Songs For Beloved Moon Embracing Clouds: Hiding, Smiling And Crying

Moon And Romance! It's Commonplace  :P

Moon And Romance! It’s Commonplace 😛

Well, for past few days, I was bit taken aback by some sad developments. I wanted to finish the English version of one of my well read posts in Hindi. However, lack of concentration on my part was delaying it. By dint of  fortune, I came to participate in conversation on a prominent Radio Forum, Shrota Biradari,dominated by oldies, which was involved in making of document related with Hindi movie songs based on moon. Moon has always appealed to my senses. I am a night watcher since childhood and to gaze at stars and moon has been my favourite past time. Even now in my village, when I am all alone, surrounded by nothing but stillness of night, penetrated by chirping of cricket etc., I sit hours in open to gaze at the moon. Neil Armstrong had to visit moon to end up as philosophical human being but my passion for moon is deep enough that it does not require a trip to moon to admire its beauty.

Anyway, the forum involved in preparation of songs missed  some of my favourite songs. I wanted to add these songs to the document but I thought let’s share the same songs for readers and friends, having taste for refined music, narrating my own personal connection with the songs. Don’t forget that popular numbers already got included in that document and these are the ones which are close to my heart, but, sadly, these did not appear in that document. The silver hairs got trapped in age which produced gems like “O  Raat Ke Musafir” (Miss Mary),  “NaYe Chand Hoga” ( Shart) and “Ye Raat Ye Chandni Phir Kaha( Jaal), to name a few. So let me include some of the songs they failed to take note of.

“I’ve tried the new moon tilted in the air
Above a hazy tree-and-farmhouse cluster
As you might try a jewel in your hair.
I’ve tried it fine with little breadth of luster,
Alone, or in one ornament combining
With one first-water start almost shining.

I put it shining anywhere I please.
By walking slowly on some evening later,
I’ve pulled it from a crate of crooked trees,
And brought it over glossy water, greater,
And dropped it in, and seen the image wallow,
The color run, all sorts of wonder follow.”

( The Freedom of the Moon by Robert Frost)


1. Badalo Me Chup Raha Hai Chaand Kyo

That’s a charming song from movie directed by Mahesh Bhatt’s “Phir Teri Kahani Yaad Aayi”. The best thing about Mahesh Bhatt  is that no matter what’s the theme of his movies, he gives brilliant songs. The camera angles employed in his songs make the songs look so terrific. Just  remember “Tumhe apana banane ki kasam khayi hai” from Sadak – a well picturized song which depicts the state of mind of woman trapped in world of prostitution, trying to come to terms with new-found freedom. Anyway, this song is also well shot. And like always, the movie involves doomed romance. For me, the songs brings back the memories of  90s and this movie’s almost all the numbers were simply too good. Lyricist Qateel Shifai and musician Annu Malik did a wonderful  job. Interestingly, as a student, I had limited access to money, and thus, buying cassettes always meant sacrificing the last few notes found in my pocket. So I had to doubly assure whether or not all the songs were melodious in cassette. That meant taking “panga” (starting a fight) with the shopkeepers as they were often reluctant to make you listen all the numbers in bits and pieces. Anyway, these type of cassettes did full justice to few bucks (paisa vasool) which I managed to save those days.

2. Dhanno Ki  Ankhon Mein Raat  Ka  Surma 

Amazing song!  No wonder R D Burman is hailed as a true genius. Look at the sound employed in the travel song with folk touch. Talking of this sound effect, he told to Gulzar that when he first played this instrument, flanger, it produced a very harsh noise. The people around him were bit skeptical about its effect in ensuring melody. It was not so easy to make use of it. But watch this superbly picturized train song and you would realize that  how well R D Burman  used this instrument to create rhythm effect produced by train as it travelled through the valley. Hey, the song talks about Dhanno but this Dhanno is totally different from Basanti’s Dhanno! Like always imagery employed by Gulzar mesmerizes us. The song is visual delight as well. Never before train song produced such a romantic appeal. Above all, it’s “Chand Ka Chumma” (Moon’s Kiss) which kills us!

