The journalistic fraternity should learn to truly honour the bloggers

Traditional Media vs Blogosphere

Traditional Media vs Blogosphere

Well, it appears emergence of bloggers have really unsettled journalists and media groups. I say so because they love to indulge in snide insinuations about the bloggers, which speak volume about their insecurities. I had been part of journalistic fraternity and, therefore, know quite well about the type of work done inside newspaper office. I agree that journalists follow a refined work culture, which lays stress on “accuracy, a critical sense, balance “and divergent view-points.  However, it’s really tough to understand how come presence of certain aspects in one circle leads to absence of same aspects in other circle following a different modus operandi? It really defies logic that while highlighting the good features of traditional media, it’s been assumed that media in its new avatara (emergence of blogosphere) lacks credibility and substance. 

The truth is that bloggers have emerged as better alternative because traditional media betrayed the faith imposed on them by the readers. It’s now very clear that newspapers/electronic media take stand according to their political affiliations. Most news is now sponsored news. And that’s the reason why bloggers emerged on the surface. You cannot fool all the people all the time. Okay, the journalists are taking total care of language errors, factual accuracy and etc. but these are of little use if the end product is flawed one! I think none of the gentlemen participating in the debate came to throw light on the unholy nexus between journalists, politicians and business tycoons. True,  great power is always in tandem with great responsibility and I am pretty sure that bloggers would learn all the tricks necessary to present news items in better way. In fact, they have already done some wonderful work. It’s now undeniable that citizens have finally found a medium to express views close to the reality. Or else, they were left at the mercy of big media brands who offered only half truths in name of truth! 

Anyway, when I appreciate the good work done by the bloggers, I do not assume (like my friends in newspaper world) that everything is wrong about the traditional media and people associated with them. They have certainly set good precedents. But my main worry is that will the bloggers be able to keep themselves above the flaws found in traditional media landscape? Will they be able to use in fair way privileges enjoyed by them? Or will they become monkey with a razor blade? Let’s leave it on time. In the end, I must inform my friends that in many countries, including India, new IT laws have been introduced to make bloggers more responsible.  In other words, they are being tamed in name of acting with responsibility.    


 If bloggers have still to learn a lot from journalists, if they are still novice and if they are still inexperienced I wish to know why all prominent magazines, newspapers, websites and web editions of prominent magazines are placing views of bloggers side-by-side views of their own writers/journalists on important pages? In India nearly all news papers have either introduced regular columns for bloggers or they are borrowing articles from them. If bloggers or blogging still lack required credibility, I wish to know why many journalists have become bloggers?  Why are they playing the role of blogger? Why blog columns have been introduced by prominent magazines like Time, Newsweek, New York Times and etc.? 

Lastly, it really sounds ludicrous when I notice that veteran journalists speak aloud about superiority of their ilk only because they have received certain training and they have got few qualifications. That gives them right not to acknowledge the traces of good writer and journalist in a person who did not become like them but instead became a blogger! In other words, if one becomes a blogger one loses the right to emerge as person of substance; after all, how dare one wrote beautiful articles, prepared brilliant news reports without qualification and training! This rigid insistence is a weak (and shrewd as well) attempt to maintain their superiority complex and monopoly, which in any case is destined to be crashed in new scenario that has emerged.  

Anyway, I am just trying to establish that qualifications and training are not the only or ultimate parameter to measure the worth of a blogger. The ultimate parameter is the qualitative output a blogger delivers even as the blogger is devoid of critical resources, key infrastructure, financial gain and reward. On the contrary, a journalist enjoys all this advantages. The blogger, on the other hand, is most of time, a selfless crusader. So it really hurts that instead of being honoured, the blogger’s good work is ignored citing absence of training/qualification. I wish to know will they dare to dismiss the greatest  performances of many actors, singers, sportsmen and businessmen, to name a few,  only because they did all that not with help of  training and qualification but  with help of  natural talent provided by the almighty Lord? Will the future generations refuse to acknowledge their worth only because they did not attend Business College, Acting College, Fine Arts College and etc? Please think over it carefully.     

