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The Marriage Laws (Amendment) Bill 2010: Hope It Really Helps Trapped Partners

The Marriage Laws (Amendment) Bill 2010: Hope It Really Helps Trapped Partners

The Marriage Laws (Amendment) Bill 2010 has raised a storm in the legal circles and among bodies representing rights of men. The bodies advocating for men’s rights like Save Indian Family Foundation (SIFF) have lambasted the latest amendment on ground that it promotes misandry in society. Even in legal circles, allowing wife right to oppose the grant of a decree, if she happens to be respondent, on the ground that the dissolution of the marriage will result in grave financial hardship to her but denying the same right to husband is being seen as violation of the principle inherent in Article 14 related with Right to Equality.

In my eyes, the response is just the reverse. I appreciate the amendment and I condemn the media and Men’s Rights Association that they have reacted in immature manner without bothering to having a close look at the Amendment. The Amendment nowhere talks about distribution of husband’s property -an impression generated by SIFF and Indian media. We should learn to appreciate good laws. However, I too have my fears and doubts but they differ hugely from the mainstream media or, for that matter, associations championing the cause of men.

This amendment had became a necessity after Hindu Marriage Act, 1955, and the Special Marriage Act, 1954 were modified to meet the new changes in the society. It was presented in the Parliament last year, keeping in mind suggestions made by the Parliamentary Standing Committee on Personnel, Public Grievances, Law and Justice. It would be quite interesting to know that demand to include “Irretrievable Breakdown of Marriage as a Ground of Divorce” came into limelight some three decades ago. That prompted the Law Commission to take note of this issue. It dealt with this issue in its 71st Report titled “The Hindu Marriage Act, 1955 — Irretrievable Breakdown of Marriage as a Ground of Divorce” which was submitted in April, 1978, and made this recommendation that “irretrievable breakdown of marriage” should be made a new ground for granting a decree of divorce.

The Bill cites two judgement delivered by Supreme Court which acted as a catalyst: Ms. Jorden Diengdeh vs. S.S. Chopra(AIR 1985 SC 935) and Naveen Kohli vs. Neelu Kohli (AIR 2006 SC 1675). Both theses judgments laid emphasis on bringing suitable changes in Hindu Marriage Act, 1955 so that irretrievable breakdown of marriage could serve as an additional ground for divorce. The Law Commission once again came to the fore when it took suo moto cognizance of the issue, presenting its 217th Report titled ‘Irretrievable Breakdown of Marriage —Another Ground for Divorce’ to the government in year 2009.

It can be noticed that Congress governments have been pretty much conscious to introduce laws, which give an upper hand to weaker sex so that it can be seen as champion of women’s rights. It’s very much similar to its approach in the case of minorities, which it tries to woo with anti constitutional measures. The same Congress government miserably failed to protect the sanctity of important Constitutional bodies like Governor of States and Comptroller and Auditor General of India (CAG). After all, how dare CAG came to point out irregularities in the allocation of radio spectrum? No need to talk about role of governors who turned out to be puppets instead of acting as bridge between Centre and States. It also weakened Judiciary by making it in constant conflict with Parliament over its power to interpret the laws in independent manner. The Congress governments in subtle ways have always tried to weaken all the institutions that came to curb its lust for power. Of late, we find that it’s chiefly focused to appease minorities and women. One can easily sense why it’s so? It’s because these two constitute its vote bank. It’s neither bothered about quality of life nor its interested in making the nation on right track. How else can one justify the way it dragged important institutions into controversy- the latest being army row?

The Marriage Laws (Amendment) Bill 2010: Hope It Really Helps Trapped Partners

Let’s grasp this fact very well that all dubious laws have been framed by Congress government in the name of good intentions. The same laws created with good intentions become so terrible that Supreme Court Court is left with no other option other than to treat the Dowry Act as instrument of legal terrorism. The SC/ST Act is another draconian law that has left deep scars on the societal structure operating in India. The point is if laws are allowed to operate in the flawed system they do not serve the purpose for which they have been created. They become medium to harass and frustrate the right people. The better way to improve the society is not only have good laws but also have a system that makes implementation of the laws in proper way.

Coming to the latest amendment made in Marriage Act, it’s good that government is conscious that divorce petitions if get trapped in the battle of egos hurt the interest of both the parties interested in quick separation. What it fails to recognize that granting only one side to oppose the petition, the wife, would only make the life of husband miserable, who is already reeling under many other flawed laws. It’s highly shocking that despite noticing trend in previous laws – the gross misuse of provisions providing upper hand to women- the government grants women the power to oppose such petitions in the name that ” dissolution of the marriage will result in grave financial hardship”. However, it conveniently forgets that dissolution is equally painful and shocking, emotionally as well as financially, for men community? Why have been they denied the chance to oppose the petition on the same ground ?

