Blogger: The Underdog Making Journalist Cat On A Hot Tin Roof

Bloggers Are Journalists In A Different Way

Bloggers Are Journalists In A Different Way

Who is performing better in modern times–blogger or a journalist?  This question has become relevant in our times when bloggers have made their presence felt in a big way across the globe.  In our age when online publications are fast replacing print versions,  one needs to evaluate the role of bloggers with fresh perspective. The people belonging to world of traditional media treat bloggers with disdain even as we find that most reputed brands have given healthy space to bloggers on their editorial page.  It’s now commonplace to find bloggers contributing to newspaper columns on issues sensitive in nature.  However,  the sad reality is that people working in newspapers love to exhibit holier than thou attitude when contrasted with bloggers.

They find the role of bloggers not as reliable as journalists involved in print publication. In support of their viewpoint they cite their biased approach,  lack of accuracy,  lack of accountability,  lack of originality and lack of multiple sourcing. In my eyes,  since I am sandwiched in both the worlds, that’s a sweeping analysis.  It’s not true.  After all,  social media is comprised of people belonging to journalistic circles, academic institutions and prestigious forums. So how can these responsible people enter in malpractices on social media forums? And if they are doing that on social media platforms then it’s hard to believe that in reputed print publications they remained above corrupt practices!!

In fact,  social media enjoys terrific advantage over print media in a sense that contributors have the choice to present uncensored news by remaining above the biases of media houses and editors.  True,  a large number of are devoid of proper language and perfect style to convey their viewpoints but it’s presentation of facts and truth that really matters.  That sabotages the lies spread by enlightened souls associated with print world!

There is merit in allegations leveled by big names in print media that bloggers often present one-sided stories in absence of multiple sourcing and often news when put under microscope proves to be false.  I need to say that blogging in its nascent stage displayed such tendencies.  Over the years it has matured as far as presentation of stories is concerned,  shifting focus from details pertaining to one’s private life to cause-based blogging. Yes,  many bloggers still depict lack of responsibility and are bit lazy in searching for right facts but that’s not suffice to whitewash their genuine efforts.  Let’s not forget that how refined people in traditional media distorted the news items to serve vested interests.  If that’s the case what’s the point in undermining the sincere efforts of people related with social media? That’s one of the important reasons as why it has emerged as a powerful alternative to traditional media, which is now dying a slow death.

We have many evidences wherein sponsored journalism has wrecked havoc. It’s no secret that sensationalism and rush for “breaking news” has wiped out the ethical values in field of journalism making journalists behave more like professionals than people in search of truth! For instance reckless journalism, which made mockery of one’s privacy,  led to suicide of Shrinivas Ramchandra Siras, the professor of Marathi at Aligarh Muslim University.  In other incident, a female teacher named Uma Khurana faced deep humiliation when a fake sting operation showed her involvement in sex racket.  Taking a look at the issue from a different angle, the emergence of people like Neera Radia who in name of media management influenced the making of news, made it clear that in days to come social media was about to emerge as perfect alternative to traditional media.

Bloggers Capturing The Globe

Bloggers Capturing The Globe


The rise of social media has not disappointed us considering the way it came to influence the happenings in big way in Egypt,Tunisia and Syria.  The footage of protests and police repression presented in uncensored way by the social media activists led to ouster of cruel regimes in these nations.   In fact,  it became the primary method in mobilizing protests.  Back in India,  it was because of brilliant role played by the Internet activists which ‘led to prosecution of police personnel involved in the midnight crackdown on yoga guru Ramdev and his supporters in June last year’.  

So we can see how these bloggers devoid of facilities,  enjoyed by journalists, protected the foundation of democracy.  Before undermining the bloggers one should not forget that they often do not enjoy privileges owned by journalists associated with media houses.  That makes it difficult for them to track the sources and get versions of influential sources involved in particular happening.

On the other hand, Wikileaks revelations confirmed the fears that we had about the Iraq War: It was based more on concocted grounds than true facts. The point is who provided legitimacy to lies spread by U S government if not traditional media? This suppression of truth was the result of traditional media being hand in glove with U S government.  Against this backdrop,  it leaves me really stunned that journalists associated with traditional media sill wish to be treated as holy cow-the icons of perfection,  accuracy, accountability and reliability.

I am not saying that bloggers are epitome of truth and perfection.  They, like their counterparts in field of journalism,  often churn out stories having facts blown out of proportion.  In fact,  the bloggers in India still behave, more or less, like a monkey with a razor blade. That because true facets of social media are still missing.  Internet is still luxury and those who have it use it more for the entertainment’s sake than using it to promote real issues.

However,  that’s one side of the story.  The Indian bloggers, despite being placed in wretched conditions,  are doing excellent work.  Often their works remain ignored but that does not deter them to post good stories one after another.  Doesn’t that speak volume about their spirit? After all, they do not receive fat salaries including perks like the journalists associated with big brands. They do not even get proper recognition. However,  they sill manage to hog the limelight with stunning portrayal of issues happening at local,  national and international level.

