The Curious Case Of Devyani Khobragade: Aspects Which Will Never Be Discussed!

Devyani: Taken Laws For Granted!!

Devyani: Taken Laws For Granted!!

The complex issue of Devyani Khobragade has come as a boon for ruling party in India on the verge of facing one of the worse defeats in upcoming Parliamentary Elections in 2014. It has allowed its leaders, who have lost their sheen, to talk big about saving the pride of nation, forgetting that most of them enjoy a chequered past! Its most of the leaders, who have been relegated to the background, have now emerged on the surface, speaking aloud about attributes which they rarely displayed both in public and personal lives. Consider the manner in which the Lokpal Bill got passed after the government was left with no other option but to take cognizance of growing unrest over this issue in nation! 

The Indian leaders, especially from the ruling party, definitely lack the moral right to make shrill cry about violation of standard provisions in case of Devyani Khobragade. It’s quite evident from a deeper analysis of issue at hand that facts have been blown out of proportion. Like always the issue has been given a larger-than-life colouring, making it look like some shrewd diversionary tactics on the part of hidden players behind the curtain.

Devyani Khobragade is no child that she could not apprehend the consequences of misrepresentation of facts on visa application of the domestic help Sangeeta Richard. How come she is so much aware of  “Vienna conventions” but pretty unaware about the violation of domestic laws of U.S. even as there were reported incidents of atrocities committed upon domestic help in the past by other Indian diplomats in the same country? Being an Indian diplomat she should have set high precedents instead of giving impression of being a “victim” in the aftermath of strict actions on part of U.S. authorities.

Let’s be very clear that it’s not the case of making mockery of sovereignty of India but it’s more the case of playing with the fire. Devyani conveniently forgot that she was living in United States and not in India where even a petty “Sarkari Babu” (government official) can use his power to thwart the investigation on being caught.

The urgency exhibited and absurd statements on part of Congress Ministers make them laughing stock in the eyes of all conscious people, who believe in the rule of law. The paid mainstream media might give the impression that knee jerk reactions on part of Indian counterparts back in India are “bold measures” and fitting response to United States, but it would never diminish the ugly truth that she is guilty. The moves on part of U.S. sound more appropriate when Preet Bharara makes it clear that “This office’s sole motivation in this case, as in all cases, is to uphold the rule of law, protect victims, and hold accountable anyone who breaks the law — no matter what their societal status and no matter how powerful, rich or connected they are.”

All those who are talking aloud about diplomatic immunity granted to Indian officials posted at consular office surely needs to answer questions posed by this U.S. prosecutor: “One wonders whether any government would not take action regarding false documents being submitted to it in order to bring immigrants into the country. One wonders even more pointedly whether any government would not take action regarding that alleged conduct where the purpose of the scheme was to unfairly treat a domestic worker in ways that violate the law. And one wonders why there is so much outrage about the alleged treatment of the Indian national accused of perpetrating these acts, but precious little outrage about the alleged treatment of the Indian victim and her spouse?”

Yes, it’s disturbing that mainstream media pressure and chaotic voices within the government have made it a “diplomatic row” when it’s nothing more than criminal action committed by a responsible Indian officer. However, let’s view critically the actions taken on part of U.S. The WikiLeaks have proven beyond doubt that American leaders are no saints. The U.S. might give the impression that dealing fairly with violation of human rights is always their topmost priority but when their own men get trapped it takes recourse to most shrewd measures to save them.

Or, for that matter, it can go to any extent to get its job done, even if it means sabotaging the sovereignty of other nations. It’s no secret that documents and evidences were forged to justify their attack on Iraq. The drone attacks in various parts of Pakistan make it clear that borders become meaningless in face of its interests, and so death of innocent civilians means nothing! The controversial release of Ramyond Davis, C.I.A contractor guilty of double murder in Pakistan, speaks volume about subtle pressure employed by American leaders.

 The U.S. claims it’s very much in pain over episodes of violation of human rights but see the treatment meted out to prisoners at Guantanamo Bay! So it’s evident that rich and powerful nations have dual standards and the U.S. is no exception. It’s not at all wrong to presume that it used its domestic laws to enter in  barbaric behaviour which many in India see it as an assault on the pride of India and modesty of a woman.

India needs to learn few lessons from this episode instead of entering in retaliatory actions. Before I come to that point let me state that introduction of gender-neutral laws in India or need of tough measures to punish abusive women always lead to raised eyebrows.The so-called messiahs of women’s rights start making noise in India. The U.S. has perfectly demonstrated that laws are equal for men and women and, therefore, women cannot claim special privileges or concession. 

In India despite the leap of so many centuries  woman is still inherently seen as a weak specie, a saintly figure, who can first commit no crime and even if she commits crimes she needs to be given special treatment! It’s an impression that’s even supported by foreign based agencies, working for the rights of women in India but the same agencies would remain silent about inhuman behaviour done with Devyani just because it happened in U.S.!

