Is There Rebirth? The Answer Is An Emphatic Yes!

Is There Rebirth ? The Answer Is An Emphatic Yes !

The Hindu scriptures have dealt with the rebirth phenomenon much earlier than any other modern civilization.  The Vedas, Upanishads,  and,  above all, Bhagavad-gita, especially its chapter 2 & 6,  have dissected this complex issue in a scientific and clinical manner.   Assuring Arjuna not to worry about the fate of his body Krishna says ,” For the soul there is never birth nor death .Nor, having once been does he ever cease to be.  He is unborn, eternal,  ever-existing, undying and primeval.  He is not slain when the body is slain.”(Bhagavad-gita 2.20)

Our psuedo -secularists and worshipers of scientific superstitions might make these declarations butt of ridicule but leading thinkers in past have come to held the insights of Indian sages in high esteem.  For instance,Emerson states that ‘ The soul comes from without into the human body,as into a temporary abode,and it goes out of it anew…it passes into other habitations,for the soul is immortal.’  Even Socrates is not afraid to conclude that ‘I am confident that these truly is such a thing as living again,that the living spring from the dead,and that the souls of the dead are in existence.’

Tolstoy who believes that fate of man is to morph into God categorically states that ‘ As we live through thousands of dreams in our present life,so is our present life only one of many thousands of such lives which we enter from the other more real life …and then return after death.’   One hopes we learn to respect and honour our cultural legacy in an intelligent fashion rather than criticizing it to be in tune with with modernity !

Is There Rebirth ? The Answer Is An Emphatic Yes !


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  1. Vishal Sabharwalji, New Delhi, left some very precious words of his on this post on Facebook. He said:

    ” A physicist cant capture an electron with his hands nor can see with his eyes but with reflection on CRT screen he knows electron exists . Similarly X-rays cant be seen but we know it exists by the effect it produces on X-ray sheet . This is called inferential logic . Using same Logic we know soul exists and our consciousness is proof of this . We change bodies from childhood to youth to old age but that consciousness is all the same which is nothing but the effect of soul .

    Scientific superstition is a very nice word PRABHU G . . Love this . . Our so called scientists just know how to manipulate matter provided by material nature . . They cant produce even a drop of milk on this own . . So why trust them . . Bhagavad Gita is most perfect knowledge available to any livin entity across planets . . There is no knowledge beyond this . .

    I shall declare unto you in full this knowledge ,both phenomenal and numinuous. This being known, nothing further shall remain for you to know.”


    My response to both Vishal Sabharwalji and Sudhir Dwivediji who always manage time enough not only to read but also share important views:

    Hare Krishna to Both Vishal Sabharwalji and Sudhir Dwivediji..Before I say anything I must say that I came to write a long piece on it a for a leading national newspaper. I could not resist the charm of publishing an article for my own website with a different set of facts since the copyright rules prevent me from posting the content of print article. So it’s a new article specially for my website for likes of you very conscious readers.

    It’s very strange that scientific superstition is acceptable but not beliefs shared by our wise Rishis. If you probe the medical world, you will find people are readily available for harmful side effects of medicines and costly medical tests but moment you ask them to give way to simple gestures like meditation and pranayama they start ridiculing you calling you outdated.

    Anyway, my point is that do not have blind faith for all the concepts preached by the Rishis but at least let’s test them with open mind side by side a bit of shadhha for these selfless Rishis.

    Rebirth as I say is logical fulfillment of Karma theory promoted by Lord Krishna.

  2. Radhakrishna Rao, Bangalore, said:

    ‎”Our psuedo -secularists and worshipers of scientific superstitions might make these declarations butt of ridicule” this is the way to ridicule who just think that science is confined to laboratory and unearthing some pheonomenon is the ultimate truth”


    My response to Radhakrishna Raoji:

    Science is just not limited to laboratories found in West.. You know we have likes of Acharya Charaka, Varahmihir, Aryabhatta and Bhaskaracharyaji , to name a few, who made startling discoveries without giving way to diktats of West ! In fact Western world was not even in existence in those times, forget about dictating..

    The point is let’s learn to honour the findings of ancient Rishis who came to unearth great phenomenons despite lack of infrastructure and that too for sake of humanity. They were selfless in highest way.

  3. Thanks to both Jugal Jalalji, Sonu Saraf, Neha Arora, Priya, Ratan Dhumeja and Sudir Dwivediji who never miss to make their presence felt on my posts.


    Thanks to my friend BACH also for liking the post.

  4. Dharmendra Sharma said on Facebook:

    Science is not limited only to some rooms known as laboratories. Science is a way of finding and establishing facts. Any knowledge based upon evidences is in fact Science. and the scope of scientific knowledge is restricted within the limits of our capability to explore. as our capability grows to explore deeper and finer realms of nature, by new inventions, our sphere of scientific knowledge grows.


    My response to Dharmendra Shramaji:

    ‎Dharmendra Sharmaji

    If that’s the case Dharmendraji please let me know why the secular media always present the findings of our Rishis in bad light all the time ? Why the gestures of simple hearted Hindus are made fun of by the Western world ?

    Though we can now see that when we worshiped trees or rivers we did that in scientific way with some great purpose. Today when ecological balance has been distorted badly we have now realized that when we worshiped trees, we were simply conscious of the fact that trees sustain us.

