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Unfolding the Magic Of K L Saigal: The Evergreen Golden Voice

Unfolding the Magic Of K L Saigal: The Evergreen Golden  Voice

There are many mysteries in the world whose real elements keep eluding us. It’s beyond human intellect to comprehend the making of such mysteries with our limited human understanding. The enchanting voice of K L Saigal which refuses to lose its appeal, having transcended many generations since it first appeared in early 30s, is one of the karishmas (miracles) nature brought in existence.  One is filled with awe and wonder on noticing that with changes in world of music coupled with changes in taste of youngsters the voice of K L Saigal keeps making its presence felt. If that’s not the case what was the need to have a spoof on K L Saigal’s voice in Delhi Belly(2011) via Chetan Shashital’s Saigal Blues?

Let’s not try to analyze the charm inherent in the voice but let’s try to feel it within. That’s the only way to realize the elements which have immortality to songs sung by K L Saigal. In my eyes, one of the greatest factors that his voice never fails to deep lasting impressions on the listeners is that these songs have been rendered in amazingly simple manner. It appears that emotions of hearts are manifesting in a rhythmic way without being influenced by the impurities existing in the mental plane. When I delve deep into the K L Saigal’s magic it becomes evidently clear that his voice was the medium to unfold our own divinity lying in latent form within us.

We are potentially divine in nature no matter what’s the level of our materialistic association. Any happening that helps us to connect with us divinity within is sure to retain its appeal and charm. That’s the case with Saigal’s songs too. These songs help us to attain meditative pose. They let us move into newer realms of thought patterns- the ones closest to divine plane. Even people who just cannot identify themselves with songs sung by K L Saigal shall be deeply influenced by his silver screen presence. Notice him on the silver screen. This tall guy with ocean like depth eyes and face wrapped in innocence appears some Gandharva ( male spirit who facilitates communication between the gods and humans) having lost his way and landed on our planet earth !

It’s time to listen some of his songs to realize that what we today listen is not music but mere cacophony of harsh voices. These songs I have been hearing since early 80s. Listen these great songs to realize that to be simple is to be divine. Hear these songs to realize that there was an age when humans knew the art from speaking straight from the heart- the rarest of rare art in our times when complexities rule the roost !

1. Madhukar Shyam Humare Chor ( Bhakta Soordas, 1942)

2. Suno Suno He Krishna Kala (Chandidas, 1934)

3. Kahe Guman Kare ( Tansen)

4. Gham Diye Mustaqil (Shahjehan, 1946)

5. Do Naina Matware (My Sister)

6. Karun Kya Aas Nirash Bhai
(Dushman, 1939)

Unfolding the Magic Of K L Saigal: The Evergreen Golden  Voice


K L Saigal

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