3. Chaand Chura Ke Laya Hoon

Again R D Burman and Gulzar come together to produce this great number. I like the song because the moment it refers to stealing of moon and love birds spending time behind some building like church, it brings into my mind the great buildings of British period. Although, this song does not feature Church but images of majestic buildings from previous eras appear before the eyes. By the way, tell me how many times have you seen Church being used as a spot to promote romance? But anything was possible if two souls, always out of their minds, Gulzar and R D Burman sat together to compose songs. These two always hailed themselves as crazy souls. Oh yes, crazy souls alone made some sense in world turned into hell by intelligent souls!

4. Khoobsurat Hai Wo Itna 

This song from movie “Rog” has two versions. One is sung by M M Kreem, the music director who composed this song. Another  one is sung by Udit Narayan. However, Kreem’s version is  close to my heart. I need to say few words about Kreem. This techie music composer, hugely underrated in Bollywood, is one of the few music composers, who know how to really compose a song using modern instruments, without copying anything from Western world, in name of inspiration. These are some of the hard working musicians who have kept the dignity of Bollywood music world intact. How sad, people talk about A  R Rahman but they fail to take note of gems composed by such lesser heard names. I came to hear him first in my college days, when out of curiosity, I came to buy this cassette, seeing new names on the flap of the cassette as unheard names always fascinated me. Now lend ears to  this moving number, which talks about pangs of falling in love with beloved belonging to someone else legally! That’s why the song says ” moon is dotted with rough spots yet one cannot resist its beauty”!

For movie version to notice the picturization one can visit this link.

5. Mera Chand Mujhe Aaaya Hai Nazar

The tragedy with Bollywood is that if movie bombs at the box office, the songs also fail to create impact. I am sure very few movie lovers would have heard the name of this movie released in the middle of the 90s. Mercifully, Jatin Lalit was at its peak in those days. This innovative duo managed to give some beautiful numbers, which managed to find the ears despite movie doing average business. Since this movie is by-product of Bhatt Camp, rest assured that song must be aesthetically shot! I love this song because it takes me to college days, wherein I realized that moon in youth leaves the sky and gets placed in some beautiful face!

6. Chamakte Chand Ko Toota Hua Tara Bana Daala 

Whenever Ghulam Ali came to sing for Indian movies, the song turned out to be defining moment in world of Indian movie music. Be it “Dil Ye Pagal Dil” or ” Chupke Chupke Raat Din”, the songs always managed to stay in the hearts and minds for forever. So it  was not unexpected that this song became representative song for broken dreams. What stunning lines the verses have! Just listen  to it and you would be bound to play it for more time. Anu Malik was not very popular in those days, but with such movies, he managed to build a position for himself. The  bold sequences in the this song have the stamp of Mahesh Bhatt’s vision!

7. Mere Roothe Hue Balma

This song is departure from the songs I have mentioned in  this post. It’s from a classic produced in 1950 “Bawre Nain”, featuring Raj Kapoor and Geetabali. The song would let you know that how simple and innocent gesture have given way to nothing left for imagination gestures of Sunny Leone. Anyway, this song has remarkable innocent gestures of Geetabali, who is trying to please  her moon. I am happy that silver hairs failed to mention this good number, dedicated to moon, sung by Rajkumari, and allowed me to talk about this song..ha..ha..ha. This beautiful singer sang few songs but these few songs have become unforgettable numbers.

8. Chanda Dekhe Chanda To Chanda Sharmaayein

This song has a very pleasant tune and some excellent from verses from Maya Govind- a very talented female lyricist from Lucknow.  How often we notice female lyricist in Bollywood or elsewhere? My friend Sagar Nahar, who is prominent song collector  from Hyderabad, very rightly points out that this Bappi  Lahiri’s composition sounds very similar to S D Burman’s composition in Abhiman ” Tere Mere Milan Ki  Raina”. Interestingly,  both the  movies Jhoothi and Abhiman were directed by  Hrishikesh Mukherjee. And, above all, it’s picturized on stunningly beautiful Rekha!  What else can eyes crave for!

