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Delhi Gang Rape: Important Aspects Totally Overlooked By The Paid Mainstream Media

Rape Is A Social Issue!

Rape Is A Social Issue!

India’s braveheart girl must have begun a new journey in some other mysterious world. Back in India, the land of her birth and also death in such a tragic fashion, after being gang-raped and sexually assaulted in most barbaric manner, leading to severe multiorgan failure, the protests have begun to lose momentum. That’s a typical course of action for any movement in India. It sooner or later, becomes part of fading memory and, after some years, many find it hard to recollect what exactly happened! Even in this case, eyewash gesture of setting another committee had been done, ignoring  Supreme Court’s previous directions, which talked about safety of  citizens, especially the women. In fact, constitutional provisions and Law Commission recommendations, if implemented with total sincerity, are suffice to take care of safety concerns of women, always left vulnerable to such cruel turns of destiny. One Lakshmi, researcher related with women’s issue, made a fitting remark in The Hindu: “She didn’t die of multiorgan failure, but it was the multiorgan failure of this society and the state which killed her.” 

For instance, in this case, how was this bus with illegal tinted glass windows, allowed to move freely on the streets, and that too, when it passed through many police check-posts? What were the cops doing? Even in UP, cars with illegal glass windows, usually having, illegal blue/red beacon lights are in fashion. So why is the Traffic Superintendent, a mute spectator in this regard,  when the policemen from the same department are so damn conscious about ensuring regular hafta (a form of bribery) at every crossing from the truck drivers? That’s because no body is interested in annoying the political goons, occupying the high posts as Ministers! The government and High Court wish that common citizens should act as guardians of democracy but have they ensured safety of  the whistle-blowers? Before this case,Assistant Sub Inspector Ravinderpal Singh, was shot dead allegedly by Akali Dal leader local secretary (Urban) Ranjit Singh Rana and three of his associates on December 05, 2012, in Amritsar, Punjab, who had resisted the harassment of his daughter. In the same state, a gang-rape victim committed suicide on December 26, 2012, nearly a month after alleged gang-rape, which took place on November 13, 2012, being pressed upon both by police and the society to compromise. In this alleged gang-rape, a woman, identified as Shinderpal Kaur,  played a key role. The point that’s being suggested is that popular anger which has got focused on “hang the rapists” or, for that matter, demand for more stringent punishment  is absolutely misplaced. That’s not going to yield any better result.

The paid media, having struck unholy nexus, with the government, is constantly projecting  rhetoric or misplaced popular sentiments. In United States and in other nations, despite having tough provisions, the rape incidents are quite frequent, even as the better implementation of strict provisions have ensured  lesser victimization rate. The point worth considering is that they have given to wider considerations side-by-side stricter laws, which includes concerns related with widespread denial of women as potential sexual aggressors, female-female rape, distinction between forcible and non-forcible rapes, rape of males by females and etc. The researches there also included the impact of drugs, especially alcohol. Even though timing of entering into contrasts with United States is not okay, especially at this point of time, I am but compelled to do since angry people have given way to demand for tougher laws, forgetting that stricter laws can only work wonders when we have sound and sympathetic government machinery in action. Is that the case in India, wherein all sorts of legal provisions have got limited to law books alone?  

Against this backdrop, before I deal specifically with the Delhi gang-rape, I wish to clearly state that it would be fatal to confine the urge for changes to “safety of women alone” or, for that matter, demand for stricter provisions to prevent rape. This line of action is being deliberately highlighted under pressure from feminist wings, tactically supported by Congress government, which hopes to regain power with female voters and minority card in next Parliamentary actions. The mainstream media is also singing the same tune, because in wake of fear to lose government’s aid,  it has no other option but to toe the stance taken by government. This whole drama which captured the nation’s attention from December 16, 2012, until death of gang-rape victim was a well-orchestrated show managed perfectly well by the paid media and Congress government. There are enough circumstantial evidences which give proof of it that the real story is something else and it’s more horrible than what we all came to witness in these past turbulent fifteen days. I will deal with this aspect later in this article but first let’s not ignore these pertinent points. 

