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Gender Equality Is Like The Snake Marrying Mongoose!

Gender Equality Leads To  Snake  And Mongoose Relationship!

Gender Equality Leads To Snake And Mongoose Relationship!

The women community seeking “equality of gender”, should either accept this concept in entirety, or else, follow desirable norms. The point is why so much insistence on rights for behaving as you want, for doing whatever you want? Why not give way to responsibilities shared,  supposedly always considered as role of men since time immemorial! That includes all menial jobs requiring intense labour in tough conditions. That also means serving the men community, inside homes, for ages. The men community did that for ages, supplying money like ATM machine, despite suffering severely at hands of cruel wives. That too silently! These employed, high salaried women, should also marry unemployed youths and offer them all comforts for many centuries without feeling the pinch just the way men community did that in past! I am just trying to convey that  this drama of gender equality gained momentum in wake of the world becoming a sophisticated place to live, largely shaped by men and women in the same patriarchal mode, which the bunch of derailed feminists saw as an obstacle for the emancipation of woman.

I am not interested in narrating the consequences of feminism in other parts of the world, but in Indian context, it has given rise to new set of complexities. There was already healthy division of labour but with the rise of feminism, or call it curse of modernism, the world inside home got projected as insult to the capabilities of women. The traditional roles were projected as subservient. However, as the modern women,  shattering so-called shackles, stepped out of the confines of home, they realized that world is not bed of roses, or on par with their expectations, largely because of  limitations caused by their physicality. So another set of calculated efforts came into action, to make the outside world seem a safer domain. And for that very reason, males were advised to co-operate inside homes, doing household work, after all, that’s what true equality demands! That also meant loving  “fathers,  brothers, sons” all be presented as “potential rapists” so that a false alarm can be raised, and thus, International bodies can come to dictate us, calling it a nation, which does not respects and honours  women! The problems pertaining to women were highlighted in exaggerated way so as to ensure that hocus-pocus, called feminism, can make its presence felt in India.

It’s not that the problems related to woman community do not exist but a shrewd attempt to use them to create rift between the relationship, using the same bothering issues, is simply an attempt to hit hard at the cherished institutions called family and marriage. One never said that problems related with women be it  female foeticide, rising sexual crimes, health concerns, low literacy level and etc. should never be dealt with in a conscious way. However, why should one not be alarmed when these very issues became a part of the plot to destabilize Indian society? It’s amazing that  lesbians, drunk female girls, prostitutes not by condition but by choice, females involved in all sorts of complex relationship should be hailed as appropriate but the same women living inside the confines of home as an ideal wife is seen as insult to womanhood! I mean what sort of values are being professed in name of equality? What’s  being achieved? It leaves one in deep pain that even the most heinous crimes “rapes” are also being used as tool to ensure that gender imbalance sharpens in name of equality.

This sort of heightened false consciousness in Indian women is a necessity because the governments in future would largely be shaped by minorities and women, and so it’s necessary to appease them, to keep them ignorant about real implications of chasing imported theories related with equality. At global level, this sort of destabilized society, wherein men and women, are living highly individualistic lives, caters well to the needs of consumerist society. So why would corporate demons make women aware of consequences of aping such wayward lifestyle, which is resulting in single women, divorced couples, broken homes, fatherless children, eventually leading to rise in crime level too? It’s safer for them that women come out of their homes, work for them, leading to greater productivity.

On the other hand, political class is all prepared to use them as a tool to make their political dreams come alive with their help. Only to attain such diabolical interests, the concept called feminism-the great game of gender equality-came in effect. It’s a myth that it got introduced to make their lives better. At least, in India, it’s not the case. Indeed, women have a set of their own problems, but to remove them, was it necessary to fall in the trap of complex notions of feminism, having goals which even Western world has failed to exhibit in totality or demonstrate with perfection? However, the problem starts when New Delhi starts living the pattern of life found in New York and Washington. That’s why borrowed concepts become a necessity. That’s why “equality” also becomes a necessity. That’s why a highly reputed media publication is bound to see “Sunny Leone” as woman of exceptional talent and merit. And that’s why it’s necessary to give rise to conflicts wherein woman is equal when it comes to enjoy benefits of modern society but woman feels no longer equal when threat is directly to her body. At that point, she is woman! Be equal to enjoy benefit, but be a woman in helpless positions!

