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Muzaffaranagar Riots: Would The Real Reasons Which Caused The Riots Ever Get Revealed?

Akhilesh Yadav:  Miserably Failed To Rise Above Dirty Politics!!

Akhilesh Yadav: Miserably Failed To Rise Above Dirty Politics!!

              (Also published in Northern India Patrika, Sep. 28, 2013) 

Uttar Pradesh expected better developments in the regime of young Chief Minister. However, such expectations turned out to be a great illusion. Akhilesh Yadav, who represents the spirit of youth, gave way to same means exhibited by worn out old minds, proving beyond doubt that mere youth force is of no use but youth force backed up by noble vision and sound policies does the real magic. No wonder Uttar Pradesh is today witnessing one of the darkest phases of its existence as a state. Since the time of his becoming Chief Minister, a year and a half, the state has witnessed series of riots, making it a disturbed zone. The bureaucratic system has fallen prey to casteist politics, to an extent that even an impartial constitutional body like Uttar Pradesh Public Service Commission (UPPSC) is finding hard to retain its glory of yesteryear. The honest bureaucrats like Durga Shakti Nagpal are being harassed and bullied on concocted grounds. Ironically, the real culprits who are actually disturbing the communal harmony, a ground cited as a cause for suspending IAS officer Durga Shakti Nagpal, are roaming scot free.

Coming to riots of serious magnitude which hit Muzaffarnagar couple of weeks ago, one needs to know the actual reasons which triggered them. The mainstream media circulated state sponsored corrupt version of actual reasons, marred by half lies and manipulation of facts. It’s believed that an incident of eve teasing led to this riot. However, that’s an insignificant reason blown out of proportion to hide the real factors. It  has been very cleverly suppressed that for  past few months Muzaffarnagar region was simmering with anger over series of rapes with Hindu girls committed  by Muslim youths. The ineffective state machinery remained mute spectator to such rising number of sexual assaults on Hindu girls. It’s real shame that although this nation witnessed an unprecedented level of protest in case of Nirbhaya the Damini gang-rape case, the series of brutal rapes in this part of Uttar Pradesh were not taken into cognizance by anybody.  Any conscious citizen would like to know why were state machinery and Central government so unconcerned about these rape incidents?

As a result of this bureaucratic apathy and partisan approach of mainstream media in reporting such incidents with same intensity, the local community organised  a mass meeting to deal with such grave developments, mainly to ensure the safety of women and daughters. On September 07, the participants going to attend this meeting were attacked, leading to tense situation, which later spiralled out of control. What added fuel to the fire was that subsequent developments were remote controlled to allegedly benefit Muslim community. It’s learned that Jat-Muslim equations in this area constitute a huge vote bank. That was cited as a main reason as to why riots came to hit this area. However, it’s far away from truth. This might be one of the reasons but not a strong ground to give way to riot of this volatile nature, which made even the prime minister Manmohan Singh hail it as a “big tragedy”.

Mazaffarnagar riots, one of the worst riots to hit this country, revealed shades of murkier politics involved in riots, making it clear that riots are often well planned in advance and execution of these nefarious designs take place effectively by the hidden hands at a suitable time. The witnesses of Muzaffarnagar riots categorically stated before the media that police did not respond to the calls of victims crying for help. The victims also stated about inaction of police before the PM and other senior leaders from the Centre.  This corroborates the alleged involvement of State Minister, who was seen in a sting operation instructing a police official to act in a irresponsible way!

In fact, Union Minister Jairam Ramesh bluntly stated that Akhilesh Yadav was “masterly inactive” during the heated phase of riots. “On Muzaffarnagar, none of us will keep quiet. What he (Akhilesh) has done is inexcusable.” Let’s not forget that one of the allegations against Narendra Modi is that he did not act swiftly during the riots in Gujarat, and thus, secular media quickly labelled him as the architect of pogrom in Gujarat. Ironically, the same secular media remained silent over the Godhra victims and Muslim perpetrators involved in burning of the train- a prime cause that led to the start of riots! Will these riots be attributed to Akhilesh as controlled pogrom the Gujarat way?

