image fit enough to be in the race to emerge as new Prime minister. New heights attained by Narendra Modi has made him pain in the ass for soul indulging in secular politics.

The Gujarat riots provide us an interesting glimpse into the functioning of media and Indian politics. It shows how our media and politics are crippled by mediocre minds, who lack ability to intercept the new realities that have emerged in India and world outside. It’s very clear that politics in India has always been aimed to grasp the power and it’s never been people oriented. It’s never been growth oriented. It’s never been aimed at true “Bharat Nirman“. On the contrary the unholy nexus of power hungry politicians with slavish media always worked to materialize their vested interests. So we have likes of Teesta Setalvad who ” cooked up macabre tales of wanton killings” like “a pregnant Muslim woman Kausar Banu was gangraped by a mob, who then gouged out the foetus with sharp weapons”.

We have likes of Arundhati Roy who used their fertile imagination to talk about killings that never took place at all. The Western media believing these sincere “agents of Satan” painted Modi in all wrong colours and like always used their flawed writings to enter in India bashing. Their writings made India appear a nation that does not respect human rights of minorities!! As a result of such India bashing our secular governments learnt the right lesson and ensured that likes of Afzal and Kasab have their plates of “Biryani” behind the bars!!!

The modus operandi is now not a well guarded secret. The secular writers and media persons of this nation first churn out bullshit and then it gets spread to other parts of world, wherein such half-truths are treated as gospel truth by like minded souls who convert them into special stories. The main intention is to derail the growth of India. That’s the reason why when Karan Thapar interviews Narendra Modi it becomes necessary for him to flaunt his limited knowledge about Godhra happenings, forgetting that Gujarat has entered into new mode after the incident. However, the time has stopped for secular souls and to them the only thing that has taken place in the universe since it came into origin after the big bang is Gujarat riots!!!!

I need to appreciate Ram Jethmalani that he made realize the secular fool Karan Thapar that people like him who own American or British accent usually have a very poor IQ level. It’s pathetic to see that even likes of Romila Thapar can stoop down to an all-time low to appease the secular forces. So she can make a shrill cry that Ayodhya verdict was based on faith and not on facts without bothering to know the content of the judgment in reality. The real tragedy is that most of the other publications or electronic channels make little effort to go into details. They keep repeating the flawed opinions as that serves their vested interest quite well rather than insipid truth. Truth does not make news. However, twisted truth does manage to find many takers.

How can we forget that secular UPA government went out of the way to establish anti- constitutional Banerjee committee, which ensured that Godhra train burning looks “accidental” ? Now that’s the way secularism in India is being promoted. The lies related with minorities after given larger than life image are being presented as truths while the truths related with majority are being presented as falsehood !! What’s really stunning is that media including foreign which boasts of ensuring truth never bothers to cross check the authenticity of facts if it involves the interests of minorities but to ensure the “culpability” of Modi they can pressurize even the Apex court.

The same media never bothers to enquire as to how come so many awards were given by the Indian government to Teesta Stalvad when she had been guilty of lying on oath? How came she became part of government managed committees? Who ensured that a convict like Binayak Sen be part of Planning Commission? Why the media never sheds tears over the way UPA or secular governments misuse constitutional powers?

Ghost Of Gujarat Riots: A Panacea For Secular Souls Lying On Their Death  Beds

Why is the media so hyper conscious in targeting anything remotely serving the cause of Hindus? In other words, the way Indian media is interested in targeting Hindu forces makes it clear that it’s too agent of foreign forces, which wish to disturb the stability in South Asian region. These forces are using the tried and tested “divide and rule” method and dirty minds in UPA with help of gestures like introduction of “Prevention of Communal and Targeted Violence(Access to Justice and Reparations), 2011″ ( Communal Violence Bill) are making confrontation a reality. The Indian media is more interested in chasing myth like “Hindu Terrorism” instead of sabotaging the reality in form of Islamic terrorism which has now reached inside the corridors of Parliament and Courts!!! Well, it’s time for the conscious citizens to ensure the demise of secular media and secular government and get it replaced with a government which really thinks about their welfare in sound way with right policies.

Recently, I had a meaningful conversation with New Delhi based senior journalist Jayanta Bhattacharya over the distorted face of truth when it comes to Gujarat riots. I am presenting the conversation as it is. It has some fascinating facts including the recent findings, which makes it quite clear that media loves to portray falsehood and not truth. Let me remind the readers that conversation started when one gentleman hailed Narendra Modi as “Butcher of Gujarat” . I must make it very clear that I am no great fan of Modi but it really bothers me that making caricature of people doing good work has become a special feature of Indian minds. I also do not appreciate the way my dear friend has hailed Narendra Modi as “Mahatma Modi” but I must say he is one of the few who has the guts to speak the truth without being afraid of the repercussions.