For Rekha lovers, here is a clearer video, but unfortunately, the song is incomplete.

9. Kolaveri Di  

Well, I need not to say anything about this song. I have already written a post on it, which you can read here. I have to mention this song for one more time because first it belongs to current period, making you all know the changes that have hit the Indian film music, and secondly,  it talks about moon in hilarious way. A song meant for heart broken guys but the approach involved is refreshingly unique. Anyway, for me, it means a greater involvement with moon instead of nurturing hatred for distance moon.


Dealing With A Breakup In Love Relationship Kolaveri Di Way

Rajkumari Dubey

M. M Kreem

Maya Govind

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  1. Arvind Sharma, Banker, Indore, Madhya Pradesh), said:

    Dear Pandeyji,

    Thanks for an excellent choice of songs of Chaand. I particularly like the song of film ”Kitaab’ a creation of Gulzar. Though the film was not a block buster, yet this composition could only be created by Gulzar. I too had a habit of collecting songs on the themes like Chaand, Raat, Dil, Sawan– though it didn’t matter whether they are from films, or private songs, classical or even western. What mattered was whether we liked them or not. Long back when we— me, my sisters — were temporary announcers at AIR, we used to air such programmes in Aapki Farmaish late in the night, which were very popular . Lastly, I would request to use word Lady instead of female. In the British Raj, the train compartments were labelled as — for Indian ladies—- female, for supporters of Raj— Women and for English — Ladies. Though the word female is not wrong at all, yet somehow it has a derogatory air about it. Hence this request.

    Author’s Response:

    What a precious comment! I give way to your suggestion of using the word “lady” unless the context demands otherwise. And glad to know that you were part of AIR. That’s quite a news for me. It makes me feel happy that I have such wonderful friends in my circle of friends, having wide knowledge and refined experiences.

  2. Sudhir Dwivedi, New Delhi, said:

    Very nice Arvind ji soon I will make a list of mine favorite songs based on chanda & chand and i will post it to ur orignal post.

    Author’s Response :

    That’s what I really want. Readers sharing their own experiences in thought provoking way on the original post instead of making great comments on Facebook. Informative comments on post by intelligent readers act as value addition for the post. And when after many years, visitors read the post side by side the comments, it’s a fascinating experience from gaining knowledge since the post had perspective of both reader and author. However, I notice that readers have the tendency to post comment on Facebook. This habit should change. I know some sites need registration for comments but there are many sites which facilitate commenting. So that cannot be the pretext to avoid comments.

    So it makes me happy to hear about your own list. I hope it’s bit different than Shrota Biradari’s one since it would be repetition of sorts…

  3. Sagar Nahar, Owner of Radio Listener’s Club, Hyderabad, Andhra Pradesh, said:


    आपकी पोस्ट बहुत अच्छी लगी, मेरा जिक्र होना भी बहुत अच्छा लगा :)धन्यवाद।

    लेकिन एक अनुरोध है कि आप पोस्ट का हिन्दी अनुवाद भी लिखें। दो फायदे होंगे एक तो मेरे जैसे लोग भी पूरा पढ़ समझ सकेंगे, दूसरा यह कि लोग गूगल से “चाँद” पर आधारित गीत खोजने आयेंगे तब उन्हें आपकी पोस्ट मिल जायेगी।

    Author’s Response:

    Sagar Naharji

    आपका अनुरोध सर आँखों पर पर मेरी व्यस्तताएं कमबख्त बहुत है। और लेखन आसान नहीं होता सागर जी आप अच्छी तरह से जानते ही है उनके लिए जो संभाल कर, सोच समझकर लिखते है। आपके सुझाव को मन के कोने में बिठा लिया है और जैसे वक्त मिलेगा अनुवाद हाज़िर होगा। अब किसी शेख की तरह तेल का कुआँ होता तो कुछ ले देके भला सा अनुवाद करवा देता पर ऐसा है नहीं सो विलम्ब होना स्वाभाविक है। वैसे आपको अच्छा लगा ये अभी रूह में ताजगी भरने के लिए काफी है 🙂