Had the protests been genuine and intentions of government honest, the demand would have not been focused on safety of women or rights of women alone, it would have been focused on better safety concerns for every citizen, irrespective of gender. The most horrible thing is that this time politics was done in name of this unfortunate girl, victim of brutal gang-rape, who is no longer in this world. This protest was given vulgar and aggressive shape by the vested interests with immediate and  long-term gains in mind. The news of  nuisance created by agents of Congress, belonging to NSUI wing, at India gate have now surfaced, and this confirms the suspicion that real story is something else. Three main reasons could be deviating attention of general public from its recent failures on all fronts, diminishing the impact of victory of Narendra Modi at national level, and, above all,  an attempt to keep intact the female votes, by emerging as champion of female rights ( the way it tries to emerge as protector of minorities) in long term with some immediate steps in this direction right now.

It’s really ironical that on the one hand sponsored protesters, and foreign funded women’s organisations,  are demanding for tougher laws, and, on other hand, this case is now being under the vigilance of Delhi High Court since it has taken suo moto cognizance! Now that’s pretty disturbing! What was the need to do so? May be its apprehensive that government machinery might play foul and delay the justice, and thus, it’s intervention becomes necessary to ensure fair and speedy justice! Without debating the merit of High Court’s decision to take suo moto cognizance of this case, I wish to know will superior courts always take moto cognizance of such cases to ensure fair trial once tough laws come into operation? In other words,  we are mindlessly asking for tough laws in a nation, wherein  monitoring of cases by superior  court becomes necessary to ensure fair  justice. In the United States, we have a fair system which not only ensures that tough laws operate within a perfect apparatus but also that cases be dealt in scientific manner. Imagine the consequences of tough laws in corrupt and biased set up which India entertains, wherein right from investigation to trial stage, everything is shoddy and flawed. Does our system has ensured that those abusing the process of law do not go scot-free?

We have already witnessed what has been the fate of tough dowry provisions and SC/ST provisions and still dare to believe that tough provisions would stop rapes in current set-up? Isn’t it was the fear of misuse which led to scrapping of POTA provisions? I am afraid it would only lead to further deterioration of men-women relationships, which is the agenda of foreign sponsored feminist  institutions (weakening the institution called family and marriage) and also of secular parties, which breed on chaos and disorder. I mean we are living in times, wherein rape has become some sort of tool to settle scores, a weapon to blackmail, to an extent that even consensual sexes, after love gone sour, gets projected as rape. I am sure a little commonsense, instead of expecting everything to be achieved with the help of laws, would yield better results.

We should not forget that we are living in times, wherein, an actress, Maria Susairaj, can enter in one of the most macabre murders, ever intercepted by world of crime. That’s why instead of a knee jerk reaction, a conscious approach which ensures that cases are dealt in light of merit, not governed by biases for any particular gender shall create better days. Mere strict provisions, with ample scope of their misuse shall only make females become natural enemy of males. There are many MPs and members of state assemblies,booked under rape charges, and if they are asked about it they would let you know that they have been falsely implicated! Their versions may or may not be true, but it does give you an idea that either legal system is being used to settle scores or it’s not being used at all! Against this backdrop, how would you ensure that tough provisions would ensure justice?    Let’s have a glimpse how this system functions. The death of constable Subhash Tomar, amid the violent protests at India Gate, is now shrouded in mystery. The autopsy report suggests, that death was caused by a sharp object but the witnesses claim that death was a natural affair and no such attack was involved! See the contradiction.

But we are living in strange times. The mere appeal to women to dress properly or maintain right visiting hours is seen as some sort of curtailing their rights or independence, and not as commonsense. That’s because so-called lust for absolute freedom, on par with corrupt theories sponsored by feminists, have robbed of their ability to think in simple terms, making them see every such sound advice as insult of their beings. For instance, I  am sure even a men, however strong may he be, run the risk of being attacked and killed, if he dares to move on streets all alone during nocturnal hours! So is there any point in seeing a crime in a gender specific way and demanding safety of women alone? Check the data and you would find more number of men killed in tragic way. So should I start campaigning for safer world of men? Attack and getting killed is more failure of law and  order, instead of something born out of  gender specific cause. Another idiotic argument presented by the feminists, and modern girls, is that wearing provocative dress is no invitation to rape. That’s true and I agree whole-heartedly with the counter offered but what I totally disagree is that provocative dressing creates no impact. That defies psychological laws. It’s a common phenomenon that both female and male physiological responses i.e. erectile responses are involuntary in wake of anticipating atmosphere surcharged with sexual stimulants. 

