When Education Starts Killing Students

Schools Killing Students

Schools Killing Students

The poem posted below is a chilling account of how pressure to perform at schools is killing students. That also speaks volume about how schools are responsible for suicide of students, who do not follow the beaten track. Schools produce asses, not conscious individuals. It’s correct to say that they murder creativity, wipe out all good possibilities. The schools worldwide are playing havoc with lives of students thinking differently.                                                                              

 We only know pass and fail, we cannot see beyond grades and the life of student gets stuck between first and third division. That’s the only achievement of studying at school. We decide the stature and class of a student right at school in a most barbaric manner. The sensitive minds get trapped in inhuman categories, which chase them throughout their lives. Were the schools brought in existence to attain such ends? 

Some years back schools in India refused to give admission to their own students in higher classes, taking into account their poor performance in previous classes. Poor parents and students were left with no other chances but to get admission in other schools, which was quite a humiliating experience.  Thanks to intervention of Court, the trend to refuse admission got curbed. The example is enough to suggest that education system in India is controlled by retarded minds, which have little respect for the dignity of students. They also do not know that students are our future and it’s an unpardonable offence to make students victim of terrible guilt complexes, which remain with them for rest of their lives.


He hated to hold the pencil and chalk, with his arm stiff and his feet flat on the floor, Stiff.

With the teacher watching and watching. The teacher came and spoke to him.

She told him to wear a tie like all the other boys. He said he didn’t like them.

She said it didn’t matter. After that they drew.

And he drew all yellow and it was the way he felt about morning. And it was beautiful.

The teacher came and smiled at him.

“What’s this?” she said. “Why don’t you draw something like Ken’s drawing? Isn’t it lovely?”

After that his mother bought him a tie. And he started drawing airplanes and rocket ships like everyone else.

And he threw the old picture away.

He lay alone looking at the sky, it was big and blue and all of everything.

But he wasn’t anymore. He was square inside and brown

And his hands were stiff. And he was like everyone else.

And the things inside him that needed saying didn’t anymore.

It had stopped pushing. It was crushed. Stiff. Like everything else.

(The poem written by a 14 year old boy, who committed suicide two weeks later after presenting the poem to his  English teacher)

Full poem can be read here: Poem



Ken Robinson  

Soulseeds For Poem

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Pic One 

11 responses

  1. @Moment Matters

    Many Thanks for appreciating the post…

  2. Thanks Kumar Vidrohi, New Delhi; Anoop Pandey, New Delhi; Prasenjit Saha, Hyderabad (Andhra Pradesh); Urmila Harit, New Delhi; Nita Pandey, Chennai(Tamil Nadu); Sudhir Dwivedi, New Delhi; Swami Prabhu Chaitanya,Patna (Bihar); Himanshu B.Pandey, Siwan (Bihar); Manjoy Lakshmi, Nagpur(Maharashtra) Shashikant Singh, Patna (Bihar) and Rekha Pandey, Mumbai (Maharashtra) for liking it..

  3. @Vishal Sabharwalji, New Delhi, said:

    If a fish is judged by its ability to climb ,she will grow up believing herself to be stupid and incapable.

    Author’s response:

    Thanks Vishal Sabharwal for quoting Ken Robinson…He sounds so right..However, I feel it’s a pretty late realization..We have moved ahead on a wrong track to the point of no return…Still, a beginning matters a lot . . Let’s provide education that makes student realize that values matter more than money..

  4. @Pradeep Kumar , New Delhi, said:

    Schools today are no more than yet another huge money making business. It’s no longer related to passion to teaching/learning. Parents put money and in exchange want their children to be first grades. No one wants to compromise for anything lesser and they least care for their childrens’ God-gifted abilities.
    Now wives prefer nuclear family structure (and our govt policies are damn apt at destroying the joint family structure). with our govt’s policies in the name of women upliftment, both husband and wife go to work and none of them would compromise to sit back at home and give time to their kids! There is no one else also in the house, like elders etc. So who takes care of the kids?? It’s all money money now!

