Gender Equality Is Like The Snake Marrying Mongoose!

Gender Equality Leads To  Snake  And Mongoose Relationship!

Gender Equality Leads To Snake And Mongoose Relationship!

The women community seeking “equality of gender”, should either accept this concept in entirety, or else, follow desirable norms. The point is why so much insistence on rights for behaving as you want, for doing whatever you want? Why not give way to responsibilities shared,  supposedly always considered as role of men since time immemorial! That includes all menial jobs requiring intense labour in tough conditions. That also means serving the men community, inside homes, for ages. The men community did that for ages, supplying money like ATM machine, despite suffering severely at hands of cruel wives. That too silently! These employed, high salaried women, should also marry unemployed youths and offer them all comforts for many centuries without feeling the pinch just the way men community did that in past! I am just trying to convey that  this drama of gender equality gained momentum in wake of the world becoming a sophisticated place to live, largely shaped by men and women in the same patriarchal mode, which the bunch of derailed feminists saw as an obstacle for the emancipation of woman.

I am not interested in narrating the consequences of feminism in other parts of the world, but in Indian context, it has given rise to new set of complexities. There was already healthy division of labour but with the rise of feminism, or call it curse of modernism, the world inside home got projected as insult to the capabilities of women. The traditional roles were projected as subservient. However, as the modern women,  shattering so-called shackles, stepped out of the confines of home, they realized that world is not bed of roses, or on par with their expectations, largely because of  limitations caused by their physicality. So another set of calculated efforts came into action, to make the outside world seem a safer domain. And for that very reason, males were advised to co-operate inside homes, doing household work, after all, that’s what true equality demands! That also meant loving  “fathers,  brothers, sons” all be presented as “potential rapists” so that a false alarm can be raised, and thus, International bodies can come to dictate us, calling it a nation, which does not respects and honours  women! The problems pertaining to women were highlighted in exaggerated way so as to ensure that hocus-pocus, called feminism, can make its presence felt in India.

It’s not that the problems related to woman community do not exist but a shrewd attempt to use them to create rift between the relationship, using the same bothering issues, is simply an attempt to hit hard at the cherished institutions called family and marriage. One never said that problems related with women be it  female foeticide, rising sexual crimes, health concerns, low literacy level and etc. should never be dealt with in a conscious way. However, why should one not be alarmed when these very issues became a part of the plot to destabilize Indian society? It’s amazing that  lesbians, drunk female girls, prostitutes not by condition but by choice, females involved in all sorts of complex relationship should be hailed as appropriate but the same women living inside the confines of home as an ideal wife is seen as insult to womanhood! I mean what sort of values are being professed in name of equality? What’s  being achieved? It leaves one in deep pain that even the most heinous crimes “rapes” are also being used as tool to ensure that gender imbalance sharpens in name of equality.

This sort of heightened false consciousness in Indian women is a necessity because the governments in future would largely be shaped by minorities and women, and so it’s necessary to appease them, to keep them ignorant about real implications of chasing imported theories related with equality. At global level, this sort of destabilized society, wherein men and women, are living highly individualistic lives, caters well to the needs of consumerist society. So why would corporate demons make women aware of consequences of aping such wayward lifestyle, which is resulting in single women, divorced couples, broken homes, fatherless children, eventually leading to rise in crime level too? It’s safer for them that women come out of their homes, work for them, leading to greater productivity.

On the other hand, political class is all prepared to use them as a tool to make their political dreams come alive with their help. Only to attain such diabolical interests, the concept called feminism-the great game of gender equality-came in effect. It’s a myth that it got introduced to make their lives better. At least, in India, it’s not the case. Indeed, women have a set of their own problems, but to remove them, was it necessary to fall in the trap of complex notions of feminism, having goals which even Western world has failed to exhibit in totality or demonstrate with perfection? However, the problem starts when New Delhi starts living the pattern of life found in New York and Washington. That’s why borrowed concepts become a necessity. That’s why “equality” also becomes a necessity. That’s why a highly reputed media publication is bound to see “Sunny Leone” as woman of exceptional talent and merit. And that’s why it’s necessary to give rise to conflicts wherein woman is equal when it comes to enjoy benefits of modern society but woman feels no longer equal when threat is directly to her body. At that point, she is woman! Be equal to enjoy benefit, but be a woman in helpless positions!

