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An Open Letter To Vividh Bharati: Stop Emotional Atyachar On Listeners!

Vividh Bharati: Serving The Cause Of Music

Vividh Bharati: Serving The Cause Of Music

My association with Vividh Bharati dates back to period when as a kid I was learning to be familiar with contours of the world in which destiny had placed me to play the drama of life. It filled me with joy every time sound of music flowed from it. It made my soul dance with ecstasy when I had little sense to distinguish classical music from film music. It was Vividh Bharati, which with its “tring tring” time check made me realize the worth of life’s precious moments. So it really hurts when I find that this beautiful institution has given way to crude changes with no other plausible explanation other than this that it’s been done to ensure its relevance. Any conscious listener will easily come to pick many holes in such vague defense offered by the Vividh Bharati officials. They forget that what retained its relevance was its ability to remain distinct from other radio channels with its qualitative presentation. Now when they feel that it’s time to make it bray like a donkey as all others are also braying makes little sense!! Such a transformation is simply unacceptable to any conscious listener and no logic shall make such crude changes honourable in the mind of listeners who had seen Vividh Bharati in its true colours during its heyday.

Jingles Are Murdering The Beautiful Songs:

Let’s take note of some very harsh changes, which is bothering all of us but for Vividh Bharati officials all is well. What happens when you are enjoying good food and all of a sudden you come to crunch a small piece of stone, managing to find its place in the delicious meal ? It simply not only corrupts the whole pleasure but also damages your teeth. That’s exactly what happens when a crude jingle all of a sudden pops up in midst of a beautiful song! By the time jingle gets over, I find that diya of K L Saigal has already extinguished!! Most pathetic experience is to listen to the explanation offered by the officials. First they would simply try to ignore it, denying it all together. Then they would let you know that it’s not their problem but it’s problem more related with local radio station. They cite their helplessness as if local radio station is an independent body not in its control! If that’s not enough they come up with hilarious solution. Why not you listeners shift to DTH or shift to shortwave broadcast to be above such distortions? If that’s the case then it’s better to stop medium wave altogether. Why have it at all when we are supposed to make great efforts again and again, all in midst of a beautiful song, to adjust it to shortwave broadcast?

I would like to know are Vividh Bharati officials trying to suggest throw our cute small transistors into Bay of Bengal? That sort of insinuation and insensitivity comes as a huge shock for listeners who are used to treat their cute little Murphy or Phlips Radio no less than Kohinoor diamond!! I request they should keep their mouths shut instead of offering such stupid solutions. Their suggestion is very much like asking cycle lovers to keep their cycles at home since all are driving cars on road!!

Bad Presentation Of Important Programmes:

Next issue deals with bad presentation of important programmes. Most of the new radio announcers who have appeared to make their presence felt on Vividh Bharati are often very casual during programme presentation. They are always in a great hurry while announcing details as if they have to catch flight to Timbuktu after the programme! Sometimes I feel that they consider it some sort of sin to deliver right information. When anyone reminds them about such errors, an usual mechanical reply hits the ear drums: To err is human! Yes, we should learn to forgive others no matter if pain remains alive after such forgiveness! Forgiveness should become a habit but not removal of errors. One of the most respected names in field of journalism from Allahabad has come up with a sound advice: Make announcers repeat basic information related with songs twice. Once at the beginning of the song and the other as the song ends.

One should not forget that creating a song is no joke or, for that matter, any creative work is not possible without grace of Divine. Therefore, we should not be so casual while mentioning the details. May be its out of place but I need to inform the officials that there is one senior announcer at Allahabad’s local radio station who talks in such a rude way during interactive programmes that phone callers often feel very insulted. Just ask him to preach less and respond consciously to listeners. Making a phone call should be a rewarding experience and not some sort of tragedy!

Lack Of Originality On Part Of Vividh Bharati:
Vividh Bharati does not feel the need to be inspired. The “Desh Ki Surili Dhadkan” (Melodious beat of the nation) has utterly failed in coming up with original presentations. One cannot ignore the fact that it has introduced some interesting programmes like “Ujale Unki Yaadon Ke” but it fails to impresses the minds who are interested in its true revival, making it on par with golden days. It’s quite ironical as it has monopoly over some rare songs, rare recordings, rare interviews and , above all, it has largest stock of film music. It’s one of the brands which is quite popular among film personalities but it’s very reluctant in making right efforts to communicate with them. Come important anniversaries all it has to offer repeated telecast of recordings which we have listened umpteen times. It never bothers to delve deep into its archive and present rare songs in fresh perspective. It’s also not interested in honouring unsung heroes related with making of a song like instrumentalists, lyricists or some rare singers who came to sing memorable songs but destiny never allowed them to shine like stars. All it has learnt to promote new songs of flawed actors like Aishwarya and Shah Rukh, making old songs a rarest of rare thing on Vividh Bharati. I fail to accept that it’s listeners who have made Manchahe Geet or Aapki Farmaish prisoner of new songs. There is something more to it than what meets the eye.

