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Congress Governments At The Centre Always Weakened The Constitutional Bodies!

Congress Governments At The Centre Always Weakened The Constitutional Bodies!

The Congress led governments have always tried to weaken the Judicial system. It’s no secret that most of our Constitutional bodies were reduced to theater of absurdities whenever Congress governments came at the helm of power. The various Congress headed governments indulged in systematic weakening of the Supreme court on stupid pretexts such as upholding the rights of minorities. Look at our present PM, who misses no opportunity to glorify his “helplessness” by organizing hi-profile conferences at regular intervals. He seems to cherish the illusion that serious issues can be solved by being tight-lipped. Mr. PM, silence is not always golden! More often than not silence is indicative of our own involvement in crime. Do not harbour the illusion that your regular flirtation with polished behaviour, which defines a gentleman, shall absolve you of the wrongdoings. It’s not at all outrageous to suggest that in previous years, the Congress governments have encouraged and abetted policies detrimental to Constitutional fabric.

If we have a look at bygone months, it would be very clear that Congress-led UPA government at Centre sidelined Constitutional provisions to keep its petty interests alive. Hasan Ali involved in money laundering case was allowed to roam free as if he had done nothing. The Central government remained lenient towards him, making Supreme court pass strict remarks. “What the hell is going on in this country? There are instances when minor offenders are shot down for violating Section 144 CrPC, but you don’t take any action against these people. We are very sorry. All these people are now free. What is in the way of taking action against Hasan Ali? How many years will investigations continue against Ali?” .

In another sensational case of corruption, the stand of Congress government had been laughable. I am talking about 2G spectrum case. The government machinery became hyperactive to shield the high profile people involved in the case, to an extent of misleading the Supreme Court. It also raised doubts over the legitimacy of the findings of CAG report, which in explicit terms talked about the mind boggling spectrum loot of 2008. The report was unambiguous in revealing the modus operandi, mentioning that “the entire process of allocation of UAS licenses lacked transparency and was undertaken in an arbitrary, unfair and inequitable manner, which gave unfair advantage to certain companies over others.”

In fact, one minister minced no words when he stated that “PAC draft report will be thrown in the dustbin, to which the chairman regretted and questioned if Parliament’s proposals and then Supreme court orders would be given the same treatment”. Well, I must say that undermining the importance of Constitutional bodies had always topped the priority list of Congress governments. It’s because SC has always shown courage in dealing with double faced minsters of Congress including the Prime Minister. “Can the sanctioning authority (Prime Minister in this case) sit on the complaint?” a Bench of Justices G S Singhvi and A K Ganguly asked while wishing to know the cause of delay in prosecuting Raja.

The Congress governments have also reduced to ashes the dignity associated with the State Governor. The latest in the list is controversial role played by H R Bhardwaj, confirming the doubts that Governors are no more than “old courtiers” of Congress. It also confirms that Raj Bhawan in the regime of Congress have always been “hot-bed of political conspiracies”. Just few years back, the role of Governors in Jharkhand and Goa had given a huge jolt to the reputation enjoyed by this Constitutional office. P.P Rao, a senior advocate, Supreme court of India, in editorial column of The Tribune rightly stated that ‘ the behaviour of some of the Governors raises a doubt whether they act at the behest of or to please the Central Government. In Hargovind Pant vs Dr Raghukul Tilak, the Supreme Court clarified that the Governor is not an employee or servant of the Central Government even though he is appointed by the President and holds office during his pleasure. The court sounded a note of caution “that Caesar’s wife must be above suspicion, that purity of public offices of high status is a constitutional value in itself, that nothing should be done which may create an impression that a holder of a public office can look forward to a higher appointment after retirement if he pleases the government of the day and that no appointment should be made which may lend support to the criticism of favouritism or patronage and consequential weakening of credibility.” Governors should not only act in a non-partisan manner, but also appear to act without fear or favour, affection or ill-will.’

Congress Governments At The Centre Always Weakened The Constitutional Bodies!

Coming to other aspect, the Congress governments have always brutally murdered the feelings of Hindus whenever it got an opportunity to do so by misusing the concept of secularism. For instance, in Ram Setu case, it fooled the Supreme court by filing dubious affidavits one after another, in which it changed its stand many times. It declared that Rama Setu is not an “essential” and “integral” part of Hindu religion even as the said fact was admitted and accepted by the respondents (Centre and its concerned department) before the Madras High Court. One can easily see that Congress have always had guts to take contradictory stands before the Constitutional bodies. Now let’s delve deep into the past to know that Congress really never wished to make the Constitutional bodies attain perfect reputation. It always played with the impartiality associated with these institutions.