Jayanta Bhattacharya:

Butcher of Gujarat? Who? If you are talking about Narendra Modi then I must say that you are a victim of Con-led UPA propaganda. Under Con rule in Gujarat more communal riots took place. In 2002, more Hindus died in the post-Godhra riots than Muslims, that started with the heinous murders of innocent Hindu pilgrims by blood-thirsty jihadis in the Sabarmati Express near Godhra. It was Mahatma Modi, the angel of peace who brought the riots to a stop within 48 hours thus saving the lives of many, many more Hindus. Do you have any idea what you are saying?


Arvind K. Pandey:

Well, the recent verdict delivered by Supreme Court is a hard slap on the faces of people seeking culpability of Narendra Modi in 2002 riots. However, the dull minds refuse to accept the reality. Allan Johannes seems to be one of them for whom distorted truth and falsehood is more dear than truth!!

Though the magistrate is yet to deliver the final verdict, it can still be stated that it’s truth that ultimately shines and not the propaganda engineered by dirty secular minds.

From the news item:

The Supreme Court on Monday refused to pass any order on Gujarat chief minister Narendra Modi’s alleged inaction to contain the 2002 Gujarat riots after the Godhra carnage and referred the matter to the concerned magistrate in Ahmedabad for a decision.

“God is great!” — tweeted Gujarat chief minister Narendra Modi on Monday summed up his reaction to the Supreme Court direction in the 2002 Gulburg Society riots case in just three words.

The reaction of the 60-year-old BJP leader reflected his relief over the order as he was being accused time and again by opposition Congress and activists of culpability in 2002 riots…….

The bench made it clear that there was no need for it to further monitor the riot cases. BJP hailed Supreme Court’s order and said that it was a victory for Modi.

Source: The Sunday Indian


Jayanta Bhattacharya:

And, it is a fact that Congress councilor from Godhra participated in the Godhra carnage, and the post-Godhra riots were carried out by mostly Youth Congress members ( Starting from the Godhra murders (for which an all-Muslim team was convicted with Haji Billa and some sentenced to death) to the post-Godhra riots, more Hindus were killed than Muslims. I can provide facts and figures to prove my point. The Godhra murders and the subsequent rioting was a part of well-planned scheme by ISI and its Congress agents to defame the Gujaratis and weaken Indian nationalists.

From the news item:

NEW DELHI: The Congress has been going to town over Best Bakery and other instances of the Narendra Modi government’s complicity in the anti-Muslim violence which shook Gujarat last year. But when..

Source: Cong silent on cadres linked to Guj riots


Arvind K. Pandey:

You are damn right… Thanks for setting the records straight in this regard.. I am really upset the way Indian and world media deals with real facts. I am no lover of Modi but when is one so cocksure about the involvement of Modi as a “butcher” what’s preventing them to acknowledge the new facts, which prove that riots were the handiwork of dubious elements with whom Modi had no connection at all ? One sees the so-called “butcher” but what about the “butchers” involved in Godhra train carnage? The world ( read Indian media and biased foreign media) never discuss it openly.

Shame on secular souls who hatched a conspiracy to make the Godhara carnage appear ” accidental”. It’s a real insult to talk with such secular minds and listen their arguments ! !

I hope Jayanta has read this latest news item about one of the greatest butchers in modern times Narendra Modi, wherein ” US Congressional Research Service, a think-tank which provides support to the US Congress, has stated that Narendra Modi has streamlined economic growth in Gujarat, removed red tape in functioning of the government, curtailed corruption and given special emphasis on infrastructure in Gujarat”

Source: The Times Of India


Jayanta Bhattacharya: ‎

I, as an Indian would like to see a better tomorrow. I want my country to be prosperous. I want my country to be free from foreign agents scheming and perniciously eating it from within. I want to see my country being respected world over. When I travel outside my country, I want to see respect for me in the eyes of the citizens/subjects of the lands I travel. I want to see poverty alleviated from my motherland. I want to see people educated in my country. I want to venture out of my house without the fear of being killed/harmed by terrorists or communal forces or any other criminal. I want to live without fear, prejudice and hatred. I want to be a truly free man in a free democracy where appeasement policies do not buy votes of religious communities. I want to be treated equally as a Muslim or a Christian or a Dalit despite being a Hindu and yet have the freedom to be proud of my faith. I want the policies of my nation to be governed by the people of nation and not by the OIC or the Vatican. I shall, therefore, do everything possible to see Mahatma Modi, the angel of peace and God’s chosen one as the Prime Minister of India. PERIOD.

