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Acquittal of Kanchi Seers: A Sad Reminder Of The Fact That Propaganda Is More Powerful Than Truth!

The Acquittal Of Kanchi Seer: Truth has won over propaganda!

The Acquittal Of Kanchi Seer: Truth has won over propaganda!

Any close observer of the happenings in modern India would easily confirm that secular governments have unleashed a sort of war against Hindu saints. They have been framed in number of heinous crimes right from sexual crimes to crimes against national security. The paid media ensures that one-sided coverage gets highlighted not only within Indian landscape but also in International arena. In such matters wherein Hindu saints are involved, a striking feature is that news coverage is full of lies and twisted truths spread by secular press. None of the mainstream media dares to reveal both sides of the story in an impartial way.

One important reason is that most of the Indian media houses are in some way controlled by hidden powers in Western nations. How can we then expect truth to make its presence felt? After all, the mainstream media which harps about involvement of Sadhvi Pragya in blasts never found it important enough to report in same candid fashion about severe violation of rights of prisoners, about inhuman treatment meted out to her inside the jail! The same media is so hyper-sensitive about rights of Devyani who made mockery of India’s honour in West but yet she is being portrayed as if she committed no crime at all! That’s because she is part of the system. But anybody who dared to expose the misdeeds of government was branded as criminal in a well-planned manner!

What I am trying to ascertain that we have given way to era wherein propaganda has become more powerful than version close to truth. One of the most important job of media is to reveal the real picture but exactly opposite has taken place: Media has become carrier of falsehood and distorted versions. It’s main agenda has become to shield dubious powers in rule. Like a prostitute it keep changing its loyalty or, in other words, it generally speaks the language of rulers! Remember the arrest of Kanchi Shankaracharya Swami Jayendra Saraswati in year 2004 in most humiliating manner for allegedly playing a role in murder of Sankararaman, manager of the Sri Varadarajaswamy Temple. The then Chief Minister of Tamil Nadu,J Jayalalithaa, in an attempt to appear more secular than others and to give an impression that no one is above law ensured his arrest! The Kanchi seers were charged with” criminal conspiracy, misleading the court by giving false information, criminal trespass and supply of funds to carry out the criminal activity.”

The Truth Had The Last Laugh!

The Truth Had The Last Laugh!

The head of a 1,000-year-old Brahmin monastic order was presented as petty criminal in mainstream media and even before case was put to trial he was portrayed as accused. Let’s remember that Kanchi Kamakoti Peetham is one of the oldest Hindu mutts in the country and Shankarcharyas belonging to this mutt command a great respect among Hindu communities across the globe. In fact, Swami Jayendra Saraswati is a highly respected figure having profound knowledge of Hindu scriptures. He like his predecessors provided new heights to this mutt established in 9th century by Sri Adi Shankaracharya, enjoying similar status the way Vatican enjoys amid Christians. However, clash of interests between J Jayalalithaa and DMK chief Karunanidhi, who represented anti- Brahminical movments, ensured that this highly revered pontiff got disgraced.

Prominent media analysts of that period conveyed the impression that “police would not have acted unless they had sufficient evidence.” Ironically, the prosecution at that time was supremely confidant about involvement of Kanchi seers in abetting murder of Sankararaman, claiming that it had “incriminating evidence”. The investigating officer Prem Kumar came out with version that made mutt head appear guilty: “We have strong evidence about the involvement of Sri Jayendra Saraswathi in Sankararaman’s murder. There has been animosity between the two for the past four years and further investigation is on to corroborate the evidence collected on the involvement of the Kanchi Acharya.” The allegations had deepened with revelations of  Tamil magazine Nakkeeran. Amid these bizarre turn of events, the case got transferred to Pondicherry to ensure fair trial. To make the matters worse for Kanchi mutt head, even allegations of sexual exploitation surfaced. (The Hindu)

However, the truth had the last laugh when verdict delivered by a special court in Pondicherry acquitted all the accused involved in this sensational murder. The verdict was delivered on November 27, 2013 after nine years of suspense and drama of all sorts. They were acquitted of all the charges which included “criminal conspiracy, misleading the court by giving false information, criminal trespass and supply of funds to carry out the criminal activity.” The main witnesses failed to corroborate the prosecution’s theory. More than 80 witnesses went against the story presented by the prosecution.