Anyway, one really needs to appreciate Radio Ceylon who knows better how to honour our rich film legacy. It’s under no burden to honour our glorious past but look its sincerity in keep coming up with rare songs and rare recordings. Look at the way it honours unsung heroes. I am sure my dear friend Piyush Mehta from Surat, Gujarat, would be lot more excited in revealing the contributions of Radio Ceylon. I wish to know how come Radio Ceylon manages to locate jewels right in time while Vividh Bharati at the same time is beating the bush like always? Does that not speak volume about lethargic attitude of Vividh Bharati ? It appears that it’s more interested in honouring crap from present times than go back in past and dig gold! No one is asking it to ignore the recent trends, latest good numbers and new achievers but that should not serve as a pretext to ignore the moments from past which defines the world of music. Sadly, even the Hawa Mahal has given way to insipid Jhalkis.

Just Stop Rafi Racket That Has Taken Vividh Bharati In Its Grip:

At the very outset, I must say that it’s not at attempt to undermine or tarnish the image of Rafi. Not only as a singer but also as a human being he was pure gold. So one can imagine my state of mind as I dare to unfold this very unfortunate trend dominating the affairs taking place inside the corridors of Vividh Bharati. So the facts I come to state should not be seen as some sort of an allegation but only presentation of collective observation on part of people keeping a close eye on the happenings taking place in world of radio. I wasn’t great believer of such a story but a close look revealed that there is an element of truth. I now believe it more when one of the persons very close to the world of radio came to share this aspect with me in one of the long conversations related with changing face of Vividh Bharati. Sadly, I cannot mention his name as he wishes to remain anonymous.

Let me tell readers and listeners that many years ago I came to sense that something is fishy the way Vividh Bharati promoted death anniversary of Rafi but deliberately pushed the birth anniversary of Kishore Kumar, falling just few days after Rafi’s death anniversary, in no man’s land. I mean it always promoted death anniversary of Rafi with great fanfare from many days before the actual day and on the anniversary day almost all the programmes were dedicated to this singer. On the other hand, there was no promotion of birth anniversary celebration of Kishore Kumar and on the birth anniversary day I could easily sense that mere formality is being done in the name of celebrations. After noticing this trend for several years, I wrote a strict letter to Vividh Bharati in this regard which remain unacknowledged. They did not bother to reply me but I came to sense that things did improve with Kishore gaining some due respect. However, this new revelation of “Rafi Racket” makes me smile. After all, it confirms what I suspected for long but had no concrete evidences to support my suspicion. However, at the back of my mind, I was pretty sure that there was definitely some well planned notorious scheme in action.

In order to sustain this Rafi Racket, informed this very reliable source, there is conscious effort to play Rafi numbers on Vividh Bharati. That’s because some close relatives of Rafi share a portion of royalty each time Rafi number gets played on Vividh Bharati. That makes it essential for Vividh Bharati to carve new pretext to play Rafi numbers on this prestigious channel, which is supposed to be above vested interest. As a result some of the lesser numbers of Rafi also get presented as super duper hit numbers. That’s mockery at its best! Ironically, the same Vividh Bharati which has, of late, become hyper conscious in presentation of Rafi numbers maintained a safe distance from Rafi when he was alive. As a result of this strange love-hate relationship with Rafi, it failed to record interesting interviews with this great singer. Today we find it hyper active in playing his songs- good or bad numbers all are golden numbers in its eyes now.

Just to make my readers/listeners have a glimpse of the Rafi Racket, I wish to inform that some days back a progarmme was presented in ‘ Ek Phankar’ to pay tribute to legendary actress Meena Kumari. I came to notice that in very brief 30 minutes programme two Rafi numbers got played. We all know that some great numbers had been picturised on this great actress but ignoring those numbers room was created to present Rafi numbers. What was the need to do so ? Being a lawyer, I realize that I have not enough concrete material evidences to sustain the argument but the same legal world makes me realize that circumstantial evidences are enough to upheld the doubts in this regard. Often criminals are clever enough to wipe out traces of crime but they forget that come a time when the crime speak of itself in form of circumstantial evidences.

