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Gender Equality Is Like The Snake Marrying Mongoose!

Gender Equality Leads To  Snake  And Mongoose Relationship!

Gender Equality Leads To Snake And Mongoose Relationship!

The women community seeking “equality of gender”, should either accept this concept in entirety, or else, follow desirable norms. The point is why so much insistence on rights for behaving as you want, for doing whatever you want? Why not give way to responsibilities shared,  supposedly always considered as role of men since time immemorial! That includes all menial jobs requiring intense labour in tough conditions. That also means serving the men community, inside homes, for ages. The men community did that for ages, supplying money like ATM machine, despite suffering severely at hands of cruel wives. That too silently! These employed, high salaried women, should also marry unemployed youths and offer them all comforts for many centuries without feeling the pinch just the way men community did that in past! I am just trying to convey that  this drama of gender equality gained momentum in wake of the world becoming a sophisticated place to live, largely shaped by men and women in the same patriarchal mode, which the bunch of derailed feminists saw as an obstacle for the emancipation of woman.

I am not interested in narrating the consequences of feminism in other parts of the world, but in Indian context, it has given rise to new set of complexities. There was already healthy division of labour but with the rise of feminism, or call it curse of modernism, the world inside home got projected as insult to the capabilities of women. The traditional roles were projected as subservient. However, as the modern women,  shattering so-called shackles, stepped out of the confines of home, they realized that world is not bed of roses, or on par with their expectations, largely because of  limitations caused by their physicality. So another set of calculated efforts came into action, to make the outside world seem a safer domain. And for that very reason, males were advised to co-operate inside homes, doing household work, after all, that’s what true equality demands! That also meant loving  “fathers,  brothers, sons” all be presented as “potential rapists” so that a false alarm can be raised, and thus, International bodies can come to dictate us, calling it a nation, which does not respects and honours  women! The problems pertaining to women were highlighted in exaggerated way so as to ensure that hocus-pocus, called feminism, can make its presence felt in India.

It’s not that the problems related to woman community do not exist but a shrewd attempt to use them to create rift between the relationship, using the same bothering issues, is simply an attempt to hit hard at the cherished institutions called family and marriage. One never said that problems related with women be it  female foeticide, rising sexual crimes, health concerns, low literacy level and etc. should never be dealt with in a conscious way. However, why should one not be alarmed when these very issues became a part of the plot to destabilize Indian society? It’s amazing that  lesbians, drunk female girls, prostitutes not by condition but by choice, females involved in all sorts of complex relationship should be hailed as appropriate but the same women living inside the confines of home as an ideal wife is seen as insult to womanhood! I mean what sort of values are being professed in name of equality? What’s  being achieved? It leaves one in deep pain that even the most heinous crimes “rapes” are also being used as tool to ensure that gender imbalance sharpens in name of equality.

This sort of heightened false consciousness in Indian women is a necessity because the governments in future would largely be shaped by minorities and women, and so it’s necessary to appease them, to keep them ignorant about real implications of chasing imported theories related with equality. At global level, this sort of destabilized society, wherein men and women, are living highly individualistic lives, caters well to the needs of consumerist society. So why would corporate demons make women aware of consequences of aping such wayward lifestyle, which is resulting in single women, divorced couples, broken homes, fatherless children, eventually leading to rise in crime level too? It’s safer for them that women come out of their homes, work for them, leading to greater productivity.

On the other hand, political class is all prepared to use them as a tool to make their political dreams come alive with their help. Only to attain such diabolical interests, the concept called feminism-the great game of gender equality-came in effect. It’s a myth that it got introduced to make their lives better. At least, in India, it’s not the case. Indeed, women have a set of their own problems, but to remove them, was it necessary to fall in the trap of complex notions of feminism, having goals which even Western world has failed to exhibit in totality or demonstrate with perfection? However, the problem starts when New Delhi starts living the pattern of life found in New York and Washington. That’s why borrowed concepts become a necessity. That’s why “equality” also becomes a necessity. That’s why a highly reputed media publication is bound to see “Sunny Leone” as woman of exceptional talent and merit. And that’s why it’s necessary to give rise to conflicts wherein woman is equal when it comes to enjoy benefits of modern society but woman feels no longer equal when threat is directly to her body. At that point, she is woman! Be equal to enjoy benefit, but be a woman in helpless positions!

Bringing qualitative differences in lives of woman is quite a different issue than using these very issues to demonize men,  or, in fact, use the same issues to shatter the citadels of society. The positive side of this gender equality is that it has allowed men to reshape their own priorities. It has given them a huge chance to realize their own worth and get united to fight for the cause of men in a spirited way-something never done until now. This gender equality is a great phenomenon. At least, now everything related with woman shall be put on trial and it’s a great chance to shatter all stereotyped notions with them. They are no holy cows, and they are as shrewd and manipulative as men needs to be ably projected. It’s a myth that they are a weaker sex and that they were the harassed lot in past. They have always enjoyed deep respect, care, both in external world and within the four walls of home. However, it’s ironical, and diabolical too, that instead of highlighting this aspect, all the men got clubbed in one category of abusers of women. So it’s time to tell that who actually has been abusing-man or woman?  The men community should discuss their own issues in a more organized way-their concerns, their dilemmas, their worries, their pain and their sufferings etc. should get highlighted in a better way. It’s for them to decide that they have to live like a male or as a female in a male body. That’s the real agenda of feminism- to curb the instincts of men to make them in tune with absurd concerns of women.

Lastly, there is nothing like gender equality. There are honorable differences and these differences should persist for the growth of society in a better way. Radha, Seeta, Draupadi, Savitri and other such great women were the by-product of same patriarchal society. Even in modern times, the same society has produced women for whom their fathers have been the role model. Let’s not topple such a society or else the future will be more darker than one would have imagined. Agreed that women have suffered discrimination and face problems. But are the lives of men devoid of problems? Aren’t they facing host of complex problems? Some times back in Kargil War, the Indian soldiers were killed in barbaric manner. Their genitals were cut. That was simply treated as war crime. The same done with woman would not have not only been treated as a war crime but also as sexual assault, rape. Now there lies the difference. That’s the paradox. One wishing true gender equality should  treat both bodies as mere bodies! If that’s not possible then stop this nonsense about gender equality. At present, there is a difference and no difference in the name of equality. Difference when you can’t face the heat and no difference in sophisticated scenario. That’s not equality. That’s opportunism. That’s selfishness. That’s shrewdness of highest type.

And I Notice The Difference For Society's Unity!

And I Notice The Difference For Society’s Unity!

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भारतीय गणतंत्र: गुंडों और अय्याशो पे टिका एक भीड़तंत्र

कवि सुदामा पाण्डेय 'धूमिल': यहां, सिर्फ, वह आदमी, देश के करीब है जो या तो मूर्ख है....या फिर गरीब है"

कवि सुदामा पाण्डेय ‘धूमिल’: यहां, सिर्फ, वह आदमी, देश के करीब है जो या तो मूर्ख है….या फिर गरीब है”

कहते तो है कि भारतीय गणतंत्र बड़ी उम्मीदें जगाता है विश्व के उन कोनो में जहाँ और सरकारें तमाम तरीको के विरोधाभासों में लिपटी हुई है। उनके लिए भारत में गणतंत्र का लोप एक खतरे के घंटी से कम नहीं है। खासकर जब चीन से तुलना की जाती है तो ये जरूर दर्शा दिया जाता है कि वह पे कितनी दमनकारी व्यवस्था है जहा लोगो पे जुर्म तो होते है, लोगो को  सताया तो जाता है लेकिन सेंसरशिप की वजह से कुछ सामने नहीं आ पाता। पडोसी मुल्क पाकिस्तान में फैली अराजकता को देखे जो वैश्विक आतंकवाद का पालन पोषण करने वाला है तो अपना देश किसी स्वर्ग से कम नहीं लगता। तो क्या परिस्थितयां वाकई इस देश में इतनी सुधरी है? लगता तो नहीं है अगर हम सूक्ष्म निगाहों से देखे तो।

