Uttar Pradesh Public Service Commission: Let’s Hope It Regains Its Lost Glory!


The “Y” Factor Killed The Reputation Of Commission!

For a writer it’s a matter of great satisfaction if the issues raised by him get snowballed into crucial developments at grass-roots level. I am really happy that Allahabad High Court quashed appointment of Chairman of Uttar Pradesh Public Service Commission on grounds that it was “arbitrary” and “”breach of provisions of Constitution”. I had taken note of the grievances of agitating students much before it turned into a sub judice affair. I had kept a close eye on the affairs pertaining to the world of students besides taking note of key developments taking place inside the corridors of Public Service Commission. There was a personal reason as well. My father had served this institution and therefore issues related to it meant a lot for me at emotional level. It was really upsetting for me that such an impartial constitutional body had become playground of vested interests. The key posts went to people with chequered past. But none could raise objection since it was an autonomous body enjoying immense power. Of course, everybody knew that it was being controlled by “Y Factor” ( Yadav factor )

Being resident of this city, I always met students who informed me about the malpractices going on unabated inside Commission. The whole examination process for various examination had become a farce, interviews were being conducted in most discriminatory way. That meant end of road for meritorious students wishing to be part of system as  government officials. Although I do not believe in being head on with district administration, I was devoid of saner choice other than asking students to demonstrate on the streets in a ferocious way. Fortunately, the agitations took the same shape with students going berserk! Number of petitions got filed in the court regarding the misuse of power and abuse of constitutional provisions. Like always Court had the last laugh when it showed the door to Secretary and Chairman of Uttar Pradesh Public Service Commission within gap of few days. The High court set side appointment of  Chairman treating it to be “ultra vires” of Article 316 pertaining to the guidelines related with appointment of Chairman and other members of Uttar Pradesh Public Service Commission.

I came to vigorously pursue this issue through my writings. This post The Tragic Transformation Of Public Service Commission Into Yadav Service Commission! which first appeared this website on July 29, 2013, referred to dirty games and shady deals happening on the premises of Uttar Pradesh Public Service Commission. I dispatched this article to offices of mainstream newspapers but none dared to show enough guts to take anti-government stance in such a brazen fashion! Luckily, this article elicited huge interest of readers on my website. Obviously, now when High Court has finally ensured that natural justice and rule of law are above dubious interests of political masters by quashing the appointment of Chairman, I feel a deep sense of satisfaction within. At least, it makes me have this realization that pen is mightier than sword! That written words never go in vain if they truly represent anguish and dissent.

I need to clarify that Allahabad High Court dealt with this issue on entirely different grounds as ones raised in my article, “The Tragic Transformation Of Public Service Commission Into Yadav Service Commission!,  published on July 29, 2013. However, in the end, it culminated into the end as desired by me.Let’s hope constitutional bodies come to serve the people instead of serving political masters!

Real Credit Belongs To These Students Who Protested On Streets And Took The Matter To Court!

Real Credit Belongs To These Students Who Protested On Streets And Took The Matter To Court!


I am posting below my article which first appeared on this website on July 29, 2013.


 The Tragic Transformation Of Public Service Commission Into Yadav Service Commission!

Uttar Pradesh Public Service Commission is a constitutional body, which has been assigned the task to make selections in various governments department at a State level. One expects it to discharge its duties in impartial and sound manner. However, of late, this prestigious constitutional body has become like a caged pigeon in the hands of its incompetent officials, who are acting at the behest of political masters. The latest reservation policy row provides insight into the mindset of officers working at this prestigious office. The implementation of caste-based quotas at the preliminary level of many important examinations, mainly to benefit certain “caste”, without worrying about the collateral damage caused by it is an ominous sign. It’s supposed to act in neutral manner so as to ensure that the selections take place in a fair way. However, the new mantra for it seems to be that “foul is fair”. The appeasement of political masters is more important than selection of meritorious candidates through right process.

