Does The World Really Appreciate Out-Of-The Box Thinking ?

Does The World Really Appreciate Out-Of-The Box Thinking ?

Does The World Really Appreciate Out-Of-The Box Thinking ?

( The article first appeared in The Speaking Tree Column, Jammu Plus, The Times Of India)

The world is not the right place for people endorsing out-of the-box thoughts. The world recognizes only stereotyped emotions. It’s not a pessimistic assertion but it’s a result of head on encounter with realism. It’s the essence which keeps natural earthly phenomenon in organized state.  It’s the way which has happened in the past. Socrates told truth, and was offered poison! Galileo’s ideas which supported heliocentric world system were considered violation of Catholic Church teachings that the Earth was the center of the universe. That ensured a house arrest for Galileo for rest part of his life. India has also seen episodes wherein the exceptional souls faced the same disastrous consequences.

Meera challenged the monarchy by loving Krishna. She was put on trial by the near and dear ones. The ever-present God’s hand came to her rescue. Prahlad refused to gave way to his father’s belief that he was Supreme, and instead placed his faith in the Vishnu’s mystical power. That brought him against the powerful administration run by his father but as we all know Lord’s Vishnu incarnation as Narasimha came to establish as to who exactly controlled the universe.

It would not be wrong to suggest that “the way of this world is, to praise dead saints, and persecute living ones.” The moment one tries to rope in better ideas, a rush of mass of negativism tries to annihilate it. There may be some fortunate souls whom lady luck allowed to have fertile ground for execution of their dreams but for a greater lot the story has been to move from one conventional norm to another. For average souls, the world is okay. For them it had been an easy task to imbibe all contradictions and evils in name of “practical adjustment” but that’s not the case with people having heightened sensitiveness. Their own ethics prevents them from picking up anything and treating as its own. The so-called practical souls since they stand for nothing other than having deep faith in loose irrational principles are often hailed as pragmatist. “Those who stand for nothing fall for anything.” So they emerge as successful. They are the champions of pragmatism. They are the ones who are the real heroes for people trapped in livelihood struggles.

Lord Shiva: Truly Bold Thinker. He Accepts What The World Comes To Reject!

Lord Shiva: Truly Bold Thinker. He Accepts What The World Comes To Reject!

However, life is deadly ash. That’s why Lord Shiva’s whole body is smeared with deadly ash. Once you have a real interaction, absolute deadly realization, the ability to make fraudulent dealings gets wiped out totally. Your spirit refuses to participate in worldly affairs, not imbibing everything in name of changes of time. It becomes selective in conscious way. It’s like attaining the “Sthitpragya” state – the state of absolute equanimity attained as result of identification with highest consciousness in a perfect way.  Lord Krishna has referred to it in Srimad Bhagvad Geeta:

Prajahati yada kaman sarvan partha mano-gatan
atmany evatmana tustah sthita-prajnas tadocyate

-Lord Krishna said, O Arjuna when gives up all desires  for sense gratification produced within the mind and becoming satisfied by the realization of the self in the pure state of the soul; then it is said one is properly situated in perfect knowledge.

True, once that state is attained, the person with such a state of mind refuses to sway with happenings of the world. Nothing seems to change externally but the inner being of such a person undergoes revolutionary transformation. That might make him a failure from worldly materialistic evaluation but in kingdom of souls he is the king of souls like the God principle. He refuses to endorse the worldly orientations and instead walks all alone on path built of out-of-the-box thoughts.

Like always, the worldly temptations manifest for such a soul to distract him. No wonder, Swami Vivekananda treats the path of realization akin to walking on the razor’s edge. The seeker until realization dawns upon him should need to remain highly vigilant, maintaining high level of “viveka shakti”- the sense of making wise choices. In Bhagavad Geeta, Lord Krishna warns the seekers that they should not give way to superficial attainments by worshiping lesser Gods, and thus should not pay much attention to Vedic verses aimed at appeasing him. 

Yavan artha udapane sarvatah samplutodake
tavan sarvesu vedesu brahmansya vijanatah (Chapt.2; Verse 46)

All that is served in well of water is better served by a vast lake; similarly, all the purpose in all Vedic scriptures are realized to he who knows the ultimate truth.