Anyway, I hope Vividh Bharati takes note of its glorious past so that it can move ahead with pride. That means taking care of interests of listeners in a conscious way. That means treating all the creative artists with same degree of respect and attention. It’s my sincere wish that it keeps adding awesome episodes in list of its achievements. To ensure that it needs to embrace new challenges qualitatively with a perfect vision.

Radio Ceylon: Always Setting High Standards

Radio Ceylon: Always Setting High Standards



Remembering K L Saigal, whose birth anniversary we celebrated on April 11.  Listen this song from Zindagi. The details are mentioned in the video.

Who can forget Balraj Sahni ? Very few can reach the level he attained. He was real actor -one who came to portray reality as it is. A rare task in Bollywood, which worships superficiality.

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अक्ल नहीं नक़ल के सहारे पास होते बच्चे और लाइनों में सडती जवानी

चलती रहे यूँ नक़ल

चलती रहे यूँ नक़ल

मुझे याद आते है स्कूल के दिन जब चीटिंग करने के नायाब तरीके लोगो हम लोगो ने इजाद कर रखे थे. ये एक बहुत गौड़ रूप में छोटे स्तर पर व्याप्त था. मतलब इतनी ही नक़ल हम कर पाते थे कि इशारे से आगे वाले से कुछ पूछ लिया और अगर ईश्वर मेहरबान रहा और आगे वाला बंदा अच्छे मूड में रहा तो एक दो सूत्र बता देता था. इससें ज्यादा कुछ नहीं क्योकि इंग्लिश मीडियम के स्कूल में जल्लाद रूपी मैम के चलते इससें ज्यादा जुर्रत किसी की नहीं होती थी और यदि धर लिए गए तो फिर तो खैर नहीं. अब जैसे एक वाकया याद आता है कि फिजिक्स टेस्ट में कुछ नहीं आ रहा था.  इज्ज़त बची रहे इस खातिर हिम्मत जुटा के अपने ठीक पीछे बैठी पढने में तेज़ लड़की से कुछ पूछा तो इस कदर आँख दिखाई कि फिर किसी से कुछ पूछ नहीं पाया.  मामला इतना आसान रहता तो मै भूल गया होता हुआ. हुआ यही कि टीचर ने उस दिन कापी आगे पीछे एक्सचेंज करके चेक करवा दी.  जिस लड़की से पूछा था उसी के पास कापी भी चेक करने चली गयी.  जो नंबर मिल सकते थे वे भी चले गए. खैर इस मासूम से माहौल से गुज़रते हुए हम सब ने आगे चलकर मेहनत के बल पे सफलता हासिल की.  पर आज का परिदृश्य बहुत बदला सा नज़र आता है.  गुरु और शिष्य के समीकरण विकृत तो हुए ही है पठन पाठन का माहौल भी बहुत रसातल में चला गया है.

आज नक़ल सुनियोजित होती है जिसमे माफिया पैसे लेकर ठेके पे नक़ल कराते है ना करने देने पर प्रिंसिपल से लेकर गुरूजी तक को ठोक दिया जाता है.  आज मास्टर साहब की सक्षमता इस बात से मापी जाती है कि वे नक़ल करा पाने में काबिल है कि नहीं.  कापिया बदल दी जाती है.  चेले लोग गुरु से सफा सफा पूछते है नक़ल की क्या व्यवस्था है जैसे कि नक़ल पे उनका जन्मसिद्ध अधिकार हो.  जो नक़ल करके पास हो गया वो सिकंदर और जो ना कर पाया वो सड़क पे मदारी के हाथो नाचने वाले बन्दर सी शक्ल वाला हो जाता है.  हालात ये है कि जो कभी उन हालातो में पास हुएँ है जब नकल नहीं हुई बोर्ड में तो कहते है साहब हम तो कल्याणजी के ज़माने में बोर्ड परीक्षा पास किये है.  एक वक्त ऐसा आया कि नक़ल की इतनी छूट मिली कि गोबर गणेश टाईप के बहुत सारे पप्पू भी अस्सी परसेंट से पास हो गए. बात थोड़ी गंभीर है. इतने झुण्ड के झुण्ड बच्चे इस तरह थोक के भाव पास हो रहे है और उतने ही थोक के भाव कुकुरमुत्ते की तरह उग आये इंजिनीयरिंग कालेज में एडमिशन भी ले रहे है.  जो नहीं पैसा जुटा पाए वे यूनिवर्सिटी में दाखिला ले लिए फिर लग गए आई ए एस की तैयारी में!! य़ूजीसी इस बात से हैरान परेशान है कि रिसर्च की गुणवत्ता में काफी गिरावट आई है.  अब ये नहीं समझ में आता कि इस तरह की प्राथमिक और उच्च शिक्षा हासिल करने वाले अच्छे शोध पत्र कैसे तैयार करेंगे ?