This government agency some decades back enjoyed a good reputation of conducting examinations, and later, making final selections in honest way. It had such an impressive track record that many other government agencies sought its help in making proper selections in their own departments, granting it the authority to conduct examinations. However, the scenario inside the office has changed dramatically in last few years, especially in the regimes of Bahujan Samjwadi Party and Samajwadi Party- the political parties which were in control of Uttar Pradesh in last few years. Their casteist approach demolished the reputation of this prestigious body. In their regimes, the key positions went to officers who played havoc with the selection process.

The students who ensured that controversial reservation policy gets scrapped are absolutely right in demanding that a high level inquiry committee should be formed to take note of the irregularities made in selections during last few years. The students need to be appreciated for their act of seeking relevant information in this regard under Right to Information Act. At present two officers from Yadav community are holding key positions in this office. Isn’t it highly shameful that students now treat Uttar Pradesh Public Service Commission as ” Yadav Selection Commission”? Most of the bright students after completing the graduation go in for examinations conducted by Public Service Commission since selections to most of the the key administrative posts are made by it. Don’t these corrupt officials realize that by making selections in such arbitrary manner they are causing irreparable damage?  First, they are destroying the future of genuine applicants, and second,  they are paving way for incompetent people to act as government servants in future. What sort of decisions such government officials would make who got selected through such flawed process?

The reservation was introduced by makers of the Constitution for a specific period to enable marginalized castes attain a dignified position in the society. The sentiments of people, who introduced reservation, were really aimed at the welfare of weaker sections of society. However, that’s not the case now. It’s the most effective tool to destabilize societal structure. It’s the instrument to remain in power. It’s a weapon in the hands of dirty political minds to ensure that they remain relevant in political landscape. It’s high time courts and conscious citizens teach fitting lesson to corrupt political leaders and bureaucrats, who are demolishing the image of constitutional bodies.

Is That's The Way Youth Icon, Akhilesh Singh, Play With Future Of Students By Appointing Such Tainted Officials?

Youth Icon, Akhilesh Singh, Playing With Future Of Students By Appointing Such Tainted Officials!!


The Tragic Transformation Of Public Service Commission Into Yadav Service Commission!



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9 responses

  1. Many thanks to these very conscious class of readers who not only came to read this post in lightening fast manner but also left thought provoking comments! Right now I am just mentioning some of the names 🙂 🙂 🙂

    Susheel Kumar Tiwary, Advocate, Allahabad High Court, Allahabad, Uttar Pradesh; Shiv Dewangan, Hong Kong; Jayprakash Pathak, Bhavnagar, Gujarat; Dileep Kumar Sinha, Lucknow, Uttar Pradesh; Anand G. Sharma, Social Activist, Mumbai, Maharashtra; Jayant K Bhadury, Yoga Expert, Tel Aviv, Israel; Deepak Sarin, New Delhi; Deewaker Pandey, New Delhi; Ajay Tyagi, Noida, Uttar Pradesh; Ashok Kumar; Vinay Vishwakarma, Advocate. Allahabad High Court, Allahabad; Aniruddh NG, Mumbai; Vyom Shekhar: Ashwani Kumar, Dehradun, Uttarakhand; Parshuram Roy, Varanasi, Uttar Pradesh; Pradeep Parashar; Anangpal Singh and Sheel Kamal, Research Scholar, Allahabad, Uttar Pradesh.

  2. Susheel Kumar Tiwary, Advocate, Allahabad High Court, Allahabad, Uttar Pradesh, said:

    भाईजी आपका धन्यवाद. आपने जो लिखा उसके विषय में सिर्फ इतना कहना चाहुंगा कि हम इतने असंवेदनशील हो गए हैं कि हम स्वयं किसी बात की शुरूआत नहीं कर पाते, हमारा अपना हित-अहित आडे आता है. पिछले लगभग 3 साल से मैं भी मिडिया से जुडा हूं, बहुत करीब से देखा है, वहां सिर्फ सनसनी की डिमांड है. जब तक वो न हो, तब तक न कुछ छापा जाता है न चलाया जाता है……


    Author’s Response:

    एक अखबार के दफ्तर में तो यही शिकायत थी कि आपने हैडिंग में ही ये जो लिख दिया “यादव कमीशन आयोग” बस यही गलत है ..लेख में क्या लिखा है वो बाद की बात है ..और हम उन्हें कन्विंस नहीं करा पाए लेख के औचित्य का!! हमने बजाय गुहार लगाने के यही लेख इसी हैडिंग के साथ अपने वेबसाइट पे डाल दिया

  3. Jayprakash Pathak, Indian Army, Bhavnagar, Gujarat, said:

    Excellent … You deserve credit for solution. It materialized because of your passion perseverance and dedication. Hats off for your service to futuristic young generations. Speaking against ruling party or majorities is not bed of roses. Following the principles set by your father will certainly boot your satisfaction and moral. Congratulations.