The Congress Party assaulted the Constitutional body in form of imposition of emergency in 1975 to prevent the execution of Allahabad High court’s order, which not only declared Indira Gandhi’s election null and void but also stopped her from contesting any election for an additional six years. The striking feature of the emergency was the suspension of Fundamental rights of an individual, which was against the principles laid down in Kesavananda Bharati judgment of the Supreme Court of 1973. The Judgment has clearly stated that “fundamental rights conferred by Part III of the Constitution of India cannot be abrogated but there can be only a reasonable abridgment of those rights to keep intact public interest”. However, the Congress government believed that no fundamental rights existed during emergency!

In fact, to lessen the impact of Kesavananda Bharati judgment the 42nd amendment was brought in existence, which limited the power of Apex Court and High Courts to examine the constitutional validity of law. The landmark Kesavananda Bharati judgment had given Court the power to review and quash any amendment to the Constitution of India, which altered the constitution’s ‘basic structure’. In fact, Indira government virtually punishing the judges involved in Kesavananda Bharati judgment, appointed A.N. Roy as Chief Justice of India bypassing senior judges Shelat, Grover and Hegde. This move was termed as ” the blackest day in the history of democracy” by Advocate C. K. Daphtary. However, 43rd and 44th Amendments made by the Janta Party Government restored pre-1976 position in a minor way.

The Shah Bano case is another prominent example to show how Congress is not ashamed at all to diminish the aura of Constitutional institutions. The Parliament came to pass The Muslim Women (Protection of Rights on Divorce) Act 1986 that nullified the Supreme Court’s judgment in the Shah Bano case, which stated that Shah Bano cannot be denied maintenance money in accordance with the provisions laid down in Section 125 of Code of Criminal Procedure. Anyway, let me also bring in perspective conflicts, which often take place between Parliament and Supreme Court during rule of Congress. In Golaknath v State of Punjab and Keshavananda Bharati v the State of Kerala case ,the Supreme Court made it clear that “court reserved for itself the discretion to reject any constitutional amendments passed by Parliament by declaring that the amendments cannot change the constitution’s ‘ basic structure’“. The Congress governments have always tried to make Parliament gain an upper hand but the reality is that as per constitutional experts Courts remain the “final arbiters of the validity and applicability of law”.

Congress Governments At The Centre Always Weakened The Constitutional Bodies!

In 2007, the Supreme court in I.R. Coelho (Dead) By Lrs v State of Tamil Nadu and Others made it crystal clear via unanimous judgment that “all Laws passed, even if they are kept in IX Schedule of the Constitution has to pass through the Basic Structure Doctrine”.  The Supreme Court being in tune with all the provisions of the Constitution besides taking into account Basic Structure doctrine as propounded in Keshavananda Bharati case holds the right to scrutinize the Ninth Schedule Laws. This judgment is hailed as “master stroke of the judiciary”. The Supreme court was virtually compelled to introduce the concept of Basic Structure Doctrine because of the misdeeds of Congress regimes, which used Ninth schedule as a mean to ensure solid vote bank. It had become a perfect medium to defend the appeasement based laws. Against this backdrop, it had became need of the hour to make Ninth schedule above vote bank politics.

The governments acted smart by inserting the dubious laws in Ninth schedule and thus making judicial review a tricky affair. It would be interesting to know that Ninth Schedule has thirteen items related with land reform laws, which cannot be challenged on basis of contravention of Article 13 of the Constitution. Article 13 broadly ensures protection of Fundamental Rights as depicted in Part III of Indian constitution. In nutshell, the 2007 judgment highlights the Chief Justice Patanjali Sastri’s view expressed in State of Madras v. V.G. Row [1952 SCR 597]: “This is especially true as regards the “fundamental rights” as to which the Supreme Court has been assigned the role of a sentinel on the qui vive. While the Court naturally attaches great weight to the legislative judgment, it cannot desert its own duty to determine finally the constitutionality of an impugned statute.” In other words, the power inherent in Article 32 is supreme as the said article is the life-force of the Constitution, making it evident that “judicial review is a constituent power that cannot be abrogated by judicial process of interpretation“.

One needs to appreciate Supreme court that it always thwarted the attempts of shrewd Congress rulers, interested in lowering the dignity associated with Constitutional bodies. And no wonder, the Congress governments are always at loggerheads with Constitutional bodies on one pretext or another. It’s better that we provide no room to such governments, which love to weaken the Constitutional institutions. That would shape the destiny of this wonderful nation in a desired way.

Congress Governments At The Centre Always Weakened The Constitutional Bodies!


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Lawmakers Should Not Ignore The Changing Images Of Modern Women Outshining Devil

Lawmakers Should Not Ignore The Changing Images Of Modern Women Outshining Devil

It’s really baffling to anticipate that women have changed a lot but the mindset that sees them as a weaker sex remains the same. We continue to treat them as sex which cannot do anything wrong. Interestingly, it had never been the reality. Not even in times when they were icons of virtue. They are equally capable of plotting in a sinister way. In fact, they are far superior in working in evil ways.