    दो-तीन और मधुर गीत डाल रहा हूँ।

    एक रात में दो दो चाँद खिले एक घूंघट में एक बदली में ..मुकेश/लता (बरखा चलचित्र से)


    चाँद अकेला जाए सखी रे आलाप चलचित्र से कितना मधुर गीत है येसुदास की आवाज में।और ये गीत वकील बिरादरी का प्रतिनिधित्व भी करता है 😛


    तेरे बिना ज़िन्दगी से शिकवा तो नहीं आंधी चलचित्र से।।। गुलज़ार संग आर डी बर्मन एक बार फिर। इस गीत के बीच में जो संवाद है मार्मिक रूप से चाँद के ऊपर है। इस गीत को मै इस संवाद के लिए ही सुनता हूँ। ये जो चाँद है न इसे रात में देखना ये दिन में नहीं निकलता……क्या संवाद हुआ है इन दोनों के बीच।

  4. Piyush Mehtaji, Radio Ceylon Listener’s Group, Surat , Gujarat, said:

    Arvind K Pandey, aap ki kisi bhi post me Radio shrilankaa ke kaaryakramo kee charchaa yaa kisi aur ki post para tipane ya pasandgi ki mohar kyon kabhi naheen hoti hai ? Kam se kam muze yaad naheen aata hai. Agar aapako yaad ho to aapa khood hee bataayen.

    Author’s Response:

    अगर नाराज़ है तो गुस्सा थूक कर हमारी बात सुने जिसे आप सफाई मत समझिएगा। मुझे यकीन है कि आपकी शिकायत पानी में बताशे की तरह घुल जायेगी हमारी बात सुनने के बाद। मुद्दा लाइक-डिसलाइक से ऊपर सुंदर गीत संगीत विमर्श पर होना चाहिए जो रेडियो सीलोन की जान और पहचान दोनों है। व्यस्तता के कारण बहुत आना संभव नहीं होता आप ये समझ सकते है पर आप शायद यकीन न करे इलाहबाद में जो रेडियो सीलोन के श्रोता है पर इन्टरनेट से नहीं जुड़े है मै उन्हें बताता रहता हूँ कि किस तरह इस तरह के ग्रुप बने हुए है जो बहुत अच्छा काम कर रहे है । आप का जिक्र भी हुआ है। खामोश मोहब्बत भी उतनी दमदार होती है या ज्यादा दमदार होती है बोलने वालो से। क्या ये बात आप वरिष्ठ लोगो को समझानी पड़ेगी? और अगर क़द्र न होती तो मै अपनी बाते पोस्ट के माध्यम से क्यों रखता। अब इससें अधिक प्रमाण अपने लगाव का मै क्या दूं। सो यद्यपि आपकी शिकायत सही नहीं है मै कोशिश करूँगा कि प्रेम दर्शाने में थोडा स्थूल हो जाऊ मतलब लाइकमय हो जाऊं। उम्मीद है आपने मेरी पोस्ट देखी होगी। राजकुमारी दुबे का गीत बावरे नैन से है। अभी अभी पोस्ट के कमेन्ट सेक्शन में चाँद से जुड़े आंधी, आलाप, बरखा के गीत जोड़े है। उम्मीद है आप की नज़रे इनायत इन गीतों पर होगी।

  5. Ghanshyam Das, UAE, said:

    Ham to hain pardes mein, desh me nikla hoga chand….

    Author’s Response:

    That means even moon has become foreigner..ha..ha..ha. Many thanks for this number..I have added some new songs on moon…One is from Aandhi..Listen the dialogue centered on moon between Sanjeev Kumar and very beautiful Suchitra Sen…It’s very touching.