So why are we trying to create a system, which mainly tries to accommodate demands of one sex, not in tune with common sense and  psychological aspects? Mind you even “gun-culture” would not ensure a safe scenario if some basic sociological principles get avoided. That’s the reason why gun-culture in United States has not ensured desired result. Anyway, I am not suggesting that following such simple steps, rapes would become a rarity or, for that matter, decently dressed woman would altogether be free of sexual assaults, but these simple steps would ensure a significant drop in crime against woman. That’s exactly what  Vrinda Grover, lawyer and women’s activist, is trying to say when she  says that: ” There is no evidence to suggest that the death penalty acts as a deterrent to rape…….Certainty of punishment rather than the severity of its form could act as a deterrent.” (The Hindu)

It’s also strange that gang-rape of this girl is being projected as awakening of this nation but it’s really baffling to understand what exactly are we trying to say when we say so? Are we trying to say that had this girl been not gang-raped we would have never awakened? That’s why I feel this huge protest is orchestrated or it’s totally redundant. That I say so since Delhi has already attained the infamous title of being “rape capital of the country'” long back ago. There were 568 cases of rape, registered in 2007-2011 period. So was Delhi and whole nation sleeping? The Times of India news report from where I picked this data, quoting a police official, stated:  “Former IPS officer Y P Singh said the police informally classify rape into two categories: technical and violent. ‘In case of technical rapes, there is an element of consent involved and there is no violence. Some examples are a lady caught red-handed in an act and then alleging rape; a man inducing a lady with a false promise of marriage and having intercourse. There have also been cases where departmental seniors have called for wives of suspended juniors to stop the husband being dismissed from service,” said Singh.”  

At the time when this case caught the limelight, an unfortunate mother in Uttar Pradesh, was struggling hard to get  justice in a case involving suicide of her daughter, after being gang-raped. However, neither the media nor the concerned  higher authorities including District Magistrate paid any attention to her grievances. That makes it even more important to understand the true elements constituting the protest at India Gate and Jantar Mantar. That I say so because in past we have witnessed murder most foul like Naina Sahni murder case, Madhumita Shukla murder case, Jessica Lal murder case, and brutal rapes like one involving Aruna Shanbaug and rape of a twelve year old mentally challenged girl by a drunkard in Mumbai local train even as the others remained a mute spectator, and now we pretend that after December 16 gang-rape, nation has awakened, and, thus, demand greater safety of women! 

How can we forget the brutal gang-rapes of  two Mizo women, abducted from Dhaula Kuan, Delhi, and repeatedly gang-raped in moving vehicles in 2005 and 2010? Why we did not then gave way to such awakening? In fact, they were too dumped on the street, unconscious and without clothes, very much like the December 16 tragic episode? They were not subjected to injuries of grave nature but they are still facing emotional trauma.”The condition of this woman is worse as she seems to have lost her mental balance after the incident. “I have been told she still flows into a fit of rage, bangs her head against the wall and keeps on inflicting injuries on her private parts,” informed one of the members belonging to the  Northeast Support Centre & Helpline while narrating the normalcy report of  2005 case victim.

That’s why it becomes more than necessary to intercept this December 16 gang-rape case under the lens and scrutinize its each aspect very deeply. The moment you do so, you realize that this tragic episode, was used very shrewdly to serve some vested interests and there are many dark aspects, which have not at all surfaced despite being vast media coverage in sensational way. One might differ with my conjectures/hypothesis but the very facts point towards well-planned conspiracy to first blow out of proportion such episode and later conceal or destroy the evidences so that real picture never surfaces. Let’s deal with such dubious aspects one by one. First of all, many who had gathered at India Gate/Jantar Mantar were people belonging to women’s rights association and as per unconfirmed news reports there were disturbing elements from one political party to make the protests go out of control! The same thing happened. So that means less number of people from general public-the cattle class- and more people from dubious sections of society were mourning at the India gate and Jantar Mantar -the two spots which got maximum coverage by the mainstream media- demanding safety of women, which led to killing of constable Subash Tomar! 

