Uttar Pradesh Assembly Elections Tainted By Voter Fraud !

Uttar Pradesh  Assembly Elections Tainted By Voter Fraud !

The Assembly Election Results in UP have virtually shattered all the premeditated orientations. The apprehensions of the psephologists about the hung assembly have now been proved totally wrong. The elections prove that political pundits have still not been able to discover fitting instrument to gauge the moods of electorates on the eve of elections. They rely more on sponsored or paid T V Channels which is bound to be misleading and erroneous. Most of the time such predictions are used as a tool to create some sort of wave for a particular political party.

Anyway, coming back to results the majority gained by Samajwadi Party has hugely disappointed all conscious electorates who voted in hope of gaining better governance. They are stunned to see that Samajwadi Party which was routed by Bahujan Samaj Party in previous Assembly elections on ground that it promoted “Goondaraj” ( law of the jungle), being party run by criminal elements, have once again managed to be in the driver’s seat. This magical transformation , at least in the eyes of electorates, which enabled Samajwadi Party to gain the power is something that needs to be brought under the lens.

Let’s begin with the speculations about the mass voting fraud. I do not have concrete evidence to sustain the facts favouring the mass voting fraud but on reports based on hearsay gathered from public meetings of various political parties taken place in the aftermath of the declaration of results such a possibility is not a remote possibility. After all, it’s not entirely impossible to tamper with the voting machines. Remember, Uttar Pradesh is a state wherein murders can take place even inside the jails! Against this backdrop, even though it might appear far-stretched, one cannot ignore such grim possibilities. One is really baffled as how come some people with serious criminal charges have also managed to win with huge margin?

The Election Commission needs to explore the possibilities in this regard. I mean it should try to ensure that electronic voting machines are not being manipulated during or after the voting session. The Election Commission also needs to grasp this fact very well there has been many instances in American presidential elections wherein heavy voting fraud took place despite tough measures to prevent it. Even the recently concluded presidential elections in Russia are not above the allegations of voter fraud. If that can be the case in Russia and United States, one can certainly be forced to view such unexpected results with great degree of suspicion.

Now let’s analyze the mass voting done by huge Muslim population in favour of Samajwadi Party. The BSP’s vote bank of Dalits and Samajwadi Party’s Muslim vote bank is pretty secure because of the presence of herd mentality exhibited by people dominating these two very communities. Even though both Congress and SP love to enter into appeasement of Muslims, there is subtle difference in their methodology. The Congress, unlike Samajwadi Party in tune with regional sentiments, is party with national character with an ideology that it retained from days of freedom movement. It’s pretty alert about ramifications of cashing-in-on the lesser sentiments of Muslim in hardcore way. That’s not the case with Samajwadi Party. Having just one prime goal of ruling Uttar Pradesh, it entered in all cheap gimmicks to woo the Muslims. If you see its past history it has always been in close proximity with lesser concerns related with Muslim societies spread across the Uttar Pradesh.

Uttar Pradesh  Assembly Elections Tainted By Voter Fraud !

In other words, the Samajwadi Party proved to be more shrewd in making use of the insecurities enveloping the Muslim population. The Congress, on the other hand, failed to promote its shamelessness in an effective way. Needless to state, the major factor which ensured the defeat of Congress had been flawed policies pursued by its government at the Centre. It’s also evident that if both BJP and Congress wish to fulfill their dreams of being in the driver’s seat, they need to be pretty more strategic in ensuring Muslim votes. They need to shatter the herd mentality present in the Muslim sections. They need to make believe that better future lies with them and not with parties devoid of national character and strong ideology.

Let’s see why future of Uttar Pradesh seems to be doomed unless Samajwadi Party under the youthful leadership of Akhilesh Singh performs incredibly well. That seems to be a herculean task given the inherent contradictions that exist within Samajwadi Party. It like BSP is not guided by ideological instincts but rests on patriarchal tendencies. It’s guided by interests and not principles. The conflict of interest is bound to hit the party sooner or later. It remains to be seen how Akhilesh manages to curb the nefarious designs of people lurking around him as advisers. One needs to recollect that when Samajwadi was dethroned some years back the main element that caused the eliminations was its protectionist attitude towards the criminal elements. It nurtured criminal means as the valid method to get the thing done.

I am really stunned over the wisdom depicted by the electorates in U P that it found Samajwadi Party as the ideal alternative!! So one thing is clear: Electorates went in for Samajwadi Party not as an ideal alternative but as a mean to get rid of malpractices prevalent in Mayaraj! However, in my eyes, choosing Samajwadi Party over Bahujan Samjwadi Party is like finding “Naagnath” better than “Saapnath”. It’s like having few seconds of momentary pleasure when you scratch with nails the parts affected by scabies!!! Undoubtedly, electorates of Uttar Pradesh depicted a great deal of immaturity in demonstrating their discretion ability. Such a checkered judiciousness exhibited by the electorates makes Uttar Pradesh to have more turbulence in future days.

