In The Company Of Old Friends: The Get Together At Bikanervala


The Get Together

Friends From Left: Pinto Jaiswal, Sangharsha, Arun Prakashji, Vinay Pandey( My brother) And Her Cute Daughters/ On Right Side: Myself, Sudhansh Pandey, Ram Babu, Avinash And My Parents.

 I am no party animal. On top of it, the streak of introversion often keeps me at a safe distance from mass gatherings of any type. So when my friends learned about a party from my side, the news generated a sense of disbelief among them. Anyway, the party did turn out to be a reality instead of becoming a figment of imagination. Well, let me tell my friends that I love their company a lot. Few moments spent  in their company are some of the most cherished moments in life. After all, life is never kind enough to provide such blissful episodes at a regular interval.

I realize that nature takes just  few seconds to shatter all your dreams, shatter the order of things, leading to revelation of shades which one could have hardly conceptualized in the chambers of mind. That’s why I feel one should not miss to be part of some happy moments with near and dear ones if there arises some occasion. That was one of the prime reasons as to why I came to organize this event. My friends treated the event as some sort of occasion organized to celebrate the professional success but the only reason, if they could believe, was to see them together at one place after a long time.  

Seeing Old Friends After A Long Time

On Left Side You Can Find Rajesh Pandey Giving A Broad Smile: A Rare Phenomenon In Our Tense Times; On Right Side You Can Notice Arvind Kushwaha, Computer Programmer, acting as Lensman At The Party, and Satyadhar Dubey Lost In Some Thoughts ( Must Be Wondering Wow That’s Such A Good Arrangement!)

So instead of getting trapped in “to be, or to not to be” dilemma, I decided to make  it a reality. One of the participants, who lives in my neighbourhood, Arun Prakash Srivastavaji, District Librarian at Deoria, suggested that restaurant named Bikanervala, situated in the heart of city, Civil Lines, would prove to be an ideal location for such an event. His advice turned out to be perfectly true. I must appreciate him that he not only offered meaningful suggestions but also ensured that party remained above any unpleasant incident. He remained fully involved in happenings at the party besides enjoying the good meal. He deserves special thanks on my part.

The Company Of Friends Is  Quite Delicious

The Company Of Friends Is Quite Delicious..he…he..he

Anyway, some of my friends arrived right on appointed time instead of obeying the Indian rule of never arriving on time, especially at parties. I am a disciplinarian when it comes to event management. So I was too happy to see Sudhanshu Pandey, Advocate at Allahabad High Court, and Ashish Nigam, Advocate at Allahabad High Court, right on time. In fact, Sudhanshu covered a long distance to be on time, and that too, when I had informed him barely few hours back. So to see busy professionals making the presence felt on time really made me happy.

In Company Of OId Friends

Sudhanshu Pandey, Satyadhar Dubey and Arvind Kushwaha: The Legal Hawks from Allahabad University

Since Asish was on time he found time enough to look at my recently published articles. I respect him for the fact that he really works hard to emerge as a good lawyer at a time when legal profession has been hijacked by blockheads. I remember he was one of the most serious students in our batch. It’s a matter of great satisfaction that he has retained that seriousness until now.

Meeting as Friends, Not As Lawyers

Ashish Nigam: Remained on the right track in legal world


My namesake Arvind Kushwaha, who also happens to be qualified computer professional besides being a lawyer, happily decided to play the role of lensman at the party. The images which grace this post have been clicked by him and Ashish Nigam, who suggested some new angles to have better pictures. Arvind who never misses an opportunity to act as “Hanuman” for me in times of crisis is always seen in the company of Satyadhar Dubeyji, who besides being a lawyer plays several other roles with quite perfection. He is one of the few persons to offer most pragmatic advises in critical times- a reason why I am a frequent visitor to his home.

Enjoying The Evening

Priceless Moments


Few words about Sampanna Kumar “Sangharsha” and Pinto Jaiswal as well. They are the ones who became part of my life the moment I entered in Allahabad after a long stay in Lucknow. In fact, Pinto has been with me since Nursery days. I have shared with them some sweet and sour moments. It’s also a bare truth that both of them bear no resemblance at all to my approach towards life, the principles which form my life, the mannerism I advocate, and still, they happen to be part of my events. It’s mainly because I hate to avoid people who once shared the road with me and partially because nature sometimes dictate the course of events making you move with people diametrically opposite to your views. They also happen to be lawyers but Sangharsha, I must say, is a political lawyer, being more engaged in political activities, and Pintu, the shortcut lawyer at District Court, is always engaged in ensuring that laws do bring money whether or not they ensure justice. Avinash Srivastava, the lawyer flirting with spiritualism, and Rambabu, Advocate, remained silent for most of the time as their common friend Sangharsha’s nonstop chattering left little scope for others!  