Well, it’s true that Kanchi seers got acquitted but in the process it caused irreparable damage to the reputation of an institution, which represented the collective psyche of Hindus. This “collective psyche” of Hindus made its presence felt again the way Kanchi Mutt Head responded to this verdict: ” Dharma has prevailed. Truth has won. That is what matters…I have been trained by my Guru to bear everything. There is no question of situation being tough. Times were challenging because we were facing completely new set of situations. ..There are several invaders who vandalized our temples. Today when you see the disfigured temples you remember the invaders and their acts of vandalism. What was perpetrated on the mutt has been termed as an act of vandalism by several people.” (Kanchi Sathya Org)

Swami Shraddhanand:  Killed By A Muslim Fanatic in 1926.  He Was Part Of The Movement To Reconvert Muslims Back To Hinduism!

Swami Shraddhanand: Killed By A Muslim Fanatic in 1926. He Was Part Of The Movement To Reconvert Muslims Back To Hinduism!

It’s really saddening that moments allegations against Hindu saints surfaces, the whole mainstream media goes berserk and paints them in wrong colours, forgetting that its main task is to report the incident and not to conduct trials. Worse, when the allegations are found false and saints get acquitted the same news item does not get prominence. Acquittal is never important than false stories planted by vested interests. No wonder acquittal of Kanchi’s Shankracharya did not get the same coverage. After all, it strengthens cause of Hindus, which is antithetical to secular spirit of this nation. The mainstream media is more interested in propaganda than emergence of truth.

The secular forces always convey the impression that no one is above law.  And so will they dare to arrest Shahi Imam Syed Ahmad Bukhari against whom so many cases have been registered? Will they dare to bring in open and convict Christian missionaries involved in conversion of tribals in remote corners of India? That will never take place. The law exists only for Hindu saints. It’s an instrument of oppression for Hindus and all that which represents self-pride of Hindus. It’s there to support propaganda and not to sustain truth.

Swamy Lakshmanananda Saraswathi and four of his disciples namely Sadhvi Bhaktimayee, Baba Amritanand, Kishor Baba and Puranjan Ganthi at his Ashram in Jaleshpatta of Kandhamal district in Orissa by a group of Christian zealots on the Janmashtami day, 23 August, 2008.  But the mainstream media made no uproar!

Swamy Lakshmanananda Saraswathi and four of his disciples namely Sadhvi Bhaktimayee, Baba Amritanand, Kishor Baba and Puranjan Ganthi at his Ashram in Jaleshpatta of Kandhamal district in Orissa by a group of Christian zealots on the Janmashtami day, 23 August, 2008. But the mainstream media made no uproar!


The Hindu

The Hindu


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इस असीम संभावनाओ से भरे भारत देश को टॉनिक नहीं सर्जरी की जरूरत है