It’s not hard to ascertain that government is not ready to accept the new changes that have hit the Indian society. For instance, it is not ready to believe that women are highly aggressive and violent in our times, and, therefore, make necessary changes in Domestic Violence Act. Psychiatrist Dr Harish Shetty in one of the news items published recently says ” Domestic violence by women is grossly underreported as the law is heavily weighed against men.” It would be interesting to see when is Law Commission going to wake up and take suo moto cognizance of new behavioral patterns in women and make necessary changes in laws related with them? The problem with Law making bodies is that they deal with issues in narrow terms and hence the laws framed often miss the mark. The other point is bit complex in nature. The Women’s Commission in tandem with Women’s Rights activists and NGOs promotes emancipation of women, which has created more room for individualistic traits in women with heightened ego.

It’s really strange that we are creating more grounds of separation and, on the other hand, we are equally conscious that divorce becomes an easy task. Instead of making quality of life better, we are manufacturing new grounds of separation. On top of it, the flawed laws that ignore the abusive nature of women, the painful ignorance about the fact that men can be silent sufferers and the deep rooted prejudices which readily presume men guilty and women a holy cow have only led to collapse of family structure in India. It’s better that we device ways and means to ensure union and smooth relationship than ensuring easy divorce. Anyway, this amendment needs to be welcomed as it , at least, provides the trapped partners a chance to start new lives again than being engaged in endless battle. One hopes that it is not misused by the shrewd wives to manipulate and dictate terms.

The Marriage Laws (Amendment) Bill 2010: Hope It Really Helps Trapped Partners


The Marriage Laws (Amendment) Bill 2010

Congress Governments At The Centre Always Weakened The Constitutional Bodies!

Indian Express

The Times Of India

Wrong Media

Lawyers Club


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Save Hindu Girls in Pakistan Who Are Being Stripped Off Their Honour

Hindu Girl Rinkal Kumari: Kidnapped and Converted To Islam

Hindu Girl Rinkal Kumari: Kidnapped and Converted To Islam

I got a terrible personal message from a source based in Pakistan which asked me to highlight the plight of innocent Hindu girls in Pakistan.  I was shocked on reading the content of message. It narrated in detail how Hindu girls are being abducted in Sindh Province of Pakistan and are being  forced to convert  into Muslims so that they can marry local Muslim boys.  I came to verify the content of the message to be doubly assured about its authenticity. The chilling story of atrocities committed upon innocent Hindu girls was, indeed, true.

It’s really shocking that both right wing politicians who miss no opportunity to make noise on the case of Hindus rarely made that much noise on trials and tribulations suffered by our Hindu sisters and brothers in Pakistan. That’s because it would not translate into Hindu votes. The same can be said about secular parties.  They shed loads of tears on hearing real and imaginary tales of sufferings of minorities (read Muslims), both in India and foreign landscape,  but for them Hindus in Pakistan do not deserve the minority tag. Reason? They are not Muslims and Christians and ,  above all, talking about them is not politically correct vote-wise.

Let me state the incident highlighted in that personal message. It talked about Rinkal Kumari who was allegedly kidnapped in February in Mirpur Mathelo when she was on her way to home after attending the college. She was forced to convert to Islam and , subsequently,  got married off with a Muslim boy,  Naveed Shah. The police came to register the case only after much hue and cry raised by the relatives.  After all, it involved Mian Mithoo,  an influential MNA related with Pakistan People’s Party which happens to be the ruling party in Pakistan.  It’s learnt that Mian Mithoo is infamous for forced conversions in Sindh, which had a good track record in past in honouring the religious beliefs of the minorities. Of late,  it has been hit by onslaught of extremist parties who are committing barbaric crimes targeted at minorities living there.  The Pakistan Sikh Youth Council (PSYC) believes that in recent past as many as 20 Hindu girls have been forced by Mia Mithoo to get converted to Islam.

Anyway, in this case, the unidentified sources revealed that girl Rikal Kumari, now Faryal Bibi, when testified in one of the local courts, revealing her sufferings, she was reportedly slapped by Mian Mithoo and threatened with dire consequences. Now the matter has reached to High Court and the latest development reveals that she has been sent to a shelter home till March 26 on the directive of Justice Shahid Anwar of Sindh High Court (SHC).  The Sindh province has given to huge protests by religious minorities who are in rebellious mood against series of forced conversions and other serious crimes committed against them.