Yet we notice that when laws are framed, they are framed treating woman as a harmless creature!  Will anybody explain me what’s the rationale behind this generosity shown by the lawmakers ?

What prevents the lawmakers from anticipating something that’s too obvious even too a person having little knowledge of women’s behaviour? This calculated ignorance on part of lawmakers have turned Indian homes into battlefields. Clash of egos is now so commonplace. The couples suffer but the policemen, lawyers, judges, women organizations and feminist institutions keep making money. The fights are also good for the economy. The couple living separate lives will be viewing television separately!

The times have really changed. Women make babies suffer but forget not to save time for friends, parties and doggies. This drama is, indeed, more comic than ”The Great Indian Laughter Challenge” and at the same time more tragic than disaster hitting the planet earth.

Lawmakers Should Not Ignore The Changing Images Of Modern Women Outshining Devil

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India Need Not To Appreciate Obama For Osama’s End

India Need Not To  Appreciate Obama For Osama's End

It’s entirely a silly gesture to be euphoric about Obama’s achievement. I see no reason as to why we Indians hail him as a great leader when it’s pretty much clear that his role like his predecessors is too keep alive the imperialistic designs of US, to keep expanding the hegemony of US. India needs to remember well that for presidents of United States the “interests” matter more. This explains why the so-called War on Terror is designed more to sustain the ambitions of United States rather than making world devoid of dangerous terrorist. It explains why the violation of human rights in killing of Osama is justified but when India wishes to be straight forward in wiping out the terrorists’ hideouts in Pakistan, the reluctance of United States comes on the surface in form of mild and strong reactions.

The strange thing is that these hideouts started bothering United States once they started affecting the designs of America. On the contrary, our long desire to declare Pakistan a terrorist state always met a rough response on the part of American policymakers. They kept offering aides and donations on one pretext or another to Pakistan, which it kept using against us by spending them on anti-India forces. I must ask is Mr. Obama in a state of coma when it comes to identification of terrorists operating in India with overt and covert support of Pakistan? The irony is that despite our diplomatic efforts in light of so many evidences, we are asked by the US administration to abide by the International laws. The US is always in denial mode while estimating the real face of Islamic terrorism in India. The moment we take strict actions in Jammu and Kashmir, the American clouts in Amnesty International are the first ones to raise eyebrows. However, “revenge” for Mr.Obama is justified as Osama led to rise of many American kids who grew up in absence of their parents.

India Need Not To  Appreciate Obama For Osama's End

Curiously, the same logic is not applicable if India on the same grounds take strict against its enemies inside and outside. Is Mr.Obama’s administration unaware of role of Pakistan in 26/11 attacks? However, as a humiliating gesture it asked India to submit proofs and other than delivering customary warning to Pakistan we got nothing. I am really surprised that we chose to turn a blind eye to WikiLeaks, which brought in open the real face of American policymakers. It treats India as “a self-appointed frontrunner for a permanent UN security council seat.”

The revelations only confirm our suspicion that it treats us a fool that can be fooled all the time with sweet doses of assurances and talks that refer to strengthening ties with India. The same strengthening of ties does not include elimination of terrorists mentioned in the list of dangerous terrorists prepared by India. It appears that these terrorists are serving the cause of humanity in the eyes of Obama.

I refuse to hail Obama as a great leader until he displays same level of honesty in dealing with Pakistan. I refuse to treat him as custodian of human values in the wake of his continued rejection of ground realities pertaining to large scale of migration of Kashmiri Pandits and Tibetans. As long as a troubled status quo remains in Tibet and Kashmir, I am in no mood to pay attention to achievements of Obama much less acknowledge him as a wonderful leader. Obama is as selective in approach as his predecessors. He can provide support to smaller nations in Middle East but it refuses to support in explicit terms the refugees belonging to Kashmir and Tibet. Kashmiri Pandits and Tibetans are non-existent for him. They and their kids are living in heaven for Mr.Obama.

India Need Not To  Appreciate Obama For Osama's End


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Sex, Lies and Privacy

Sex, Lies and Privacy

The arrival of gizmos and gadgets have made talks about protection of one’s privacy sound hollow. Now it’s become entirely impossible to find a safe hiding lying beyond the range of these new technological incarnations. The word “privacy” has become one of the most abused words in our times. I don’t think that transparency means end of privacy of others. “Privacy is the ability of an individual or group to seclude themselves or information about themselves and thereby reveal themselves selectively.” I am sure the day is not far when the WikiLeaks type revelations pertaining to “secret sex files”of celebrities as well of the common people on streets would be a commonplace affair. The advent of time has made “privacy” a least respected affair.