इसकी एक वजह ये है कि इस देश में सरकार जरूर आम लोगो के दम से बनती है लेकिन उसका आम लोगो के दुःख दर्द से इसका कोई सरोकार नहीं। एक दिखावटी लगाव जरूर है लेकिन वह मूलतः अपने को सत्ता में बनाये रखने भर का जुगाड़ भर है बस। ये कैसी बिडम्बना है कि जिस सरकार ने गरीबी हटाओ का लक्ष्य दिया उसी ने इमरजेंसी भी थोपी इस देश में। सारी संवैधानिक संस्थाओ को जानबूझकर कमजोर किया गया। ये उस सरकार के द्वारा किया गया जिसके नुमाइन्दे आज लोगो के सुरक्षा का दम भरते है। हमारी भोली जनता जनार्दन फटी शर्ट में हाथ में मोबाईल लिए ये समझती है कि हम किसी सुनहरी दुनिया में प्रवेश करने वाले है भविष्य में। इस मृग मरीचिका में भारत वासी उलझे हुए है। क्रिकेट, लौंडिया, बेतहाशा पैसा कमाने का जूनून किसी भी कीमत पर ये हमारे देश के नेशनल पैशन है। लोगो को की इस बात से परवाह नहीं है कि उनकी चमचमाती गाड़ी गाली गलौज, खुले मैनहोल और गड्ढो में सड़क पर चल रही है बढ़ी हुई पेट्रोल के कीमतों के साथ ही बढती रफ़्तार के साथ।

मार्कंडेय काटजू, भूतपूर्व सुप्रीम कोर्ट जज, लोगो को मूढ़ तो मानते है लेकिन ये जरूर दर्शा देते है कि साहब इस देश में असल शासन तो सिर्फ आम जनता का ही है। उनके हिसाब से यहाँ राजशाही नहीं प्रजातन्त्र है जहा हर अधिकारी जिसमे नेता और जज भी शामिल है आम आदमी का गुलाम भर है। ये नौकर है और आम आदमी उनका “मास्टर” है। जैसे  काटजू साहब लोगो की क्षुद्र मानसिकता पर सवाल उठाते है उसी तरह मुझे भी समझ में नहीं आता कि इनके इतने हसीन इंटरप्रिटेशन को, इतने सिम्प्लिस्टिक अप्प्रोच को किस निगाहों से देखा जाए जहा पे किसी ख़ास पार्टी के गुंडे  इसलिए पुलिस अधिकारी को अपनी जीप के पीछे लखनऊ के सडको पर घसीटते हुए ले गए थें कि उसने प्रतिरोध किया था उनके गलत तरीको का। या कोई अदना सा पुलिस का कांस्टेबल भी किसी प्रोफेसर को सडको पर माँ बहन की गालिया दे सकता है जरा सी बात पर। तो आम आदमी को क्या इज्ज़त मिलती होगी सरकारी चमचो से ये सहज ही सोचा जा सकता है। आप भी सोचे कि हमारा गणतंत्र कितना वास्तविक है जो मेरी नज़रो में अय्याशो और गुंडों पे टिका भीड़तंत्र है । धूमिल की ये पंक्तिया आज भी बहुत सटीक बैठती है:

“हर तरफ धुआं है
हर तरफ कुहासा है
जो दांतों और दलदलों का दलाल है
वही देशभक्त है

अंधकार में सुरक्षित होने का नाम है-
तटस्थता। यहां
कायरता के चेहरे पर
सबसे ज्यादा रक्त है।
जिसके पास थाली है
हर भूखा आदमी
उसके लिए, सबसे भद्दी
गाली है

हर तरफ कुआं है
हर तरफ खाईं है
यहां, सिर्फ, वह आदमी, देश के करीब है
जो या तो मूर्ख है
या फिर गरीब है”


जस्टिस काटजू: आम आदमी मास्टर है और सरकारी अफसर/नेता उसके ग़ुलाम है प्रजातंत्र/गणतंत्र में। कितना सही है वो वास्तविक धरातल पर?

जस्टिस काटजू: आम आदमी मास्टर है और सरकारी अफसर/नेता उसके ग़ुलाम है प्रजातंत्र/गणतंत्र में। कितना सही है वो वास्तविक धरातल पर?

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Swami Vivekananda: The Maker Of Lions!



It really fills my heart with bliss that this part of the world originally hailed as Aryavrata, now known as Bharat (India), has always produced evolved souls, having the capacity to delve deep into the world of mysticism in effortless manner- a reason why this part of the land is viewed with great wonder by people living in the other part of the hemisphere. I often meet yogis/saints, witnessing many such mysterious phenomenon related with world of Yoga, but this feeling saddens me that, back in past, when great saints and spiritually advanced yogis, roamed on this land quite frequently, I wasn’t fortunate enough to be the part of that era! It’s interesting to note that these great souls played different roles as per need of the society. Some roamed in jungles, some lived in caves, some lived as householder, and some became part of mainstream affairs, even as they retained their ascetic robes, to shape the destiny of Bharat-the land of divine principles. 

True, many fake Gurus, have turned religion into a most lucrative affair, but it remains ultimate truth that India is intrinsically wedded to yogic principles. This land, in absence of spiritual values, would not be able to survive. May be currents of time sometimes lead to clash of values, but this nation has the capacity to absorb contradictions and conflicts in easygoing way. Like myself, others too, would have not believed the glory of Indian spiritual world, had saints like Swami Vivekananda not appeared in the modern phase of civilization. His presence was certain sign of the fact that supreme consciousness was still in operation. Swami Vivekananda removed my doubt that great yogis were mainly confined to storybooks; that great tales of yogic feats were exaggerated description of imaginative minds. However, after reading life-sketch of, Sri Aurobindo, I became truly confirmed that people in league with extraordinary psychic powers, were not only part of ancient India but they were very much part of modern India as well.

However, today I wish to remain confined to world of Swami Vivekananda, since on this very day, 12 January, 1863,  this Avatara of Lord Shiva, manifested on earthly plane. He was an extraordinary person in his lifetime but one who had normal childhood. He  involved in naughty pranks like any other child of that age. However, the thing that separated him from others was that he frequently got absorbed in higher form of consciousness. As he grew up and took admission in college life, he was the one who loved to read various philosophies, roped in by great teachers in past. In other words, he remained hooked to intellectual plane alone! That was not the final destination of a great mind like him placed on route to realization. The Updesha Vakyas (Directive Statements)  found in Upanishads were yet to culminate into Anubhuti Vakyas or Anubhava Vakyas ( realized truths). 

A great truth of the world of spirituality is that a willing seeker or a qualified seeker soon comes to find a Guru (The Master). The same thing happened with Swami Vivekananda, when he met with Sri Ramakrishna. Naturally, that turned out to be life-defining moment for Swami Vivekananda. He soon emerged as a realized soul. In fact, he was always a realized soul and able Guru like Sri Ramakrishna merely ensured that ignorance inside him which made him see himself as ordinary mortal get vanished for forever. It’s interesting to note that in pre-Independence era, we had host of great spiritual souls, who ensured that India’s journey in future as independent nation takes place amid certain special values. The Western world, and we Indians too, remember him mainly because of his great speech at Parliament of the World’s Religions, delivered on 11 September 1893, in Chicago. Not many are aware of the fact that it wasn’t a smooth journey and there was lack of funds to sponsor this visit, and surprisingly, he was not allowed to participate in the conference because of lack of endorsement from a well known organisation. It was only after the intervention of Professor John Henry Wright of Harvard University he got the chance to participate in this conference. Wright was so taken aback that he had to say: “To ask for your credentials is like asking the sun to state its right to shine in the heavens.”