A prominent Pakistani newspaper reports that within past few months four Hindu girls Lata Kumari,  Karachi,  Rinkal Kumari, Mirpur Mathelo,  Aamna Kohli, Tando Bago,  and Aasha Kumari, Jacobabad, have been kidnapped and converted to Islam. One should not forget that religious minorities, especially the Hindus and Sikhs, have played a great role in shaping the growth of Sindh Provice.  Now they are forced to live like refugees in their own land and that has made many of the families to shift to some safe place, which, at least, provide safer future for their girls.  Ironically, Rinkal Kumari was already married but she was still asked to convert at gunpoint.

It needs to be stated that in year 1951 the percentage of Hindus was 22% in Pakistan’s population. In year 1998, the percentage of Hindus drastically got reduced to mere 1.7 percent. One of the primary reasons has been forced conversions, animal treatment and heinous crimes committed against them.  It’s really stunning that International Human Rights Commission(IHRC) which is so much bothered about fictitious violation of human rights of minorities in India, especially in Kashmir, and Amnesty International which loves to take note of happenings in India remained a mute spectator. They did not even bother to shed crocodile tears as they come to do in case of plight of Kashmiri Pandits! Anyway, it’s time for them to prove that they exist for real cases too!

It’s time for them to intervene and direct the Pakistan government to take note of the plight of minorities reeling under unspeakable situations.  Not only Hindus but Sikhs and Buddhists have also declined in number.  It’s also a wake up call for Indian government that if it bothers so much about the minorities in its own land,  it should not remain ignorant about the state of minorities in other lands.  Let’s protect the Hindu people.  Let’s save honour of Rinkal Kumaris. Let’s save the dignity of religious minorities in Pakisan- the home of dangerous extremists.

Mother Of Rinkal Kumari: Wants her daughter back from the clutches of  kidnappers

Mother Of Rinkal Kumari: Wants her daughter back from the clutches of kidnappers





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Gulzar And Plagiarism: He Who Spits At Heaven, Spits In His Own Face !

Gulzar and Plagiarism: He Who Spits At Heaven, Spits In His Own Face !

Gulzar is in news again. Not for right reason this time. This brilliant poet dealing in surrealism is accused of dealing in plagiarism. Stunning and outrageous isn’t it? One of the lesser heard name from world of poetry has accused him of lifting the idea and verses from Nazım Hikmet’s, a famous Turkish poet, playwright and novelist, poem “Mera Janaza”.  Well,  it’s not a hard nut to crack to ascertain the real motive of such people who are trying to ride roughshod over his genuine achievements. They are all burning in the fire of envy.

There are two ways to attain success in literary world. Either work hard, write good pieces, or since that takes lot of energy besides needing lots of intellectual usage of brain, the easier route to fame for most of upcoming writers have been to enter into conflict with some established writer. That way you gain instant recognition. Some depressed and frustrated writers not able to gain the desired recognition try to heal themselves by painting other eminent writers into wrong colours.  It’s easy for them to give rise to vain controversies and gain quick popularity which they failed to attain via their creations.  In Indian literary landscape,   it’s commonplace to find one writer engaged in character assassination of other writer. A constant effort is made by some writers, under the aegis of fake institutions, to label the good work done by other writers as rubbish.

It’s really sad that at least, in India, it has become some sort of fashion for writers to write less and play politics more. That not only ensures them awards, cream posts in various academic institutions but also provides them a chance to be branded as successful writer! After all, what’s the point in calling Gulzar a plagiarist ?  He is an Academy Award winner for penning best song in movie ” Slumdog Millionaire”.   His poems are read across the globe for their beautiful metaphors blended with delicate lyrical construction. The free flowing loosely constructed verses not only talk about ironies of life but also direct our vision towards something beyond the normal human perceptions.  It’s ridiculous to suggest that a poet of such an evolved nature, capable of penning good poetry with such great ease, can enter in plagiarism. Why the hell would he ever do that?

The argument that there is remarkable resemblance between the two poems i.e. one penned by Gulzar, Mai Neeche Chal Ke Rahta Hun, and other penned by Nazım Hikmet, Mera Janaza, is quite laughable.  It may be that he was quiet inspired and he came to write his own version of the same feelings echoed in Mera Janaza but somehow failed to give due credit to the said poet.  However,  Gulzar has already mentioned that he always loved to read Russian writers or, for that matter, take note of great writings spread in foreign literature.