Secondly, we need to know who was behind the decision to carry her to  Singapore based hospital? Why was that considered necessary and that too when it not only involved additional risk to patient but also involved huge expenditure involving taxpayer’s money? Medical fraternity is absolutely sure that there was no need to get her shifted to any other hospital, involving flight journey, when she was on ventilator, struggling hard to overcome multiorgan failure  Since it appears to be more a political reason than a medical reason, isn’t  that  shows lack of insensitivity on part of political class?  And secondly, a government claiming to ensure safety of woman, entered in such a cruel gesture when the whole nation was watching! It speak volumes about the decision making ability of Congress leaders, ironically, one of them is Lady Chief Minister of  Delhi! Agreeing  that Delhi High Court had remarked about shifting the victim to a super-specialty hospital but that was subject to  advice of medical experts and limited to extreme conditions. And the medical team has already  denied that they had no role in that decision! So who made this decision and for what reasons? It’s also curious  that electronic media channels, who covered the initial sensational phase of the tragic episode, were the ones, who abstained from covering the last ceremony of the victim, wherein it’s learned that government acted with undue haste to get the last rites done quickly, much against the opposition of parents of the victim! 

Anyway, the most sensational aspect happened while recording the statement of victim in the ICU. The Sub Divisional Magistrate Usha Chaturvedi was not only prevented from video recording of the victim’s statement by three senior police officers but also  asked by them to ” use a questionnaire they prepared”. Now that says all. The episode took a serious turn, making the SDM report the matter to Deputy Commissioner (East) B.M. Mishra. The questions we need to ask and think over are: Whom was Delhi Police trying to protect? Why was it not interested in having the videography done? Who were the backstage people involved, who influenced Delhi Police to act in that fashion? As per news reports, the people involved, the six men charged with crime, are people from lower section of society and so it’s highly impossible that top level police officers would react in that fashion and be head on with a superior authority unless some big fish is involved! And that too, at a moment, when right from Prime Minister to whole nation, everyone appeared  to be damn conscious about ensuring justice for this lady! So what was the need for Police officers to prevent the SDM from following her own way? Isn’t it a stunning blow to the claims that tough laws would ensure better environment for women? With this sort of functioning style, it’s anybody’s guess that only innocents would be behind the bars, leading to weakening of the societal structure, which in turn would help the foreign agents, in tandem with anti-India forces, to create more space for their direct control of affairs in India.

Anyway, I leave upon conscious readers to frame suitable answers for these disturbing questions. Right now I just pray for that departed soul: May you always rest in eternal peace. Hope Lord gives you all, what you failed to achieve in this ephemeral world, governed by human sharks, promoting their deadly agendas. Angels like you have no room for survival in this world.


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Feminists Believe That A Woman Cannot Harass A Man !!!

Harassed By The Fair Sex !!

Harassed By The Fair Sex !!

The feminists are so amused and baffled the moment one speaks about harassment of men.Why ? They believe only women are the harassed.Only their harassment is real.The harassment of men is fictitious and figment of imagination. They lack explanation for the fact that when one can discuss about the harassment of females ,about problems pertaining to female world then in the same way why one cannot discuss about the harassment of men and about their problems ? Why is that the very reference to it makes feminists get engaged in sarcastic references ? Some people become uncomfortable and they are quick enough to call people referring to harassment of men as people living on a planet of ignorance ? Isn’t it a plain hypocrisy and double standard ? Even the most open minded feminists accuse people talking about rights of women as people mired in prejudices.

Let me put it bluntly that if one can discuss about the pains of women then in this era of “gender-equality” it’s no crime to refer to harassment of men whether or not one present facts to counter sarcastic notions of open minded feminists.India is male dominated society.I will love to know how many laws are there to protect the interests of men ? ” There is nothing special done or legally enacted for Men ever, however, on the other side Women has over the decades special legislation for women, upliftment schemes, monetary & social support, reservation etc. and even then if one believes India is a male dominating society then that male really deserves to be dominating.” It’s beyond rational thinking that the ghost of the past be brought on the fore to shed tears over the poor state of affairs of women when so many laws and legislation have equipped them live life with dignity.

However, the myth that women have always been oppressed in the past continues till date.I don’t know for how long they be shedding tears for that. They are weak but they are also equal at the same time.Great paradox,indeed. So women can have all the pleasures in name of equality but when it comes to ensure the rights of men and about their troubles everybody is tight lipped.No grants. No legislation. What about National Commission For Men in era of equality ? Oh ! Men are superheros and superhuman .They cannot be harassed and they cannot be in pains.They are the eternal culprits.They kept women inside homes since ages and all the time had pleasures in outside world. Now its payback time.The women should come out of homes and enjoy the pleasures which men had all these years in external world.

