Reflections on Hyderabad Twin Blasts: How Long Will Muslims Take To Feel That They Truly Belong To India?

Governments do not know that it's only ordinary citizens who die first in terrorist attack!

Governments do not know that it’s only ordinary citizens who die first in terrorist attack!

How will you define the separatist feelings in Indian Muslims? How long will they take to feel that they truly belong to India? Have you ever visited Muslim locality during India-Pakistan Match? They celebrate Pakistan’s victory as if Pakistan has gained something incredible. They never celebrate it in sportsmanship style. In fact, I also, being a cricket lover, feel happy if Pakistan wins after displaying good strategies. However, that’s not the way Muslim celebrate it. It’s a different celebration altogether. It speaks volume about their mindset. They are Muslims first and nationalists later.

Before I proceed further, it would be interesting to read what a conscious Indian thinks about blasts which hit Hyderabad on Febuary 21, 2013:

“Arvindji, Pakistan keenly wants Hindu-Muslim riots in India to destabilize India and malign our image in front of international community. They want Hindus and Muslims to fight with each other. If a riot happens, Pakistan will blame India for torturing Muslims. If a riot happens then Indians will suffer and Pakistan will be very happy. If India wages a war against Pakistan, then also India has much to lose. A war will destroy our economic growth. Pakistan, whose economy is in shatters, has not much to loose.India needs a powerful and independent agency, formed jointly by state and centre, which must work to build a strong internal security and intelligence gathering system. India has to prepare itself to fight against foes who are hidden among us.” ( Prasanjit Saha, Hyderabad)

Very well said, my dear conscious Indian! We have always suffered because we always dared to read the intentions of enemy lightly. That’s why traitors like Mir Zafar, hand-in-glove, with foreign powers ensured that India became battle ground for dubious foreign powers in past! The right strategy is that we should crush the enemy to an extent that it dares not make an attempt to give force to divisive forces. Our decency is seen as weakness even as it win friends in International circles. Safety of our individuals is first than ensuring that we have friends in foreign lands. That should be our top priority. If our people are dying like street dogs, then to have happy face is cowardice and sin.

You can control an enemy- a simple enemy. But how will you control an enemy with a dubious mindset. The problem with Muslims   is not that they are Muslims. It’s more about their mindset. How would you change that?  That too when government at Centre, is  lame duck, which  refuses to see problems pertaining to Muslims as threat to national integrity. Obviously, it’s all about politics to retain power. However, in this great game the victims are ordinary citizens, who have no other desire than to live dignified life, peaceful life.

How will you ensure who is friend and who is foe when foes appear in form of friends? In Hindi you have better term to express it: “Genhu ke Sath Ghun Bhi Pis Jaate Hai” ( Few good people also die in an attempt to eliminate the enemy).This situation would not have arisen unless the members of Muslim community had given clear indication of their intentions that they in no way identify with negative forces operating within their community.So it’s a catch 22 situation. Isn’t it? The intelligence reports, which government dares not to make it public, or rather citizens are not conscious enough to read it,  or else it would have given insights how the home grown terrorists are operating from one corner of the nation to another remote part of the nation.

“According to IB reports, the ISI has set up strong modules of the Lashkar-e-Tayiba in the Gulf. The Oman module is also very strong and directly connected to the modules in Kerala. ..The annual remittance through hawala channels into Kerala is a whopping Rs 20,000 crore. This figure tells the story of a state, which has today become a hub for extremists….The National Investigating Agency, which has its eyes on this state, has also found that large sums of money, which has been pumped in from the Gulf, had been used to execute the blasts at Delhi, Bengaluru and also at Ahmedabad.”

Worse, how can you ignore the fact that there are many who see a strong intelligence as a threat for secular fabric of this nation? They are the ones who will immediately give way to propaganda via International media that it’s a move to terrorize minorities. See it in light of human rights violation allegations heaped upon security forces operating in Kashmir!!  It’s anybody’s guess that with this sort of political will and dismal scenario, the war against terror is not on the right track. It’s time to tackle divisive forces with iron hand, to ensure a safe future for India, better future for India.