प्राथमिक का हाल ये है कि मिड डे मील कैसे बने प्रिंसिपल साहब इसी में उलझे रहते है. नए कानून के मुताबिक बच्चो के स्कूल में रहना अनिवार्य है अब इस अनिवार्यता को पूरी करने की धुन में सब परेशान है. जो बच्चे अंग्रेजी मीडियम में अन्य बोर्ड से पढ़ रहे है उन पर ज्यादा बोझ ना पड़े इसलिए ग्रेडिंग सिस्टम आ गया है. अब बच्चे आसानी से पास हो सकते है. ऐसे पास होके आगे क्या करेंगे राम जाने पर हा जो सक्षम है वे अच्छी महंगी कोचिंग करके किसी एम एन सी में आगे जाके खप जायेंगे. पर बाकी क्या करेंगे ? वे चेन छीनेगे, उत्पात मचायेंगे, राजनैतिक कार्यकर्ता बनके लूटपाट करेंगे, छेड़छाड़ करेंगे और इसके सिवा ना खप पाने वाले बच्चो और युवको का क्या भविष्य है ? अभी अखिलेश सिंह ने सेवायोजन नाम का जिन्न पैदा किया और इतने सारे युवक युवतियां इसे अपने वश में करने निकल पड़े की प्रशासन के पसीने छूट गए.  क्या ऐसी मारा मारी नहीं बताती कि हमने किस तरह कि शिक्षा व्यवस्था कायम की है कि जिसमे इस तरह से लोग नौकरी के लिए मरकट रहे है?  रोज ही पढ़ता हूँ मिलिटरी भर्ती के दौरान भदगड मची, लाठीचार्ज हुआ, या लोग फार्म लेने या जमा करते वक्त लाइन में बेहोश हो गए, भर्ती परीक्षाओ में इतने परीक्षार्थी आये कि सब जगह अव्यवस्था फैल गयी. इस देश में लोग तब तक सरकारी नौकरी का फार्म भरते रहते है जब तक उम्र से मजबूर ना हो जाए. और सरकारी नौकर बनकर किस तरह मानव से दानव बनते ये एक अलग दास्तान है.  या कॉल सेंटर टाईप संस्थान में घुस के “पिराईवेट” ( प्राइवेट) गुलाम बन के किस तरह जीवन यापन कर रहे है ये एक अलग कहानी है.

क्या हमको नहीं लगता ये रोज़ी रोटी के लिए पैदा की गयी शिक्षा व्यवस्था से हमने सिर्फ शोषण को जन्म देने वाली व्यवस्था पैदा की है ? क्या शिक्षा व्यवस्था का उद्देश्य ये नहीं होना चाहिए कि मानवीय मूल्यों की रक्षा हों और मनुष्य के आत्मसम्मान के साथ खेलवाड़ ना हो ?  क्या फायदा इस शिक्षा व्यस्था का जिसने इस व्यवस्था को जन्म दिया हो कि लाशो पर भी दलाली चल रही हो ? शिक्षा रुपैया पैदा करने का साधन नहीं मनुष्य को बेहतर बनाने का साधन है.  जब तक नहीं समझेंगे तब जवानी लाइनों में सडती रहेगी!!!

नक़ल के सहारे पास होते बच्चे

नक़ल के सहारे पास होते बच्चे

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भूख और बचपन से एक साक्षात्कार !!!

अभाव में भी मुस्कुराता बचपन !!

अभाव में भी मुस्कुराता बचपन !!

कुछ दिन पहले अपने मित्र प्रखर पाण्डेय जो ग्वालिअर में बसे एक बहुत शानदार कवि है से एक संवाद के दौरान पंकज रामेन्दू मानव जी की कुछ कवितायेँ सामने उभर कर आई. पढ़ते ही ये दो कविताये मेरे मन के बहुत अन्दर तक समा गयी. तभी सोच लिया था की इसे अपने इस वेबसाइट पर इनको जगह दूंगा ताकि ये कुछ और उर्वर दिमागों तक पहुच सके. शायद आदमी को इस कदर झकझोर कर रख देने की ताकत सिर्फ कविता में ही होती है. पंकज जी की इस अति सूक्ष्म संवेदनशीलता को सराहने के लिए शब्द कम है.