 सार्थक बदलाव सिर्फ उम्मीद के सहारे नहीं होते

सार्थक बदलाव सिर्फ उम्मीद के सहारे नहीं होते

उम्मीद पे दुनिया कायम है. ऐसा मैंने बहुत से लोगो को कहते सुना है, महसूस करते देखा है. पर क्या उम्मीद के भरोसे चमत्कारी परिणाम की उम्मीद की जा सकती है? नहीं, बिल्कुल नहीं. सिर्फ उम्मीद का दामन थामने से काम नहीं चलता. बड़े और सार्थक बदलाव सिर्फ उम्मीद के सहारे नहीं होते बल्कि उम्मीद और कुशल नीति के समुचित सम्मिश्रण के दम पे होते है. अभी कुछ दिनों पहले मै अपना ही किसी पुराने मित्र को लिखा पत्र पढ़ रहा था. उस में अपने मित्र को जो सिर्फ प्रतीकात्मक तरीको को सब कुछ मान बैठा था को ये समझाने की चेष्टा थी कि सिर्फ मोमबत्ती जुलूसो इत्यादि क्रियाकलापों से बात नहीं बनती. उस पत्र का सम्पादित अंश मै आप सब के सामने रख रहा हूँ.  वैसे ये अजीब सी बात है कि मै अपना लिखा हुआ जब कई सालो के बाद पढता  हूँ तो ऐसा महसूस होता है कि जैसे किसी दूसरे का लिखा हुआ पढ़ रहा हूँ, ये यकीन कर पाना मुश्किल होता है कि मैंने खुद ये बाते कभी किसी को लिखी थी. सो सबकी तरह मै अपना ही लिखा एक अजनबी की भांति पढता हूँ और अब यही कर रहा हूँ इस पत्र को दुहराते वक्त.

” मित्र जिस देश में कफ़न से लेकर चारा तक में घोटाला हो रहा है वहा पे सिर्फ आशावाद या प्रतीकात्मक कदमो से काम तो नहीं चलने वाला. ये तो वही बात हो गयी कि जिस मरीज़ को सर्जरी की जरूरत हो उसे डॉक्टर साहब टॉनिक देकर घर जाने को कह दे!!  इस असीम संभावनाओ  से भरे देश को टॉनिक नहीं सर्जरी की जरूरत है. हमारे यहाँ के काबिल नौकरशाह जब पढ़ लिख कर कुर्सी पर बैठते है तो पैसा लूटने की मशीन बन जाते है. कामनवेल्थ से पहले की लूट खसौट पे गौर करो.  मायावती के जिन्दा लोगो के “welfare ” के बजाय  बेजान मूर्तियों से लगाव को देखो. मधु कौडा ने झारखण्ड जैसे कम विकसित राज्य में भी चार हज़ार करोड़ का घोटाला कर दिया इस पर भी गौर करो!! अब बताओ मित्र क्या सिर्फ प्रतीकात्मक आशावाद से इस देश का कल्याण हो सकता है ?

मित्र आपने कभी गौर किया है कि जो एलिट क्लास कभी वोट  देने भी नहीं निकलता पर फिर भी हर सुविधा का पूरा हिस्सा डकार जाता है अपने से कम हैसियत वालो को समाज पर बोझ  समझता है और इनसे दूरी  बना के रखता है. ये अलग बात है कि इस देश को भूखे नंगे किसान, साधनविहीन लोग ही चला रहे है. आश्चर्य नही कि  बाहर वाले इन्हें “slumdogs ” कहते है और हम इस पर ताली बजाकर जय हो करते है. आप का कहना है कि छोटी सी पहल बहुत दूर तक ले जाती  है. सही कह रहे हो मित्र.  आशावाद के दृष्टिकोण से पर यथार्थ में तो वोही होता है जो मुक्तिबोध बाबा कह रहे है इस कालजयी कविता में :
 “भूत बाधा ग्रस्त
कमरों को अंध -श्याम साँय-साँय
हमने बताई तो
दंड हमी को मिला
बागी करार दिए गए ,
चांटा हमी को पड़ा ,
बांध तहखाने में-कुओ में फेंके गए
हमी लोग !!
क्योंकि हमे ज्ञान था ,
ज्ञान अपराध   बना !!
खैर मै घोर आशावादी हू इसलिए मै सार्थक पहल वाली तुम्हारी बात की  मै उपेक्षा नहीं करना चाहूँगा. ये जानता हू कि भ्रष्टाचार से भरे समाज में प्रतीकात्मक कदमो से कोई ख़ास बात नहीं बनने वाली पर फिर भी  दुष्यंत साहब कि ये पंक्तिया भीतर एक अच्छा एहसास पैदा करती है:  कौन कहता है कि आसमां में छेद नहीं होता, एक पत्थर तो तबियत से उछालो यारो.”

