India Needs A Revolution To Wipe Out The Repressive Brown Agents Of Raj Days

India Needs A Revolution To Wipe Out The Repressive Brown Agents Of Raj Days

A late-night crackdown at the Ramlila Maidan to sabotage the peaceful anti-graft protest would surely turn out to be nemesis for the Congress-led UPA government rule at the Centre. This barbaric gesture on the part of Central government needs to be condemned in most strong terms. The crackdown is confirmation of the fact that tormenting the Hindu forces on one pretext or another is one of the topmost priorities of Congress governments. If that’s not the case, one fails to understand how come innocent men and women engaged in peaceful protest all of a sudden turned into a law and order problem?

Kapil Sibbal’s statement that “apprehensions about law and order” was the reason behind midnight swoop on the Ramlila Ground makes him on par with another colleague, Digvijay Singh, who has emerged as undisputed champion in making absurd statements- the proof of his instability of mind. Now he can relax a bit as the task to make such stunning proclamations that Baba Ramdev is “cheat” and “thug” has been assigned to Sibbal. After all, one needs to be bit more shrewd and shameless in defending the “inhuman”, “undemocratic” and “condemnable” acts.

It’s not surprising that even parties not in tune with Rightist wing have expressed deep regret over the tragic incident. Maywati condemned the incident in “strongest terms” whereas the Left parties termed the Genral Dyer way of dealing with the peaceful protesters “deplorable, unwarranted and short sighted.” One also cannot ignore the reactions of Narendra Modi and Nitish Kumar. Narendra Modi rightly stated that ” the incident reminded the people of the Emergency days of 1975. People did not spare the then Congress government for its repressive actions, likewise they would not allow the present “barbaric” Congress government to survive.” Nitish Kumar, too, minced no words when he called the crackdown ” a major blow to democracy and an attack on the democratic rights of the people besides being an attack on the fundamental rights of the citizens”. In fact, he sounds right that such unfortunate happenings might lead to “a total revolution, a kind of movement in the country”.

India Needs A Revolution To Wipe Out The Repressive Brown Agents Of Raj Days

The government is now engaged in offering lame excuses to lessen the impact of the police action. It says there was violation of conditions mentioned in the undertaking and ,above all, Baba “backed out on his assurances”. The Special Commissioner of Police (Law and Order)Dharmendra framed a cock and bull story that according to intelligence inputs there was “threat to the life of the Baba and one of his close associates”. Isn’t it sound so ridiculous that “threat to the life” became a cause to brutally beat the people gathered there at around midnight? How come such a revelation gained importance so late in form of such a brutal police action? Now if that’s not enough, it became imperative for the Congress to target the RSS and other Hindu organizations.

The communal Jinn was all ready to provide strength to half lies spread by the evil agents of Congress, who are saying that police didn’t beat the protesters even as pictures convey a different story. The congress leaders unashamedly came to justify the police action in a meeting presided over by Sonia Gandhi, wherein Congress members realized that ” Yoga guru’s entire campaign was orchestrated and stage-managed by the RSS”. In other words, the police got the license to sabotage the anti-graft protest via methods adopted in British Raj days only because the presence of RSS made the protest unfavourable for the public interest. One needs to know is RSS a banned organization, making it antithetical to public interests ?

Now let’s have a look at some of the incidents that happened in the past to realize that when it comes to Congress, the double standards and hypocritical stances act as saviour in situations, which are against its interests. When Danish cartoon was published, there were violent protest across India in Muslim dominated areas and one gentleman named Mr. Haji Yaqoob announced a bounty of Rs.51 crores for anyone killing the Danish cartoonist! Did the RAF brutally lathi-charge the protesters in wake of same apprehensions which the government felt last Saturday ? Remember the way protest rallies were organized just before the arrival of President Bush in India. Do you know where was that protest rally organized ? At the Ram Lila grounds near New Delhi’s main commercial area! Do you know what was the strength? “Police put the number of protesters at around 50,000 but organisers claimed some 300,000 people had turned up.”

So when a foreign dignitary arrives, it gives one community a license to say things like” we do not want Bush here as he is the world’s biggest terrorist”. However, the fear of law and order breakdown is not a possibility then but the same threat is obvious when simple men and woman are engaged in peaceful protests!!! The people bothered over atrocities committed on their community elsewhere can dare to insult a foreign visitor but Hindus even fighting against corruption on its own land are communal and a potential threat for law and order!

