Acquittal of Kanchi Seers: A Sad Reminder Of The Fact That Propaganda Is More Powerful Than Truth!

The Acquittal Of Kanchi Seer: Truth has won over propaganda!

The Acquittal Of Kanchi Seer: Truth has won over propaganda!

Any close observer of the happenings in modern India would easily confirm that secular governments have unleashed a sort of war against Hindu saints. They have been framed in number of heinous crimes right from sexual crimes to crimes against national security. The paid media ensures that one-sided coverage gets highlighted not only within Indian landscape but also in International arena. In such matters wherein Hindu saints are involved, a striking feature is that news coverage is full of lies and twisted truths spread by secular press. None of the mainstream media dares to reveal both sides of the story in an impartial way.

One important reason is that most of the Indian media houses are in some way controlled by hidden powers in Western nations. How can we then expect truth to make its presence felt? After all, the mainstream media which harps about involvement of Sadhvi Pragya in blasts never found it important enough to report in same candid fashion about severe violation of rights of prisoners, about inhuman treatment meted out to her inside the jail! The same media is so hyper-sensitive about rights of Devyani who made mockery of India’s honour in West but yet she is being portrayed as if she committed no crime at all! That’s because she is part of the system. But anybody who dared to expose the misdeeds of government was branded as criminal in a well-planned manner!

What I am trying to ascertain that we have given way to era wherein propaganda has become more powerful than version close to truth. One of the most important job of media is to reveal the real picture but exactly opposite has taken place: Media has become carrier of falsehood and distorted versions. It’s main agenda has become to shield dubious powers in rule. Like a prostitute it keep changing its loyalty or, in other words, it generally speaks the language of rulers! Remember the arrest of Kanchi Shankaracharya Swami Jayendra Saraswati in year 2004 in most humiliating manner for allegedly playing a role in murder of Sankararaman, manager of the Sri Varadarajaswamy Temple. The then Chief Minister of Tamil Nadu,J Jayalalithaa, in an attempt to appear more secular than others and to give an impression that no one is above law ensured his arrest! The Kanchi seers were charged with” criminal conspiracy, misleading the court by giving false information, criminal trespass and supply of funds to carry out the criminal activity.”

The Truth Had The Last Laugh!

The Truth Had The Last Laugh!

The head of a 1,000-year-old Brahmin monastic order was presented as petty criminal in mainstream media and even before case was put to trial he was portrayed as accused. Let’s remember that Kanchi Kamakoti Peetham is one of the oldest Hindu mutts in the country and Shankarcharyas belonging to this mutt command a great respect among Hindu communities across the globe. In fact, Swami Jayendra Saraswati is a highly respected figure having profound knowledge of Hindu scriptures. He like his predecessors provided new heights to this mutt established in 9th century by Sri Adi Shankaracharya, enjoying similar status the way Vatican enjoys amid Christians. However, clash of interests between J Jayalalithaa and DMK chief Karunanidhi, who represented anti- Brahminical movments, ensured that this highly revered pontiff got disgraced.

Prominent media analysts of that period conveyed the impression that “police would not have acted unless they had sufficient evidence.” Ironically, the prosecution at that time was supremely confidant about involvement of Kanchi seers in abetting murder of Sankararaman, claiming that it had “incriminating evidence”. The investigating officer Prem Kumar came out with version that made mutt head appear guilty: “We have strong evidence about the involvement of Sri Jayendra Saraswathi in Sankararaman’s murder. There has been animosity between the two for the past four years and further investigation is on to corroborate the evidence collected on the involvement of the Kanchi Acharya.” The allegations had deepened with revelations of  Tamil magazine Nakkeeran. Amid these bizarre turn of events, the case got transferred to Pondicherry to ensure fair trial. To make the matters worse for Kanchi mutt head, even allegations of sexual exploitation surfaced. (The Hindu)

However, the truth had the last laugh when verdict delivered by a special court in Pondicherry acquitted all the accused involved in this sensational murder. The verdict was delivered on November 27, 2013 after nine years of suspense and drama of all sorts. They were acquitted of all the charges which included “criminal conspiracy, misleading the court by giving false information, criminal trespass and supply of funds to carry out the criminal activity.” The main witnesses failed to corroborate the prosecution’s theory. More than 80 witnesses went against the story presented by the prosecution.

