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Muzaffaranagar Riots: Would The Real Reasons Which Caused The Riots Ever Get Revealed?

Akhilesh Yadav:  Miserably Failed To Rise Above Dirty Politics!!

Akhilesh Yadav: Miserably Failed To Rise Above Dirty Politics!!

              (Also published in Northern India Patrika, Sep. 28, 2013) 

Uttar Pradesh expected better developments in the regime of young Chief Minister. However, such expectations turned out to be a great illusion. Akhilesh Yadav, who represents the spirit of youth, gave way to same means exhibited by worn out old minds, proving beyond doubt that mere youth force is of no use but youth force backed up by noble vision and sound policies does the real magic. No wonder Uttar Pradesh is today witnessing one of the darkest phases of its existence as a state. Since the time of his becoming Chief Minister, a year and a half, the state has witnessed series of riots, making it a disturbed zone. The bureaucratic system has fallen prey to casteist politics, to an extent that even an impartial constitutional body like Uttar Pradesh Public Service Commission (UPPSC) is finding hard to retain its glory of yesteryear. The honest bureaucrats like Durga Shakti Nagpal are being harassed and bullied on concocted grounds. Ironically, the real culprits who are actually disturbing the communal harmony, a ground cited as a cause for suspending IAS officer Durga Shakti Nagpal, are roaming scot free.

Coming to riots of serious magnitude which hit Muzaffarnagar couple of weeks ago, one needs to know the actual reasons which triggered them. The mainstream media circulated state sponsored corrupt version of actual reasons, marred by half lies and manipulation of facts. It’s believed that an incident of eve teasing led to this riot. However, that’s an insignificant reason blown out of proportion to hide the real factors. It  has been very cleverly suppressed that for  past few months Muzaffarnagar region was simmering with anger over series of rapes with Hindu girls committed  by Muslim youths. The ineffective state machinery remained mute spectator to such rising number of sexual assaults on Hindu girls. It’s real shame that although this nation witnessed an unprecedented level of protest in case of Nirbhaya the Damini gang-rape case, the series of brutal rapes in this part of Uttar Pradesh were not taken into cognizance by anybody.  Any conscious citizen would like to know why were state machinery and Central government so unconcerned about these rape incidents?

As a result of this bureaucratic apathy and partisan approach of mainstream media in reporting such incidents with same intensity, the local community organised  a mass meeting to deal with such grave developments, mainly to ensure the safety of women and daughters. On September 07, the participants going to attend this meeting were attacked, leading to tense situation, which later spiralled out of control. What added fuel to the fire was that subsequent developments were remote controlled to allegedly benefit Muslim community. It’s learned that Jat-Muslim equations in this area constitute a huge vote bank. That was cited as a main reason as to why riots came to hit this area. However, it’s far away from truth. This might be one of the reasons but not a strong ground to give way to riot of this volatile nature, which made even the prime minister Manmohan Singh hail it as a “big tragedy”.

Mazaffarnagar riots, one of the worst riots to hit this country, revealed shades of murkier politics involved in riots, making it clear that riots are often well planned in advance and execution of these nefarious designs take place effectively by the hidden hands at a suitable time. The witnesses of Muzaffarnagar riots categorically stated before the media that police did not respond to the calls of victims crying for help. The victims also stated about inaction of police before the PM and other senior leaders from the Centre.  This corroborates the alleged involvement of State Minister, who was seen in a sting operation instructing a police official to act in a irresponsible way!

In fact, Union Minister Jairam Ramesh bluntly stated that Akhilesh Yadav was “masterly inactive” during the heated phase of riots. “On Muzaffarnagar, none of us will keep quiet. What he (Akhilesh) has done is inexcusable.” Let’s not forget that one of the allegations against Narendra Modi is that he did not act swiftly during the riots in Gujarat, and thus, secular media quickly labelled him as the architect of pogrom in Gujarat. Ironically, the same secular media remained silent over the Godhra victims and Muslim perpetrators involved in burning of the train- a prime cause that led to the start of riots! Will these riots be attributed to Akhilesh as controlled pogrom the Gujarat way?

Illegal Arms Supply To The Minorities: How Would You Curb It?

Illegal Arms Supply To The Minorities: How Would You Curb It?