ये बताना आवश्यक है कि इसमें से पहली कविता “बचपन” जो कि एक पुरस्कृत कविता है और कवि का परिचय, जो कविता के नीचे मैंने दिया है, पहले पहल हिंदी युग्म नाम के वेबसाइट पर पर प्रकाशित हुई है. हिंदी युग्म इस वजह से विशेष साभार का अधिकारी है.



हंसता बचपन, गाता बचपन
जगता और जगाता बचपन,
धूल मिट्टी से सना हुआ
जीने के गुर सिखाता बचपन.
जोश जुनूं से भरा हुआ,
सबसे प्यार जताता बचपन।

कई और रूप हैं बचपन के
द्रवित स्वरूप हैं बचपन के
कबाड़ी बचपन, दिहाड़ी बचपन
कपड़ा सिलता बचपन, कचरा बीनता बचपन
किताब बेचता बचपन, हिसाब सीखता बचपन
हाथ फैलाता बचपन, दूत्कार खाता बचपन
पान खिलाता बचपन, चौराहे की तान सुनाता बचपन
लुटा हुआ सा बचपन, पिटा हुआ सा बचपन
दो जून की जुगाड़ में जुटा हुआ सा बचपन

बचपन रिक्शेवाला, बचपन जूतेवाला
बचपन कुल्फीवाला, बचपन होटलवाला
बचपन चने-मुरमुरेवाला, बचपन बोतलवाला
चाय बेचता बचपन, बोझा खींचता बचपन
गर्मी से लुथड़ा बचपन, सर्दी में उघड़ा बचपन
बूढ़ा बचपन बिना रीढ़ का कुबड़ा बचपन
सहमा बचपन, सिसका बचपन
पहाड़ी ज़िंदगी से बिचका बचपन

बचपन एक विवाद सा, घाव से निकले मवाद सा
बचपन एक बीमारी सा, जी जाने की लाचारी सा
बचपन थका हुआ सा, बचपन झुका हुआ सा
जीवन की पटरी पर, बचपन रुका हुआ सा

जूझता सा बचपन, टूटता सा बचपन
बिखरता सा बचपना, अखरता सा बचपन
अपने अस्तित्व को ढुंढता सा बचपन
कचरे सी ज़िंदगी में खुशिया तलाशता
हमसे कई सवाल पूछता सा बचपन ।

पंकज रामेन्दू मानव


भूख ऐसी ही होती है

भूख की उम्र नहीं होती..जात नहीं होती..

भूख की उम्र नहीं होती..जात नहीं होती..

जब घुटने से सिकुड़ा पेट दबाया जाता है
जब मुँह खोल कर हवा को खाया जाता है
जब रातें, रात भर करवट लेती हैं
जब सुबह देर से होती है
जब चाँद में रोटी दिखती है
तब दिल में यह आवाज़ उठती है
भूख ऐसी ही होती है
भूख ऐसी ही होती है

जब गिद्ध मरने की राहें तकता है
जब कचरे में भी कुछ स्वादिष्ट दिखता है
जब कलम चलाने वाला बार-बार दाल-चावल लिखता है
जब एक वक़्त की खातिर जिगर का टुकड़ा बिकता है
जब रातें सूरज पर भारी होती हैं
तब दिल से एक आवाज़ होती है
भूख ऐसी ही होती है
भूख ऐसी ही होती है

जब हांडी में चम्मच घुमाने का कौशल दिखलाया जाता है
जब चूल्हे की आँच से बच्चों का दिल बहलाया जाता है
जब माँ बच्चों की कहानी सुना, फुसलाती है
जब सेहत की बातें बता ज़्यादा पानी पिलवाती है
जब रोटी की बातें ही आनंदित कर जाती हैं
तब दिल से एक हूक उठती है
भूख ऐसी ही होती है
भूख ऐसी ही होती है

जब पेट का आकार बड़ा सा लगता है
जब इंसान भगवान पर दोष मढ़ता है
जब भरी हुई थाली महबूबा लगती है
जब महबूबा सुंदर कम स्वादिष्ट ज़्यादा दिखती है
तब दिल से एक हूक उठती है
भूख ऐसी ही होती है
भूख ऐसी ही होती है