Bringing qualitative differences in lives of woman is quite a different issue than using these very issues to demonize men,  or, in fact, use the same issues to shatter the citadels of society. The positive side of this gender equality is that it has allowed men to reshape their own priorities. It has given them a huge chance to realize their own worth and get united to fight for the cause of men in a spirited way-something never done until now. This gender equality is a great phenomenon. At least, now everything related with woman shall be put on trial and it’s a great chance to shatter all stereotyped notions with them. They are no holy cows, and they are as shrewd and manipulative as men needs to be ably projected. It’s a myth that they are a weaker sex and that they were the harassed lot in past. They have always enjoyed deep respect, care, both in external world and within the four walls of home. However, it’s ironical, and diabolical too, that instead of highlighting this aspect, all the men got clubbed in one category of abusers of women. So it’s time to tell that who actually has been abusing-man or woman?  The men community should discuss their own issues in a more organized way-their concerns, their dilemmas, their worries, their pain and their sufferings etc. should get highlighted in a better way. It’s for them to decide that they have to live like a male or as a female in a male body. That’s the real agenda of feminism- to curb the instincts of men to make them in tune with absurd concerns of women.

Lastly, there is nothing like gender equality. There are honorable differences and these differences should persist for the growth of society in a better way. Radha, Seeta, Draupadi, Savitri and other such great women were the by-product of same patriarchal society. Even in modern times, the same society has produced women for whom their fathers have been the role model. Let’s not topple such a society or else the future will be more darker than one would have imagined. Agreed that women have suffered discrimination and face problems. But are the lives of men devoid of problems? Aren’t they facing host of complex problems? Some times back in Kargil War, the Indian soldiers were killed in barbaric manner. Their genitals were cut. That was simply treated as war crime. The same done with woman would not have not only been treated as a war crime but also as sexual assault, rape. Now there lies the difference. That’s the paradox. One wishing true gender equality should  treat both bodies as mere bodies! If that’s not possible then stop this nonsense about gender equality. At present, there is a difference and no difference in the name of equality. Difference when you can’t face the heat and no difference in sophisticated scenario. That’s not equality. That’s opportunism. That’s selfishness. That’s shrewdness of highest type.

And I Notice The Difference For Society's Unity!

And I Notice The Difference For Society’s Unity!

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24 responses

  1. Rajesh Vakharia, President, Save Family Foundation, Nagpur, Maharashtra, said:


    Author’s Response:

    Though I was in a very disturbed state of mind, I still managed to write this tough piece.. I have gone in very deep. So no casual reading of it, Rajeshji..I have tried to present entirely new contrast.Though it has traces of some of the arguments found in men’s literature, I have dealt with this gender equality issue in my own way. So I expect ferocious men’s activist like you to pay more than usual attention..

  2. Vishal Sabharwal, New Delhi, said:

    If women and man are equal then why do women play 3 sets in Lawn tennis and men 5 ?? Women are not equal to men in anyway. Yet they are superior to men in their domain and men are superior to women in their domain. That’s how GOD designed them in first place. But this false equality has worsened things for society at large.

    Author’s Response:

    Moodhatamas( Blockheads) always have late realization…So let them take corrective measures in time, or else other than regrets nothing shall be left with us..

  3. Baijnath Pandey, Associate Editor, Instablogs, New Delhi, said:

    Immaculate and flawless article about gender equality ….. can’t agree more…

    Author’s Response:

    Thanks Baijnath Pandeyji.. I was in very bad mood…Now okay..But I realize that those who linked bad mood with heightened creativity were not at all entirely wrong!..Anyway, I was very much interested in dealing with sensitive issue since many days. I am happy that finally when the thoughts have appeared in post form, they have managed to strike a chord with genuine and sensible readers like you.

  4. Alexander Skobeleff said:


    Author’s Response:

    Thanks for your precious observation..