That’s why journalistic circle is trapped in insecurities of all sorts.  The rise of bloggers or social media has limited the monopoly enjoyed by the media houses. The social media is not only capable of presenting news earlier than anyone else but also capable of making  news reach to the people who really matter. No wonder the bloggers have bulldozed superiority complex traced in journalistic circles.

It’s understandable that bloggers need to act with more responsibility to emerge as more powerful medium.  However,  the governments across the globe have already started panicking.  The countries like India have immediately amended the IT laws to curb the influence of bloggers and social media activists.  In my eyes,  social media is not adversary of traditional media. It’s a new platform that deals with missing elements of any issue.  That means it act as complement to traditional media.  

Unfortunately, they are comprised of underdogs,  caught in conflicting situations.  Still they manage to highlight issues in notable manner.  In our world,  money is needed to sustain the spirit of excellence.  One expects standard performance from social media activists but nobody pays attention to their lack of resources,  lack of money.  At least,  stop entering in mindless criticism if you have nothing to offer them for their survival.  Let’s recognize the real worth of these champions of truth who are working day and night in selfless manner so that truth remains in our lives.

Social Media Landscape

Social Media Landscape


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11 responses

  1. Abha Chawla Mohanty said:


    Author’s response:

    Same is the case with bloggers..Life is not bed of roses for them as well..

  2. Radhakrishna Rao, Bangalore, said:

    ‎”However, the sad reality is that people working in newspapers love to exhibit holier than thou attitude when contrasted with bloggers.” this summarises everything :)..When someone’s power,position is threatned, only then discrimination start

    Author’s response:

    This discrimination is inhumane and unkind…

  3. Mens Rights, Bangalore, said:

    The internet and blogs/online forums are democratic unlike the mainstream media which is corrupt, controlled by vested interests and dictatorial. Journalists have exclusive rights on what constitutes news and what is important and what is not. Journalists have arrogated that enough and for long. Ordinary people do not have any chance of expressing their feelings in mainstream media, especially, when it goes against the media’s intentions.

    All of mainstream media is agenda driven. News is twisted to suit their agendas and mould public opinion. Of all, politicians are owning many channels. Mainstream media is now vulgar, and obscenely dictatorial and anti-people. Do I need to say anything more?

    Author’s Response:

    You have hit the nail on the head..Precisely, that’s why I came to write this post..You might not be aware that this post is result of my dialogue with media experts associated with leading foreign publication. They came to express some negative views and I was left with no other option to remind them about the exceptional role played by social media in showing mirror to established brands.. Consider the way it has helped to shape new perceptions on critical issues.

    It really hurts that they have such limited mindset while framing perspective for emergence of social media.

    Anyway, I hope they get the message right..

  4. Thanks Zinni Rathore, Patiala,Anshuman Agarawal,Pune, and Nirbhay Thakur, Jaipur, for liking the post..

  5. Anand G.Sharma | Reply

    Basic difference between a journalist and a blogger is – “Objective”.

    A journalist has opted for this business out of compulsion of earning livelihood – or greed of money due to vast scope for blackmail, where as not all but most of the bloggers are spending their precious time – energy – money – resources on blogging for pleasure – for free -or to bring the truth to light.

    A journalist has to toe the lines of their employers whose character and credentials are questionable.

    A blogger – unless hired by any gang to project vested interests – is a free bird.

    Livelihood makes all the difference between those who have sold their conscience to bread providers and of those who have preserved their conscience for the benefit of countrymen.

    1. @Anand G. Sharma, Mumbai:

      You have expressed yourselves so succinctly that I need not to add add anything else. I hope you read my article deeply. In concluding paragraph, I have said it’s true that a blogger is not after name, fame or money but to conduct the affairs of life smoothly there has to be a permanent source of income. Often he/she fails because at some point of time source of finance gets wiped out.

      People who mindlessly contrast a blogger with journalist often forget that journalist enjoy the patronage of institutions which they represent in all ways. No wonder element of accuracy in their news reports is sometimes better than a blogger. Above all, they also get paid for their efforts. Now what is blogger getting for labour put by them? If he/she has turned into a brand all a blogger gets is appreciation of readers in form of comments. Is that enough to sustain his/her spirit of excellence ?

      That’s why I say please do not compare them even as they are doing the same task. That’s why I am terribly hurt when hot headed people in journalistic circles tend to be judgmental about them in a narrow way. Let them not be that arrogant while evaluating the worth of a blogger. It appears that they feel threatened and insecure. After all, bloggers have created a way where existed none.

  6. @Anupam Verma, New Delhi, said:

    Blogger is far better than Journalists !!!!!!!