He never kept it secret that he has not read works of Russian writers. It itself is a proof that one can trace his source of inspiration!  I need to say that there are always chances that two people come to express the same views with great degree of similarity in expressions.  That’s called a rare coincidence. However,  I am ready to admit that in this case the level of similarity is of greater degree, and therefore, Gulzar should have specifically mentioned about Nazım Hikmet’s poem as footnote.

However, I raise strong objection to the efforts made by some people to make Gulzar  get branded as plagiarist. That’s only the sign of mental retardation of people making such attempts. Even the Western worlds are not above such crude attempts. Just few years back V. S. Naipaul labeled some great writer’s creations as rubbish!

I mean one can see some meaning in words of Noble Prize winner writer like Naipaul but it’s hard to understand how can writers devoid of stature can paint another writer enjoying great fame as plagiarist?  Do they have the moral courage or enough stature, attained after writing good pieces, to pass judgement on the worth of writings of their contemporary great writers?  To be honest, let those who have not attained any height stop measuring the worth of writers who have given us some excellent creations. Who has given the intellectual dwarfs to issue certificates of excellence to literary geniuses like Gulzar? Any answers?

Anyway,  listen this Gulzar’s song from movie Aandhi: Is Mode Se Jaate Hai

Gulzar and Plagiarism: He Who Spits At Heaven, Spits In His Own Face !


Nazim Hikmet’s Poem/Gulzar


Nazim Hikmet

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Academy Award Winner Gulzar

चाँद पर लोग क्यों थूकते है ?



गुलज़ार पर अभी किसी ने  नाजिम हिकमत की कविता ”  मेरा जनाजा “ (लिंक पर क्लिक करे) को चोरी करने का इलज़ाम लगाया है.   अरे भाई इतना माथा को दही नही बनाने का इस मामले में.  सीधी सी बात है जिगर में इर्ष्या की आग जल रही है.  सब के अन्दर से धुँआ सा उठ रहा है.  देखिये साहब प्रोग्रेस करने के दो तरीके है.  या तो आप मेहनत करे और और लोगो से आगे निकल जाए सो ऐसा हो नहीं  सकता क्योकि मेहनत के साथ अक्ल की भी जरुरत होती है सो वो तो है नहीं.  अब सबसे आसान रास्ता बचता है उसपे थूको और उसकी रचनाओ को या तो चोरी की या तो कूड़ा बताओ,  उसको बदनाम करो और उसके बाद सब लोग संगठित होके उसकी टांग खीचो, उसका बहिष्कार करो.  साहित्यकार आजकल साहित्य कम और  जोड़ तोड़ में  ज्यादा तल्लीन है.  ऐसे अवार्ड भी मिल जाते है और आप शीर्ष साहित्यकार भी बन जाते है.   कम से कम आप जिससें इर्ष्या करते थे उससें तो आगे ही निकल जाते है.  

गुलज़ार की रचनाओ में जो मौलिकता व्याप्त है उसपे प्रश्नचिन्ह लगाना अपने मानसिक क्षुद्रता की निशानी है.  एक संवेदनशील रचनाकार जो की खुद सक्षम है लिख पाने में वो भला दुसरो की कृति को क्यों चुराने लगेगा ? गुलज़ार तो खुद ही अच्छा लिखते है वे भला दुसरो का लिखा को अपना क्यों कहेंगे ? ” इब्ने बतूता “ गीत पर भी यही हंगामा मचा था पर बात साफ़ है दुनिया में मौलिक कुछ भी नहीं और किसी के कुछ विचार दूसरे से अवश्य मिल सकते है प्रेरणा के नाम पर या फिर सिर्फ इत्तेफाक की वजह से. 

पता नहीं दुनिया में हर साहित्यकार, खासकर जो कुछ नहीं हासिल नहीं कर पाए है, वे दूसरे को एक  सर्टिफिकेट देने में पता नहीं क्यों इतनी रूचि दिखाते है ? ऐसा सिर्फ हमारे यहाँ नहीं होता बाहर भी खूब होता है. वहा भी अपने को श्रेष्ठ बता के दुसरो को कूड़ा बताने की परंपरा है. वी एस नायपाल ऐसा उदहारण प्रस्तुत कर चुके है. खैर उनका भी एक स्तर है. वे एक बार ऐसा कर सकते है पर हमारे यहाँ जो लिख रहे है वे गुलज़ार पर ऊँगली उठाने का नैतिक साहस या रचनात्मक ऊंचाई रखते है ? 

चलते चलते ये गुलज़ार की कविता पढ़े. 