India Needs A Revolution To Wipe Out The Repressive Brown Agents Of Raj Days

Some months back we had Arundhati Roy and Kashmiri separatist leader Syed Ali Shah Geelani’s making provocative anti India speeches ? Were they arrested and subjected to third degree treatment for posing threat to law and order via the seditious speeches? “Kashmir has never been an integral part of India. It is a historical fact. Even the Indian government has accepted this.” This government is highly conscious about the rights of minorities to an extent that even if they are convicted in serious crimes, it becomes the duty of the government to ensure their human rights at the taxpayers’ money! However, the fate of Hindus, Hindu parties and Hindu saints is somewhat different. They enjoy no dignity and no human rights and thus can be subjected to animal treatment every now and then on concocted grounds. The Left ,for the reason best known to it, has condemned the crackdown but in one of its publications it has hailed Baba Ramdev as “charltan”, which has led to angry response from the readers.

One reader stated: “If it was some Muslim ‘spiritual leader’ and his followers, or some Christian ‘spiritual leader’ and his followers, instead of Baba Ramdev and his followers, who were given such a high handed treatment by the state, you and all the other countless ‘secular’ activists and intellectuals would have been crying hoarse about genocide and ill treatment of minorities. Will you dare to put on your website such vulgar videos about a Christian or Muslim ‘spiritual leader’?I am not surprised by your support to the high-handed state brutality on an unarmed crowd protesting peacefully. Human right activists in India are now concerned only about the rights of Evangelists, Jehadis and Maoists who financially prop up the likes of you.Now, allegations a raised against Baba Ramdev that he is an RSS man. So what? Is RSS a banned organisation? Does RSS has no right to launch peaceful agitations. Remember Baba Ramdev was not raising a religious issue. He was raising a genuine, serious, national issue.”

In fact, I am in tune with the view of Strategic Thinker and Author Brahma Chellani who said that “if anyone expected insiders to reform a system that allows predatory corruption, the outwitting of two separate movements is a reality check”. In fact, the Nazi way of crushing the peaceful agitation should makes us realize that sophisticated ways are not enough to deal with rotten minds. How can one expect this government to deal with corruption in a honest way, when it reacts so violently to crush the spirit of the protesters? It just proves that assurances on part of this government are meant to fool the world at large. The assurances are just the means to unleash another set of hypocritical gestures. It’s credibility to deal with the corruption is now completely eroded. One cannot but agree with Arun Jaitely’s view that crackdown day is a ” shameful chapter in the history of Indian democracy”.

Anyway, the people of this nation have learnt a great lesson in a bitter way that you cannot expect a miraculous change unless you wipe out such arrogant rulers expert in repressive ways. Let’s develop a better alternative that takes care of not only interests of this nation in a honest way but also ensures the respect of Hindus ethos and pathos. It ensures that Hindu people, Hindu symbols and Hindu saints don’t get treated with disdain. At present right from terrorists to separatists everyone enjoy rights but Hindus don’t have any. They are communal and thugs in their own nation even as they get engaged in serving the cause of nation. What else can you expect in a nation gone to the dogs?

India Needs A Revolution To Wipe Out The Repressive Brown Agents Of Raj Days


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8 responses

  1. You have said it all in the best manner possible about the reality with which this govt is functioning. Its the high time we all realise that future of hindus are under serious threat, and the only way out is united, spirited, and strategically planned movement.

    with hope that your attempt and spirit may spread like a wildfire and wake the sleeping souls


    1. Thanks Dhirendra for making your presence felt on my page. Your words appear to be prophetic as the article has gained popularity in various prominent circles.

      Anyway, it has become quite clear to all conscious souls that if we do not give way to tough measures, the survival for all good souls would become a tough task. Against this backdrop, I must say that a collective consciousness need to be developed that would act as “Raam Bana” for good souls. One need not to exhibit super human skills to attain such unity. One simply needs to act as per one’s capabilities. However, one needs to depict a high level of sincerity towards key issues. Sensitivity ,sooner or later, follows sincerity. I have noticed that even a small step in direction of good acts build chain reaction of good gestures among different known and unknown groups.