Anyway, a soul of his stature, does not appear on earth for attainment of petty goals. He arrived to make supreme consciousness part of this land, which  appears to be heart of the universe.  If it stops functioning, the other civilizations are bound to collapse one after another. Although if one has a close look at the life of Swami Vivekananda, one would notice that he suffered life-long at the hands of mediocre minds but today when he is now no more in physical form, his own words have come true that real significance of his achievements would manifest after many years of his death. I must say that now when India is struggling hard to keep its ancient identity- the land of spirituality- intact, the words of Swami Vivekananda offer great solace, great strength. In other words, his thoughts and thoughts of other great minds are keeping at bay values antithetical to its spiritual essence. These great souls have now become active at subtle level, considering the way we have begun to realize that their thoughts alone could brighten our lives marred by ills of materialism.

It’s upon us that we either follow their way and emerge as an evolved being or ignore their wisdom to emerge as “dirty picture” of crass values. “All the powers in universe are already ours. It is we who have put our hands before our eyes and cry that it is dark.” (Swami Vivekananda).  Isn’t it the right thing to live life in light of these great values? Is there any merit in dying like a retarded lamb when you could have always roared like a lion?  Let’s attempt for such huge transformation from this very moment.


Lion or Lamb? Choice is yours!

Lion or Lamb? Choice is yours!

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Vividh Bharati Should Now Be Either Known As Rafi Bharati or Vigyapan Bharati!

Prasar Bharati: Dictated By Propaganda!

Prasar Bharati: Dictated By Propaganda!

Sometimes you avoid taking note of an important development, treating it to be a passing affair-something born out of coincidence. However, that’s not always the case. The hindsight, sooner or later, proves beyond doubt that this development was part of some prevailing well-executed pattern. The people involved in projecting such pattern try their level best to make you feel as if all is taking place naturally but is it possible for a pregnant lady to hide her pregnancy status for long? There comes a point when you cannot lie any further.   

I am great fan of Rafi but the way his songs are being played in atrocious manner, on the Vividh Bharati, really makes me sad. The Vividh Bharati has stooped down to all time low dirty manipulations, being dictated by propaganda, sponsored by people behind the curtain. The songs of Rafi are being virtually pushed down your throat 24/7. It appears Vividh Bharati is not in mood to tolerate even those listeners, who have somehow managed to boast of their affiliation with this great institution of yesteryear. It’s no secret that majority of listeners have already given way to other channels, being disappointed over its functioning style. Anyway, anyone aware of how the bureaucratic mind functions in this nation, are not at all surprised over the falling standards.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                      
Not a long time ago, a beautiful female voice, probably from Indore, registered her protest in a strong way in one of the programmes based on listener’s choice. She said: ” You people ( the announcers) are constantly playing cheap numbers, all in the name of listener’s choice, but it appears to me that there’s more than meets the eye. It’s simply not possible that these tasteless numbers have replaced haunting melodies of yesteryear without shrewd maneuvering.” I was really inspired by her bold outburst but   constraints of time prevented me from having a take on the whole issue in a strong way. Given the unholy nexus, which prevails inside the corridors of the Vividh Bharati, a strong protest has become need of the hour. That’s because silence at this moment would appear criminal. How can any conscious listener keep quiet, over this drama, taking place inside the studios of Vividh Bharati?  

Earlier it appeared that royalty might be the reason why songs of Rafi were being played in this mindless fashion. However, it’s just the tip of the iceberg. At this point of time, when India stands on the threshold of embracing some bold changes, the old minds refuse to part ways with mediocre means, which keep intact their lust for power. Remember, when governments change, the premier government bodies also shift their loyalties. There is a major overhaul within all government bodies, and key positions get shifted to people in tune with the agenda of government. The same thing has taken place inside Vividh Bharati as well.  It’s not presenting programmes: It’s sponsoring propaganda.What else could one assume after presentation of Baba Azmi- Shabana Azmi’s interview on the eve of Bhaiyya Dooj -a Hindu festival dedicated to celebration of bonding that exists between sisters and brothers? 

If these dirty tricks were not enough, it now gave way to subtle form of marketing. Sample this: The interview of Aamir Khan was presented at a time when Aamir Khan’s movie was scheduled to be released the very next day. The interview which was in two parts, ended on November 29, 2012 and the movie Talash got released on November 30, 2012. Is that’s the way a government body should function in this nation, which boasts of secular credentials?
The job of government institution is to function in impartial manner, without offering undue advantage to any particular group in name of religion etc. After all, if the approach gets biased, how are we supposed to get real information? The Vividh Bharati is one of the few institutions, which enjoy close rapport with people living in remote areas of India, and so it’s an ideal medium to apprise people about key issues in honest manner, so that they can have real picture- the ultimate truth. But now I have every reason to believe that it’s now no longer reliable. More so, in the wake of Rafi madness, which has led to marginalization of all other geniuses in the world of movie and music. It has gagged the voice of other beautiful singers.
In fact, its foreign counterpart, Radio Ceylon, is performing superbly. Not only it’s sincerely devoted to the cause of music but also it’s picture of perfection in presentation of programmes. It’s not insensitive in suggesting conscious listeners that minting money is the first choice of commercial services! A senior journalist from my city, Allahabad, is pretty shocked about Vividh Bharati’s new-found love for lowering the volume of song and subsequent announcement of details, the moment a song gets played. Above all, he is unhappy with the current lot of announcers, who have little patience for presentation of necessary details. Unfortunately, his demand to make the presentation of details, for one more time, at the end of each song, has fallen on deaf ears. 

Anyway, if one is unsure about the credibility of facts presented in this article, why not tune in to Vividh Bharati and check out the facts for yourself? And, I am sure listeners would not fail to notice insipid Rafi numbers, vulgar modern numbers, programme carved to  sell a product, or if all these three are missing, then be prepared to be tortured by a repeat telecast! I think it’s time for the Vividh Bharati to have a new name: Vigyapan Bharati or Rafi Bharati! Anyway, it’s time for sincere lovers of Vividh Bharati to find solace in singing of Begum Akhtar, crooning straight from the heart “Aye Mohabbat Tere Anzam Pe Rona Aaya”.


Vigyapan= Commercial

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Population Explosion Is More Dangerous Than Nuclear Explosion

That's Commonplace In  India!

That’s Commonplace In India!

The governments, across the globe, have become highly suspicious about the activities taking place in the world of social media. In some circles, especially among the bureaucratic class, which in my eyes are comprised of dullest minds, look with disdain at people involved in world of social media. For instance, Facebook for them is still some sort of time pass, when it has emerged as a powerful medium to shape vision of present and coming generations. It’s highly amusing that if the activities on Facebook are such harmless affair then what’s the need to monitor it? The truth is that it has become a powerful weapon to shatter the lies spread by government. It’s shattering their propaganda, with better version of any critical issue, haunting the society.

Anyway, this post is not intended to discuss about the influence of social media. It’s about one of the worst problems faced by India: Population Explosion. I am presenting the excerpts from a thought-provoking conversation that we had on Facebook. I must thank the participants that by giving way to such lively well-meaning thoughts, they added a new dimension in the stature of Facebook. Few participants expressed their views in Hindi. I have added English version of their comments, which highlights the essence of what they expressed in Hindi.


Deewaker Pandey, New Delhi:

ये जनसँख्या असंतुलन देश की समस्याओं को बढ़ा रहा है केवल.. क्यूंकि संसाधन तो बढ़ नही रहे.. वो घट रहे बस और लोग बढते जा रहे.

[The growing population imbalance is merely adding new problems. Resources are decreasing but population is increasing with each passing day.]

