Save Hindu Girls in Pakistan Who Are Being Stripped Off Their Honour

Hindu Girl Rinkal Kumari: Kidnapped and Converted To Islam

Hindu Girl Rinkal Kumari: Kidnapped and Converted To Islam

I got a terrible personal message from a source based in Pakistan which asked me to highlight the plight of innocent Hindu girls in Pakistan.  I was shocked on reading the content of message. It narrated in detail how Hindu girls are being abducted in Sindh Province of Pakistan and are being  forced to convert  into Muslims so that they can marry local Muslim boys.  I came to verify the content of the message to be doubly assured about its authenticity. The chilling story of atrocities committed upon innocent Hindu girls was, indeed, true.

It’s really shocking that both right wing politicians who miss no opportunity to make noise on the case of Hindus rarely made that much noise on trials and tribulations suffered by our Hindu sisters and brothers in Pakistan. That’s because it would not translate into Hindu votes. The same can be said about secular parties.  They shed loads of tears on hearing real and imaginary tales of sufferings of minorities (read Muslims), both in India and foreign landscape,  but for them Hindus in Pakistan do not deserve the minority tag. Reason? They are not Muslims and Christians and ,  above all, talking about them is not politically correct vote-wise.

Let me state the incident highlighted in that personal message. It talked about Rinkal Kumari who was allegedly kidnapped in February in Mirpur Mathelo when she was on her way to home after attending the college. She was forced to convert to Islam and , subsequently,  got married off with a Muslim boy,  Naveed Shah. The police came to register the case only after much hue and cry raised by the relatives.  After all, it involved Mian Mithoo,  an influential MNA related with Pakistan People’s Party which happens to be the ruling party in Pakistan.  It’s learnt that Mian Mithoo is infamous for forced conversions in Sindh, which had a good track record in past in honouring the religious beliefs of the minorities. Of late,  it has been hit by onslaught of extremist parties who are committing barbaric crimes targeted at minorities living there.  The Pakistan Sikh Youth Council (PSYC) believes that in recent past as many as 20 Hindu girls have been forced by Mia Mithoo to get converted to Islam.

Anyway, in this case, the unidentified sources revealed that girl Rikal Kumari, now Faryal Bibi, when testified in one of the local courts, revealing her sufferings, she was reportedly slapped by Mian Mithoo and threatened with dire consequences. Now the matter has reached to High Court and the latest development reveals that she has been sent to a shelter home till March 26 on the directive of Justice Shahid Anwar of Sindh High Court (SHC).  The Sindh province has given to huge protests by religious minorities who are in rebellious mood against series of forced conversions and other serious crimes committed against them.

A prominent Pakistani newspaper reports that within past few months four Hindu girls Lata Kumari,  Karachi,  Rinkal Kumari, Mirpur Mathelo,  Aamna Kohli, Tando Bago,  and Aasha Kumari, Jacobabad, have been kidnapped and converted to Islam. One should not forget that religious minorities, especially the Hindus and Sikhs, have played a great role in shaping the growth of Sindh Provice.  Now they are forced to live like refugees in their own land and that has made many of the families to shift to some safe place, which, at least, provide safer future for their girls.  Ironically, Rinkal Kumari was already married but she was still asked to convert at gunpoint.

It needs to be stated that in year 1951 the percentage of Hindus was 22% in Pakistan’s population. In year 1998, the percentage of Hindus drastically got reduced to mere 1.7 percent. One of the primary reasons has been forced conversions, animal treatment and heinous crimes committed against them.  It’s really stunning that International Human Rights Commission(IHRC) which is so much bothered about fictitious violation of human rights of minorities in India, especially in Kashmir, and Amnesty International which loves to take note of happenings in India remained a mute spectator. They did not even bother to shed crocodile tears as they come to do in case of plight of Kashmiri Pandits! Anyway, it’s time for them to prove that they exist for real cases too!

It’s time for them to intervene and direct the Pakistan government to take note of the plight of minorities reeling under unspeakable situations.  Not only Hindus but Sikhs and Buddhists have also declined in number.  It’s also a wake up call for Indian government that if it bothers so much about the minorities in its own land,  it should not remain ignorant about the state of minorities in other lands.  Let’s protect the Hindu people.  Let’s save honour of Rinkal Kumaris. Let’s save the dignity of religious minorities in Pakisan- the home of dangerous extremists.