Anyway, India needs to demonstrate its own strength not in reactionary way but in a more mature way. It needs to take away all the special privileges and concessions it offers to U.S. citizen in extraordinary way. Very recently a Visa Officer in India was transferred because she had refused to grant visa to a gay American diplomat on the ground that such marriages are not legal in India. The Indian government instead of supporting her argument, transferred her to a lesser department.

In the light of recent Supreme Court judgement, which has upheld the validity of section 377, one needs to follow the words of former Finance Minister of India, Yashwant Sinha, to let United States become aware of consequences if other nations also become strict in implementing their domestic laws.”My suggestion to the Government of India is, the media has reported that we have issued visas to a number of US diplomats’ companions. ‘Companions’ means that they are of the same sex. Now, after the Supreme Court ruling, it is completely illegal in our country. Just as paying less wages was illegal in the US. So, why doesn’t the government of India go ahead and arrest all of them? Put them behind bars, prosecute them in this country and punish them.” (Yashwant Sinha).

Sometimes back there was controversy about alleged permission granted to American sniffer dogs to enter Rajghat as a part of the security drill before the visit of U.S. President George Bush. In future this sort of “desecration” could be avoided since it’s not permissible as per our own rules. It’s time for India to exhibit that it has a backbone, instead of entering in knee-jerk reactions. That can be perfectly demonstrated by pursuing its own interests in a rigid way without granting extraordinary privileges to outsiders, being least influenced by their nationality and position.

Nation's Pride Should Be Saved In A Sensible Way!

Nation’s Pride Should Be Saved In A Sensible Way!





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18 responses

  1. Prassoon Suryadas, USA, said:

    Don’t worry they just don’t want people to discuss about AAP or Narendra Modi….


    Author’s Response:

    Anyone aware of the history of Congress regimes would easily guess the actual reasons behind such well-orchestrated political nautanki involving two nations!!

  2. After repeatedly being Certified as Impotent Cowards, these rulers are trying desperately to “Pretend” and project themselves as Recklessly Brave; and hence – “Potent”.

    Self-Certification of Bravery by Cowards and Certified Impotent Crooks, is Not Acceptable.

    1. @ Anand G. Sharma….

      It was a sponsored drama to exhibit so-called love towards nation..All the time you kowtowed before anything remotely connected with United States…Now all of a sudden you wake up to realize that it’s playing with your self-pride by treating your citizens like an animal. It’s for us to discard all our excessive fascination for U.S. made articles. Let’s deny them the opportunity to display holier-than-thou attitude..

  3. Prakash Kaushik, Agra, Uttar Pradesh, said:

    Mayawati has viewed on Caste basis…Ridiculous. .. Domestic laws of U.S.A. r appreciable but it’d implementation was improper.


    Author’s Response:

    That shows her mental level and her pathetic mindset…

    Prakash Kaushik, Agra, Uttar Pradesh, said:

    Very correct Pandeyji…


  4. Sumit Sawe said:

    While Devyani got what she deserved, I completely can’t believe a western female diplomat would receive such treatment. There is a strong racial issue in this case…


    Author’s Response:

    For this very reason I have said in my article ” rich and powerful nations have dual standards and the U.S. is no exception. It’s not at all wrong to presume that it used its domestic laws to enter in barbaric behaviour which many in India see it as an assault on the pride of India and modesty of a woman.”

    It’s quite evident that it used its domestic laws to enter in barbaric behaviour…

  5. Shanthi Daivi, Greater Noida, Uttar Pradesh, said:

    A typical show of feudal mentality where emphasis is on VIP status and die hard habit of standing above the law. Moreover Devyani comes from SC/ST background which supposedly has been a downtrodden community for many a centuries and now she has been accused of harassing a domestic help. No wonder bureaucrats in India are still slaves of British colonial system.


    Author’s Response:

    You have correctly stated that it’s a “show of feudal mentality where emphasis is on VIP status and die hard habit of standing above the law”. She took for granted that laws mean nothing just the way rich and powerful in India believe all the time. The brainless leaders like Mayawati and others gave it a different colouring on caste-basis forgetting that Sangeeta herself belonged to the lower strata of the society!

    “Sarkari Babus” in India display pretty much the same attitude which they displayed in Raj Era. Only time has elapsed, nothing else changed…

  6. Author’s words for Nikhil Garg, Noida, Uttar Pradesh:

    That was a lengthy analysis of a very pertinent issue..I am happy that it struck a chord with conscious readers… Unless we stop mindlessly aping U.S. sanctioned values not much will change..Tragically, this trend will not be reversed…


    Author’s Words For Chandrapal Bhasker, United Kindom:

    That’s my take on this sensitive issue..I have also referred to gender neutral laws..Hope you saw that…

    “Before I come to that point let me state that introduction of gender-neutral laws in India or need of tough measures to punish abusive women always lead to raised eyebrows.The so-called messiahs of women’s rights start making noise in India. The U.S. has perfectly demonstrated that laws are equal for men and women and, therefore, women cannot claim special privileges or concession.”


