Americans Killed By The Greed!!!!

Americans Killed By The Greed!!!!

We are living in times that promotes greed is good. However, the rampant consumerism has sounded a death knell for many human values, for many prestigious institutions doing good work for the humanity. I come to remember the words of Mahatma Gandhi: ”

There is enough for everyone’s need but not enough for everyone’s greed.

” The words of this great figure of modern times very aptly sums up the real cause of financial, political and environmental crisis.

One reason why so many wrong means have surfaced to amass huge wealth in both developing and developed countries is that materialistic aspirations now rule the roost. At individual level or at the level of big institutions, the short cuts to make huge money have attained some sort of legitimacy. It appears that dishonesty is now the best policy. Ironically, people across the globe are paying huge price and that has made them to give way to phenomenal call for changes in form of having ‘People’s Ombudsman”.

However, I am not sure how are these proposed changes going to ensure transparency unless we become committed towards greater values at individual level. However, it’s a good thing that citizens are at conflict with dull headed rulers in major nations and even in smaller nations like Egypt, Libiya, Syria and Tunisia the people have made the arrogant rulers pay heavy price.

Now let’s see what happened in U.S. which led to collapse of major financial institutions. This unprecedented financial crisis, which made us remember the Great depression of the 1930s , led U.S to succumb to extraordinary measures to save the country from clutches of bankruptcy. Anyway, this crisis caused Americans to lose significant amount of consumer wealth apart from decline in introduction of newer economic ventures. One needs to pay attention to the reasons pointed out in Levin–Coburn Report which says that “ that the crisis was not a natural disaster, but the result of high risk, complex financial products; undisclosed conflicts of interest; and the failure of regulators, the credit rating agencies, and the market itself to rein in the excesses of Wall Street.

Well, in simpler terms if we wish to understand the failure of the baking system in U.S. it would mean simply mean that rules were twisted to ensure huge amount of money. The vested interests were given preference over national interests. One can notice that recent 2G spectrum allocation scandal in India virtually followed the same pattern, which sabotaged the banking system in U.S. Here too rules were manipulated to make the allocations to interested parties, leading to huge loss of revenue to the government. The point is when greed rules then principles and national interest become subordinate.

I must say corruption, indeed, is a global phenomenon and factors like rampant consumerism have ensured that corruption at all levels is going to remain evergreen. Let’s hope we learn to place national interests, being in league with institutions resting on better principles, above petty interests to ensure that all forms of “depressions” do not come to act as spoilsport!!!

Americans Killed By The Greed!!!!


Anatomy of financial crisis

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  1. All humans are of the same species with the same electrical and chemical makeup!

    No human living within one of man formed borders created by man wars, developed by greed and corruption would act any differently if those same humans were relocated to different imaginary lines of mind forming–that cause humans to think they are above or below their natural drive for survival

    The evolution of the human species from early times has had to use so called corruption in order to have the human species create slowly but surly stronger and stronger genes in order to be where humans are today and where humans are is not a good place for the weak or poor of the earth

    Just looking at the insensitive, selfish human nature will tell why this species will never eradicate corruption !
    First reason, man created gods that fight for superiority over weak minds, mind formed at birth and locked for the rest of their weak minded lives, causing huge corruption and falsehoods of caring
    Second cause is the need for humans to hide behind a selfish substance to please their selfish flesh like alcoholic, that almost all the humans on earth drink and as seen, deny and try to reveres the blame on anything but truth–the corruption of the body by drinking something that you have to go through pain before you get pleasures from the selfish fluid tells just how humans will never, never be a sensitive species –now drink, cause a war, slap a woman, starve a child and drink up again—one thing that tells it is true is that there is never an argument to go against what was said and was tested with thousands of comments
    Third reason is the need for humans to want what is best for their genes, which, as long as humans see their genes most important, corrupt humans will leave a wasteland of the weaker genes dieing out

    A human could do like most humans do and try to break the human weakness down by writing millions of specifics on every reason and event humans went bad but logic will same the logical human thoughts by not wasting time trying to explain logic to a none logical species

    The human species can never learn sensitivity or caring equally amongst all humans in the human evolution of the species because it was never written into the human DNA code!

    Consciousness doesn’t mean it can cure the incurable by just being conscious of a need to cure

    Humans are still so primitive that they think, humans know how the human species works but humans are as stupid as rocks when it comes to the truth about human evolution of a failing corrupt, by nature species

    1. @Just Me Again

      “The human species can never learn sensitivity or caring equally amongst all humans in the human evolution of the species because it was never written into the human DNA code!”

      I am not selfish enough to ignore the merit in response of Just Me Again’s comment 🙂


  2. @Dharmendra Sharma said:

    Purpose of life of a Macchar (mosquito) or a khatmal (bedbugs) :- To suck the blood and making discomfort to others. Purpose of a flower,s life or a Fruit’s life:- To spread beauty, fragrance and to give food to others to make there life comfortable. Unfortunately we have lots of mosquitoes and khatmals which have destroyed the crops of flowers and fruits.

    ….. Arvind K PandeyJi Macchar is representative of “bhogwadi mansikta” which justifies “dishonesty is the best policy”. and flowers are representative of “Tyag and aparigraha” described in Gita and proposed by Gandhi ji. this mentality of materialism has destroyed the values of “tyag & aparigraha” at all levels, including individuals, including institutions, including countries and governments, including international establishments. the big fish is eating the smaller fish. even if there is a revolution, how can one expect a stable change without the change in the basic materialistic mentality.


    My response to Dharmendra Sharmaji :

    Thanks for this brilliant analogy ..You have build up a fascinating contrast to carve a separation between the haves and the haves not.


  3. […] Americans Killed By The Greed!!!! ( […]

    1. @ ashy2classy

      Thanks for using the article as a reference material…Thanks for linking it with your article..

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