  5. Many thanks to all these readers who came to make their presence felt on this post.

    Subu Subramaniam; Ratan Parija;Abhi Nav;Clifton Richard; Bill Sanders,CEO & President at Sanders Equipment Company,Palm Harbor, Florida, USA;Anders Kleppe; Vato Manollo; Rupesh Chaddha, Kota, Rajasthan;Vikram Gupta, New Delhi; Ghanshyam Das, United Arab Emirates; Mra Leander Pallat; Rajendra Mishraji, Poet & Journalist, Chunar, Mirzapur, Uttar Pradesh;Inderjit Kaur, Jalandhar, Punjab; Himanshu B.Pandey,Siwan, Bihar; and Rajneesh Madhok, Phagwara, Punjab.

  6. Words For Urmila Harit, Indian Institute of Mass Communication (IIMC)/Government Officer, New Delhi:

    Glad to notice your presence on this post..That means, at least, conscious women are also reading my posts 😛

  7. It’s indeed a Very nice write up Arvind Bhai,I am sure that most of the women won’t agree with your view point but whatever you have explored it’s true & practical facts.You have mentioned one very good point “Some times back in Kargil War, the Indian soldiers were killed in barbaric manner. Their genitals were cut. That was simply treated as war crime. The same done with woman would not have not only been treated as a war crime but also as sexual assault, rape”.Recently two Indian soldiers were killed by Pakistani army in a very barbaric way but I m really surprised why this incident was not brought into limelight by media as they did in of Damini’s Rape case.

    1. This is by far the best documentary ever made about Media. “Manufacturing Consent” It is bit long, but worth watching in its entirety. As try to educate as many people as possible.

    2. @Sudhir Dwivedi..

      You were right: That this article will make me more mongoose type among women circles 😛 However, since truth is more important, cause is more important, I always find it safer to state the way I feel than make an attempt to appease a certain section by giving way to populist sentiments. It’s easier to fool in our times. That I could have easily done by conveying wrong impressions to women. However, I preferred to be head on with them over certain issues as that comes natural for me in process to defend cherished values. I have my own bitter experiences. I am young soul but I have had brush with close realities quite often.

      Just taste this bitter truth. I will not present any conclusion. I leave it on you to get the right message:

      I was on way to New Delhi via Prayagraj Express. Just before Delhi, probably four or five stations before, an young lady deliberately entered inside sleeper class of the train. I was sitting on the upper birth and so could see the happenings below quite well. I could notice that she was not at all worried about the consequences of trespassing, and that too, when Ticket collector was present. Anyway, he asked her to leave the compartment and she retorted by stating something which I could not hear that well. But she said something harsh. The ticket collector left without saying anything. Anyway, I met that Ticket Collector and plainly asked him that when you had blocked the entry of all other trespassers then what was the need to give special treatment to this lady? This Ticket Collector, a man in middle 50s, was not at all casual in discharging his duty. He was pretty honest as I saw that he did not let anyone enter inside the sleeper compartment even as some were ready to grease the palm. So when I asked that question he said, after a brief pause: ” Beta, jawaan aurat hai. Kuch bhi kah sakti hai.” ( She is an young lady and can make any false allegation.)

    3. @Sudhir Dwivedi…

      By the way, Indian media failed to report true picture of Indian society because it’s a paid media! It would not kill its prospects by showing harsh realities as it is. That’s why killing of the soldier didn’t get sufficient coverage. Yet they are the ones who are very often portrayed as violators of human rights! That sort of news gets maximum coverage. Showing Muslim youths throwing stones at them in Kashmir is what gets real attention in media! They killed in barbaric manner is no news. It’s a mere customary news item to fill the space of newspaper!

      1. Truly observed view Arvind bhai.I strongly support your view .

    4. @Prassoon Suryadas..

      In our age, everything has become manufactured..Nothing is natural..Everything has become cosmetic, unreal and apparent. I have not seen the video but I hope to see it very soon because everything related with Noam Chomsky fascinates me!

      Anyway, seeing you on my post makes me remember those long debates many years back on Instamedia, probably one of the longest debates on women’s rights, and I remember that you, Rohan D and I posted so many documents that ultimately all were silenced :P..I tried to locate that link but it seems to have become dysfunctional.! It had so much valuable information. It’s really criminal on part of people running the site, who failed to inform us before making such crucial changes.

