MNCs Are Real Culprits: Corrupting Sensibilities Of Innocent Buyers By Misrepresentation Of Facts


Are these artificial drinks  as good for health like the drinks prepared from  fruits in natural way?

Are these artificial drinks as good for health like the drinks prepared from fruits in natural way?

MNCs are real culprits: First, for playing havoc with sensibilities of innocent buyers; Second, for brutally misrepresenting facts. They make you feel inferior and then they use the resultant guilt complex to sell soaps, fairness creams, shampoos, deodorants and etc. That’s how they make contribution in growth of a nation. And women are the easy victim in this whole game! Perhaps they never really understand the whole game. Just because MNCs make you  available few products in easy way do not absolve them of their gory crimes. After all, it’s they who kept us deliberately in dark about real facts. And instead of true facts brainwashed our minds with wrong ones using ferocious advertising resting on celebrities. I wish to substantiate my views by presenting few examples..

We have so many natural fruit juices like ones prepared from green mangoes, ones prepared from sugarcane, ones prepared from Bael fruit or ones prepared from lemon but then they made Indian kids/youths to believe that soft drinks like Coke and Pepsi are the best!! And yes, when a girl drinks Coke with a boy it creates more seductive impression! One needs not simple milk but milk mixed with Bournvita which works wonders for kids. Many propagate a false view that these natural product are not available and even if they are available consumers are not aware of it, but I like to let you know what’s happening where these are available and where people know about them. In our villages Neem tree’s branch was best to clean teeth but now children use toothpaste and that too fluoride mixed! Everyone knows excess amount of fluoride is lethal for teeth but MNCs will never let you know that. Village women now use shampoos and they feel shy to use mud of Ganges which I rememberl was used quite frequently in my childhood days!! I mean MNCs have changed the whole mindset. Worse, you can notice wrappers of shampoos, soaps etc. on the banks of rivers!
The real danger arises from the conditioning that follows once we become addicted to useless products made by the MNCs. Not a long time back Sarees and Salwars were most desired clothes on part of women in our country. Now most women wear jeans despite the fact that medically it’s ominous. Definitely, they ensure availability of necessary things of everyday use in easy way but at what price? Now modern kids prefer fast foods. So isn’t good food available in kitchen? No it’s available but since women have become working ladies, having no time to make food, MNCs used fast food as healthier and tastier food than home-made foods!

MNCs Make Money By Eliminating Mountains, Jungles And Rivers!

MNCs Make Money By Eliminating Mountains, Jungles And Rivers!

Similarly silicon implants have become order of the day since that makes them more confidant which comes with notion that bigger is beautiful!! Whether or not a woman has values but if she is fair looking, of course, after using certain cream, at least in India, she becomes center of attraction. She not only gets many rich boyfriends but also gets a decent job! And yes, if man is good natured, it means nothing if he has dark colour. So become fair and then every woman will seduce you..And if you own a certain brand of bike or car then that would be much better. What’s the implication? A man with good values and living simply is good for nothing!

So please meditate over it. It’s not the issue of easy availability and it’s also not about vanity alone. It’s more about demeaning the glory of simplicity and simple life. It’s about distorting our mindset and in turn corrupting our living patterns, corrupting our approach towards life.


Views Of Two Readers Who Participated In A Conversation On This Issue On One Prominent Social Networking Website:

Rohan Dharesh, Bangalore, Karnataka, said:

All cleaning products are available in nature. Mud of a certain type is the best cleaning agent for both the body and utensils. MNCs would never want people to know natural cleaning products and even if they know, they would indulge in propaganda and make product usage by people fashionable. Its like making people believe that Coke and Pepsi is good for health. Many of the world’s movements are also done similarly and with ulterior motives and feminism stands as a fine example. Feminism and the so-called women’s empowerment is a part of this marketing strategy. They want women to ‘feel’ disempowered and oppressed, fight with the men, work and earn money only to be spent on cosmetics and luxuries. I have seen many women refuse to give money to their husbands for running their families. Many others waste their money on beauty products, shopping, shoes, clothes, bags, perfumes, foreign tours and more. Remember all the Miss worlds, Miss universe shows that were held since decades now. In the 1990s, all of a sudden from nowhere, many of the titles went to Indian women. Post-2000, its gone to other countries mostly. This is a marketing trick to make women in India feel attracted towards their products. Every woman since then wants to be a Miss world.

Carmen Ampuero, Lima, Peru, said:

I am sure that we could find cleaning products in nature but how many are aware of them? Do people know about such naturally available products? Is it feasible  to use them? Are they easily available in various parts of the world, especially within close proximity of their surroundings?  I think that led to mass manufacturing of such products in artificial way by the MNCs. Yes,  vanity is an important factor in growth of cosmetics. Both the sexes around the world are being “USED” to ensure profit gains for MNCs. By the way, of late, I see more men than women tempted by the desire to use cosmetics.