किताबें झाँकती हैं बन्द अलमारी के शीशों से
बड़ी हसरत से तकती हैं
महीनों अब मुलाकातें नहीं होतीं
जो शामें इन की सोहबत में कटा करती थीं
अब अक्सर …….
गुज़र जाती हैं ‘कम्प्यूटर’ के पदों पर
बड़ी बेचैन रहती हैं किताबें ….
इन्हें अब नींद में चलने की आदत हो गई है
बड़ी हसरत से तकती हैं,
जो क़दरें वो सुनाती थीं,
कि जिनके ‘सेल’ कभी मरते नहीं थे
वो क़दरें अब नज़र आतीं नहीं घर में
जो रिश्ते वो सुनाती थीं
वह सारे उधड़े-उधड़े हैं
कोई सफ़ा पलटता हूँ तो इक सिसकी निकलती है
कई लफ़्ज़ों के मानी गिर पड़े हैं
बिना पत्तों के सूखे ठूँठ लगते हैं वो सब अल्फ़ाज़
जिन पर अब कोई मानी नहीं उगते
बहुत-सी इस्तलाहें हैं
जो मिट्टी के सकोरों की तरह बिखरी पड़ी हैं
गिलासों ने उन्हें मतरूक कर डाला
ज़ुबान पर ज़ायका आता था जो सफ्हे पलटने का
अब ऊँगली ‘क्लिक’ करने से बस इक
झपकी गुज़रती है
बहुत कुछ तह-ब-तह खुलता चला जाता है परदे पर
किताबों से जो ज़ाती राब्ता था, कट गया है
कभी सीने पे रख के लेट जाते थे
कभी गोदी में लेते थे,
कभी घुटनों को अपने रिहल की सूरत बना कर
नीम-सजदे में पढ़ा करते थे, छूते थे जबीं से
वो सारा इल्म तो मिलता रहेगा आइन्दा भी
मगर वो जो किताबों में मिला करते थे सूखे फूल
और महके हुए रुक्क़े
किताबें माँगने, गिरने, उठाने क़े बहाने रिश्ते बनते थे
उनका क्या होगा ?
वो शायद अब नहीं होंगे !

ये गीत भी सुन ले: खामोश सा अफसाना पानी से लिखा होता, ना तुमने सुना होता ना हमने कहा होता..

चलचित्र: लिबास
संगीत: आर डी बर्मन 


गायक: सुरेश वाडेकर, लता




Is There Rebirth? The Answer Is An Emphatic Yes!

Is There Rebirth ? The Answer Is An Emphatic Yes !

The Hindu scriptures have dealt with the rebirth phenomenon much earlier than any other modern civilization.  The Vedas, Upanishads,  and,  above all, Bhagavad-gita, especially its chapter 2 & 6,  have dissected this complex issue in a scientific and clinical manner.   Assuring Arjuna not to worry about the fate of his body Krishna says ,” For the soul there is never birth nor death .Nor, having once been does he ever cease to be.  He is unborn, eternal,  ever-existing, undying and primeval.  He is not slain when the body is slain.”(Bhagavad-gita 2.20)

Our psuedo -secularists and worshipers of scientific superstitions might make these declarations butt of ridicule but leading thinkers in past have come to held the insights of Indian sages in high esteem.  For instance,Emerson states that ‘ The soul comes from without into the human body,as into a temporary abode,and it goes out of it anew…it passes into other habitations,for the soul is immortal.’  Even Socrates is not afraid to conclude that ‘I am confident that these truly is such a thing as living again,that the living spring from the dead,and that the souls of the dead are in existence.’

Tolstoy who believes that fate of man is to morph into God categorically states that ‘ As we live through thousands of dreams in our present life,so is our present life only one of many thousands of such lives which we enter from the other more real life …and then return after death.’   One hopes we learn to respect and honour our cultural legacy in an intelligent fashion rather than criticizing it to be in tune with with modernity !

Is There Rebirth ? The Answer Is An Emphatic Yes !


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Uttar Pradesh Assembly Elections Tainted By Voter Fraud !

Uttar Pradesh  Assembly Elections Tainted By Voter Fraud !

The Assembly Election Results in UP have virtually shattered all the premeditated orientations. The apprehensions of the psephologists about the hung assembly have now been proved totally wrong. The elections prove that political pundits have still not been able to discover fitting instrument to gauge the moods of electorates on the eve of elections. They rely more on sponsored or paid T V Channels which is bound to be misleading and erroneous. Most of the time such predictions are used as a tool to create some sort of wave for a particular political party.