Mother Of Rinkal Kumari: Wants her daughter back from the clutches of  kidnappers

Mother Of Rinkal Kumari: Wants her daughter back from the clutches of kidnappers





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17 responses

  1. Thanks Mazemangriot for liking the post…


    Thanks to Swati Kurundwadkarji, Pankaj Bhoola, United States, Sudhir Dwivediji and Dinesh Vishvakarmaji for reading the story and spreading the word in this regard…

    Many others also came to read like Rajesh Vakharia, Tejinder Singhji,
    Abbas Mono Mehndi, Personal Assistant at Court of Principal Senior Civil Judge, Mra Kailash, Osho Amar Prem, Suvendu Huddar, Prabhu Chaitanya, Deepak Harsh and Chetan Hansji….

    Thanks to all of you my friends..We need to make this government open its sleepy eyes and see the harsh reality- take some concrete steps..

  2. Osho Amar Prem said:

    Yes we all stand for the cause but this government will remain ignorant…

    My response to Osho Amar Premji:

    The atrocities on minorities was one of the reasons why Indira Gandhi invaded Pakistan and taught it a fitting lesson, giving rise to Bangladesh.

  3. The article generated huge heat.. I am really happy that it led to consciousness in this regard. Hope it makes Indian and Pakistani Government initiate proper steps to get the issue resolved in amicable manner.. I need to thanks organizations and individuals who came to spread the word.

    I need to thank my friend from Hyderabad, Sindh Province, Devan Kumar, who made me aware of plight of Rinkal Kumari and ongoing protest taking place in Sindh province. Million thanks to Devan Kumarji..

    I also needs to thank esteemed readers including Narayan Sarswat, Manager at Gdloan group, Jai Bharat Maaji, Prakash Thakre, Nagpur, Anup Kumarji, Mra Namitji, Rockey Kaleliyaji, Himanshu B Pandeyji, Neet Sparrow, Goa, Dilip Bhattji, Sandeep Jaisinganiji and Priya Dhomeja.

  4. Thanks to recent readers and their views. Thanks Amar K Jamadhiar
    ,Shippensburg University of Pennsylvania, Rajesh Kumar Pandeyji, Allahabad, SK Sameleji, Tikamgarh, Anupam Vermaji and Akhilesh Pillanugoiji..


    Padma Rajawatji said:

    Well, we are too busy admiring Sharukh Khan and have no time….!!

    My response to Padmaji:

    Yes dirty dance of Vidya or Aaishwarya, cheap gimmicks of Shah Rukh or Salman, have become prime inspirational forces operating now… Application of brain in these matters is quite tough affair..

    It’s a really sensitive issue and we need to insure that justice is done speedily..Hope Rinkal Kumari gets justice on par with her wishes..


    Mukesh Tewary, Sr. Administrator at Akhand Jyoti Eye Hospital, said:

    Better go to The United Nations if you want to really change the scene ,posting on FB wont help much its a waste of time.

    My response to Mukeshji:

    Probably, you are person in league with old mindset who don’t realize the worth of social networking sites..

    It’s an important platform to generate awakening like open-ed columns of newspapers besides making the message known to those who really matter. Wake up from the slumber of ignorance!!! … And if you still feel it’s of little relevance better quit Facebook and stop commenting !

    If it’s waste of time why are the governments across the globe so hypersensitive in restricting the role of Facebook and other such sites ?

    Lastly, it’s not matter of United Nations alone..Read the article and you will know it’s a matter pertaining to IHRC and Amnesty International ..It’s also pertains to judicial activism..

    Lastly, I have used the Facebook a medium to extend my views pertaining to a sensitive issues. The statistics contradicts your views. It has generated heat in right circles and I am optimistic it would make room for better developments.


  5. I had never heard of this issue until I read your post, so thank you for educating me. I just noticed the New York Times posted an article on the issue:
    It’s interesting to see that this story has now gone international and not just regional. Hopefully the international attention will place some pressure on the parties involved to bring a resolution in this case, and will shed more light on what is happening in this region.

    1. @Monicaspitzer

      Thanks a lot Monica..Yours remark gives me lot of satisfaction. You know I am in direct touch with people there and I was feeling pretty helpless in providing them true solace. Now I am happy that my efforts have paid rich dividends. At least, now the right people have awakened. I mean the powerful mediums which till now remained ignorant have become hyperactive. These developments make me optimistic that now these harassed lot would get justice and perpetrators of such heinous crime would be given the toughest punishment possible. After all, these people have violated the human rights of people who came to play a big role in shaping the destiny of Sindh Province. They have attacked and humiliated those people, who ensured growth of Sindh in a substantial way.

