Ensuring Separation Is Always Easy But Formation Of New Relationship Remains A Daunting Task!

Separation Hurts!

Separation Hurts!

Separation sometimes becomes the fate of a cherished relationship. On most occasions, the inherent contradictions, operating in a relationship, lead to untimely demise of the relationship. If that’s not the case, the societal pressure, resting on the vilification campaign of the petty minds, paves the way for parting of ways. The thing that really hurts is that factors ensuring the break-up dominate the life’s cruel drama. However, the positive elements involved into the making of new relationship, after the break-up, never operate with the same pace, the way negative elements led to dissolution of previous relationship. Building a home is difficult affair than bulldozing a well-built home!

Ravana, used shrewd means, to abduct Shree Sitaji, which was an easy affair. The abduction part was an easy task. However, Lord Rama had to enter in dangerous war with Ravana to ensure the freedom of Shree Sitaji. It’s really stunning that shrewdness-an aasuri pravitti (demoniacal attribute)- has now become synonymous with intelligence in modern times. On the contrary, the person exhibiting simplicity, representative of Lord Rama’s persona, is seen as representative of dumbness. The dominance of this sort of understanding is really baffling. People justify their shrewdness in name of battle of survival!

However, the pangs of separation, is never easy to bear. It does manifest, no matter, how hard you try to keep it confined within chambers of heart. When used constructively such depressive mood leads to origin of great literature, but the ordinary mortals- the greater lot- succumb to lesser means or, for that matter, give way to annihilation of life-force. Well, let’s learn to drink poison like Lord Shiva, or if that’s not possible then let the molten lava of emotions flow. There is no point in holding back the strong emotions.

On Two Different  Routes After Long Togetherness!

On Two Different Routes After Long Togetherness!

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5 responses

  1. Shubhranshu Pandey’ Butul’, Advocate, Allahabad High Court, Allahabad, said:

    Every thing has two dimensions, its upon you how can u see it, half full or half empty,
    separation has also two dimensions, siddharth became buddha after separation from yashodhara and kais became majanu after separation from laila…

    Author’s Response:

    Very cleverly mixed two different dimensions..It’s okay..Majnu might be on a different plane of thought than Buddha but you cannot deny that his uniqueness was also supreme and that’s why we still remember him..You cannot ignore/undermine Majnu’s worth !!

    Shubhranshu bhai, let’s get down to the most basic level of feelings-the primordial feelings- and realize that if you would slap someone it would hurt..It doesn’t matter how one came to view that slap or slapping act!…In nutshell, let’s first treat separation as separation alone, frailty(bewafai) as frailty alone..No need to impart elevated status to them…

    If you still cannot grasp what I really wish to say then listen this song please:


  2. Shubhranshu Pandey’ Butul’, Advocate, Allahabad High Court, Alalhabad, Uttar Pradesh:

    You are talking about frailty(bewafai) and onlu bewafai. then what is the option, sink in the bottom of wine, just like filmy hero, deodas, or take the gun.its also filmy, or compromise with the situation and ..tu nahi aur sahi, aur nahi aur sahi…

    Author’s Response:

    Thanks for being so genuinely conscious about the state of affairs..Relax..I am all the time positively positive ..But then sometimes it’s necessary to flow with the times..At least, we need to be honest while dealing with sentiments arising in our heart..Kindly read my post very consciously…The essence of this post is not the loss of beloved, but it’s lack of alternative- the one who could act as perfect alternative..It’s not a take on frailty in limited terms..It’s more about loss of sensitivity,wherein we sabotage the world of others only because it doesn’t meet certain worldly criterion.. I am not petty enough to shed tears over my own loss..The tears are also about erosion of values..One’s wife having shape of buffalo is dear to one simply because she belongs to you but someone’s moon faced beloved is not acceptable simply because you are too overpowered by negative emotions against her and the alliance. I am against this sort of highly unprincipled discrimination!!

  3. Man thanks to these readers for showing interest in this post..

    Baijnath Pandey, Patna, Bihar; Ravi Hooda, Canada; Himanshu B.Pandey, Siwan, Bihar; Anjeev Pandey, Journalist, Nagpur, Maharashtra; Sandeep Pandey, New Delhi and Yogesh Parab, Mumbai, Maharashtra;

  4. Baijnath Pandey, Patna, Bihar, said:

    Some times separation is the only way to save your existence and yes every new relationship is a curse to life…

    Author’s Response:

    Destruction is not bad if it surely culminates into better formation..But mindless destruction is a criminal affair..I welcome new changes, be they be in any form but that does not mean degradation of previous choices..

  5. Abha Chawla Mohanty said:


    Author’s Response:


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