When Murder Becomes Suicide

We Also Demand  Real Justice!

We Also Demand Real Justice!

The Chief accused in the Delhi gang-rape case, Ram Singh, committed suicide.

“The main accused in the Delhi gang-rape case, Ram Singh was found dead in Tihar Jail on Monday morning in mysterious circumstances….A police guard found Singh hanging from the grill of his prison cell at 5:45 am, while there were three other inmates in the cell. They claimed they were asleep and had heard nothing…..Home minister Sushil Kumar Shinde said the death was a major security lapse on the part of prison authorities, saying the preliminary probe indicated it was suicide. “There were three other inmates in the cell in which Singh was found hanging,” Shinde said.” ( The Economic Times)

So the government wants us to believe in simplistic terms that it was confirmed case of “suicide” in  presence of three other inmates. A  prominent secular publication treats this as murder. And, in my eyes too, it’s also a well planned killing but I have my own reasons than the ones stated by this publication, which primarily treats it to be unholy nexus between “prisons, crime and the police”. It has also failed to ascertain the exact motive other than trying to impress upon the mind of readers that this was murder committed by police to prevent him from confessing dirty secrets related with involvement of police in the whole episode. However, such an assertion on part of this publication is also a clever attempt on part of this magazine, to limit the imagination of the conscious readers.

Agreed that Indian prisons have become operational centers for organized crime and death inside prison is a commonplace affair, which is often sponsored by police with the help of inmates. The fact that Indian prisons are breeding ground for henious crimes  was the point I had highlighted when Supreme Court  granted bail to Binayak Sen on the ground that “Visitors are screened and searched by the jail staff. Jailors are there to oversee all these things. So, the question of passing letters or documents doesn’t arise.” I had strongly objected to such a misplaced stand of Supreme Court in my article devoted to granting of bail, wherein I stated: “Anybody who knows the Indian jails know quite well that all big criminals are operating from inside the jails. The contract to kill (Supari) is being ordered from inside the jails via the mobile. A surprise raid in any Indian jail would always lead to discovery of drugs, weapons, mobile phones and other prohibited things.”  However, for Supreme Court and other paid media publications the prison at that time was no less than temple wherein visitors came with noble intentions. 
After the murder of  prime accused in Delhi gang-rape, once again the whole episode would be projected in one particular way with   talks related to security within jails gaining prominence. Some conspiracy theories by paid media shall also be highlighted that would project police as the chief villain. However, for a conscious mind, that’s merely tip of the iceberg. In fact, when the Delhi gang-rape incident took place, and the paid media side-by-side huge number of protesters demanded justice for the unfortunate girl with candles and placards having slogans “Hang the rapists”, the author had suspected that there is more than meets the eye. However, being a lone voice, the feeling got suppressed even as this writer along with other thinking souls tried to point out the murkier game played behind the curtains with dubious role of police.

The piece that I wrote immediately after the Delhi gang-rape incident stated: 

 “I wish to clearly state that it would be fatal to confine the urge for changes to “safety of women alone” or, for that matter, demand for stricter provisions to prevent rape. This line of action is being deliberately highlighted under pressure from feminist wings, tactically supported by Congress government, which hopes to regain power with female voters and minority card in next Parliamentary actions. The mainstream media is also singing the same tune, because in wake of fear to lose government’s aid,  it has no other option but to toe the stance taken by government. This whole drama which captured the nation’s attention from December 16, 2012, until death of gang-rape victim was a well-orchestrated show managed perfectly well by the paid media and Congress government. There are enough circumstantial evidences which give proof of it that the real story is something else and it’s more horrible than what we all came to witness in these past turbulent fifteen days. I will deal with this aspect later in this article but first let’s not ignore these pertinent points.”

The readers can have a look at that article to ascertain what could be the reasons, which indicate at involvement of hidden players in the orchestrated drama, which took place in the wake of gang rape. Now after the suicide of the main accused, which is apparently cold blooded murder, it would be quite obvious to thinking minds that real picture is indeed a “dirty picture”. And like always the real mastermind-the real villains-shall have the last laugh. I do not wish to shoot arrow in darkness since in absence of concrete facts there is always risk of arriving at flawed conclusions. However, there are enough circumstantial evidences to prove that police is merely a puppet in the hand of chief villain. The police was no more than a puppet when the gang rape occurred, and even now in the aftermath of the suicide of Ram Singh-the prime accused- is nothing but a puppet. 

 It has now become certain that we would not come to know what exactly happened in the name of gang-rape. All we know that a beautiful girl came to lose her life in a painful way. This case would remain an unresolved dilemma like the Ayushi murder case.  It’s a painful scenario that conscious citizens can do nothing much other than being mute spectators. However, the citizens can remain alert by beginning to see beyond the obvious. That way they would begin to become aware of the great politics played in their name. That would be the beginning of making better changes in the system from the top to the bottom.

Light Of  Real Information Is Needed For Justice..

Light Of Real Information Is Needed For Justice..