जब एक टुकड़ा ज़िंदगी पर भारी लगता है
जब तिल-तिल कर जीना लाचारी लगता है
जब बातें रास नहीं आती
जब हंसना फनकारी लगता है
जब एक निवाले पर लड़ती भौंक सुनाई देती है
तब दिल से एक हूक उठती है
भूख ऐसी ही होती है
भूख ऐसी ही होती है

पंकज रामेन्दू मानव


कवि पंकज रामेन्दू मानवजी का परिचय:

इनका जन्म मध्य प्रदेश की राजधानी भोपाल में २९ मई १९८० को हुआ। इनको पढ़ने का शौक बचपन से है, इनके पिताजी भी कवि हैं, इसलिए साहित्यिक गतिविधयों को इनके घर में अहमियत मिलती है। लिखने का शौक स्नातक की कक्षा में आनेपर लगा या यूँ कहिए की इन्हें आभास हुआ कि ये लिख भी सकते हैं। माइक्रोबॉयलजी में परास्नातक करने के बाद P&G में कुछ दिनों तक QA मैनेज़र के रूप में काम किया, लेकिन लेखक मन वहाँ नहीं ठहरा, तो नौकरी छोड़ी और पत्रकारिता में स्नात्तकोत्तर करने के लिए माखनलाल चतुर्वेदी विश्वविद्यालय जा पहुँचे। डिग्री के दौरान ही ई टीवी न्यूज़ में रहे। एक साल बाद दिल्ली पहुँचे और यहाँ जनमत न्यूज़ चैनल में स्क्रिप्ट लेखक की हैसियत से काम करने लगे। वर्तमान में ‘फ़ाइनल कट स्टूडियोज’ में स्क्रिप्ट लेखक हैं और लघु फ़िल्में, डाक्यूमेंट्री तथा अन्य कार्यक्रमों के लिए स्क्रिप्ट लिखते हैं। कई लेख जनसत्ता, हंस, दैनिक भास्कर और भोपाल के अखबारों में प्रकाशित।

श्रोत: हिंदी युग्म


चलते चलते गुलाल का ये गीत भी सुन ले..इसके बोलो की जितनी भी प्रसंशा की जाए कम है..जिस तूफानी और जोशीले अंदाज़ में गाया गया है ये गीत उसके तो क्या कहने. पियूष मिश्र जो की इस फिल्म के गीतकार और संगीतकार भी है बधाई के पात्र है कि इन्होने भारतीय फ़िल्म संगीत के इतिहास को इतना दुर्लभ गीत दिया. और पता है इस गीत को गाया किसने है ? खुद पियूष मिश्र ने :-)…इसके बोल यहाँ पे है.

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हिंदी युग्म

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That’s not the age to be in love!

Moving like lost ship in the ocean

Moving like lost ship in the ocean

You appear in memories
And I cry again
The age in which love crossed our hearts
Murmured the dragon called society
That’s not the age to be in love!
You didn’t protest
Nor I came to chain the dragon
And as it breathed fire
Our dreams got burnt
Time changed its cover
And arrived the age to love
Prevailed now the glorious illusion
Called glories of the skin
By which hanged the misery
In form of earthly fame.

Around me moved sea of people
Competing with chameleon
Burning in the flame of fame
Filling the episodes of life
With strange amalgam of black and white.

I searched for you in these new shades
Even in the isolation filling these shades
And I realized you were now a gentle breeze
Flowing in some unknown distant land
With you love remained like love
With all its mysteries and foggy depth.

When you changed I realized
That world does change
Sometimes to beat the time
Sometimes to be beaten by the time
I too tried to change my skin
Punctured the self within
To let it imbibe the law of change
Yet it remained the ancient self
Those who changed now wear some crown
And I the unchanged
Moving like lost ship in the ocean.


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Love, Sex, Rape And Society

Forced To Keep Mouth Shut

Forced To Keep Mouth Shut

I am in love with Radio since childhood. It’s my first love.  That’s because it remained above the distortions that hit the silver screen /idiot box with passage of time, providing healthy entertainment,  besides keeping me in touch with changes taking place in the world.  The other two mediums gave way to skin show but radio kept its virginity intact for long.  However, very recently I discovered that it has too given way to vulgarity and obscenity. This time vulgarity entered not through the eyes but through the ears in form of sound waves.