  8. I am no feminist Arvind, in fact never could understand ‘slut walk’ and ‘bra burning’ feminism. I just understand one thing women are different from men but no way lesser. If you have studied Biology you will know that nature has created the differences basically for procreation. Most of the women cannot be feminist (read man haters) because we love our father, husband, brother, son, friends…I do!
    I am kind of disappointed to read your article. This kind of mindset exists in educated people like you is extremely upsetting (in my opinion). If people like you can have your way then there will be no Sunita Williams; who chose not to have kids as the goal of her life was different and she wouldn’t have been able to attain the same otherwise. Every human being has the right to make his or her own choices…it is such a basic thing! Why so much of hue and cry???

    Why wouldn’t you want patriarchy to continue…obviously it favors you, it’s so convenient for men, isn’t it?

    There are plenty of questions which came to my mind. Are you actually threatened that if women are added to workforce they may surpass men? Could be, considering the fact that every year girls do better in the board exams than boys (and it’s a fact, not my theory!).How, pray, do you feel that government is conspiring in everything? Did government get that atrocious gang rape done on that girl in Delhi?
    Don’t you read news, that you are saying that it’s a myth that women are the weaker sex? Or do you feel again that it’s a conspiracy of all those feminist who you so much hate?They influence the media! Perhaps they have been planting these news of rape of even new borns, rape by father/brother/relatives, acid attacks etc. How do you explain by the way, rape of 1-5 year old girls…how do they possibly invite rape?
    Salman Khan wears hot pants and shows off his body in every movie; so is that OK as per you? Young boys as a matter of fact have started wearing shorts showing off their hairy legs…you may not find them attractive, but what if a gay man does and attacks him? Do you have a piece of advice for those boys too?

    Women’s role in the past has been that of a nurturer, most of them were happy doing so, but let me give you my example, i want more from life. I want to be a mother, wife, daughter, friend and also ‘myself’. I want to be known in my area of work. There are many women like me who have the caliber, are way more intelligent, capable and make a difference in this world. Why should they not pursue their desires? Even to think that someone can actually dictate that “women your place is in the household and you belong there” is so demeaning, not for the women but for those men who think like this! You must have heard about Malala Yousafzai; that small girl is also not a feminist…she just wanted that girls should get a right to education and the world knows what happened to her. But perhaps you would have thought that it’s OK, right? Because if she studies, she will work and become financially independent and then if she gets married, perhaps she will have ego clashes with her husband and may lead to separation!

    Women oppression is not exaggerated, its under-rated, pls google and read the statistics (from unbiased sources). If you like i can send you some data. In fact i would suggest all men to just have a talk to the females in their family and if they can freely narrate you the oppression that they have faced, trust me you will not know how to react. There is no comparison to what women face and what men do! I, coming from an educated family (privileged family) have faced discrimination, harassment, low wages etc…so can’t even think of the plight of not so privileged women.

    You are biased Arvind, and i’m sorry, really pained to read your views.


    1. I love my Indian culture and feel the same as said in our shastra “Yatra Naryastu Pujyante, Ramante Tatra Devata” (Women Are Honored Where, Divinity Blossoms There).God has created this universe in such way that if you go against his will surely one has to suffer,He created Men, women,See,River,Earth,Sun,Plants,Air for a definite purpose.Now a days we(so called modern society) are interfering nature and a result of that we are suffering and only suffering.In order to understand it We first have to get some basic idea of why Vedic culture treats men and women entirely differently.we all have different prescribed duties. Because women are the ones who get pregnant and must breast feed the baby, it is their prescribed Vedic duty to become housewives. To raise the small children, stay at home and cook, clean, etc. It isn’t that they can’t become Managers, Pilot,Doctor,Engineer etc but that is not the duties Vedic culture has prescribed for a woman to engage in.
      Artificially do not try to become equal with men. That is not allowed in the Vedic shastra. Na striyam svatantratam arhati. That is called shastra. You have to understand that woman is never given to be independence. Independence means just like child has to be taken care, similarly, woman has to be taken care. You cannot get your child go in the street alone. There will be danger. Similarly, according to Vedic civilization, Manu-samhita, woman should be given protection. In the Western countries there is no such distinction between man and woman. But there is social disruption. there are so many divorce cases because the woman does not agree to become subordinate to man. That is the cause.
      If women have equal right, then let her husband becomes sometimes pregnant and then women become pregnant,let them make some arrangement.Men and women are complimentary to each other.The occupations are different.Everyone must have his separate duties to serve the whole. That is the arrangement. This is real understanding.
      The most important part of the body is head, but that does not mean the leg is not important. Leg is important in its work, and head is important in its work. So we require both, head and tail both, not that simply leg or simply head.You collect some flowers, nice flowers, and, add with it some green foliage, it becomes more beautiful. Simply flower is not so beautiful. When it is arrayed with some green foliage, then it becomes more beautiful. So we have to take in that sense.
      It isn’t that a woman can’t be educated to become leader. They have the capacity to become independent and manage but it is not their prescribed duty. Therefore it will fail.
      It is better to engage in one’s own occupation, even though one may perform it imperfectly, than to accept another’s occupation and perform it perfectly. Duties prescribed according to one’s nature are never affected by sinful reactions.
      Women a different entity, therefore they must have different engagements.