The sensationalizing of news has given rise to corrupt practices that have scant respect for privacy of others. The yellow journalism which cares a damn for ethics, laws and principles has made mockery of an individual’s privacy. We have numerous examples pertaining to both domestic and International arena, which prove that journalists who behaved like a stalker and trespassed into one’s privacy led to tragic consequences. It’s not of much importance at this point to discuss the promiscuity of Princess Diana but who can deny that she is one of the most well known celebrities who became victim of stalkers masquerading in form of journalists ?

It’s true that we all are addict of getting a pervert pleasure of seeing rich and famous involved in scandals. It’s also true that we do not want to miss intimate details of the celebrities whom we treat as demigods. However, the same spirit takes a grim turn when it encroaches upon the privacy of others in a vulgar manner. Should I say that technological incarnations have made us susceptible to our suppressed sexual desires? I mean the new gadgets have provided a sort of free license to manifest our hidden desires but not without trampling the dignity of others. I am saying so because every news item in our times makes a reference to sexual gestures in a concealed way. This at the level of people on street is reflected in the behaviour, wherein a commoner thinks not twice in dragging a celebrity to a sexual zone.

Some may suggest that though it’s true that our lives have become storehouse of gadgets but we have not yet learnt how to make an ethical and disciplined use of gadgets. That’s the reason why we find that right from celebrities to commoners each one of us is victim of hackers. I should make it very clear that such attempts, which play with privacy of others are outrightly cruel, cheap ,vulgar and criminal.  Who has given right to strangers to hack the privacy of others?  Who has given right to others to have unauthorized MMS of intimate moment of others and sell it in the porno circles, which are ever expanding zones?  Who has given right to voyeurs and stalkers to harass us with fake calls,  lewd SMSs and other such atrocious activities?

There is another murkier aspect related with this sensitive issue. This relates with utter disregard for one’s private affairs, especially one’s which are related with sexual affairs of an individual. Earlier the moral police limited by the lack of technology was unable to trace and record in an efficient way extremely private moments of lives of others. However, in today’s scenario, we find right from members of a television crew to mischief lovers at our doorsteps acting as peeping toms. Not long back Dr Sreenivas Siras, a Marathi professor at Aligarh Muslim University (AMU) committed suicide unable to cope up with the shame and guilt in the wake of video tape revelation that showed him having sex with with a rickshaw puller. In a very recent sensational case that hit United States, charges were framed against Ravi and Molly Wei in connection with Tyler Clementi’s suicide. He committed suicide when he came to know that his same sex encounter had been secretly filmed.

Sex, Lies and Privacy

There also episodes wherein enthusiastic photographers take secret photographs of celebrities on beaches and else where when they are holidaying. Nicolas Sarkozy was in the news for imposing a low-fly ban that threatened ” pilots with a fine of up to 40,000 euros ($55,600) or six months in prison for descending below 915 meters above Carla Bruni-Sarkozy’s large seaside villa at Cap-Negre, Lavandou.” In another case, we found one teenager’s love for sexting led to so many embarrassing episode for an young girl. Though the teenagers involved in it were punished, it’s understandable that episode left disturbing impressions in the mind of the victim.

Some so-called scholars and pseudo intellectuals are also no less guilty for making even the dead take a roll in their graves. Recently, we found some of the intellectuals lamenting over the Sri Sathya Sai Baba’s infamous private life when devotees across the globe were mourning! Mahatma Gandhi is more unfortunate in this regard. The scholars are still trying to find meaning in his sexual experimentations and that’s because sex sells if not his other lofty ideas related with cause of humanity. These foreign scholars are trying to hard prove that Gandhi was a sex maniac. Not contend with accusing him of having preference for younger girls, these scholars now accuse him of nurturing homosexual relationship. This is quite baffling that these so-called scholars, who stand nowhere when compared with this towering personality are engaged in making caricature of his persona with a set of flawed facts.

Even if these facts are taken on their face value, they nowhere make these minnows attain greater height than Gandhi. However, since sex sells when mixed with juicy story full of half-truths, the private lives of great people are boon for modern day scholars interested in attaining a quick recognition. Sadly, this very tactics is also employed by people in league with technological incarnations. However, this time the targets are ordinary citizens. It’s high time we stop paying attention to such insipid details pertaining to one’s private life. It has attained maddening level as we have encouraged such dirty revelations by lending ears to gibberish. Let’s make makers of such wild stories a vanishing entity.

Sex, Lies and Privacy

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In Love With A Slut – A Short Story

In Love With A Slut - A Short Story

The wait for her was proving to be a nasty one. As usual she was late for the meeting, turning me into an impatient kid. Meanwhile, I had a close look around the place I was sitting. It was evening time so I could see old couples walking in the park with pets. Some of them have come with their grandchildren. I can see some of the kids creating scene for cup of ice-cream. Well, the kid inside me compelled me to buy one for myself.