It took me by surprise when I found one of the very young female listeners shrieking out loudly on radio that she enjoys uninterrupted “Sex and the city” and others can also have same quality experience like her if they come to own a particular brand of set top box!  It appeared to me that society has really progressed- a belief that did not stay for long.  That probably also explains why we have so many late night programmes on radio, often hosted by female presentators with remarkable confidence.  That makes me feel pretty awkward within as how come being a male I lack the same confidence? Anyway, the arrival of songs like “ Ooh la la“, “ Chikni Chameli“,   ” Bhaag DK Bose” and “ Jalebi Bai“,  to name a few, on radio wiped out whatever little respectability radio had so painfully preserved in all these ears.

Anyway,  it gave me some sort of satisfaction that bombardment of such songs and programmes is indicative of growing maturity in society- something also in tune with supply and demand theory.  I mean I felt when young generation can so boldly discuss and share their experiences on radio, television and online portals I have no reason to assume that times have not really changed, in which people like me owning a great degree of shyness in such matters are like great black patch on clean white plain clothe. Have a look at our teenage days. We had just morning shows at theaters delivering “Gupt Gyana” (secret knowledge), which was rarely watched by guys and gals from decent homes and then there were magazines like “Playboy” which few could afford and some Hindi books- poor versions of foreign magazines.  To discuss such matters was considered taboo and television after much consideration started showing late night movies in late 80s, which none watched.

Look at our times.  We have helpline numbers that deal with queries related with post marriage worries !! There is growing awareness about sex education, more than need of moral education- to such an extent that talks about moral education seems to be regressive! Well,  my eyes were wide opened when some months ago next door young boy,studying in good school and belonging to a good family, asked me ,” Do I own CD of Murder-2 ?”  My response in negative made him give me a strange stare and he was virtually annoyed when I asked why he has so much interest in movie having bold scenes-based on theme revolving around extra marital affairs? He smiled and said I am not in sync with recent trends!! I found merit in his response , after all, how come I forgot that all national magazines carry out sex surveys, which has details of intimate moments ? These are easily available low priced magazines which anyone can afford!! Gone are the days when “ Roop tera Mastana” or “ Julie I love you” aesthetically picturized songs, evoked unheard sensations.  It’s a different world wherein explicit details in normal conversations are commonplace and sexting has killed all scope for unheard sensations.

Murder -2: Extramarital Movie

Murder -2: Extramarital Movie

The point is do these signs are indicative of the fact that society is on right track after having become comfortable with sex related issues? The answer is a big “No”! Just now I signed a petition that will serve as a memorandum to Commissioner of Police,  New Delhi, compelling him to take note of “Gang-rapes, sexual assaults, victim blaming, shameful rape trials” which have terribly hit Delhi/NCR.  It reported the highest number of ‘rape’ cases (414) in 2010, leading it to earn dubious distinction of being rape capital of India. The other cities are also not that safe. In Calcutta a woman was raped by five youths when they were offered lift by her in middle of the night.  In Gurgaon,  a woman pub employee was allegedly gang-raped by six youth in a flat in the city.  The sensational rape case of a BPO employee at Dhaula Kuan is still fresh in our memories.

After  such incidents males are cursed, viewing rapes in narrow perspective as subordination of females in patriarchal society a way via which males prove their superiority over females.  The feminists and intellectuals speak about ways and means to prevent rapes the way this petition talks about like better promotion of ‘women helplines, monitoring through CCTV’s,  sexual assault prevention and redressal policy, state and police sensitivity towards women, workplace safety and awareness campaigns. However, the big picture is often ignored.  At this point it would be not be out of place to suggest that the United States has the world’s highest rape rate.  A country that has high level of transparency in sexual affairs with a great freedom to indulge in sexual experimentation.  Let’s also remember it’s a society highly feminist in nature. “1 of 6 U.S. women and 1 of 33 U.S. men have experienced an attempted or completed rape” states one of the reports published several years back.

Let me state that this issue has many complex facet.  The same society that proclaims about freedom of sexual preferences and about attainment of maturity has utterly failed to address some of the key questions related with sexuality.  The same society also deals with serious issues in biased manner as its more interested in vilification of men community and sharp polarization of society for vested interests.  It boasts of sexual freedom but it loves to highlight important issues related with men and women in stereotypical way. That’s one of the greatest paradox in our times.  It’s because more women in offices means greater consumption of material goods and so none of the countries including India can dare to ignore demands associated with women as they play a great role in stabilization of nation’s economy.

Sexual Assaults: Who is the real criminal ?

Sexual Assaults: Who is the real criminal ?

However, this has led to another problem. The market oriented global society has utilized women’s efficiency not only as qualified labour but also used her sexuality to great extent in selling of the products as well which these women are producing.  Nokia sets are made in some remote part of India with the help of over burdened male and female staff and these very phones are launched at glittering ceremony, wherein one notices gorgeous male/female star accompanied by good looking females! Notice how sexuality is also being promoted along with new Nokia set!!

