Remembering The True Representatives Of Youths: Swami Vivekananda, R D Burman And Neeraj

Remembering Those Who Really Turned Out To Representatives Of Youths: Swami Vivekananda, R D Burman And Neera

January is associated with this nation in a youthful way. On January 4, 1924 famous Hindi poet Gopal Das Neeraj was born. A wonderful Hindi poet who wrote in simple style soul stirring verses, which made him darling of the masses. On January 4, 1994 India’s one of the most talented music composers R D Burman left this planet earth to merge in supreme consciousness for forever.

Apart from these two great souls, I also wish to talk about Swami Vivekananda whose birth anniversary falls on January 12. That’s because there is a striking similarity between R D Burman and Swami Vivekananda. These both exceptional souls cared a lot for youths. Their vision and creative outburst were primarily aimed at changing the perceptions of Indian youths.

Swami Vivekananda used spirituality as medium to shape the lives of youth, to carve for them a balanced approach to deal with the complexities of life. He was a spiritual dynamo who surcharged the lives of youths with spiritual waves by introducing them to Vedantic concepts which until now were confined to the pages of scriptures.

R D Burman, on the other hands, explored Indian film music from newer angles. An original composer in the truest sense whose consciousness kept looking for unheard beats and sounds. He mixed the various shades of Indian music with the Western shades to prepare an amalgam that became hot favourite compositions for not only youths of his times but even youths of coming generations. Just visit any music shop you would definitely come to listen one of his compositions in a remixed form. In nutshell, these both gigantic souls turned out to a be big source of inspiration for youth world.

Even Gopal Das Neeraj’s poetry is full of symbols that are fresh, inspirational and unique from many angles. One of the reasons why his poetry struck a chord with the readers is that his verses came straight from the heart, which though used sensuality as a tool were aimed at creating a better space within an individual. Fortunately, he managed to makes his presence felt in Indian movie world which allowed him to unleash his creative energy for a wider circle of admirers.

Neeraj was also lucky in finding the company of greats like S D Burman ( father of R D Burman), Roshan and Shankar Jaikishan who prepared immortal tunes for verses flowing out of his pen. In nutshell, his simple verses which combined metaphysical elements and intimacy existing between man and woman in a lyrical form became part and parcel of ordinary masses.

Remembering Those Who Really Turned Out To Representatives Of Youths: Swami Vivekananda, R D Burman And Neera

Excerpts From Messages Of Swami Vivekananda Meant For Youths:

1.Rouse yourselves, therefore, or life is short. There are greater works to be done than aspiring to become lawyers and picking quarrels and such things. A far greater work is this sacrifice of yourselves for the benefit of your race, for the welfare of humanity.

2.Man is like an infinite spring, coiled up in a small box, and that spring is trying to unfold itself; and all the social phenomena that we see are the result of this trying to unfold.

3. Give up that awful disease that is creeping into our national blood , that idea of ridiculing everything, that loss of seriousness. Give that up. Be strong and have Shraddha (faith), and everything else is bound to follow.

4. Inspiration is not filtered out to the world through one channel, however great. Each generation should be inspired afresh.

5. Make your nerves strong. What we want is muscles of iron and nerves of steel. We have wept long enough. No more weeping, but stand on your feet and be men.


Neeraj’s Great Inspirational Poem Dedicated To Youths And People Having Lost All Hopes:

This Hindi poem written by Hindi poet Neeraj has the capacity to instill confidence even in the most depressed souls. It’s must read for any youth who feels life’s game is now over. The youths are the one prone to losing all hopes all of a sudden. The moment examinations results are declared the sad news of bright and young souls committing suicide gets reported from across the nation. Career related disappointments or failure in love have also become frequent in our times.

The youths who are quick to fall in love are often unable to bear the jolts they receive in such mercurial relationships. Anyway, even a casual glance at this poem is enough to make any youth regain hopes in sustaining human life instead of extinguishing it in one go!!

