Elucidating Ways To Avoid Negative Forces While Resurrecting The Positive Ideals

Appreciate Real Beauty Instead Of Destroying It. Creation Takes Time But Destruction Takes Few Seconds!

Appreciate Real Beauty Instead Of Destroying It. Creation Takes Time But Destruction Takes Few Seconds!

A trap is always there for genuine souls. A sponsored hand is always there. Negative forces are all the time trying best to keep you confused about the reality. A truly conscious mind is aware of all these developments quite well.The sponsored love, sponsored hatred, sponsored disputes, sponsored issues, and , above all, sponsored whistle blowers, supported by hidden negative forces, make the cause of genuine souls weak. That’s the worst development. That’s why if there arises any opportunity to wipe out negative forces, do it well, not for the sake of one’s natural moral duty but for the sake of cause of genuine souls. It would help to create space for right people.

The only option left for positive forces is to keep doing what’s in their hands. One cannot change the whole world.That not even an Avatara (Lord’s incarnation) can do. However, we must do all that’s possible in our own capacity. At least, in that regard, we should not be reluctant in playing our part well. Our whole energy gets lost in blaming others. Let’s learn to play our part well. Our small insignificant steps also matter a lot in resurrecting right values. I agree negative forces are in operation in much organized way but that’s no excuse for the right souls not to do anything. Let’s play our part well. It’s entirely in our hands either to be swayed by Manisha’s innocence or Katrina’s sex appeal! 

We need better rulers. We need conscious individuals, who can get their priorities right. That’s the only way we can bring better changes. Or else, a “better future” shall always remain an utopia. It’s a sad commentary on state of present day affairs that people at helm of affairs are behaving in irresponsible manner. This tendency has to be curbed that you can fool all the people all the time !

And as we do that, let’s allow the wrong souls to laugh at our efforts. Their ridiculing, their taunting, their silly remarks and their devaluation should only encourage the right souls to remain on right track. A good and powerful soul should refuse to be disappointed. Let that’s be the case with all good souls really wishing to act as agent of change. Let’s that be the guiding force of all positive elements. I don’t know about others but my aim is absolutely clear: Wipe out the negative forces in totality as much as you can.

But be careful as you get involved in the process of resurrection of  better ideals. “Never underestimate the power of stupid people in large groups.” So never ignore the strength of stupid people. The power of stupidity should not be undervalued. It would take few minutes to wipe out Lord Rama but the arrival of another Lord Rama takes place million of years. It’s easy to demolish any good formation but to simultaneously create another beautiful world at the same speed is beyond the capabilities of human beings. That could be better understood if we witness the impact of atomic attack in Nagasaki and Hiroshima. The future generations paid heavy price for attack which lasted for few minutes. “लम्हों ने खता की है…सदियों ने सजा पाई ” ( The errors got committed in few seconds, but many generations paid the price). Therefore, the good souls need to be wise enough while handling the  “Aasurs” ( Demons) and “Aasuri Vrittis” ( Demoniacal Orientations). The beautiful souls should realize their worth and keep themselves safe until the “Lord’s Will” finally ask them to quit the drama of life. This beautiful Urdu couplet says all:

हजारों साल नरगिस अपनी बेनूरी पर रोती है,
बड़ी मुश्किल से होता है चमन में दीदावर पैदा।

   – Allama Iqbal
( For a thousand years the narcissus has been lamenting its blindness;
With great difficulty the one with true vision is born in the garden )

Innocence Always Clean Bowled Me!

Innocence Always Clean Bowled Me!


Pics Credit:

Pic One- Narcissus Flower

Pic Two- Manisha Koirala

16 responses

  1. Radhakrishna Lambu said:

    Why to consider others as stupid? Prove that how you are worthy…There are some people who will never sit quite

    Author’s Response:

    That any real soul could easily prove only if stupid souls do not intervene with bombs and bullets at regular intervals!! When you attack that way, is there any option left for a good soul to prove his/her worth???

  2. Author’s Words For Ghanshyam Dasji, UAE:

    There is lot to meditate upon in this post..Like always used simple expressions but I am sure a conscious soul like you would interpret them consciously. The problem with human mind is that it’s so used to read heavy expressions ( complicated terminologies) that it’s not able to find any meaning in simple statements..So I hope that a conscious soul like you would interpret them with required alertness..

    Anyway, thanks for visiting the post..

  3. Vishal Sabharwal, Ludhiana, Punjab, said:

    Wipe out Lord Rama ??? Expected some sensible writing Arvind Prabhu ?? Who can ever demolish Lord Rama. Outrageous writing….

    Author’s Response:

    I also felt the same after reading your remark 🙂 ….Kindly read the whole article..Think deeply in what context I have said that..Now will I have also to teach sensible and very intelligent readers art of conscious reading too ??

    I have used that in symbolic way to make one realize that wise souls ( it includes likes of you as well) are rare manifestations. The average lot instead of entering in confrontation with them should learn to honour them..By the way forget Lord Rama, you cannot even destroy an ordinary jeeva ( soul) since it’s inseparable from Parabrhaman and hence Avinaashi ( Indestructible)….