Bringing qualitative differences in lives of woman is quite a different issue than using these very issues to demonize men,  or, in fact, use the same issues to shatter the citadels of society. The positive side of this gender equality is that it has allowed men to reshape their own priorities. It has given them a huge chance to realize their own worth and get united to fight for the cause of men in a spirited way-something never done until now. This gender equality is a great phenomenon. At least, now everything related with woman shall be put on trial and it’s a great chance to shatter all stereotyped notions with them. They are no holy cows, and they are as shrewd and manipulative as men needs to be ably projected. It’s a myth that they are a weaker sex and that they were the harassed lot in past. They have always enjoyed deep respect, care, both in external world and within the four walls of home. However, it’s ironical, and diabolical too, that instead of highlighting this aspect, all the men got clubbed in one category of abusers of women. So it’s time to tell that who actually has been abusing-man or woman?  The men community should discuss their own issues in a more organized way-their concerns, their dilemmas, their worries, their pain and their sufferings etc. should get highlighted in a better way. It’s for them to decide that they have to live like a male or as a female in a male body. That’s the real agenda of feminism- to curb the instincts of men to make them in tune with absurd concerns of women.

Lastly, there is nothing like gender equality. There are honorable differences and these differences should persist for the growth of society in a better way. Radha, Seeta, Draupadi, Savitri and other such great women were the by-product of same patriarchal society. Even in modern times, the same society has produced women for whom their fathers have been the role model. Let’s not topple such a society or else the future will be more darker than one would have imagined. Agreed that women have suffered discrimination and face problems. But are the lives of men devoid of problems? Aren’t they facing host of complex problems? Some times back in Kargil War, the Indian soldiers were killed in barbaric manner. Their genitals were cut. That was simply treated as war crime. The same done with woman would not have not only been treated as a war crime but also as sexual assault, rape. Now there lies the difference. That’s the paradox. One wishing true gender equality should  treat both bodies as mere bodies! If that’s not possible then stop this nonsense about gender equality. At present, there is a difference and no difference in the name of equality. Difference when you can’t face the heat and no difference in sophisticated scenario. That’s not equality. That’s opportunism. That’s selfishness. That’s shrewdness of highest type.

And I Notice The Difference For Society's Unity!

And I Notice The Difference For Society’s Unity!

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A Porn Star Is A Woman Of Substance?

A Porn Star Is A Woman Of Substance?

I would not have talked about Sunny Leone had she been not portrayed as woman of substance by the mainstream media. This so-called successful lady which became part of “Big Boss” show made it very clear that prostitutes are a different breed than the porn star.

In fact, an impression was generated that the choice made by her was a dignified one that reflected her attitude to move against the set patterns. ” My parents soon realized it and respected me for who I am and my decisions. So there was never any question of being disowned by my family.”

She also lambasted on those who had no clue about this subtle difference between the prostitute and porn star! “I think India doesn’t have an adult entertainment industry – that’s why people have no idea what it is. I ran a company that took care of the deals I sealed with firms to sell and share my content online and to other media. Running a company was hard work. I’d work for about 60-70 hours a week. It wasn’t a party. I have only one partner. So that way, I’m very restrained in the real world.”

Anyway, I need to present the excerpts from a conversation that I had with some of my friends in media world. It’s full of insights and interesting revelations, which will let you know all the changing landscape of media world in India and elsewhere.


Arvind K.Pandey:

The moment we are going to oppose such people we would be first labeled regressive and then afterwards we would be asked to treat them and their profession as dignified !!!

Nishant Mishra, Translator associated with reputed government run institution :

This is a matter of choice, and I must say that I believe that human beings make a lot mistakes when they choose what they want to be or what they want to do. In my unbiased opinion, one’s choice of becoming a pornstar is not dignified. There’s no dearth of options if one sees things with insight.

Jayanta Bhattacharya, Media Professional:

It takes great courage to be a woman like her, and even greater courage if she is from a conservative god-fearing conservative Indian family. She is the ultimate example of female self-empowerment only next to Shakti.

Arvind K.Pandey:

I need to thank Nishant Mishra for not becoming too conscious a soul to find merit in such choices. And yes Jayanta , it was quite obvious that you were going to defend her choice. Considering your fierce defence of her decision, I am but compelled to say that what she is doing is indeed worth of admiration and emulation as well. If likes of her fail to emerge as porn star, the media across the world would lack the right ingredient to make the newspaper salable. The editors across the world would turn jobless if there lacks the opportunity to present such hot stuff. The emergence of porn star makes the media not altogether devoid of relevance. Anyway, I am not interested in making my friend Jayanta unemployed by denying him the opportunity to sensationalize such affairs.

Nishant Mishra:

If things remained the same we would soon witness two other new shows:

1. Search for Ultimate Pornstar of India and 2. Who Wants to Become a Pornstar

Arvind K. Pandey:

…. And then Media will promote the whole contest and the winner as the surest way to ensure male/female empowerment !!