However, here comes the mother of all tamasha. They are equals and they are not a weaker sex but when they come out of home and be part of external world they need to have “special corner” everywhere.And so special laws that treat women as holy cow have also come in existence. They never lie.So the moment they deliver any statement it should be treated as gospel truth. There should be no discussion about its falsehood as that’s anti-female. So even if they are trapped in immoral activities it should be held as “expression of sexual freedom ” and thus if they are get caught in Pune’s late night beer party that should should be seen as trespassing on part of government machinery.

If women cannot harass men why the number of fakes cases filed under IPC 498A is increasing with each passing day ? Some say that women cannot lie and cannot heap charge of rape unless that has actually taken place. Look at these two cases that appeared in news item published in DNA on 19 June 2009.

“Case 1: An executive in a Delhi PR company spent two months in Tihar jail for rape. Later, investigations established that he was having an affair with the woman for two years and she wanted him to marry her. When he refused, she filed rape charges which she later withdrew as ‘false’.”

Case 2: In Bhayandar last year, a 17-year-old girl falsely accused her father of rape.”

Can one imagine the damaging consequences when one gets trapped in false accusations ? However,the blind feminists of our times see such dangerous trend pattern involving fake cases as an insignificant development. The harassment of men at hands of women is unreal.Okay.Anything related with men is unreal.The lies sponsored by the feminists is the only truth available. in one news item in prominent local daily the women murdered her new born infant to elope with her lover in Pratapgarh .She cleverly framed the relatives of her husband as a result whole family got trapped.An investigation later revealed the real story how the woman used her devilish brains to materialize her dreams.

In another case, a married man murdered by his wife in Rajroopur locality of Allahabad with the help of her lover.She claimed that to be act of robbers.However ,the investigation brought the truth on fore. The list of such tales is endless.These news items create no sensation as they are not related with high profile people. So women can never harass men !!! Read the affidavits filed by so called harassed women in family courts.I don’t say all of them are false but most of them are mere concoctions.But for feminists of India that’s non existent !!!

No one should assume that I am trying to prove that women’s world is devoid of pains.That there is no need of women’s organizations working cause of women. I am sure the moment a feminist will accuse me of ignoring the lives of a great section of women.A feminists shall say that these are just ” few cases” ? I wish to tell them that I am only trying to prove that harassment of men is real. It matters the least that it’s “few ” or “many”.The cases are enough to open the eyes of feminists who are all the time in absolute denial mode about anything that refers to problems of men.They dilute it by making them “just few cases”

Look at their perverted logic. As per their logic if one man is killed it’s no news.The killing of 100 men makes news.I got it right !! The men should wait till the water starts flowing above the head.However,now let me tell feminists that whole world does not sleep like feminists calling it “just few cases” ? I wish to tell them what’s the result of just few fake dowry cases. That’s because they involve innocent women as well.If the harassment of men is so unreal how come so many conscious people are today a worried lot ? Look what they have to say.

“Noted activist Madhu Kishwar acknowledged that IPC Section 498A is heavily misused, and that a significant proportion of individuals who approach “Manushi” these days are mothers-in-law and husbands who are falsely accused. ”


“Renowned IPS officer Kiran Bedi admitted that many poor and illiterate mothers-in-law and sisters-in-law, who are falsely charged under IPC Section 498A are languishing in prison every year. ”


“The Supreme Court of India has labeled the misuse of IPC Section 498A as “legal terrorism”.”


“The Delhi High Court recently stated that IPC Section 498A is the most abused provision.”


“The World Health Organization, in its report on India clearly cited Section 498A as one of the major reasons for the “Increasing Abuse of the Elderly in India”.


“Recently, the National Human Rights Commission noted that the Tihar jail is overflowing with people falsely accused under dowry cases.”

Sadly,the consciousness among women has gone against the large section of women. That has given rise to several important considerations.

“Is protection of women’s rights synonymous with gross violation of basic human rights?

“Is legal terrorism the solution to all women’s problems?”

“Does penalizing innocent mothers and sisters under false cases bring justice to genuinely abused women?

“A look at the crime records shows that every 20 minutes an innocent woman is arrested under IPC Section 498A.”

” Forget about men’s harassment I am trying to know that does law meant to ensure the rights of women topple the very base of Indian society ?

“Aren’t mothers and sisters women? Don’t they deserve a life of dignity and respect?

Does women’s empowerment mean destroying family harmony and creating a fatherless society?

That’s the paradox involved.The strange sense of consciousness provided by feminists theories has led to individualistic tendencies and anything that promotes collective consciousness is a great evil for modern women in league with her rights.Anyway, it has started toppling the lives of women whom many are interested under the women’s organization to empower them.