  6. Very nice articulated article Arvind ji and your selection of songs based on moon is really appreciable, few of them are my favorite as well , M.M Kareem is one of my favorite M.D. As I said earlier I would provide you my songs list based on Moon so here is my list.
    1.Samjh kar chand jisko aasmaan ne rakkha hai -Vinod Rathur –Alka yagnik(Bazigar)
    2.Chand chupta hai suraj nikalta hai –Shabbir Kumar (Aap ke Saath)
    3.Chand se parda kijiye koi chura na le chehre ka noor -Kumar Sanu (Aao Pyar Kare)
    5.Chand Gagan se phool chaman se rah nahi sakta door-Mohd.Aziz(Charno ki Saugandh)
    6.Chanda sitaare bindiya tumhari punam kit um raat ho- Udit-Alka(Naseeb)
    7.Ghoonghte me chanda hai phir bhi hai faila –Udit Narayn (Koyla)
    8.Raat ki hatheli me chand jagmagata hai – Udit Narayan(Refugee)
    9.Khoya khoya chand khula aasmaan – Mohd. Rafi ( Kala Bazar)
    10.O Jaane wale chand jara muskara ke – Mohd.Rafi (Meena Bazar 1949)
    11. Suraj Hua madhamm Chand jalne laga – Sonu Nigam-Alka(KKG)
    I would like to mention one more song which is my most favorite Ghazal and that is a non filmi song
    Of my most favorite Singer Mohd. Rafi Sahab .
    Pagal chanda mere man ki aag me saari raat jale …

    1. Thanks for the list..It has some of my favourites like “samajh kar chand” from the movie I do not appreciate much-Baazigar..Vinod Rathod is a very talented singer, but Bollywood didn’t make proper use of his voice..

      “Khoya Khoya Chand” is on my lips since childhood. And I remember very well that in childhood I saw it number of times in Rangoli.

      …..Thanks for kind words of appreciation….

  7. Many thanks to Dilip Kawathekar, Indore, Madhya Pradesh; Himanshu B. Pandey, Siwan, Bihar;Atul Tripathi, Orai,Uttar Pradesh;Shashikant R Pandey,Ahmedabad,Gujarat;Inderjit Kaur, Jalandhar,Punjab;Rakesh Pandey,Bhopal,Madhya Pradesh; Anjeev Pandey,Nagpur, Maharashtra; Baijnath Pandey,Associate Editor,Instablogs, New Delhi; Ravi Hooda, Canada, and Abdullah Jarwar, Teacher, Sindh, Pakistan, for liking the post…

  8. Many thanks to Laurie Buchanan, Holistic Health Practitioner—Board Certified with the American Association of Drugless Practitioners, USA, for liking the post like always 🙂

  9. Arvind Sharma, Banker, Indore, Madhya Pradesh, said:

    Thanks for adding me in the your circle of friends

    Author’s Response:

    Some more beautiful songs having moon as centre of attraction

    Zindagi Zab Bhi…Ye Zami Chand Se Behtar Nazar Aati Hai Hame…Umrao Jaan….Khayyam/Shahryar


    Do Diwane Shaher Mein.. Gharaonda..Jaidev/Gulzar


    Tum Mile Dil Khile…MM Kreem/Indeevar

  10. बेहतरीन कलेक्शन बेहद उम्दा गीतों का !!

    1. @Rajshree Sharma जी

      धन्यवाद राजश्री जी। आपका नाम उस भूली बिसरी पुरानी अभिनेत्री की याद दिलाता है जिस पर मेरे कितने ही पसंदीदा गीत है।बहरहाल, इस तारीफ़ के लिए आप का शुक्रिया। आप के कर्ण मधुर ध्वनी तरंगो को न पकड़ रहे होते तो कैसे आप ये शब्द कह पाती !