  7. Sucheta Singhal said:

    I agree with most of what you have written especially the chalta hai attitude among those in power…..


    Author’s Response:

    This above case shows double standards prevalent in United States wherein it can take anyone for ride under the pretext of implementation of its domestic laws..At the same time it also shows that Indian leaders, always desperate at other times to show subservient gestures towards anything remotely connected with U.S., lack a firm will to act in a desired manner. What prevents them from giving a fitting response? That’s because aping foreign values has gone into our blood. It’s time to reverse this trend. Devyani, indeed, made a mistake and she deserved to be punished but what was really objectionable that she received inhuman treatment. Even prisoners have human rights- something which U.S. forgot courtesy Guantanamo Bay Detention Camp!!!

  8. Many thanks to these readers who did not miss to read the article immediately after its publication:

    Mhra Leander Pallat, Banaglore, Karnataka; Shiv Dewanagan, Hong Kong; Deepak Sarin, New Delhi; Zee Ke, New Delhi; Prakash Thakre, Nagpur, Maharashtra; Himanshu B. Pandey, Siwan, Bihar; Blake Hunter, Austin, Texas, USA; Shashikant R. Pandey, Ahmedabad, Guajarat; Marcos Diario; Mra Joy Anto, Allahabad, Uttar Pradesh; Anjeev Pandey, Journalist and Writer, Nagpur, Maharashtra; Madhukar Ambekar, Assistant teacher, Nagpur, Maharashtra; Cahndrodaya Shakya; Abdullah Ghumra; Men’s Rights, Bangalore; Rekha Pandey, Mumbai; Kripa Shankar Pandey, Mumbai; Rajendra Tiwari, Lucknow, Uttar Pradesh; Manoj Joshi, BJP Leader, Udaipur, Rajasthan; Mra Guri, Kathmandu, Nepal; Manjoy Laxmi, Nagpur, Maharashtra; Hussain Ahmad, Pakistan; Ajay Kang, Chandigarh, Punjab& Haryana, and Viisshnu Vardhan, Hyderabad, Andhra Pradesh.

  9. Jade Davis, New York, USA, said:

    I also have a deep interest in this case. I feel that the emphasis should be on protecting the unprivileged people in India who are suffering from corruption and favoritism in the government. I think this case shows that someone is willing to start holding the corrupt elite in India to some standards of law and accountability.

    Author’s Response:

    You got it so well..They have the habit of taking laws for granted..The rich and powerful in India always feel that they are above laws..So such episodes would help them have proper realization!!!

  10. Freeman Earl Newkirk Jr., Diving Officer, Portland, Maine, USA, said:

    I am very interested in the case. I would also like for the media to give more information about the maid/ nanny and her situation… not only Miss Khobragade..

    At 4:42min of this video she talks about empowering Asian women:

    Author’s Response:

    After seeing the video, I feel that bureaucrats are trained to differ in theory and practice, and how to lie confidently! Thanks a lot for providing this video…

  11. Men’s Rights, Bangalore, said:

    Wonderful article Arvindji! Good enough to be shared and I did just that….

    Author’s Response:

    That I have come to realize so well after seeing the response of readers like you 😛 🙂 ….Thanks for this kind gesture 🙂

  12. Freeman Earl Newkirk Jr., Diving Officer, Portland, Maine, USA, said:

    No problem. I simply wanted to look at all angles of the story. And to study the people and their stories involved. That being said: She is a diplomat. So yes, no doubt she should not have been arrested and American should have handled the case with more care. There are about diplomats and their staff working just in NY alone and we cant just go arresting some people and some people we dont arrest for the same thing…


    Author’s Response:

    Yes, this episode could have been handled with little more consciousness…

  13. Dan Kummer, Oak Forest, Illinois, USA:

    Men and Women in the US are supposed to be treated equally under the law. But does that usually happen? No. Hence the steady stream of articles here where women murder husbands, and boyfriends, make false rape claims, etc… and get 2 months of court supervision.

    Author’s Response:

    If you have read my articles closely you will find that I have referred to “double standards” prevalent in United States..When I wrote that, I had in mind such aspects..Thanks for strengthening my beliefs….

  14. The Politics of Women Empowerment in India

    1. @ Partha…

      It’s astonishing that a simple visa fraud case was turned into such a political nautanki (drama)!!

  15. Mens Rights, Bangalore, Karnataka, said:

    Indian women are a pampered lot who want special considerations while same time talk about gender equality.


    Author’s Response:

    That’s the root cause of most of the mess created by women..

  16. Swami Prabhu Chaitanya, Patna, Bihar:

    Very nice Arvind K Pandey ji !
    But is it not possible in Hindi ?


    Author’s Response:

    Initially, I had the same intention but workload prevented me going ahead in this direction. It’s a complicated article and I do not have enough time to prepare its Hindi version…Anyway, many thanks for appreciating it…

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