    Author’s response:

    That’s because blogger is not under the influence of unscrupulous souls..However, I need to reiterate that blogger should exhibit all good tendencies like being factual and research-oriented, taking into account wide number of possibilities..He should not act like monkey with a razor blade.. We can notice that many people on Facebook are engaged in posting hate messages which in their eyes serving some great purpose..However, a blogger should avoid falling in the same trap.. He should react sensibly on critical issues..

  7. Thanks To V S Rawat, Indian Institute of Technology, Kanpur; Santosh Vyas, Bhopal; Rekha Pandey, Mumbai; Nita Pandey, Chennai; Gopal S. Dandotiyaji, Mumbai ; Inderjit Kaur, Jalandhar, Hemant Kumar Pathak, Bhopal, Rakesh Kumar Pandey, Bhopal and Hemant Kumar Pathak, Bhopal, and Prassoon Suryadas , Austin, United States, for liking the post..

  8. (Posting excerpts from a conversation on Facebook. It’s quite relevant in regard to issues discussed in this thread.)

    Madhusudan Vyas said:

    पत्रकार पेट के लिए मालिक के इशारे पर लिखता है वह मालिक का वफादार होता है और जिस दिन इस वफा पर कोई संदेह हुया आपको बाहर का रास्ता नापना होगा ब्लॉगर किसी के अधीन नहीं होता है उसकी वफा उसकी खुद की तय वफा होती है /आजादी का मतलब मन मर्जी होते हुये भी समाज के प्रति ज़िम्मेदारी है वफा है परंतु पत्रकार की वफा केवल मालिक है मै इसी कारण इक प्रख्यात डेनिक:

    मै 12 साल कम कर सारे अनुभव लेकर बेठा हु
    /मालिको का सत्य विज्ञापन की तराजू पर तोला जाता है/…

    Anand G. Sharma said:

    ‎@कानन जसवाल जी, विचारों के परस्पर आदान-प्रदान का यह एक सार्वजनिक माध्यम है और हमारे विद्वान् पाठकगण इंग्लिश के ज्ञाता होते हुए भी हिन्दी में पढ़ना अधिक पसंद करते हैं अतः मैं आपके विचारों का उत्तर हिन्दी में देने की अनुमति चाहता हूँ |

    (१) एक बार स्टील अथवा मनुष्य यदि पूर्ण संस्कारयुक्त होने पर सर्जिकल ग्रेड स्टील या मर्यादा पुरुषोत्तम राम की तरह सच्चरित्र हो जाय तो पुनः उन दोनों का संस्कार-च्युत होना असंभव है |

    (२) बहु-प्रतीक्षित स्वतंत्रता को जनता जनार्दन के हितैषी एवं शुभचिंतक बनने का पाखंड करने वाले ठेकेदारों ने कैसे षड्यंत्रपूर्वक एकाधिकार कर लिया – यह गंभीर विषय दुर्लक्ष्य नहीं किया जा सकता है |

    (३) वाह्य शाशक – गौरांग महाप्रभु तो स्वदेशगमन कर गए परन्तु उन्होंने अपने “सुशिक्षित” मानसपुत्रों को हित-रक्षण की जिम्मेदारी एवं सुचारू रूप से परम्परागत शाशन कार्य-भार हस्तांतरित कर दिया | प्रायः समस्त विधि विधान तो वाह्य शाशकों के आज्ञानुसार चल रहें हैं अतः स्वराज की कल्पना तो अभी मृग-मरीचिका के समान है |

    (४) यदि समयाभाव न हो तो कृपया मेरे पहले के लघुलेख पढ़ने की कृपा करें | मैंने लिखा था कि शत्रु को मानसिक – आर्थिक कष्ट दे कर धीरे धीरे मारना हो तो उसकी संतान को प्रेम दर्शाते हुए – कुमार्गी – व्यसनी – कामुक और फिजूलखर्च बना दो | हमारे स्वयंभू मीडिया वाले यही काम तो बहुत चतुराई से कर रहे हैं |

  9. These two interesting viewpoints appealed me a lot in a discussion on the same issue on LinkedIn:


    Plenty of blog writers are professional, paid writers who don’t specifically work for a newspaper, but whose content is good enough to be featured in one from time to time.

    I see two different types of journalists, regardless of the format: one, news reporters on the ground reporting straight facts; two, those who argue a case based upon clearly referenced fact to create value for the reader (i.e. make sense/meaning from it all). This is the case in any publication; on blogs, admittedly there is far more of the latter, and sometimes there is a lack of referenced evidence. Blogs are more hit and miss, but some are really excellent and very useful.

    -Michael Niskin, Director at Cambridge Writing Services.

    Blogging is not only about sharing your opinions. Blogging is about taking the opportunity to publish your own content, direct to market, without having to be employed by a publication. In this way, bloggers can have the same professional integrity as a journalist hired by a publication. As long as they meet the same standards, I think that the ‘blogger’ is just as much involved in the conversation as ‘journalists’ and often times write for a larger audience (their own) than some journalists do.

    -Jessica Ainlay, Co-Traveler and Editor in Chief at, London.

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