Hindus Vs Muslims: Revealing Dirty Politics In India

Narendra Modi: When Past Is Used To Corrupt The Future!

Narendra Modi: When Past Is Used To Corrupt The Future!

I have never been sympathetic to causes supported by Narendra Modi. I have never been great admirer of this man, who has now become a key figure in national political landscape of this nation. That’s because extremism of any form or aggressive ideologies never appeal to my instincts. However, it’s highly interesting to analyze the drama of protest and opposition played in his name. His opposition by secular parties of this nation reveals what really constitutes the art of dirty politics. It lets you know how someone’s past is distorted to serve one’s vested interests, how some parties have crossed all limits to paint someone in wrong colours! This man responsible for phenomenal progress in Gujarat is best remembered for riots of Gujarat. That’s so evident the way his adversaries start accusing him of riots whenever something significant flows from his side. Anyway, it’s really unbelievable that a state can achieve such a progress rate when it’s having snake-mongoose type relationship with the Centre. This development story cannot be taken lightly.

I give high rating to this man, treat him worthy of respect, on grounds that his vision is progressive and development oriented. He has the uncanny ability to call a spade a spade in times when speaking in equivocal manner has become order of the day. Mind you ability to speak in clear terms cannot be gained by people in league with cheaper orientations. One has to be man of principles to sound honest. One cannot engage in deeper reflection unless one has got one’s imagination in right place. 

Take for instance controversial equations governing relationship of Hindus with Muslims. Take into consideration the policies unleashed by Congress regimes since India attained freedom. It played the most dirty games all in the name of restoring secular values. As a result of such divisive policies, the nation saw many terrible riots. Have a look at this video. It’s quite revealing! It reveals who is the real culprit and who are the ones really responsible for distorting the face of this nation all in the name of serving the minorities. So what should be the line of action-the vision- to ensure progress in this nation? Should it be that some incompetent people be placed in high positions just because they happen to represent a particular religion?



Something out of context to display how right people are being treated in this nation. In this nation lesser names involved in vain acts get recommended for prestigious awards, only because it serves the political interests of people in power. The people like Mathematician Anand Kumar, the owner of Super 30 institution, always remain marginalized. That’s because they never become part of dirty game played in the name of awards. However, sun cannot be overpowered by black clouds. Its existence is synonymous with shining brightly. Hats off to spirit of Anand Kumar, which enabled the underprivileged souls to be on the road to progress.

Anand Kumar: The Man Who Really Deserves Prestigious Award

Anand Kumar: The Man Who Really Deserves Prestigious Award


Super 30 

Anand Kumar

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7 responses

  1. Should it be that some incompetent people be placed in high positions just because they happen to represent a particular religion?

    No, but then should it be that people get high positions because of their influence in the media by the Muslim dominated Congress, Bollywood or corrupt power that keeps them there like Sonia Gandhi?

    This article is so biased, look at what Modi has done for Gujarat. Its an amazing turnaround and he was not involved at all in the riots. He stayed away from condemning anything because the topic was sensitive it would inflame Hindu and Muslim passions no matter what side he took. Don’t forget the 250 Hindus that died in the riots plus the 50 Hindus in the train burning, thats 300 Hindus, do these Hindus have no value?

    1. @Amrik

      I wonder have you really bothered to read the article? Despite the fact that I am not his admirer,I have talked about Modi in a positive way. So why are you speaking in that fashion, accusing me of being “biased”, is beyond my comprehension? In fact, I have conveyed the same impression that you have so emphatically stated in your observation.

      And, as far as riots of Guajarat, are concerned I have already talked about it in detailed manner. Have a look at this post: https://indowaves.wordpress.com/2011/09/18/ghost-of-gujarat-riots-a-panacea-for-secular-souls-lying-on-their-death-beds/…..In this article, I have taken note of dirty politics played in the name of Gujarat riots.