Well, it’s true that Kanchi seers got acquitted but in the process it caused irreparable damage to the reputation of an institution, which represented the collective psyche of Hindus. This “collective psyche” of Hindus made its presence felt again the way Kanchi Mutt Head responded to this verdict: ” Dharma has prevailed. Truth has won. That is what matters…I have been trained by my Guru to bear everything. There is no question of situation being tough. Times were challenging because we were facing completely new set of situations. ..There are several invaders who vandalized our temples. Today when you see the disfigured temples you remember the invaders and their acts of vandalism. What was perpetrated on the mutt has been termed as an act of vandalism by several people.” (Kanchi Sathya Org)

Swami Shraddhanand:  Killed By A Muslim Fanatic in 1926.  He Was Part Of The Movement To Reconvert Muslims Back To Hinduism!

Swami Shraddhanand: Killed By A Muslim Fanatic in 1926. He Was Part Of The Movement To Reconvert Muslims Back To Hinduism!

It’s really saddening that moments allegations against Hindu saints surfaces, the whole mainstream media goes berserk and paints them in wrong colours, forgetting that its main task is to report the incident and not to conduct trials. Worse, when the allegations are found false and saints get acquitted the same news item does not get prominence. Acquittal is never important than false stories planted by vested interests. No wonder acquittal of Kanchi’s Shankracharya did not get the same coverage. After all, it strengthens cause of Hindus, which is antithetical to secular spirit of this nation. The mainstream media is more interested in propaganda than emergence of truth.

The secular forces always convey the impression that no one is above law.  And so will they dare to arrest Shahi Imam Syed Ahmad Bukhari against whom so many cases have been registered? Will they dare to bring in open and convict Christian missionaries involved in conversion of tribals in remote corners of India? That will never take place. The law exists only for Hindu saints. It’s an instrument of oppression for Hindus and all that which represents self-pride of Hindus. It’s there to support propaganda and not to sustain truth.

Swamy Lakshmanananda Saraswathi and four of his disciples namely Sadhvi Bhaktimayee, Baba Amritanand, Kishor Baba and Puranjan Ganthi at his Ashram in Jaleshpatta of Kandhamal district in Orissa by a group of Christian zealots on the Janmashtami day, 23 August, 2008.  But the mainstream media made no uproar!

Swamy Lakshmanananda Saraswathi and four of his disciples namely Sadhvi Bhaktimayee, Baba Amritanand, Kishor Baba and Puranjan Ganthi at his Ashram in Jaleshpatta of Kandhamal district in Orissa by a group of Christian zealots on the Janmashtami day, 23 August, 2008. But the mainstream media made no uproar!


The Hindu

The Hindu


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18 responses

  1. Mukesh Tiwary, Patna, Bihar, said:

    In India minorities are identified by numbers.Actually it should be done on policies and facilities provided to a certain community. In India policy wise and the way the Hindus are treated they have been reduced to minorities.

    Author’s Response:

    Worse, once again divide and rule policies are being implemented ….There are facilities for minority groups but talented lot among Hindus are being marginalized..Moves to introduce communal bill etc. makes it clear that present regime is trying to beat the Britishers in committing atrocities upon its own citizens on one pretext or another…

  2. Manjoy Laxmi, Nagpur, Maharashtra, said:
    Its really tragic,that media leaves no room for spoiling and destroying lives of Hindu saints, Sadhvis just due to any vague frivolous allegation.the police,govt. ,and those involving in inhuman demonic acts needs severest punishment, also the feminists…You are right,they are acting like oppressor of voice of truth,justice and killing of rights of citizens…

    Author’s Response:

    Manjoy if you have been a conscious onlooker you would by now have come to realize that Congress regimes have involved a certain pattern to harass innocent individuals. Whereas common citizens are reeling under flawed laws ( call it abuse of legal process), the influential people who are trying to put the government on mat are being trapped on pretext or another. It’s quite inhuman and violation of sanctity associated with Kanchi Kamakoti Peetham. However, no such code of conduct was followed and he was treated as petty criminal.