इस असीम संभावनाओ  से भरे देश को टॉनिक नहीं सर्जरी की जरूरत है

इस असीम संभावनाओ से भरे देश को टॉनिक नहीं सर्जरी की जरूरत है

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Unfolding Missing Elements Of Present Crusade Against Corruption

Unfolding  Missing Elements  Of  Present  Crusade Against Corruption

Anna Hazare’s crusade against corruption was at its zenith in last few weeks. The people from all walks of the life -the oldies and youngsters- all came to gather at Ramlila ground exchanging swords not only with corrupt forces but also battling with rough weather. The most remote corners in country were buzzing with activities related with Anna’s tirade against corruption. The likes of us who were not part of freedom struggle came to have an idea about sort of activities which took place in the Raj Era India.

The most interesting part of the crusade is that not many are aware of the clauses related with Jan Lokpal Bill but that has not come in the way of people’s association with this movement. They are on the streets against one of the most corrupt regimes in Indian political landscape. Interestingly, the battle between virtue and vice once again started from a ground, Ramlila Maidan, devoted to the victory of good over evil! It’s another thing that one pays a heavy price when one is fighting with negative forces. However, the resurrection of “Dharma” needs to be done at any cost. One of the reasons why people are on the street is that they are fed up with system that shows utter disregard for their being and causes associated with them. So they felt that it’s the right time to protect the “Dharma” (Religion) from the clutches of ” Adharma” (irreligion). It’s to be noted that the word Dharma differs from it’s English counterpart “Religion”. In Hinduism it’s related more with “personal obligations, calling and duties” and primarily means supporting or holding the order of things with help of natural laws.

The dreams always remain dream if there are no proper steps taken to convert them into a reality. The dreams remain dream if we fail to associate with the cause in a real way. One needs to know the enemy quite well before coming face to face with it on the battle ground. The Congress party has a checkered past. It’s more poisonous than the most venomous snake roaming on planet earth. About it Sri Aurobindo stated during the freedom struggle that ” I say, of the Congress, then, this, – that its aims are mistaken, that the spirit in which it proceeds towards their accomplishment is not a spirit of sincerity and whole-heartedness, and that the methods it has chosen are not the right methods, and the leaders in whom it trusts, not the right sort of men to be leaders; – in brief, that we are at present the blind led, if not by the blind, at any rate by the one-eyed.” His words have, sadly, come true. Though I hate the attitude of Winston Churchill against India and Indians, he was quite right in reading the working style of Congress calling it “cruel and wicked negligence”. In fact, he believed that departure of the Britishers meant ” India will fall back quite rapidly through the centuries into the barbarism and privations of the Middle Ages”

Unfolding  Missing Elements  Of  Present  Crusade Against Corruption

In modern India the common man is dictated by the likes and dislikes of unholy nexus between bureaucrats and corrupt political leaders. The corrupt political leaders become more dangerous when they get support of brand like Congress. A brand that promotes slavish mentality and sycophancy towards the party supremo. To the world outside India might be a successful democracy but the people who are aware of the real face of Indian political landscape know quite well that politics in India is dominated by muscle-power and illegal flow of cash. Politics in India is to ensure the most incompetent a luxurious life for ages not only for themselves but for their future generations as well. That’s why Swiss accounts and accounts in foreign banks are so popular in India! The “angoota chaap” (illiterate) or semi-literate (the so called B. A. or M. A. degree holders) people contest elections with the help of dubious elements and on gaining the seat reward these very dubious elements. That’s the way democracy in India functions! The likes of Indira Gandhi move a step further and start treating the constitutional bodies as their private property. In this great Indian political nautanki ( drama) the fate of common people is to get exploited at hands of strong people on one pretext or another.