Anyway, coming back to results the majority gained by Samajwadi Party has hugely disappointed all conscious electorates who voted in hope of gaining better governance. They are stunned to see that Samajwadi Party which was routed by Bahujan Samaj Party in previous Assembly elections on ground that it promoted “Goondaraj” ( law of the jungle), being party run by criminal elements, have once again managed to be in the driver’s seat. This magical transformation , at least in the eyes of electorates, which enabled Samajwadi Party to gain the power is something that needs to be brought under the lens.

Let’s begin with the speculations about the mass voting fraud. I do not have concrete evidence to sustain the facts favouring the mass voting fraud but on reports based on hearsay gathered from public meetings of various political parties taken place in the aftermath of the declaration of results such a possibility is not a remote possibility. After all, it’s not entirely impossible to tamper with the voting machines. Remember, Uttar Pradesh is a state wherein murders can take place even inside the jails! Against this backdrop, even though it might appear far-stretched, one cannot ignore such grim possibilities. One is really baffled as how come some people with serious criminal charges have also managed to win with huge margin?

The Election Commission needs to explore the possibilities in this regard. I mean it should try to ensure that electronic voting machines are not being manipulated during or after the voting session. The Election Commission also needs to grasp this fact very well there has been many instances in American presidential elections wherein heavy voting fraud took place despite tough measures to prevent it. Even the recently concluded presidential elections in Russia are not above the allegations of voter fraud. If that can be the case in Russia and United States, one can certainly be forced to view such unexpected results with great degree of suspicion.

Now let’s analyze the mass voting done by huge Muslim population in favour of Samajwadi Party. The BSP’s vote bank of Dalits and Samajwadi Party’s Muslim vote bank is pretty secure because of the presence of herd mentality exhibited by people dominating these two very communities. Even though both Congress and SP love to enter into appeasement of Muslims, there is subtle difference in their methodology. The Congress, unlike Samajwadi Party in tune with regional sentiments, is party with national character with an ideology that it retained from days of freedom movement. It’s pretty alert about ramifications of cashing-in-on the lesser sentiments of Muslim in hardcore way. That’s not the case with Samajwadi Party. Having just one prime goal of ruling Uttar Pradesh, it entered in all cheap gimmicks to woo the Muslims. If you see its past history it has always been in close proximity with lesser concerns related with Muslim societies spread across the Uttar Pradesh.

Uttar Pradesh  Assembly Elections Tainted By Voter Fraud !

In other words, the Samajwadi Party proved to be more shrewd in making use of the insecurities enveloping the Muslim population. The Congress, on the other hand, failed to promote its shamelessness in an effective way. Needless to state, the major factor which ensured the defeat of Congress had been flawed policies pursued by its government at the Centre. It’s also evident that if both BJP and Congress wish to fulfill their dreams of being in the driver’s seat, they need to be pretty more strategic in ensuring Muslim votes. They need to shatter the herd mentality present in the Muslim sections. They need to make believe that better future lies with them and not with parties devoid of national character and strong ideology.

Let’s see why future of Uttar Pradesh seems to be doomed unless Samajwadi Party under the youthful leadership of Akhilesh Singh performs incredibly well. That seems to be a herculean task given the inherent contradictions that exist within Samajwadi Party. It like BSP is not guided by ideological instincts but rests on patriarchal tendencies. It’s guided by interests and not principles. The conflict of interest is bound to hit the party sooner or later. It remains to be seen how Akhilesh manages to curb the nefarious designs of people lurking around him as advisers. One needs to recollect that when Samajwadi was dethroned some years back the main element that caused the eliminations was its protectionist attitude towards the criminal elements. It nurtured criminal means as the valid method to get the thing done.

I am really stunned over the wisdom depicted by the electorates in U P that it found Samajwadi Party as the ideal alternative!! So one thing is clear: Electorates went in for Samajwadi Party not as an ideal alternative but as a mean to get rid of malpractices prevalent in Mayaraj! However, in my eyes, choosing Samajwadi Party over Bahujan Samjwadi Party is like finding “Naagnath” better than “Saapnath”. It’s like having few seconds of momentary pleasure when you scratch with nails the parts affected by scabies!!! Undoubtedly, electorates of Uttar Pradesh depicted a great deal of immaturity in demonstrating their discretion ability. Such a checkered judiciousness exhibited by the electorates makes Uttar Pradesh to have more turbulence in future days.

Electorates wishing a state on road to progress should have been extremely conscious in selecting their representatives. In fact, had Election Commission brought in existence some path-breaking measures like granting option to electorates to reject the candidates then it would have led to different picture altogether. Right to recall based on evaluation of performance needs to be introduced as early as possible.