So let’s learn to travel alone even as the route passes through worldly happenings, under the shadow of out-of-the-box thoughts with a conscious and alert mind.

The Bhagwad Geeta: The Ultimate Source Of Out-Of-The-Box Thinking!

The Bhagwad Geeta: The Ultimate Source Of Out-Of-The-Box Thinking!


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9 responses

  1. Anand G. Sharma, Mumbai, said:

    Very True.

    “The world is not the right place for people endorsing out-of the-box thoughts. The world recognizes only stereotyped emotions.”

    -That’s the reason – more and more people are expressing themselves on “Virtual World” !

    Author’s Response:

    Virtual world offers the most potent weapon to sabotage the outdated concepts and white lies of real people in real world!!

  2. Sc Mudgal, New Delhi:

    इसलिए कहाँ गया है कि असंभव सत्य बोलने से बचो, अर्थात जिस सत्य को तात्कालिक लोग, समाज, बुद्धिजीवी गलत मानते हों, उसे प्रकट करते समय बहुत सावधानी रखनी पड़ती है ?? जी सर, ये वैसी ही कहावत है जैसे कहा जाए कि धन चला जाए मगर जान नहीं जानी चाहिए, पैसा तो हाथ का मैल है कम सकते हैं मगर जान जाने के बाद फिर लौट कर नहीं आती.

    Author’s View:

    सही कहा आपने ….बच बचाकर कहे लेकिन सत्य को कहे जरूर!!!

  3. Conversation with a school friend on this post in a lighter vein:

    Nikhil Garg, Noida, Uttar Pradesh, said:

    गुरुदेव शिष्य बनना चाहता हूँ आपका।खतरनाक …Too Good….

    Author’s Response:

    ha..ha..ha..You will also never change 😛 ..Always pop up from nowhere to make me laugh uncontrollably 😛 …By the way, I am still a learner 😛 ..So yours idea of me acting as Guru summarily dismissed:P


  4. Radhakrishna Lambu, Bangalore, Karnataka, said:

    Hindus or VEDIC people were creative race once upon a time, now, everyone has enslaved mindset, this is the reason for the stereotype thinking, as people are driven by emotions.

    Author’s Response:

    ..Also driven by passion to earn huge money in short time..The urge to attain richness is not a bad idea but when it comes at cost of murdering one’s own special attributes the urge attains a lethal form…

  5. Special thanks to Hans Alef, assocaited with American Embassy Association Bonn u.a, for not only reading the article but also for sharing it with other readers…


    Special thanks to Arvind Sharma, Banker, Bhopal, Madhya Pradesh, for never failing to read my articles….


    Thanks to Chandrapal S. Bhasker, United Kingdom, for having a look at the post…

  6. Words For Carmen Ampuero, Lima, Peru, :

    I hope you came to read it fully and consciously…The article, mired in my own experiences, reveals that world has never been kind to people who carved a path for themselves going against the worldly norms..They were left shattered and broken..Yet, they rose like a phoenix from the ashes to gift something exceptional to the humanity… Do read the article fully since it has striking insights..

  7. Many thanks them also for not missing the article..

    Shweta Sharma, USA; Rajesh P.Pandey, Etawah, Uttar Pradesh; Himanshu B.Pandey, Siwan, Bihar; Rekha Pandey, Mumbai, Maharashtra; Manoj Pandey, Mumbai and Sanjeev Pandey, Allahabad, Uttar Pradesh.

  8. Sanjeev Pandey, Allahabad, Uttar Pradesh, said:

    Actually, your views deserve it, because we live the life but never think or meditate! And so we pray the God by saying ‘shloka’ etc. but fail to intercept the messages which Lord conveyed!

    Author’s View:

    Thanks for appreciating the view 🙂

  9. Anirudh, Mumbai, said:

    I suggest you to various findings of Vedas, Ramayan, Mahabharat to modern scientific temperament. Kauravas: First test tube babies…Ravana travelled Pushpak Viman i.e. today’s aeroplane. Astronomy: There were 9 planets which is still relevant now.


    Author’s Response:

    I am aware of such fascinating discoveries made by the great Aryans! Anyway, thanks for reminding me in this regard!!

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