    Curse the foreign brains which taught us to undermine and ridicule our own culture!!!

    I am sure many of my foreign friends and also my Indians (more American than American themselves) will be having a cynical attitude towards my interest in rebirths !!! Let them smile that way. I will always write what I feel correct.


  5. Dharmendra Sharma said on Facebook:

    Because secular media is not scientific, it is governed by blind modernist brains, who think that only their way of thinking is correct. They give more importance to the style than the life itself. but in reality life is more important than style or anything else. So whatever brings the life to our lives, is known as our culture, and if we are shunning our culture it means we are shunning our lives for the sake of modern style. One may say that modern style, and western culture is more beneficial for life, but then the question is that, “why maximum number of psychiatric problems are their in the west?” It is so because, “the modern way of living (scientific culture) is bankrupt spiritually, it is not in tune with the music of heart and soul, and it shines only on the surface of a gloomy darkness within”.

    My response to Dharmendra Sharma:

    I am happy that you made the cat jump out of the bag 🙂

  6. Radhakrishna Rao said:

    ‎Arvind K Pandey: yes..this is what even i want to ask from people..that why do they ridicule the findings of our rishis and then..we had great minds like acharya chankaya whose economic treatise still holds true….why do they mock the ways of our rishi who were guiding days people of our nation only love to do labor work..but not mind mind work has generated from this land after calculus was developed by the brahmans of kerala..though everyone bashes our ancestors that we did this,we opressed others..but no credit given to the mind works ..tht too for the benefits of others..not with selfish motives.

    My response to Dharmendra Sharmaji:

    Thanks to all of you who gave this post a sterling direction..I mean took the level of conversation to such great heights wherein we are asking some real questions which the mainstream media rarely dares to ask !

    That way we are also making social media gain more credibility than mainstream media. It’s only in these ways alone we can make social networking sites attain a greater degree of respectability..

    Indeed ,we all need to think over the fact that when there were no universities we still produced great minds and we had great Rishis -the teachers- who came to give rise to so many fascinating concepts. Look at present times. It’s merely a picture of chaos. Why that happened ?

  7. Radhakrishna Rao said:

    because everyone is now out of touch of roots and people are doing the work of others which always will be a failure..i cannot perform the work of an athlete even though i may have all the potential…but still it should not be performed…this is a dangerous trend which has taken place in our nation everyone talks about labor rites,work is worship etc etc..but no one talks about how that labor has to be distributed..merely studying in school and colleges will not make a person productive..our ancestors were doing productive work even without going to universities.

    My response to Radhakrishna Rao:

    I don’t know but some great writer said that education of our times spoiled his life 🙂

    The only solution is resurrection of glorious past ideals with their maximum application in our own ways in present age.

  8. Radhakrishna Rao said:

    whosoever has said this..he is right….this education merely produces labors not leaders…sycophants. 🙂

    My response to Radhakrishna Raoji:

    I wish to add mine: Education of our times produces slaves from developing countries for developed world for the sole purpose of making huge profits by destroying the planet further.

  9. Radhakrishna Rao ‎said:

    but being a coolie worker is now hailed in indian families..irrespective to which class he is born into..and those who try to show the reality also are seen as someone who resists change or are backward and considered stupid and impractical 🙂


    My response:


  10. @Vikram Roy

    Many Thanks..


  11. Indians are Intellectually subverted for the past 190 years of British colonialism and 60 years of Marxist history and now, foreign news channel. Sole take birth and rebirth but How can we be so sure, as we do not have knowledge about our own scriptures. Our own language known as Sanskrit is taken away form academics. And there are indologist who want to suppress these notions. We are having the defeatist history given to any other country in the world. But If we think for sometime using our own analysis, we are the most successful civilization on earth ever to exist. There were 800 years of Islamic occupation and 200 years of British colonization. Even after that, we end up 80% of followers of Vedic religion. No other civilization absorbed this kind of dual shock. Name them and guess yourself. Aztec, Mayans, Egyptian civilization, Pagan Roman, Inca, Mesopotamian, Persian, Norse, Celt, African, Aboriginal all were destroyed and the successors of these civilizations go the Museums to know about their ancestors. But the colonizers could not destroy Hindu civilization because of stiff resistance from Hindu India over the centuries. History shows that civilization which became too soft, and did not confront the aggressors, were attacked and erased. I hope we learn from their(destroyed civilizations) mistakes.

    1. @Rakeshji

      “Indians are Intellectually subverted for the past 190 years of British colonialism and 60 years of Marxist history and now, foreign news channel. Sole take birth and rebirth but How can we be so sure, as we do not have knowledge about our own scriptures. Our own language known as Sanskrit is taken away form academics. And there are indologist who want to suppress these notions.”

      Very well stated. Now that’s a history. Look at present state of affairs. Our nowadays rulers are clones of these foreign oppressors. The only similarity is that they have brown skin and they are from among us. Look at the level of corruption. Look at the level of mismanagement. Notice the extent of cultural degradation. We have caused ourselves more harm than 190 years of British colonialism. Let’s rope in some positive changes or India shall emerge as hell of another hell!!!

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