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Words For Soulmate, For Moon Dipped In Tears

Do Not Shed  Tears, My Beloved!

Do Not Shed Tears, My Beloved!

Tragedies often catch people off guard. The icy hands of death take you in its grip when you are still busy chasing affairs of life  treating them as real. For past few days, my computer’s screen was bombarded with dark images dealing with death. That’s because I was reading material associated with war crimes. I waded though gory tales of unsung people lying buried in unknown cemeteries. However, it never occurred to me that I would have to deal with death in real life after few hours. After spending  few hours in  mind boggling  research, I sought some moments in isolation. However, the news of death of someone, close to my heart, filled me with pain. I had never met him in real life but impact of his passing away left me shell-shocked.

There is no point in bereaving, for you had served him so well my soulmate! His death should be a matter of celebration for you- a cherished culmination of  your sincere efforts. Death of loved ones should come as a tragedy to those, who failed in their duties towards them.  It should sadden those, who never themselves turned into towering figures of inspiration by their good  deeds, and thus,  did not  provide moments of glory to their near and dear ones. And I know quite well, how you sincerely served him even as you struggled hard to fulfill your routine obligations with your body in grip of so many life threatening diseases. I never saw you missing  single opportunity to serve him in nights when your body demanded sleep after having worked a long hard day at the office. So your tears are an insult to great efforts you made in past to provide him comforts at cost of your well being.

Do I need to say more to my soulmate flirting with tears? No. Not at all. This might be suffice that the said person needed better clothes to serve the mission of higher forces. He has not died but merely changed the role. Good people never die. They remain in our  hearts and minds as most cherished memories. Close your eyes, my beloved, and you would find him smiling in your mind’s landscape. So do not shed tears in vain. Look at myself. I am lost in all smiles, for having met such a wonderful lady like you in world chased by deception and crooks. I am sure when I would leave this world, I would have no regrets. After all,  I came to share the road of life with such exceptional souls like you-the ones who knew how to truly love and care.  

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Do Not Wipe Out The Tears. Instead, Keep Them Away From The Eyes Altogether.

In The Company Of  Ocean

In The Company Of Ocean

There is no merit in subjecting elevated souls to cruelty of any type as in most cases such rare souls succumb to mistreatment. So why give them pain and then expect time to act as healer? Why should we wipe out the tears from their eyes? Instead, why do not we keep innocent person’s eyes away from the tears altogether?

Believe it or not, wounds do not get healed with time; instead, they turn into cancerous cells which kill the affected person. Such unhealed wounds either produce villains (mostly villains) or heroes-the rebels. In both the cases, the rebels in form of heroes and villains bring phenomenal changes in unexpected forms not in tune with our stereotyped versions. Since negativity dominates the world, we see more villains and fewer heroes when we subject good people to pains of all sorts. The feeling of retribution is more powerful in our times than sainthood which rests on forgiveness. So it is better that we do not give wounds and expect time to heal. In the first place, let’s not harass, torture and deceive an innocent soul.

It has been my experience that people play politics in name of goodness; in actuality, they served their vested interests. For instance, big nations attack smaller nations to restore democracy there; in reality, they have eye on advantages prevailing in that nation. In other words, people who subject good souls to cruel gestures often have dubious intentions. That’s why I feel conflicts, sufferings and wars, triggered in name of creating better world, should be avoided at all costs. They serve no greater purpose other than giving rise to complexities of worse types.

Anyway, I believe that people fighting for real cause are never losers even if they get wiped out totally. It’s also my experience that there are few to fight against mighty forces for the restoration of better values. The worth of these few good people, the salt of the earth, cannot be measured in narrow terms like victory and defeat, more so when results are dictated by will of Lord!

Walking Alone Towards Divinity

Walking Alone Towards Divinity

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For Someone Living In Company Of Shattered Dreams and Tears Like Myself

My friend be happy  that tears came your way!!! They will make your vision clearer!!

My friend be happy that tears came your way!!! They will make your vision clearer!!

Since I feel we are in the same boat with shattered dreams, I can safely state that I am indeed a blessed soul who failed to learnt the art of deception-the so-called worldly-wise orientations. Don’t you think wise lady that Lord saved us from wasting precious moments on pretenders who moved around us like near and dear ones ? I am, at least, very happy that I have learnt to walk alone. It’s no mean achievement and I am proud of the fact that I learnt it too early when a great portion of life is still to come. I thank all those who left me in pain. That made me realize I am too good too embrace the dirt around me as gold particles. Yes, I realize I am left in pool of tears and enveloped in deep pain but I love this state from core of my heart. However, that’s real unlike fake smile on faces of people around.

So my very old friend realize that you are a chosen soul. Learn to live with same pain and frustration, with newer dreams as long as this fragile human body allows you to do so, under the impulse of prarabhdha, before it enters in greater world, wherein lies our true world at par with our being!!

Yes, the pain persists but that will not prevent me from singing : Mai zindagi ka saath nibhata chala gaya… Barbadiyeo ka Jashn Manata Chala Gaya ( I continued being faithful to life…Kept rejoicing over the disappointments). I live all alone with my self-the unchangeable real friend of mine- and now feel relaxed, positive and really happy with some space for good souls always.

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