The park was also full of students, who have gathered there to study amidst total silence. In fact, one reason I loved this park was that it had greenery spread everywhere marked with deep stretches of silence. These students were now preparing to go back to their homes. Who knows how was destiny going to reward them for this hard labour of theirs? Some would emerge victorious while others would get lost in sea of life as insignificant creatures. Some would be hailed as bringing good name to their families while others be seen as failures- a blot on the bright family history. One can never rein the movements of time. Anyway, it was time for me to embrace the moon. I saw her coming towards me with the same mysterious smile that was now so commonplace for my eyes. “Hey, what’s the excuse for today? ” Aditya asked.

“That’s okay. You have every reason to be sarcastic. However, I was right on time but last minute reminder from my boss acted as spoilsport. I had to spent some extra moments, which kept on multiplying even as I tried to draft the letter fast and get it typed ” Aparajita replied sounding genuine.

The best thing about Aparajita was that she never concealed her emotions. She loved to unfold the details even about the issues considered taboo. In fact, frankness was her hallmark. Nothing odd if I re-named her Miss. Frank! Today I found her unusually silent. That was bothering me a bit. Quite unusual for a girl who loved to speak like a newsreader reading the news on television.

“Hey, it’s not good for a beautiful lady like you to be lost in deep thoughts this way! It’s ominous” Aditya chuckled as he said that.

That brought a huge smile on face of Aparajita but her eyes remained lost in some grim image. Eyes didn’t match with smile.

“How was your day? Look tired after chasing news and views. I told you so many times to take care of yourself but you are determined to do just the opposite to what I suggest to you” she said.

“Oh! I had just a cup of ice-cream remembering you within with your words that I should eat well ” he said with child like innocence.

Just then I saw vendor selling lai chana (eatable). A regular fellow like both of us in that park. He was happy to hear my call.

“Look I am going to demonstrate how I sincerely follow your advice by buying something to eat. Never say that I ignore your words. Company changes the beliefs. Now I eat well ” he said that as he handed the money to the vendor, who was in all smiles after sensing the state of affairs.

“Oh! You follow my advice quite well. That’s why you are thinner than a skeleton for past so many years” she said.

“The packet is too hot to handle unlike you who is so cool” he said as Aparajita spread her dupatta on the bench.

“You will always remain a kid. A kid who has bypassed the process of evolution” remarked Aparajita in a tone that my ears loved to hear. Aparajita was madly in love with him. Not because love happens in such age. Not because love is necessity in this phase of life when realities of life have yet not wiped out the the thing called life from our beings. She loved only because he was the one of the rarest of rare souls who was far away from the darker elements that give birth to ironies. One who still evoked faith that life is beautiful despite its cruel ups and downs.

“I have been given the eyes by Lord to stare at you. What makes you add new dimensions in your beauty each day? Is there some secret beauty clinic inside your office ? Your clients must be pretty satisfied on finding you on your seat. These days all corporate offices have beautiful ladies even as they are not competent that much.” he said expecting her to exhibit shade of anger. However, she kept on making silence play with her face.

“I am getting engaged the day after. May be it’s our one of the last meeting as lovers. Or, probably the last as intimate friends ” she replied staring into nothingness.

” Wow! Great revelation. Who dared to embrace the tragedy personified? ” he asked.

He said,” I hope that’s a nasty joke. Well, don’t test my patience as I am no woman who is bundle of patience. Is that true ?I am feeling hungry so let’s move to the newly opened restaurant in our city. I have heard they offer wide range of dishes at affordable prices. Let’s taste them before their prices touches the sky.”

She said,” I am not in league with powerful expressions the ones you use in your writings. I am not going to justify my decision with help of those expressions. I have this much guts to say that I am marrying to a rich business tycoon. He proposed to me a day before and I couldn’t say no. We are mismatch in so many ways. He is much older than me just close to age of my boss. That’s okay. I have no problems with such differences. I have conveyed my wishes to my family and they have endorsed it. May be I would be leaving the city as well and settling in foreign landscape.”

She stated all that in one flow. I heard that with usual smile on my face. Hearing such harsh words at regular intervals had been my fate. Nothing new for me to see dreams getting crushed so often. I didn’t react sharply as I used to do in past. I knew Aparajita for quite a long time now. In fact,I had stopped entertaining faith in women. It was she who restored that lost faith of mine by coming in my life in a strong way. In all these years, she was the source of bliss. She never gave me an opportunity to complain. She had a wonderful ability to read the mind. An ability that helped her to walk with ease with a complex soul like me. My thoughts that appeared as intellectual gibberish to the beautiful faces, kept them away from falling in my company. Acting as powerful repellent, the thoughts close to my heart, kept the beautiful faces away from me. A very simple life devoid of show of wealth was another asset that acted as barrier for the pretty face to anticipate me as probable friend.

