In Conversation With A Well-Known Author: Revealing The Flaws Of Sourav Ganguly In Company Of Ramachandra Guha!


Sourav Ganguly: He also introduced divisive tendencies in the Indian Team!

Sourav Ganguly: He also introduced divisive tendencies in the Indian Team!

Sourav Ganguly’s 
contributions for the Indian Cricket Team cannot be ignored. He introduced the concept of aggressive captaincy.However, having said that, the fact that he systematically destroyed the harmonious unity which held the players together in previous eras is too bitter to be digested easily.The Indian Team, during his regime, also gave way to factionalism, wherein team spirit gave way to individualism of most worst type.  That’s why it’s hard to acknowledge him as a good captain. He might have been a successful captain but, in the same breath, it cannot be argued in his favour that he was a good captain.

That became clear as I discussed the same controversial aspect in conversation with Ramachandra Guha- the eminent historian whose passion for cricket makes us smile. He and Prabhash Joshi make it clear that even intellectuals dealing with grim issues can fall in love with charm of cricket! Anyway, this conversation took place some eight years back but that in no way undermines its relevance. After all, the game of cricket has shifted to lesser values in recent days.


My Viewpoint:

This has reference to Ramachandra Guha’s article “Two cheers for Ganguly” published in The Telegraph on January 08, 2005. The naked truth about Ganguly is that he has failed to maintain a safe distance from narcissistic tendencies. Something that has always caused the downfall of the Emperors ( read Maharajas), who, however, were endowed with refined qualities. This fatal flaw in his personality has been behind the numerous judgmental blunders made by him in recent times- apparently a period that blemishes his stupendous achievements. The observation might sound cynical but the fact confirm this suspicion.

What could be the reason behind his strange absence from the crucial encounter with the Australians in the recent Border-Gavaskar Trophy? Well, cover-ups such as ‘mysterious injury’  aren’t enough to hide the glaring shortcomings in his mannerism, or, for that matter, satiate the curiosity, of his admirers, who unfortunately expect too much from him. Again he does not believe in the rule that match is open till the last bowl. His usual and the first line of defense at tense moments is either thrust himself or rope in one of his favourites. Instead of appearing composed, he looks more like wrecked ship in deciding hours.

Steve Waugh, Naseer Hussain and even Hansie Cronje depicted a much better attitude than him to safely rise above the critical situations. Without overshadowing his contributions, it would not be wrong to state that he does not qualify to share the platform with above mentioned gentlemen. They played solely for their teams and individual considerations never prevented them from framing innovative methods to take their team to glorious heights. Hasn’t Ganguly missed the bus?


Ramachandra Guha: A Historian In Love With Cricket!

Ramachandra Guha: A Historian In Love With Cricket!

Ramachandra Guha’s Viewpoint:

Thanks for your mail, which very nicely elaborates which I had merely hinted at but not explicitly expressed.


About Ramachandra Guha:

Ramachandra Guha (born 29 April 1958) is an Indian historian and writer whose research interests include environmental, social, political and cricket history. He is a professor at the London School of Economics and Political Science (LSE) where he currently holds the position of Philippe Roman Chair in History and International Affairs. He is also a columnistfor the newspapers The Telegraph (syndicated in several Indian languages) and Hindustan Times. A regular contributor to various academic journals, Guha has written extensively for the magazines The Caravan and Outlook.

His recent book “India after Gandhi” has managed to stir hornet’s nest.

Source: Wikipedia


Even Serious Thinkers Cannot Remain Above Charm Of Cricket!

Even Serious Thinkers Cannot Remain Above Charm Of Cricket!

Suggested Reading: 

Ramachandra Guha: Two Cheers For Ganguly, The Telegraph, January 08, 2005.


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2 responses

  1. Many thanks to these readers for making their presence felt on my post..

    Darshan Muttha, Pune, Maharashtra; Aalok Prem, Patna, Bihar; Swami Prabhu Chaitanya, Patna, Bihar; Sandeep Pandey, Gorakhpur, Uttar Pradesh; Ravi Hooda,Canada; Himanshu B.Pandey, Siwan, Bihar; Rajesh Pandey, Jalandhar, Punjab; Inderjit Kaur, Writer, Jalandhar, Punjab; Rekha Pandey, Mumbai, Maharashtra; and Radiodost Snd, Ranchi, Jharkhand.

  2. Ankur Kumar Karn, Maharashtra, said:

    Asal me jo raajneeti karte the bcci ke baashinde—unke baare me kaun chaapega book/article———— ganguly was & is best………….. he was never a boot-licker…………. agar itna gaya guzra ghamandi hota toh kamse kam tendulkar kumble dravid sehwag zaheer harbhajan kabhi to kuch to bolte—– mai aaj itne din baad is page pe ye article padh raha hu—-behes karne jaau to fehrist lambi niklegi daleelon ki——– dhoni aur gambhir kam hain kya? rajiv shukla-kiran more kam hain kya………..gavaskar once said famously that he will never be a boot-licker….iska khamiyaaza dada ko uthana pada—- mai bihari hokar dhoni ko nahi….dada ko maanta hu………………aur waise bhi sabki apni apni raai aur soch hoti hai–pasand-napasand hoti hai…

    Author’s Response:

    I admire your concerns.,..It only proves that cricket no more remains the game associated with gentlemen…One expected a player like Ganguly to set better precedents but, however, he gave way to lesser traits..Anyway, you can say that ” is hamaam me sab nange hai!!

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