    And yes, it’s not Mayaavad in operation but Chayavad ( Neo Romanticism) in operation..ha..ha..ha This post was a reverse swing and instead of playing in the line of bowl you played a wayward shot 😛 😛 😛 …Okay.Okay ….Play well and don’t lose your wicket ..I realize great batsmen sometimes lose concentration… ..ha..ha ha..

    Making it more clear, all I wished to say is that to create a good manifestation is a rarest of rare happening…But to destroy the same rarest of rare manifestation is a simple task for even a two year old kid..

  4. Mra Joy Anto, Allahabad, Uttar Pradesh, said:

    I have been blocked for 2 days because of posting and sharing too fast, therefore unable to share your ideas.

    Author’s Response:

    Relax!! Don’t be anxious..Share it when Facebook allows..At present, I am happy to see something flowing from your side after a long time 🙂

  5. Author’s words for Ravi Hooda, Canada:

    Many thanks for reading the post..It’s written in simple style but it contains deep message..As explained earlier to someone that sometimes posts from mine side are like reverse swings..So kindly read the ball, the pitch and then play the shot..Or else wayward shot ( i.e. risk of misinterpretation) might take your wicket!!!

  6. Thanks Laurie Buchanan, Holistic Health Practitioner—Board Certified with the American Association of Drugless Practitioners, for never missing to register your presence….


    Thanks Himanshu B. Pandey, Siwan, Bihar, for liking the post…

  7. Vishal Sabharwal, Ludhiana, Punjab, said:

    Pretty offensive Mayaavad. Trademark signatures. U should remove that nasty verse rather than writing funnu explanations. If u know who is Parabrahman u wouldn’t write such silly writing. Such verse tell about the thought process of writer.and its not about playin shots or winning or loosing. That may be ur thought process behind publishing such posts. All the best to ur thoughts but I am quite surprised to c ur true colors. Hmmmm. Carry on but write some sense. You are supposed to be mature and not a neophyte kid.

    Author’s Response:

    This “true color” and false colour talk never appealed to me. There is no such thing as true or false colouring…….Anyway, there is nothing offensive in my post….Most of the readers have got the sense well..And I am sure, the real message shall also dawn upon you..So I stand by every line of the post..Nothing will change and so the post remains unchanged..The essence of your comment has been rejected.

    However, I have no problem with views you expressed and I treat every line of your comment with great respect. So let the conversation flow!!!

  8. Sudhir Dwivedi | Reply

    Very Nice write up Arvind bhai once again,The mind is the greatest enemy although we can make it our greatest friend. It all depends on our attitude…If we take negative forces in a different way let’s say in a positive way then we can make a big difference…..I would like to suggest you at one point”Wipe out Lord Rama ???” instead of taking Lord Ram example you should have taken some other example.People my take you in a wrong way although you have used it in a different context.All the best.

    1. @ Sudhir Dwivedi…

      Thanks brother for your encouraging remark..That line shall remain unchanged..One who would have even basic knowledge of Indian Philosophy shall not find anything offensive in my sentence.. That’s because when Jeeva (ordinary soul) is eternal being nothing but Parabrahman itself ( of course after total realization) how Lord Rama- the direct manifestation of Parabrahman- can get destroyed? Do you think I write in absurd fashion? It’s not job of writers to explain. Please get it very clear. It’s readers who have to understand the essence. So if that’s the basic premise that even jeeva ( ordinary soul) is eternal how can Lord Rama be wiped out ? However, if that’s still been suggested- wiping out of Lord Rama- then it would have been surely done symbolically to illustrate that good souls ( standing on par with Lord Rama) should be encouraged instead of being subjected to inhuman experiences.

      So tell me what’s all the fuss was about? If you are deliberately entering into contradictions and confusions, is it the job of author to come up with right explanation for your mental limitations?

  9. Sudhir Dwivedi, New Delhi, said:

    जिसका डर था बेदर्दी वोही बात हो गयी 🙂

    Author’s Response:

    भाई हमारे साथ अक्सर ऐसा होता है अब तो आदत सी हो गयी है गलत समझे जाने की हा हा हा हा . ..और भविष्य में भी हम गलत ही समझे जाए इसका भी हम पूरा प्रबंध कर के जायेंगे।। देखिये साहब अगर आप हमारे स्तर तक नहीं उठ सकते तो हम आपके स्तर तक गिरने से रहे। तो लिहाज़ा हम अपने स्टाइल से ही और अपने तरीक़े से ही लिखेंगे।

    आप को समझ में आता है तो बने रहिये हमारे साथ नहीं तो आप स्वतन्त्र है अपनी राह चलने के लिए। आप मजबूर नहीं है मेरे साथ बने रहने के लिये। अगर मेरे साथ रहना है तो थोडा एक्स्ट्रा दिलो दिमाग से मुझे समझना ही पड़ेगा। वैसे बहुत बकैती कर ली। अब ये ग़ज़ल सुने बीमारी में है मूड फ्रेश हो जाएगा …और आपकी बीमारी के बहाने कुछ लिख मारा जरा उसको भी पढ़ लीजियो।। अभी ये ग़ज़ल सुने …

    जब भी हम ने कुछ कहा उसका असर उल्टा हुआ
    आप शायद भूलते है बारहा ऐसा हुआ 🙂 🙂 🙂


    Sudhir Dwivedi, New Delhi, said:

    वाह बहुत ख़ूब 🙂


  10. Sudhir Dwivedi, New Delhi, said:

    My pleasure Bhai…I know that you can not write any thing unrealistic because I have read ur many articles so I m aware of ur writing style….Those who dont like ur view should raise their intelligence and standard. All the best.