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  1. Thanks slapppshot for liking it…


    Thanks Sanjay Kaushik, Ghaziabad ( Uttar Pradesh) for liking it…

  2. बहुत से ब्लॉगर अपने अपने क्षेत्र में धाकड़ हैं और किसी लेखक-पत्रकार का मुंह नहीं देखते अप्रूवल के लिये!

    1. @Gyandutt Pandeyji

      इस सत्य से मै और आप अच्छी तरह वाकिफ है कि ब्लॉगर अपनी पहचान के लिए किसी संस्था या व्यक्ति विशेष का मोहताज़ नहीं पर शायद ये बात
      अन्तराष्ट्रीय स्तर के मीडिया दिगज्जो को अच्छी तरह से नहीं समझ में आई है…लिहाज़ा इस बार इस मुद्दे पे हुई गंभीर बहस में हमने अपनी तरफ से ये बात उन्हें अच्छी तरह से समझा दिया है और इस बार काफी गहरे तक मेरे शब्द उनके दिमागों में उतर गए है..और आपके लोगो के आशीर्वाद से मेरे अपने ब्लाग से इस विषय पे कुछ दिन पहले लिखे लेख अब अमेरिका के एक बड़े समाचार पत्र में छपने जा रहा है…चलिए बात कुछ दूर तक तो पहुची..

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  4. Thanks Lalita Jha, New Delhi; Chandrapal S Bhaskerji, United Kingdom; Vinod Sharma,Sr. Editor Instablogs, Shimla (Himachal Pradesh); Tejinder Singh, Punjab; Sumanth Von Confidareji, Bangalore (Karnataka); Kumar Abhishekji, New Delhi; Sunil Mehta, Pantnagar (Uttarakhand), Raj Kaur, Rudra Bhaumik, Calcutta (West Bengal); Suryakant Dixit,UAE; Baijnath Pandey, Associate Editor at InstaMedia, New Delhi; and Hemant Kumar Pathak, Bhopal (Madhya Pradesh) for appreciating the article…

  5. Sc Mudgal, New Delhi, said:

    Thanks arvind ji for this useful article on blogers importance in media news, views and reviews but the main fault of blogers that they have become raw materials for traditional media but could not become ulternate of them only because no blog could become a complete solution on which we can depend…

    Author’s Response:

    Don’t forget it has given people the power to see issues in right perspective..That would definitely lead to better days…They would definitely emerge as most standard alternative in days to come…Just wait..The bloggers have already shattered many myths..The rest would be shattered very soon…

  6. Danny O’Moore, elaide, South Australia, said:

    Broadcast news is PULP news made to sell PULP & blind the masses to the real deal.The best story has always come from the horses mouth; people need to keep telling their stories loud & clear. Even the lighter stories & adventures & creations are leaps & bounds away from Broadcast TV. Broadcast TV ALWAYS has an agenda & that agenda need not rest in the truth.


    Author’s Response:

    You cannot fool all the people all the time.. The citizens have become conscious enough to have news and not propaganda in form of news.. Bloggers are doing a good job to supply them the fact that really matter..

  7. Thanks Ian Shalapata, Windsor, Ontario (Canada); Himanshu B.Pandey, Siwan (Bihar),Rajiv Gangar, Mumbai; Rekha Pandey, Mumbai (Maharashtra) and Aoirthoir An Broc Masculinist for liking the post…

  8. Adding another dimension:

    Bloggers are devoid of limitations imposed upon the journalists…That does sometimes make bloggers bit irresponsible but let’s not forget the very same situation increases their chance to interact with truth often. Lastly, let’s not make it a big issue that bloggers do not work as a team… In the end, it’s the people (read readers) who decide the worth of any published report.

    So if a blogger is irresponsible and presenting concocted versions, the readers would come to reject him. No need for the journalists to panic in this regard. It really appears to me that journalists want bloggers to be trapped in limitations and, thus, become ineffective- far away from truth and reality both.

    -Arvind K Pandey

  9. Forget about the journalists… Bloggers are slowly grabbing their share of pie. Readers are fed up with their half truth and lack of balls to present the truth!

    1. @Prassoon

      That sounds so true..It’s age of truth and not half lies..Bloggers have done a commendable job to place issues in right perspective..I hope they remain above the causes that led to erosion of faith once enjoyed by the journalists..

      Look forward to your presence like always!!

  10. Thanks Earthstonestation for liking the post..

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