The problem arises here:  Youth can buy a Nokia set but how and where will they unleash their sexual energy?  That’s why it’s also promoted that we are now a country which allows many sexual preferences, enabling girls to boast “why should boys have all the fun? ” A certain sexual tension is gradually built. Want to buy a soap?  Buy one which impresses girls easily or buy one which sexy Katrina Kaif uses over her long legs!! Want to buy a toothpaste? Use one which leads to freshness of breath so that it’s easier to attract kiss of a beautiful girl? If you use certain cream you attain a great glow to attract young girls and if female is using such a cream glow of her face is sure to get her a job!! It’s not enough to see the ball reaching the boundary. See how semi naked cheer girls express their joy when ball races towards boundary! You buy something and the woman cashier at counter, being impressed by the mobile you carry, offers you condom to compensate for lack of change!!

That sort of sexual impressions are being constantly generated. These are false images. But they are powerful enough to shatter into pieces better values. They lead to dangerous conditioning of mind. As a result right people from both the sexes suffer. If you are not allowing healthy release of sexual energy even as the the mind gets hammered with sexual images of all the types will it not lead to perversions of all types?  Will it not lead to rapists and sexual offenders?  Why are only men being vilified? Why not the system in its entirety being targeted? Will tough laws that seem to punish all the men and laws which view rest of the men as potential rapists serve the purpose? I think these are not preventive measures but methods to end the human society for forever.

Now let’s talk about love as well. The same Indian society which gives the impression that it has evolved to great extent is still comprised of people having more closed mind than people living in stone age.  On the one hand, we find one reputed female editor finding extra marital affairs good for keeping marriage lively and,  on the other hand, we have societies which hang to death boy and girl for loving each other just because they belonged to different caste. One real love story gives gives rises to many problems in India.  Angry parents,  shocked relatives,  red-faced friends and hostile law authorities all make the life of lovers no less than living hell.  No wonder the path of true love is never easy.

It’s quite ironical that casual sex has so many takers if one takes into account growing number of teenage pregnancies or sex at the call centers or growing number of educated girls from good families joining prostitution to earn good money in short time but the same society is not yet ready to embrace the lovers with open arms.  That reminds me of middle class morality, which finds its appearance in dramas written by G B Shaw.  A stiff resistance often greets lovers,  who not only have to face hostile law authorities but also be face-to-face with shrewd moves of deceptive friends and relatives. Deceptive friends? Tell any friend that you are in love with some girl and you are bound to hear anyone passing this great information that she has slept with him too!! A lobby of bad friends gets in action side by side good ones, leading to dominance of half truths.  True lovers get above such traps but not all are that great willed and so most love stories end up on tragic note.

So it’s okay to be fake lovers, in which there is display of money but no real emotions. Just the way a new movie get released every Friday, a new girlfriend or boyfriend appears in life of such lovers. It’s okay to be a couple, who have no respect for each other but they are in relationship to keep the society happy or , for that matter, to keep the honour of family intact. Often such couples are involved in serious clashes and some even come to murder their partners. However, the Indian society has place for all such incidents. It treats them as part and parcel of drama called human life. What really baffles is that these same block heads who endorse all ills of societies in name of growth of society are so harsh towards lovers seriously in love with each other!! The custodians of morality still issue death warrants to them all in name of religion, caste, language and status.

Let’s hope that Indian society which is so eager to convey the impression that it has evolved and in tune with better sensibilities makes way for right people, create room for healthy relationships and removes chosen contradictions.  At present, it’s in cusp which is neither modern nor ancient.  I prefer not to treat it as a society trapped in transition.  It’s probably moving away from its core: The core made up of ancient wisdom which treated even insentient objects worthy of admiration.

Look at present age.  We are murdering our own kids-only because they fail to fulfill our expectations.  We believed that husband and wife are each other’s reflection. Today we find that most of them are living in dead relationship. We treated women as object of worship. Today she is some ‘chikni chameli’ or, if that’s not the case,  she is promoting some mobile or deodorant via the charm of her body !! Our wise present age intellectuals call prostitution the oldest profession. They forget that we have produced women who have set high precedents. Let’s not glorify trash even as we come to make way for trash to make the life attain full circle.

Sexual Violence: Too Commonplace !

Sexual Violence: Too Commonplace !


The Times Of India

The Times Of India




Mobile Advt.


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