    Author’s Response:

    Many thanks for posting such a well-meaning comment. The societal changes couple with change in mentality of modern times parents have lead to dismal scenario in the world of education. The children are expected to emerge as ATMs after completing the studies. It’s pathetic that a person in love with values is less preferred than a person in pursuit of money..At schools we teach kids how to behave like Robots than like human beings in league with beautiful emotions. That says all.

  5. @Abbas Mono Mehndiji, Personal Assistant at Court of Principal Senior Civil Judge, said:

    Wah (wow) what a post? Only one like, send this news to women and child department or ncw with saying that come ahead there are still lots of schools which are violating one of human right i.e. ‘right to education’, send it, send it, we want to see how many women organisations will come forward?

    Moreover violation of one more human right i.e. ‘right to life’ send it, send it by saying that see how many students are loosing their lives by committing suicide, are they not children of some women? Ask ncw…..


    Authors’ Response:

    Many thanks for your heart-felt observation. The story has struck a chord with great number of readers on other pages and with your comment the story gains momentum on this page in terms of appreciation! Anyway, my opinion is that hot images of Katrina and her gang would generate more “likes” than a sensible story unfolding some serious issues. That’s okay. Every medium has its own limitation.

    Coming to the main issue, I need to restate that we are more interested in seeing our kids emerging as ATM than a kid in league with refined values. We rarely prefer kids showing non-materialistic tendencies. No wonder the education system has been catering to our instincts.

    @Rajesh Vakhariaji:

    I expect you to serve the interest of Abbasji..You have better idea how to deal with Women and Child Department or National Commission for Women (NCW)


  6. Abbas Mono Mehndi, Personal Assistant at Court of Principal Senior Civil Judge, said:

    It is my pleasure, your good can tell that ‘it is intervention’ but rest of the choice is with women organisation, are they really empowered to stop these things or simply interested in matrimonial disputes…

    Author’s Response:

    They have to take note of repercussions as well.They are definitely responsible for collateral damages..

  7. Subhashish Zookeeper Eunoia Chattopadhyay , Bangalore (Karnataka) said:

    ‎50 years ago also rate of student suicide was same. Students study and prepare / learn the most only under exam pressure. Tough regular exams must be there. Weekly tests are great for keeping students on their toes. some student will always avoid and suicide. There actions should NOT dictate the regular exam policies.

    Author’s Response:


    Was the decay in ethical and moral values also same 50 years ago? Was the rate of white collar crime also the same 50 years ago? ..Feel the overall impact of this education and you will realize in which direction are we heading towards..

  8. Subhashish Zookeeper Eunoia Chattopadhyay said:

    Hi Arvind I do not see any interest in discussing various ( related or unrelated ) issues. Crime and exam standard, and interest of students, and effect of TV, and effect of private colleges 9 deemed universities ) and effect of drugs, and effect of coaching classes / tuitions. These unending discussions do NOT lead to any conclusions. I will stick to ( fight for ) and implement tough regular weekly exams to improve student learnings and studies. Those who are not interested in studies will not study in any case. ( Navsky Gupta, Brobot Karan Kataria and Nimit Bpositive please also comment )


    Author’s Response:

    We have many schools which conduct tough weekly tests and we also have good institutions which ensure admissions of only very good students but just contrast them with students worldwide and you would know they stand nowhere in terms of producing good quality original work. No wonder, we have failed to develop brand value for academic institution/product, which could showcase India’s bonhomie with excellence at global level. We can boast of IITs

    This issue cannot be confined to such limited perspective, which sees the “tough regular weekly exams” as the only way to bring improvement. In my eyes, it does not ensure high standards but just mugging up. Since you are not interested in viewing the issue in wider perspective, I am, too, not interested in discussing the issue any further.

    Anyway, thanks a lot for showing such deep interest.

  9. […] When Education Starts Killing Students (indowaves.wordpress.com) […]

    1. Thanks for mentioning my post..

  10. Thanks Naeem Ahmed Malik, Karachi (Pakistan) for liking the post..

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