छिप-छिप अश्रु बहाने वालो
मोती व्यर्थ लुटाने वालो
कुछ सपनों के मर जाने से
जीवन नहीं मरा करता है।

सपना क्या है, नयन सेज पर
सोया हुआ आंख का पानी
और टूटना है उसका ज्यों
जागे कच्ची नींद जवानी
गीली उमर बनाने वालो
डूबे बिना नहाने वालो
कुछ पानी के बह जाने से
सावन नहीं मरा करता है।

माला बिखर गयी तो क्या है
खुद ही हल हो गयी समस्या
आंसू गर नीलाम हुए तो
समझो पूरी हुई तपस्या
रुठे दिवस मनाने वालो
फटी कमीज सिलाने वालो
कुछ दीयों के बुझ जाने से
आंगन नहीं मरा करता है।

खोता कुछ भी नहीं यहां पर
केवल जिल्द बदलती पोथी
जैसे रात उतार चांदनी
पहने सुबह धूप की धोती
वस्त्र बदलकर आने वालो
चाल बदलकर जाने वालो
चंद खिलौनों के खोने से
बचपन नहीं मरा करता है।

कितनी बार गगरियाँ फूटीं
शिकन न आई पनघट पर
कितनी बार कश्तियाँ डूबीं
चहल-पहल वो ही है तट पर
तम की उमर बढ़ाने वालो! लौ की आयु घटाने वालो!
लाख करे पतझर कोशिश, पर उपवन नहीं मरा करता है।

लूट लिया माली ने उपवन
लुटी न लेकिन गंध फूल की
तूफ़ानों तक ने छेड़ा, पर
खिड़की बन्द न हुई धूल की
नफ़रत गले लगाने वालो! सब पर धूल उड़ाने वालो!
कुछ मुखड़ों की नाराजी से दर्पण नहीं मरा करता है॥

Translated Version:

Remembering Those Who Really Turned Out To Representatives Of Youths: Swami Vivekananda, R D Burman And Neera

To those who shed tears in hiding

Shedding tears in hiding,

Throwing away your gems,

Your life does not come to an end,

When unfulfilled remain some dreams.

What’s a dream? Water

Of sleeping eyes on lashes.

It breaks loose like

Rising from sleep of naive youths.

Passing your life in tears, taking your baths not drowning,

If some water flows out, monsoons do not come to an end.

So what if the garland’s beads got loose?

The problems get solved themselves.

When tears get to an auction,

Know that that your travails are over.

Passing your days in sorrows, getting your torn shirts stitched,

If some lamps die out, the terraces do not die out.

Nothing is lost here.

Only the book changes its covers.

Like the night shedding off moonlight,

Wears in the morning a skirt of sunlight.

Wearing different clothes, walking in different gaits,

If some toys are lost, childhood is not lost.

Water vessels broke a million times

But no sorrows prevail at shores

Boats drowned a million times

But same festivities go on at shores

Lengthening your happiness, shortening your grief,

If fall comes a million times, spring still does not die

Translation Source: EduAsharm4


R D Burman’s Lesser Heard Compositions Which Are Still Hot-Favourite Among The Youths:

1. Mere sanam Tera Khat Mila Khat Me Tune Khat Likhne Ko Kaha

Movie: Palay Khan( 1986) ; Lyrics: Anand Bakshi; Singers: Lata and Suresh Wadekar

2. Aye Sagar Ki Laheron Hum Bhi Aate Hai Thehron

Movie: Samundar (1986); Lyrics: Anand Bakshi ; Singers: Kishore and Lata

3. Tu Chand Nagar Ki Shehzadi Mai Is Dharti Ka Banjaara

Movie: Duniya ( 1984) ; Singer: Kishore

4. Maine Tujhe Kabhi Kuch Keha Tha Jo Bhi Kaha Wo Kiya

Movie :Yeh Wada Raha ( 1982) ; Singers: Kishore and Asha

5. Roz Roz Aankhon Tale Ek Hi Sapna Chale

Movie: Jeeva ( 1986) ; Lyrics: Gulzar ; Singers: Amit Kumar and Asha Bhosle

Remembering Those Who Really Turned Out To Representatives Of Youths: Swami Vivekananda, R D Burman And Neera


Quotes of Vivekananda Have Been Borrowed From “Great Sayings” Published By The Ramakrishna Mission Institute Of Culture, Calcutta.

