Foreign News Agencies In India Are Most Biased In Presenting India Related News

Reuters India: Really Unbiased ?

Reuters India: Really Unbiased ?

As a media person, I just cannot ignore the role of foreign news agencies.  However,  I hate them for the fact that though they claim to be the worshiper of unbiased reporting,  they come to fabricate the truth.  I need to tell these news agencies that if they are that much passionate in dishing out hate India stories and if they just cannot see India in better light then it’s better if they stop acting as representatives of transparency.

At least,  I would appreciate them, if not others, for their confession that they are no different than others in concoction of facts; of mixing truth with falsehood. Please Reuters India stop talking about unbiased reporting!!  You are supremely biased when you report about sensitive issues.

Have a taste of this so-called unbiased reporting on the part of Reuters India when it talked about cancellation of video-link speech by Salman Rushdie in Jaipur.   Look at the last paragraph of this news item wherein its stated:

Around 2,500 people, mostly Muslims, were killed in the neighbouring state of Gujarat in 2002 after a suspected Muslim mob burnt alive 59 Hindu activists and pilgrims inside a train.

Now will anyone tell me what is the report trying to suggest by emphasizing “mostly Muslims” as it reports about the killings?  Isn’t there a shrewd deliberation involved?  It’s the same same shrewdness that prevailed in times of Britishers!!  The policy of divide and rule is still very much in use by external agencies.  That’s the intention inherent when the reporter, or whoever prepared the report, never failed to miss ” mostly Muslims” element.

Secondly, look at the use of phrase when it talks about people responsible for Godhra carnage ” a suspected Muslim mob”.  Isn’t this prestigious news agency  aware of the fact that verdict in Godhra had been delivered, wherein Bilal Ismail Abdul Majid Sujela alias Bilal Haji, Abdul Razak Mohammad Kurkur, Ramjani Binyamin Behra, Hasan Ahmed Charkha alias Lalu, Jabir Binyamin Behra, Mehboob Khalid Chanda, Salim alias Salman Yusuf Sattar Zarda, Siraj Mohammad Abdul Meda alias Bala, Irfan Abdul Majid Ganchi Kalandar alias Irfan Bhopo, Irfan Mhammad Hanifabdul Gani Pataliya and Mehbub Ahmed Yusuf Hasan alais Latiko ,  11 out of 31convicts, were awarded capital punishment ?  So is it right to report/treat convicts as “suspects”?

Now should I use the same style of reporting with unwanted emphasis -one used by the Reuters India- and say that convicts who were ” all Muslims” were awarded death punishment in Godhra carnage?  

Godhra Train Carnage

Godhra Train Carnage


Rushdie’s Speech Cancelled

Godhra Verdict

Suspect Meaning

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  1. The media’s the most powerful entity on earth, because humans haven’t the time to research all facts of stories the human hears or every government policy. The media has the power to make the innocent guilty and to make the guilty innocent, or the none possible –possible and that’s because they control the minds of the masses, who look to others for truth,the media tends to report rumors, speculations, their cultural biases and projections as facts… how does the media do this? by quoting some “expert”… you can always find some expert who will say something hopelessly hopeless or beyond optimistic about anything, media,s needs an audience and will say or do anything to get them, it,s all about money or the strongest influences by governments that want to control the masses,
    Will a human ever see truth? even between two friendly humans refreshing a human life story–never!

    1. @JustMeAgain

      This time I will not edit my emotion thanking you for excellent comment.

  2. Its only India which has given foreign media 100% fdi inflow in News media, Which according to me was a very Bad Decision. Look at America, Britain China and other European Countries. They themselves are reluctant to go for an fdi in Media especially in News reporting business . They have their own indigenous news channels. They have their own intelligentsia working to improve their society. But in India “our” news agency is yet to deliver a positive mark on society. This is because they are highly biased. All they want to their views about India accepted by the Indian masses no matter how selective approach they have toward reporting . Now In India Media is “4th pillar of Democracy”. This 4th pillar is now has a major part of foreign biased views. How can we expect them to do “some positive role” in the National Public Life of Indian people? This is not possible as far as they (foreign news agencies) are here to make biased news. Even our ex-President APJ Abdul Kalam said that the News media is very negative about India. India has a glorious past and the future can also be very prosperous only we can have a media which can report an unbiased News and stay positive about the happenings in India.

    Now for these above reporting about riots. What about the 4 million Kashmiri Pandits, What about the 13000 killings in North-east India by religious terrorist there, What about the 15000 killed in Bhopal Gas Tragedy. What about the Sikh killing in New Delhi. What about the Niyogi commission report of the Religious conversion. All these are issues which is self proclaimed “secular” news channels didn’t shown in their channels.

    1. @Rakeshji

      Firstly, I must congratulate you for posting such terrific comments. The comments of these types serve as value addition.

      Coming to the topic, I wish to add that just have a look at the type of reporting done by foreign governed news agencies. Their intentions have always been dishonest and malicious. If you don’t believe my words go have a look at any one of the publications or news channels managed by them. It’s they who have blown out of proportion Gujarat riots. It’s they who presented the negative image of India. It’s they who have created so many subtle impressions which are hindering the growth of India.

      Then how can be our government so sure that by allowing them access on their terms would prove advantageous. I am really baffled as how is that going to take place ?

      “What about the 4 million Kashmiri Pandits, What about the 13000 killings in North-east India by religious terrorist there, What about the 15000 killed in Bhopal Gas Tragedy. What about the Sikh killing in New Delhi. What about the Niyogi commission report of the Religious conversion.”

      ….These are not discussed because these do not offer substantial material for Hindu bashing !!!!

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