      1. @Sudhir Dwivediji

        That’s a nice gesture on your part to quote the scriptures but I am afraid it might convey the impression that you are asking a modern woman to heed to bullock cart age principles 😛

  9. Well said. If India is shifting gears for full feminisation western world is already in top gear. So we can take that as a living example and do not repeat the same mistake that they did. Apparently it is a tiny minority trying to trouble the waters so that they can fish easily. It has nothing to do with equality or anyone’s rights!!!

    Man’s World – A Flashback

  10. It’s purely Talibani point of view presented here who want to hold on to patriarchy at any cost. Sad you people cannot enforce a ‘fatwa’ otherwise you would have done that! Actually what is sad is that many women do not have the courage to go against this kind of regressive mindset…but i’m hopeful that time is changing and when the change happens people like you will left with no option but to endorse it…or go along with it.
    Thank God, this is India and not Taliban!

    Comparing army brutality to women oppression (of civilians) is not apple to apple comparison…i don’t know how to even react to this! Do you realize that your are talking about few army men and here i’m talking about all women! Army men because of circumstances / feeding their family/patriotism go to great length. Hats off and salute to them. They know what kind of risk they are taking but still go for it…really hats off! Women who go to work on public transport however are not expecting to be molested, eve teased or worse, raped !

    Anyway forget it, I guess no point reacting here…better i do my work of making women ‘CONSCIOUS’ in true sense and let you like minded people discuss and appreciate each other! Thanks and God bless.

    1. @Saumya ji…

      Sorry, for this unusual delay in posting the reply. Usually, I respond very timely but this time appeared brief gap. Anyway, I read your reply many times but found nothing substantial from point of reason. It was only an emotional outburst, lacking any appealing point which can be appreciated on grounds of merit. However, since my silence can be construed in a wrong way and not offering a response can be seen as a lack of respect for the reader, I am but compelled to offer few arguments from my own side, which may or may not be strictly flowing from your entirely misplaced views. Before I move ahead, I take a strong objection to your usage of terms like “regressive mindset”; “enforce a fatwa”; “biased” and etc. First, you entirely did not read the post with required alertness, and later, you have made sweeping remarks, which have nothing to do with sentiments expressed in the article. Anyway, that’s your style, that’s your approach. Let me clear the air anyway-just your way!

      I have expressed my views here:

  11. INTENSE…………

    1. @Abha Mohanty..

      Happy to see that some woman can see the light, instead of worshiping the darkness!

  12. Chandrapal S Bhasker, Men’s Rights Activist, United Kingdom:

    The only thing that Indian society stood upon was exploitation of men and willingness of men to be exploited for the welfare of women. Every single problem that the article mentions – health problems, violent crimes, sexual crimes, etc are affecting Indian men in much higher rate. But we have no seen a single male or female politicians, or theorist who talks about it. Why? Because as soon as you talk about the oppression of men by innately female supremacist traditions where woman is a goddess, we have to address those problems or at least put up a facade that we are addressing them, this is simply not possible since the Indian or any other society stands upon exploiting primarily men. The problem becomes much more aggravated in societies such as Indo-Pak where woman are fundamentally seen as “weak” and men are trained by birth to provide and protect for women.