    Author’s Response:

    I will just this much only: I will do all that which falls within my capabilities. Rest I leave on Will of Supreme Lord!!

  4. Amlesh Vikram Singh Yadav, Senior Sub. Editor, Dainik Jagaran, said:

    अरविन्द जी अखबार में हर कोई आसानी से नहीं छप सकता जब तक उसका मार्केट वैल्यू ना हो …
    अगर आप किसी पार्टी से होते तो बिना लाग लपेट के पब्लिश कर लिया जाता …


    Author’s Response:

    उस वक्त अमलेश जी जब मुख्य अखबारों ने नहीं छापा था …तब बहुत चोट पहुची थी .लगा था शायद वे लोग ही सही है ……लेकिन आज थोडा थोडा अच्छा लग रहा है …

  5. Sheel Kamal, Research Scholar, Allahabad, said:

    Wonderful judgement. Though a bit late, I am really surprised that the morons don’t learn from their mistakes and keep bashing their agenda. What do you think will happen now?


    Author’s Response:

    If you are specifically referring to follow-up events of this judgement than this Chairman has to go…No escape route for this guy …..Rest what political heads are saying is total crap…But this issue is very sensitive..For instance what will happen to those appointments made by him?

  6. Anand Sharma, Mumbai, said:

    ऐड्व्होकेट अरविन्द पाण्डेय जी : आप जिस व्यवसाय में कार्यरत हो उसमें लिखित रूप में सत्यापन – प्रामाणिकता को महत्व दिया जाता है |

    आपने जिस प्रशासनिक त्रुटि को इंगित कर न्यायालय का ध्यानाकर्षण करने का लिखित एवं प्रामाणिक प्रयास किया था – उसमें असफलता मिली क्योंकि समय आपके अनुकूल नहीं था |

    अब देश के शीर्ष नेतृत्व में सुखद परिवर्तन के कारण जो न्यायालय पूर्व काल में अन्याय करने के लिये विवश थे – वे अब न्याय करने के लिये पुनः स्वतंत्र हो गये हैं |

    आपके निवेदन को स्वीकृति मिली – उसके लिये आपको बधाई !!!

    Author’s Response:

    आपने सही पहचाना ….एक रिक्वेस्ट आप से पब्लिकली कर रहे है ….टिहरी बाँध की उपयोगिता के बारे में सरकार से जवाब तलब करे!!

  7. Prassoon Suryadas said:

    It’s no different than any other States!


    Author’s Response:

    That’s because basic human instincts remain the same everywhere! But feel good that at least for couple of days I can feel feel pen is mightier in globe that sees money alone as be all and end all…..

  8. Author’s words for Jayant K Bhadury, Yoga Expert, Tel Aviv, Israel:

    अच्छा महसूस हुआ …मुख्य न्यायधीश जी को बहुत धन्यवाद ….

    Author’s words for Ashish Mishra, Indian Army:

    Feel good about it…Not because I came to play certain role..But because it’s constitutionality very significant matter… Right now this judgment has virtually toppled the UP government…

    Author’s words for Vidya Bhushan Pandey, Joint Director, Prosecution, :

    बहुत अच्छा लगा कि आप जैसे कानून के गहन जानकार इस पोस्ट पे आये ….

  9. Anand G. Sharma, Mumbai, said:

    “Truth Triumphs But First It Makes You Miserable” . Between period of July 29, 2013 till date, you suffered mentally for exposing Truth to the world, but in the end Truth showed itself in full glory and the powers that be, accepted it. Congratulations !!!

    Author’s Response:

    Thanks for expressing your sentiments in foreign language too 😛

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