      So please do not comment without reading my post in a conscious way. Anyway, thanks a lot for making me aware of your views.

  2. Kalpana Tripathi, Mumbai (Maharashtra), said:

    Modi should be given a chance and he is the only man who can change the face of India as he did in Gujrat. But most are opposing him i dont know why? its just a dirty politics, no wants country to flourish, they just want their personal growth.He is not remembered for the work he did in progessing gujrat inspite of this he is blamed for riots that happened long ago. People should see him with clean specs i think otherwise his dirty pic would come up only.

    Author’s Response:

    Thanks Kalpana for speaking out your mind. Well, that’s the travesty of great expectations. We want this nation to progress but we are just not ready to give chance to those who really mean business. Let’s hope right people be in the right place so that, at least, we can live in a better society..

  3. Thanks Himanshu B Pandey, Siwan (Bihar); Rekha Pandey, Mumbai; Anupam Verma, New Delhi; Dharmendra Sharma,United Arab Emirates; Swami Prabhu Chaitanya, Patna (Bihar); Neet Sparrow; Renu Sinha, Utrecht(Netherlands); Naresh Anshu Mishra, Varanasi(Uttar Pradesh); Ian Shalapata, Windsor, Ontario (Canada);Patil Rucha, Navi Mumbai (Maharashtra); Shikha Shuklaji, Jaipur(Rajasthan); Miley Sur Mera Tumhara, New Delhi; Pankaj S.Pandey; Lalita Jha, New Delhi; Rajan Pandey; Chaitanya, Bhopal(Madhya Pradesh); Chaitanya, Bhopal (Madhya Pradesh); Rakesh Pandey, Bhopal (Madhya Pradesh); Shashikant R Pandey, Ahmedabad (Gujarat); Himanshu Kumar, Hyderabad (Andhra Pradesh); Nita Pandey, Chennai (Tamil Nadu) and Ravi Hooda, Canada, for making your presence felt on this post.

  4. Ravi Hooda, Toronto, Ontario (Canada) said:

    Nice one Arvind ji….Modi bashing has become kind of a fashion today for some to prove their secular credentials. If he is so highly communal why haven’t any riots or disturbances taken place in the last 10 years in Gujrat, whereas all around you can see the vile vote bank political game of Congress which hideously survives on creating rifts and divides to suit its rampant loot of the nation and creating a Hullabaloo of what if about the Nationalists from any party.

    The fact of the matter is he is highly popular with the masses right now not on account of his religious affiliations but the phenomenal growth and development ushered under his leadership in Gujrat which has raised a flicker of hope for our beleaguered Bharat.

    Author’s Remark:

    Very well said, Raviji..Let’s not forget that mainstream media has played a great role in vilification of Modi as “demon”. Ironically, media boasts of maintaining transparency and objectivity. Had mainstream media played its role well, I am sure the pace of development in this nation would have been more realistic. That’s because it would have allowed capable people, like Modi, to frame sound policies for this nation.

    However, we find that mainstream media is involved in glorifying vain gestures of leaders no better than puppets.

  5. The Ronman on booksie.com said:

    I don’t know whether or not Modi had a role to play in the riots. If he did, deal to him the worst punishment possible. If not, leave him be. But his hand in the development of Gujarat is undeniable and worthy of praise. Well done presenting a complete picture.

    Author’s Response:

    Thanks Ronman for dropping by. I am in tune with your observations. Well, the judicial system is pretty perfect in ensuring justice. I am sure it will set the records straight in this issue.It would definitely not allow the culprits to go scot free. It’s true that he has been passionately involved in making Gujarat a role model for other states. Let’s see how long do our leaders take to be inspired from him? Look forward to your future visits on my posts 🙂

  6. Sharon Farnham, Dayton, Ohio (U.S.A.):

    It is happening all over the world not just your country. We need to stop it world wide…

    Author’s Response:

    True..Regressive tendencies are present everywhere…So let’s fight it collectively..

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