The Anna’s movements has seen huge participation of people because it has provided a ray of hope to common people who feel that now they have got chance to tame the corrupt monsters. Though I know quite well that it’s quite a an amateurish way to tackle the corrupt forces, it’s still a good sign that people are now beginning to realize the power latent in them. I am aware of the fact that bringing into effect another law or, for that matter, to set up an another constitutional body is not the ideal way to sabotage the corrupt forces. However, to make a beginning or take a small step towards the goal is always a safe approach than deadly stalemate. Anna’s movement has done the same thing. It has initiated a process. It has made people realize that democracy is people-centric and not ruler-centric.

The problem is that Indian political class has lost its sheen. For people there is huge lack of reliable and dynamic political party. So even if they come on streets and compel the present regime to step down, the absence of alternative makes the whole effort pass though a black hole. We have BJP. It appeared as alternative to Congress but once in power it failed to retain the difference between it and its enemy Congress. In it’s short association with power politics it gave way to same ambiguity exhibited by Congress in its long rule over this nation! We have the Leftists. The party that’s comprised of derailed intellectuals, whose love for common people made them further away from the common people, to such an extent that in most parts of the world it came to lose its identity altogether. Like always the positive happenings in this nation has made them an anxious and worried lot. These dirty Leftists rats have now come out of their holes and trying to make a dent in the people’s movement. They are busy coining stupid phrases in articles published in their various mouthpieces. They term the whole outburst as reactionary response of middle class.

Unfolding  Missing Elements  Of  Present  Crusade Against Corruption

The Leftists also harbour the illusion that Anna’s movement has defined the corruption in a very limited way. It’s also afraid of the fact that the whole movement has presence of right-wing political parties and thus it has got moral right not to be part of this movement. However, this has been the salient feature of Leftists: To enjoy the fruits of someone else’s labour! Most of the articles penned by their arm chair intellectuals are full of insipid details not worthy of taking into cognizance by any sane mind. It’s very clear that Leftist, who live under the false impression, that they are real representatives of people on street, in reality, have utter disregard for the thinking of the common people. The superiority complex which is present in Leftist intellectuals has made Leftist ideology part of yellow pages of worn out books. It’s better I leave their babbling with them and discuss other significant features of movement triggered by Anna Hazare.

One of the main drawbacks of Hazare’s initiative is that it rests upon shoulders of people with dubious achievements. If you go back in past, you would find that followers or disciples have always led to demise of powerful movements or institutions. Unless the movement gets controlled by right minds with proper vision and perfect line of action, it would be nothing more than a wishful thinking to imagine about a better future. You have likes of Swami Agnivesh who are no better than Mir Zafar!! I can very easily see that Anna Hazare has failed to see through the trap set by cunning minds within the Congress, especially Kapil Sibbal.

However, if this initiative fails to brings desired result it wouldn’t downsize the Herculean efforts of Anna Hazare and Arvind Kejriwal. Lack of desired result should not be perceived as failure of Anna Hazare’s movement. It needs to be understood that total elimination of corruption is no less than utopia. It’s not that easy to wipe out corruption without changing the system in a big way. It’s absurd to think that a certain law or certain body with a “big boss” like head would altogether end the corruption. I am convinced that unless “we, the people of India” give to way better ideals in natural way, it would be sheer stupidity to rest hopes on any new institution. I am certain that if we do not become conscious individuals, the Lokpal would meet the same fate as we have seen of premier government bodies like Election Commission and Central Vigilance Commission (CVC ). If we have desire to live a life resting on the show of money, it’s hard to assume that corrupt practices would ever come to end. One also needs to analyze that it’s we the people who are really responsible for the rampant corruption. It’s we who promoted wrong people and ended up sending wrong people as our representative in various government bodies be it Parliament or Village Panchayat.

