Prashant Bhushan: Please Remove Corruption And Not Play Politics In Its Name!!

Prashant Bhushan: Please Remove Corruption And Not Play Politics In Its Name!!

It’s extremely unfortunate that Prashant Bhushan was roughed up at his chamber. Though the whole incident smacks of conspiracy, it’s clear that such examples set a bad precedent in a mature democracy. However, I need to know who has given the right to likes of Prashant Bhushan to make controversial statement in matters extremely sensitive in nature? Why they believe in flaring up the conflict with such a crass remark?

Why people making lots of noises over Prashant Bhushan’s beating kept quite when a journalist was publicly manhandled in front of many prominent journalist at a conference organized by a prominent Muslim leader? Prashant Bhushan should concentrate on eliminating corruption and not enter in cheap politics, which is already the prime task of so many other prominent leaders !!

The Team Anna is here to ensure a better mechanism to eliminate corruption and not to enter in cheap gimmicks. The waywardness on part of Prashant Bhushan is giving a bad name to Team Anna and also raises doubt over the motives of Team Anna. If the members can give way to such insensitive remarks at this stage when they are out of power, it’s not hard to imagine that they can too give way to atrocious policies by joining hands with wrong elements once they are in power

It’s better that Team Anna should ensure a better image for itself by being true to the hopes they have unleashed by committing to the task of elimination of corruption. The message on the wall is clear: Eliminate corruption but let’s not play politics in name of removing corruption. We have produced enough leaders to play politics. Let’s not Team Anna strengthen the tribe of corrupt leaders by playing in the hands of wrong elements.

Prashant Bhushan: Please Remove Corruption And Not Play Politics In Its Name!!


The Times Of India


Journalist Beaten By Muslim Leader

Video Of Journalist Beaten

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  1. Interestingly , Anna says something different from Prashant Bhushan:

    Hazare said Kashmir is an integral part of the country and he would do whatever he could do for the state. “Kashmir is an integral part of the country and it will remain so and we will have to do whatever we have to ensure this. (Hum sar kata sakte hai per Kashmir ko alag nahi hone denge).”


  2. When Britishers occupied India, indians kicked out entire Britishers and hence you don’t see any blonde in india except some Anglo-Indian reservation for Rajya Sabha members.

    Do Indians like Muslims more than Westeners?.

    1. Thanks Neha…

      Well, this thought provoking questions need to be put before the rulers who never mind in coining extra constitutional measures to please the minorities ? This question needs to be placed before the spirit of Gandhiji so that we can know from him as to why he did not go in for total exchange of Muslim population ? I mean why he allowed Muslims to remain in this nation when Jinnah demanded partition on this very ground ?

  3. One man’s corruption is another mans needs and nature needs corruption or the species will die out!
    It is not a pleasant truth but a truth it is indeed!
    The constant comment babbling doesn’t go any further to help the humans suffering in the hear and now any more then the never ending babbling by humans that over the thousands of years said they had the fixes–and guess what
    This man like the millions that have gone before him and solved nothing could be dissected and talked about for years and in the end, the earth humans will work the same old, the same old –kill, war and drink, while millions of their same species die at their feet, shedding not a tear
    Hundreds of so called great thinkers said ”an emotional species that was born only to live with the stronger others ideas of life are (NOT) capable of ruling over their own species”
    and so knowing this, the future for those humans that live long enough– life will get no better

    1. @JustMeAgain

      Our efforts should be aimed at making lives of others bit better…So let’s play our parts well..Let the world go to hell but that should not prevent us from doing what we can.

  4. Exchange of views with Senior Hindi Blogger Gyandutt Pandeyji on the same issue:

    Gyanduttji said:

    प्रशांत भूषन/गिलानी/अरुन्धति आदि की क्या सोच हो पता नहीं। सुना है बहुत पहले भारत ने रेफरेण्डम की बात मानी थी। वह भी छोड़ दिया जाये। मेरा अपना भी अलग तरीके का क्रास रिमार्क है। कश्मीर के पण्डितों को जबरी बाहर किया गया, पूरा देश देखता रहा। भारत के टेक्स देने वालों के पैसे पर इन देश द्रोही लोगों को पाला जा रहा है। भारत के अन्य भागों से लोग वहां बस नहीं सकते। सांप पालने का क्या मतलब?
    बाकी, प्रशांत भूषण को पीटने वाले … भगवान सदबुद्धि दे। ऐसे देश में , जहां कोई इस तरह पीट जाये, रहते भय लगता है।


    My response to Gyan Dutt Pandeyji:

    सही बात है..सेम टू सेम हम भी यही सोचते है.. पीटना और पिटना मेरी नज़र में दोनों दुर्भाग्यपूर्ण है ..

    लेकिन एक दृष्टिकोण ये भी कहता है देश भावना से विपरीत अगर आप फालतू बकैती करेंगे तो कम से कम कुछ लोगो में ऐसे लोगो की कुटाई करने की ताकत आ गयी है.. मैंने भी यही पूछा है कि अगर इन युवको का कृत्य गलत है ( जो वाकई में गलत है एक डेमोक्रेटिक राज में ) और इस कदर गलत है कि आप इन्हें आन द स्पाट पीट सकते है तो काहे नहीं उस इमाम को बल भर पीटा था जिसने खुले आम एक प्रेस कान्फरेंस में एक पत्रकार को पीटा था ? ये हमारी चेतना इतनी सेलेक्टिव क्यों है ज्ञानदत्तजी कि एक को निंदनीय मानते है और दूसरे पे खामोश हो जाते है ?


    The views were expressed on this site:


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