  3. हिन्दुओं की भी समस्या है – वे मीडिया ट्रायल के अतिरेक में बह जाते हैं। अपने सन्तों के चरित्र पर उन्हे यकीन नहीं है।

    1. @ ज्ञानदत्त जी

      आपको पहले नववर्ष की शुभकामनाये। आप सही कहते हमे अपने संतो पर इतना भी अविश्वास नहीं करना चाहिए लेकिन अगर अगर किसी की श्रद्धा कमजोर हो तो क्या मीडिया को इससे या सरकार में छुपे शैतानो को हिन्दू आस्था के साथ खिलवाड़ करने का अधिकार मिल जाता है? क्या इससे किसी को भी हिन्दुओ के प्रतीकों के साथ छेड़छाड़ करने का नैसर्गिक अधिकार मिल जाता है?

      1. मीडिया और राजनीति खुल्ला खेल फरुक्खाबादी है। बहुत नियम क़ानून नहीं वहां। 🙂

      2. @ ज्ञानदत्त जी

        इस “फरुक्खाबादी” खेल को हमने बहुत पहले ही खोल कर रख दिया। अब हिन्दू भाईजन बिलकुले आँख-कान मूँद कर बैठ जाए तो कोई कैसे किसी को सच बताये और समझाए। देर से भी खुल जाए तो समझिये गनीमत है.

  4. Vishal Sabharwal, Ludhiana, Punjab, said:

    Kanchi peeth has one of the highest conduct standards…कुछ बात है कि हस्ती..:-)


    Author’s Response:

    Hare Krishna..I am happy that Lord chose me a medium to raise this issue..Kanchi’s Shankracharya and the reputation of this institution matters a lot to Hindus. A reason why this issue is so close to my heart..We need to resurrect lost glory of all Hindu institutions with full zeal…

  5. Take last 10 or 20years, if Hindus are gathering in large numbers that will be targeted, ridiculed, maligned and attacked. Read the book “Breaking India” by Rajiv Malhothra to understand the centrifugal forces funded by both internal and external interest groups, who are capable of turning these forces into separatist movements at their whims.

    1. @ Prassoon…

      The only alternative left for Hindus is to stand together with right set of positive beliefs…At least, if they become aware of hidden agendas, they can stop infighting among themselves…More such books have become need of the hour which expose nefarious designs of backstage players….

  6. Neet Sparrow, Auroville, Pondicehrry, said:

    The Indian main stream will do anything for the money they are getting from the so called secular parties via various routes to defame the Hinduism and shatter and make it non existent…


    Author’s Response:

    Only high level of alertness on the part of Hindus shall prevent them from facing more such fiascoes …They have now to think above their own petty concerns and start seeing things in broader perspective..

  7. Jinesh Zaveri said:

    Media will never undo their reporting. plus there is not unity among hindus. they feel guilty of calling themselves one….


    Author’s Response:

    Right…One of the reasons why Hindus have been at the receiving end of malicious agenda is their inability to converge in a right way. They have been a fragmented lot. Apart from that the thinking class -the Brahmins- got trapped in lesser issues. As a result of that all other classes also lost their sheen. This has directly benefited agents of nuisance sitting in foreign lands…

  8. Rajendra Tiwari, Lucknow, Uttar Pradesh, said:

    Come together irrespective of family caste and language…..

    Author’s Response:

    Even if they cannot come together they can still prevent their identity intact by developing ability to see beyond the obvious…They should begin offering strong resistance to negative forces by taking help of new form of media…They should not sit silent…

  9. Nikhil Garg, Noida, Uttar Pradesh, said:

    Yes, you are so right…

    Author’s Response:

    Really too glad that this most prestigious symbol of Hindus finally got rid of stigma…


  10. Author’s words for some of the readers/ friends:

    Author’s words for Ravi Hooda, Toronto, Ontario, Canada:

    This was a pretty sensitive issue…Really sad that acquittal news report got hugely ignored by the mainstream media..That should be enough to make Hindus realize that unless they start thinking of resurrecting their chosen principles, nothing will change much..Don’t expect paid media to highlight causes of Hindus…Nor expect pseudo- secular forces to do something concrete for them…Happy that this post generated great deal of awareness…


    Author’s words for Radhakrishna Lambu, Bangalore, Karnataka:

    This post is very close to my heart because I came to highlight an issue which no mainstream media came to showcase other than speaking about it in a fleeting manner….