Hyderabad Blasts

Intelligence Report

International Business Times-Pakistani Hand

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  1. please don’t take it otherwise, but i feel that indian muslims or muslims of india were never patriotic, infact, muslims everywhere were or are bothered about three things – islam , prophet and their loyalty to arab. Even the muslims in soviet russia were not loyal to russia but to arab and islam, and that lead to the downfall of russia, areas like DAGESTAN, REGITAN, UZBEK, KAZAKS etc. In the same manner, all turks dream for that OTTOMAN/OSMAN era.

    1. @ Radhakrishna Lambuji:

      It’s often said that it’s act of the few and the majority does not identify with them. But if you deeply analyze the role of majority, you would find that they have done nothing substantial to marginalize these dangerous elements other than offering customary lip services. Is that’s the way to eliminate dangerous elements that moment we come to talk about Muslim terrorism, the voices within government, and the so-called secular voices start speaking about non-existent Hindu terrorism? You cannot tackle terrorism in this nation unless you wipe out those elements which have taken shadow behind demon called secularism!!

  2. Baijnath Pandey, Associate Editor, Instablogs, New Delhi, said:

    This is the end result of pseudo secularism. they are made to believe that those who worship in temples are always anti-Muslims and that they are only safe if they bring a secular party into the parliament (which is itself full of Hindus of darkest morals). They are also falsely made to believe that the misery and poverty they face is due to the Hindu community over here. Anti-hindu sentiments are propelled into their souls in such a manner that they forget the fact that they are living in a country of 80% Hindu population and with full freedom, and if compared with lives of Hindus much more privileged and protected.

    Author’s Response:

    It’s time that Hindus learn to intercept this great game played by the divisive forces..It’s not about reacting aggressively but it’s more about understanding the nature of politics…And then come up with effective policy to sabotage it…

  3. Anand G. Sharma, Mumbai, said:

    Character is unchangeable; either side.

    Author’s Response:

    That’s why if you get slapped on one side of the cheek, like an ideal Hindu promptly offer other side of the cheek very soon !!

  4. Baijnath Pandey said:

    Bro.., and the most ironic fact is that rulers since 65 long years are those pseudo-seculars who could not improve the condition of a single man in this country. yes, if we dive deeply into the situation, the only feasible solution seems to be forceful extermination of pseudo secular forces, be it by ballet or by bullet and bring such a machinery in place that could stop the propagation of anti-national thought, and would be effective in suppressing the imitated upsurges by antisocial elements who think that they can do anything in this country and abuse its integrity in any way. An environment full of free flow of ideas (where fruitful ideas are not curbed by the west-motivated-media ) should make an ideal stage for harmony in this country.

    Author’s Response:

    Very well said..I will not add anything since any sub-clause from my side shall lessen the impact of your excellent view

  5. Prasanjit Saha, Hyderabad, Andhra Pradesh, said:

    If America can post its forces in Afghanistan without Afghanistan’s consent to fight with Al-Qaeda and if it and other European countries feel that the attacks are legitimate, India can setup a counter insurgency agency without the fear of criticism.

    Setting up an agency will not protect only Hindus. The bombs planted by terrorists are killing people from both the communities. India have to acquire skills to differentiate between foe and friend. That is one of the way India can overcome this crisis.

    Author’s Response:

    Whatever should be done, it needs to be done with honest intentions.. What you have suggested is a good beginning..At least, government should take some concrete steps which makes us feel yes these are real steps and not cosmetic face-saving gestures..At present, these feelings are missing..

  6. I am in sync with your views…and i agree, this terrorism needs to be stopped. We can call ourselves truly secular only if we strongly protest against this kind of terrorism. Religion should enforce that killing is the worst thing to do and whoever does this will rot in hell and will never be happy.I’m sure Islam must be teaching the same…so then why so much of terrorism…is something i fail to understand…

    1. @Saumya..

      Many thanks for your kind words..You take me back to school days wherein this song “Majhab Nahi Sikhata..Sare Jahan Se Accha” was hot favourite of school kids during Deshbhakti season- Aug.15/Jan 26….Days of innocence.. However, as grown ups we find that concepts/truth differ than what was taught in those days. Do you know that one who penned this song ” Mohammad Iqbal” was one of the chief characters in creation of Pakistan- a nation totally carved on religious basis? And this very man’s song we all kids sang-Majhab nahi sikhata aapas mein bair rakhna ..Irony at its best!!