      So let’s play our part well. Rest shall get shaped well by the Devas.

    2. @Dhirendra Mishra

      Oh Yes! Thanks a lot for liking the article 🙂 At least, you came to notice that there is a like button on post as well. Many bhai log read the post but dare not use the like button publicly. It’s really hard to read well the Jeeva called Manushya (human being). Reading but not reacting…hahahaha

  2. SP Singh Said On Instablogs:

    In fact there is urgent need to work for over all reform both of executives and non executives. Our political system needs cleansing both from corruption and well as from criminal activities. There have been talks but no progress is made.
    Politicians have made executives behave like their personal servants. Up is typical example. Maya rules like a dictator. Transfers and postings have become source of corruption or sending honest people on quick marching orders. Police needs reforms. Talks are going on but no action on the ground. Election reforms are also being talked about but nothing is happening there too. To my mind what we need is total refinement of polity and executives.


    My Response To SP Singhji:

    @SP Singhji

    You have made some valid points. However, I feel SP Singhji, of late, we are facing a different peculiar dilemma.

    We are not letting an individual remain in league with sophisticated means of registering the protest! Don’t you feel that the way government went out of the way to crush the mass protest is making us prone to wilder means of protest?

    Don’t you think this would lead to vulgar clashes between people and the authority ? That’s dangerous development as it paves way for anarchism.

    What do you think SP Singhji?


  3. SP Singh Said On Instablogs:

    Dear Arvind,

    There can not be denial to the fact that what you say is right and I totally agree. Even after 65 yrs of our independence, we are still a country in the making. Thanks to British, who left us some infrastructure to deal with the situation immediately after the Independence or else we would have ended up as a lost civilization and country. We have done a lot. We have shown considerable progress.But still lot of ground is to be covered.
    I agree that we can not compare with US or UK as fas personal liberty issues are concerned. But do not forget that this is backed by educated of masses. We are still a country where a lot of hero worship is there. Look at the case of all the southern states where corruption has no place in the society. Election after election only corrupts are voted back to power. So is the case of UP. Here its caste, which is prominent in elections and not the fairness of policies for betterment of society. Here, Maya is backed as she has solid vote bank based on the caste or for that reason even Mulayam, he is backed by Yadavs and other OBCs. Do you think that these two who have been in governance in UP have given a fair deal to the public. I have string doubts and reservations.

    What all I wish to say is that what ever has been done on 4th June will not go down so easily. But given the odd situation where Baba signs an agreement with the Govt. and goes back and remain connected to the India via TV and electronic media so as to get the maximum exposure knowing full well threats that loomed large on the public that came in support of his movement. He is publicity crazy man.

    I support Baba as much as any one else would do on the issue of Corruption, Black Money, wealth en massed and deposited in foreign banks, etc. All this need to be attended to but Govt unfortunately has a parliament and laws are to be enacted from there. Before you move a amendment lot of ground has to be covered. Do you think that all these political parties trying to make capital out of the Baba episode will ever allow these laws to be passed so easily when Womens reservation bill is stuck up for vested interests, parliament kept non functional on many important issues or so much good work is still in the pipe line and is to be executed.

    I am sure that our politicians are deeply involved and must have also parked some of their black/extra income in foreign banks, all this need to be brought back to the country.I firmly believe that where ever action is there some element of corruption would make inroads.Both politicians and executives will try to swindle funds and make whole thing stinking. We have to create suitable institutions to prevent corruption but I also believe that it totally can not be curtailed. Only way is that efficient check mechanism is out in place. Govt. has a task at hands that they must deliver.

    As far as personal liberty and fundamental rights are concerned I am for it. But any misuse of public movements, I am against. We put pressure in democracy but we can not dictate. Then we have Supreme Court and judiciary to look into where ever executive fails to act. I am happy that with the interference of the Courts a lot of lost ground is getting recovered.

    I would also say that we have a duty to protect this nation from falling pray to personal interests and any vendetta that will kill the democratic fabric.
    In the end I would say I do not differ with but support what you say but there is a very thin line which every one should try not to cross.