Anyway, let’s not weaken the will to change. It’s more than enough that people have realized that their active participation would alone make their representatives more responsible towards their rights. One hopes that efforts of people, now on streets, would lead to better changes. One needed a beginning. A way has now been shown by Anna. One hopes we would find many such leaders in future to make this movement attain its logical culmination. Let’s not be disappointed over not getting results in proportion to the expectations. It’s said that” “When you reach for the stars, you may not quite get one, but you won’t come up with a handful of mud either.” ( Leo Burnett)

Unfolding  Missing Elements  Of  Present  Crusade Against Corruption

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India Needs A Revolution To Wipe Out The Repressive Brown Agents Of Raj Days

India Needs A Revolution To Wipe Out The Repressive Brown Agents Of Raj Days

A late-night crackdown at the Ramlila Maidan to sabotage the peaceful anti-graft protest would surely turn out to be nemesis for the Congress-led UPA government rule at the Centre. This barbaric gesture on the part of Central government needs to be condemned in most strong terms. The crackdown is confirmation of the fact that tormenting the Hindu forces on one pretext or another is one of the topmost priorities of Congress governments. If that’s not the case, one fails to understand how come innocent men and women engaged in peaceful protest all of a sudden turned into a law and order problem?

Kapil Sibbal’s statement that “apprehensions about law and order” was the reason behind midnight swoop on the Ramlila Ground makes him on par with another colleague, Digvijay Singh, who has emerged as undisputed champion in making absurd statements- the proof of his instability of mind. Now he can relax a bit as the task to make such stunning proclamations that Baba Ramdev is “cheat” and “thug” has been assigned to Sibbal. After all, one needs to be bit more shrewd and shameless in defending the “inhuman”, “undemocratic” and “condemnable” acts.

It’s not surprising that even parties not in tune with Rightist wing have expressed deep regret over the tragic incident. Maywati condemned the incident in “strongest terms” whereas the Left parties termed the Genral Dyer way of dealing with the peaceful protesters “deplorable, unwarranted and short sighted.” One also cannot ignore the reactions of Narendra Modi and Nitish Kumar. Narendra Modi rightly stated that ” the incident reminded the people of the Emergency days of 1975. People did not spare the then Congress government for its repressive actions, likewise they would not allow the present “barbaric” Congress government to survive.” Nitish Kumar, too, minced no words when he called the crackdown ” a major blow to democracy and an attack on the democratic rights of the people besides being an attack on the fundamental rights of the citizens”. In fact, he sounds right that such unfortunate happenings might lead to “a total revolution, a kind of movement in the country”.

India Needs A Revolution To Wipe Out The Repressive Brown Agents Of Raj Days

The government is now engaged in offering lame excuses to lessen the impact of the police action. It says there was violation of conditions mentioned in the undertaking and ,above all, Baba “backed out on his assurances”. The Special Commissioner of Police (Law and Order)Dharmendra framed a cock and bull story that according to intelligence inputs there was “threat to the life of the Baba and one of his close associates”. Isn’t it sound so ridiculous that “threat to the life” became a cause to brutally beat the people gathered there at around midnight? How come such a revelation gained importance so late in form of such a brutal police action? Now if that’s not enough, it became imperative for the Congress to target the RSS and other Hindu organizations.

The communal Jinn was all ready to provide strength to half lies spread by the evil agents of Congress, who are saying that police didn’t beat the protesters even as pictures convey a different story. The congress leaders unashamedly came to justify the police action in a meeting presided over by Sonia Gandhi, wherein Congress members realized that ” Yoga guru’s entire campaign was orchestrated and stage-managed by the RSS”. In other words, the police got the license to sabotage the anti-graft protest via methods adopted in British Raj days only because the presence of RSS made the protest unfavourable for the public interest. One needs to know is RSS a banned organization, making it antithetical to public interests ?

Now let’s have a look at some of the incidents that happened in the past to realize that when it comes to Congress, the double standards and hypocritical stances act as saviour in situations, which are against its interests. When Danish cartoon was published, there were violent protest across India in Muslim dominated areas and one gentleman named Mr. Haji Yaqoob announced a bounty of Rs.51 crores for anyone killing the Danish cartoonist! Did the RAF brutally lathi-charge the protesters in wake of same apprehensions which the government felt last Saturday ? Remember the way protest rallies were organized just before the arrival of President Bush in India. Do you know where was that protest rally organized ? At the Ram Lila grounds near New Delhi’s main commercial area! Do you know what was the strength? “Police put the number of protesters at around 50,000 but organisers claimed some 300,000 people had turned up.”