Arvind K. Pandey, Media Analyst and Writer:

Well, one of my close friends, Carmen, living in a different nation, always feels as if she has seen/faced the worst. I ask her to visit  India and travel in over crowded compartment of train, no less than a Nazi torture cell. I am sure, after having such rough travelling experience, she would start imagining combis of her nation were better,  and she would then, definitely, run away to her nation, shedding all romantic notions aka Taj Mahal.

Nadeem Akhtar, Chief Copy Editor, The Public Agenda, Ranchi, Jharkhand:

अरविंद जी, पूरे सम्मान के साथ इस विषय पर मेरी असहमति है। मैं इस मसले को सामाजिक मानता हूं और इस पर कानून के पक्ष में नहीं हूं। आपको पता होगा कि चीन में भी जनसंख्या नियंत्रण के लिए नीति लागू हुई थी, वन चाइल्ड पॉलिसी लेकिन वहां भी सरकार ने कोई कानून नहीं बनाया था। हां, इसके बावजूद चीन में बेतरह अत्याचार हुए। एक नीति मात्र बन जाने से किस प्रकार आम जन पर अत्याचार किया जा सकता है, यह चीन की निरंकुश शासन प्रणालि के कर्ता-धर्ताओं से सीखना चाहिए। भारत, एक वैविध्य सांस्कृतिक चेतना वाला राज्य है। यहां राजसत्ता अगर ऐसे संवेदनशील मामले पर कानून का चाबुक चलायेगी, तो समाज के बिखरने का पूरा अंदेशा रहेगा। बेहतर यही होगा कि इस समस्या को नैतिक रूप से सुलझाया जाये। जैसे प्रथम मातृत्वोपरांत महिला बंध्याकरण पर माता को तीसरे और चौथे दर्जे की सरकारी नौकरी दी जाये या फिर पुरुषों की नसबंदी पर किसी भी रेलवे की परीक्षा में कट ऑफ मार्क्स पर 40 नंबर का ग्रेस दिया जाये, तो यह ज्यादा आकर्षित करेगा। कानून का चाबुक तो सिर्फ समाज में वैमनस्यता फैलायेगा। इसे इस नजरिये से भी देख सकते हैं कि हत्या के खिलाफ कड़ा कानून है, लेकिन क्या हत्याएं रुक गयी हैं?

[ Arvindji, having due respect for your views, I beg to differ. I treat this issue as a social ill and do not subscribe to the view that this can be handled well if tough laws come in origin. No specific law is needed to control growth of population. You must be aware of the fact that China implemented one child policy, but it did not give way to any tough law to execute this policy. Despite absence of law, the government agencies gave way to cruel means to make this policy attain logical culmination. The point is even a simple policy is capable of triggering such cruel gestures on part of government. That we need to learn from inhuman treatment of people at the hand of dictatorial government agencies in China. India, on the other hand, is a Pluralistic society. I am sure, a tough stand on part of government, would lead to disintegration of society. I suggest a moralistic approach, for instance, women opting for Tubectomy, after their first pregnancy, should be offered Class Three/ Class Four government jobs. Men, on other hand, opting for Vasectomy, should be given concession in cut off marks set for qualifying in Railway Examinations. The whip of law would only increase tension within the different layers of society. Let’s see it from this angle: Do tough laws that we have to control murder, stopped murders?]

Arvind K.Pandey, Media Analyst and Writer:

नदीमजी पहले तो इस बात के लिए आपको धन्यवाद कि इतने दिनों के बाद कोई पुराना मित्र दमदार तरीके से वापस आया। फेसबुक को सरकार और कुछ मीडिया के लोग बड़ी तिरछी नज़रो से देखते है पर आप जैसो लोगो की उपस्थिति इस मीडियम की सार्थकता बढाती है। मुद्दे पे आते है मेरा रूख थोडा सा अलग है। चीन में लोकतंत्र नहीं है इसलिए वहा से तुलना बेमानी है। ये समस्या विकट है। क्योकि अगर आप भीड़ बढाकर काम नहीं देंगे तो समाज में जुर्म का ग्राफ बढेगा। अराजकता बढ़ेगी कि बिहारी बिहार में रहे और मराठी सिर्फ महाराष्ट्र में।आप देखिये आज जो भी समस्या है इसके मूल में जंगली घास की तरह बढती आबादी ही है। तो मेरी नज़रो में एक स्पष्ट नीति होनी ही चाहिए भले ही सख्त कानूनी स्वरूप उसका ना हो। इसके बाद भी अगर कंट्रोल मे ना आये तो सख्त कानून अनिवार्य है। आप इस देश में कर ही क्या सकते है जब एक बड़ा वर्ग इस बात को मानता है कि जितने हाथ उतना मुनाफा! उनको क्वालिटी आफ लाइफ से क्या लेना देना। आप पोलियो की ड्राप पिलाने में जूझ जाते है तो इस गंभीर समस्या को आप सिर्फ समझा बुझा के कुछ कर पायेंगे मुझे संदेह है। चलिए पहले आप के पाले में बाल डालते हुए पहले समझाने वाला, कुछ साथ में लाभ देने वाला विकल्प ही ट्राई किया जाए। ये अलग बात है कि पानी सर से ऊपर बह रहा है।

[ In the very beginning, I must thank you, Nadeem, for making your presence felt, after such a huge gap,  with such a powerful response. The government is not pretty happy with activism, which prevails on Facebook. Even many circles in traditional media make mockery of journalists involved in world of Facebook. However, I must say such a conscious take on this critical issue on Facebook, makes it clear that people targeting social media are, in actuality, afraid of its ever-increasing influence in deciding the fate of any issue. Let’s come at issue at hand. I have slightly a different perspective than yours, Nadeem. China does not have a democratic set-up and so I don’t think we can contrast our situation with what’s happening there. This is a very serious issue. If you would not create scope for jobs, but keep on increasing the population, then it would automatically increase the crime rate. It will lead to chaotic situation as one state will start rejecting people belonging to a different state: Biharis should live in Bihar and Marathis should remain caged in Maharashtra type conflict would become order of the day! I mean analyze any issue and you would find surging population, spreading like wild grass, as its root cause. That’s why in my eyes, a strict policy has become the need of the hour, whether or not you have a rigorous legal sanctity. If such a policy fails, then there is no other way left other than to give way to tough laws.

You know well that simple measures, devoid of legal force, more often than not, have failed to bear proper results in India. There is a big section in Indian society, belonging to particular community, which believes greater the number of hands, greater is the profit. They care a damn about quality of life. Let’s know that government agencies faced huge difficulties in ensuring smooth  implementation of pulse polio drive, which had no controversial aspect at all. Anyway, you have made good suggestions. There is no harm in giving way to them before experimenting with tough measures. The truth is that water is already flowing above the danger mark.]

Ghanshyam Das, Medical Practitioner, U. A. E.:

Unless everybody is educated, this problem cannot be solved. We can see that thirty years back the average number of children in a middle class family was 4 or 5. And now if we see it is 2. The problem is mainly in the lower class of the society, which is uneducated, and open to accept any level of living and any work (legal/illegal), and that is the class which is a deciding factor in Indian politics. By deciding, I mean, they are easily lured by corrupt politicians, and being in large number make them an important factor. And it will take another 20-30 years, to control the rate of reproduction in this particular sector of society.

Arvind K.Pandey, Media Analyst and Writer:

Thanks for a thought provoking reply, Ghanshyam Dasji. The seriousness of the issue can be felt in exchange of views between me and Nadeem.

Since childhood, I have been reading this slogan “Hum do Humare do” (We Two, Our Two) but I don’t think it has brought any desired impact. And one reason why population graph has gone down in upper middle class, I think, it’s because of high cost of living rather than education. Still, one cannot deny educated families have better approach in this regard. Interestingly, it’s easier to convey messages in modern times. So let’s see what a vigorous campaign comes to yield. But in my eyes, we need to have a clear-cut policy in this regard. Simply messaging and giving concessions would not yield desired result.