Electorates wishing a state on road to progress should have been extremely conscious in selecting their representatives. In fact, had Election Commission brought in existence some path-breaking measures like granting option to electorates to reject the candidates then it would have led to different picture altogether. Right to recall based on evaluation of performance needs to be introduced as early as possible.

The rejection of Congress is understood as the party infatuated with ambiguous policies or because of its psuedo secular credentials has lost credibility in eyes of the electorates. I also do not agree with Rahul Gandhi’s statement that it performed poorly because of its weak political networking. It flopped because of its unprincipled stand on critical issues. It would be interesting to analyze the performance of another party with strong ideological roots. I am talking about party with a difference : Bhartiya Janta Party. It’s tragic that electorates are not willing to forgive the BJP for its blunders. A flexible approach on part of electorates could have not only acted as lifeline for the party but also given some new hopes to Uttar Pradesh reeling under Mayaraj or Jungleraj !

However, BJP needs to grasp this fact very well that unless it manages to converge the Hindu votes it would not be possible to get hold of power in UP. It desperately needs some charismatic leaders in Uttar Pradesh who can demonstrate dynamic tendencies than one mired in feudalistic ethics. That’s again a tough nut to crack. It needs to rebuild its party cadres with some vision and better progressive policies. Let it begin the homework right now.
Let the Hindu votes do not gets fragmented or divided. Let’s not forget BJP has got political skill to convince the various other sections of the society including the Muslim sections that it alone is in a position to provide them a better alternative.

If Narendra Modi can perform so well in Gujarat or, for that matter, if Nitesh Kumar in Bihar can convince the electorates what’s preventing the BJP from believing that it can win the electorates again in Uttar Pradesh? Learning right lessons from past blunders, it’s time for BJP to be on right track once again. Lastly, about UP election results I must say , at least, for me it’s hard to believe that “Naagnath” will serve our interests better than “Saanpnath”. I refuse to nurture such illusions.

Uttar Pradesh  Assembly Elections Tainted By Voter Fraud !


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The Times of India

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7 responses

  1. The article has caused ripples in various circles. I am presenting excerpts from views posted here and there in virtual world.

    Neet Sparrow said on a Facebook forum:

    We live in a democracy where 70% of the population is busy in fighting illiteracy – hunger and poverty for them Nagnath or Saapnath is not understandable. UP election is all about marketing policy of a political party if u r able to sell our logo you win the race it all depends who was the manager.

    Congress or BJP cannot form a government on their own in parliament.


    Well, I am not in tune with your sentiment that people cannot differentiate between saanpnaath and naagnaath but I do agree that politics has also been very much marketing oriented. Electorates have become conscious but they need to be more wiser while selecting the representatives.

    Is UP more poorer than Bihar ? If poor electorates can give way to better alternatives what has made electorates of UP give way to party resting on support of unsocial elements ?

  2. Neet Sparrow said on a Facebook forum:

    JI AGREE OR DISAGREE ACCEPTED. Tell me one political party standing without the support of goons and anti social elements. People wanted change were fed up Mayawati dictatorship type of government. SP was able to cash on the pulse of the people. Let us be very clear until there is hunger poverty and illiteracy nagnaath and saapnath will exists with people support because corruption and hooliganism is least understood by people who find difficult to make their ends meet in a day and everyday.

    Mayawati statues and park shall not be touched because SP knows again after 5 years she may come. There will be no CBI inquiry to the mamoth scams because the elected government feels it will hamper development. Now what will be central government do ??


    Okay ..I have also stated in this very article that having this sort of change is like ripples of please one attains after scratching the scabies ! One may not see the consequences right now but these very people will realize in the long run about the fatal blunder they have committed. I don’t think it’s a wise approach. Immediate relief forgetting about the repercussion is lethal.

    I am also trying to show that electorates , however poor or illiterate they might be, need to be judicious. Or else, have a tragic future.

    And yes, there is a huge difference to take use of antisocial elements than to represent or promote them.

  3. Neet Sparrow said on a Facebook forum:

    ‎Arvind K Pandey ji u r right in your argument but u must accept the fact that electorates have voted inspite of knowing the fact that they are committing blunder but still they are happy with the fate.

    Politics of this country is changing but change is slow we need to wait for another 2 elections. We can expect some sort of revolution in 2014 but the people in the rural and poor are just bothered about freebies.