    Author’s words for Lalita Jha, New Delhi:

    First let me wish you Happy New Year along with Makar Sakranti wishes.. This was a pretty sensitive issue…Sadly, not many give enough coverage to this news item….I am happy that I not only highlighted this issue but also brought to the fore humiliation faced by the Hindus, making many sensitive readers like you to deal with aspects neglected until now…

    Author’s words for Swami Prabhu Chaitanyaji, Patna, Bihar:

    Many thanks Prabhuji….The cause of Hindus needs to gain prominence or Hindus will keep getting jolts at regular intervals..


    Author’s words for Men’s Rights, Bangalore, Karnataka:

    Thanks for registering your presence…Hope you read the whole article…This is a very sensitive issue…


    Author’s words for Manish Tripathi, Allahabad, Uttar Pradesh:

    I am happy that you did not ignore it (considering its seriousness)..


    Many thanks to these readers as well:

    Rekha Pandey, Mumbai; Deewaker Pandey, New Delhi; Vijay Krishna Pandey, Gorakhpur, Uttar Pradesh; Kavita Jain, New Delhi; Manoj Joshi, Udaipur, Rajasthan; Umesh Tailor; Swati Kurundwadkar, Bangkok, Thailand; Sanjeev Pandey, Allahabad, Uttar Pradesh; Kumar Raj, Bangkok, Thailand; Srinivasa Raghavendra Rao, Hyderabad, Andhra Pradesh; Yogesh Pandey, Lucknow, Uttar Pradesh; Rajesh Pandey, Jalandhar, Punjab; Sandeep Srivastava, Warrangal, Andhra Pradesh; Sbeedu Kottam and Dr. Ashok Gupta, Pediatrician, Faizabad, Uttar Pradesh.

  11. Jinesh Zaveri said:

    We have to come together. learn and mutually encourage and mutually respect our religion (irrespective of branches). stop misleading conversions. this is the basic structure strength of our resilient history….

    Author’s Response:

    At the same time keep a close eye on various type of developments within the nation as well as outside the nation..That will help us to minimize the impact of damage..

  12. Gopal Agarwal, Lucknow, Uttar Pradesh, said:

    ये हमारी सांस्कृतिक धरोहर हैं ,इनको उचित सम्मान देना हमारी उन्नति है।

    Author’s Response:

    सही बात है. हिन्दुओ से जुड़े प्रतीकों के रक्षा ले लिए हमे सचेत रहना पड़ेगा. ..

  13. Yogesh Saxena, Senior Advocate, Allahabad High Court, Allahabad, Uttar Pradesh, said:

    During his inaugural address at a seminar on “General Elections 2009 and Media Reporting” on May 13, 2009, that was organized by the Andhra Pradesh Union of Working Journalists at Hyderabad, Andhra Pradesh, three days before the results of the fifteenth general elections were declared, Hon’ble Chairman of the Press Council of India Justice G.N. Ray expressed grave concern about the covert emergence of the “paid news” syndrome and this issue was discussed threadbare during the seminar.

    Subsequently, representations against such malpractices were received from several veteran journalists (such as the late Shri Prabhash Joshi, Shri Ajit Bhattacharjea, Shri B.G. Verghese and Shri Kuldip Nayar). They alleged that sections of the media had received illegal payments for providing favourable coverage to candidates who had stood for the Lok Sabha elections.

    On June 6, 2009, the Press Council of India expressed serious concern over the phenomenon of “paid news” that doubly jeopardized the functioning of an independent media in the country and the working of Indian democracy by influencing free and fair elections. The Council noted that the press provides a service that is akin to a public utility – it exercises its right to inform because the public has a right to know. The press thus functions as a repository of public trust and has the obligation to provide truthful and correct information to the best of its ability when such information is being presented as news content. Such news content is distinct from opinions that are conveyed through articles and editorials in which writers express their views.


    Author’s Response:

    This is a precious set of information….

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