    Feminism is simply tip of the ice-berg. It couldn’t have taken roots unless the pre-conditions for it were present. What we are seeing is inevitable trajectory of society where half of the section of humanity has groomed the other half as pet to take their care using every single living breath.

    Gender slavery for men is built in Indian and ALL human cultures. Unless that is taken care of male disposability will keep its exploitative juggernaut unhindered in the form of “feminism” or good old submissive housefraus.


    Author’s Response:

    It’s pretty interesting that to talk about rights of women is fashion but the moment one speaks about rights of men there are raised eyebrows in the modern society! One becomes biased and owner of regressive mindset! In a society which now proclaims itself to have embraced modern values, inviting all sorts of discussion, there is still no space to discuss that men too have set of their own problems in wake of new developments.

    This great politics played in the name of rights of women, should, at least, make men pretty conscious of emerging realities. They should learn to respond to new complexities in a conscious way. That’s urgently required. The beginning has to be made now since that would ensure men of coming generations be not ridiculed/harassed/ caricatured once they begin to talk about rights of men. At least, they would have ground prepared to take issues related with men to next level.

    And I am happy that a beginning seems to have made its presence felt 🙂

  13. Ravi Hooda:

    The wonders of current so called progressive societal environment…! progress is hailed in unimportant irrelevant areas whereas regression is achieved in moral, spiritual societal foundations of human behaviour, family units The Liberals Of Ontario, Canada are celebrating the election of first woman premier who is also Gay. Never been happier to support conservatives here.

    Author’s Response:

    Thanks for your precious views..It’s really disheartening that new set of values replaced the ones found in earlier set up, infamously hailed as patriarchal mode. The pros and cons were never given due attention since imaginary gains ruled the roost. That too when no one knows what would be the shape of society if such values gain dominance. It’s not that patriarchal mode was altogether devoid of flaws. Like any system it had its own flaws. But it offered more advantages plus it was tried and tested one. So instead of making it in tune with new changes, it was projected as against total development of woman. Anyway, it’s an opportunity to fight for the cherished values. Tough resistance is better than doing nothing. And that means doing a great service to million of simple men and women who are living a glorious life instead of being in the rat race of rights minus responsibilities!

  14. Soniya Bharatiyaji said:

    Thought-provoking ideas!…

    Author’s Response:

    Many thanks Soniyaji..


    Manjoy Laxmi, Nagpur, Maharashtra, said:

    सही कहा है ….

    Author’s Response:

    चलिए सही का समर्थक तो मिला ….


  15. Saumya Pathak, Mumbai:

    I am surprised that you could not find anything reasonable from my response although whatever i wrote was all based on facts, i was no where presenting just my opinion. Besides nothing that i wrote is anything new…it’s being discussed so much in newspapers, magazines. If you think any point as just an “emotional outburst” pls feel free to quote that and I’ll provide you facts to support the same. In fact I felt that nowhere you gave any strong factual argument to my points. You are just expressing what is right from your perception.

    Yes, I do maintain that I found your attitude regressive and your thoughts are quite narrow-minded. I read your article and even the responses with proper alertness and then responded but did not find you doing the same to my response. You commented when a lady appreciated your views by saying that you are glad to find some conscious women. If someone is not accepting your views or is being critical you can’t be categorizing them as insensible or senseless! Still I am not taking any offense, I don’t have any personal grudge with you, just that I, strongly am critical of your views.
    My style is quite direct, may be blunt at times and I’m sorry if you felt bad, as it was not intended.

    Author’s Response:

    That’s again a knee-jerk reaction..Read the fresh post..It has dealt with all of your views with set of arguments and facts..The comment you see here is an introductory note..Your views, which you expressed in comment, have been analyzed with proper set of arguments and facts in my fresh post as it was not possible to express them in one single comment..I have not dismissed your views in arbitrary fashion… Don’t convey such misimpressions… One needs to read first, something which is not being done..At least, read first before commenting..

    And yes, being part of both media and law, there could be bombardment of facts..But that’s not the way..You should have relevant facts/arguments..From my side, whatever was possible, has been mentioned in the fresh post..Link has already been provided…So I need not to add more..If you come up with strong refutations, having proper logic/substance, I would definitely speak out my mind.

    So read and post your response in accordance with views expressed there.. And yes, I don’t take anything personally. That’s not part of my profession..

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