Into that heaven of freedom, my Father, let my country awake. Vande Mataram!

Ghost Of Gujarat Riots: A Panacea For Secular Souls Lying On Their Death  Beds



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    1. @

      Thanks a lot for making my article part of your very reputed website …I really feel honoured.

      -Arvind K.Pandey

  2. They soon will not be any problem for us, as i will reveal their dark core.

    Visit my blog to see their real weakness, soon the whole house of cards will fall.

    1. Thanks Dhruvaji for reading the post…I visited your blog and found the information spread there quite interesting.. The essence of your blog post is to be a conscious soul to make changes. In fact, I have been saying the same for quite a long time now 🙂

      -Arvind K. Pandey

  3. Thank you very much for reading my blog, let me give you a little more information that will give you hope.

    Islam banks on Christianity and the Jews, hence they call themselves “Abrahamic” Religions.

    We always had polar opposite energies in Sanatan Dharma like Laxmi has Alaxmi, Gyan – Agyan, Dharma – Adharma…

    What is the opposite for Brahma…?


    Jews used to be Shiva bhakt who were transformed by the birth of “Abraham” who is the negative manifestation of Brahma = Kali yuga!!

    When Kali yuga came on earth he broke the three legs of Dharma, if you see the story of Moses he destroys a bull Idol to take over….

    ( Islam’s crescent star is “Chandra bindu”)

    Once it is revealed that Jews had God Shiva — the three dark cities will burn !

    — the Legend of Tripura will come true…. with one strike of God Shiva!

    We, the people of Sanatan Dharma will prevail like we always have since the beginning.

    Om Namah Shivai !

    1. @Dhruv

      I must admire your passion to bring lesser heard facts on surface..May Ishvara keeps your passion intact…

      -Arvind K.Pandey


    This is my post which is about the truth of Christianity, see the clues with your own eyes and let the legend come alive!

    Justice will prevail!

    Dharma will prevail!

    1. @Dhruv

      Your name ” Dhruv” is quite interesting…I have a best friend in my village who bears the same name ..By the way, the word “Dhruv” is symbolic of determination..In form of “Dhruv Tara (ध्रुवतारा) ” it also shows us the way..Hope the knowledge shared by you shows all of us the right way..

      -Arvind K.Pandey

      1. I am only borrowing his power to do his work, my real name is some thing else.

        But if we look at the teachings of Sanatan Dharma, we are not our name and we are not our body. We are Brahman, we are Atman.

        If you type you name on Google, there will be so many faces with the same name…

        They are not you, you are not them.

        Yet you are them, and they are you….Advaita


        But, rest assured, we will win….they cannot stop us any more…!

  5. @Dhruv

    You seem to be very interesting person..Loaded with mind-blowing ( mind-blowing word borrowed from this song “you are my mind-blowing mahiya”..hehehehe ) precious information.. I am really happy to meet you in form of words…And yes, I will be more than happy to know your real name..Now don’t say it dosen’t matter 🙂

    -Arvind K. Pandey

  6. Humans can’t handle the truth as to why nature needs all humans to be corrupt in order for the species to flourish and become the number one species on earth

    Logic knows but lives in the deepest parts of the human’s brain, hidden there by nature and to keep it hidden nature fired the neurons of the human mind with emotion and that is where the man gods came from to give the primitive weak human’s a place to find logic that natures knows isn’t possible

    All humans are and will always be corrupt and only the ones that corruption affects the most complain but when reversed those same humans will be just as corrupt –nature demands it

    1. @Just Me Again

      Like always my very very old friend, admirer and well-wisher has come up with lesser heard concept..All are born to be corrupt 🙂

    2. I will have to disagree with you, all the people of the world are not evil.

      There is only Gyan ( Knowledge) and Agyan (no knowledge).

      The dark Demon of Ignorance prevails when people loose their “Knowledge” and they think that they are separate from the source .i.e God.

      Conflicts only occur in such situations, The wave tends to think its separate from the ocean but that is far from the truth.

      You can never separate yourself from the Ocean, all you have to do is recognize your source and you will be free.


      You talk about the human “Brain” and “species” — you only see the physical world.