Arms and ammunition  in large quantity were seized by police in aftermath of the riots. This proves beyond that misguided forces in minority community are involved in illegal arms racket. So what were Intelligence agencies doing when these illegal weapons got supplied to these anti-social elements? One of the problems faced by this country is that appeasement of Muslims has spread like a plague. It never allows Intelligence agencies to act in effective manner. The moment any strict action is taken against the anti-social elements present in the minority community, it leads to shrill cry of harassment of minorities in India by the so-called secular forces operating in India and abroad.

This is a serious issue which involves a key question: What is the way to ensure the complete elimination of anti-social elements present among the minorities? Since we cannot expect political heads to answer this sensitive question, the Supreme Court, taking suo moto cognizance of such critical developments needs to deal sternly with such anti-national developments. Why should members of one particular community be not subjected to stern actions in an attempt to wipe out wrong elements? It’s laughable that Muzaffarnagar riots are being stated as fallout of eve-teasing incident, making the focus of probe get limited by minor aspects. These riots have exposed serious loopholes in our intelligence mechanism besides revealing the nexus of politicians with negative forces. It’s these aspects which need to be dealt with by the mainstream media and legal enforcement agencies.

Social media which is not the part of paid media, dictated by politicians, should stop the great game played in name of empowerment of women and upliftment of minorities. It should honestly reveal the unsaid. Needles to state that most of the programmes in the garb of improving the lives of women and minorities have wrecked the citadels of Indian society. They both have become convenient way to enter in crude vote bank politics. The institutions like Supreme Court, High Court, and impartial bodies run by conscious citizens should come to the fore to prevent the nation from going to dogs. There is no other way left to make this nation safe from anti-social elements. The Muzaffarnagar riots have revealed that so-called politicians talking about honouring the ideals of democracy cannot be relied upon. They are dangerous wolves masquerading as human beings.

Uttar Pradesh Is Passing Through One Of Its Worst Phases Of Its Existence!

Uttar Pradesh Is Passing Through One Of Its Worst Phases Of Its Existence!



Zee News 


 Jairam Ramesh

The Hindustan Times 

The Times Of India      

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Ghost Of Gujarat Riots: A Panacea For Secular Souls Lying On Their Death Beds

Ghost Of Gujarat Riots: A Panacea For Secular Souls Lying On Their Death  Beds

The ghost of Gujarat riots acts as panacea for secular souls lying on their death beds. The horror stories conceived by the psuedo-intellectuals still make their presence felt whenever the right wing politics makes its presence felt in this nation. The most amazing thing is that people talking about the killings of Muslims at the hands of Hindus in 2002 Gujarat riots seem to be trapped in some sort of time warp. I mean they fail to acknowledge the role of Narendra Modi in light of recent happenings.

It’s hard task for them to realize that Gujarat has become role model for growth and economic prosperity. They fail to realize that half-truths and falsehood sustained by them with help of biased Indian and foreign media are losing strength with each passing day as we come to face-to-face with new facts pertaining to the riots. They still hail Narendra Modi as “butcher” even as the butcher has now attained new heights with a clean image- an image fit enough to be in the race to emerge as new Prime minister. New heights attained by Narendra Modi has made him pain in the ass for soul indulging in secular politics.

The Gujarat riots provide us an interesting glimpse into the functioning of media and Indian politics. It shows how our media and politics are crippled by mediocre minds, who lack ability to intercept the new realities that have emerged in India and world outside. It’s very clear that politics in India has always been aimed to grasp the power and it’s never been people oriented. It’s never been growth oriented. It’s never been aimed at true “Bharat Nirman“. On the contrary the unholy nexus of power hungry politicians with slavish media always worked to materialize their vested interests. So we have likes of Teesta Setalvad who ” cooked up macabre tales of wanton killings” like “a pregnant Muslim woman Kausar Banu was gangraped by a mob, who then gouged out the foetus with sharp weapons”.

We have likes of Arundhati Roy who used their fertile imagination to talk about killings that never took place at all. The Western media believing these sincere “agents of Satan” painted Modi in all wrong colours and like always used their flawed writings to enter in India bashing. Their writings made India appear a nation that does not respect human rights of minorities!! As a result of such India bashing our secular governments learnt the right lesson and ensured that likes of Afzal and Kasab have their plates of “Biryani” behind the bars!!!