Illegal Arms Supply To The Minorities: How Would You Curb It?

Illegal Arms Supply To The Minorities: How Would You Curb It?

Arms and ammunition  in large quantity were seized by police in aftermath of the riots. This proves beyond that misguided forces in minority community are involved in illegal arms racket. So what were Intelligence agencies doing when these illegal weapons got supplied to these anti-social elements? One of the problems faced by this country is that appeasement of Muslims has spread like a plague. It never allows Intelligence agencies to act in effective manner. The moment any strict action is taken against the anti-social elements present in the minority community, it leads to shrill cry of harassment of minorities in India by the so-called secular forces operating in India and abroad.

This is a serious issue which involves a key question: What is the way to ensure the complete elimination of anti-social elements present among the minorities? Since we cannot expect political heads to answer this sensitive question, the Supreme Court, taking suo moto cognizance of such critical developments needs to deal sternly with such anti-national developments. Why should members of one particular community be not subjected to stern actions in an attempt to wipe out wrong elements? It’s laughable that Muzaffarnagar riots are being stated as fallout of eve-teasing incident, making the focus of probe get limited by minor aspects. These riots have exposed serious loopholes in our intelligence mechanism besides revealing the nexus of politicians with negative forces. It’s these aspects which need to be dealt with by the mainstream media and legal enforcement agencies.

Social media which is not the part of paid media, dictated by politicians, should stop the great game played in name of empowerment of women and upliftment of minorities. It should honestly reveal the unsaid. Needles to state that most of the programmes in the garb of improving the lives of women and minorities have wrecked the citadels of Indian society. They both have become convenient way to enter in crude vote bank politics. The institutions like Supreme Court, High Court, and impartial bodies run by conscious citizens should come to the fore to prevent the nation from going to dogs. There is no other way left to make this nation safe from anti-social elements. The Muzaffarnagar riots have revealed that so-called politicians talking about honouring the ideals of democracy cannot be relied upon. They are dangerous wolves masquerading as human beings.

Uttar Pradesh Is Passing Through One Of Its Worst Phases Of Its Existence!

Uttar Pradesh Is Passing Through One Of Its Worst Phases Of Its Existence!



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 Jairam Ramesh

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Another Bomb Blast In Varanasi : It’s Time To Shed Tears And Forget About It !

The Blood Of Common Citizens In India Has No Value !

The Blood Of Common Citizens In India Has No Value !

Another bomb blast hits the Varanasi city.The blast that occurred at the Dashashwamedh Ghat on the banks of Ganga river in Varanasi during the time of famous Ganga Aarti has lead to death of girl child named Swastika Sharma while as many as 30-40 people have been injured.

Many foreign nationals have also been injured in a blast which seems to be the brainchild of terrorist group Indian Mujahideen, unhappy over the recent Ayodhya verdict delivered by the Allahabad High Court and the ‘reported clean chit given by the Supreme Court-appointed Special Investigation Team probing the post-Godhra riots to Gujarat Chief Minister Marendra Modi.’The city had met with the previous bomb blast on March 7, 2006 when terrorists struck Sankatmochan temple and Varanasi Cant railway.

I need not to say anything this time.I am tired of expressing my anger again and again.It’s better to shed tears and forget about it.For those readers interested in dull facts I am presenting the links associated with this blast.However,I am posting the unedited versions of comments of readers.They will let you know about the mood of common citizens.





Congress is unable to protect the country! We hear only speech nothing else! Neither they are able to control terrorism nor poverty! Their hand is not at all with the common man but with the rich and influential people of this country! They give color to the terrorism and creat more confusion and disharmony! We have seen only corruptions one after other!


Request report. Express concern. Plead for calm…. What else can this senile PM do? The citizens of India want action not a girl guide reaction.

Nitish Kumar:

More Pakistanis on TV show. More RSS-SIMI comparision. More broadminded comments on Kashmir. More allah allah khuda khuda songs. More shaanti till get demolished. No news of Love-Jihad. Whether it is Dhaulakuan-gangrape or Bangali-baba-Tantrik. Do not bring Muslim names. More politics on Muslim votes. Who is living a minority’s life? Thanks to media as well.

