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वो जो तुमसे जोड़ता एक पुल है!

वो जो तुमसे जोड़ता एक पुल है!

वो जो तुमसे जोड़ता एक पुल है!

कही न कही तेरे मेरे बीच
में एक पुल है
जिस पर से गुज़र कर मै
अक्सर पहुच जाता हूँ तुम तक

हां वो पुल दिखता नहीं है
इस यथार्थ से भरी दुनियाँ में
ठीक ही तो है कि दिखता नहीं
या फिर मैंने ठीक ही तो किया
जब मैंने इसे सच्ची दुनिया में  
दोष बाधा से बंधी नज़रो से उलझती
हर इस तरह के तिकड़मो से ऊपर रखा
और नहीं बनाया सबको दिखने वाला पुल

वो एक पुल
जिस पर से गुज़र कर मै
अक्सर पहुच जाता हूँ तुम तक

बनता या बनाता इसे दुनियाँ में
तो निश्चित था कि वो ढह जाता
छल कपट से भरी हर निगाहो से
निकलती हर एक उतरन सें
और मिट जाता वो एक सहारा भी
जो  अभी मेरे जीने की एक वजह है

वो एक पुल
जिस पर से गुज़र कर मै
यथार्थ के बीच से होता हुआ
अक्सर पहुच जाता हूँ तुम तक
हर रोज, हर एक गुजरते लम्हे में!
उस दुनियाँ में जहा कोई नही होता
सिवाय तेरे और मेरे अस्तित्व के.

For Non-Hindi Readers:

English Version Of The Same Poem

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A Bridge Between Two Souls! (Poetry)

There exists a bridge between You and I!

There exists a bridge between You and I!

There exists a bridge between
You and I
And I travel across it
To reach to you each day.

This bridge remains invisible
In the world governed by reality
Glad that it is non-existent!
In a world marred by evil eyes
It remains invisible to naked eyes
In love with concrete images
And I did the right
By not giving it a shape
To a bridge I travel across
Each day to reach to you.

Had it been built by me
Surely it would have collapsed
Facing every passing moment
The rays of eyes dipped in
Evil and falsehood, treachery and crime,
And I would have lost something
Which sustains my earthly existence

There exists a bridge between
You and I
And I travel across it
Through the realities of visible world
To reach to you each day
In every passing moment
To arrive at a world
Where no one exists
Other than you and I.

Attention Readers:

Hindi Version Of The Same Poem

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Sharing Memories With A Friend At Ancient Place!

Sharing Memories With A Friend At Ancient Place!


 Mind has become the storehouse of memories,
Sweet memories which are mine,
Which are, of course, my prized possession,
When loneliness has gripped me,
They surround me slowly, and make their presence felt.

They neutralise the pain of wounds inflicted by the world,
Innocent charm cast by them
Even makes these wound’s pain sweeter;
Walking down memory lane
I can very clearly see those days,
The days of my childhood;
When success and failure were things of little importance
Where we knew little about morality and idealism,
But still they were part of all our actions.  

With the increase in knowledge
We have become selfish and self centered,
The fire of envy has burnt down morality and idealism into ashes.
We have lost the power to express our true emotions,
An easy task for us during our childhood.  

The purity of heart, which is required is no more,
Indeed a great loss;
Memories which would always be with me, like guiding star,
I wish they would never part from me,
Let them be always on my side till doomsday,
Yes, only thing I like to be surrounded by
When I find myself in the arms of death  


This  poem in audio form :

Audio Version Of Memories

Poem can also be read onMemories On Voicesnet

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