However, Aparajita was an exception in many ways. She showed no sign of discomfort with my love for grim images that flowed in my life as news and views. On the contrary, her pretty face amidst the naked truths of life helped me to forget the pains and tragedies. She was a whiff of cool breeze in desert.

Breaking the heavy silence that gripped us she said,” You know it’s hard to erase your memories even as I leave you for forever. However, the decision would remain unchanged. You know my family is already dependent on me plus the previous debts on my family are beginning to deepen the crisis. My meager salary is not enough to make both ends meet. May be my marriage with you is going to lead both of us to sorts of catastrophe. And..”. Her speech got interrupted by Aditya’s sombre reflection.

” Wait a minute! If I remember well, you never had problems with our union. The financial issues were never part of plans. Now all of a sudden how come this be the determining factor to close the chapter of our relationship?” he asked.

” I know that. There is no point in remembering the old promises in this regard. In all these ears, the harsh truth that it’s not beauty and intelligence but money that dominates the world is pretty clear to me now. At every stage we need money. If you have money then even death is glorious. Or else, even ceremony to conduct the last journey of death is also no less than another death. I feel if I am going to marry with you, I would only prove to be another sweet burden. Another source of pain, which you would keep locked in your heart always.” she said.

” I need to remind you that we had planned differently. Forget about the plans, I need to ask what would happen to my unfulfilled wishes, my dreams, my desires and my share of happiness which I need just only from you ? Have you lost your senses? In all these years, all the free moments that I had I spent in shaping plans to make our togetherness a reality. Now you are brutally murdering all these dreams right in front of my eyes. There are so many couples, who are living amidst penury with no grudges at all. I see no reason why can’t we follow in the footsteps of these couples unless you have decided to be slut whose hunger for money increases with each passing moment?” he said as disappointment and agony began to rule the roost. He never imagined that she really meant what she uttered just now. However, that’s the way determined and bright ladies behave. They rarely deviate from their line of action. That’s the hallmark of such ladies in league with virtues and principles !!!

Aditya said,” Well, if that’s what you think is right course of actions then go ahead and accomplish your desires in league with your line of action. And please as you move away say nothing as to how I am going to live my life in your absence, how I am going to cope up with haunting images of yours. No lectures in this regard. Just go away silently. ”

“It’s better that one spends time with company of sluts than walk side by side with a thinking beauty like you with loads of dreams and promises. At least, it’s not going to pain that much once they leave you. Not that much as it pains now.”

Tears rolled down her cheeks. ” I am going away from here. In fact, away from your reach, at least, in this life. Anyway, I wish to be in your arms for one more time as we part ways ” said Aparajita as she looked straight into my eyes.

” No. I need not moments of bliss from you, when for rest of the life I have to live without such moments. I refuse to entertain your last wish” said Aditya as he looked at the bright moon playing with dark clouds in the night sky .

Aparajita had a deep look at him as she left the park. All these years she was in deep love with him. He was her world. A world that she was determined to keep above the upheavals of life. She knew well that souls of his type refuse to compromise with life. Had she lived with him, she might have moved side by side him but eventually the money oriented world would have sabotaged her world. She wasn’t sure how were uncertainties going to shape their togetherness in wake of financial shortcomings? It was quite possible that lack of money was going to turn them into icons of mediocrity. As far as she was concerned, she was pretty ordinary girl, which the eyes of lover had granted an unique height. She had nothing special in her as imagined by Aditya. That she knew quite well. However, she was quite aware of the fact that Adityas rarely become part of earthly life. It’s easy to conceive Aparajitas but its difficult to conceive Adityas. Something matters when such souls enter and leave the world.

In all these years, she had realized that what he needed was a stable life and not her company. That was only possible when he had enough money to translate dreams into reality. The man with whom she was about to get married had huge unused wealth going down to drains due to bad utilization. For girl of her intelligence it was quite easy to utilize such wealth in proper way. Now when the destiny had brought her in touch with this rich guy, it was nothing short of boon. May be she would lose his love but in losing was hidden the greatest victory. She realized that he was to become much happier and also much closer to her with this loss. Exactly the same thing happened.

Many years later so-called happy episodes hit the lives of both these separated lovers. She played with her kids in bungalow in some unknown foreign landscape while Aditya owned everything that makes a man hailed as successful. He neither bothered nor he came to know, who enabled him to attain the material heights in that easy way. It was another thing that Aparajita stayed inside her all the time if not in the external world amidst display of wealth. It was hard to tell by having a look at him that he was happy or not even as the world always found him smiling. Who can tell he is happy or not? Who can tell was Aparajita happy in her world or not? In the end it was only the world that was really smiling. Love, like always, was weeping.