Thankyou Indian Mujahiddin for diverting attention of Indian public from

2G scam,

CWG scam,

Adarsh Scam,

Lavasa Scam,

corrupt CVC Thomas,

UP Food scam….etc….other hidden scams

TN land Scam



Indians are continuing to be among the largest victim of terrorism. Why would a nation of 1100 million be a perpetual victim one may ask? Well, it does not take an Einstein to find the reason for the abysmal state of affair of perpetual terrorist attack even post-26/11, contrast that with relative lack of attacks post-9/11 in US, and July attack in UK and one in Madrid. Under this UPA regime corruption has grown far more than anything else except of course bank balance and wealth of politicians, judges and bureaucrats. The result is intelligence is abysmally outdated and manned by babus copying corrupt practices of their political masters, security apparatus remains woefully decrepit more interested in siphoning off funds meant than organising and arming itself and the same rot we now know has permeated institutions that were once held as beyond reproach. To top it all you have Prime Minister who not only presided over the largest scam ever, but worse has failed to accept moral responsibility and resign.


Errorwithrequest :

Cash from Haj pilgrims was used to finance the 26/11 Mumbai terror attack by Lashkar-e-Toiba, a US embassy cable published by WikiLeaks has revealed. According to the cable, LeT’s annual military operations budget is $5.2 million.

A Sky News report cited the New York Times as detailing a long list of possible methods terrorists might have been using to fund activities. One memo claims militants often used the annual Haj pilgrimage for laundering money and cash from pilgrims. This, the memo says, was also used to finance the Mumbai terror attack, for which LeT was responsible.

Other documents have claimed the US believes donors from Saudi Arabia are “the most significant source of funding to Sunni terrorist groups worldwide.” A memo sent by the US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton in December, 2009, referred to the kingdom as a “cash machine” for al-Qaeda. Other countries in the Middle East have also come under fire.

In the leaked cables, the United Arab Emirates is described as having a “strategic gap” that terrorists could exploit, Qatar is seen as “the worst in the region” on counter-terrorism and Kuwait is labelled “a key transit point”.

In August, 2009, America had also shared other details of fund-raising of various outfits of LeT with Pakistan at the direction of Secretary of State Hillary Clinton. The document says that Hafiz Saeed continues to lead both LeT and its front organisation Jamaat-ud-Dawa and that some of the funds collected in the name of charitable activities have also been used for planning terror attacks.

The fund is raised through a variety of sources mainly from private donations, NGOs, madrassas and business spread throughout south and west Asia and Europe.

The non-paper that puts LeT’s annual budget at more than `23 crore, was used by Hillary Clinton to buttress her point and convey to Pakistan her decision to oppose delisting of Jamaat-ud-Dawa and its leader Hafiz Saeed from the al-Qaeda and Taliban Sanctions Committee of the UN Security Council.

The non-paper says that the US intelligence community assesses that Hafiz Muhamad Saeed is leader of LeT and Zaki-ur-Rehman Lakhvi is LeT’s operations commander and they continue to run the organisation despite being detained for their role in the Mumbai attacks.

“We also judge that they have planned, directed and executed LeT attacks throughout south Asia and is likely have used some funds collected in the name of JuD’s charitable activities to support multiple terrorist operations, including the November Mumbai attacks,” it said.

“The community assesses that Saeed continues to lead both organisations. However, the community is unable to assess to what extent senior JuD leaders such as Saeed are involved in specific terrorist operations or the level of detail to which they are knowledgeable about specific past and pending attacks,” it said.



I think something fundamentally wrong in our hindu society

1.we are most peaceful people yet we have most enemies and most haters

2.we have most intelligent set of people(first in science, math,astronomy)yet we are hugly poor and lack basic things for people

3.we pride ourselves in diversity yet we are most divided society,,division by lang, region, caste and then hundreds of subdivisions..