The modus operandi is now not a well guarded secret. The secular writers and media persons of this nation first churn out bullshit and then it gets spread to other parts of world, wherein such half-truths are treated as gospel truth by like minded souls who convert them into special stories. The main intention is to derail the growth of India. That’s the reason why when Karan Thapar interviews Narendra Modi it becomes necessary for him to flaunt his limited knowledge about Godhra happenings, forgetting that Gujarat has entered into new mode after the incident. However, the time has stopped for secular souls and to them the only thing that has taken place in the universe since it came into origin after the big bang is Gujarat riots!!!!

I need to appreciate Ram Jethmalani that he made realize the secular fool Karan Thapar that people like him who own American or British accent usually have a very poor IQ level. It’s pathetic to see that even likes of Romila Thapar can stoop down to an all-time low to appease the secular forces. So she can make a shrill cry that Ayodhya verdict was based on faith and not on facts without bothering to know the content of the judgment in reality. The real tragedy is that most of the other publications or electronic channels make little effort to go into details. They keep repeating the flawed opinions as that serves their vested interest quite well rather than insipid truth. Truth does not make news. However, twisted truth does manage to find many takers.

How can we forget that secular UPA government went out of the way to establish anti- constitutional Banerjee committee, which ensured that Godhra train burning looks “accidental” ? Now that’s the way secularism in India is being promoted. The lies related with minorities after given larger than life image are being presented as truths while the truths related with majority are being presented as falsehood !! What’s really stunning is that media including foreign which boasts of ensuring truth never bothers to cross check the authenticity of facts if it involves the interests of minorities but to ensure the “culpability” of Modi they can pressurize even the Apex court.

The same media never bothers to enquire as to how come so many awards were given by the Indian government to Teesta Stalvad when she had been guilty of lying on oath? How came she became part of government managed committees? Who ensured that a convict like Binayak Sen be part of Planning Commission? Why the media never sheds tears over the way UPA or secular governments misuse constitutional powers?

Ghost Of Gujarat Riots: A Panacea For Secular Souls Lying On Their Death  Beds

Why is the media so hyper conscious in targeting anything remotely serving the cause of Hindus? In other words, the way Indian media is interested in targeting Hindu forces makes it clear that it’s too agent of foreign forces, which wish to disturb the stability in South Asian region. These forces are using the tried and tested “divide and rule” method and dirty minds in UPA with help of gestures like introduction of “Prevention of Communal and Targeted Violence(Access to Justice and Reparations), 2011″ ( Communal Violence Bill) are making confrontation a reality. The Indian media is more interested in chasing myth like “Hindu Terrorism” instead of sabotaging the reality in form of Islamic terrorism which has now reached inside the corridors of Parliament and Courts!!! Well, it’s time for the conscious citizens to ensure the demise of secular media and secular government and get it replaced with a government which really thinks about their welfare in sound way with right policies.

Recently, I had a meaningful conversation with New Delhi based senior journalist Jayanta Bhattacharya over the distorted face of truth when it comes to Gujarat riots. I am presenting the conversation as it is. It has some fascinating facts including the recent findings, which makes it quite clear that media loves to portray falsehood and not truth. Let me remind the readers that conversation started when one gentleman hailed Narendra Modi as “Butcher of Gujarat” . I must make it very clear that I am no great fan of Modi but it really bothers me that making caricature of people doing good work has become a special feature of Indian minds. I also do not appreciate the way my dear friend has hailed Narendra Modi as “Mahatma Modi” but I must say he is one of the few who has the guts to speak the truth without being afraid of the repercussions.


Jayanta Bhattacharya:

Butcher of Gujarat? Who? If you are talking about Narendra Modi then I must say that you are a victim of Con-led UPA propaganda. Under Con rule in Gujarat more communal riots took place. In 2002, more Hindus died in the post-Godhra riots than Muslims, that started with the heinous murders of innocent Hindu pilgrims by blood-thirsty jihadis in the Sabarmati Express near Godhra. It was Mahatma Modi, the angel of peace who brought the riots to a stop within 48 hours thus saving the lives of many, many more Hindus. Do you have any idea what you are saying?