Swami Prabhu Chaitanya, Patna, Bihar:

देश का दुर्भाग्य संजय गाँधी ने गलत ढंग से मगर अच्छी पहल की थी. संजय गाँधी की असामयिक मौत ने देश को वर्षों पीछे धकेल दिया। सारे अवसरवादी,वोट के ठेकेदार इस महान अवसर को भुनाने में लगे हैं कि  कैसे अपनी जाति बिरादरी की संख्या को अधिकतम किया जाये। जीवन की गुणवत्ता से इनका क्या वास्ता इनकी तो गद्दी सुरक्षित रहनी चाहिए। पढ़े लिखे (गधों) से इन राजनीतिज्ञों को कोई अपेक्षा नहीं। उन में से अधिकतर तो वोट देते नहीं। उन्हें TV  पर मनोरंजक चर्चाएँ /बहस आदि देखना पसंद है तो जो वोट बैंक हैं उनके उसकी संख्या को तो वे (Politician) बढ़ते देखना चाहेंगे न ?आखिर गणतंत्र (भीड़तन्त्र) चलेगा कैसे ? गुणतन्त्र की बात कोई यहाँ कैसे उठाये ?और चौथा स्तम्भ भी सुनते हैं बिक गया है। एक खास दल जिसके पास अकूत धन है शायद, तंत्र उसीके हिसाब से चलता है।

[ Ironically, Sanjay Gandhi made a good move in this direction, although appropriate methodology was not adopted. The untimely death of Sanjay Gandhi put the nation again in medieval times. The opportunists are now making all efforts to cash-in-on the chaos, which prevails in this nation on this particular issue. Let the tribe of their caste increase is their only motto. They are not interested in quality of life, being solely interested in keeping their bonhomie with power intact. They are not afraid of educated class since it never uses its voting rights, being all the time swayed by cheap thrills of life. Probably, that’s why, politicians are pretty much  interested in greater number of heads in lower sections of society, who constitute their vote bank. How else mobocracy would sustain its presence? Who will dare to ensure quality of life amid this lust for power? Even the Fourth Estate has compromised with its credibility. It appears that this country is ruled by a party, which has amassed huge wealth.]

Arvind K.Pandey, Media Analyst and Writer:

जनसँख्या बढ़ेगी तो वोट बैंक बढेगा …और क्या पता बढ़ते बढ़ते एक अलग देश फिर पैदा हो जाए तो एक नया भ्रष्ट केंद्र बिंदु पैदा हो जाए। इसलिए जनसँख्या बढ़ने दो। और कम पड़ जाए तो बांग्लादेश से बुला लो।

[ Definitely, increase in population would increase the vote bank. And who knows, this ever-increasing population gives birth to another nation, which may give rise to new centers of corruption. So let the population swell! And if they still need more people, invite Bangladeshis!]

Ghanshyam Das, Medical Practitioner, U. A. E.:

Arvind K Pandey ji, you are right in stating that “it’s because of high cost of living rather than education”, but the poor section of the society is equally exposed to the same harshness of high cost of food and clothes, but they fail to realize that it’s due to less developed intellect and go on reproducing mindlessly. That’s because of lack of awareness/education (mere school certificate is not eligible to be called as education until unless it instills the mind with wisdom and intellect). And it is equally true that the population would continue to increase as long as green revolution comes to absorb all the pressure. A time will come when even the best efforts to ensure the food safety will fail to satisfy all of them, the cost of food will rise very high, and there will be no availability of the jobs/or very less paying jobs. That will compel even the lower class of the society to stop breeding further.

It is all about the minimum requirements of the life of a particular individual, which matters. For upper middle class a respectful status in the society is equally important for life as are the foods and clothes. Therefore, they stopped early. For lower section of society, the minimum need is only food and clothes, which will be under risk soon with this rate of their growth, and they will be forced to follow the middle class.

Arvind K.Pandey, Media Analyst and Writer:

One of the advantages in modern society is that messages can be spread easily. So let’s try to increase the level of awareness.

Ghanshyam Das, Medical Practitioner, U. A. E.:

True, otherwise, it will be too late. And the society may collapse. Serious consequences are in store–like increase in crime. If awareness program fails, a binding law is a wise decision. “bhay binu hohi na preeti” (fear factor is necessary to elicit love/respect). Giving way to harsh decisions to prevent a greater disaster, is right in my opinion- something that you have already mentioned above. That’s because the government has not enough resources/employment to lure them. So the alternative way as suggested by Nadeemji does not look feasible in current situation.

Arvind K.Pandey, Media Analyst and Writer:

Finally, Ghanshyamji took a big U turn and felt that “a binding law” is needed. So let’s see what the result of your way, which is recommended by Nadeem as well, yields. I have no problem with this idea, but given the way this nation functions, unless there is well regulated proper policy which supports this vision, I am apprehensive about the success of vision you both collectively share.

Ghanshyam Das, Medical Practitioner, U. A. E.:

So, finally, we arrived at the root cause of all the rot in our society: Poor governance and political scenario!

Arvind K.Pandey, Media Analyst and Writer:

Ghashyamji, you got the bottom-line! This is one of the few conversations on Facebook which took place so well with such a perfect bottom-line. No chaos and confusion in presentation of ideas at all. Hats off to all wonderful participants, for engaging in a thought-provoking discussion in such a well-coordinated manner.


And Life Goes On In India!!

And Life Goes On In India!!


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पूर्णता की शिकार ये कुछ मैच्योर आत्माये (व्यंग्य लेख)

जय गऊ माता की ...जय कुक्कुर देव की भी।।।

जय गऊ माता की …जय कुक्कुर देव की भी।।।

[सर्वप्रथम 03 जुलाई, 2004 वाराणसी/इलाहाबाद से प्रकाशित सम्मानित दैनिक “आज” में प्रकाशित। ये लेख ऑटोमैटिक रूप से प्रयाग की धरती पर भटकती पूर्णता को प्राप्त रूहों से मिलन के बाद लिखा गया था एक दम फटाफट।]

आज का मनुष्य विरोधाभासों का पुतला बन के रह गया है। जिधर भी देखिये आज ऐसे ही मनुष्यों का समूह पायेंगे। तमाम तरह की विरोधाभासी प्रवृत्तियों को इस तरह अपने में समेटे रहते है कि ऐसा लगता है कि व्यंग्य की कृतियों ने मनुष्य का चोला धारण करना आरम्भ कर दिया है। कुछ उदहारण देने से बात समझ में आ जायेगी। आज के अधिकांश राजनैतिक दल जो क्रन्तिकारी परिवर्तनों की बात करते है अगर हम उनको ध्यान से देखे तो पायेंगे कि गली में घूमने वाले टामियों, मोतियों और शेरूओ और इन दलों के बीच का फर्क बिलकुल समाप्त हो गया है। अब इन कुत्तो को देखिये। दूसरी गली में कोई कुत्ता किसी कारण से भौंक रहा हों तो मेरे दरवाजे के पास बैठे काले कुत्ते को भौकना ना जाने किस वजह से अनिवार्य हो जाता है।

फिर तुरंत ही सारे कुत्ते इकट्ठे होकर सामूहिक रूप से अपनी उर्जा समाप्त करके अपनी अपनी जगह लौट जाते है फिर ऐसी किसी प्रक्रिया को क्षणिक विश्राम  के बाद दुहराने के लिए। कोई कुत्ता यदि भिन्नता लिए हो या फिर कोई कुत्ता अजनबी गली से आउटसोर्सिंग की वजह से गुजर रहा हो तो वह अन्य कुत्तो की आलोचना का अर्थात “भौकन  क्रिया” का शिकार हो जाएगा। वह आगे आगे और अन्य गलियों के काले, भूरे, सफ़ेद, चितकबरे आदि रंग के तमाम कुत्ते उत्तेजक रूप से भौकते उसे गति पकड़ने पर मजबूर कर देंगे। कुछ इसी बीच नई माडल की गाडियों पर टांग उठाते चलेंगे।

