Million Thanks To My Haters For Adding A New Dimension In My Stature

The Honourble Mr. Justice K Bhaktavatsala: Becoming Agent Of Change

The Honourble Mr. Justice K Bhaktavatsala: Becoming Agent Of Change

It appears my worth as a writer attained a greater value, more than the symbolic value in a society deep rooted in utilitarian principles. I thank my detractors for making me gain star value by their constant display of stupid gestures at regular intervals. On Sep.04, 2012, I signed a petition on,  seeking promotion of  Justice Bhaktavatsala. Later, I got the usual thanks notification: Dear Arvind, Thanks for signing my petition, ‘Reward Justice Bhaktavatsala -Karnataka: Reward JusticeBhaktvatsala for fighting against misuse of section 498a.’      

This petition stated: “In a feminist ruled country(feminocracy) like India Justice Bhaktvatsala is a great judge who against all odds is battling the feminist hegemony in courts. He has taken on the misandrist media and feminist ideology and is delivering great judgment. His recent efforts on stopping the misuse of the dreaded section 498a which has led to millions of husbands committing suicide is truly remarkable. India hails Justice Bhaktvatsala and wants more Judges like him to be elevated to the HC and Supreme court.”

And now on Sep.05, 2012, a prominent prestigious publication, Kafila, started a campaign for removal of the same judge. The content of the petition states: “Justice Bhaktavatsala has shown grave disrespect towards the Indian Constitution, which he is sworn to protect, and which guarantees equal rights to all citizens, men and women. As such, he has revealed himself to be utterly unfit for his high office of responsibility.Sign the petition asking the Chief Justice of India, Hon’ble Mr. Justice S.H. Kapadia, to remove Justice K Bhaktavatsala from his post for these appalling statements.”

Well, all I can now say is that ball lies in the court of people. Right now, I feel happy for adding a new dimension in the creature called writer. And yes, million thanks to my haters! 


Justice Bhaktavatsala


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12 responses

  1. Many thanks to Kalpana Tripathi, Mumbai (Maharashtra); Michael Schweidleim, Berlin (Germany); Anjeev Pandey, Nagpur (Maharashtra); Miley Sur Mera Tumhara, New Delhi; Lalita Jha, New Delhi; Rajiv Gangar, Mumbai (Maharashtra); Shashkant R Pandey, Ahmedabad (Gujarat); Dharmendra Sharma, United Arab Emirates; Chandrapal S Bhasker, United Kingdom; Advocate Rajesh Kumar, New Delhi and Nita Pandey, Chennai (Tamil Nadu) for showing interest in this post…

  2. “And now on Sep.05, 2012, a prominent prestigious publication, Kafila, started a campaign against removal of the same judge. ”

    Just confused: From what I understand from the rest of the article, Kafila started a campaign for the removal of the judge, right? Or did I misunderstood it?

    1. Yes, Kafila started a campaign for the removal of the judge.

      That’s not been strongly implied that it’s me alone who provoked this publication. The point that needs to be understood is moment an individual or organisation enters in positive gestures, series of negative actions and reactions come into play.

      This prominent organisation is involved in many feminist campaigns, and I am pretty sure involvement of premier bodies in defence of the Judge has invoked strong opposition. So now the ones involved in defence of the judge should be more alert and conscious…

  3. Michael Schweidleim, Berlin (Germany) said:

    Good stuff :)..I read your blog, and it’s different with what the western media in west have shown to us. They said “India is a dangerous place for women” LOL…

    Author’s Response:

    Good stuff! Paying The Price For Being An Author..ha..ha..ha…Yes, I am trying my best to be a person with difference…Trying my level west to quash the biased perspectives, which the mainstream media in India or elsewhere tries to build all the time..

  4. Michael Schweidleim | Reply

    keep your great work

    1. @Michael Schweidleim

      Many thanks for your kinds words..That would definitely be the case in future as well..

  5. @ indowaves, kafila is run by a bunch of pseudo-secularists who are under the impression that some “petition” is more than enough to remove a sitting judge of the High Court. Cases of Justice P.D. Dinakaran (who had ultimately resigned) and Justice Soumitra Sen are not so old.

    Interestingly enough most of the “feminists” are either used and abused by their spouses (which they were bearing at that time without any complaint) or past “shelf-life”! So their uttering need not be taken seriously.

    1. @JGN

      Many thanks for letting me know your views, for being my side in such a strong way. I am aware of the misdeeds of this publication. That’s because I often visit their posts and register my protests in form of comments.So I know about their intentions quite well. I agree with you that their outburst need not to be taken that seriously but let’s not commit the blunder of being totally ignorant about the moves of your opponents. Never underestimate the power of derailed intellectuals,especially if they are in large number,working in organized manner. We should offer all sorts of resistance to make them totally ineffective.

      Thanks for dropping by..Hope to find you often on my post..

  6. Swami Prabhu Chaitanya, Patna (Bihar) said:

    सहमत हूँ..(Agreeing with you.)

    Author’s Response:

    Thanks Swami Prabhu Chaitanya not only for your appreciation but also for your unambiguous support ..People avoid taking clear stand in such issues..You have done the opposite..

  7. Anjeev Pandey, Journalist , Nagpur, said:

    क्या बात है..बढ़िया..

    Author’s Response:

    Thanks Anjeev Pandeyi..That’s the award I have got for writing well!

  8. Pandey Ji, is this a joke? “In a feminist ruled country(feminocracy) like India”?! “feminist hegemony in courts”?! Which fantasy-land are we in?

    1. Relax, we are still living amid hardcore realities wherein ” the Supreme Court has plainly told the government to take a relook at the anti-dowry law — Section 498A of Indian Penal Code — saying it has been misused by women to lodge false or exaggerated complaints against husbands and their relatives accusing them of cruel behaviour.”


      “We come across a large number of such complaints which are not even bona fide and are filed with oblique motives.”

      “At times, even after conclusion of criminal trial, it is difficult to ascertain the truth,” it said and gave examples of cases where the woman in her complaint had roped in the husband’s relatives, who lived in different cities and rarely visited them, of cruel behaviour towards her.

      Such accusations invariably led to the husband and his relatives remaining in jail for a few days, breeding rancour, acrimony and bitterness and ruining all chances of an amicable settlement, said Justice Bhandari, writing the judgment for the bench.


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