When A Woman Shoots To Death One-Year Old Child Resting In Arms Of Her Mother!

When A Woman Shoots To Death One-Year Old Child Resting In Arms Of Her Mother!

It’s really sad that some known representatives of compassion and love have given way to harsher emotions. It’s strange but true that humanity which expected better virtues from fair sex is now at the receiving end of wrong values as women of our times stand side by side demoniacal tendencies. Though the rise of women in the criminal world doesn’t come as a surprise, it’s still unbelievable that they can be so lethal and cruel. One cannot readily believe that women can commit cold blooded murders with such precision even as such murders are commonplace in Western nations. In one of my earlier news report based articles I had talked about rise of lady criminals in Allahabad but this time the extreme gravity of the crime has left most of us shell shocked.

Some days back a one and half years old baby, who was resting in the arms of her mother was shot dead at point-blank range by none other than another woman in Allahabad. This woman was in dispute with her family over financial matters. This woman had lent some money to her husband on which she collected monthly interest and for past few months the family had entered into default. This time amid heated debates she opened fire targeting the baby who was at that time resting in the arms of her mother. One can imagine the mental state of mother whose very young baby was shot dead this way. She is in state of virtual coma since the happening of this ghastly murder.

Women once considered object of admiration for their heavenly attributes such as extreme tolerance level, compassion and love, to name a few, are now competing with agents of hell. They can go to any extent to satiate their desires. They can, in fact, easily commit any sort of crime as the veneer of innocence which is synonymous with their beings act as a great facilitator. In developed nations, the evolved criminal investigation and prosecution are in tune with this latest change in instincts of women but in third world countries the methodology is still following the beaten track. Reason? It still believes that women are innocent all the time!! I am not saying women are evil nowadays. I am only saying that let’s not suppose that they cannot commit shocking crimes. It’s time to realize that with evolution of our sense and sensibility our affinity with various sorts of never heard criminal instincts has increased and women are no exception in demonstration of such instincts side-by-side their male counterparts.

In present case I am still at my wits’ end as to why the baby was murdered ? Would anyone explain me what was the need to kill the innocent baby ? A life full of potential met an untimely end by another mad woman. No need to tell what a baby means to any married or unmarried woman. There are many couples who despite having lived a long married life are childless. An arrival of baby is cause of celebration in India or elsewhere. Murdering a baby defies any logic. Let me inform you that this lady was criminal in nature but one never imagined that she could go to this extent to shot dead a baby in daylight.

Anyway, let’s the lawmakers grasp the fact that treating a woman as holy cow during the criminal trials would be a great blunder.The times have changed, and thus, it should be kept in mind that criminal instincts have taken bizarre shapes. At personal level, I feel it’s end of innocence now. That in my eyes is a great loss for humanity. It only means future generations would hardly be able to know what innocence is really all about. The sight of woman would no longer evoke poetic appeal but sense of horror!

When A Woman Shoots To Death One-Year Old Child Resting In Arms Of Her Mother!


Baby Murdered In Allahabad

Women Criminals In Allahabad

Western Nations

Nature Of Crimes By Women

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4 responses

  1. Nature doesn’t and didn’t produce the perfect human and so the mental makeup of humans ranges from so called normal to psychopathic.
    Woman may kill or have killed but the testosterone killing by man in man created wars has killed millions to one, for very single woman killer
    The evolution of the human species and the primitive acts of the humans playing out nature’s games, nature looking for the stronger genes sees no individual human but just the success of the species as a hole.
    There isn’t a good or bad gender, but just the imperfect happenings of a species in early development
    Man or woman, both equal but struggling to find purposes in this weird place humans called earth!

    1. @JustMeAgain

      Thanks for responding.. It’s not about man and woman’s role in society. It’s more about fair sex becoming unfair with each passing day…

  2. Can’t agree with your thoughts of this subject and think you didn’t get the points of my comment –maybe because you are only looking at the subject in one direction but respect your right to say them and in the end –life will work it all out and the good or bad workings will be subjective to whom it effects
    Be well! and at the end of a human day, may the amount of smiles generated add up to an overwhelming difference compared to, the sadness on most human faces

    1. No problem with difference in opinion !!!

      Liked the view of yours that “at the end of a human day, may the amount of smiles generated add up to an overwhelming difference compared to, the sadness on most human faces”…Couldn’t agree more …We need to make their lives better and even a little positive difference matters a lot..

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