आप संसद या विधानसभा की कार्यवाही पर गौर करे तो लगेगा कि आप ये सब पहले कही देख चुके है! बात निवेश की हो या आर्थिक सुधारो की कुछ लोग जो ऊँघते या अनुपस्थित न होंगे तो आप उन्हें हरदम “साम्प्रदायिक सरकार नहीं चलेगी, नहीं चलेगी” या “फ़ासिस्ट हाय-हाय” आपको नियमित रूप से उच्चारित करते हुए मिलेंगे। अब पता नहीं किन अनुभवों के आधार पर आर्थिक सुधारो को साम्प्रदायिकता से जोड़ लेते है ये तो खैर इनकी प्रोग्रेसिव आत्मा ही बता सकती है। और इस उच्चारण को जब और सारे दल सुर में सुर मिलाते  है तो वाकआउट नाम का जिन्न प्रकट होता है जो तत्काल सबको एक बराबरी पर ला पटकता है। और इसके बाद कुछ मुद्दों पर इधर-उधर की कह कर अर्थात टांग उठाकर अपने ठिकाने की तरफ बढ़ चलते है। विरोधाभासों के मंच के सशक्त केंद्र बन गए है संसद आदि स्थल।

अपने इलाहाबाद शहर के एक व्यस्त चौराहे पर अखबार की रसीली दुकान है। विरोधाभासों के कई सशक्त हस्ताक्षर यहाँ दिन भर डेरा डाले रहते है। ऐसे ही एक सज्जन कई अखबारों के पन्नो को यूँ ही उल्टा पल्टी करने के बाद टीका टिपण्णी के बाउन्सर फेकने लगते है। एक दिन मुझसे ये बोले हिंदी में जरा आप लिखे तो कुछ बात बने वर्ना अंग्रेजी लेखन के जरिये तो आप कभी राष्ट की  चेतना से सम्बन्ध नहीं बना पायेंगे। पता नहीं अंग्रेज़ क्यों अपनी अंग्रेजी कुछ लोगो के हवाले करके चले गए। अपनी मिसाईल दाग कर वो चलते बने। अफ़सोस इस बात का नहीं था कि अंग्रेजी लेखन को निशाना बनाया गया था पर इस बात का था कि अपनी दिमागी जड़ता को राष्ट्र की चेतना के विकास से जोड़ गए। क्योकि मै अच्छी तरह जानता हूँ कि अगर मै इनसे ये कहता कि मुझे हिंदी की श्रेष्ठ कृतियों से लगाव है तो मुझे ये संस्कृत से जुड़ने की सीख देते, संस्कृत से भी अगर जुड़ा पाते तो फिर ये कहते आप भोजपुरी से क्यों नहीं गठबंधन करते आदि आदि। खैर मै आपको विरोधाभासों के बारे में, विचित्र प्रवृत्तियों के बारे में कुछ बता सा रहा था।

अगले दिन मुझे बड़ा आश्चर्य हुआ जब मैंने इन सज्जन को फेमिना, कास्मोपोलिटन इत्यादि अंग्रेज़ी मैग्जीनों के पन्नो को पलटते देखा। मैंने उनसे कहा कि लगता है आपने अपना पाला पलट लिया है। अभी आप कल ही तो स्वाभिमान वाली बात कर रहे थें। उन्होंने ये सुनकर कहा कि आपको लगता  है तो लगे पर मै स्पष्ट कर दूँ  कि मै पढ़ नहीं सिर्फ इन्हें सिर्फ देख रहा हूँ। आप की अंग्रेजी पर इतनी पकड़ नहीं तो फिर आप इन्हें देखकर क्या प्राप्त कर रहे है? इस सवाल पर उनका  चेहरा तमतमा उठा पर झेंप को छुपाते हुए बोले देखिये निरुत्तर बनकर मुझे अपूर्णता का शिकार तो होना नहीं है। इनके पन्ने पलटने से तो ही मैचोरिटी आती है। संक्षेप में मंत्र इन्होने ये दिया कि राष्ट्र की चेतना का विकास भले हिंदी में लिखने से होता हों पर पूर्णता अंग्रेजी के मैग्जीनों के पलटने से ही आती है।

अगर सेंट्रल लाइब्रेरी में घटी घटना का उल्लेख न करू तो बात अधूरी रह जायेगी। मै वाचनालय में किसी लेख को पढने में पूरी तल्लीनता से रमा हुआ था कि किसी के कदमो की आहट ने मेरा ध्यान भंग कर दिया। देखा कि एक साहब आदिमकाल के मनुष्यों में पाए जाने वाले गुणों को अभिव्यक्त करते हुए चले आ रहे थें। दुर्भाग्य से ये आके मेरे बगल में खड़े हो गए। आँखे इनकी अभी भी दरवाजे की तरफ ही थी पर इनके हाथो में अंग्रेजी का अखबार आ चुका था। फिर जिस तरह कैशिअर नोटों को गिनता है इन्होने इसी अंदाज़ में पन्नो को तेज़ी सें पलटना आरम्भ किया। केवल मुंह की तरफ हाथ थूंक लगाने के लिए उठता था। कुछ ही सेकेण्ड में भारत का नंबर एक अंग्रेजी का राष्ट्रीय दैनिक अखबार पढ़ा जा चुका था।मुझे इनकी शक्ल कुछ जानी पहचानी सी लगी। भाई साहब लगता है मैंने आपको पहले कही देखा है। इन्होने मेरी तरफ देखा फिर अटपटे लहजे में पूछा कि  आप क्या करते है? इससें पहले कि मै इनसे कुछ कह पाता ये जिस तरह मेरे पास चल के आये थें उसी तरह से ये दरवाजे की तरफ बढ़ चले थें। चलिए ठीक है अब मै किसी जानी पहचानी शक्ल से मिलूँगा तो यही से शुरुआत करूँगा कि आप क्या करते है ? आप की शक्ल कुछ जानी पहचानी रही है। अब तो ठीक है न। शायद मै परिपक्व और पूर्ण हो चला हूँ।


बस इसी रोड पर कुछ कदम और आगे बढ़कर है एक अखबार की  दूकान!

बस इसी रोड पर कुछ कदम और आगे बढ़कर है एक अखबार की दूकान!

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From Sally To Arvind: Thoughts Deciphering Relationship Between Man And Woman


It's Never Easy To Truly Understand Each Other

It’s Never Easy To Truly Understand Each Other

It’s a rare phenomenon in a virtual world to receive comments/letters, which are powerful enough to make you go in a thinking mode. The dialogues or conversations taking place between  netizens are often devoid of substance, purely for the sake of cheap thrills. Anyway, the words of my highly conscious female friend Sally, living in United Kingdom, proved to be an exception. She is an excellent blogger, who not only loves to sing but also appears to be in love with languages, being fluent in Spanish, German and French. Her views provide a deep insight about the complexities, which have begun to shatter relationship existing between man and woman. Let’s have a look at her views but before that it would be appropriate to apprise the readers of my own words which compelled Sally to have such a conscious take on this complicated issue.

And yes, Sally, when I began writing I never intended to beat the Britishers in English writing skills! I have always been interested in presentation of thoughts with not so much regards for rules of grammar. That’s what I am still doing: Learning with each passing day with greater hold on presentation of deeper thoughts, related with sensitive issues. Anyway, thanks for complimenting me on my English. They mean a lot to me. At least, they give me power to keep writing with confidence in the world of English writing, marred by fierce competitiveness.