In Love With A Slut - A Short Story

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Is Freud’s Interpretation Of Dreams Badly Flawed ?

Is Freud's Interpretation Of Dreams Badly Flawed ?

No,I am not going to shed light on Freud’s classic work ” The Interpretation of Dreams” but it’s simply a take on his methodology, which I feel does not do justice given the huge discrepancies which one notices in character of an individual. Now let’s analyze the cases, wherein an individual describes that he/she is flying in the dream. As per Freud, this is indicative of repressed sexual desires. Let’s examine this view of Freud in a critical way. I agree with one of my friend’s Jayashree view that Freud’s views are result of intensive studies that he conducted over decades.However, I am of the opinion that it’s entirely impossible to have accurate prediction on basis of these studies. Freud like Chiero came up with right predictions because he had knack in hitting upon the right meaning, being in league with some sort of god-gifted ability to predict accurately. However, for rest of us, it’s entirely impossible to be confident in predictions based on what we come to read in his books.

Before I present my view, it would be interesting to anticipate the view of Jayashree: “I see him (Sigmund Freud) as someone who had the guts to speak about a lot of things people did not want to accept. He was realistic, born way too early in time; it showed in his ideas and in his attitude. His theory may seem like a lot of crap, but it was based on intensive studies that he conducted over decades, and he included things he learnt from introspection of his own self. Like when he spoke about repressed memories, there was a time when he had memories about being sexually abused by his father though he was not sure his memories were true. Thus, he mentions in the theory that no one can be sure recalled memories can be absolutely right. Freud’s theory has not been completely disproved because he left everything to doubt. He was sure that the mind, such an extremely complex thing, could not be explained like a mathematical formula. Nothing, in this field, is absolutely black or white.”

Now let’s be more critical in anticipating that when you fly in dreams, you are more or less in grip of repressed sexual desires. Repression that differs from suppression in a sense that it occurs consciously while the latter is a conscious effort- a matter of choice. It’s not the case with repression, which is usually involuntary. Well, I am not challenging Freud’s view but I do feel that had flying been linked with repressed sexual desires nearly every teen would have talked about flying in the air experience . Or for that matter , since repressed desires for sexual intercourse is integral part of Indian people psyche at some point in their lives nearly every Indian should have flying experiences at great speed. Is that’s the case? No.

I agree that we Indians do have repressed sexual desires, more so in age marred by globalization, when movies, debates on gender issues like live-in-relationships convey the impression that having intercourse is the most important phenomenon of human life .However, since we are more or less guided by morals and ethical values, a dilemma of intense nature revolving around sexual preference has become order of things. So according to Freud every Indian should be flying at great speed but I don’t think that’s the case. So what’s the solution ? Get above such desires by fulfilling them? Having done that if one gets above such repressed sexual desires, can one claim that dream in which one flies in great speed would stop? In lighter vein, my friend Jayashree feels that if she comes to fly in dreams it’s all because she reads Harry Potter too much!

Anyway, I feel that Freud was so successful in arriving at right interpretations because he was gifted or in other words there was X factor too. For example, Cheiro has left behind number of books related with occult science but that has not produced masters like Cheiro. Even Cheiro was not able to interpret in light of his theories during his last phase of life because that X factor was now missing. In sum, it’s highly dangerous to rely on fixed line of interpretations while intercepting mysterious phenomenons of nature. In my eyes, there are many flaws in psychological assumptions, which makes healing in case of mental disorders a tough task.

One of the psychologist in a conversation with me revealed that medicines used in disorders merely suppress the symptoms. They in no way lead to removal of symptoms in totality. At this point, I a would again like to quote words of Jayashree: ” People suffering mental disorders don’t show a very good prognosis because because we aren’t equipped to deal with such delicate matters yet. Much of the human brain remains unknown; the effects of what goes on in there is even less comprehensible. What’s more, we live in a world where what is sane or not is decided by the majority who change their mind every alternate day. And it isn’t a very easy job to cure a mental disorder when the ’curer’ is just as liable to develop the disorder. None of us are immune to it; at the end of the day, no matter how hard we try, the disorder has the last laugh.”

If that’s the case, I feel it’s highly dangerous to rely too much upon psychological theories as that would more often than not produce fallacious interpretations. Psychological assumptions often leave one in the lurch.Probably, this is why many people suffering from psychological disorders fail to show any sign of progress despite being treated amid state-of-the-art facilities . Whether you accept it or not, the modern psychological theories have many missing links.

Today it has become some sort of a fashion to quote Freud even as there is no substantial basis to approve the validity of Freud’s hypothesis in tackling cases of myriad types. Let’s not be guided by them in a blind way, becoming open to better ways to tackle the mysterious world of human brain. The human brain is much more complex in its functioning and therefore it would be lethal to anticipate it with flawed notions, views and theories.