The Economic Times

Delhi Gang Rape: Important Aspects Ignored By Paid Media


Supreme Court Grants Bail  To Binayak Sen

Business Standard

Ayushi Murder Case

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12 responses

  1. Sudhir Dwivedi | Reply

    Nice write up Arvind Bhai,just felt that I was watching suspense thriller movie which includes flash back story,But the question is when this Police department is going to awake and will perform their duty honestly.If our security system is not trustworthy how can we trust in other departments.Shame on Indian Police.

    1. @ Sudhir Dwivediji,

      Your anger is quite justified. However, let’s forget that police does not act as an independent entity. It’s also part of the same rotten system. So to expect the police to act in a responsible manner, and that too in a high-profile case which involves hidden hands of government I think would be a naive belief.

      Instead, it’s time for the citizens to save time for having a close look at the happenings taking place in nation instead of entering in emotional, reactionary sort of protests. That would at least make them conscious enough to participate in making better choices related with the changes in the society..

      …..And yes, thanks for dropping by..

  2. Ram Singh the prime accused got away with his heinous crime. He deserved to be thrashed and hanged in public, nothing less than that.
    Role of Police definitely needs to be investigated. In this kind of a case which has caught worldwide attention, how could they let this happen???

    1. @ Saumya ji…

      Glad to notice your presence after a long time..And you rightly suggest that role of police needs to be put under scanner…However, it’s pretty unfortunate that Ram Singh got allegedly murdered in this way..That’s travesty of settled principle of law that even the one guilty of most heinous crime needs to be heard and allowed to present his/her side. That he got eliminated in this way in itself makes it very clear that the real story, like always, is murkier beyond our imagination…..

  3. Yogesh Pandey, Lucknow, Uttar Pradesh, said:

    Last line of the content is impressive : “However, the citizens can remain alert by beginning to see beyond the obvious.”

    Author’s Response:

    That’s the point..However, before I say anything, I hope I can safely presume that you read the article in totality..True, very few learn the art to see beyond the obvious in right way…That’s because society has conditioned our minds to view the chosen affairs of life in a given way….Let’s try to unshackle the limitations imposed upon us by the society!!

  4. Author’s Words For Ratnesh Tripathi, Advocate, Lucknow Bench, Allahabad High Court, Uttar Pradesh:

    The presence of conscious readers like you always makes me feel glad..

    Many thanks to these conscious readers as well…

    Arvind Sharma, Indore, Madhya Pradesh; Himanshu B. Pandey, Siwan, Bihar; Sher Sigh, Agra, Uttar Pradesh and Sandeep Mathur.

  5. Chandrapal S Bhasker, United Kingdom, said:

    Did he commit suicide or was he killed?

    Author’s Response:

    That matter of speculation..Technically, it’s a case of suicide ( the government’s version)…However, legally it’s murder disguised as suicide..Or, to be more precise, abetting suicide…

  6. Aravind Sivaramapanicker said:

    First of all how do you know she is beautiful? just because she got killed? and his case, most likely its murder, and the asses who support that murder are responsible for emergence of dictators like Hitler and Stalin…

    Author’s Response:

    It’s okay you are defending the rights of men but at least be kind enough for talking about a soul which passed away in such brutal fashion..And when I say beautiful soul, it’s mark of respect for a soul that was denied the natural right to carry the earthly journey..

    And yes, it’s a well-planned murder carried out in the most abominable and cold-blooded way…But will the truth ever surface?

  7. Aravind Sivaramapanicker said:

    Personally I don’t think that being killed does not make anyone beautiful. Moreover you did not mention that it is soul. Moreover I don’t know if that soul is beautiful in any regard because I don’t know her level of Karma in both good and evil ways. I think she may also have been killed pre-planned for creating emotions to pass evil laws.

    Author’s Response:

    You are chillingly bang on target but it’s my request not to speak ill for the departed soul..That’s all.

  8. Thanks Laurie Buchanan, Holistic Health Practitioner—Board Certified with the American Association of Drug-less Practitioners, for always finding time to read all my posts in serious and conscious way!!

  9. Aravind Sivaramapanicker said:

    I did not speak ill of that soul. I just said that we do not have enough proof to call in beautiful, we don’t know how she lived her this life, forget about her past lives.

  10. Shubhranshu Pandey’ Butul’, Advocate, Allahabad High Court, Allahabad, Uttar Pradesh, said:

    There are many similarities in case between Aarushi and Damini. But one is high profile murder and other became a high profile case after the incident . Arushi murder was planned but in the case of Damini the rape and the murder was not planned. But the after effect of the murder was planned. In the case of Arushi police is not sure about the rape but in the case of Damini rape is certain but the medical condition of the girl in the hospital was not clear.

    What append to her in hospital in India, what was the exact medical condition of Damini was not know to the other doctors. Even the doctors of AIIMS did not know the condition of the girl. who sent her to foreign was not known. who accompany her is not known who bear the cost of the trip and the medical expenses is not known. who took the charge for all this, not known…

    It might be possible that some day government will send a letter to the father of Damini to repay all the expenditure occurred. any thing can happen.

    Author’s Response:

    Thanks for drawing parallels with Aarushi case in such a detailed way..In this Delhi-rape case we had opportunity to have the glimpse of the hidden truth, but now after the death of prime accused, the ray of hope extinguishes.

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