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Not Many Feel So Consciously About Leaving A Glorious Legacy For Future Generations In Legal Landscape !!

From Left To Right On Dais: Devendra Kumar Tiwari, Advocate & Author; B.N. Singh, Advocate, and Mr. Jaiswal, Advocate.

From Left To Right On Dais: Devendra Kumar Tiwari, Advocate & Author; B.N. Singh, Advocate, and Mr. Yogendra Jaiswal, Advocate.

Normally, I hate to be part of any election campaigning. That’s the reason why I am always at a safe distance from anything remotely associated with election process, no matter what’s the nature of it. That’s because I prefer to be a neutral and an independent observer. It’s something which gets severely affected once you somehow, much against your wishes, get associated with election process related to one particular group or, for that matter, any individual. Keeping my approach in mind, I have maintained a respectable distance from ongoing ferocious campaigning pertaining to Allahabad High Court Bar Association Elections.

Having said that, a deep curiosity drew me towards an election meeting organized in favour of Devendra Kumar Tiwari, whom I recently met during a book-launching ceremony. Devendra Kumar Tiwari besides being an advocate is also a  noted author of many specialized books on legal matters. Recently, he penned a book “Lawyer’s Referencer” for wannabe lawyers who wish to attain excellence inside the premises of High Court in an easy-going way! I attended the book-launching ceremony of this book and that’s the time when I  first became aware of this author’s heartfelt progressive views! His keynote address delivered on this book-launching event  was very moving one! It was not charisma of oratory, but, in reality, it was reflection of deep concerns for betterment of legal world. Precisely that’s the reason why I preferred to be part of the election meeting organized by Devendra Kumar Tiwari even as I was initially pretty reluctant within. I wanted to hear him more and that made me attend the meeting!!

Needless to say, the time I spent there, listening his election speech did not appear to have go down the drain! I noticed that there were many other speakers who also spoke about improving “Bench and Bar” relations in aftermath of elections but none sounded so genuine as Devendra Kumar Tiwari, contesting for prestigious post of “Secretary”. Unfortunately, the meeting was devoid of suitable decorum, being marred by lots of disturbances, which made it almost impossible to hear the speech with proper concentration. However, even amid such chaotic atmosphere, some of the speakers spoke very eloquently and, powerfully too, for the cause of lawyers reeling under tyranny of Judges, who are using “contempt proceedings” in mindless manner! It was a great experience to hear them, to notice their genuine sentiments for improvement of happenings inside the Bar.

Pandit Kanhaiyya Lal Mishra, Advocate. He commanded huge respect even in courts outside Uttar Pradesh!

Pandit Kanhaiya Lal Mishra, Advocate. He commanded huge respect even in courts outside Uttar Pradesh!


What’s so unique about Devendra Tiwari is that he can speak at great length without any written note, yet at no stage he sounds out of tune or less authentic! That shows his genuine involvement with welfare of lawyers. On this occasion, he made important revelations. He was pretty unhappy that owing to fractured mindset of present generation of lawyers, the Bar is on verge of total collapse. It has got limited to vested interests of petty minds. That’s quite alarming since future generations would curse previous generations for leaving such a dark future for them, wherein nothing seemed inspiring! If that remains the case, parents will not prefer to see their child emerge as a lawyer since in their eyes it would be a sheer waste of  costly education which they ensured for their child after bearing so much troubles!! That’s why Mr Devendra Tiwari so rightly pointed out that this generation needs to make “choices” in most judicious manner, keeping in mind the interest of future generations. He said that when he or the senior lawyers entered in this profession they had got a stable and strong bar in legacy. Today most of the institutions (like Board of Revenue) are facing identity crisis, having been weakened by corrupt powers in a systematic way. The same corrupt forces are deliberately eroding the influence of High Court, which can only be controlled when we have responsible people in Bar!

He sounded so true that representatives who get selected in aftermath of elections are reflection of thought-process exhibited by the lawyers. Hence, it’s futile to condemn their elected representatives inside the Bar after a certain period! After all, they got elected because of our own “flawed choices”. That’s the reason why we need to be highly conscious while making a choice! Allahabad Bar Association in the past has been associated with legal luminaries of great stature who went on to represent most important constitutional posts of this nation. R. S. Pathak, who belonged to this Bar, served as a Judge at International Court of Justice. Pt. Kanhaiya Lal Misra, belonging to this Bar, commanded huge respect to an extent, that whenever he appeared to argue in courts other than ones prevailing within Uttar Pradesh, the sitting judges used to stand up in admiration! No wonder it’s the responsibility of present generation of lawyers to add new dimensions in the stature of Allahabad Bar Association. That will remain a distant dream, if we keep making bad choices, taking into consideration flimsy aspects!

 R. S. Pathak from Allahabad High Court (Second From Left). He served as a Judge at International Court of Justice

R. S. Pathak from Allahabad High Court (Second From Left). He served as a Judge at International Court of Justice


B N Singh, a very conscious and experienced lawyer, who spoke on this occasion, in support of candidature of Devendra Kumar Tiwari, referred to extraordinary power vested in young minds of new lawyers. The young lawyers constitute a huge section of lawyers practicing at Allahabad High Court. Unless they make decisions, based on equity, it would not be possible to change the face of Bar. The young lawyers need to sharpen their fighting spirit in a right way, by marginalizing all those elements which misguide and mislead them. A better and a strong Bar Association is need of the hour. The young lawyers will play a pivotal role in ensuring its emergence! Hope these young minds do not act like a drop of lemon juice added into boiling milk! Let’s pray that right people get placed inside chambers of  Allahabad Bar Association, who ensure that future generation can boast of illustrious legacy! I need to end this post by praising Shashikant Kuswaha, a promising young Advocate, who worked really hard to ensure that no mess prevailed during the meeting of lawyers! I also need to point out perfect coordination of the event done by Advocate Mr. Yogendra Jaiswal, who also happened to be quite young!


The book review can be be read here:

Lawyer’s Referencer: A Prefect Book For The Upcoming Lawyers

Writer of this post i.e. myself,  Arvind K. Pandey, Writer & Advocate,  with Devendra Kumar Tiwari, author of the recently launched book.

Writer of this post i.e. myself (second from left), Arvind K. Pandey, Writer & Advocate, with Devendra Kumar Tiwari, author of the recently launched book.

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