      I have no problems with Muslims. No need to inform, at least you, that being in Lucknow I have had good number of friends from this community and for that very reason I admire and respect them as no different than any other person of my own community. However, recent trend patterns have made me alarmed, which simply cannot be ignored. It’s never easy to be so blunt about some issues. As that makes you run the risk of being misunderstood like anti- Muslim etc. However, truth is far more important than labels- a perception close to my heart. Rest I leave on conscious readers like you to extend this thought as per your refined thinking.

      That’s all for the time being..Take Care…

  7. “majhab nahi sikhaata aapas main bair rakhna….”

  8. Ravi Hooda, Canada, said:

    Nice article Arvind ji….But I wouldn’t go that far out to state that all Muslims are leaning towards terrorism or antinationalist agendas .. which most separatist or religious fanatics would like us to believe and are really working very hard to establish so as to push the ones sitting on the fences towards their leanings. Today a liberal peace loving Muslim is also a highly persecuted strained individual facing pressures from all sides as he has to really work very hard to establish that he is a normal peace loving compassionate human like everyone else which in every case Is taken for granted and then he has to still prove to self appointed religious authorities or figureheads that he is a faithful follower of principals or Islam and is not committing any blasphemous acts by exercising his free will and being a positive participant in current society.

    I am a proud Hindu and believe in the principals of “Sarv Dharm Sambhav”- harmony amongst all beliefs and strongly condemn acts of terrorism by any religious sect, cast or creed and would like anyone committing crimes against their nation or humanity to be persecuted as criminals not on the basis of their religious affiliations because then we are not killing crime but giving rise to a new one.


    Author’s Response:

    Even I have strong objection against this inappropriate branding, which assumes all Muslims are terrorists..But we are living in world, wherein most terrorists are Muslims.At least, in Indian landscape that’s the case.

    If you read my article closely, you would find that I have given enough hint that it might be act of few misguided Muslims but the impact generated is felt most by the Muslims who in no way seem to identify with it. Having said that, I need to reiterate that since they come from them, it would be better that they take enough steps to curb them. An external body doing the same thing would prove lethal. Lip service would not bring desired result.

  9. Prasanjit Saha, Hyderabad, Andhra Pradesh, said:

    I agree with you Arvindji. Our politicians have to take concrete steps. I would like to THANK YOU for quoting my thoughts in your blog. It is a great honor for me because I consider you a highly skilled and honorable writer.

    Author’s Response:

    At least, I can be proud of the fact that I have conscious readers as my friends. Whether I agree with them or differ, they always enable me to develop a new perspective. With you I enjoy more since you beg to differ with me in most standard way. I have been falsely labelled as someone who hates to have difference of opinion. Now having a different mind like you in my side, I can tell my critics that I go well with those also who tend to differ with me…ha..ha.ha


    Radhakrishnan Lambu’s words for Prasanjit:

    Your thoughts are good, the problem with India is the absence of RIGHT WING DEMOCRACY. Read GERMAN PROFESSOR Karl Wilhelm von Humbold. In fact even this GERMAN has picked up the concept of INDIANS only where DEMOCRACY was always RUN BY THE TEACHERS/ACHARYAS/SAGES actually. This is right wing democracy. ANCIENT INDIA was always DEMOCRATIC. But now we have leftist kind of democracy

  10. Many thanks to Nita Pandey, Chennai, Tamil Nadu; Manoj Pandey; Tamojit Das; Yogesh Pandey, Lucknow, Uttar Pradesh, and Swami Prabhu Chaitanya, Patna, Bihar, for loving the post…

  11. Prasanjit Saha, Hyderabad, Andhra Pradesh, said:

    Thanks Arvindji for your thoughts. I have read your articles and I really really like them. I have a lot of respect for your writing abilities.

    We must have some difference of opinions as it allow us to analyze a issue from all angles.


    Author’s Response:

    Thanks my dear friend!!! Different perspectives should always prevail if they have become a necessity to attain a perfect goal!!!


    Prasanjit’s words for Radhakrishna Lambuji:

    Radhakrishna ji , I have not heard of right wing democracy and German professor Karl, so I won’t be able to comment on it. I would say whatever changes we want to see have to be approved by constitution of India and have to be brought by democratic means.


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