Arvind K. Pandey:

Well, the recent verdict delivered by Supreme Court is a hard slap on the faces of people seeking culpability of Narendra Modi in 2002 riots. However, the dull minds refuse to accept the reality. Allan Johannes seems to be one of them for whom distorted truth and falsehood is more dear than truth!!

Though the magistrate is yet to deliver the final verdict, it can still be stated that it’s truth that ultimately shines and not the propaganda engineered by dirty secular minds.

From the news item:

The Supreme Court on Monday refused to pass any order on Gujarat chief minister Narendra Modi’s alleged inaction to contain the 2002 Gujarat riots after the Godhra carnage and referred the matter to the concerned magistrate in Ahmedabad for a decision.

“God is great!” — tweeted Gujarat chief minister Narendra Modi on Monday summed up his reaction to the Supreme Court direction in the 2002 Gulburg Society riots case in just three words.

The reaction of the 60-year-old BJP leader reflected his relief over the order as he was being accused time and again by opposition Congress and activists of culpability in 2002 riots…….

The bench made it clear that there was no need for it to further monitor the riot cases. BJP hailed Supreme Court’s order and said that it was a victory for Modi.

Source: The Sunday Indian


Jayanta Bhattacharya:

And, it is a fact that Congress councilor from Godhra participated in the Godhra carnage, and the post-Godhra riots were carried out by mostly Youth Congress members (http://bit.ly/gJsYBU). Starting from the Godhra murders (for which an all-Muslim team was convicted with Haji Billa and some sentenced to death) to the post-Godhra riots, more Hindus were killed than Muslims. I can provide facts and figures to prove my point. The Godhra murders and the subsequent rioting was a part of well-planned scheme by ISI and its Congress agents to defame the Gujaratis and weaken Indian nationalists.

From the news item:

NEW DELHI: The Congress has been going to town over Best Bakery and other instances of the Narendra Modi government’s complicity in the anti-Muslim violence which shook Gujarat last year. But when..

Source: Cong silent on cadres linked to Guj riots


Arvind K. Pandey:

You are damn right… Thanks for setting the records straight in this regard.. I am really upset the way Indian and world media deals with real facts. I am no lover of Modi but when is one so cocksure about the involvement of Modi as a “butcher” what’s preventing them to acknowledge the new facts, which prove that riots were the handiwork of dubious elements with whom Modi had no connection at all ? One sees the so-called “butcher” but what about the “butchers” involved in Godhra train carnage? The world ( read Indian media and biased foreign media) never discuss it openly.

Shame on secular souls who hatched a conspiracy to make the Godhara carnage appear ” accidental”. It’s a real insult to talk with such secular minds and listen their arguments ! !

I hope Jayanta has read this latest news item about one of the greatest butchers in modern times Narendra Modi, wherein ” US Congressional Research Service, a think-tank which provides support to the US Congress, has stated that Narendra Modi has streamlined economic growth in Gujarat, removed red tape in functioning of the government, curtailed corruption and given special emphasis on infrastructure in Gujarat”

Source: The Times Of India


Jayanta Bhattacharya: ‎

I, as an Indian would like to see a better tomorrow. I want my country to be prosperous. I want my country to be free from foreign agents scheming and perniciously eating it from within. I want to see my country being respected world over. When I travel outside my country, I want to see respect for me in the eyes of the citizens/subjects of the lands I travel. I want to see poverty alleviated from my motherland. I want to see people educated in my country. I want to venture out of my house without the fear of being killed/harmed by terrorists or communal forces or any other criminal. I want to live without fear, prejudice and hatred. I want to be a truly free man in a free democracy where appeasement policies do not buy votes of religious communities. I want to be treated equally as a Muslim or a Christian or a Dalit despite being a Hindu and yet have the freedom to be proud of my faith. I want the policies of my nation to be governed by the people of nation and not by the OIC or the Vatican. I shall, therefore, do everything possible to see Mahatma Modi, the angel of peace and God’s chosen one as the Prime Minister of India. PERIOD.

Into that heaven of freedom, my Father, let my country awake. Vande Mataram!

Ghost Of Gujarat Riots: A Panacea For Secular Souls Lying On Their Death  Beds



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