  11. @Sagar Nahar, Radio Listener’s Group, Hyderabad, Andhra Pradesh, said:

    वाह Pandeyजी, क्या बात है इतने लाजवाब गीत किसी को याद ही नहीं आए। मेरे अनुरोध का मान रखने और सुन्दर गीत याद दिलवाने/ सुनवाने के लिए धन्यवाद।

    Author’s Response:

    उन बातो का तो मान रखना ही पड़ेगा न जो रखने योग्य है। आप जानते ही है कि चाहे प्रशंसा हो या आलोचना उसको साफ़ साफ़ अभिव्यक्त करना बिना किसी लाग लपेट के मेरी आदत है। मै मुस्कुरा रहा हूँ ये बात कहते वक्त क्योकि पाकिस्तानी गीत तो आप ने सुनवा दिया पर इतने सारे सुन्दर भारतीय गीत आह भरते रह गए थें। इनकी आह को मैंने इस बिरादरी में रख दिया और कुछ नहीं।

  12. Arvind Sharma, Banker, Indore, Madhya Pradesh, said:

    Dear Pandeyji, Now I am in a dilemma– kaun sa gungunaon aur kau sa cd par sunu. Kya baat hai. First rate choice.

    Author’s Response:

    Well, in my company, you would always be haunted by such melodious dilemmas ..ha.ha..ha..Well, I must say you too have refined taste.


    Rajshree Sharma’s words for Arvind Sharmaji also need to be taken note of:

    Salute to you bro, m so proud of you. After reading ur comment I held my head proudly only because of people like you we ladies feel respectable .thanx bro .our childhood memories once again come alive !Thanx bro

  13. Two other good songs pointed out by Rajshreeji…I am adding them without editing accompanying words of Rajshreeji in relation to the songs:

    सागरजी एक गीत और जिसमें मुखड़े में नहीं बल्कि गीत के बीच में चांद आया है
    फिल्म बंदिनी मोरा गोरा अंग लईले …बदली हटा के चंदा चुपके से झांके चंदा
    तोहे लागे राहू बैरी मुस्काय जी जलइके…चलेगा क्या ??


    Isi tarah ka ek geet aur….. पिया तोसे नैना लागे रे

    रात को जब चांद चमके जल उठे तन मेरा
    मैं कहूँ मत कर ओ चन्दा इस गली का फेरा ….


  14. Many thanks to Gyasu Shaikhji for his participation…

  15. Arvind Sharma, Banker, Indore, Madhya Pradesh, said:

    Well,Great men think alike.

    Sagar Naharji/Arvind Sharmaji

    Many thanks for your participation..Some more really terrific songs. .And I am really happy that amid so many conscious listeners, I got the the chance to add these stunning numbers:

    सागर जी के लिए कुछ हिंदी में: ये सबसे आखिर में मेरी तरफ से कुछ अनमोल नगमे जो शेष रह गए थें। अब आप लोग जो इसके बाद भी शेष रह गये वो जोड़े। मेरी तरफ से इतनी मिठास काफी है नहीं तो ज्यादा मीठा हो जाएगा। इस बात की बेहद ख़ुशी है कि इतने गुणी श्रोताओ के कान और मन से ये नगमे बचाकर मुझे प्रस्तुत करने का मौका मिला 😛

    Chehra Hai Ye Chand Khila Hai….RD Burman/Javed Akhtar….


    Chand Ko Kya Maloom…Movie …Laal Bangla/ Mukesh/Usha Khanna-Indeevar


    Chand Chup Chap Hai Movie: Daal Mein Kala/Singer: Kishore..Music: C Ramchandra..


    Chanda Re Chanda Re…A R Rahman/Javed Akhtar


    Tu Chanda Mai Chandni….Reshma Aur Shera…Music Jaidev… Lyricist: Balkavi Bairagi

  16. One more song from Barsaat Ki Raat…Mujhe Mil Gaya Bahana Teri Deed Ka ..Kaisi Khushi Leke Aaya Chaand Eid Ka…Lata/Roshan/Sahir..

  17. Wow, awesome weblog format! How long have you been blogging for?
    you made running a blog glance easy. The whole look of your site is fantastic, as
    smartly as the content material!

    1. @ Orlando….

      Many thanks for your appreciation : – ) 🙂 🙂

    2. Thanks for your kind words, for token of appreciation …

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