    Author’s Response:

    Many thanks for getting the point..In fact, you had already grasped the essence… This explanation is merely a manifestation of my being.

    It’s okay..I have no grudges with any of my readers..It’s only that sometimes misinterpretation fills my heart with deep pain..Anyway, I am now cool like glacier 😛

  11. Anand G. Sharma, Mumbai, Maharashtra, said:

    “Strength lies in Unity” at least idiots understand this maxim but not allegedly learned and tax-paying people of India.

    Author’s Response:

    The unity of idiots is nothing when contrasted with wisdom of one single soul 🙂 …However, wise souls need to remain one in a clever way for better impact even as one such single soul is enough to destroy millions of idiots rolled into one..

  12. Rajinder Katoch:

    If you see, there are media channels which we usually watch are actually owned and run by people sitting outside. Have u every seek Tehelaka speaking against Rahul Gandhi or Congress? Why only Gujarat riots are discussed on leading channels and why only congress speakers are given maximum time? As stated in the article, it is not errors, it is BLUNDER. GENERATIONS PAID PRICE FOR THE BLUNDERS DONE IN SECONDS BY THE PEOPLE IN POWER. Kashmir is example in front of us. Congress and DMK are very keen to demolish Ram Setu as they have already acquired area for ports and beneficiaries out of this destruction would only be Congress, DMK and leading business houses.


    Author’s Response:

    .And that’s why it becomes imperative that social media should turn out to be better forum for dissemination of vital news and essential information. At least, do what is in our hands instead of curbing the negative forces beyond our control..A good work on part of few conscious and positive souls shall be enough to wipe out lies and falsehood shared by dirty minds.

  13. Many thanks to all my readers who appeared on this post in large numbers…

    Chandrapal Bhaskar, United Kingdom;Jayant Kumar, Dighwara, Bihar; RK Singh, Patna, Bihar; Inderjit Kaur, Jalandhar, Punjab; Ram Ray, Muzaffarpur, Bihar; Kusum Jain; Chandra Prakash Sharma, Jaipur, Rajasthan; and Dayanidhi Vats, Bareilly, Uttar Pradesh, for liking the post..

  14. Chandrapal S Bhasker, United Kingdom, said:

    Arvind bhai, I wanted to ask you this – Manisha’s innocence and Karina’s sex-appeal both are physical, why should men be allured by either, since none of them are reflection of how Manisha or Kareena are as a human being [innocent or a sexually exciting in bed]. Men who get allured by Manisha’s “innocence” are in no better position – morally, emotionally, socially [or economically given the divorce racket run by women and feminists] than someone who falls for the sexually alluring Karinas. Men, if they wish to find a genuine partner, must learn to understand how women play various roles – innocent, sexual, naive, shrewd, etc for the reason that might sound not so wholesome [basically hypergamous reasons – money, social status, physical protection]. More importantly, men must understand why are they affected by these appearances, what do these appearance mean to them, what are the promises that they appearances are making to fulfill, hence what are their deepest needs and desires [mostly unconscious] that being massaged to get them where women want them to be.


    Author’s Response:

    That’s an excellent comment even as it is outcome of hasty interpretation of my views.. Your viewpoint even as it stands exclusive to my own intended meaning is thought provoking one..

    Relax! Chandrapalji , I cannot claim to know women in entirety even though I have never misread their traits until now. That’s because I know myself quite well. And that’s why I am above any blunder unless and until destiny or God’s will has the last laugh, compelling me to be trapped..

    Anyway, when I speak of innocence, I talk about it as merely as virtue. And that’s why for me, it’s more visible on kid’s face than Manisha’s face :-)..But don’t make “innocence” a virtue restricted to female alone..My emphasis was more on” innocence” as an attribute and not necessarily a virtue in possession of Manisha alone 🙂 🙂 🙂 . I think people got carried away by Manisha’s presence than the caption below the Manisha’s pic …No one noticed the caption or, for that mater, ignored the caption.

    And it’s Katrina and not Kareena..Anyway, both exhibit similar wayward traits 🙂

    Overall, it’s an excellent remark,full of insights about “genuine” life partner 🙂

  15. Anupam Verma, New Delhi:

    Truly said !!!!!! Agreed!!

    Author’s Response:

    Thanks For Your Kind Words…

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