“Recently, a 92 year old woman was dragged to police station and the court, when a criminal case is filed against her. She was considered “guilty till proven innocent”. Another woman was arrested in a dowry case and is taken in train from Delhi to Lucknow along with her 6 month old kid. Is this empowerment of women? In another occasion, police reached to a school to arrest a class 9th school girl, who was listed as an accused in a dowry case. Is this what President calls about initiatives for “girl child” in India?”

The men are not harassed.If that’s true then what’s the reason for married men to commit suicide ? What’s the need to establish counseling cells for harassed husbands.

A news report says : “According to the statistics of National Crime Records Bureau (NCRB), nearly 22,000 Indian men had committed suicide because of dowry harassment in the last three to four years. Whereas during the same period, only 6,800 women committed suicide.”

“The most startling fact is that out of the 22,000 suicides by men, only six cases were registered against their wives and only one of them was called for questioning. In the last three years, 7,000 men were put behind bars and 68 percent were later found innocent.” Analyzing the suicide rate in 2008 as per report published in The Times of India the NCRB stated that “the overall male:female ratio of suicide victims for the year was 64:36.” in year 2008 and that it was not poverty that caused this suicides but ” more number of people committed suicide due to family (23.8%) “.

A news item from The Telegarph :

“If there should be a law like 498A to protect housewives from cruel husbands
and in-laws, there should also be a law to protect them from the hands of cruel
women like my daughter-in-law.”

(Suicide note of Prasanta Kumar Ghosh, 71.A septuagenarian father has taken his own life to save his son and other
tortured husbands. )

Here’s the suicide figures as per NCRB records.

2008 suicide figures are published.

Suicide of Married Man:

2006 – 55452
2007 – 57593
2008 -57639

Suicide of Married Women:

2006 – 29869
2007 – 30064
2008 – 30224

Let me refer to Domestic Violence Act.That takes care to women from violence women face at home.I am not anti feminist but I will love to know what are the provisions to protect husband if they face harassment at hands of wife ? The law is blank.It assumes only men beat women. In reality we know-at least in our times- they are no longer holy cows. Not only can they beat ,not only they can harass but they can also cry rape to settle scores.Though I agree with SC latest observation that women will not file a fake rape case because lot is at stake but SC realizes that times have changed and even this eternal truth that woman can never lie in such matters is questionable.I have already presented few cases.I cannot refer to American society but in brief I must say that rape as an industry prevails In US and other countries leading to at least 41 percent cases filed there as false.That because it ensures them huge money under many schemes.Anyway, I am talking about harassment of men. Interestingly, some feminist claim that their brand of feminism takes care of interests yet call stories related with harassment of men as figment of imagination and treat them as “just few cases.

Even assuming that tales of harassment of men is unreal what are the provisions to save men from violent and hysterical wives or for that matter from cruelty of women.Isn’t the law of natural justice demands that law should be equal for both?Harassed wives need protection but what about rights of harassed men ?What about the law to punish women who lie on oath ? The law to protect women from domestic violence act is silent. Why’s that ? After all, this law is the outcome of women’s organization/Women’s Commission recommendation to the Law commission.Ironically, when a harassed wife(read woman ) files a case against the husband (read man) why’s that other females like mother in law and sister in law gets punished ? So the law to protect women does not include women that’s associated with men !!!!

” This Act bears the name as if this Act is meant to provide protection to all women in India(i.e 48-50%population). Whereas, in India, almost 48-50 % is the total women population out of which if we exclude unmarried girls, old aged women, mother-in laws and sister-in-laws (which are not covered under this Act) I am sure this Act is made to protect only 10-20 % of women in the society. Whereas the misuse of this Act can very well drastically affect almost 80 % of total society. So, How justifiable is the wisdom of our Government or law makers ?”

“When a special Act(PWDVA) which lacks the balance of natural justice and is direct violative of fundamental right of life & liberty can be enforced for fairly very small section of society why not any genuine amendment, penalty clause for misuse or new law can be framed.”

Let’s realize that harassment of men is real. The harassment of men is real, more so when in our times we find that how in one high profile case a young women with her lover brutally murders her former love , cut the dead body into many pieces and packs it and then dumps it. I sincerely believe that there are that issues grave and worrisome in nature that have come to hit lives of modern women like growing sexual assault.However, having said that, I must say that these cannot be the base to harass men and to frame anti male laws.That cannot be the base to promote anti family and anti society gender biased laws. I mean spew venom against men.