    Be optimistic this time. Akhilesh yadav will perform else he is going to next Rahul Gandhi boquet of failures



    Thanks for such a conscious response…

  4. Priyanjali Sharma who came to appreciate my article on Facebook shared some interesting facts:

    पांच राज्यों में चुने गए विधायकों में से एक-तिहाई विधायकों के खिलाफ आपराधिक मामले दर्ज हैं। इनमें सबसे अधिक उत्तर प्रदेश के एमएलए हैं। इन सूबों के कुल 690 विधायकों में से 35 प्रतिशत यानी 252 विधायकों के खिलाफ आपराधिक मामले दर्ज हैं। साल 2007 के मुकाबले यह 8% अधिक है।

    उत्तर प्रदेश में निर्वाचित 403 विधायक में से 189 यानी 47% के खिलाफ आपराधिक मामले चल रहे हैं। साल 2007 के मुकाबले 12% की वृद्धि है। इनमें से 98 के खिलाफ गंभीर आपराधिक मामले दर्ज हैं। सबसे ज्यादा आपराधिक मामले वाले तीन विधायकों में हैं- समाजवादी पार्टी के बीकापुर से मित्रसेन यादव, जसराना से रामवीर सिंह और सकलडीहा के निर्दलीय सुशील सिंह। मित्रसेन पर 36 आपराधिक मामले दर्ज हैं, जिनमें 14 हत्या से जुड़े हैं। सुशील के खिलाफ दर्ज 20 मामलों में 12 हत्या से जुड़े हैं। रामवीर के खिलाफ हत्या के 8 सहित 18 मामले दर्ज हैं। जिन 38 विधायकों पर हत्या के मामले चल रहे हैं, उनमें समाजवादी पार्टी के 18, बीजेपी के दो, बीएसपी के 5 और आठ निर्दलीय शामिल हैं।

    पंजाब में भी करोड़पति और दागी विधायकों की संख्या बढ़ी है। पिछली विधानसभा में जहां 117 में से 21 विधायकों के खिलाफ आपराधिक मामले दर्ज थे, नए चुने गए विधायकों में से 22 ऐसे हैं जिनके खिलाफ आपराधिक मामले दर्ज हैं। करोड़पति विधायकों की संख्या में भी भारी वृद्धि हुई है।

    यूपी की नई विधानसभा की तस्वीर
    -403 कुल सीटें -189 विधायकों पर क्रिमिनल केस दर्ज है -271 विधायक करोड़पति हैं। 2007 में यह संख्या 124 थी

    अमीर विधायक
    – 57 करोड़ रुपये स्वार से कांग्रेस विधायक सबसे अमीर
    -22 विधायक 1 करोड़ या इससे अधिक के कर्जदार हैं
    – कांग्रेस के विधायकों की औसत संपत्ति 4.61 करोड़ रुपये
    – बीएसपी के विधायकों की औसत संपत्ति 4.44 करोड़ रुपये
    – बीजेपी के विधायकों की औसत संपत्ति 4.01 करोड़
    – एसपी के विधायकों की औसत संपत्ति 2.52 करोड़ रुपये

    स्पेशल है
    – 32 महिला विधायक इस बार यूपी में जीतकर विधानसभा पहुंची हैं
    -107 विधायकों ने आज तक कभी इनकम टैक्स रिटर्न दाखिल नहीं किया है
    -47 विधायकों के पास अब तक अपना पैन नंबर नहीं है
    -247 विधायक ग्रैजुएट या इससे अधिक या समकक्ष डिग्री धारक हैं
    -84 विधायकों की उम्र 40 साल से कम है


    Thanks Priyanjali Sharmaji for these details…

  5. Radhakrishna Rao, Bangalore, said on Facebook:

    Radhakrishna Rao do everytime loss of a party means voting machine tampering? lame excuse..better that parties must start working for which people give their precious times and votes ?


    Read the whole article.. It’s not only about vain allegations but we are discussing a certain possibility in light of concrete evidences. We have raised some serious doubts taking note of so many possibilities.

    Secondly, you are right that electorates need to vote than sit inside their homes hoping for better..


    Radhakrishna Rao further said:

    Yes..i have read it now :)..and yes..the machines are not fool proofs..in nations like germany and holland, i think they have banned these machines!!


    Thank God ! You came to read it in full 🙂 ….

    Yes, I am only trying to draw the attention of Election Commission towards such grim possibilities and ensure proper measures in this regard..

  6. Thanks Rajesh Vakhariaji for not only reading but also sharing it with other conscious readers.

    Thanks Rajeshji for your suggestion that it needs to be freely distributed with relaxations in regard to copyright. I wish to inform Rajeshji that any media publication is free to carry out its re publication but I really wish that they should give the proper credit if not green notes!! In past, my articles have already been shared that way among leading publications.

  7. Thanks Bach For Clicking The Like Button 🙂


    Thanks Prabhu Chaitanyaji, Dhirendra Mishra, Baijnath Pandeyji, New Delhi, Anupam Mishraji, Ajay Kumar Gupta and Himanshu B. Pandeyji for liking it..

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