That’s what I said:

“It’s really baffling to anticipate that women have changed a lot but the mindset that sees them as a weaker sex remains the same. We continue to treat them as sex which cannot do anything wrong. Interestingly, it had never been the reality. Not even in times when they were icons of virtue. They are equally capable of plotting in a sinister way. In fact, they are far superior in working in evil ways.

Yet we notice that when laws are framed, they are framed treating woman as a harmless creature!  Will anybody explain me what’s the rationale behind this generosity shown by the lawmakers? What prevents the lawmakers from anticipating something that’s too obvious even to a person having little knowledge of women’s behaviour? This calculated ignorance on part of lawmakers has turned Indian homes into battlefields. Clash of egos is now so commonplace. The couples suffer but the policemen, lawyers, judges, women’s organizations and feminist institutions keep making money. The fights are also good for the economy. The couple living separate lives will be viewing television separately!

The times have really changed. Women make babies suffer but forget not to save time for friends, parties and doggies. This drama is, indeed, more comic than ‘The Great Indian Laughter Challenge’, and at the same time, more tragic than disaster hitting the planet earth.”

Now pay attention to the words of my extremely sensitive friend Sally:

This is a very interesting discussion. I think where there is any extreme there must always be a backlash the other way.

In this country (the UK), when women’s rights came to the fore it wasn’t too long before the balance tipped in their favour.  Men were demonised (“all men are rapists”, etc.) and women insisted on equality in all areas, much to their own detriment in terms of the social niceties such as men standing when a woman entered the room, men opening doors for women, etc. Whereas women were fighting for the “right” to work, this has inevitably led to all women being expected to work, whilst still looking after their husbands and partners (forget the “New Man”, he doesn’t exist!) and also bring up their children.

This initially back-lashed to the emasculation of men and they were much derided in advertising campaigns and TV soap operas, etc.

The truth is there are intelligent people and not so intelligent people, there are good people and bad people, strong people and weak people – of both sexes – and gender doesn’t come into the equation. Men and women should have equal rights in law, and there should be fairness in society, and men and women should complement each other. Look at nature – in some respects the male dominates, in other respects the female does. There is balance.

We should respect each other’s gender, and work in harmony. We can rejoice in our differences.

As a visitor to India, I was aware that there were many aspects which seemed, to a Western observer, to be very old fashioned. Some attitudes towards women I encountered were quaint and charming, some I found patronising, and others downright offensive (whether I was judged, as a Western woman, to have looser morals I cannot say but on a couple of occasions I was manhandled – literally – in an unacceptable fashion). On the whole, however, I was treated with respect. I was, however, left with the impression that men had the upper hand culturally.

My impression before visiting India – mostly derived from watching “Bollywood” movies – was that the Indian male’s view of womanhood was that of a fragile flower, who should be chaste but sassy, and in need of the male’s protection,  but who might equally be a devious temptress or harridan, using womanly wiles or a strong personality to get her own way. The truth is that men and women are not so different – we laugh, we cry, we nurture, we manipulate, we love, we hate, we feel.

Just as men abuse women, women abuse men. If anything, the abuse of men is less likely to be reported since society would have it that the abused man is weak, which is not necessarily the case at all.

Even in the UK in the 21st century there are still serious issues, such as the rights of divorced and separated fathers concerning access to their children, which need addressing. Although women are said to have equality, men are still on the whole earning more than women in similar jobs.

Oh yes, and I agree with the song “Paisa bolta hai” (money speaks). Many laws are made which protect the interests those who make them. The people who make the laws are mostly men.

May I take this opportunity to congratulate you on your English, which is probably equally as good as mine, if not better, and certainly much better than my Hindi!


Balance  Alone Leads To Genuine Intimacy

Balance Alone Leads To Genuine Intimacy


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Silence is not always golden, Mr Prime Minister

The Washington Post: Not Far Away From The Truth Yet Misses The Point

The Washington Post: Not Far Away From The Truth Yet Misses The Point

The stars are not favouring Prime Mininster Manmohan Singh. He seems to be chased by problems instead of solutions and that’s turned him into a sorry figure. The Washington Post’s article is not far away from the truth. It’s not entirely based on figment of one’s imagination. If you read between the lines, Simon Denyer has not conveyed anything unusual and bizarre. He has reiterated facts which we all know quite well. So it’s really hard to understand why the Prime Minister’s Office (PMO) acted in such an amateurish fashion, hell bent on seeking apology on part of The Washington Post? It’s true that the Washington Post, like any other Western Media publication, relied heavily on points which served its interests instead of making an attempt to create a perfect balance. I am compelled to say that because it attempted to portray the reality not through well established facts but via remarks made in lighter vein at the meetings.    

It’s ironical that such a reputed newspaper preferred to be swayed by popular sentiments in an issue which demanded a serious approach. It should have made serious efforts to know what really caused this transformation? What were the factors responsible for turning “scrupulously honorable, humble and intellectual technocrat” into a “dithering, ineffectual bureaucrat presiding over a deeply corrupt government”? The Washington Post in its article has presented India’s economic growth in wrong light, stating that “economic reforms have stalled, growth has slowed sharply and the rupee has collapsed.”

Incidentally, it’s worth noting that US President Barack Obama in an interview given to PTI in Washington in July, 2012, not only treated this “ineffectual bureaucrat” as his friend with whom he worked closely but also “valued the insights of the Indian leader at various international fora including the recent G20 meeting in Mexico”. Referring to economic growth in India Obama stated that “Indian innovation is an engine of the global economy. And even with the recent challenges, the Indian economy continues to grow at an impressive rate. The Indian people have displayed a remarkable capacity to meet India’s challenges.”

It’s pretty clear that despite taking a bold step of presenting the Prime Minister’s image, on par with popular perceptions, the newspaper miserably failed to substantiate its stand with hardcore logic. We would have loved to know why Indian Prime Minister became like captain of a cricket team, having players treating the captain with disdain? It should have let us know that he had ministers like A Raja in his cabinet who could dare to ignore the recommendations made  by the Prime Minister and frame their own “unconstitutional and arbitrary” policies. He gave rise to one of the biggest scams, 2G Spectrum Scam, which made Time to place it “at number two on their ‘Top 10 Abuses of Power’ list”. In fact, in his regime we became aware of the fact that how the big names in media and the big corporate houses influenced policy making power of the government.

So what was the stand of PM on these scams? Nothing more than that of being a mute spectator, reminding us about classic character in Mahabharata named Dhritarashtra. The recent remarks by Supreme Court in the water-share dispute, provide a glimpse into the happenings taking place inside PMO. “For fixing a date for the CRA meeting, you seek the convenience of the states. It is the PM who should see his convenience. For fixing a date, you see the convenience of the PM or the states?…We had already expressed our anguish the last time. It still doesn’t matter to them. This is very, very shocking. This is what happens in the PMO.”

It has never happened before that Cabinet Ministers instead of fixing the problem openly attack the Constitutional bodies for revealing the harsh truths. It is really tragic that there is constant effort to weaken the Constitutional bodies by such scathing comments. So what’s the role of the Comptroller and Auditor General of India (CAG)? In the congress regime, it just keeps adding zeroes! And what’s the perspective of Prime Minister on such serious charges leveled against the government? “My silence is better than a thousand answers; it keeps intact the honour of innumerable questions.” Well, his remark says all. It gives you an idea about the attitudes and beliefs operating in Congress regimes. It’s time to realize that silence is not always golden. More so in times, when corrupt practices rule the roost.  

Manmohan Singh: Silence Is Not Always Golden!

Manmohan Singh: Silence Is Not Always Golden!