Jayanta Bhattacharya:

The reality is that she is beautiful, artful lovemaker, and who knows what a man needs and wants. She is a rich businessman, owner of enterprises, top model and a world darling. There is no doubt that any man, including yours truly would be proud of a wife such as her. She is Goddess Durga to me whom the Mahisasur in me desires, but can never get. That’s it for me, that’s it for Arvind Pandey and that’s it for Nishant Mishra.

Rohit Mehra:

Jayanta bhattacharya you are no more than a fungus in some uncleaned overused overflowing sewer full of scum. Someone who assumes the sewer you live in is the whole of Brahmaanda (universe) and therefore starts advocating the ill as a genuine good. Though your ignorance can be a reflection of ur upbringing, it still can not be accepted as a reason of your innocence. Comparing Goddess with a porn star is not only a sign of sick mentality but also vehemently opposed.this should not have been done .

Now to clear your hugely discoursed perception and to widen your scope of thinking. Even the womanhood of your own house and relatives would be very famous if they follow the footsteps of Carren Malhotra. But would you want this to happen? And if the answer is in affirmative then why are you not encouraging them by telling them how successful a career as a porn star could be? The answer is very simple: Successful and desirable does not always mean righteous and genuine. It is one thing to attract some one with your beauty and art and it is totally other to expose a being to sinister and dark fantasies.

Sex is no more a taboo in this wonderful and matured land of the Kamasutra but spreading and subliminal promotion of porn is immensely adverse to family values and the very structure of family itself. Respect womanhood as she is the nucleus of a family,as properly maintained family leads to a strong society which ultimately gives rise to a great nation.

Arvind K.Pandey:

I agree in toto with Rohit. That’s the real dilemma. The same rules which likes of Shobha De or , for that matter any other feminists preach attains a different meaning in their own lives. Shobha can glorify lesbianism in her own books but I am sure she would be the first one to enter in fierce opposition if her own daughters turn into one such lesbian character found in her novels!!

My only objection with this news report is that okay you might see attaining porn stardom a big cause of celebration but please don’t preach or make a fuss about it publicly. Is this statement of hers such a big thing that it finds a great space in all major news dailies? What’s the point in seeing that as a big career which this porn star has implicitly tried to suggest?

Arvind K. Pandey:

Please don’t misrepresent us Jayanta !! Neither me nor Nishant bhai is ever going to feel anything great in having a porn star as wife. Both you and Nishant Bhai, in any case, can never dream of her having as wife since as far as I know you both are already married!!. Or else, I am sure I am going to see another pic of husband bashing at hands of wife in newspapers!! I wish that husband bashing news gets edited by Jayanta!!

As far as I am concerned I would be more happy to have a good looking girl with decent values as a wife than marrying a porn star- a rich businessman, owner of enterprises, top model and a world darling 🙂

By the way, if you have left out any epithets in favour of this porn star then please go ahead use that also. You will not get another opportunity to carve more epithets 🙂

“She is Goddess Durga to me whom the Mahisasur (demon king) in me desires, but can never get.”…Waah Jayanta bhai kya line hai ? (That’s a great line) Lage rahiye. ( Keep the same spirit). Don’t be that frustrated. Get divorce first and then concretize your dreams.

Jayanta Bhattacharya:

And, what are you Rohit Mehra ? Chief of Vice and Virtue Police? I am at least being frank in my opinions. However, hypocrites like you whose loathsome background and upbringing is exposed by the language you use are losers who can’t have it this way or that way. Shame on you.

Arvind K.Pandey:

This is very interesting discussion. I hope the warriors of words involved in this war of words would not make personal remarks!! Let’s not kill this lively discussion with personal remarks. Let’s target the issue than targeting the person..

By the way, my adorable Jayanta bhai, I appreciate your ability to carve funny epithets and hilarious expressions: Chief of Vice and Virtue Police!! Where is the headquarter located ? Is it another wing of Police department ? Do the policemen involved in this wing take bribe ? These questions have now filled my mind. I am anxious to more about this department!. Anyway, Vice and Virtue police is badly needed to manage the wannabe porn stars !!!

Superstar, Rock star and now Porn Star! Let’s see what other types of star hit our lives.

Rohit Mehra:

Well this is a very expected reaction from someone ( Jayanta Bhattacharya) who is obviously at loss of words to defend his previous remarks. Pity on people like you who are completely delusioned!!!!

Dharmendra Sharma:

The right and wrong depends upon the societal norms in which we live. In society of dogs, it may be acceptable.

Arvind K.Pandey:

In other words Dharmendraji the society of our times has subscribed itself to doggie values!!

We know very well why such news items get sensationalized!! How else Mallikas of newer types survive in ever changing skin business?

The media is rotten to the core. Nothing else remains to be said in this regard.

A Porn Star Is A Woman Of Substance?


The Times Of India

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