Is Freud's Interpretation Of Dreams Badly Flawed ?


The Interpretation Of Dreams

Sigmund Freud

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Let’s not forget the Blessed Pope John Paul II As We Rejoice Over Death Of Osama !

Let's not forget the Blessed Pope John Paul II As We Rejoice Over Death Of Osama !

This year’s International Workers’ Day had attained a place in history books as a special day. The world’s most wanted terrorist Osama bin Laden was declared dead. The death of the al-Qaeda leader and international terrorist has made the well wishers of lives of innocent people ecstatic. It’s strange but true that almost 66 years back on May 1, 1945, the world came to know about the death of another dictator and mass murderer Adolf Hitler, which ensured culmination of allied campaign in Europe during World War II.

However, the jubilation over death of Laden would not diminish the significance of another great happening that took place on this May Day. Nearly 1.5 million people gathered in Rome to participate in the beatification ceremony of Pope John Paul II, which turned him into a “Blessed” figure. “From now on Pope John Paul shall be called ‘blessed,’” proclaimed Pope Benedict. Many who are not aware of the term beatification need to know that it ‘ is a recognition accorded by the Catholic Church of a dead person’s entrance into Heaven and capacity to intercede on behalf of individuals who pray in his or her name (intercession of saints). Beatification is the third of the four steps in the canonization process. A person who is beatified is given the title “Blessed”.’

Blessed Pope John Paul II was an unique soul in many ways. This Polish pope was the first non-Italian pope since Dutch pope Adrian VI (1522–1523), who came to be associated with the second-longest documented pontificate, spanning over 26 years. Though, he could not save himself above the waves of criticism for upholding ” the moral teachings of the Catholic Church regarding gender roles, sexuality, euthanasia, artificial contraception and abortion “, it’s beyond doubt that he was person in league with great achievements. Nobody can forget that this man played a major role in ensuring the demise of Communism in Eastern Europe. He was a real saint who really cared for humanity, making him travel vigorously in as much as 129 nations. He knew more than 13 languages, helping him to establish rapport with the sufferers in various parts of the world very easily.

Let's not forget the Blessed Pope John Paul II As We Rejoice Over Death Of Osama !

Recalling one such visit, one of my close friends and admirer of my writings Carmen turns quite nostalgic. She describing the Blessed Pope’s visit to Peru in 1985 told me that Pope was not hesitant to visit Callao considered dangerous because of the continued violence there. He also visited Villa El Salvador considered one of most poorest part of Lima then. Carmen proudly told me that she was one of the few lucky students to participate in the welcome ceremony held to mark the visit of Blessed Pope John Paul II. She recollects how she had prepared songs and slogans and how she anxiously waited for his arrival at the airport. Well, I must say that she is no less than a blessed soul who twice got an opportunity to have the glimpse of him during the pontificate. I must agree with Carmen’s observation that few seconds spent with some evolved soul lead to everlasting impression in mind and heart.

Now it’s time for me to enter in some self praise!! Some six years back I had contributed to one leading website this short piece which talked about John Paul II being referred to as the Great after the death. He is the fourth pope to receive this honour. Anyway, here is what I wrote six years back when the appellation [of “the Great”] came to be associated with him.

To say that appellation represents true worth of a person is to ignore the greatness inherent in the noble deeds. Let us know for sure that pious souls intentions don’t need anybody’s seal of approval. Also appellations are of relative importance,being open to diverse interpretations. Alexander the great may be national hero in his land but for others he is no more than a plunderer. Pope John Paul II lived for the cause of humanity. He was different from his predecessors in a sense that he touched issues, which were controversial in nature, managing to create a new way. By all standards it was an amazing achievement, something that enabled him to strike a chord with the masses. The need of the hour is to infuse religion with the progressive ideals so that it can become people friendly. Viewed in this perspective, Pope John Paul II created space for issues, which till few years ago were suppressed by orthodoxy. How many times can you find religious heads airing views on homosexuality, capitalism and etc. in such a ferocious manner? His legacy merely indicates that time has come to adopt liberal concepts without losing sight of the ancient ideals.


Famous words of Blessed Pope John Paul II:

I have searched for you, and now you have come to me, and I thank you.

(On deathbed)

As the family goes, so goes the nation and so goes the whole world in which we live.

The future starts today, not tomorrow.

No, we shall not be saved by a formula but by a Person (Read Christ).

Do not be afraid.

Let's not forget the Blessed Pope John Paul II As We Rejoice Over Death Of Osama !



Beatification Ceremony


Blessed Pope John Paul II



Peru Visit

A song by Guillermo Dávila


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