The list goes on and on,,we also lack a single major hindu leader who can guide the society as a whole,,no doubt,,our enemies both internal(psudo securalists, groups like IM, simi, corrupt leaders and corrupt society) and external (cheena, poki, even puny bdesh,,,will take full advantage of this,,and they have been doing it for 1000’s of years,,,something needs to change in us first…our land has been divided and looted 100’s of times,,,yet they only want more..1 babri was down and they make so much noise and revenge,,why no one has guts to ask why did ur ancestors down 10000 temples,,,and u still praise and worship them…


shame on congress:

first they loot our country
2g spectrum scam 176000000 crore
swg scam 80000 crore
adharsh scam 10000 crore
corrupt cvc p.j.thomas still in chair
corrupt raja threteing judge
corrupt media and jurnalist


niL Kumar:

Because MUSLIMS are a VOTE BANK to POWER. HINDUS are divided. Hindus are/ were divide since time immemorial. Hindus have to unite and fight the so called SUEDO – SECULARISM. We have to abstain from Politicians who are looking to APPEASE MUSLIMS. Unfortunately Muslims, majority of whom are illiterateddo not understand that they are being taken for aride by these OPPURTUNISTIC POLITICIANS. We should not only educate them but also explain that NATIONAL INTEREST comes first. It is sad that no MUSLIM worth the name has ever criticised these TERRORIST. India is Secular and Democratic because Hindus are a majority. Tell me which Muslim nation is SECUKLAR & DEMOCATIC.



There is no Indian Mujahdeen, all this is done by pak outfits.Until and unless our government be strict with pak there is no solution.Invaders had destroyed several millions of temples including famous somnath temple.No one can make any church,temple and buddhist monterey in saudi arabia.Muslims had already looted us so much and we hindus are stupid to hear more about babri mosque in our sacred hindu land of lord Rama.This is all because of congress government appeasement of muslims.I hope in next election people should think twice before vote for this party.Country is full of corruption and people are suffering because of these stupid ministers.


On YouTube Page:


Very easy way to attack these IM bastards is derail SAMJAUTA EXPRESS – no need of bomb either.



Obviously this is carried out by islamic terrorist groups such as Lashkar-e-Toiba, who also uses a cover names such as “Indian Mujahideen” to cover their tracks and their Pakistani backers, who are still supporting them. Pakistan is such a mentally disturbed country, which not only supports islamic terrorist groups, but allows them to get away, even if they committ terrorist attacks in Pakistan itself. Examples include the Lahore Sri Lankan cricket attack, when the perpetrators were released.


Raju Khan :

Now they will start aman ki asha part 2 . As country start getting united to fight against the terrorism. Paid journos and paid shows start diluting the entire environment.
Congress is afzal guru lover . Keep voting congress and ready to face such heinous acts. As usual the easiest excuse of congress is blasts happened during NDA rule as well.Fully agreed with them but they i.e. NDA are able to catch the terrorists and senteneced to deeath .. congress is just making mockery of everything ..

Just wait few days ..they will arrest somebody from RSS and will be held guilty for this blast.

This is the era of UPA minority appeasement where youngistan is not interested in pain of people killed or injured in blasts but rather interested in who is saying who ..somebody from UPA will say something soft and they will agree with him more then anything ..young guns lost there mind ..



Why did Congress abolished POTA, the law against Terrorists?????????????



If nothing is done, India will be like Iraq where daily suicide bombing by muslims who are in a hurry to go to heaven. Daily bombings by Christian terrorists in NE and in Naxal belts till new Christian nations are foremed there with 100% Christian converts.



Tomorrow’s headlines After Bal Thackerays remarks and objections about hiring pakistani actors in Films and TV shows,all the Hindu girls and Hindu guys,to show solidarity and secularism sported MNIK,and Dabang, T shirts and held mullah ka bullah placards and burnt Bal Thackeray’s effigies.


Let Hindus Be Eliminated By The Jihadis And We The Secular Souls Should Talk About Saffron Terror !

Let Hindus Be Eliminated By The Jihadis And We The Secular Souls Should Talk About Saffron Terror !

Source Of These Comments:

Hindustan Times

Hindustan Times 2

You Tube Blast Video

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