      The physical world is an illusion, it only exists with in the moment.

      It is time you recognize the ever changing nature of Samsara ( universe ) and you will be free.

      Do not focus on some thing that will not last, concentrate on what will last forever that is your soul and God.

      1. @Dhruv

        Please heed to my advice…There is no point in arguing with JustMeAgain.. I know her very well. She is like dog’s tail. No point in offering clarification in regard to her observations. She will come up with more meandering vague responses that would leave both of us high and dry.


      2. DRUV–With Respect;

        The first thing logic sees and not possible by emotion is that the human mind is formed by the stronger other in early life and those life ideas of cultural life and life after death were all originated by man and thus most humans for however long they live will react and think as their minds were formed to think

        The problem with knowledge and humans that lived long enough to interpret what logic might mean to a conscious species human is that the fewer conscious or so called knowledge gather humans speak as though they have the answers for all humans that had a spark of life

        Earth life and it’s meanings weren’t exclusive to just a ego driven few humans that seem to speech for all scenarios of life and death from before born to over a hundred year old human

        No god or gods would pick a special few to know the meaning of all life on earth and after death but only a totally corrupt species that their first and easiest emotion to invoke is hate

        Not one human that ever lived or will live in this soft tissues needy form that needs corruption to survive will ever know anything but how to have their genes survive

      3. @JustMeAgain

        I will once again make it very clear to you that Hinduism never preaches class specific truths. Its values are universal in nature. Its prayers are aimed at welfare of whole universe..It never preached that let Hindus alone remain in state of bliss.. It always talks about totality …


        Sri Isopanisad – Invocation

        om purnam adah purnam idam
        purnat purnam udacyate
        purnasya purnam adaya
        purnam eva vasisyate

        Translation – The absolute Truth is perfect and complete, and because He is completely perfect,

        all emanations from Him, such as this phenomenal world, are perfectly equipped as

        complete wholes.


      4. Let a human that wasn’t mind formed by any particular flag or culture make it perfectly clear that the human race is one species and so any human that was born within one of man’s borders and culturally formed ideas of life, death and universe-will live and die with that early mind forming–doesn’t make any, more right or wrong

        The thoughts of any animal that may not be able to communicate with humans are very clear in the minds of any species that still survives on earth today–intellectual human thoughts aren’t the only right thoughts

      5. @Justmegain

        It’s better to anticipate the wisdom of human beings than wisdom lying inside the minds of pigs and rats..Time is so less to intercept human wisdom and here I find justmeagain arguing about the wisdom of other species !!

        Anyway, I love all that exists as creation of Lord except the vagueness that prevails in justmeagain 🙂

  7. Sorry for the above comment, it was meant for your post –Unfolding Missing Elements Of Present Crusade Against Corruption–on instablog

    This is the comment ;

    Until all borders and flags are thrown down and all humans are seen as equal and the same species, the humans racing toward early death and destruction of the human species will someday come to fruition

    It is odd that the same so called conscious, sensitive, caring, intelligent species can watch the death of children, women and the weak and are so mind formed by best mind formers by their cultures idea of superiority that the killers have no feeling of sorry but feeling of joy–isn’t that a sign of failure of a species?

    Humans tend to keep dissecting flakes of skin falling from the human body in an attempt to understand how the human body and mind works, instead of dissecting the entire brain and body and is what humans do in killings, instead of getting to the root reasons humans kill

    1. @Just Me Again

      A brilliant remark..”.instead of dissecting the entire brain and body and is what humans do in killings, instead of getting to the root reasons humans kill.”

      Yes, there should always be an attempt to control the conflicts and killings by trying to trace the root cause of any problem. The efforts in this regard should be genuine. However, the Marxists, insist that “conflict” is an integral feature of the world in which we all live.

      1. Arvind;

        With all due respect, there are many interpretations to all know man thoughts spoken or in written languages and if there is difficultly understanding the meanings, it doesn’t mean there meandering thoughts that can’t be understood

        Once a human is culturally formed by their culture in early life, the human will be high and dry from the sea of original thoughts for the rest of their life, however long that might be

      2. @JustMeAgain

        I have never complained that I cannot interpret your thoughts.However, the other readers do have a lot of problem in intercepting the ultimate meaning of your thoughts. The point is that if you start speaking in clearer terms it would be lot easier for all of us including myself to reckon with your thoughts in easy way.

        In other words, your views are always most appreciated but if you can learn the art of speaking in reader friendly way we all we be very much grateful to you!!

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