That cannot be the base to sponsor propaganda of feminists that all men are potential rapists.My point is that to fight for the cause of women one need not be feminists. These are genuine problems of women’s world and I am not against the role of women’s organization to curb such crimes.Sadly, I am aware of the propaganda machinery run by the feminists.One that’s hell bent on treating all men as potential rapists; all men as potential criminals who are on this planet either to rape women or harass women.Or for that matter,all the ills happening to women is direct result of men.The women are the holy cows who are incompetent to give rise to any problem.The world is hell because of men.

Anyway, one need not to take Avatara as feminist to understand the problems of women.In short,all men and women need to be just extra conscious to understand each other’s problem and that means they can do that without following borrowed ideals of any “ism “.Some feminists proclaim that that their brand of feminism ensures a better relationship with women but how my dear friend ? By holding men guilty of all the wrongs happening to men. They don’t realize the great blunder you are making. The feminists of India are in grip of most standard paradox that governs feminists worldwide.They talk about interests of women while all the time widening the gulf between the opposite sexes. That makes me believe that one can work better for the cause of women without being a feminist !

The feminists talk about growing sexual assault on women and try to confirm relevance of feminism .Yes,it’s a heinous crime that men commit upon women.Well, women can also sexually assault men might appear stupid to them.However, now that’s a reality in Western word like the false 41 percent fake rape cases on par with rape industry that prevails there to have compensation etc.Anyway, I should only talk in Indian context.True, the assaults have grown.But in the same proportion the legislation that control it have also grown. The methods to prevent them have also become better. It’s other thing that lack of resources and infrastructure makes it difficult to provide a speedy justice.The culprits need to be punished.There has to be better atmosphere for them. There is no if and but in this regard. Everything required to control it is being done. Though I am not a feminist I am still pretty much conscious about it.

However, will anyone answer why at all the sexual assault has become so frequent in our times that even younger girls are its victim? You can held men as guilty and that’s easy but one needs to take few steps more to understand what’s the reasons that have led to increase in such incidents. Merely stating like the Feminists that sexual crime on women has increased will not serve the answers.Let’s come out with real causes instead of treating all men as potential rapists something that our feminists have used this fact to feed their propaganda.

It’s really that feminists of India claim that they are working for the cause of woman and they believe in healthy relationship between man and woman yet they go berserk when on refers about right of men.They talk about totality.But their version of totality means that women have all the rights but men have no rights !! As per the definition of feminism ” Feminism refers to political, cultural, and economic movements aimed at establishing greater, equal, or, some argue, superior rights and participation in society for women and girls, including legal protection and inclusion in politics, business, and scholarship, and recognition and building of women’s cultures and power.” Who is representing the cause of men the same way ? Why the one’s who discuss the rights of men with same passion are “misogynist” and not seen as ones who are ensuring that totality that you talk about becomes toatlity in real sense !!

So when feminist say that they view “society” in totality does that include rights of men ? Does that include reference to cases wherein men have become victim of tyrannical attitude of women ? If they say yes,then why are they so restless and anxious the moment anyone refers to harassment of men ? Does the idea of your totality is restricted to happenings in female world only ? If not ,how come the reference to rights of men irks feminists to great extent ? Have I made a blunder in referring to sufferings of men ? Is that reference to issues of men is outside the purview of idea of totality as understood by the feminists ? Do they wish to say that sufferings of women is real and sufferings of men is unreal ?

Who runs the system ? It’s men and women. What’s a system ? The tale of men and women. However, in this system one can refer to oppression of women and rights of women but one cannot refer to oppression of men and their rights . That’s indeed totality in all its totality. Like to present with what sort of ideas the feminist are trying to create healthy relationship between man and woman.


“I feel that ‘man-hating’ is an honorable and viable political act, that the oppressed have a right to class-hatred against the class that is oppressing them.” — Robin Morgan, (editor of MS magazine)

 “Who cares how men feel or what they do or whether they suffer? They have had over 2000 years to dominate and made a complete hash of it. Now it is our turn. My only comment to men is, if you don’t like it, bad luck – and if you get in my way I’ll run you down.” — Letter to the Editor: “Women’s Turn to Dominate” — Signed: Liberated Women, Boronia — Herald-Sun, Melbourne, Australia – 9 February 1996


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