“Thoughts Of Power” Published By Advaita Ashrama, Calcutta.

English Translation Of Neeraj’s Poem

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  2. Conversation with Dharmendra Sharmaji:

    Arvind K.Pandey said:

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  3. Thanks Sudhir Dwivediji..Glad to notice your presence on this post.. It’s a must read for all youths interested in getting above depressive tendencies and making best use of their talent..

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  7. No poems or musical notes will ever solve the inherent need for humans to hate, kill and find ways to say one group of the same species humans are better than another group of same species humans

    Youth thoughts, cannot be brought closer to the older humans ideas of life because the time needed to close the gape for more earth knowledge can’t be wooed or sung into fruition

    Youth, new to earth follow mostly the sounds of war drums and those sounds are the ones nature pushes mostly on youth in order to fight for stronger genes–chemical

    The wants of emotional words or music to try to mind form a human’s thoughts as to how the original thinker says is best for all humans, never giving credit that all humans that live long enough and not mentally challenged can have the same feelings without outside prompting

    Nothing more destructive to an emotional species, are the words or sounds told by narcissistic humans are the superior or right words or sounds to follow

    Lets see what music and poems have solved on making humans more loving and peaceful–nothing..wars, millions of poor and suffering humans at the hands of the fewer poets and music makes makings billions of dollars

    The answer–no borders or flags and mixing of all same species humans to share all earth’s resources and then lets sing and dance our new found equality for all, with words that all humans will feel in their hearts at the same time

    1. “The answer–no borders or flags and mixing of all same species humans to share all earth’s resources and then lets sing and dance our new found equality for all, with words that all humans will feel in their hearts at the same time”

      – I hope one day the world would be closer to this recurring thought of yours which appear on my various posts at frequent intervals 🙂

  8. Conversation with budding Hindi poet Prakhar Pandey:

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    Thanks Prakhar Pandeyji…You are an extremely conscious person..I am really happy that you bothered to have a look at this article…


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    Thanks for your words …. Actually I have the strong feel & believe for swami Vivekananda ji. In this article the finest thing is the way to use the name of RD Burman with swami Vivekananda ji …..


    Arvind K.Pandey said:

    The ignited minds are bound to be influenced by the writings of Swami Vivekananda. That was my brainchild ( about mentioning R D Burman and Vivekanandaji together). I wanted to make my article stand apart from stereotyped articles and so I blended three different personas in one article by finding the common link..The appreciation of you people makes it clear that I am successful in my attempt !!!

    Prakhar Pandey said:

    Actually I think the swami Vivekanand ji is the way to understand the Mystery of god that why we are here ? and what we have to do ?

    Arvind K.Pandey said:

    Yes, the role of these evolved souls is to make our union with Supreme Self an easy affair !!


    Prakhar Pandey said:

    Gonna tell you some thing : while reading the book of vivekanand ji I saw there that once upon a time swami vivekanand ji smoked “chilam” offered by a Dalit. A good incident proving that he had a great heart

    Arvind K.Pandey:

    I have read that incident..Well, self realized souls are above the limitations imposed by the petty human minds..

    Prakhar Pandey said:

    Agreeing with you !!


    Lastly, I need to thank Sonali Ahuja for reading the post..


  9. Thanks Prabhu Chaitanyaji.. I am really happy that you never miss an opportunity to post your presence on any post 🙂

    This article has become quite popular as comparison between R D Burman and Vivekananda has roused a great degree of curiosity.

    Thanks Anupama Saksenaji for your appreciation. I had really worked hard to put the various opposite elements in a harmonized way in this article. The appreciation of sensitive readers like you makes me feel that I can now pat my back for a job done well 🙂

    (Views shared on Shorta Biradari)

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