The Washington Post

The Washington Post


Daily News


The Telegraph

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London Olympics 2012: Marred By Serious Controversies

Sushil Kumar: Ensured India's Best Performance At Olympics

Sushil Kumar: Ensured India’s Best Performance At Olympics

Grappler Sushil Kumar’s
back-to-back medals at the Olympic Games-the first Indian sportsman to do so-enabled India to register its presence in a big way. It is India’s best performance at the Olympic Games. Sushil Kumar won silver medal in the 66kg free style category. He had won bronze in the previous Olympics held in China. However, one cannot ignore the recent spate of controversies which marred the London Olympics 2012. These infamous episodes have brutally hurt the sentiments of sports fans across the globe. The allegations related to biased decisions of referees have given a bad name to the 30th Olympic Games. Let’s not treat these allegations as shallow outbursts of teams lost. We need to take note of them in a serious manner in order to retain the faith of sports lovers.

Let’s not forget India’s boxer Vikas Krishan controversial defeat at the hands of Errol Spence of USA.The  AIBA overturned the result of his pre-quarterfinal bout, after five hours, following a review. The Indian contingent filed an appeal which produced no result. The IOA tried its best to drive home its point but the the Court of Arbitration for Sports (CAS) rejected the country’s appeal.”There is no provision in the AIBA Technical and Competition Rules allowing for an appeal against the decision of the Competition Jury in relation to a Protest. The decision of the Competition Jury is final and cannot be appealed.”(CAS). In this regard, the argument of the Indian Olympic Association (IOA) vice-President Tarlochan Singh is worth mentioning:”There are four different judges and they make their separate decisions. It is baffling why did none of them objected to this. Four people have given verdicts and it is wrong for USA to appeal after the decision has been given.”

Such biased decisions lower the morale of players and sports fans. The game is not on par with life and death issue, and, therefore,  it’s quite baffling to see big nations using every trick in the book to emerge as winner. It doesn’t matter to them if such a victory makes mockery of fair play. Such brazen display of unfair tendencies, all in the names of rules, brings into open the real character of such nations, who can go to any extent to gain an upper hand. The Indian contingent needs to view such murkier developments from fresh angle and come to understand that world of sports are not only regulated by excellence but also by shrewd maneuvers. It’s anybody’s guess that sports fans treat such sponsored victories less honourable than defeats keeping intact values associated with the game! The Indians need to grasp this fact that for some nations, the thing called dignity in defeat just doesn’t exist.

Vikas Krishan: Haunted By The Defeat

Vikas Krishan: Haunted By The Defeat

If that was not enough Amit Kumar’s defeat in 55 kg freestyle repachage against Bulgarian Radoslav Marinov Velikov gave rise to another controversy. Former Gold Medalist at Asian Games Satpal Singh, in an interview given to BBC, said that ‘ referees have turned highly professional. After watching the proceedings at the Games, I am pretty convinced that these referees have compromised with the values. You now cannot win the game without taking into confidence judges and referees involved with the game! The three points awarded to Bulgarian opponent, in actuality, belonged to the Indian wrestler Amit Kumar. These three points made the game slip away from the hands of Amit Kumar.”  

It’s not only Indian contingent, which is feeling blue after the Games got over. Usain Bolt, who became the first athlete to win the 200 twice at the Olympics, harshly criticized Carl Lewis of United States for his doping remarks. At a press conference organized just after his historic victory in the men’s 200-metre, Jamaican sprinter Usain Bolt minced no words in targeting Carl Lewis., ” I’m going to say something controversial right now…. Carl Lewis, I have no respect for him…. The things he says about the track athletes is really downgrading for another athlete to say something like that. I think he’s just looking for attention, really, because nobody really talks much about him” Bolt said. One needs to recall the words of Carl Lewis to realize that Bolt’s anger is justified.”Countries like Jamaica do not have a random program, so they can go months without being tested. I’m not saying anyone is on anything, but everyone needs to be on a level playing field.” Carl Lewis made this remark in an interview given to Sports Illustrated just after Bolt’s stunning performance in Beijing Olympics.

Now this battle of words might not be directly related to the controversies that marred the London Olympics 2012 but the timing of Bolt’s furious remarks is amazing. It provides clear insight about the affairs that take place behind the scene, which ordinarily remain hidden from the eyes of average sports fans. It makes it evidently clear that how bigger nations come to treat the victories of smaller nations. And if that becomes clear, it would not be pretty difficult to understand that India’s strong protest against the biased referees at the Olympics is not simply unleashing of frustration. It reveals that games have no longer remained events, solely dominated by the performance of committed athletes, trying to attain height of excellence. They are now dominated by forces beyond the control of players. India’s protest needs to be seen in the same perspective.

This Ugly War Of Words Says All

This Ugly War Of Words Says All


The Times Of India
The Times Of India
Zee News


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Politics Knocked Out Sports From London Olympics

Vikas Krishan:  Victory Turns Into Defeat!

Vikas Krishan: Victory Turns Into Defeat!

The Indian boxer Vikas Krishan’s defeat at London Olympics is, in reality, victory of politics and not sports. Vikas Krishan emerged victorious in the 69 kg category bout against his American opponent Errol Spence 13-11. However, the happiness inside the Indian camp proved to be a short lived one. The review by the competition jury, under the aegis of AIBA, amended the final score 13:15 in favour of the USA. The jury members, accepting the protest, unanimously declared Errol Spence of the United States winner of the bout. India also filed the appeal later but the world governing body for the game rejected their appeal. So India’s sensational victory in the pre-quarter-final bout got doomed to nothingness.

It’s pretty unfortunate that some nations can go to any extent to gain an upper hand in battle of supremacy. The ouster of Vikas from the London Olympics proves the point that when politics gets mixed with sports, it leads to such nasty developments. Thanks to United States for letting us know that you cannot win boxing match without playing some politics! Before I have a take on the merit of the decision, I need to say that I am sure had  Indian Olympic Association as powerful as BCCI,  Board of Control for Cricket in India,  this would not have been the fate of the bout. Such happenings make it crystal clear that in present times, be its politics, cinema or sports, a certain shrewd manoeuvring, by people behind the curtain, always exists.

Imagine the team declared World Cup winner in FIFA World Cup Final match declared loser after few hours by the competition jury! Imagine another team declared winner by the ICC in the World Cup Cricket Final at Lords after few hours! The things would definitely become murkier in the world of sport if this sort of bizarre change becomes commonplace. This sort of crazy decision marks the beginning of manipulating decisions all in the name of laws! Anyway, let’s put under lens the merit of the decision. It’s strange that even those aspects were taken into consideration to make the bout in favour of USA, which generally cannot be judged by normal human way. The Competition Jury should have limited its review to those aspects only, possible for any referee to take note of them from normal human angle. To extend its limit to those angles, which no referee can intercept in normal way is absolutely nonsensical.

That’s why I feel that to award points only because “referee’s view was blocked by the boxer from the USA” is height of absurdity. It is okay to include the unnoticed fouls within the realm of review but to ensure “correct gesture” on part of referee, in name of review, totally defies logic. Why should he have awarded points when something was beyond the range of his normal vision? If that’s the case why India’s appeal got rejected on same grounds, wherein it had been stated that “our guy did not hold Spence for more than seven times. The American was guilty of holding Vikas four times according to us.”(That’s an observation on part of National coach Gurbax Singh Sandhu)  

This high-voltage drama at the London Olympics reduces the difference between politics and sports. It’s really sad that hopes of bright athletes, boxers, swimmers and shooters, to name a few, get checkmated by the will of minds who feel that politics needs to go together with sports. The performers next time should not only learn the tricks involved in their respective fields, but also come to master the art of politics, if they are really interested in winning medals at Olympics!

Thank God No Review Involved!

Thank God No Review Involved!


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