The rejection of Congress is understood as the party infatuated with ambiguous policies or because of its psuedo secular credentials has lost credibility in eyes of the electorates. I also do not agree with Rahul Gandhi’s statement that it performed poorly because of its weak political networking. It flopped because of its unprincipled stand on critical issues. It would be interesting to analyze the performance of another party with strong ideological roots. I am talking about party with a difference : Bhartiya Janta Party. It’s tragic that electorates are not willing to forgive the BJP for its blunders. A flexible approach on part of electorates could have not only acted as lifeline for the party but also given some new hopes to Uttar Pradesh reeling under Mayaraj or Jungleraj !

However, BJP needs to grasp this fact very well that unless it manages to converge the Hindu votes it would not be possible to get hold of power in UP. It desperately needs some charismatic leaders in Uttar Pradesh who can demonstrate dynamic tendencies than one mired in feudalistic ethics. That’s again a tough nut to crack. It needs to rebuild its party cadres with some vision and better progressive policies. Let it begin the homework right now.
Let the Hindu votes do not gets fragmented or divided. Let’s not forget BJP has got political skill to convince the various other sections of the society including the Muslim sections that it alone is in a position to provide them a better alternative.

If Narendra Modi can perform so well in Gujarat or, for that matter, if Nitesh Kumar in Bihar can convince the electorates what’s preventing the BJP from believing that it can win the electorates again in Uttar Pradesh? Learning right lessons from past blunders, it’s time for BJP to be on right track once again. Lastly, about UP election results I must say , at least, for me it’s hard to believe that “Naagnath” will serve our interests better than “Saanpnath”. I refuse to nurture such illusions.

Uttar Pradesh  Assembly Elections Tainted By Voter Fraud !


Voter Fraud In American Presidential Elections

Voter Fraud In Russia

UP Assembly Elections

The Times of India

The Economic Times

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किस्मत के खेल निराले मेरे भईय्या !!!


कहते है वक्त किसी के लिए नहीं रुकता और ना इस वक्त की परवाह करता है किसी के उपलब्धियों की. वो नियत समय पे सबको इतिहास बना के ही छोड़ता है. इधर कई महीनों से ऐसा प्रतीत हो रहा कि जैसे किसी ने इश्वर की दुनिया में किसी ने कान्ट्रेक्ट ले लिया है मृत्युलोक से सभी रचनात्मक लोगो को एक के बाद अपनी दुनिया में वापस बुलाने को. अब इसे देखिये इस खबर से पहले कि महान संगीतकार रवि अब नहीं रहे मै उन्ही के जन्मदिन पर विविध भारती पर उन पर केन्द्रित कार्यक्रम सुन रहा था जिसमे वे अपने साहिर साहेब से संबंधो पर विस्तार से चर्चा कर रहे थे. ये कितनी बड़ी बिडम्बना है कि जिनकी बात आप कुछ देर पहले सुन रहे होते है वे कुछ ही पल के बाद हमेशा के लिए खामोश हो जाते है.

रविजी का मै कद्रदान रहा हूँ. इन्होने जब भी साज छेड़ा दिल के तारो में एक कम्पन सी पैदा हो जाती थी. जो भी इनके संगीत से परचित है उसको पता होगा कि इनके संगीत में जरा सा भी पेंच नहीं था. इनकी धुनें बहुत ही सहज होती थी हर एक खूबसूरत अफ़साने की तरह. इसलिए जब भी इनका गीत बजता है आप कुछ समय के लिए इस मायावी जगत के उलझनों से ऊपर उठ जाते है. इस तरह के कुछ गुणी संगीतकारों ने कम से कम इस बात कि पुष्टि कर दी कि अच्छे संगीत के लिए एक विशाल आर्केस्ट्रा की जरूरत नहीं होती. कम साजो के इस्तमाल से भी बहुत दुर्लभ गीत बन सकते है. रविजी उस युग का प्रतिनिधित्व करते थे जिसमे संगीत अपने शुद्धतम स्तर पे मौजूद था. मतलब एक अच्छे संगीत के तत्त्वों से लोग अच्छी तरह से परिचित थे. साठ के दौर के एक खासियत ये भी थी कि अगर अच्छे संगीतकार मौजूद थे तो उस अच्छे संगीत के सापेक्ष अच्छे गीतकार भी थे. इन दोनों के बेहतरीन मिलन ने उस दौर को कभी ना मिटा पाने वाला युग बना दिया.