    Thanks and regards


    My Response To SP Singh:

    @SP Singhji

    Firstly, I must thank your being so conscious in this regard.

    Before I say something, I must clear one confusion that Baba’s idea not to break the fast was not the result of his maddening desire to hog the limelight but only a way to ensure that government takes concrete steps to ensure what it has promised.

    Probably, the news channel or newspaper you are following kept you in dark about the developments in this regard when the so-called agreement was made.

    This is what Baba has to say in that regard when he decided to continue the protest.


    Ramdev admitted that there was an understanding in this regard, but said he wanted to go ahead with the strike to ensure that government does not go back on its promise of giving him in writing that they have agreed to his demands.

    The yoga guru faced a volley of questions on why he did not disclose the understanding with the government to his followers as well as to the media.

    ”If I had revealed it and if the people have left this place and if government has gone back on its words then what would have happened,” he explained.

    I feel Baba did the right thing. Can you imagine government beating the people brutally at midnight would have followed in action what it promised?

    Anyway Singhji, I am part of institutions that vouch for constitutional rights and so I can say that I am against extra constitutional means. I neither endorse extra judicial bodies nor people who get involved in movements threatening for the democratic set up.

    However, I need to ask you have we left any other options open for people other than supporting movements powerful enough to sabotage the existing set up?

    One needs to seriously ponder as to why even simple man and woman have become bold enough to come out of home and support such volatile movements aimed at bringing changes?

    I am sure had democratic set up been doing its job, the people would have not entered into confrontation with the authorities. A simple guy would have dared not made an attempt to beat a leader with shoe in full view of journalists and respective party members.

    It means something is seriously wrong.

    When teachers start beating the leaders one can imagine that something is fundamentally wrong in system of governance.




  4. Some comments on my article on Facebook:

    Ravi Hooda said:

    But being a minority in India is a celebrated fact and will enjoy special status and attention with media how else can you explain the excuse given by Congress Government in India about meting out brutal treatment to peaceful protesters by saying they suspect them of being part of RSS and BJP.


    Jaswant Puniya said:

    .. I am not a fan Baba Ramdev (just like Sant Bhindranwale), but Government’s action on peaceful protestors is a heinous crime and is not different from Congress decision to invade Golden Temple on martyrdom day of Guru Arjan Devji, the founder of the Golden Temple and killing many innocent pilgrims.

    Doesn’t matter what people say, you just stick to your guns and stand for what you believe in.

  5. A Poem By Padm Prakash Singh:

    क्रान्ति सुनहरा कल लाएगी
    संघर्षों का फल लाएगी

    स्वप्न बंधे जंजीरों में
    आशाएं कुंठित रुद्ध भले होँ
    आज समय विपरीत सही
    विधि के निर्माता क्रुद्ध भले होँ
    स्वेद लिखेगा आने वाले
    कल को बाज़ी किसकी होगी
    झंझावात रुके हैं किससे
    राहें होँ अवरुद्ध, भले होँ
    जाग पड़ेंगे सुप्त भाग्य
    कुछ ऐसा कोलाहल लाएगी
    क्रान्ति सुनहरा कल लाएगी
    संघर्षो का फल लाएगी …

    हमने सीखा नहीं समय से
    डर जाना घुट कर मर जाना
    क्रान्ति और संघर्ष रहा है
    परिवर्तन का ताना बाना
    दुर्दिन के खूनी पंजों से
    खेंच सुपल फिर वापस लाना
    ठान लिया तो ठान लिया
    पाना है या कट कर मर जाना
    थर्रायेंगे दिल दुश्मन के
    वो भीषण हलचल लाएगी
    क्रांति सुनहरा कल लाएगी
    संघर्षों का फल लाएगी….

    याचक बन कर जीना कैसा
    घुट घुट आंसू पीना कैसा
    रोशन होकर ही जीना है
    धुवाँ धुवाँ कर जीना कैसा
    घात लगा कर गलियों गलियों
    गद्दारों की फ़ौज खड़ी है
    तूफानों से घबरा जाए
    वो भी कहो सफीना कैसा
    हर पगडण्डी राजमार्ग तक
    आज नहीं तो कल लाएगी
    क्रान्ति सुनहरा कल लाएगी
    संघर्षों का फल लाएगी


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