Need Of The Hour: Saving Asian Nations From The Environmental Crisis!!

Need of the hour:  Saving Asian Nations From The Enviromental Crisis!!

The environmental crisis has made its impact felt in almost all major Asian nations. Ironically, the huge destruction caused to the ecological balance is being justified in name of ensuring developmental progress. For instance, a recent report published by Delhi-based non-profit, Centre for Science and Environment (CSE) suggests that ” diversion of forestland in India during period 2007 to 2011 was 25 per cent of all forestland diverted for development projects in the past thirty years”. Such mindless progress has not only ensured elimination of flora and fauna but also ensured a dangerous repercussions for human lives. One reason why nations like Japan and India have given way to Tsunamis is that disturbing happenings on earth’s surface have led to rise of vulgar seismic activities inside the Earth commonly referred as Earth’s crustal deformation.

The worse part of the whole affair is that governments in various Asian countries have not become fully alert to the threats posed by the man’s greed. Look how the government has dealt with Ganga Action Plan started (GAP) in 1985. This landmark project started to block the flow of sewage into the river has failed to create better results despite having spent millions in all these years since its inception. We can still notice that sewage water at Kanpur or Allahabad still manages to mix with waters of Ganges all because industrial units have managed to bypass the laws by bribing the officials.

Well, it’s really pathetic that nations like India are so eager to present an image of being a developed nation and can spent millions to organize Commonwealth Games but the same government ensured that Yamuna dies a slow death. Now this river has virtually turned into nallah at Delhi, having more dirty waters than one finds in a nallah!!!

Need of the hour:  Saving Asian Nations From The Enviromental Crisis!!

The situation in neighbouring nations like China or Japan is no better. China owns infamous record of having some of the most polluted cities in world. It’s quiet a huge challenge for this nation to ensure that environmentally sustainable growth rate does not become an impossible task. One is unaware about the exact picture of environmental crisis in this nation due to censorship of the news but water shortage and water pollution besides loss of huge grasslands are some of the key problems there. Like any developing nations to ensure industrial progress China has utterly failed to acknowledge “scale and scope of pollution”. On top of it, the nations like India and China are struggling hard to control carbon emission to keep it within the limits and are, in fact, constant conflict with U.S. and other nations.

Now the problem is that United States which is responsible for releasing huge amounts of carbon dioxide emissions wants that Asian countries should slow their development but at the same time America is not interested in following an unambiguous approach in this regard itself. As a result global warming is increasing leading to serious environmental disasters.

One of them is melting of thousands of glaciers located in the Himalayan region. No need to imagine that water shortage will be at its peak in South Asian regions once these glaciers become out of sight. As per reports, ” disquieting pattern of glacial retreat across the Himalayas ” has ensured ” 20 percent reduction in size from 1962 to 2001″. The recent reports also confirm that when glaciers melt the ” stresses in the crust locally, near the place with ice cover” also increases leading to possibility of earthquakes.

Well, it’s time for the Asian giants to ensure that future generations do not pay heavy price for misdeeds of present generation. It’s time to save our flora and fauna. Let’s remember that if our ancestors worshiped trees, mountains and rivers they did so quiet consciously. We need to be in league with same wisdom if we are at all seriously interested in having better days.

Need of the hour:  Saving Asian Nations From The Enviromental Crisis!!


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3 responses

  1. This human species concern over the health of the venerable pieces of multiple and the fragmented particles of earth and the material that is speeding through what humans think as empty space, as all universal material movement does , these humans called man -kind, will as you see in your post of the human’s selfish interest in the vocal sounds for those who have the ability to hear and the time and money to get the vocal sounds that were implanted in their brains in early life and these humans will see many comments and rush to defend or change none important sounds that add noting but selfishness and as we humans see there will be (NO) interest and few if any comments in preventing or adding to the health of this rock the humans live on, as you pointed out in your well written post

    Why will humans not respond to the earth’s cry for help?
    Each human born is culturally mind formed to see the importance of that culture first
    The need for self pleasures like alcohol which is an acquired taste and the mostly selfish humans on earth take part in this, please me act, after going through pain and then saying i drink alcohol because i like the taste–this basic truth is denied by humans and so no wonder humans can’t hear the earth-crying
    The constant and without breaks of the warring nature of the human males who are always paranoid that someone or something is out to get them–will never stop destroying their bed
    The lack of the understanding of death by the new humans to earth because coming to earth with life gives no seance of death
    The need for the strongest to survive will have the stronger only look at the lesser humans as victims in natures drive for the perfect species
    The short life one leads and the time it takes to just keep life sustaining material leaves no time to hear the cries of fellow humans not to mention to ever hear the cries of the materiel that keeps the humans soft tissue from extinction
    The humans trust in their thousands of made up male gods, that those male gods tell the humans not to worry because this god will make things work out because after all “i created heaven and earth and all forms of life”
    One thing for sure; as long as the sun shines and the earth isn’t blown apart by man or an outside force, there will always be some sort of life on earth and maybe a better life form or species other than the arrogant and shellfish so-called human species that thinks the universe was created for their interest only

    Humans will comment on and show great emotion on subjects like
    celebrates –and only human as all same species humans
    outer-space material, while the material here on earth is dieing
    and at the end of the list the emotional mind formed species might see or hear the cry of the living material that is carrying their selfish carcases

    1. @Just Me Again

      You sound perfectly right that very few individuals come to have real identification with pertinent issues..Most get swayed by lesser concerns…

  2. This post received great response on many other forums..Here are the excerpts:

    Meenakshi Sharma On Nishabd Shabda Ki Goonj Forum (Facebook) said:

    Excellent artile Arvind. Thanks for sharing.


    My comment for Meenakshi:

    Thanks Meenakshiji for your kind words.. Such appreciation works wonders 🙂

    Anyway, I have only attempted to bring in light the grim realities of our times..


    Amit Tarafder on Desh Mere (Facebook ) said:

    Kare koi bhare koi … sea levels are rising slowly … soon this will drown coastal areas in many Asian countries including India 😥

    My response for Amit Tarafdar:

    Aap sahi kah rahe..Sthiti is sandarbh me visfotak hai..Aur agar sahi kadam na liye gayein to sthiti aur khatrnaak ho jeeygi..


    Inderjeet Kaur (Desh Mere, Facebook)) , Ratan K Dhomeja and Harsh Nopany ( Main or Meri Geeta, Facebook ) , Riya Agnihotri and Swati Triptathi ( Vishva Brahman Sabha, Facebook) and Tanya Katoch (Sinhnaad, Facebbok) …I thank them all for making their presence felt on this post..


    My words for Tanya:

    Thanks Tanya for taking note of this pertinent issue..It’s appalling that on forums like Facebook very few bother to take note of pressing issues.. On the other hand, you would find huge number of people involved in lesser activities !!!

    Tanya appreciated my comment by calling it “True”

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