      Instead of being honoured, they are being subjected to inhuman behaviour, their young women are being converted under pressure and the girls who are offering resistance are either being killed or stripped of their modesty. What sort of treatment is this when we are celebrating International Women’s Day with theme” Connecting girls, inspiring futures” ? The minorities get desired attention in almost all the nations but in this case the prominent bodies are mute spectators !!! That’s quite irritating and baffling as well. Their silence adds salt to injury.

      I admire you Monica for your candid confessions and your ability to get involved with pertinent issues with a right mindset. And so a remark from your side makes me feel really happy that right minded people like you who can make some difference and bring some smiles back on faces of troubled soul are in the picture now. Back in India I have spread the word in high political and bureaucratic circles. I hope their destiny will change very soon.

      Keep visiting. And thanks for spending some moments on my page in such a conscious way.

  6. We have won!! Rinkal Kumari in her statement at Supreme Court said she wants to live with her mother. She said:

    पाकिस्तान में सब लोग एक दुसरे के साथ मिले हुवे हैं , यहाँ इंसाफ सिर्फ मुसलमान के लिए है , हिन्दू के लिए कोई इन्साफ नहीं है , मुझे यहीं कोर्ट रूम में मार डालो , लेकिन दार -उल -अमन नहीं भेजो , यह सब लोग मिले हुएँ हैं यह हमें मार डालेंगे “.

    “Everyone in Pakistan is hand in glove, there is justice only for Muslims, there is no justice for Hindus. Kill me here in court, but don’t send me to Darul-Aman, all these people are hand in glove, they will kill us) – KTN news channel live reporting captured on a personal camera – the reporter repeats Rinkals words quote-un-quote.”


    “Faryal, however, upon seeing her mother said that she wanted to go with her instead. She also said that she did not sign the previously recorded statement, whereas Dr Hafsa has already given her statement.”


  7. Thank you very much for raising the issue.

    1. @Rakesh Lakahniji

      Any conscious soul will be moved by such pathetic tales.. These gruesome tales need to be highlighted so that offenders can be punished for their offences and no one dares not replicate their crimes..

      1. What to do sir, feeling very helpless. I want each and every Hindu to imminently leave sindh

    2. @Ramesh Lakhaniji

      Well, don’t feel disheartened and discouraged. Never sound pessimistic. Have faith in the words of Lord Krishna who said that evil never emerge victorious though it might appear that it has got a winning edge. The victory embraces people like you only who are on the path of righteousness. Never be disappointed with the fact that you people are in lesser number and pitched against powerful tribal lords who enjoy the support of extremist groups. Remember the same was case with Pandavas and Lord Rama but both came to successfully defeat the negative forces.

      Now do these things first. Remain united. Be always in touch with organisations, both local and International, which safeguard human rights. Make the right people in Pakistan listen your voices. Take active help of media-persons and have some people in virtual word, who can use the social networking sites to spread the tale of oppression in outside world. That will eventually force the sleeping giants to do something substantial for harassed souls. Serve the memorandum to important offices like PMO based at New Delhi, Indian Embassy In Pakistan, IHRC and etc. These are the effective strategies to keep the negative forces in check. Lastly, if you people are planning to migrate, do that in organized way. Before that follow these steps and see whether these steps bring desired result or not. On my part, I have dispatched the news item related with Sindh problem to responsible leaders. I hope it would lead to some good results.

      And yes, I repeat, have faith in Lord.

  8. Thanx my friend for raising such issue, may god help Rikal, one day she will get justice.if same thing would have happened with Christian or Muslim girl then? But we are Hindu we will force the people to do the justice with our community.

    1. Thanks Rajpurohitji..This issue is also related with dignity of woman…How can you kidnap a married girl and remarry her with someone else? Yes, the matter related with Hindus dosen’t get desired attention in International Media….

      Anyway, thanks for reading the article..

    2. We in India have shown our commitment to secular values time and again. I dont think we need to worry at least on that front. There had been challenges with some failure but out commitment cannot be challenged.

      1. @Rakesh Lakhani

        However, the same secular spirit takes dubious stand on causes pertaining to Hindus..Why are there double standards ?

      2. Here in India our institutions are rock solid. We dont doubt our Judicial Institution but that never happens in pakistan .

  9. It’s an extremely sad situation of hindu girls and women in Pakistan.This tactics of forcefully converting the hindus by targeting the women is shameful, atrocious. What is most shocking is why is this never raised on an international platform by our PM/ Ministers? Again perhaps waiting for something disastrous to happen.

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