So when a foreign dignitary arrives, it gives one community a license to say things like” we do not want Bush here as he is the world’s biggest terrorist”. However, the fear of law and order breakdown is not a possibility then but the same threat is obvious when simple men and woman are engaged in peaceful protests!!! The people bothered over atrocities committed on their community elsewhere can dare to insult a foreign visitor but Hindus even fighting against corruption on its own land are communal and a potential threat for law and order!

India Needs A Revolution To Wipe Out The Repressive Brown Agents Of Raj Days

Some months back we had Arundhati Roy and Kashmiri separatist leader Syed Ali Shah Geelani’s making provocative anti India speeches ? Were they arrested and subjected to third degree treatment for posing threat to law and order via the seditious speeches? “Kashmir has never been an integral part of India. It is a historical fact. Even the Indian government has accepted this.” This government is highly conscious about the rights of minorities to an extent that even if they are convicted in serious crimes, it becomes the duty of the government to ensure their human rights at the taxpayers’ money! However, the fate of Hindus, Hindu parties and Hindu saints is somewhat different. They enjoy no dignity and no human rights and thus can be subjected to animal treatment every now and then on concocted grounds. The Left ,for the reason best known to it, has condemned the crackdown but in one of its publications it has hailed Baba Ramdev as “charltan”, which has led to angry response from the readers.

One reader stated: “If it was some Muslim ‘spiritual leader’ and his followers, or some Christian ‘spiritual leader’ and his followers, instead of Baba Ramdev and his followers, who were given such a high handed treatment by the state, you and all the other countless ‘secular’ activists and intellectuals would have been crying hoarse about genocide and ill treatment of minorities. Will you dare to put on your website such vulgar videos about a Christian or Muslim ‘spiritual leader’?I am not surprised by your support to the high-handed state brutality on an unarmed crowd protesting peacefully. Human right activists in India are now concerned only about the rights of Evangelists, Jehadis and Maoists who financially prop up the likes of you.Now, allegations a raised against Baba Ramdev that he is an RSS man. So what? Is RSS a banned organisation? Does RSS has no right to launch peaceful agitations. Remember Baba Ramdev was not raising a religious issue. He was raising a genuine, serious, national issue.”

In fact, I am in tune with the view of Strategic Thinker and Author Brahma Chellani who said that “if anyone expected insiders to reform a system that allows predatory corruption, the outwitting of two separate movements is a reality check”. In fact, the Nazi way of crushing the peaceful agitation should makes us realize that sophisticated ways are not enough to deal with rotten minds. How can one expect this government to deal with corruption in a honest way, when it reacts so violently to crush the spirit of the protesters? It just proves that assurances on part of this government are meant to fool the world at large. The assurances are just the means to unleash another set of hypocritical gestures. It’s credibility to deal with the corruption is now completely eroded. One cannot but agree with Arun Jaitely’s view that crackdown day is a ” shameful chapter in the history of Indian democracy”.

Anyway, the people of this nation have learnt a great lesson in a bitter way that you cannot expect a miraculous change unless you wipe out such arrogant rulers expert in repressive ways. Let’s develop a better alternative that takes care of not only interests of this nation in a honest way but also ensures the respect of Hindus ethos and pathos. It ensures that Hindu people, Hindu symbols and Hindu saints don’t get treated with disdain. At present right from terrorists to separatists everyone enjoy rights but Hindus don’t have any. They are communal and thugs in their own nation even as they get engaged in serving the cause of nation. What else can you expect in a nation gone to the dogs?

India Needs A Revolution To Wipe Out The Repressive Brown Agents Of Raj Days


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