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Ensuring Rights Of Men Does Not Make One Male Chauvinist Pig !

Ensuring Rights Of Men Does  Not Make One Male Chauvinist  Pig !

It’s decent in our times to talk about the flaws of men. It’s indecent to expose the flaws of women in modern times. A man becomes a “Male Chauvinist Pig” (MCP) when he attempts to resurrects his own rights. However, the woman emerges as a feminist when she talks about her own rights minus the responsibilities. Remember, her hatred towards the man is decent as that ensures her rights.

Man’s hatred towards woman does not ensure his rights but it converts him into a misogynist Isn’t it the right time to clear confusion as why such erroneous distinctions have come into existence ? Why it’s honourable to talk about the rights of woman but when one talks about the rights of man one immediately turns either into a misogynist or MCP?

Ensuring Rights Of Men Does  Not Make One Male Chauvinist  Pig !

Let’s stop male bashing. Let’s stop creating upheaval in society by heeding to the irrational demands of the feminist groups. Let’s stop creating laws which in name of empowering women are only breaking homes. Often we ignore the big picture in a mad rush to tackle the immediate concerns. There is no point in treating men as criminals when women are equally governed by same weaknesses, which influence men. Then what’s the need to give added advantage to them in many issues ? They are equally susceptible to negative influences that chase men.

For instance, when a case is filed under Dowry act or Domsetic Violence Act, the man is presumed to be guilty right from the very day of the filing of the case. By the time, the accused is proven innocent the loss becomes irreparable. Where is the balanced sense of justice involved in the whole drama? Why is investigation in such cases one sided? If we visit the Indian jails, we would find that a huge number of males have been booked under such cases for no fault of their own. It’s a real shame that many of them remain behind the bars as under-trials as there is no legal body to represent their cause plus the strict laws make their early release an impossible task.

So is it a crime to represent their cause at suitable forums ?  Should people fighting for these victims of fate be hailed as  Male Chauvinist Pigs ? Answers,  please !

Ensuring Rights Of Men Does  Not Make One Male Chauvinist  Pig !


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