The sight of Rajesh Pandey, Advocate and Legal Correspondent for The Hindustan Times, at the party provided me great happiness. The get together was organized on working day but Rajeshji ensured that he arrives on time after day long tiring schedule at High Court’s Mediation Center, and later, finishing reporting task at The Hindustan Times office. He was my colleague for a brief period at The Hindustan Times office in Allahabad during my early days of journalism. I left the office soon but our friendship remained intact. He is extremely hard working and always running short of time. So he avoided the dinner and instead enjoyed the big glass of Lassi, which we enjoyed after the dinner but just the half glass since our tummies were already too full.

One of the few close friends in world of journalism

Shared a long distance with Rajesh Pandey, Legal Correspondent For The Hindustan Times, in the world of journalism…Yet Miles To Go Before I Sleep…


My parents had a good time with their granddaughters, who luckily did not throw any tantrums that day. Or else, they are genuine versions of naughtiness. They happily watched the sequence of events at Bikanervala in the company of his father and my parents. My brother and parents enjoyed the evening in an alien company which happy expressions on faces their clearly revealed.


In The Company Of Parents

When I was a child the parents use to take us to such places..It’s now my time :-)..Happy Expressions On Their Faces Say All..Take Note Of My Niece Khsuhbu’s Expression..So Naturally Conscious..And My Younger Brother: Same Meditative Mood Even At Restaurant ..ha.ha..ha


The happy expressions on face of parents are the most  beautiful moments

The happy expressions on face of parents are the most beautiful moments

The dinner was comprised of typical Indian food served at Indian parties like Dal Makhani, Paneer Curry, Pulaav, Raita, Paranthas, Sweet Dish and etc. Later we all enjoyed Lassi, which was very delicious but quite heavy weight one. I mean there was little space left inside the tummy to enjoy the big glass of Lassi prepared in special way with help of dry fruits.

The Typical Indian Food Served At Indian Parties

The Typical Indian Food Served At Indian Parties:Dal Makhani, Paneer Curry, Pulaav, Raita, Paranthas, Sweet Dish and etc.


Friend Enjoying  Lassi After The Dinner

Friend Enjoying Lassi After The Dinner


The party ended on a happy note. It was a matter of great satisfaction for me since I came to share some good moments with my friends. Even in small city like Allahabad, the busy life of ours is not that kind enough to make friends see each other often. Obviously, a get together with close friends proves to be oxygen for relationships. This meeting with my friends shall stay in mind for a long time. As the time passes by, these are the moments which bring smile on our faces when we ever have a look in the olden days.

Thanks To Lord Who Made This Event A Huge Success..Hope To Find Such Moments Often In My Life

Many Thanks To Lord Who Made This Event A Huge Success..Hope To Find Such Moments Often In My Life And In Lives Of Others …And Yes, Pari , The Older Niece Can Be Seen Enjoying The Lassi..She Loves Attending The Parties Even At This Age..ha..ha..ha



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  1. Thanks clotildajamcracker,United States, for liking the post..

  2. Thanks Niketan Magadh,Shashikant R Pandey, Ahmedabad (Gujarat)and Nita Pandey,Chennai(Tamil Nadu) for showing interest in this post…

  3. Anurag Sharmaji, Pittsburgh ( United States), said:

    Most welcome. It’s wonderful feeling to be surrounded by people who are important to us. 🙂 

    Words for Anurag Sharmaji, Pittsburgh ( United States):

    Thanks Anuragji for showing interest in this post..Your interest makes me feel that I did nothing wrong by highlighting the circle of friends that I have in Allahabad. I was dying to see them together at one place, and thus, decided to organize this event. The God’s grace made it a memorable event. 

  4. Words For Carmenji, Lima (Peru):

    Thanks A Lot Carmen ji…Do I need to tell you how much I value your words..he..he.he ? Thanks for introducing a purpose in my life, a cause to live for 🙂 Read the post carefully as it unfolds some details that you really wished to know.

  5. Words For Prasanjit Saha, Hyderabad( Andhra Pradesh):

    Thanks Prasanjit Sahaji..It’s a take on small circle of friends that I have in Allahabad..Sometimes it becomes necessary to take note of happenings in the world of friends. The get together was organized to attain the same end.

  6. Thanks Rekha Pandey, Mumbai (Maharashtra), for showing interest in this post.. That’s to make you people aware of my persona in a better way..After all, you should know your friends quite well..

  7. ‎Words For Anjeev Pandeyji, Senior Journalist Based In Nagpur(Maharashtra):

    Thanks for liking the post..It was a small event organized for legal and journalist friends living in Allahabad..Happily, all the participants enjoyed the evening quite well..