जरा आज देखिये क्या होता है. नाम बड़े और दर्शन छोटे. हर कोई अजीबो गरीब प्रयोग कर रहा है उन शब्दों पर जो शायद एक वर्ग ही समझ पाता है. पर गुजरे वक्त में शायद ऐसा नहीं होता था. मानवीय भावनाओं को सही सही गीतकार व्यक्त करते थें और फिर उन पर संगीतकार कितने घंटो बैठकर उसे एक अच्छी धुन में पिरोते थे. ऐसा नहीं था कि पैसे का मोल उन्हें ना पता था पर रचनात्मकता का स्तर पैसो की जरुरत से प्रभावित नहीं था. शायद यही वजह थी कि इनका संगीत वक्त के प्रवाह के शायद बहता रहा. इनकी चमक कभी धूमिल नहीं हुई. कल ही किसी शादी में मै ” ऐ मेरी जोहराजबीं” को रीमिक्स में ढला हुआ सुन रहा था. कहने के मतलब यही है कि जिन्होंने लगन और अपनी समझ को पैसो तले गिरवी नहीं रखा वे वक्त के प्रवाह से ऊपर उठ गए. ये भी मै बता दूँ रवि ही एक ऐसे संगीतकार रहे जिन्होंने कम से कम चालीस वर्षो तक संगीत दिया पर किसी भी युग में यह नहीं लगा कि जैसे इनका संगीत चुक गया है या ये कि ये वक्त के साथ  एडजस्ट नहीं कर पा रहे है. आप साठ के दशक में आई गुमराह का संगीत सुने और अस्सी के दौर में आई इनकी फिल्मे तवायफ, निकाह,दहलीज़ और आज की आवाज़ के गीत सुनिए आप को वही मोहकता और मादकपन मिलेंगा इनके संगीत में.

bharosa 1963

हमराज, दो बदन, गुमराह, वक्त, एक फूल दो माली, आँखें, आदमी और इंसान, भरोसा, घूंघट और चौदहवी का चाँद  जैसी क्लास्सिक फिल्मो में अद्भुत संगीत देने वाला आज हमारे बीच से चला गया. यकीन नहीं होता मुझे. खैर इनका ही रचा एक गीत है जिसने सिर्फ मुझे ही नहीं बहुतो को विपरीत समय में भी कैसे रहना है इसकी सीख देता है आज बार बार मेरे अन्दर प्रकट हो रहा है. आज मुझे फिर इस गीत ” ना मुंह छुपा के जियो और ना सर झुका के जियो” की शरण में जाना पड़ रहा है थोड़ी सी मुस्कान के लिए. इस महान आत्मा को प्रभु शान्ति प्रदान करे.

इनके कुछ गीत जो मुझे बहुत पसंद है:

१. तुम अगर साथ देने का वादा करो

२. चलो एक बार फिर से अजनबी बन जाए हम दोनों

३. तुझे सूरज कहू या चंदा

४. हम जब सिमट के आप के बाहों में

५. बहुत देर से दर पे आँखे लगी थी

६. ज़िन्दगी इत्तेफाक है

७. दिल ही दिल में ले लिया

८. एक अधूरी सी मुलाक़ात हुई थी जिनसे

९. दिल की ये आरजू थी

१०. गैरो पे करम अपनों पे सितम


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Guest Poet CHARLES Reads The Poem MEMORIES

Guest Poet Charles  Reads The Poem Memories

Guest Poet CHARLES Reads The Poem MEMORIES

Mind has become the storehouse of memories,
Sweet memories which are mine,
Which are, of course, my prized possession,
When loneliness has gripped me,
They surround me slowly, and make their presence felt.

They neutralize the pain of wounds inflicted by the world,
Innocent charm cast by them
Even makes these wound’s pain sweeter;
Walking down memory lane
I can very clearly see those days,
The days of my childhood;
When success and failure were things of little importance
Where we knew little about morality and idealism,
But still they were part of all our actions.

With the increase in knowledge
We have become selfish and self centered,
The fire of envy has burnt down morality and idealism into ashes.
We have lost the power to express our true emotions,
An easy task for us during our childhood.

The purity of heart, which is required is no more,
Indeed a great loss;
Memories which would always be with me, like guiding star,
I wish they would never part from me,
Let them be always on my side till doomsday,
Yes, only thing I like to be surrounded by
When I find myself in the arms of death.

Poem “Memories” Read By Guest Poet Charles On A Prominent Website Dedicated To Poetry Voices Net. Click here To Listen The Reading:

Guest Poet CHARLES Reads The Poem MEMORIES

Guest Poet Charles  Reads The Poem Memories

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