Do MNCs Ever Make Consumers Aware Of The Negative Side- Effects Of Beauty Products?

Do MNCs Ever Make Consumers Aware Of The Negative Side- Effects Of Beauty Products?


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8 responses

  1. Mohnish Sharma said:

    Time that Indian companies act as MNC….

    Author’s Response:

    Not a bad idea 🙂

  2. Thanks to these readers for making a quick visit to this post 🙂

    Parul Sood, Chandigarh, Punjab & Haryana; Aarif Khan, Saharanpur, Uttar Pradesh; Prakhar Pandey, Writer/Poet, Gwalior, Madhya Pradesh; Хоакин Флорес, Serbia; Shahabuddin Mohammed, Ernakulam, Kerala; Rpsingh Micky, Singapore; Jayant K. Bhadury; Thalappully Gopinathan; Amartya Taluqdar, Kolkata, West Bengal; Sumit Kanji, Kolkata, West Bengal; Dharmendra Sharma, Dubai, United Arab Emirates; Pradip Pandey, Ramgadh, Jharkhand; Rajeev Sharma, Shashikant R. Pandey, Mumbai; Sherry Philips, Texas, USA; Anjeev Pandey, Writer/Journalist, Nagpur, Maharashtra; Kripashankar Pandey, Mumbai; Rekha Pandey, Mumbai; Aneel Bathena, Hyderabad, Andhra Pradesh; Himanshu B. Pandey, Siwan, Bihar; Nagesh Tripathi, Kota, Rajasthan and Deewaker Pandey, New Delhi.

  3. MNCs rather a few super rich global citizens are controlling our thought process and minds. We need t be careful about it and teach our children good values. But children today do not listen. Today’s youth get everything easily else they feel free to extort their parents to get everything but in the end they never get happy with anything.

    1. @ Parthasadhukan…..

      You are absolutely right my friend…Yes, the children and youths of our times need to understand that all that glitters is not gold. They have to be in awe of good values or else they would always be fooled by the MNCs in various ways…

  4. Anjeev Pandey, Journalist/ Writer, Nagpur, Maharashtra, said:

    MNCs का फ्रस्टेशन ही केजरीवाल के रूप में निकल रहा है।


    Author’s Response:

    सही बात है! इस तरह की कम्पनियाँ के सामने अपने अस्तित्व को बचाने का गहरा संकट जो आन पड़ा है 🙂

  5. Bharat Darshan said:

    Now it is not the saving power that drives the western economy. It is the spending power that drives the economy of the developed nations. They know that women tend to spend more on shopping and marketing. Women indulge in buying cosmetics, jewellery and other luxury items. So the corporates and other organizations lobby continuously for ‘women empowerment’, so that by hook or crook women would have access to money they can spend. As a result of such kind of approach, one can find that most of the developed countries are having deficit budget year after year and surplus budget becomes a remote possibility.

    Men are prone to saving money. Women are prone to shopping with money. So if somehow the hard earned money of a man can be given away to the women, then it would increase the spending and promote consumerism. This would exactly serve the interest of the corporates. Hence they are all out to promote women’s empowerment. Almost every corporate have a ‘Corporate Sustainability Program’ and Women’s Empowerment is a part of it. They give away money to the women’s groups or for women’s causes. This is the commercial aspect of Women’s Empowerment….

    Author’s Response:

    You have succinctly elucidated the real motive of corporates as to why they sustain women empowerment!!! Empowerment has become a tool to sustain exploitative tendencies of woman!

  6. Niketan Magadh, USA, said:

    “misrepresentation of facts”

    Why our law allows them to do that???


    Author’s Response:

    That’s because government does not have enough guts to challenge their misdeeds in Court !! Also the legal procedure is so complicated that one prefers to remain silent in such matters. Although in recent past harsh legal steps were successfully initiated against few global companies for violating norms..However, this is yet to become a standard practice..

  7. DK Kaushal, Hoshiarpur, Punjab, said:

    Have we ever thought about it? Do our leaders and rulers ever think about this? Surely our rulers and leaders would never think about this because their thinking has been cleverly and crookedly been blocked and influenced by the wily MNC’s, traders and shopkeepers. But we must think clearly and discreetly about our welfare and interests. It is only the dirty capitalists who have evolved and promoted advertisements and propaganda. If it were in my power I would strictly ban the use of men / women /children in all the advertisements of goods and commodities. A lot is required to be thought and done in order to successfully combat the huge menace of these advertisements.


    Author’s Response:

    Thanks for sharing this post..I really feel honoured…

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