  8. Words For Rajesh Vakhariaji, Prominent Men’s Rights Activist in Nagpur (Maharashtra):

    Thanks Rajesh Vakhariaji..Hope you came to know some of my legal and journalist friends in Allahabad..The circle is a big one but I came to limit the number of members for this event to give it a special touch.It was a wonderful evening..

    Anyway, the event brought back the memories of lunch shared with you and others.. Let’s hope we get another chance to see each other but that depends on sequence of events in Nagpur and that again depends on how my friends in Nagpur come to shape it:-)

  9. Prasanjit Saha, Hyderabad (Andhra Pradesh) said:

    ArvindPandeyji It is great idea to meet old friends and to be in touch with them. I believe you had a good time with them. Now that we have also become friends, so next time when you arrange such a gathering do not forget me to invite. Just joking…

    Author’s Response:

    I hope that would not remain a distant dream..I hope nature shall pave the way for another such meeting but this time with friends living in distance places…And I am sure you would definitely be the part of it!!!

  10. Carmen Ampuero, Lima (Peru) said:

    Carmen Ampuero Good for you my dear friend… I liked the pics and I am happy to sse u happy too. It is very important and pleasant the moments shared with our nearest friends These kind of event help us to have good memories for our old years. The good moments nobody will carry htem out. A big hug. Kisses a lot for the beautiful nieces.


    Author’s Response:

    Thanks a lot for your precious views..Life is nothing but bundle of good and bad memories!! True, these were special moments which would keep me happy for a long time..The time spent with near and dear ones and , of course,moments spent in company of a true soul mate make the life bit more like valley of flowers. Or else, it’s like a barren land.

  11. shubhranshu pandey | Reply

    अरविन्द जी उस कार्यक्रम का सांगोपांग वर्णन पढ कर सारी घटना आंखो के आगे चलचित्र की तरह निकल गयी. इस अनुभव का उत्कर्ष तो ये रहा कि खाने की थाली को देख कर डकार आने लगा..हा…हा…
    ये जो विस्त्रित रिपोर्ट आपने दी है वो आपके गहन अध्ययन और विस्त्रित अनुभव का ही परिणाम है. एक एक शब्द पिरो कर जो माला तैयार किया है और उसे हम मित्रों को अर्पित किया है उसके सही हकदार आप और सिर्फ़ आप हैं…आपका सानिध्य ही हमें उर्जावान करता है.हमारा एक सहचर आज इस मुकाम पर है जहां सारा जहान उसके मेधा को सलाम करता है.

    कहा जाता है नाम में क्या रखाहै आपने मेरा चेहरा याद रखा और निगम के द्वारा निमंत्रण भेजा. मेरा नाम सुधान्सु पाण्डेय नहीं है. आगे के लिये मैं अपना नाम एक् बार फ़िर से बता दुं
    शुभ्रांशु पाण्डेय shubhranshu pandey..

    एक बार फ़िर से मुझे याद कर बुलाने के लिये धन्यवाद .

    1. शुभ्रांशु पाण्डेयजी इसके पहले मै आगे कुछ कहू इस बात के लिए क्षमा कि नाम गलत पोस्ट कर दिया जो कि अनजाने में भूलवश ही हो गया ..काहे कि हम जब से आपको जानते है तब से सुधांशु ही जानते है..बहरहाल, आगे से शुभ्रांशु ही छपेगा :-). वैसे आपने शेक्सपीयर की याद दिला दी जिन्होंने कहा था: “What’s in a name? That which we call a rose. By any other name would smell as sweet.” Romeo and Juliet (II, ii, 1-2)

      आपने जो प्रशंसा के जो बोल कहें उसके लिए धन्यवाद….एक लेखक की कुल जमापूंजी लोगो के यही कुछ अच्छे बुरे बोल होते है..जो कुछ भी मुझे हासिल हुआ उसे मै ईश्वर की कृपा मानता हूँ और कुछ नहीं.. आप लोगो ने उपस्थित होके आयोजन को सफल बनाया इसके लिए आप लोगो का मै आभारी हूँ. उम्मीद है जिंदगी के मोड पर समय समय पर यूँ ही मिलते रहेंगे..

      वैसे आपका ये संक्षिप्त सा जवाब पढ़ा तो ये समझ में आया कि आप में एक अच्छा लेखक छुपा हुआ है..अगर वक्त आपको इजाजत दे तो लिखा करे..

      राजेश खन्ना पे एक लेख अभी लिखा है..समय निकालकर पढ़ सके तो जरूर पढ़े..

      लिंक ये रहा :

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